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Ezreal Build Guide by QuakeFly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QuakeFly

The Prodigal Explorer

QuakeFly Last updated on September 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings and welcome to my guide. My name is QuakeFly and today I will be your guide.

This guide is aimed at players with very little knowledge about how to play Ezreal.
It this guide I will highlight the things that makes Ezreal a good ADC and a not so good ADC.

At the end of this guide I hope that I have learned you a thing or two about how to play Ezreal more affectively, thus making you a fierce force to be reckoning with.

I put a fair amount of effort into this guide, so I do implore you to reconsider any downvotes pending the actual trial and testing of my guide that I imagine you are planning to do. And above all, thank you for taking the time to read this Ezreal Guide.

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing, underestimated poke with Mystic Shot (and Essence Flux).
+ Great mobility with Arcane Shift, good for "re"positioning and/or picking up kills.
+ Insane damage with your skill-rotation, early-mid-game.
+ Can pretty much take down anyone by kiting them, poking with auto and Mystic Shot.


- Squishy ADC, often focused.
- Lack of CC (Crowd Control).
- High Skillcap. Pure skillshot champion- Mana control. (Easily burns mana)
- Very vulnerable to CC due to his squishyness

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Champion Abilities

Mystic Shot

Level it up it as often as you can. This ability is amazing enough to proc on-hit effects such as Sheen and lifesteal. What makes this really amazing is that it reduces all your cooldowns by 1 second very time it hits an enemy (even its own cooldown), while already having a very low cooldown. Scales very well with AD, and relatively good with AP.

Essence Flux

Almost useless after the nerf, I usually grab this at level 8. It's good for stacking up Rising Spell Force by casting it on an ally. It's also good for pushing down towers and taking dragon or baron. Max this last. Scales of AP only, and you're building AD.

Arcane Shift

This is the only spell that gives you any mobility/survivability whatsoever. It also deals relatively high damage. Therefore, take it at level 2. The main reason you max this second is because of the reduced cooldown on your Arcane Shift (Almost Free and improved Flash). The damage is also higher than of Essence Flux. Scales of AP only, unfortunately.

Trueshot Barrage

This is what makes Ezreal the best (IMO). Like every other ultimate you get this at level 6, 11 and maxing it at level 16. Ezreal wouldn't be much without it. Scales of both AD and AP, AP being the dominant one. AD still increases its damage a lot.

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Counters / Synergies

Since Ezreal doesn't have any proper CC he is reliant on a good support with good amounts of CC.


One of my absolute favorite supports, probably because my friend mains him, therefore, I've been playing a lot with Blitzcrank. His massive CC, burst and pull complements Ezreal's burst very well.


One of the best supports Ezreal can have. Her charge and stun ability complements Ezreal like butter with bread. Her passive, Sunlight is procced by
your Mystic Shot, an overall great combination.


Again, crowd control. An Alistar initiate and CC together with Ezreal's burst equals to an almost guaranteed kill every time.


More crowd control. As you may have understood by now, crowd control is key to winning a lane with Ezreal, her Eye Of The Storm also increases your AD while shielding you, allowing for great trades.


Even more cc, along with sustain. His passive on Shatter helps you trade better. He much deserves his spot as one of the best supports to go along with Ezreal.

Other Synergies


When in a lane Soraka you can pretty much stay as long as you wish, she'll grant you an almost infinite mana source (nearly). Her Astral Blessing and Infuse go as hand in glove with Ezreal. (Any champion really).


Sona and Ezreal together are a pain in the a** if you are against them, but a dream come true if you play with her. When laning they are the greatest poke composition in the game and can pretty much harass as much as they'd like to.


With Ezreal Lulu is quite good helping you with good sustain and extra damage due to her buff Whimsy. When maxed that is +48 Magic Damage for Ezreal's Essence Flux and +12 Magic Damage for Mystic Shot.


Weak Against


If you face Graves head on, he will destroy Ezreal. Both has a strong Q but Graves's is much easier to land than Ezreal's. Graves's passive True Grit will make him less vulnerable for every second he is in combat.


He isn't just strong, he is really strong. He can either poke you hard from level 2 or poke even harder from level 4. Spinning Axe -> Blood Rush -> catch axe for Blood Rush. He can pretty much just repeat this and you have to go B. (unless he choose to kill you).


