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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nunu & Willump Build Guide by YoshiTheAsian

The Yeti Knows The Way! Nunu Jungle AP Tank Guide

The Yeti Knows The Way! Nunu Jungle AP Tank Guide

Updated on November 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YoshiTheAsian Build Guide By YoshiTheAsian 24 4 222,467 Views 37 Comments
24 4 222,467 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YoshiTheAsian Nunu & Willump Build Guide By YoshiTheAsian Updated on November 21, 2012
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Hey! Thanks for checking out my Nunu Guide! I've played quite a bit of Nunu, and playing him Jungle Tank is what I do best with him, as his abilities are perfect for the job. This guide is not only very viable, but also solely for Jungle Tank Nunu, and nothing else. I do not include anything about laning or building AP Damage Nunu. Having said that, this build does include a lot of AP. Don't let your first glance deceive you, however, as with this build, Nunu is very tanky, and has the capability of taking a lot of hits, while dishing out that good damage as well as slows. Please take note that I'm aware of there only being 4 final items in the cheat sheet above. That's because those are the core items to the build, anything built after that should be based on the enemy team or personal preference (see Other Items section).

I've also added a GP10 section, so now you guys can't say that I don't include them in the guide :P

NOTE: Since Season 3 is coming up real soon, I'm gonna have to change this guide up quite a bit. So there's going to be a time in between the start of the season and the update of this guide where I test out different jungle routes and items and whatnot. It might take a few weeks. Just keep that in mind if you start reading this and realize that the guide is outdated haha.

This is no pro guide, nor is this a ranked guide. I'm just a player that wants to show the way I play Nunu to the community. And without further ado, let's get to it!
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- Easy in the jungle. Goes through it fast, and with high health thanks to his great sustain
- Counter jungles like a boss with his Consume.
- Effective ganks. Just run in there and slow them.
- Good poke with his Ice Blast.
- Tanky all the way through the game; can take a lot of damage.
- Excellent ultimate that doesn't go to waste with this build.
- Great utility to the team with his slows.


- Can get focused when using his ultimate. Careful on your timing and positioning.
- Only deals a decent amount of damage. Won't be taking out whole champions with just one Absolute Zero
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Runes and Masteries


In those early levels, the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power runes really help give your Ice Blast a little extra 'umph' when you gank. In team fights, the added Magic Penetration helps you take as much health away from your opponents as possible with your ultimate. You're a utility tank, but you're also AP.

The CDR from the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction runes, masteries, and Frozen Heart get you running at over 30%, allowing you to spam that Ice Blast. Early on, the CDR also help you constantly have Blood Boil up while you're jungling, allowing for a faster clear time.

The Armor from the Greater Seal of Armor runes is a given for easier jungling and tankiness.

You might be thinking that these runes are very AP Carry oriented (save the armor). Well, that's because they are! The thing is, with the selected masteries and the build, the added bulk you would get from getting tank runes wouldn't be as helpful as getting AP, CDR, and Magic Pen.


With the added Magic Pen and AP from your runes, you can focus on a more tankier mastery page, going 0/21/9, taking 9 in the utility tree for the Runic Affinity .

I'm not gonna explain the reasoning behind each specific mastery, as I believe it's pure preference. As long as you have that added bulk from them, it's fine. If you think you want to go 0/30/0 or want 9/12/9, then by all means, do it!
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Summoner Spells

Since you don't have any gap closers as Nunu & Willump, this is an excellent choice of a spell. Use it to get in range for that Ice Blast while you're chasing to slow your opponent, as doing so can spell doom for them! You can also use this to get out of sticky situations. You are a tank after all, so getting in the middle of everything or initiating is your job.

You're jungling, you take Smite. This allows you to both clear your jungle easily, as well as counter jungle with ease. It also gives you extra money on use if you take Summoner's Resolve .

Another good pick in place of Flash. Great for chasing or getting away. However, you do have Blood Boil, so taking this kinda becomes redundant IMO.

Great for map coverage. You can use it to get to far off skirmishes or team fights, or use it to gank an unsuspecting pushed lane. However, taking this instead of Flash gives you less survivablity as well as initiating capability.

This one's kinda meh for me personally, but I understand why some people take it. You can shut down an enemy carry during a team fight or use it to run away from bad situations. The thing is, you already have one that comes back every few seconds: Ice Blast.

