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Gangplank Build Guide by PsychoEx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PsychoEx

The new Gangplank - a real rambo

PsychoEx Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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While the season one turnament I saw CLG's jungle gangplank and thought, yeah check it out.
Started with Vampiric Scepter, made it to lantern and bought boots, then trinity. After that I thought what I shall buy next. But my team had tanky champ, so I used the other slots for tankitems. Well, it just worked great! Btw sry for my bad english.

Please try before voting!


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Gangplank's Abilities

This passive reduce the received healing of enemies and deal damage over time.
Versus neutral creeps, keep dotting this passive on every creep, to jungle faster and to reduce the selfheal of banshees.

Increase your damageoutput imensive and improve your farming as well. Kill creeps with this ability to gain additional gold. The best thing of this ultimate is, that it can crit and work with hiteffects. Like or .

Heal you up while farming or to remove cc's in teamfights or while enemies are trying to gank you. It's just + in one ability. You can resist a teamfight initiation, like , what take the enemies advantage.

A great support ability, which also make your farming easier. It buff your movementspeed and attackdamage passive. Use it also to ensure, that your teammates escape with lowlife.

This is your key ability. Use it to gank enemies, while you are in the jungle or to counter ganks. In teamfights this ability deals also great damage without having much abilitypower.
On the other side you can use it, to save towers or push others. Place it in front of your towers to bash creeps and pushing champions or behind of towers you or teammates are pushing, to prevend your enemies by defending it.

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Pros / Cons

very strong in the lateagame
ensure one more sololane (if in jungle / hybrid)
great gankultimate
not squishy to burst
cheap build (depends on the items you choose)

can't take bluebuff alone at the beginning (if he jungle)
need trinity to deal good damage
can't keep up with the damageoutput of a full ad plank
many guys may flame you
not the best jungler at all

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I personally like a huge durability in the earlgame caused by the mastery. Additional the masterys improve jungling and make taking buffs more useful. Also Nimbleness increase your movementspeed, what save a kill or your life.

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Summoner Spells

is a underrated spell. Catching or may give you a few kills more in the earlgame, what i totally agree, but in my opinion, starting with eating a big banshee or a wolf with smite and getting 30% for level up is quite cool, too. You can use also while going back to eat another neutral minion. Also it makes killing golem or dragon much easier and even stealing possible. And 190 gold for every teammate + 25 gold bounty for me and also no advantage for the enemies team, might be better than one or two kills, caused by . That's the reason why choose it.

My second summoner spell is . Flashing away to survive, or to prevent from getting damaged by may change the process of a teamfight. Also flashing to get a escaping enemy with your is pretty cool.


Well. This ability make chasing easier and is also a escape alternative to , but it won't save as much as do. It is harder to escape with ghost, if enemies slow you and you can't also prevent abilities like . But the lower cooldown compensate the most.

Sometimes it's better to know, that the enemy is really there, before wasting your ultimate.
Also it improves the mapcontrol of your team and may help to see, what the enemies team is doing. Are they taking Baron? Dragon? Our bluebuff? Their bluebuff? Or are they just all camping in a bush to gank one out? This ability give you an answer to this questions.

Slow them, reduce their damage and eat them. Very good to suppress a burstchamp in a teamfight or to get a escaping enemy.

I think, that ignite is needless for Gangplank, because his passive is a better version of it. But combining it with your passive may increase the damage and make the difference between "the enemy survived with <50 hp" or not.

Other Summoner Spells:

Well, may be a good spell, if you have huge manaproblems, because you know, that you wont get the bluebuff and hate it to spend gold on buying potions.


Many guys call users of Heal noobs. Yeah, it sucks, when your enemy save his *** with this ability and kill you. It's just very useful in the earlgame as . But often useless in the lategame.

Only if you fail very often in the earlgame. But if you fail in the earlgame, your lategame might suck, too.

