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Wukong Build Guide by RainbowDash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainbowDash

Wukong Resiliency

RainbowDash Last updated on November 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Defense: 21

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Utility: 0

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'Ello, folks! I'm a casual league of legends summoner of middling skill, and a fan of the brighter parts of the community. I've learned a lot by reviewing builds on MOBAfire prior to playing a new champion, and I thought it due time I gave something back.

Wukong was an immediate favorite for me upon release, and may well become my main. His skill set, animations, and stats just feel intuitive and fluid. His background and aesthetic are fun, as is his origination from real-world mythology. Despite this, I had a rough start with him-- Timing, tactics, and itemization are all very important, and it took some time to become comfortable. In the interests of helping others, I decided to write up and publish this guide.

I hope it does help.

Feedback from more experienced summoners or those with suggestions for improvement is most welcome! Special thanks to those who've written guides before me, and have given me a basis for the layout of the guide.

Finally, I am quite verbose, which is a good thing in the eyes of many, but perhaps a problem for many more on the internet. Please try not to harp on me too bad for tl;dr syndrome; I can't help it. =(

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Crushing Blow
Total attack damage ratio increased to 1.1 from 1.0
Fixed a bug where Crushing Blow did not display critical strikes or benefit from life steal
Casting Decoy no longer instantly shows a reduction in Wukong's mana bar to enemies
Fixed a bug where Wukong's stealth state did not ignore unit collision
Improved general Decoy behavior and placement - the Decoy should now more accurately mimic Wukong's previous position and behavior
Wukong is now pushed forward slightly when using Decoy, rather than the Decoy being pushed back from Wukong's position
Nimbus Strike
Attack speed bonus increased to 30/35/40/45/50% from 20/25/30/35/40%
Attack speed duration increased to 4 seconds from 3

* Wukong will now attempt to attack a target champion after using Nimbus Strike
* Cyclone Attack Damage ratio increased to 1.2 from 1
* Wukong is now properly considered melee for items and spells that differentiate between melee and ranged characters.
* Fixed a bug where Crushing Blow was shredding the target's base armor rather than total armor

Hurrah! That's pretty much everything we needed! ^_^

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Special Thanks

Dinn Drako, for being the first player other than myself to test this build and spotting a calculation error I made in regards to total armor reduction from Crushing Blow. (He's a math genius)

Tauman Demmale and Talon Fennel, for proof-reading the final guide.

The Antiworld crew, for early feedback.

Iscariot5, for nudging me out of the rut that had me building Shurelya's Reverie so doggedly in most games.

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Pros / Cons


-Versatile. Can be built in many ways.
-Strong natural defense, thanks to passive and Decoy.
-Capable of doing heavy damage, sustained or burst.
-Useful throughout the whole game.
-Fantastic skill synergy.


-The early game can be tough, thanks to iffy lane sustainability.
-Not much innate crowd control.
-Often an appealing target to focus.
-Item Dependent.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Desolation is one of the runes used most often on physical characters, and it should be. Armor Penetration is a stat that scales powerfully throughout the whole game, and eases Wukong's sometimes difficult early game, allowing him to deal significantly more damage against more fragile characters. Nearly as viable for the monkey king is Greater Mark of Attack Speed, though I feel this is often a better choice for ranged characters, or those with abilities that scale with attack speed, such as Irelia. The alternatives are crit, ( or ) which I feel isn't nearly as vital for Wukong as armor pen is, and attack damage, ( ) which doesn't scale as well by the numbers. This being said, if you have the runes, you might try any mark, as many people do better with other stats-- It depends on the person. This applies to all runes.