Spells Not To Get

It's just not viable on Nunu & Willump, unless you're giving away blue to your mid, which in itself is not good anyway because it slows down your jungle speed by a lot. Your passive allows you to have great sustain without blue, and once you start getting your catalyst the protector and Rod of Ages, mana won't be a problem.

As far as healing yourself, you have Consume, which is more than enough sustain. If you wanna take it for healing your teamates, it's still not that great. Save it for the support.

You don't need to be dealing that much damage, so this a bad pick. Chances are your carries are taking this anyway, so you really don't need it.
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Visionary (Passive)

This passive allows you to cast any ability for free after auto-attacking 5 times. This is what keeps your mana up and allows Nunu & Willump excellent sustain throughout the game. Early on it won't matter as much, as you'll be starting blue. Later on, however, after your first blue is out, this ability will allow you to stay out in the game. Abuse this passive as much as you can, auto-attacking creeps when you're covering a lane in order to get out a free Ice Blast on the enemy laner.

Consume (Q Ability)

This ability deals true damage to a targeted minion and heals Nunu & Willump for a set amount. This is your bread and butter as a jungler. When paired up with your passive, this gives you excellent sustain and can allow you to stay out without having to recall for a very long time. Note that the amount healed back is not based on how much damage you deal, and is a set amount. This means that casting it on a low health minion will still get you a lot of health back. Pairing this up with spell vamp is also a smart choice, as it gives back a ton of health.

Blood Boil (W Ability)

This ability gives an allied unit increased attack speed and movement speed for 15 seconds. When cast on an ally, it also gives Nunu & Willump the buff. This is a great, underestimated ability that can give an excellent buff to an AD carry, allowing them to do lots of damage. This ability also helps you jungle, allowing you to clear the creeps and get to other camps quickly. This ability is also excellent for chasing/running away. Pairing it up with Ice Blast helps both situations, as you can chase with ease, or run away, leaving your opponents in the dust. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get out of bad situations simply by casting this ability on yourself and walking away. This is also a great ability for ganking, as you can cast it on an ally, allowing both of you to outrun and kill an opponent.

Ice Blast (E Ability)

This ability hurls an ice ball at an opponent, dealing damage and slowing both their movement speed and attack speed. This is Nunu's main source of damage, and is the reason your opponents should think twice before showing their faces. Even though the Rod of Ages is your only real source of AP early and mid game, this ability still does a good amount of damage and keeps your opponents at bay. When ganking, use this to slow your target and allow both you and your allies to catch up and destroy them. You should also use this on the enemy AD carry during team fights, as it acts as a pseudo exhaust. With the CDR from your runes and items, you can keep the slow on an opponent indefinitely, so long as you continue to cast it. Use this to chase enemies, diminishing their chances of escaping and allowing your allies to catch up. You can also use this while running away, casting it once on a pursuer and running away with Blood Boil.

Absolute Zero (Ultimate, R Ability)

This ability slows all enemies' movement speed and attack speed around Nunu & Willump for three seconds, and then releases it for a lot of damage. This is Nunu's most identifiable ability and for good reason. If pulled off correctly, it can devastate the enemy team, turning around team fights, or giving your own team the upper hand from the start. It's also good for ganking, as you can Flash in front of the enemy and use this so that there's almost no escape unless they Flash themselves. This ability, however, can be a hit or miss, as any hard CC will stop it mid channel, causing the damage to be decreased dramatically. This is the reason you want to buy a Banshee's Veil, as it can cause a stun to fail, allowing you to finish the ultimate and deal epic damage. Pairing this ult up with other ultimates or CC's can allow your team to destroy your opponents. Kennen, Galio, and Amumu all have ultimates that can help Nunu & Willump through the full channel of Absolute Zero. Note that when using this ability in a bush, the enemy won't be able to see you, nor the animation of it, so doing so can be a tactful strategy.

