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Vladimir Build Guide by Heluey

Vladimir, The Meaning of Mean. #Badass Vampire.

Vladimir, The Meaning of Mean. #Badass Vampire.

Updated on August 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heluey Build Guide By Heluey 19 4 19,622 Views 20 Comments
19 4 19,622 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Heluey Vladimir Build Guide By Heluey Updated on August 17, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Welcome .

With this guide, I'll be showing you many options to play Vladimir to help you understand him more.
Scroll Down and ENJOY!
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x3 Greater Mark of Desolation x9 Greater Seal of Vitality x9 x9

This are the runes i've picked because at the very start of the game( + my starting build {which is + )
They give me exactly:
32 Ability Power
626 Health Points
319 Movement Speed
Magic Penetration 9/15%

If you think about this is pretty solid in level 1, I mean thanks to your passive , only with an you get bonus 52 HP !! + the runes its around 135 HP!!
And if the health isnt enough, you also have 32 ability power, because you are able to start with an large AP item for an level 1, and the is a part of the or the so either way your progressing towards your build while pretty solid at level 1!

Runes are things you got to choose them by yourself, but remember, never buy runes before level 20 ( tier 3 ) its a waste of money that you'll need earlier on in the game.
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Masteries Are Important Son!

Masteries are really optional when playing Vladimir, Let me show you the 2 options you could go for it.

Things should worth on this masterie setup are :
-> Keep you dead less time.
-> Would make you level up faster.
-> Makes you faster.
-> Would make you spam your abilities a bit more.
-> Would make you spam your Flash + Ignite or whatever Sum. Spells you take lot more.
-> Decreases your flash CD if you take it.

Second option.:

With this one, the worthy things should be :
-> Less Damage taken from ALL parts.( Melee/AP)
-> + 48HP in level 1 makes a big difference with
-> + 4 % AP.
-> - 4 % damage taken from all sources.
-> + 6 Armor / 6 Magic Resist.

--- Be careful when taking this masteries, if you do take them, I reccomend you use Boots of Swiftness or you will be really slow..

Now its up to you, which one will you chose?!
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Items *o*

Guys I changed the old build for a new one that i've been trying out and its really working wonderfully, its in the end of this section , go check it out.

But now lets talk about the build 90% of the are using today.

is my MAIN concern, but BEFORE you read this I want to let you know this is an OPTION, you can still use them if you want!
Well, ok lets face it. is ******ed.
Good things about it : you will heal 115 instead of 100 (15 %).
- You will cast your abilities faster, ( it doesnt change that much, but its a bit of CDR)
Bad things about it :
Ocupes one slot of your build.
Any other item in the build above is better.
The healing effect is not as good as
and 10% of healing wont make any difference in teamfights or in critic moments, FACE IT.

Another options for boots are :
- Boots of Swiftness ( Really great to have this Mov Speed, but I woulndt recommend if your going 9/0/21).
- Sorcerer's Shoes ( 20 Magic pen really helps, but since your taking Void Staff you should keep the essential build and go for Ionian Boots of Lucidity



2ND OPTION - TANK BUILD, this is the kind of build you should use it when you only have 1 tank on your team, and the other teamates are all squishies , so you should be beefy and protect them!
Items :
Well, with this build, and thanks to your passive, with the AP your stacking, you will also gain **** ton's of HP, and with the HP, eventually AP. Thats why Rylai's should be ALWAYS a choice for vlad, it emphasizes he's passive really lovely, and gives that slow that he uses in every skill, the good thing about this build is that with your and your you will be able to use your pool maybe 3 times in a teamfight, which is really rare if you arent stacking so much CDR, example :

You could simply do damage, when you think people will try to focus you, you just use your try to gain some time and use your if you are in trouble, so your CD will be over and you can use AGAIN! :D , and after that, if you gain some MORE time, even if you die , with your you'll get that 3 s which will also count, and make you able to use your for the 3rd time and hopefully making your way out! :)

Another option for a Build is = Max Damage ! ( Magic Penetration )
Items would be : - - - - -
With this build, you'll be focusing totally on AP/Magic pen items, maxing out your damage output, whoever, the is optional, I used to get it on every game, and still do sometimes, its never a waste when you know how to play vladimir because you will always have around 10 stacks or more if your doing great, IF you dont get the you should go for either an or an with both options, you will put some great damage output, and with the 20 magic penetration from
you will be able to do some great damage, and its a great item for the beggining of the game.