Greater Seal of Replenishment This monkey can at times be mana intensive. He's better at harassment than many melee champions, but all three of his basic abilities get used rapidly in a lot of encounters, constituting a considerable drain on his mana. This is especially evident in the early game, where Wukong can be forced out of his lane by a skilled harasser. That being said, I tend to overcompensate for lane sustainability, so if you were to ignore my recommendation on anything, let it be the amount of mana regen I grab. An excellent alternative is Greater Seal of Evasion, which can make a hell of a difference if you tweak other parts of the build to stack up some dodge. The other big one, seen most often on Wukong, is Greater Seal of Armor, which couples with your passive to skyrocket your armor. This works best if you build items with more of a tendency towards offense.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction As mentioned before, Wukong uses his abilities often, ideally. It's not his most vital stat, but cooldown reduction is definitely a boon. Really, there's only one particularly viable alternative in the glyph pool, namely in magic resist. ( or ) Again, this complements his passive well, and works in better with more offensive items, where your autoattack will be more devastating.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Finally, Wukong benefits from a variety of quintessences. This is the category with the most wiggle room, as many quintessences are worth investigation. I prefer move speed because I like to pick up something on my quints that I don't get from other runes, and I definitely appreciated the fact that with them Wukong moves slightly faster (334) than an unruned Master Yi, (330) which can make a difference in your ability to dodge skillshots, and extends the amount of ground you can cover with your Decoy ability. Coupled with your boots and Trinity Force, you will be able to maintain attack distance on most retreating enemies. Many people feel that movespeed is an inefficient use of the quintessence slot, however, and Wukong benefits from MOST of the quints, so use what feels most natural for yourself. You can either double up on the effects from any of the other runes you used, or go for one of the other stats unique to quints. ( , , or .)

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Wukong is a character that can benefit heavily from any of the trees. Survivability is golden, and I'm absolutely in love with Tenacity , but one can gain just as much from the offense tree, especially in picking up Sorcery's cooldown reduction, Havoc 's damage, and Sunder 's armor penetration effect.

The additional experience gain from Awareness is a good option, and the cooldown in the deep utility tree offered by Intelligence blends rather well with the suggested runes

Picking up Cripple will make your Exhaust spell that much more deadly, and comes highly recommended.

Of note is that, great as it is on many characters, Archaic Knowledge doesn't contribute much to Wukong, since his only ability that scales with AP is Decoy, and that's hardly a staple damage dealer.

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Summoner Spells

It's my firm belief that a summoner spell on any given champion should be usable both offensively and defensively. To that effect...

Exhaust is one of Wukong's best options. With Cripple, the use of Crushing Blow, and Nimbus Strike, it can offer him a series of hits against an opponent with greatly reduced armor at a vastly improved attack speed, often securing a kill or preventing an escape. Using the stealth from Decoy can get you in range for an exhaust before the opponent can see you coming. Alternatively, it can be used to shake pursuit, as it drops the opponent's damage and speed hopefully long enough for an escape.

Flash is as good on Wukong as it is on any other champion, and sometimes better-- Flashing brush-to-brush or over a wall after a Decoy can leave an opponent utterly confused and flustered.

Ghost is Exhaust's opposite. While it's a better escape mechanism, and a more powerful pursuit option on some champions, Wukong benefits more from holding an opponent in place (relatively speaking) and lowering their damage than he does from an increased chase speed. It DOES however prove superior for a very quick getaway out of Decoy if you're about to be ganked and might not make it at normal speed.

Teleport can either help set up for a sudden quick gank or can help supplement Wukong's poor lane sustainability by offering a free trip back to base. A personal favorite of mine, but it can sometimes leave you wishing you'd taken a combat summoner spell in the middle of a heated fight gone wrong.

As for the other summoner spells, I seldom use them and see less synergy with Wukong, but by all means if you're particularly adept with specific summoner spells ( Clairvoyance, Cleanse, and Heal come to mind) feel free to use them instead.

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His majesty benefits from sinking one point into each skill early on, as each adds a surprising amount of versatility to his repertoire.

Wukong's incredible passive! Any time you're in combat, you'll have a minimum of 4 bonus magic resist and armor, and a max of 40. The more enemies about and the higher your level, the more natural defense you gain. It's not the best passive in the game, but it's far from the worst, especially if you're initiating for your team-- 40 magic resist may make the difference between dying and crawling away from a Decoy with a sliver of health after being focused.