Skill Sequence

When first starting the game, DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY CLICK ON CONSUME. If you do so, and the enemy team decides to counter jungle you, you'll be shooting yourself in the foot. Wait until about 1:30, 10 seconds before wolves spawn, before taking Consume. If you want to gank at level 2, take Ice Blast after killing blue. If not, take Blood Boil and continue your jungle, taking one more point in Consume at level 3 and then leaving it to max last. Take 3 points in Ice Blast at levels 4, 5, and 7, with one point of Absolute Zero at level 6. This will allow you good damage on your two damage abilities. Before maxing out Ice Blast, take one more point in Blood Boil at level 8, as the buff is very useful. Afterwards, just max Ice Blast, then Blood Boil, then finally Consume, taking your ultimate whenever it's available.
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Starting Items

sight ward

Boots should be your first item, as it helps you to get through the jungle easier, as well as allowing you to gank better. I take the sight ward and only one Health Potion, as you don't need the potions when you have your Consume, so the money is better off going towards map vision. Use the sight ward on your red to scout out counter jungles, or on the enemy jungle to get your own counter jungling on.

First Recall

catalyst the protectorsight ward

Try to stay out until you get enough money to afford the catalyst the protector, as this allows you even better sustain and bulk. If you don't have enough and you need to recall, just take the Ruby Crystal and Sapphire Crystal if you have enough. Taking a sight ward or two would also be a smart choice. If you're getting counter jungled hard, use it to ward your own jungle. If not, use it to ward their's so that you can counter jungle.

End of Early Game

These are the two items you need to be aiming for, and you should have them by the time mid game starts. Take the Rod of Ages first, as you don't need the extra movement speed from your Mercury's Treads early on because you have Blood Boil and getting that passive from the Rod of Ages going early on is best. This allows you to be the tank that you need to be, as the Rod of Ages is your main source of health for most of the game.

Mid/Late Game

After getting your Rod of Ages and Mercury's Treads, build a Chain Vest into a Glacial Shroud for your armor. This also gives you CDR, allowing you to spam your abilities and get your ultimate off cool down faster. Leave the Glacial Shroud there and build a Banshee's Veil, starting with the Negatron Cloak. This will top off your magic resist and give you a great passive for stopping hard CC's while you're ulting. Afterwards, upgrade your Glacial Shroud into a Frozen Heart. This item gives you the second to most armor in the game, only being beaten by the Thornmail by one point. This item also reduces enemy's attack speed, allowing you to minimalize the enemy team's damage output just by showing up to the party!

After finishing your Frozen Heart, you're done with the core build. Anything built after that should be based on your enemy team and/or personal preference.
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Other Items


Sorcerer's Shoes
These are nice if you like the added damage. However, you are building tank, and although dealing a bit of extra damage is nice, the tenacity and magic resist you get from Mercury's Treads is much more desirable. Besides, you already get some Magic Pen from your runes.

Ninja Tabi
If the enemy team has too many right clickers, this is a viable choice. However, taking these over Mercury's Treads doesn't give you the tenacity, so check how much CC they have before making this switch.

Mobility Boots
Probably the most viable option other than the more defensive shoes ( Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi). These will help you as you gank in order to get to lanes faster and get in there for that Ice Blast as quickly as possible. They'll also help as you ward/counterward, as these make walking down the river a breeze.

Defense Items

Aegis of the Legion
An excellent all around tank item. If your support hasn't taken this, go ahead and grab it! It's cheap and provides good bulk as well as some AD to all allies around you. Since you are a tank and you'll most likely be around your teamates for most of the game, it's obvious why this item is a good pick.

Randuin's Omen
Another great item for when you need more bulk. The active slow is also great when paired with your ultimate. Please see the 'GP10 Items' section for more info.

Another good item to counter those right clickers. Building this damages anyone that tries to auto attack you, which can keep that Tryndamere at bay. Build it if the enemy team has too much AD.

Guardian Angel
A good item with great stats and an excellent passive that gives you a second chance at life. Great for if you can't decide between armor or magic resist.

Abyssal Mask
I like this one personally, and I usually take this one even if I don't need the added magic resist because of its offensive stats. The magic resist reduction range no longer exceeds past the range of your ultimate, so only enemies closer to you will get the magic resist reduction and take extra damage. Still a great item that gives a good amount of MR and AP.

Force of Nature
Another excellent magic resist item. This item gives the most magic resist of any item. It also gives you added movement speed, allowing you to chase easier. However, if you want more magic resist, I'd recommend the Abyssal Mask over this item.

Shurelya's Battlesong
A great item that gives an active allowing you to better initiate as well as run away. Other than that, however, this item is kind of redundant, as Nunu & Willump doesn't need the extra sustain from the philosopher's stone early on, and you don't need anymore CDR past your runes and Frozen Heart. Please see the 'GP10 Items' section for more info.