A Caitlyn that can play is very hard to stand up against as Ezreal, in lane. Ezreal's only long range ability Mystic Shot is easily blocked by minions. Caitlyn's auto attacks aren't, so if she's hiding in a creep wave, she'll beats you, heavily.

Miss fortune

Miss Fortune's Double Up and Impure Shots will outharrass/damage Ezreal if you try to trade.

Good Against


Ezreal is strong against Ashe because he can easily counter her permaslows with Arcane Shift. The only real problem would be Ashe's Volley that does quite the damage early on. Keep in mind that you can Arcane Shift away the very same second Ashe's ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow making it almost impossible for Ashe to catch up with you and apply her Frost Shot.


Ezreal's Arcane Shift is amazing against Blitzcrank. If he hooks you you can simply just Arcane Shift away, leaving you stunned for the duration of the hook, but at the same location you would otherwise be at when Arcane Shifting. But be aware, when Blitzcrank reaches level 6 he can use Static Field -> Power Fist and then just use Rocket Grab, making in almost impossible for you to dodge it. (Just stay behind minions and other team-players to avoid getting hooked).


Playing against Thresh is pretty much the same as facing Blitzcrank. Both have their hooks and knock-up. when Thresh got his ultimate The Box you need to be careful not to walk into the walls, as they slow your movement with 99%! Same here, stay behind minions to avoid getting hooked by Death Sentence.


Not much more to add here, more than that you can dodge pretty much all of her CC abilities with your Arcane Shift. Making it hard for her and the enemy ADC to get in any hits on you.

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  • NOTE: The build in the picture is an OPTIONAL build!


To spice up your Attack speed! You can also go with Sorcery but I chose not to because Attack Speed is superior on Ezreal. ;)


Simply adds more Attack Damage and unlocks Weapon Expertise .


Adds minor Ability Power to your W and E, since your E and R scales quite well with AP it is very nice to have that extra damage. It also unlocks Arcane Knowledge .

Weapon Expertise

It is good for helping you to take down heavily armored players, such as Malphite.

Arcane Knowledge

Same as Weapon Expertise but for players with magic resist.


Adds critical strike damage for those high crits we want and unlocks Frenzy. ;)

Brute Force

This will help you last hit early game, as well as boost your overall damage.


Attack speed after critical hits are just amazing, since you will be dealing a lot of critical strikes.


Further increases your armor penetration. Which is great for Ezreal! (Any ADC really).


This will make a HUGE difference mid-late-game, as it increases your damage by 5%. It will make your ultimate the perfect sniping tool.

Summoner's Insight

Will reduce the cooldown on your Flash by 15 seconds!


It is great for the extra sustain you'll get! this makes it possible to snipe more often with your Mystic Shot, especially early-mid-game.


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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Marks - Greater Mark of Attack Damage is one of the best stats in the game in my opinion, and after a lot of testing, I've come to the conclusion that AD benefits Ezreal the most out of the possible mark choices. This enhances his maximum AD in late-game. I recommend that you take 9x of these.

Seals - Greater Seal of Armor is necessary if want to efficiently be able to trade with the enemy AD Carry. Ezreal depends on these or else he will be to squishy. I recommend that you take 9x of these.

Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is required for you to survive from mid game on. It will also help you to survive early game harassment. I recommend that you take 9x of these.

Quintessences - Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is really nice to have with your marks. It gives you an exceptional upper-hand when poking your enemy ADC or Support/Tank/Bruiser. I recommend that you take 3x of these.

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Summoner Spells

I'm only going to go trough the most important Summoner Spells to know as an ADC.


Unlocked: Summoner Level 1

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random] and Dominion.
Either you want a powerful engage, escape or chase this is a great spell to pick. People often stand between this summoner and Flash. Both are extremely good, but one is better for another champion, despite that, it is all about personal preference and how each spell synergies with you and your team. It allows you to skip through your enemies to get to the enemy carry, which can be game-changing.
Rating: 9/10


Unlocked: Summoner Level 1

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random) and Dominion.
There is absolutely no shame in taking Heal for your summoner, but do make sure it is beneficial to your team. But because of its long cooldown you don't want to use it in just any situation, you want to save it for really needy times such as tower diving or in "losing" teamfights. It can be a turn in the tides for your team if everyone drops low and you can get your Heal on everyone.
Rating: 6/10


