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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere

Upcoming Encyclopedia on Champion Builds

Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on January 29, 2013
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Help me to improve it before it is even released :D

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After reading most of the MobaFire guides I have been playing with the idea of an overview guide, an encyclopedia on builds.

Anyone new to the League can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of champions and builds. With this upcomming guide, I want to help introduceing new players and to facilitate their learning. Apart from that, I want to help the community discover guide gaps and to help makeing MobaFire a more profound and thourough source of information.

Having a quick and easy to browse reference to other guides could be very useful and be a great relief.

To make this happen, this guide is a should give a first impression on how it could look like and I would appreciate your opinion on how you think it looks and if it helps. Any suggestions and changes can be taken into account before I publish it and it will therefore be a lot better straight away.

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Instruction for Use

For every champion you will find important links [1]-[2]-[3], a summary of different build ideas [4]-[5]-[6] as well as the corresponding links to MobaFire guides [7]-[8]-[9] and short descriptions or annotations [10]. A link to a pro streamer is sometimes included, too [11]. Here you see as an example the champion Ahri:

[1] - LoLKing --- [2] - - [2] --- LoLWiki - [3]
  • - Mid [4] - APC [5] - dominant [6] --- E.g.: [7] - [8] LaCorpse - [9] 96%
    A beautiful and extensive Guide. Very helpfull. [10] Streamer X plays Ahri. [11]

# - Explanation

Rather than showing only the one top rated guide, I try to give a pervasive list of all possible builds. Dominant builds are the most successfull and approved by the community. Viable builds may trade weaknesses in some areas for even greater strenghts than the dominant builds, but perform slightly worse overall; they are still good in general and deserve to be mentioned. Troll builds are brought up in order to explain why some builds perform very bad and will only be mentioned when they are repeatedly posted and discussed. This is in order to help new players avoid the mistake of useing them. They should not be used in serious games and can get you banned.

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Table of Contents

A summary of 5 different champions to represent most of the roles and champion types in the League.





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Champion Guides

  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- - E.g.: - Pluckin Penguin - 89%
    Wow. Overwhelming guide and a must read for any Anivia player. You obviously watch Froggen if you want to learn to play Anivia.

  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- - E.g.: Shurelya's Reverie - MissMaw - 87%
    Wonderfull guide, both in well design and educational. A must-read.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- - E.g.: Shard of true ice Shurelya's ReverieZeke's Herald - IceCreamy - 78%
    Another outstanding guide. Well writtend and recommended for reading.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- - E.g.: - YuanFen - 82%
    Decent description of APC Janna, but you need to watch Zekent to learn how its done.

  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- - E.g.: - OTGBionicArm - 86%
    Learn how to become a true battle tank. Outstanding guide.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant -- E.g.: - Synisto - 82%
    Solid Jungle Cho guide. I miss DuffTime's guide though...

  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- - E.g.: - Lucorian5 - 82%
    A very solid guide for the top lane. Extensive matchup section.
  • - Mid - Bruiser - dominant ---- - E.g.: - Xylarboden - 75%
    Vote this up, it deserves to be the top guide! Very recommended for reading. Witness: Wingsofdeathx

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Final Notes

Please help me with your suggestions and feedback.


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