AP Items

Will of the Ancients
An excellent item that synergieses well with Consume. With the damage you deal with Absolute Zero, you can also heal back any damage the enemy tried to deal to you while channeling as well. This item is an aura item, so it not only gives out extra AP to all nearby ally champions, but also gives them the spellvamp as well. If you plan on getting this item, you can take the Hextech Revolver early on for the early spell vamp.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
The slow from this item might seem redundant, but in reality it isn't. The extra slow can really be noticed on your Ice Blasts. This item also gives good AP and a good amount of health as well, making you more bulky. An excellent item if you're looking for both bulk and damage.

Void Staff
If the enemy team has too much magic resist for your damaging abilities to be of any use, you can take this item, which allows you to bypass a whopping 40% of that magic resist. This one is purely situational, and if you don't seem to be having a problem with the damage you're dealing, you shouldn't take this.

Rabadon's Deathcap
Another purely situational item. If you don't need to build anymore bulk, and/or you're just stomping the enemy team, this is a fun item to get. Don't forget, however, that you are the tank, and the tank's job is to soak up damage that your carries shouldn't. So think twice before taking this item.

Rod of Ages
Yes, you can stack Rod of Ages. Yes it is very viable. You get more AP, more health, more mana. Before doing so, however, consider getting a Rylai's Crystal Scepter first, as it gives you the same thing a Rod of Ages does (save the mana) and more slows to your damaging abilities.
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GP10 Items

philosopher's stone kage's lucky pick

GP10 items refer to items that give you 5 gold every 10 seconds. They are seen as a necessity for supports and most junglers. I do not include GP10's in the main build, and it's the thing I get criticized the most for. And so for that reason, I have decided to include a separate section to explain my reasoning as to why I do not include these items.

philosopher's stone Philosopher's stone
This item costs 800 gold and pays for itself after 26 min 40 sec, or 13 min 20 sec if sold.
The philosopher's stone gives you increased mana regen and health regen, which allows you good sustain, as well as gold per 10. It builds into a Shurelya's Battlesong, which gives the regeneration stats, plus health, 15% CDR, and an active that gives a speed boost to all nearby allies for a few seconds. It also builds into a Eleisa's Miracle, which gives tenacity.

The reason I don't get a philosopher's stone is simply because I find the stats it gives to be redundant. Mana is not a problem when using Visionary to its fullest extent, and once you obtain a Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart, mana is never a problem ever. Health regeneration is redundant when you have Consume. The CDR from the Shurelya's Battlesong is not needed, as you get enough from your runes, masteries, and Frozen Heart. Tenacity is not needed from Eleisa's Miracle unless you didn't take Mercury's Treads, in which case the money is probably better spent somewhere else anyway. The only legitimate reason to buy a Shurelya's Battlesong is for the speed boost, which is a viable reason if that's your preference.

If so, then buy the philosopher's stone before you buy your catalyst the protector and build it into a Shurelya's Battlesong sometime after your Mercury's Treads depending on how the game is going.

->philosopher's stone-> -> ->

Heart of Gold
This item costs 825 gold and pays for itself after 27 min 30 sec, or 13 min 45 sec if sold.
The Heart of Gold simply gives you 200 health and gold per 10. It builds into a Randuin's Omen, which gives armor, health, and health regeneration. It also gives 5% CDR, a chance to slow attackers, and an active that slows all nearby enemies around you. The other item it can build into is the Locket of the Iron Solari, which gives you a bit of armor, health, an aura that gives all nearby allied champions health regen, and an active that shields all nearby allied champions by a bit.

The Heart of Gold into a Randuin's Omen is probably the most viable GP10 option you can have on this Nunu build. The added armor and slow effects can really aid your chasing abilities and your ultimate. The reason I don't include it in the main build is simply because you get enough armor from the Frozen Heart. However, if you feel the need for more armor in those last 2 item slots, I'd recommend the Randuin's Omen first. The Locket of the Iron Solari gives pretty measly stats, and it's not really worth looking at.

If you decide on having a this item, then build the Heart of Gold after your catalyst the protector, and finish the Randuin's Omen after you've completed your Banshee's Veil (which could be before or after the Frozen Heart, your choice).

