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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Wukong Build Guide by BlackIceT

AD Offtank Wukong - Don't Touch the Bananas Feat. Berzerk

AD Offtank Wukong - Don't Touch the Bananas Feat. Berzerk

Updated on June 30, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackIceT Build Guide By BlackIceT 1198 82 8,907,764 Views 507 Comments
1198 82 8,907,764 Views 507 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackIceT Wukong Build Guide By BlackIceT Updated on June 30, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Wukong
    Standard Wukong
  • LoL Champion: Wukong
    Jungle Kong

I have been out of the guide scene for a while. I will be back into it shortly. Cheat sheet is updated. Will work on the guide shortly.

Table of Contents

ooooooo About The Authors
About Wukong
blahblah Summoner Spells
Items: Early and Core
Items: Late Game
blahblah Gameplay
Carrying Solo Queue

About the Authors

Hello! I am BlackIceT and thank you for visiting my Wukong guide. As of the end of S3 I was a Silver LoL player. I did not really commit myself to playing ranked till about a month left to the season. I can play all lanes but top has always been my favorite since starting in S2. I know a lot about Wukong but not everything. Therefore I have teamed up with Berzerk to tell you everything you need to know about The Monkey King.

Hello everyone I am Berzerk. I'm here to help write about my favorite champion Wukong the Monkey King. Wukong has been my main ever since his release and has aided me in getting my Elo borders. I'm going to be telling you how I carry games as Wukong in soloQ. This will include my general builds, playstyles, and logic. I play Wukong as both a top and mid in ranked and can offer you a good amount of insight on that. I'm currently Diamond V and have played over 450 games with Wukong.


About Wukong

+ Great Burst Damage
+Has amazing juke potential
+Great Damage Output
+Multi-person knockup
+Can snowball easily

-No Built-in Sustain
-No Reliable Escape
-Uses Mana
-No Heavy CC

Wukong is a very powerful physical damage champion and can spiral out of control in the top lane. His ultimate has an extremely powerful AD ratio and can deal massive damage. Many people underestimate the damage it can really do especially at level 11 at up. He also has a built in armor reduction skill and a stealth escape making him powerful and fun to play.

Wukong while powerful does not have any built in sustain in his abilities so he must rely on items to stay in lane while some other champs do not. If you get pushed out of lane or fall behind it can become a real problem for you to be a relevant force in fights. Because of this until you are skilled with him you should avoid match-ups involving heavy sustaining champions like Vladimir.

Wukong has a lot of power so we can afford to put 21 points in defense to buff up his laning phase and teamfights. Tier 1 reduces damage from champion basic attacks which is very useful and Enchanted Armor buffs bonus armor and MR by 5% which goes well with Stone Skin
Tier 2 reduces damage some more and grants you 36 more health which could save you from Ignite.
Tier 3 increases maximum health, armor, and MR. Again this compliments Stone Skin giving you a lot of free armor and MR.
Tier 4 reduces slows by 10%. Very nice to have since a lot of champions can slow you. Tier 5 adds more armor and MR for each nearby champ which is pretty much Stone Skin but a mastery instead.
Lastly Tier 6 reduces all CC effects by 15%. Free tenacity. Definitely worth it since your in the middle of fights with your ult.
First tier you should get 3 points in CDR and Butcher to use your skills more often and to be able to last hit minions easier. Double-Edged Sword is there to help us get to tier 2.
In tier 2 take increased attack damage for more damage output.
Tier 3 is pretty self-explanatory to increase physical damage and round out to 9 points.

blahblah This is a pretty typical top lane rune page. I focus on AD quints for more early power and better ability to last hit minions. AD Marks help with the quints as well as early game damage. Armor seals are the best choice for every top laner and protect against AD champs and auto-attacks although now flat Health seals are also a viable choice. Lastly Magic Resist glyphs are the best choice to take. There are multiple AP tops as well as mid laners roaming around that are AP and this will help you with dealing with the magic damage.


blahblahblah After Flash this spell is probably the best choice to take. It will help in finishing off trades for securing a kill for first blood or lane dominance. You want to get a good amount of kills to help get your powerful items and this will help with that.

This spell is the best choice to take for Wukong. Not only can you be a great escape artist with Warrior Trickster but with Flash you can make some incredible plays. Use this to dodge CC, sticky situations, or to initiate a teamfight with Flash + Cyclone.

Another spell to consider is Teleport. It is useful to get back to lane quickly or to make plays in another lane. I take it when I do not feel that the kill potential will be high in the lane like playing against Malphite. You will need to roam to get some kills in those lanes and Teleport should hopefully set up some plays for you to make.


blahblah Since I start with a ward I take this trinket to get rid of enemy wards and traps that they place in the brush. This will prevent them from having vision and allowing your jungler a better chance to surprise them for a kill.

Take the Stealth Ward if you are not planning on taking a ward to lane. This will give you a ward to place for free. Very helpful to protect against enemy ganks and to see where your lane opponent may disappear to.