An effective 'q' move, hopefully primed to become more deadly if the next patch makes it apply to more than just base armor. This adds bonus attack damage and shears away an opponent's armor. 30% armor is damned scary throughout the game, especially since this particular debuff applies BEFORE armor penetration. It's especially dangerous with the proc from Sheen or Trinity Force. The true power behind this skill lies in the fact that that it's one of the few skills in the game that resets the attack animation, letting its user get two attacks off very rapidly. This will be your bread and butter for harassment/damage early game, so practice! Use bots if you have to, but as soon as you land a regular attack, you should be ready to hit 'q' and land a Crushing Blow. I get two points in this early on, and then save the rest for the last few levels; the cooldown should ideally be the same as Nimbus Strike's, and the base damage increase is negligible compared to the utility provided by the other spells.

Decoy is Wukong the Monkey King's most potent mechanism. The clone it creates does negligible damage, mostly because it's the only skill he has that scales off of ability power instead of attack damage, but the false monkey king affords dozens if not hundreds of ploys a cunning summoner can utilize to their advantage. Specifics can be found in the advanced tactics section, but the more obvious uses are in escape and distance closing. Dropping a Decoy, even if the opponent knows it's coming, affords you a moment of stealth to make an escape. If you're about to get nuked or CC'd, a Decoy can take the brunt of the attack for you, blowing many of your foe's cooldowns in the first few vital seconds of the fight. In the laning phase, it can be used to launch attacks from much closer than the opponent believed you were. It can be dropped adjacent to minions to garner some AoE last hits or when downing a turret to proc Sheen while Crushing Blow is cooling down. Finally, it can be used to save yourself from being slain by a turret, as the Decoy will take incoming skill shots of champions trying to capitalize on your proximity, and it will often be targeted first if you and it become the last things in range. Sometimes popping Decoy will even cause the turret to switch targets if it was focused on you, though don't count on it every time; you'll still be visible whilst in the turret's detection range. I max this skill after Nimbus Strike, as the diminishing cooldown on it becomes more and more important as the game proceeds.

This dash attack is extremely dangerous throughout the game. It strikes three targets, so be sure to target the centermost unit of a formation you want to decimate. Early on, when an opponent is hanging out by their ranged minions, you can use it to procure potential last hits or push the lane whilst simultaneously harassing by hitting two minions and the champion. The positioning is easier than you'd think to attain, especially if you use Decoy to dissuade your opponent from fleeing your range before it's too late. The base damage is good, better than Crushing Blow's (especially if one takes the AoE into account) and the momentary attack speed bonus can put out some serious DPS throughout the game if coupled with Crushing Blow, Sheen/ Trinity Force procs, and/or Exhaust. I max this as soon as possible, as the attack speed and base damage build very optimally.

Wukong's ultimate. A handful of people I've seen in other guides and on the forums have disparaged Cyclone as a weak ultimate, and it's true that it's not the best in the game, but it really synergizes well and completes the character, in my opinion. The knock up adds a small but oh-so-vital element of CC (AoE, at that!) to the character. It can be canceled after use by reactivating the spell, if it's necessary to do so. A lot of people advise taking one point in Cyclone then not bothering to take it again at levels 11 and 16, but I suggest maxing it like you would most other character's ultimates just for the reduction in cooldown. It can be a lengthy wait at level 1, but with some cooldown reduction, you can be using it once per team fight mid-game with it at levels 2 or 3.

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Core Items

Here's the fun section! Wukong gets a LOT of versatility when it comes to item choices, as he can be built with quite a range of playstyles in mind. That said...

Philosopher's Stone

This is the core item build I try to reach in any average game. The item selection is greatly controversial, I realize, but this is the build with which I have had the best results, and I have tried many. The Philosopher's Stone and Trinity Force are the most debated items perhaps in all of League of Legends, but I promote their usefulness on Wukong.