->catalyst the protector-> -> -> -> ->

kage's lucky pick kage's lucky pick
This item costs 765 gold and pays for itself after 25 min 30 sec, or 12 min 46 sec if sold.
Kage's lucky pick gives 25 ability power and gold per 10. It builds into a Deathfire Grasp, which gives a lot of AP, 15% CDR, and an active that deals magic damage to an opponent. It also builds into a Morello's Evil Tome, which gives ability power, mana regen, 20% CDR, and an active that reduces healing effects on an enemy champion.

Both the items that a Kage's lucky pick build into are items that I definitely would not recommend. Although I have emphasized that you are building AP tank, you are still build tank, and these items are just not for you. The added AP could be bought from other items, such as a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Abyssal Mask. The CDR from both items are redundant, and the mana regeneration from the Morello's Evil Tome is not needed because you will have no mana problems whatsoever once you get your Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart.

I'd recommend kage's lucky pick only as some free AP and gold early on (before finishing your Rod of Ages), and once it has paid for itself, sell it.
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Jungling Basics

NOTE: All maps used assume you're on the blue team.

Jungling with Nunu & Willump is fairly easy, and I think he's one of the easiest junglers in the game. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've noticed this as well. There's also a fair chance that you're new to jungling, because if you weren't, you probably wouldn't be reading this section xP If it turns out you're not new, then I thank you for reading this in depth into my guide ^__^ Anyway, moving on...

No matter who you're jungling, you have to gank a lot, or else there's no reason for you to exist. If you're not ganking, the game might as well be a 4v5 up until mid game. Whether you decide to start ganking at level 2, or at level 4, it doesn't matter, so long as you continue to do so once you start.


This is your main jungle route; the one you should be using for most games.

Step 1: Wolves
Start with wolves. Specifically the big one. Just auto attack it once, then Consume and it'll kill it. You can choose to stop there and continue on to blue, or kill the other 2 wolves. If you decide to kill the others, ask for a bit of damage, BUT DO NOT ASK FOR A LEASH ON THE WOLVES. If you wanna be safe from ally stupidity and just kill the big one, tell them to just leash the blue, and put no damage on the wolves. Simple yet effective.

Step 2: Blue
Do not give up the first Blue to your mid laner. You need it for your first clear through of the jungle. The CDR and mana regen is kind of amazing, and you need the experience to reach level 4. You can give up Blue for the rest of the game, just not the first one. Wait until its health is at 900-ish, and then spam both your Consume and Smite together, and it'll kill it instantly.

Step 3: Wolves Again
If you didn't kill the last two wolves, now's the time to do it. Cool? Ok move on.

Step 4: Wraiths
Consume the big wraith first, it'll kill it instantly. Then kill the others.

Step 5: Golems
NOTE: while walking past Red on your way to the golems, if you haven't used your ward, ward the red bush if the enemy jungler has any potential to counter at all (eg. Lee Sin, Shyvana, Trundle). After doing so (or not), Consume the small golem, as it'll kill it instantly. Work on the bigger one until Consume goes off cool down again and finish it off.

Step 6: Red
Nothing much to say, just kill it fast. Don't give it up, as you need the experience to reach level 4 so you can get your Ice Blast.

Step 7: Wraiths Again
By now the wraiths would have respawned. Same idea, consume the big one, kill off the smaller ones. You should reach level 4 right when killing the third one. Take Ice Blast and you're ready to gank!


Another great jungle pattern. Fast too. Use this only when you know that the enemy jungler is at blue (eg. Amumu, Fiddlesticks).

Step 1: Wraiths
First off, try not to do this one alone. At least take your mid laner for some help just in case you get caught. Use your sight ward on the enemy red bush see if the enemy top laner is covering it. If so, decide whether or not you want to try for first blood (this will usually depend on how many people you brought). If not, continue on to the wraiths. Kill the big one with Consume, and only kill 2 of the remaining 3, as this way they won't respawn for the enemy jungler to get experience from.

Step 2: Red
Get your teamate(s) to help you out with this one so you can GTFO as quickly as possible. Consume+ Smite it. Kill the other 2 minions for this one if you plan on coming back to counter it again. Doing this will allow you to announce the time to your teamates when it'll respawn so that you can go in and counter it again (5 minutes after killing it). If you reached level 2, take Blood Boil. You still have a bit of jungle to go.

