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Thresh Build Guide by Tiber the Terribad

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tiber the Terribad

Thresh: Hybrid Support

Tiber the Terribad Last updated on January 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello fellow Thresh players or those curious about him, by now you have seen both great and terrible Thresh players out there I have seen many, many builds and have to say that mine is one that does everything he needs to, prove impossible escapes do some damage, and assist the team as much as possible. If played right Thresh can pull team mates out of impossible odds, deny a carry the ability to fight in a team fight, or any number of tactical things.

Now I have heard a lot of people go WTF to my items and mastery pages, and after consulting some people I think I understand why, so I will try and explain the logic behind my apparent madness.

Thresh has some of the best CC in the game, in particular his ult having a 99% slow, so in my mind why would I focus on anything else, as a support I am not supposed to do a carries job. However I can make it easier for my carry to do theirs by focusing hard on the slows. Frozen Mallet, Twin Shadows help slow people even more making escape all but impossible. While Enchantment: Captain & shurelya's reverie Makes my team faster on the chase now add in Flay & Death Sentence Escape is even that much harder. My focus in this guide is to not secure kills or be a walking vending machine that gives health and mana via spells. No my job is to make it easier to gank, stay alive, & make sure no one escapes.

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Who is Thresh?

Thresh is many things to many different people it seems. Many try and do an AP tank, or an ADC, and rarely, a support. My thought is he is more of a Hybrid Support. His abilities stack ability power, meagerly, his q stacks attack damage in part for his bonus, and all of his abilities are supporty. Understanding who he is, is important to gather how you play him.

For all my effort I could not make an AP Thresh work, he just does not scale enough ability power on his abilities to make him a viable threat to any carry you would lane against. As for an AD carry He can manage this a bit better but compared to the many more viable champions who do the AD carry roll far better, best to leave it to them. No matter what I do I find he is best built first as a support, a walking CC machine, than he can get some Attack damage or other items depending on what role he wants to fill.

In short he has many options and you are sure to find something that suits you and the play style you are accustomed to. Hopefully this guide can help you find such a role for him.

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Pros / Cons


[*] Great tactical edge
[*] Can save team members from certain doom
[*] Lot of fun to play
[*] 99% slow on ult.
[*] King of the C***Block


[*] Not a lot of damage
[*] No heal
[*] Mostly useless when on CD
[*] Easy to misplace Flay and miss or aid enemy.
[*] If alone you are unable to do much to stop the enemy from taking a turret. In short, you need your team.

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One measly little point here.
Summoners Wrath.

Why? 35% speed boost with our friend Ghost. As the one who can grab enemies or save a team mate we often need to get into a particular position, or get away, or chase down someone to prevent their escape. All these things require speed.

All pretty simple choices, extra health, more armor and magic resist and less damage from champions. Need I explain more?

Clairvoyance will give sight for 5 extra seconds very, very handy. Movement speed and mana regen. Faster ghost & clairvoyance, and more gold to play with.

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Quint of Gold
Now some people have asked if I really benefit from the gold per second quints, and I think I do because of the high monetary cost of most of the items, and the fact as a support you are not going to be raking in the gold like a carry can. We need to get as much money as possible while gathering up those assists and few creep kills we get.

Quint of Cooldown
Well long waits on abilities can get you and your team killed, not having a Lantern when needed often makes a team member die...even if it was their own fault for being dumb.

Armor Seals
Well our souls already give us armor, but armor keeps us alive to do our supporty thing, without any heal to speak off we have to be able to put ourselves between our carries and the bad things sometimes and having as much armor as possible lets us do that and stay alive.

Glyph of Magic Resist
Goes hand in hand with the armor but we do not get any from souls.

Mark of Attack Damage
Why these? Why not armor penetration, or magic penetration? Well because we are not a carry, and Death sentence takes 80% of attack damage (at level 1, maxed it takes 200%) + souls and ability power for extra damage, early game this little boost can do a lot.

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Best for Twisted Treeline, no wards and has saved me and team from so many ganks and prevented enemy from going after vilemaw.