Unlocked: Summoner Level 2

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random) and Dominion.
This spell is very situational and fits best with champions that doesn't have a proper escape ability, facing an opponent with a lot of CC. Due to the high cooldown it makes it like so that you can't use it as a "get away" spell all the time, you need to conserve it for situations where you are caught unaware and can not otherwise get away. This spell is often picked by solo-top or jungle players but it works well with any champion that has the need of getting out of CC quickly.
NOTE: This summoner only removes stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, blinds and silences. Not suppression.
Rating: 7/10


Unlocked: Summoner Level 6

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random) and Dominion.
This spell is mainly used by AD carries or by Solo-Top players. It is especially great against any player with ignite and high damage output. Allowing you to stay longer in fights is always great especially when you play the role as a AD carry, because you will often be your teams greatest damage output and your enemies major target. By timing it properly it can both save you and the situation.
Rating: 9/10


Unlocked: Summoner Level 8

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random) and Dominion.
A gankers best friend. This is a extremely useful spell when it comes to pinning a high priority target or to stop that low health champion to barely escape while your team catches up. In a 1v1 situation this spell will often let you get your opponent in the ground before he does (Assuming you had an advantage to begin with). Or it might just save you when getting ganked from the jungler.
Rating: 8/10


Unlocked: Summoner Level 8

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random) and Dominion.
While this summoner spell is used (often combined with burst combo) to get the kill, often a runner or when you have used all your abilities to do the last 10% of damage you need to get the player down to 0. The two primary roles who takes this summoner spell is AP and AD carries to get off those early kills they need. It can also be used in other useful situations for example in teamfights to kill their prime damage.
Rating: 9/10


Unlocked: Summoner Level 12

Supported Game Modes: Classic, ARAM (All Random) and Dominion.
This is probably the most useful summoner spell in the League. This spell allows you to "teleport" from one location to another, in less than the blink of an eye. Despite its range nerf quite a while back it offers just too much utility to ignore it. It can change the heat of a game, by allowing a key player jump over the walls out of danger or to dodge life threatening abilities. Best served as a getaway spell.
Rating: 10/10

Other Summoner Spells

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Doran's Blade

Is a nice item for any AD carry. Especially if you want to deal, heal and be able to take some harassment. It is very good at low poke champions such as Tristana (early-game)

Berserker's Greaves

Best boots out there for Ezreal, in my opinion. Mercury also works well, but they dont provide you with the extra attack speed that you want. Especially if you don't have your ultimate ( Trueshot Barrage) to stack you up. It is really useful in teamfights.

The Bloodthirster

Is an AMAZING item for Ezreal! It's +AD is insane and the life steal will almost improve your efficiency by 200%. People will remember who you are with this item! It'll allow you to farm with ease.

Last Whisper

Is and will most certainly stay like this for a while, the better version of Black Cleaver, because it doesn't need to be stacked and overall lets you deal more damage.

Infinity Edge

This is my favorite item after The Bloodthirster because of its properties. It allows you to do 70 more damage and increases your crit-damage from 200% to 250% and increases your crit-chance by 25, which is extremely good.

Mercurial Scimitar

is another great AD item, it also has the awesome ability to remove all debuffs from your champion. I simply must say that I love this item because of the mobility it offers you + extra tankyness against casters + more damage output yourself. Just great! For several occasions!

Statikk Shiv

is a great tool for farming and minor AOE damage in teamfights. during a good teamfight it can deal up to 2000 damage (That is really insane) if not even more?! But hell.. You should get this item directly after The Bloodthirster

Guide Top

Situational Items



I do not enjoy this item. But I've added it to my guide because I see a lot of people who do. The reason this is such a popular item is because of the mana it provides. I recommend this item if you feel like you are terrible at mana control.

Blade of the ruined King

Personally I think that this item is great, especially of you are up against a team with lots of Hit-Points/Health, which makes it even more enjoyable! It also provides you with the necessary AD, Attack Speed and Life Steal you need to function properly throughout the game. It's Active allows you to take on more damage head-on than you otherwise would, and it deals a fair amount of damage as well. Great item, very underrated.

The Black Cleaver

The The Black Cleaver is an item you can purchase instead of Last Whisper if you feel like it. I do not recommend doing this at all, as Last Whisper simply provides you with better stats, but if you want to try something new, go ahead.


Mercurial Scimitar

This item is amazing, I buy it instead of Guardian Angel all the time. It gives you a decent amount of magic resist and an amazing active for a quite low price. The active will help you position yourself properly as well as making you almost ungankable. Highly SPACESPAC!recommended.