PROS/CONS of this build :
Pros = Max Damage a can do.
- It helps alot in the early-mid game.
- Strong build with all the magic penetration in late game,
- working well, you could get TONS of AP + HP because of your passive, and also if you get 20 stacks, 15% CDR *

Cons =
-It doesnt stack CDR, so you would do alot of damage, but use your skills really less often.
-If you go for the and it goes wrong. its over. bye.


Guys I've been testing this build in a while and its really working really well, you should TRY THIS!

Full Build :

Item Sequence : +
on your first way back, go and buy an + . With this items, you'll be able to stay in lane as LONG AS YOU WANT! overpowering the enemy and pushing your lane really hard.
On the 2nd time back, you should finish and either buy an and a or just keep your normal and rush an
this will give you strong AP at this early-mid game, and you'll be really beefy.
I worked out that the works really well on because that movement speed is so essential if you dont take
the 20 magic PEN from or the 15 % CDR are also VERY viable options but its up to YOU
Well lets keep on going, after that you should finish your
really quick and then go for your
Now this start getting unique.
IF you take the and you will be REALLY,REALLY strong.
At this point of the game, you will have really strong armor, Alot of HP, and some magic resist, but the good thing is that with this build you will be getting the opportunity of using your tons of times more, because you will have the 2s from , and the delay on
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Skill Sequence.

What I would usually do in any lane, duo or mid.
Priority = / / / ( Getting your ultimate whenever you can, of course.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Remember that vlad skills cost HEALTH ! so dont spam for nothing, do it wisely ! ^.^
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Summoner Spells;

The summoner spells i've picked are : and
why ? Well, for me is really workful for vlad because he doesnt have that damage over second burst and need to guarantee a kill sometimes, it gets you free kills in the beggining, and helps you shut down alot in late game, also , after level 6, ignites combos with that bonus % from so the damage is really nescessary since our is not a burst damage like .

Second Summoner spell : , Well recently, and after watching the season 1 tournement, I realized flash is the best summoner spell, because it can be to all uses, You can chase someone, Escape, Go forward, Go Backwards, DODGE something.
Like if you are really good with your relefxes, you could see that coming right up to your face and just dodge it like nothing happed.

Not to mention you can go trough walls, which is VERYYYYYYY cool.
Also is a good initiator for I mean, you can just jump in a teamfight and do ALL the damage you want because you had that 'ELEMENT OF SURPRRISE'

What you could get :
-Would keep you on a higher level then your opponent. And a backdoor option on late game. But since you are not Master I wouldnt trust that much
-I used to use that, its really good because it stacks with your and you could chase/escape enemies as usual, also makes you feel like Usain Bolt for a while, which is good. ^>^
-Would keep your opponent weak while you get your CD back never tried before but it could be an good option..

What you shouldnt get in this life :
- You have your Nuff said.
- Your not a support
- Your not a jungler
- Your not a tank
- Your not ******ed
- Your not a troll, I hope.
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Ranked Playing :)

All the builds listed above can and should be used in ranked, normal or whatever games you want to do, we are here to just give you the main ideas and try to help you make the best build possible so you can have while playing. Remember to dont try testing your build at first on a ranked game or you can do bad and get ****ed; Anyways ranked games are always more important and you should aways pay attention on many things, like map awareness, communication and ETC.