Step 3: Blue
Get your mid/top laner to leash this one, and use Consume on its last bit of health. Easy enough. You're now double buffed and if you reached level 3, are ready to gank, now that you've taken Ice Blast!

Step 4: Wolves
If you haven't gotten to level 3 yet, just kill these and that should get you there. Whether or not you need to do this depends on how many of your allies decided to help you counter.


I don't need a picture for this one, as it would include just a measly single arrow between wolves and blue.

Step 1: Wolves
Consume the big one, kill the others move on.

Step 2: Blue
Nunu & Willump smash, Consume, hurrayyyy you're level 2. Take Ice Blast and go gank.
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Being an Awesome Jungler

However you decide to jungle, always ask for protection. Getting countered will leave you behind and you won't be able to gank well. Ask your allies to check your red buff when the game starts to protect from counter junglers.

WARD IT UP. Annoy your teamates to ward up the river so that you don't get counter jungled yourself, while also getting your own wards. I'll get more in depth on this in a bit.

I stated this before, the key to being a jungler is to gank often. Your farm isn't as important as helping your teamates. However, there will be times when you've finally gotten Ice Blast and are ready to gank, and all 3 lanes aren't ready for one. Make a note of it to your teamates, and say that you're ready to gank and ask if anyone wants to set themselves up for one. Give them tips, tell them to lay off the pushes for a bit to get their lane pushed back so that you can position yourself for a good gank. COMMUNICATE. If you don't, your team will blame you because you're the easiest target for them. It's true and you know it.

Also when killing big minion camps, make a note on what time they'll respawn. Write it down next to you on a piece of paper if you have to. It's a good way of staying on the ball and knowing when to get the buffs. The smaller ones aren't as big of a deal though. For dragon, baron, or any counter jungles, announce it on the chat so that your whole team knows.

-Red and Blue spawn at 1:55 and respawn 5 minutes after being killed.
-Dragon spawns at 2:30 and respawns 6 minutes after being killed.
-Baron spawns at 15:00 and respawns 7 minutes after being killed.

Since Nunu & Willump has great sustain, you really won't need your buffs past your first run through the jungle, so giving them up to your team is an excellent choice, as it helps them out, and keeps you on their good side. HOWEVER. There are also plenty of reasons why you shouldn't give them up as well. If your AD carry or Solo Top aren't doing too hot, think twice before giving them red, as they might die and give it to the opponent. Same thing with Blue and Mid Lane. Also, if you feel that you're getting mana hungry a lot, then get blue a second time! That's perfectly fine. Just remember to practice keeping your mana in check so that when you get better at jungling, you can eventually start giving up that blue buff, as it can really help those other mana hungry champs.

Get Dragon Early! If your bot lane is doing well and holding their own, ask your AD carry to come help you out with it at around level 6. Ward it up for protection, and take it. Having control of Dragon from the start will help your team's gold in come by a lot, and can allow you to outplay your opponents.
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You are the jungler, you're gonna be walking around the map, you might as well ward it up while you're there. Try to buy a ward or 2 when you can, and stick them out there. It just might save your team's life.

NOTE: Get your team to ward too. Nag them to ward up their lane. Make sure your support is constantly getting wards too, so that you don't have to.

sight ward Sight ward
Cost 75 Gold. After being put down, they are visible for 1 second, and then become stealthed and give vision around them for 3 minutes. You can carry 5 in one item slot. Note that they cannot see into bushes unless they are actually inside the bush. So they are most useful when inside a bush.

These wards go in the single bushes in the river just outside the mid lane. Great overall vision for the river. Helps stop ganks for mid lane and covers most of area where any counter jungler's will go. This should be your go-to warding area throughout the game whenever you're not really trying to ward somewhere in particular.

These go right on the curve going towards Baron or Dragon respectively. Helps stop ganks for bot and top lane and covers the rest of the area where any counter junglers will go that the yellow wards don't.

The buff wards. They let you see the buff and anyone that's taking it. Use it on your own jungle to catch any counter junglers, or use it on the enemy team's buffs to try and do some countering on your own.

Your offensive wards. Use these once the game progresses. Gives great vision to see where your opponents are and what they're up to. NOTE: You can switch it up and use these exact same warding areas on your own jungle as defensive wards.