  • Quick cooldown.
  • Prevents ganks or Vilemaw attempts.
  • Used to monitor junglers, or keep over extended teammates aware of a gank on it's way.
  • Can let you attack around corners by giving sight.

Better for positioning and in a lot of cases better than flash. for me at least.
  • Move faster, easier to position yourself, thus make better use of lantern.
  • Ignore unit collision, I swear minions work for the other team sometimes or just want revenge for being fodder.
  • Shorter cool down than flash.

Over used but useful take it if you must.
  • Instant hop over a wall
  • avoid certain abilities
  • You should know about flash by now...

Not a bad one to have, with summoners wrath you make them have a bit less armor and MR.
  • Good to use after a grab.
  • Helps minimize the damage a carry can do.
  • Good to prevent someone from fleeing.

Without a heal of our own this could be useful however too long a cd and a short range.
  • Well...Heal your team.
  • Can be used to bait
  • With the miracle it has a shorter CD
  • With summoner mastery it adds extra health per level.

A crutch you should never need this as Thresh.
  • Gives a boost of mana to all near by champions.
  • Can be useful to aid mana hungry champions early game most level out mana usage by mid game.

Barrier Pfffft.
It is so weak I have never seen it stop a carry from punching through it to get a kill.

A useful spell but not good enough to make the cut this time.
  • Get out of a slow, suppress, taunt, whatever. Very useful
  • Two items have this affect in game.
  • If grabbed by enemy Thresh or blitzcrank removes stun and stops pull. (Timing is hard with Blitzcrank)

Only reason I can ever see to using this is to protect base, and well without your team you can not do much.

take this in place of clairvoyance on summoners rift I think.
  • This is good in Summoners rift more as it lets you get to hot spots quickly.
  • Great for making sure you can aid in team fights or get back into things quickly.
  • Underrated spell imo.

You should not be in the jungle.

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Unique Skills

Passive: Damnation

Damnation Our passive and the source of the 'Soul Tax' The hanging around carries or junglers taking souls. Each soul adds a progressively smaller amount to armor and ability power, I have yet to see a cap, and generally get 100+ each game.

Death Sentence

Death Sentence This is our fun little grab some important things to note.
  • Takes a second for him to spin and than throw.
  • If blocked by a shield you can still pull yourself to them, they will not come to you or be stunned.
  • The distance pulled is only half of the range, however you can go the full distance if you activate again.
  • Wait a few seconds between basic attacks for more damage, try and save it for applying Frozen Mallet slows or finishing blows if they will otherwise escape.
  • You can not pull people over walls, they will however be stuck there for the duration of the pull.
  • You can pull yourself over walls.
  • This takes 80 - 200% of attack damage as bonus damage depending on level.

Dark Passage

Dark Passage
This is perhaps the best skill we have, rivaled only by The Box (Ult) Here are some things to learn.
  • Applies a shield only once to anyone who enters it.
  • Can only pull -ONE- person
  • Does not apply on hit effects from spells
  • If you move past the large circle you take lantern without a person and gain shield. (Unless you already had it once)
  • Provides short vision inside a bush.
  • Can be used to gather souls from contested areas or in jungle camps you can not get to.
  • Is awesome.


This is a handy ability Good for stopping an attack or pulling someone back. With a moderate slow. Things to know
  • The direction it is facing is marked by arrows on the aimer.
  • Can be used to stop Jax Leap Strike Kha'zix Leap or Tristana Rocket Jump Unsure of other such things but I figure unless they are immune to CC during it they will be blocked by it.
  • Can be easily misdirected to miss or aid enemy pay attention when using.

The Box

The Box
Ah our beloved Ult, the crown on our head making all others hail to the king of slows. things to know.
  • Does 100% ability power
  • 99% slow
  • Once a wall is broken, its broken
  • Enemies can not flash out of it without hitting a wall.
  • Very useful for capturing a Carry to keep out of a fight.

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We will do this section how I broke it up above.
The stated order is not set in stone and should be changed by your need in game but these are all very effective items to have.