Philosopher's Stone acts as a powerful early game buffer against many possible lane combinations. Many people would argue that Catalyst the Protector vastly outdoes it, and indeed Catalyst is an incredibly good item, but I feel the early game's item selection is in covering your weaknesses AND playing to your strengths. Wukong's biggest weakness is his poor lane sustainability, followed closely by his mana management, but his base stats and passive seem to complement regen more than adding to the base. This is, of course, a matter of your playstyle; go for Catalyst if you think you'll do better with it. Rushing quickly to the stone almost completely eliminates these problems anyways, and the gold gain passive sets you on track to picking up the rest of your core, which is on the expensive side.

Regrowth Pendant should be your first purchase, along with either a mana or health potion depending on what you feel you'll be up against, (the former if you'll be doing the harassing, the latter if you have to defend against it)) and at 715 gold you should jump back to base to complete Philosopher's Stone and get Boots of Speed. You should be able to rely on your runes, masteries, and Wukong's natural abilities to harass/kill your foes and to support your lane mate, if you have one. With how readily you'll be able to spam your abilities, you should be able to farm/last hit quite a bit, supplementing the gold gain from your stone very strongly.

Stay in lane throughout the phase if you can. By the time early game begins to come to a close, you want to have between 1260 and 2200 gold, the higher the better. Get Sheen and Mercury's Treads (Or Null-Magic Mantle if you can't afford it, which is sometimes the case) and begin playing more aggressively. Sheen adds a LOT of burst to Wukong, especially if you time his abilities appropriately. Now is an ideal time to begin ganking, and you can afford to roam abit if your lane isn't in danger, before the massive teamfights late-game.

Phage is your next goal, and you should grab it as soon as you can. The slow is integral to chasing down opponents, and it's pretty much as important as Sheen. Those in hand, work towards Trinity Force to complete your core. Note that later on Philosopher's Stone will either be sold to make way for Zeke's Harbinger or upgraded to Shurelya's Reverie, because the cooldown reduction, regen, and speed-increasing active are a late-game boon, but other items take precedence outside of that core.

At this point, before we get in to late game sets, I'd like to pose a few slightly altered core sets that I've seen Wukong using to great effect:

This build substitutes in Dodge masteries and runes. It costs 150 more gold than the previous version, and it loses you 10 tenacity and 25 magic resist... But it gains an INCREDIBLE 20% dodge chance. Your early game will be a little tougher for mana management and AP characters or crowd-controllers will be slightly more dangerous, but auto-attackers will lose a huge amount of DPS against you.

This build is one that aims to be more aggressive in ganking. It loses a lot of lane sustainability and tends to run into mana issues, but it really shines mid-game when the real ganking starts, and small team fights sprout up everywhere. It also brings out Wukong's ability to destroy turrets faster than other builds.

Finally, this build forgoes a dependency on Trinity Force and ability spam, instead focusing on capitalizing on Crushing Blow's ability to deal damage. (Especially after it gets fixed!) It has a much slower start than the other two builds, and positively struggles early game when the others would start getting some kills off of Sheen's burst, but if you can maintain an edge long enough to push into mid-late game without feeding or suffering a huge farming disadvantage, it opens the path to becoming carry material. I tend not to do as well with this build, but other summoners more skilled at managing their mana might excel with it. Frozen Mallet is an excellent itemization choice because it makes escaping from the monkey king next to impossible, thanks to his dash.

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Late Game Items

This section is essentially a permanent work-in-progress, as I intend to update it as I register comments/experience/changes. Please feel free to critique this section especially, as this is where things become most fluid. Completed builds and their title-summary are at the bottom of this section.

I first advise any prospective Wukong summoners to assess the enemy team before making any final decisions on items. In fact, this goes for all the characters I've ever played in League, and most already know this, but I'd be remiss not to mention it all the same.