In order to have the advantage over the enemy, try to keep their wards suppressed by counter warding them. This job is mostly the support's job, but if you're ahead, or the support is being a jerk or something, you can do it too.

Oracle's Elixir
Costs 400 Gold. Allows you to see stealthed units until you die, including wards. This item is pricey, but in the right hands and situation, it can be worth it. Activate it in your inventory by pressing the number corresponding to its location in your inventory. If you already have 6 items, it gets activated immediately. If you have this, make regular trips past Baron and Dragon, as well as key warding points to destroy any enemy wards. Each ward gets you 25 gold, so this item can eventually pay for itself. NOTE: when you consume it, you'll have this really obvious pink eye above you, so you'll end up getting focused (which is actually kinda good since you're the tank).

Vision Ward
Cost 125 Gold. Same as a sight ward, except they can also detect stealthed units within their vision. Use these directly in front of Baron and Dragon, as well as in a lane to counter the enemy's wards.
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Early/Mid Game

Once you've gone through the jungle once, you need to start ganking. Always help your team to win their lane.

Ganking > Buffs > Counter Jungling > Your Own Jungle

This is what you should aim for. Please note that you shouldn't counter jungle unless it's warded, the jungler is far away/dead, or you have a good advantage against the jungler.

Try to offer up your buffs to your teamates whenever they're up. To be honest, most of them could use it more than you could, and they'll love you for doing it. Blue is only useful for sustain on Nunu & Willump, and since he already has enough of that, your mid laner will probably utilize it better. Red Buff gives you a slow and DoT, and since you already have a slow, the AD carry or Solo top will probably utilize this better too.

Always go for a gank if it's there. A buff can wait if it means getting a kill or two. If your team isn't ready to gank, and you've already cleared your jungle, tell them you're ready for a gank. Go counter jungle a bit, use your wards to stay safe, and wait for an opportunity to gank a lane.

During team fights or skirmishes, always have Blood Boil up on one of your AD teamates. It'll increase their damage output and will allow them to better position themselves throughout the fight, as well as get away if you lose. Always Ice Blast the enemy AD carry, as this will lower their damage output. Try to save your ultimate until after the enemy has used most of their crowd control abilities to better your chances of completing the full channel.

Late Game

Always stay with your teamates in the late game. Your team needs you to be the initiator, as well as the tank to soak up those pokes. Your carries are more important than you, so if anyone has to die, it should be you (Or the support. The support should go first. Then you next xP).

In those late levels, your ultimate won't be doing that much damage unless you decided to go a little more offensive in those last 2 item slots. Your ultimate is still a great ability though, as it slows down the enemy's attack speed and movement speed. It can also get the enemy team to focus you for a bit, wasting their CC on you and not your AD carry. Always keep those Ice Blasts up, and try to stay with your team. Keep your carries behind you so that you can take any skill shots and such that are aimed for them. You're a tank, so you need to take the damage.

Buy wards as much as possible until you reach all 6 items. You're second to the support when it comes to the warding job, so always keep it warded up when you can.

Always always always keep Baron warded. You need vision on it, because in those later levels, it can become super easy for any team to just go in there and take it. When taking Baron, always save both your Consume and Smite so that you can use them both consecutively to insure you get the buff.
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Nunu & Willump is an excellent tank. Nerfing those enemy carries with his Ice Blast as well as his Absolute Zero can really turn around a losing fight. He's an excellent chaser and can provide great utility to the team.

Again, let me state that this isn't a pro guide, it's just the way I play Nunu & Willump. It is very viable, and I have led teams to victory using it. Please vote it up if you liked it, and if you didn't tell me why! I'm very open to criticism, and I'd like to improve this guide as time goes on.

Thank's for reading the guide, and I hope to see you on the rift.

-pokemon mastur
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- Made Guide
- Fixed some grammatical errors

- Added Mobility Boots to the Other Items section
- Fixed Masteries and Cheat Sheet a little
- Plan on adding a bit more on GP10's

- Got rid of the last two items on the cheat sheet to emphasize the fact that the first four final items are the core build.

- Edited the information of the Abyssal Mask in the Other Items section due to its range getting nerfed.

- Edited a few of item's descriptions
- Edited the Runes a bit

- Added the GP10 Items section
- Plan on making the guide look more appealing with line dividers and section banners
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