Partners which you should be using in ranked games and why :
-> Finales Funkeln
And all other champion's which have AoE abilites to stack with your ultimate and **** everyone hard !
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Pros / Cons - Good/Bad - Black/White - Twix/MM's / - To be / Not to be

- Vladimir is an Awesome mid character, your will just keep you alive, while you can spam it, because it doesnt cost anything, its like an
but it heals you, great!
- Able to farm a lot. Late game you just need an E + W combo to eliminate a whole creep wave.
- GREAT, GREAT, GREAT TEAMFIGHTER, Your increases the damage EVERY teamate does to the infected target, really good !
- Is one of the best, if not, skill in the game, period.
- Your will keep you alive lots of times, trust me! <33

-CÓNS- ! :
- Your is very offensive to yourself in the beggining, you shouldnt spam it so early.
- Your costs alot of health, watch out for spamming also ²

- Be careful when doing an combo. Your and Sanguine costs 35% of your HP ! Dont feel so confident because your cant afford that!
- Vlad isnt a burst damage mage like or
so dont initiate on someone all like : IMMA KILL U BIATCH! always think before doing something.
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Team Working , protect the woman !

With teamwork, you gotta be quick , job is to infect the most possible targets because your team will have the bonus damage %.

Like, the team fight just started,
engaged the enemy team, locking everyone on his taunt, what do you have to do?
use your in most enemiies as possible. Remember to always focus the Carries - Support - Tank like if you have the opportunity to kill either

OR You should pick:

Why that? because its the rule #1 in the game, focus always the carries, and the supports, it doesnt matter, thats your job, you gotta kill them, if you do so, tanks by themselves are worthless ! So always focus the important targets, not numbers !
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For farming I cant say much, Last hitting is something you learn with time, and I cant teach you, although is easy. Anyways for farming what can I say?
Dont be afraid of using your because it doesnt cost anything, and heals you, this skill SHOULD NEVER BE KEEPED ! SPAM IT!

Meh thats it for farming.. D:
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Unique Skills / Details.

- -
Vladimir drains life from his target.
Vladimir drains the lifeforce of his target, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6) magic damage and healing himself for 15/25/35/45/55 (+). No cost, Range 600

This skill is your " Bread and Butter " , Its your first option always, never leave it without a use it, its a NO cost spell, so dont keep it on cooldown.
-No Cost / - Heals You / - Low CD / - WTF IS THIS A DREAM ?!

- -
Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood becoming untargetable for 2 seconds. Additionally, enemies on the pool are slowed and Vladimir siphons life from them.
Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood for 2 seconds, becoming untargetable and slowing enemies above him by 40%.

Vladmir deals 80/135/190/245/300 (+ [15% of bonus Health]) magic damage over the duration and heals himself for 12.5% of that amount.

As I said in the Items section, this is an very good skill, it heals you, and you can dodge incoming projectiles. Heres ALL the skills on can dodge it.

Vladimir unleashes a torrent of blood, damaging surrounding enemies. Additionally, multiple Tides of Blood in a short period of time cause them to cost additional health and deal additional damage, and increases his healing and regeneration by 8%.
Vladimir unleashes a torrent of blood, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.45) magic damage to nearby enemies.

Each cast gives him an Empowered stack (max 4), increasing his healing and regeneration by 8% each. Additionally, Tides of Blood deals 25% more damage and costs 50% more Health per stack. Cost
Costs 30/40/50/60/70 Health

Great skill in mid-late game. In the end with your 4 stacks it does more damage then your

Also its very useful for farming, if it wasnt for this skill,
capabillity of farming would be low..

And also really good in early game if you already got your Hexctech Revolver
so you can just walk up in the enemy creep wave and use your without any waste !

Vladimir infects an area with a virulent plague. Affected enemies take increased damage for the duration. Hemoplague deals additional magic damage after a few seconds to infected enemies.
Vladimir infects the target area with a virulent plague, causing 14% increased damage for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds, infected enemies take 150/250/350 (+0.7) magic damage.
Costs 15/15/15% of Current Health

Really useful skin as I mentioned on " Ranked Playing " Because it gives you the capabillity of increasing the overall damage dealt and its a great skin, and there isnt ANYTHING which is more fun then using your
on a enemy which is really running for their lives, and then 5 seconds later. KABOOM,
You Have Slain An Enemy!