Banshee's Veil

A viable choice when the enemy team have a lot of CC initiates, or a Karthus. The mana on this will benefit you a lot. The spell shield, though, is the main reason we choose this item. The passive effect on this item blocks an incoming spell after going on cooldown.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is an item I always used to purchase because of its amazing passive. Guardian angel has lost its charm, and the only case you should buy this instead of the Mercurial Scimitar would be if you don't know how to properly position yourself.

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Item Sequence

If you have no clue at all in what order you should be buying your items, here's some examples.

#Example 1

Item Sequence

B. F. Sword

The Bloodthirster

Avarice Blade

Statikk Shiv

Berserker's Greaves


Last Whisper

B. F. Sword

Quicksilver Sash

Mercurial Scimitar

B. F. Sword

Cloak of Agility

Infinity Edge

#Example 2

Item Sequence

B. F. Sword

The Bloodthirster

Tear of the Goddess


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

The Brutalizer


Iceborn Gauntlet

The Black Cleaver

Banshee's Veil

#Example 3

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Health Potion


Boots of Speed

B. F. Sword

Avarice Blade

Berserker's Greaves

Vampiric Scepter

Statikk Shiv

The Bloodthirster

Last Whisper

Quicksilver Sash

Mercurial Scimitar

B. F. Sword

Infinity Edge

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Guide Top

Laning Phase

Summoner Spells

Today most of the setups are using the Summoners Barrier + Flash for the AD Carry and Exhaust + Flash on the Support. Players used to pick Heal on the AD Carry untill they realized that they maybe should take Ignite instead to add some killing potential in the lanes and counter Heal. Usually paired with a support with an ability that can heal the AD Carry (F.ex. Triumphant Roar on Alistar) or some kind of CC (Crowd-Control).


A lot of people that there is an ultimate bot lane that burst-"beats" sustain, sustain beats poke, and poke beats burst.

A good example of a burst lane would be Ezreal + Taric, an example of sustain would be Ezreal + Soraka, and an example of a poke lane would be Ezreal + Sona.

Depending on which of these you pick or meet, it doesn't mean you have lost your lane or instantly won it. No, it more or less you need to adapt to the situation and play more differently than before.

Sustain vs Burst

When you're playing a sustain lane versus a burst lane, you need to know when to trade and when to back off. Ideally you would want to trade a little damage and then back off until you're healed up. This may seem like a simple tactic, but many players seem to fail to understand the concept of this.

And if you play as the burst lane, your job is the other way around, use all your burst at once and try to pick off a kill. If you fail it's likely you want to go back as the sustain duo will just heal up and it will be difficult for you to lane efficiently.

Poke vs Sustain

ay you are a poke lane versus a sustain lane. This is probably one of the most difficult counters to go against, unless you basically turn the lane the other way around, and get a bit more aggressive.

A good example of this is Janna. She isn't necessary known to be involved in kill lanes, but it's very possible still. Getting knocked up and getting a lot of burst with her shield combined with your Mystic Shot can result in a kill. So this is probably the best way for you to deal with a sustain lane as a poke lane.

Burst vs Poke

Burst versus a poke lane has to be fairly obvious. Try to get a kill before they poke you down, however, too much can be hard against champions like Alistar or Janna, as the amount of CC they can provide can make it difficult to get some kills.


When laning about 90% of your deaths will be from a Taric, Leona or Alistar killing lane. This is mostly because of poor bush-control. If you're going to play with or against these supports it's vital that you know what bush control is, and how to get it.

Bush-Control is basically if you have vision inside that bush or players standing inside the bush to reveal the area. Just one Sight ward is enough to ward the whole bush and a small area outside of it, allowing you to increase your map control and awareness. This makes it easier to avoid unexpected ganks and CC's (stun, root, etc). But TRUE bush-control means that you are standing in the bush "controlling" it, if you can, you should "plop" down a Vision Ward inside the bush to hinder the enemy-team to be able to see what is going on in that bush, this makes it extremely easy to zone the enemy AD Carry into getting little or no CS, and might end up with them getting greedy and then getting caught, allowing you an easy kill.

Now that you know what bush-control is and how important it is for you to stay alive, I can learn you how to get it. Most usually the lane with the most CC or more agressive early-game tries to gain control of the bushes, and it will definitely be easier for them to get it too. However, if they get control of the bush, it isn't the end of laning. You don't have to run in trying to get CS and dying, or you don't have to run mid lane complaining about your support.