Usefull if you have a good premade teemo in your team (Teleport can port to the positions of mushrooms, too. That provides insane gankpossibilities). Generally this ability is cool for saving towers and ganking with wards, but Gangplank musn't be present to gank ;).

I know that 99,9% of all lol gamers hate this spell. But it rocks, if you play with a hybridchamp ( , , , ) and skilled the Offense tree (Improved Rally). Else it sucks really hard.

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In the jungle you just need damage and attackspeed. provides enough damage. So the only thing you need is attackspeed, what is only strong in the earlgame. / Greater Mark of Desolation. Seals provide good physical defense and manaregeneration. I personally think, that having always mana is better than receiving 5% less damage. So I pick Greater Seal of Replinishment.
Glyphs provide good bonuses for abilities and against them. Getting magic resist or cooldownreduction depends on you. I like both, but personally prefer the . Because quints are good at all, I take more armorpenetration, health or healthregeneration, what improves working in the jungle and staying on the lane.

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is your keyitem and another one, if you jungle or roam alot. Also recommendable if you play on sololane.

This item provides you the durability you need for a first blood in 3on3 and staying on alne versus ad carrys. Also the armor and healthregeneration make jungle even easier.

Health, health and health! Both items provide good lifeleech / regeneration what is recommend for staying on the lane or in the jungle as long as possible. Vampiric Scepter make also possible to get faster without wasting gold for 5 healthpotions.

Boots are always a must for every champion, especially for the jungle.
Getting movementspeed is just important for everything.

Great for coming back to lane, switching between lanes, chasing and escaping in the 5on5 map.
This boots just grant the highest speed bonus of all.

Doesn't provide as much as the , but they allways provide their bonus, what make escaping easier, when the enemies are direct behind you. Also for evading abilities just a great item. I prefer this in 3on3.

Provide movementspeed 2, evasion and armor. Together with Nimbleness, they just provide more then other +2 boots. They are very good to face a heavy ad team, or to save one more slot, for a no armoritem. I love this item very much to face .

Good versus casters and heavy cc. But Gangplank musn't fear cc alot, so he should get this item only to face a cc team. Else, he musn't. But if you like this item, buy it.

15% cooldownreduction! I personally like this item more than Berserker's. 15% mean casting every ability 15% more often, what also cause your to deal more damage. So this boots provide more durability and more damage! Just great.

Damage, lifeleech, armor and free wards for 1600 gold? Why not? On lane or in the jungle. A chance of 20% to deal 500 more damage to creeps is godlike for farming and pushing. Also the lifeleech heal you great, while farming a lot.

This item provides nearly everything. Movementspeed, health, mana, etc.
Yeah it is not really cheap but it improves everything. Your get a chance to slow the enemy for 2.5s and deals additional 150% basicad damage, whats around 160 extradamage for your Q spell, for your autohits after healing up or raising the morale of your allies. Many guys may say, that this item is waste and I shall better get Infinity. But I deal enough damage with this item to pick carrys fast out. And as I said, the other bonuses are just great.

For the guys, who like a on crit based Gangplank, or just don't like Trinity shall pick this. It drastically buffs your damage, your critchance and critical damage. So in the end Infinity isn't that allrounding like Trinity. But combined with and it will provide huge damage and also some durability. I personally don't get Trinity and Infinity, because the extradamage of Trinity can't crit.

After getting enough damageoutput for the midgame I start getting more durability to take carrys off in teamfights without dying. Good items to reach this are:

Really nice item. Good amount of health and armor and also additional damage. 40 dps are really underrated in teamfights. Deals up to 40*5 magical damage per second, what is not true damage, but also huge. Another fact is, that this item greatly improves farming.

Magic resist, health, mana and blocks a spell every 45 seconds. Not bad! I like this item very much, because it buffs your health and manapool, but blocking spells is not very effective for Gangplank, because he has his W spell. At all it's great in combination with to face huge magical damage.