Starting Items

oooo The safest start you can take for Wukong. It provides the sustain you need while giving you some vision to protect against an early gank. If you feel you need more than one potion then take 3 instead of getting a ward but make sure you buy the Stealth Ward. oooo
ooo Take these items for extra power in lane for a quick kill. Only take this if you are pretty sure you can get a kill with it activated. If not it is a wasted 350 gold investment. Only take this to snowball. Plus you get some great sustain with the 3 potions.


blahblah A lot of enemies in the top lane are heavy physical damage dealers like Riven. So these boots will help reduce the damage while reducing the amount of damage you take from auto-attacks as well.

Take these if you are going against an AP opponent or if they enemy team have a lot of AP. It will give you some nice magic resist. Also take these if the enemy team has a high amount of CC. The extra tenacity on top of your mastery point will greatly help in teamfights.

Use these boots to get around the map quickly to roam and make plays in other lanes. You can take these when taking Teleport too. Also useful when you have snowballed out of control and you can try and spread it to other lanes.

Core Items

These are your core items. These are items I get every game with Wukong. The Brutalizer provides some good stats all of which benefit you. Doran's Blade provides some lifesteal and damage to survive in lane. Lastly Ravenous Hydra will give you some more AD and lifesteal. The splash passive will help for wave clearing quickly and pushing lanes. Plus the active will give you even more damage for your ultimate.

Offensive Items

blahblah Very good item to help you annihilate enemy armor when they start to stack it. A item I like to get after the core items. Gives you AD and ArPen. Everything a monkey could need for a reasonably priced item.

A useful item to take if you like to play Wukong mid lane or if you are going against an AP top champion like Vladimir. Provides AD and MR. Also a very nice shield that protects you from magic damage if you would fall below 30% health from magic damage. Useful against Hemoplague and The Equalizer. Buy a Hexdrinker in lane if you are having difficulties.

A very good item for Wukong and is what you should build The Brutalizer into. It provides health which is nice and AD. The important thing is that the stacks are applied extremely quickly to multiple targets thanks to Cyclone. Each time the enemy is hit with your ult it applies a stack. Getting 5 stacks of ArPen is easy.

Defensive Items



A good armor item. You do get a good amount of health but the active is great for disengaging fights or for keeping an enemy from getting away including AD carries trying to kite you. A great item against AD carries and other auto-attacking champions by slowing their attack speed by 15%.


This item provides health and armor, both useful stats. It also deals magic damage per second to the enemy. Combine this with Ravenous Hydra and you will push lanes really easily and rapidly.

Magic Resistance and Health

Useful item to protect against heavy AP threats as well as special life threatening abilities like Javelin Toss. You gain health and MR which is very useful. The shield will replenish 25 seconds after being popped if you take no damage from enemy champions.

Useful mainly for kiting than anything else. You gain only 30 AD which is not too much but you do gain 700 health which benefits you in teamfights. If you attack an enemy with your auto-attacks you will slow their movement speed by 40% which a short time. This allows for kiting to get away and catching up to foes to kill them.

Useful magic resist item. Gives you health and CDR along with it. Both useful stats. The added CDR lessens the cooldown on Cyclone which is great. Also amplifies the lifesteal that you gain from Ravenous Hydra by 20%. Most of the time this item is better overall than Banshee's Veil.

spaceeeee What it basically does is increase his Magic Resist and Armor stats based on how many enemy champions are nearby. So the higher the amount of enemies the higher the boost. With this passive you already have a bonus in durability in team fights throughout the game. space

space Once you press Q to activate this skill you have five seconds to land it. So prep this ability then Nimbus Strike in and you should land Crushing Blow with no problem. Try to use this move first before using E if you can though. You will do more damage. space

space Warrior Trickster is your escape skill. You can use it to move forward as well as retreating. Also a neat little trick is press S on the keyboard. This will make your character abruptly stop just like the decoy would. Your decoy will also act like a real champion and will absorb enemy damage which will save you often. space

space Nimbus Strike is you initiator move when attacking or farming. The clones will do the same damage that your actually body will. If you position it correctly you can use this skill to attack an enemy without actually hitting him yourself. You can see what you will hit by moving the circle over targets when this skill is selected. Nimbus Strike can also be used as a escape tool. You can use it to propel yourself to enemy minions in front of you if there are any granting extra distance between you and your enemies. space

space Any minion, jungle creep, or champion that Wukong comes in contact with while spinning will be knocked into the air only once while dealing physical damage and stacking the effect of Black Cleaver very quickly making the item on him exceptional. HE CAN TURN OFF Cyclone BY PRESSING R AGAIN WHILE SPINNING. space

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Levels 1-5: Get a point in Nimbus Strike to start off. Then get one point in Crushing Blow at level 3. Put 1 point in Warrior Trickster at level 2. After this put two more points in Nimbus Strike before getting to level 6. Meant for best early game damage.