There are two options; you can buy some Sight Wards yourself, ward the bush and take back control of it, or your support can do it (Which is often better).

Taking down a Turret

Some information about when to take down the tower, when to lock the lane and when not to etc. There is something called lane mechanics.

One of the most common mistakes can be killing the tower too early. In my oppinion, you shouldn't kill a tower before at least 12 minutes have passed, or at least before you feel you can put some significant pressure elsewhere on the map, as when you've killed the bottom tower it's likely you'll want to go mid and take that one as well.

Freezing the lane

It is probably easiest to freeze bot-lane because you have a support that can help you to tank the minions and give you sustain.

If there is an entire minion wave comming at your tower hold it just before the tower, tank the minions until yours come back. Of course, if they notice this and attempt to stop you, it's not worth dying for it.

Last-Hitting under Turret

Usually on a mage minion, hit the minion once, then let the tower deal the next hit. This will leave the minion with very low HP, allowing you to take the last hit.

On the melee minions, let the tower hit it twice, this will leave them with very low HP, allowing you to take the last hit.

On the siege minions you'll simply have to wait and calculate in your mind when to shoot.


Warding is the job of your support, but if he's not doing it, you SHOULD do it in his stead or keep reminding him about it.

On purple side the main ward you want is in tri-brush, however people can still run down river to gank since you won't have vision there, this can be easily fixed by just placing 2 wards, one at tri brush and one at dragon.

Obviously you have to be conservative with your wards though so don't place them randomly, if you see the jungler top that means you usually won't need a ward for now, you'll just have to think where he is going to be and at what timeframe he could be bot.

Alot of junglers can also gank through the lane using the bushes as cover, IMO the strongest junglers for this are: Amumu, Rammus, Malphite, Maokai and Jarvan IV. You'll notice all these junglers are tanky with high cc, make sure to keep the relevant ward coverage if you are against these junglers.

Warding as the BLUE team

You always want to ward the river (1)! A great spot to do this is the crossing between Dragon and blue, because then you both get vision from ganks coming through your jungle or from mid, you'll also get "free" vision of Dragon.

And since you warded so far up it will cost you one more ward, but is worth it. Place that one in the tri-bush (2) so that you can spot the jungler before he comes in after taking red. If you don't do this you won't be able to spot him before he is in your face, and you most likely will burn all your summoners and/or die.

Other useful places to put down your wards are in the lane-bushes (3). Now you can place one in each bush or just one. I marked the low bush in this case because we don't want to be pushed too hard and neither do we want to be surprised when we walk into their bush.

Warding as the PURPLE team

When warding as the Purple team you want to ward the river (1) in the cross section OR as advised earlier (for blue team). The reason you want to ward there is either because you are short on wards or you don't expect any ganks from the river, anytime soon. This cross section is a good spot if you are pushed far and can't push them down to their turret.

And since you warded so far up it will cost you one more ward, but is often worth it. Place that one in the tri-bush (2) so that you can spot the jungler before he comes in trough your jungle. If you don't do this you won't be able to spot him before he is in your face, then you will most likely burn all your summoners and probably die.

Other useful places to put down your wards are in the lane-bushes (3). Now you can place one in each bush or just one. I marked the high bush in this case because we don't want to be pushed too hard and neither do we want to be surprised when we walk into their bush.

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Teamfight / Combinations

Positioning in teamfights are crucial if you want to play Ezreal effectively, and to know all the different combinations to maximise your damage output.


It is very important as an AD Carry to know your focus, but if it'll mean your death just by poking the weakest target, you shouldn't engage on that player. Then you'll just poke whoever you can. EVEN if it's Malphite with Frozen Heart. Just keep a safe distance, and dont WASTE your Arcane Shift ;)


When attacking you should stay as far away as possible from the enemy, but still be able to auto attack. (And poking with Mystic Shot). Even if this is not a very realistic goal, because you have so much to focus on, such as skillshots and cooldowns, but if you can achieve this. My friend, Good Job!

Imagine there is a scale (<–|–|–|–|–|-|–|–|–|–>) on the left side there is auto-attacking, and standing in the danger-zone (in enemy teams range), and on the right side you move around, dodging skillshots, and dealing damage with your skillshots and autoattacks. The more you are to the right the more you can do in a fight.