First off, Wukong almost always NEEDS some survivability items. The passive just won't cut it if you want to be truly competitive. If you're stunned and focused down before you can take out your target in a team fight, you've done no good for your team, even if you can probably defeat any enemy team member 1v1. (I apologize again for those whom this goes without saying for.) This is all especially true for Wukong; the occasional Vayne or Ashe can get away without building so much as a Banshee's Veil, but as a meleer, you can't really remain on the fringe of the combat, and you can't always rely on Decoy to save your ***-- It doesn't break stun, and smart teams WILL buy oracles or stealth wards. This leads us to the two basic defensive items:

Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak are some of the most powerful items in the game, something a lot of summoners realize after playing with characters trying to rush x2 or x2 after a while and finding that they don't always make it. Wukong naturally has high armor and magic resist, and his passive increases them even further. With the 1440 gold required to purchase those two items, you've actually cut all damage you take in half against someone too dumb to take penetrations, and still shaved off a significant amount against more savvy summoners. If the enemy team is particularly balanced, sometimes I'll buy both of those base items before upgrading them to their later forms, just to avoid being glaringly weak against one type of damage.

More importantly, they build into a large enough variety of items to cover almost any situation. These armor-heavy items are of particular benefit to Wukong:

This is my favorite late-game item for Wukong, because it contributes handsomely to both survival and DPS, and it rewards you for building even more survival. Warmog's Armor complements it nicely, though as a snowball item you should only build it if you're sure that you'll be able to farm it up. (Note it's not a bad choice anyways, as the stacks don't disappear when you die!) Since almost every item that benefits Wukong adds HP, it adds at least the damage of a B.F. Sword (starting at 2,250 hp) coupled with armor and crit at a premium. At level eighteen, with the 3145 hp the base build gets, it rests at +69 ad, which at 2355 gold beats the hell out of The Bloodthirster in my opinion, given the crit and armor.

Thornmail has the highest armor rate from any item in the game, and it passively returns damage. Against a team that has way too many physical damagers, this item wins games. Returning 30% of the damage a character like Miss Fortune does in magical damage is an often insurmountable advantage, especially if they haven't built magic resist because they were focused on armor as well. This item is one of the premiere reasons to always check your opponents' builds in game, so you know what you're up against.

These items vary situation to situation, but any of them do well against physical DPS. Sunfire is best against melee, Frozen Heart against attack speed, and Randuin's against kiters or more maneuverable heros. Your discretion here!

And now for the magic resist!

This is possibly the single most useful item in the game for most characters, and is doubly so for Wukong-- He can already get enemies to waste CC and nukes using Decoy, so the extra buffer provided by the veil's passive bubble is just dreamy. The magic resist is formidable, and the health and mana supplement the monkey king well, especially (again) with Atma's Impaler in your inventory.

This item provides the most magic resistance from a single item in the game, an enormous amount of health regen, and bonus movespeed that stacks up nicely with all the move speed Wukong already gets in his core builds. Against a team with multiple AP nukers or other forms of high magic damage, it's absolutely invaluable. That said, Banshee's Veil is more often taken, since Wukong already has a fairly high magic resist, move speed, and health regen with core items. Force of Nature is more often a straight tank item, but is preferable if the enemy team lacks CC and does consistent magic DPS. If the entire team is AP, you can punish them by taking both items.

The ultimate escape item. This one isn't taken often, but on Wukong it has an extra degree of facility-- By breaking a long-lasting CC like Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy during a team fight, and immediately using Decoy, you can either slip away from a losing situation or close distance on a more fragile carry before the enemies even know you've escaped. Most observant summoners will notice the swap under normal circumstances, but in a heated team fight, it may slip by.

Finally, offensive items, which are by far everyone's favorites. Trinity Force and Atma's Impaler offer a grand offense if coupled with Last Whisper, (detailed below) quite often all the primate needs... But sometimes the other team builds a strong defense that requires additional firepower to surmount.

In games where your enemy builds survivability, straight attack damage offers less of an offense than armor penetration, given that this item scales to become more powerful based on the armor ratio your opponent has. While your runes are enough for early game, by the time the end starts rolling around, your damage will be falling off drastically if the enemy team isn't too derpy to build armor. This works to counteract that greatly, and makes up for the fact that many of your items DON'T have straight attack damage on them. Note that if your enemies AREN'T building armor, for whatever reason, this item isn't nearly as appetizing; it applies after your penetration from runes, making it penetrate as little as 18 armor. Getting The Black Cleaver instead in these circumstances (-45 armor after three hits) is preferable. Note that Crushing Blow further reduces the effectiveness of Last Whisper compared to The Black Cleaver. They're equal when the opponent has 181 armor, which most non-tanks have less.