Every 25 points of bonus health gives Vladimir 1 ability power and every 1 point of ability power gives Vladimir 2 bonus health (does not stack with itself).

Really Great passive which allows you to buy AP and become an TANK
Or buying TANK and becoming an AP

Also allows you great advantage on the early game, I cant explain how useful this passive is. You gotta test it by yourself :P
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Feedback from Awesome players !

Heluey is by far, a much better Vladimir duelist than I. The incorporation of Magic Resistance early on into the build, along with the addition of Health Seals really made a difference in the tight situations where we both ended up with 10 health. Furthermore, The use of flash was crippling from a dueling perspective. The preference of Flash over Teleport was much smarter in the long run, and was another shut down due to the lack of team members to support with Teleport. In conclusion, Heluey is one of the only Vladimir's that I have played against that has a brain, and his guide should be acknowledged for a multitude of reasons. To apply negative feedback to this, as all comments must, Flash doesn't win games, and it is a very selfish spell. You may escape a fight, or get another kill, but when you are in your base and your team needs your help across the map, you cannot do anything. For now, Heluey gently rapes my *** in 1-1's, but I am awaiting for the day we have a full 5-5 and we are in team fights against one another, the test of skill on the Fields of Justice. Until then, Heluey>Incendiax.
By : Incendiax

As you can see in the image, I won our vlad duel , but then he Pwned me with his cassiopeia. really hard. :( ****ing snakes
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Tips in Mid.

This section will show you some of possible laning opponents and the way you should play against them .

-> She isn't much of a problem because she's melee, so its her that got to play defensive, or everytime she gets in range you can just Transfusion + Tides of Blood
And your heal should keep up with her damage so she isnt much of a problem, but be careful after level 6 because she can jump on you really fast with Shadow Dance

-> Anivia isn't much of a problem neither because most of the players arent real good, but you have to dodge all the Flash Frost or her harass will hurt you more then you can heal, stay out of this thing range and harass when possible, go for kills when her egg is down.

-> This one can be an pain in the ***, you should always be healing yourself or she will just put you down on HP and kill you after with Summon: Tibbers but before level 6 she wouldnt be a problem, go for kills when your facing an squishy or it will be much harder and her damage output is bigger then yours.

-> I've never had an problem with ashe, she's just too squishy and with low MR, just harass her and after level 6 , or even before that, if she's low, go for a kill.

-> Brand is a really though champion to face it, all his spells you put your HP down really quick, try always to dodge Sear and Pillar of Flame or he will just burn you down literrally, in any cases try to always harass him as he doesnt have any heal, when hes low, go for a kill , he's Pyroclasm wont be much of a problem on an open 1x1 so just try to dodge the other skills and go for a kill.

-> Really annoying hero, her range is just ridiculous. But she's squishy and dont have many other skills which can hurt you, and you can easily dodge Ace in the Hole with Sanguine Pool. Be careful when your going for a kill, her 90 Caliber Net could make you miss your Hemoplague or Tides of Blood so do it wisely.

-> Corki isn't much of a problem because hes really squishy, only his Gatling Gun is really annoying, but without that he's a really easy champ to kill with .

-> Annoying when they are good, because they put all their Mystic Shot in and really harass you, but when he's bad, its really, really easy to kill it.

-> One of the hardest to lane against in mid, he's combo Terrify + Bountiful Harvest is really painful and he's never low, also you can't dodge Bountiful Harvest with Sanguine Pool so you gotta play def against him.

-> Easy champ in all situations, won't be much of a problem when you can keep up with his harass and you can simply destroy his turrets with Tides of Blood

-> Hard champ to lane against, when he's good and put all of the Lay Waste in, you're in trouble, good thing is you can dodge Requiem with Sanguine Pool.

-> Also an hard champ to lane against , especially after level 6, with Null Sphere + Riftwalk he can **** you hard. Play def when going against him.