The good thing as an AD Carry is that it's not only your job to stay alive but it is your entire teams job to make sure you can do that. (Of course you can't blame them if you die because of bad positioning). The support isn't the only player who will defend you (as adressed above), for example if you have a Nautilus jungle (Not likely with the latest patch), he is awesome at protecting his teammates, he has a lot of CC (Crowd Control). The more CC your team has the longer you can stay away from damage and bring down your enemies. In other words, stay behind your tank and other champions, to avoid damage.


There are many combinations with Ezreal, but some are better than others. ObviouslyYou should be using the good ones.

The most basic combo, being: Arcane Shift >>> Mystic Shot
This is one of the agressive initiates that allows you to position yourself properly with Arcane Shift.

Another is: Arcane Shift >>> Essence Flux >>> Mystic Shot
This combo is good if you want to stack up your Rising Spell Force quickly. (The reason we cast Essence Flux first is because of the cooldown reduction from Mystic Shot).

Another way to stack your Rising Spell Force quickly, is just to launch Trueshot Barrage into a cluster of enemy units. (which is the best way to do it, IMO).

Keep in mind that you can do any of these combinations without casting Arcane Shift. Mostly if you are already in position, or just want to save it for later use, such as escapes and picking up kills.

It is very risky to use your Arcane Shift aggressively, if you would risk to get ganked or jumped i would not recommend using Arcane Shift as a agressive move, save it for escaping. It is also very mana draining, so it wouldn't be a very efficient way to poke.

Trueshot Barrage

Your ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, can be used on two good ways during teamfights (that I am aware of).

The first one, probably my favorite initiate, is just to throw it in the bunch as soon as the teamfight initiates. Most of them will be too busy to dodge it and therefore granting you tons of damage and stacking your Rising Spell Force to five immediately when it hits an Enemy. This gives you a great advantage during the fight.

The second option is to save it until the teamfight is over. I don't recommend doing this unless you're sure your team will win the fight, as using option one can win you the whole fight. When saving it until after the teamfight, you will be able to pick off surviving enemies trying to escape. This can easily grant you a kill or two if you're lucky.

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Tips & Tricks

I will go over a couple of tips and tricks you can use to max out Ezreal's viability.

  • Your Mystic Shot decreases the cooldown of every spell you have (Except Summoner Spells), use this as much as you can when your mana is no longer a problem (usually mid- and late-game).
  • Mystic Shot can be used to check bushes, if you see the projectile stop and you hear the hit sound after shooting it into a bush, there is someone there.
  • Essence Flux is a great way of stacking your Rising Spell Force, as it can grant you multiple stacks.
  • Essence Flux can be used to poke enemies taking cover behind minions.
  • Essence Flux is awesome for pushing down towers, as it grants both your allies and yourself ( Rising Spell Force)increased attack speed.
  • Save your Arcane Shift for getaways or chases, never use this to engage on an enemy unless you are completely sure you can kill him without anyone interfering.
  • Arcane Shift can be used to jump over walls, this can be used to steal buffs, Dragon or Baron safely if you have your Flash up. Arcane Shift in, throw a spell/auto attack or two, Flash out if needed, and if you're lucky, you'll have a free Baron or Dragon.
  • Use Arcane Shift to help line up your other abilities, but avoid using it in situations that would leave you vulnerable.
  • Trueshot Barrage is global (this means it can go over the whole map), use it to snipe enemies low on health or steal buffs. It has a short cast time which cannot be interrupted, so if you're in a fight and you know you're getting stunned, throw this in so you don't lose any DPS.
  • Trueshot Barrage is a great way to clear minion waves when you're not close enough to do it with your auto attacks, or if you simply have to get a wave down quickly. (I love it for this purpose).
  • Trueshot Barrage can be used in the beginning of a teamfight on the enemy team to instantly stack your Rising Spell Force to its max potential, this will also deal a lot of AoE damage.
  • Use Trueshot Barrage when the enemy has no vision of Ezreal, so they will be unable to warn their teammates.
  • Blue- and red-buffs are both great on Ezreal, grab these as often as you can. The blue buff will provide you with mana regen and cooldown reduction, making you better overall. The red buff procs on his Mystic Shot, making it slow and DoT the enemy hit.
  • You are very fragile, make the enemies come to you instead of rushing in on them.

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If you notice that I've missed something or you want anything changed, please PM/post a comment about it and I'll take a look into that matter.

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