Starting Items

Philosopher's Stone
This will be one of our primary items, health and mana regen but most importantly MONEY!

Mana Potion
Just in case I guess.

Health Potion

Core items

Emblem of Valor
This is a nice thing to have early game, helps you and your carry stay in lane a bit longer.

Boots of Speed
Handy things, let you chase, or avoid being chased...really it is not a conspiracy at all.

Kage's Lucky pick
Ability power, handy little boost for abilities but again MONEY!

Aegis of the Legion
One of your better support items, also has a different aura than Emblem of Valor & Banner of Command SO THEY STACK!

SECOND emblem of valor WHAT ARE YOU MAD?!
Chill, it stacks with aegis and its a good support item and builds the banner we want.

Nice range basic attack, with on hit slow, prevent enemies from getting away as easily. Thresh is the God king of slows.

UPGRADE! (no not heimy)

Eleisa's Miracle
This item gets consumed by gaining three levels, so it should be got and gone quickly. This will let you spam clairvoyance even more. No wards? No problem.

Banner of Command
This is something new I got but it works well, turn a siege minion into a super one is a good way to push lane hard. Also increases minion damage, make them hurt enemy champions who choose to engage near them, and take turrets easier. Unsure if it works on heimy turrets or Zyra plants, or Yoric summons or any of that.

Boots of Swiftness & Enchantment: Captain

Be as fast as possible in combat and move at a nice clip out of it. With captain you make your allies and minions move faster as long as it is towards you, good for initiation, chasing, or running.

Runic Bulwark
Better Aegis? yes please.

Twin Shadows
Now this is an item I went into not thinking it was worth while but, again no wards and these little guys once released hunt down the nearest champion and give sight all the while, once hitting they slow and give sight. Good for finding an enemy, stopping a gank, running, or chasing.

Frozen Mallet
Every basic attack slows = win oh and health that is good too.

Philosopher's Stone
Another of these to build into...

Shurelya's Reverie Make allies run faster near by, good for catching up or running.

Situation based items

Will of the Ancients
This is something to maybe get if the team is heavy on AP, Keep in mind the auras DO stack as long as the item itself is not on the same Champion, so if you have two heavy ap carries each with one, you can have the benefit of Three wills going.

zeke's herald
Follows the same thinking for the Will, only with a more Attack Damage team.

Frozen Heart Counter those fast attackers, nice armor and mana. This use to be something I always had but is not always needed. A very good counter to Jax, Wukong, Xin Zhao, Varus, Vayne, well anyone who uses attack speed.

Executioner's Calling
This item is good for those who heal really fast, Vladimir, Mundo, Garen, anyone with alot of Lifesteal, the on hit grievous wounds prevents them from healing as well, while not as good as Ignite, its on every basic attack.

Mikael's Crucible
This item I only put on for the active, a get out of CC free card plus a heal, so not bad to have not fantastic for Thresh either.

Avarice Blade
This is something you should only consider if you are in need of every last little penny you can squeeze out of things, only 2 gold per 10 seconds is low however it does have a crit chance and extra gold on kill, so if you need to get more money from kills consider it, but I doubt you will keep it long, unless you want a statikk shiv.

Statikk Shiv
The only thing avarice blade could build that would be decent for you, attack speed to apply more slows, the bonus magic damage is not bad sometimes its just enough in a team fight. Movement speed is handy, it really depends on what you are doing I think.

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Team Work

Team work is your bread and butter. Your whole job is to keep the other yahoos on your team alive, more often than not that is done with your lantern, but all your skills can keep your guys alive and the bad guys dead. You have to let your team know how to best take advantage of your lantern, and for them to be ready for a grab. the videos here are some of my own experiences in game.

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Well That is all folks, I plan to update this as often as need be, will add more videos and information as it comes, feel free to comment to me about it and discuss it all. I might start a bit record keeper for ratios and such who knows. Hope you found this useful and will keep coming back for more.


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Change log

1/29/13: Fixed Summoners Rift build to include ruby sightstone as well as a new mastery page for it, corrected several spelling mistakes, edited various chapters. Added situational items to both builds