-> In my opinion hardest champ to go 1x1 in mid, her harass is just too good, possibly the best in the game, and she's an very fast champ, and if you dont dodge Death Lotus properly, she will get all the shots in and you are screwed, play really def when going against her.

-> Wont be much of a problem, stay behind of your creeps to avoid Thundering Shuriken and harass him as much as you can, ( DONT FORGET LAST HITTING ).

-> Play normally, neither offensive or defensive, try to push, but dont go for kills when you are low, if he does the best damage he can, and you're low, he will just kill you with Icathian Surprise be careful.

-> Really hard champ to lane against, great harassment, and has a silence, be really careful when playing against them, but if you realize they are bad, go for a kill.

-> Never had any problems going against lux, you can dodge all of her skills and shes squishy, no need to play deffensive against her.

-> Hard champ to lane against, his silence really makes difference, and you cant keep up with his capability of pushing lanes. Try to over push him but never overextend, or he will just kill you with his combo Null Zone + Nether Grasp

-> Never had bad problems against her, but shes quite annoying with that move speed, and be careful when going for an 1x1, with her Impure Shots on, she decreases your healing by 50% , and healing on Vladimir is essential for win

-> Never had problems neither, this champ has some HP, but low MR, you can just punish him hard and real his damage, also you can dodge his skills so no need to play deffensive on this guy.

-> Hard champ, you can't dodge Decrepify or Torment, also his healing after level 6 is really huge, you should go for kills before level 6 , or with the help of someone after. 1x1 against Swain should NEVER be an option

-> Good harassment but little HP and MR, be careful when harassing him tho, his Toxic Shot really hurts and he's Noxious Trap really turns tables, play offensive, but carefully.

-> Medium difficulty, she's really squishy, but have good damage and great pushing skills, and also really good escaping tools with Rocket Jump make sure she's really low before going for kills.

-> Easy peezy lemon Sqeezy, low HP + MR, and not enough damage to kill you, you should be able to really play offensive and push your lane and get some kills.

-> Really champion also, really squishy, not enough damage to kill you, you can just Transfusion on him and he will die eventually.

-> OP CHAMP D:< his ****ing range is really OP, and he can just put you on his tower with that stupid Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser also his combo Noxian Corrosive Charge + Acid Hunter really hurts, play def against him, but loook for harass and possible kills when he's low.

-> Didnt got many Vayne's on mid yet, dont know what to say about her.

-> Hard champ play against, espeacilly after level 6 when he can just kill you like apple pie, try to go for kills before he gets on level 6 because hes really squishy, and try to dodge all Dark Matter's.

-> Simple, be better then him :P

Hard Champions to lane against in mid : LeBlanc - Annie - Katarina - Urgot - Malzahar - Fiddlesticks

Medium : Veigar - Vladimir - Swain - Miss Fortune - Kassadin - Karthus - Anivia - Brand - Ezreal

Easy champions to lane against : Ashe - Twitch - Twisted Fate - Vayne - Tristana - Ryze - Teemo - Lux - Kog'Maw - Kennen - Heimerdinger - Corki - Caitlyn
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Summary .. It all comes to an end..

Hm.. I dont know what to say, this Topic isnt very specific.

Anyways i just want to say thank you guys for giving me this opportunity of writing a guide, we are very blessed for that. Also i want to say IM SORRY if my english is bad, or if I did a BAD guide, its just my first one yet, and yes, GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS, I want to hear it, oh and i'll keep adding pictures of my scores here, because I dont have a streak with vlad yet, I spent my whole day doing the guide ^.^ the credits goes to my Coffe for keeping me awake,
and for my friends Anton, Antonio,Derek. For playing with me and giving me great [/color]times ! Enjoy the game guys HAVE FUN!
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Change Log

- Added new build option in the section " Items "
-Changed original build base.
-Creating section " Tips in Mid " This section will be there to show you what to do when facing some opponents in mid.
- Added section " Tips in Mid "
- Polished overall guide a bit.
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