Levels 6,11,16: These are the levels that you can and need to upgrade you ultimate Cyclone. Do not skip this.

Levels 7-12: Finish maxing out Nimbus Strike. It should be fully maxed at level 9. For the other levels that you cannot upgrade Nimbus Strike put points in Crushing Blow. Meant to increase your damage and start your mid-game snowballing.

Levels 13-18: Put your last point in Crushing Blow at level 13. Then max Warrior Trickster in the remaining levels.

In the early levels it is better to wait until at least level 2 to attack. Try to get level 2 first and all in your enemy who is at level 1 if you think you can kill him. Doing this against Darius or Riven for example will most likely not work but depends always on your opponent.

A farmed Wukong is a deadly monkey regardless if he has kills or not. In maximizing the amount of farm you can get try to freeze your lane outside of turret range. You do not want the enemy minions to start moving into your tower range. Tank some minion aggro if you have to.

While laning always try to just last hit the minions otherwise you will push the lane. When you are ready to recall to base and your enemy based or died always push the lane to their turret so they lose out on farm and reset the lane at the same time. When pushing always remember to WARD. Use Green Wards or your Trinket Ward.

When teamfights start occurring you pretty much have two combos to choose from. Normal combo is to Nimbus Strike (in) -> Crushing Blow -> Cyclone. Try to knock-up the whole team if possible with your ultimate but do not be too daring and get yourself killed just to try and knock up the last person. Then follow up that combo with Warrior Trickster (out) -> Nimbus Strike (back in) -> Crushing Blow.

Now if you are just at a standstill before a fight that might EVENTUALLY happen you can be brave and try this combo. Warrior Trickster -> move forward and Flash (in) -> Cyclone -> Nimbus Strike -> Crushing Blow. The problem with this combo is that you need to be able to survive until Decoy's cooldown is over. With no escape mechanism left make sure your team will follow you into the fray.

Make sure that your team is also keeping track of Dragon as it starts to play an important role in this area of the game.

If your carries are NOT protected because of whatever reason then teamfights will be a lot harder to win but you will have to end up playing the role as the bodyguard or the peeler for your carries. Basically your job will be to soak the damage from the enemy bruisers who come charging after your carries. Having Randuin's Omen will help as it is a great peel item in combination with Cyclone. Save Cyclone so that you can defend your carries. Without your carries your damage potential drops dramatically. If you can manage to defend your carries successfully it could end up turning the teamfight around and they have the chance to go to town on your enemies.

Remember at this stage to keep a ward and a watchful eye on BOTH Dragon and Baron Nashor.


In-Depth Match-Up Notes


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In-Depth Match-up Notes

So now that you have learned about Wukong you want to know about carrying with him in ranked. Well I can personally tell you that if played smart Wukong can be an amazing carry for your soloQ games. In this section I will provide you with the method I used to carry 2 of my accounts to gold Elo.

1). So first off the draft pick. If you get an early pick I would advise going mid as Wukong as they will try and counterpick you as a top lane. If you are a later pick you can ask for either mid or top lane as it should be harder to counterpick you.

2.) Aggression is key. In a game where you need to carry you don't have time to not be making plays. Everything you should be doing should be working towards improving your teams gold lead. Killing your opponent, roaming mid and bot, and taking towers/Dragons should be your key factors towards looking into early game. If you opt to do a heavy roaming path I would advise Boots of Mobility so that you can get more out of your decoy stealth. Knowing Wukong's damage capabilities is a key factor in being able to do these things. Wukong can usually look for kills at lvl 4 an level 6 depending on his lane opponent. Your ultimate will be the key to your aggression so you should be aware of its cooldown with every decision you make. After you kill your lane opponent a few times and have denied him CS you should take the tower and roam. This will cause 1 of 2 things to happen.
  • Your lane opponent will try and follow and come fight missing farm and staying weak.
  • Your lane opponent will stay top and farm allowing you to give your team a 5v4 advantage all over the map.
3.) Initiation is a huge factor in how a teamfight will go out. Ideally you want the initiation to be a catch. The most key part to initiation is to be sure if you initiate someone else will keep your carries safe. Killing off the enemy carry is only a trade if your carry died in the process.

4.) Take the lead don't follow your katarina around who is just running around looking to jump on the first person she sees. Tell your team a plan establish yourself as the one who will make the calls. Team disorganization is a MAJOR cause for losses in soloQ. I have had games where my team has thrown a 20 kill lead because no one wanted to take charge and get the team to group and push objectives. Know how the game flows what to do at what times and where to be.

5.) Set the game to move to your beat. You always want to be the one setting up scenarios. Where the fight takes place how the fight works out etc. Make the game flow with the decisions YOU make, not someone on the enemy team. You want to be the ones forcing baron, not the ones getting forced to stop the baron.

These 5 things are honestly what has given me the ability to carry myself up the leagues. Below is one of my soloQ games as Wukong where I won my lane early and spread kills to my team.

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