Huge magic resist, huge healthregeneration and movementspeed. Just a great item, but it also scales with health. So you shouldn't get 2 with healthscaling items with gangplank.
I just love this item <3.

The enemies have huge physical damage. So much that you fear them ? ._.
Then get this item! 100 armor and 30% damagereflect for just 2k gold.

Another great armor item. Provides huge armor, health and cooldownreduction. Additional it slows attacking enemies and has a aoe slow, what may decide a teamfight.

A more supportive armor item, but if you need tons of armor to face the enemies take it. It provides 99 armor, 500 mana, 20% cooldownreduction and slows the attackspeed of nearby enemies by 20%!. The cooldownreduction also buff your damageoutput, increase your durability, because you can use your W spell occasionally and also nerf the cooldown of your ultimate. Amazing.

You are the only tanky in your team? Then get this item, fast! Buff your own durability and buff you ad slighty, but also increase the durability of your whole team, what is just great for the low price.

This item may be more recommend on 3on3 or for fulltanks, but in combination with champions like or you can bother your enemies a lot.


Attackspeed and magic resistance? Why not! And here your are for just 2000 gold. You can stack easily up with your Q spell. More durability vs casters and more dps? Yay!

Omg, this killed me again...
Many of you may know this situation. A Hexdrinker may help to survive this or magical dots of other champs. A yummy ad boost, some magic resistance and a antimagic bubble for 1800 gold, why not? If get full equiped and have too much gold, I could also replace it, instead of buying elixiers :).

Alternative to Sunfire you could also pick Atma's. But care, this item provides no health and scales with your own health. You need huge health, like to get this item effective. That's the way, why I prefer Sunfire for Gangplank.

The last item:

Well you got enough durability to survive, but now you feel, that your damage is not enough to nuke squishys down. Now it's time to use the last slot for an offensive item. Look at your enemies team: If they have mostly squishys with low armor, then buy . If you face much armor pick .

Stark's also buff the damage of allied ad carrys and if someone them also picked Stark's, then get a instead.

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How to play? 5on5

In 5on5 you first meet with two teammates at the bluebuff, to pick him, or give him to the mid player. If you don't want to pick him up at the beginning go to the banshees/ wolfs and cast smite on the big one. The wolf will survive, so better skill to kill him, before the wolfs reach you. If you get no bluebuff go back to the lane. Else jungle. Use your abilities whenever possible, aslong your bluebuff is active. If your teammates have to recall or need help, leave the jungle and help. Lost experience on a lane is the last thing, that you want. So you may work a little bit like a roamer, too. Take the dragon with , if you have bluebuff and redbuff, else ask for a team or two, to help you. Place wards with Wriggle's whenever it's possible. Also don't forget to use your ultimate, when you got level 6. This ultimate has so many ways to be used. As described earlier. Depending on your team you be the tank or an offtank in teamfights. Keep focusing carrys and bursters. Also supporters! Most important thing after all is getting the most dragons and barons.

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How to play? 3on3

Try getting the first blood. After the minons spawned go into the mid and kill a big banshee with or a big lizzard with + .
I like playing at bot, so I just go bot and play. Whenever is ready and I know, that I have time to go jungle, without getting gankged, I take a camp or the big lizzard (take the lizzard not alone in earlgame). When the first dragon spawned, place a free ward near him, to see, when the enemies try to get him. Gank them and steal the dragon with . Or if you bashed them in a teamfight go and take the dragon. If the dragon has low life, it's also okay to flash in, smite the dragon, to steal him and die. It's a bigger advantage for your team, than one kill for them. Keep playing like this and use your ultimate in teamfights in 3on3, not to initiate. While teamfights, or to ensure a gank. Else they will run away in the most cases. If your teamplay is good and you got huge durability the game is won.

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Ehm, I have screenshots with stats, but at the moment, I don't really know, how to post them here. Maybe one of you could give me some hints.

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Change Log

27.06.2011 just loaded this build up.
04.07.2011 added some staff and changed the name of the guide.