I seldom build this, as I often feel that Phage is put to better use in Trinity Force and that there's too much overlap between the two end items. It's nevertheless a VERY powerful item on Wukong, because it gives him crowd control if you elect to avoid Trinity.

Youmuu's is another armor penetration item, making it more and more possible to strip an opponent's armor completely away if taken. It has an excellent active, but you MUST REMEMBER TO USE IT. Avarice Blade is part of its construction, and inexpensive, so keeping it in your inventory for a while before you finish the ghostblade will bolster your gold gain, and The Brutalizer is a powerful early-game item for any tanky DPS, especially considering how much the cooldown reduction boosts Wukong. If I were to build more offensively than defensively, I'd build Phage and The Brutalizer instead of Sheen early on and not bother with Trinity Force.

Stark's fervor gives three hugely beneficial stats to Wukong-- Armor Reduction, lifesteal, and attack speed. The health regen helps too. More importantly, it grants most of its bonuses to allies in an aura, making it just as viable a team item as the Shurelya's it normally replaces. On that note, this is usually built very late in the game, replacing a sold philosopher's stone.

These two items, descendents of Madred's Razors, make mid-game farming a cinch, and enable jungling and an early dragon kill. The Bloodrazor is an attack speed item, and is effective against enemies that build HP and Armor but not much magic resist. The lantern comes with a built in ward factory, and the lifesteal can replace HP regen early game for lane sustainability. Wukong benefits more from the latter item, but again, games are case-by-case.

The B. F. Sword items that most summoners are intimately familiar with one week into playing League of Legends. Of the three, Infinity Edge impresses me the least on Wukong, but any of the three are viable if you just need to kill things. I prefer Trinity Force and even Frozen Mallet to any one of them, followed by heavy survivability, but in a game where more offense was needed, I'd supplement the build with The Black Cleaver. The armor reduction is just sooo shiny in team fights.

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Possible Complete Item Sets

Tanky DPS, Core Build

Tanky DPS, Early Sustainability

Shurelya's Reverie

Tanky DPS, Tower Pushing and Ganking

Shurelya's Reverie

Tanky DPS, Dodge Based

Strong Melee DPS

Aggressive, Potentially Carries

Passable Tank


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Advanced Tactics


A lot of the time, just before a massive team-fight in middle, the champions will all mill about seeking position and trying to juke skill shots out of the opponents, waiting for an initiate. The key to these fights is to make the initiation count for more than the opposing team hoped it would, to let your team seize control of the fight. Wukong shines as an initiator. From range, Decoying towards the enemy team then Nimbus Strikeing to someone in the center followed with an immediate Cyclone can sometimes knock the entire enemy team up, allowing your allies all the time they need to take control of the fight. Escaping unscathed will depend on how tanky you've built and what summoner spells you have, since decoy is often used to catch the opponents off guard in the initiate, but it's surprisingly not too difficult if you succeed at the initial positioning and your team follows you into the fray.

When to Spin to Win

A lot of people suggest canceling the spin after you've succeeded with the knockup, and I concur in most situations; it's a frank fact that you put out more DPS against a single target late game with your other abilities and with autoattacks than if you keep spinning. Exceptions occur early game and in team fights.

When chasing a retreating foe in the early laning phase, keep spinning-- Your speed will keep you next to them, doing your base attack and then some every second at a time when your other abilities and autoattack aren't developed enough to match, especially since a retreating foe can be harder to hit with auto early on. When facing multiple foes, keep spinning-- You can take out an entire creep wave whilst damaging an opponent, then catch up with Nimbus Strike and proceed to finish the kill, with a bit of practice and good judgment.

If against the majority of the enemy team, getting to essentially auto-attack up to five opponents at once for a few seconds (assuming you don't need to get the hell away immediately) is a lot more damage than just focusing down one target in the grand scheme. (That being said, sometimes it's advantageous to just take down one foe, like the carry, as fast as possible. Play it by ear!) Following up a full spin with a Nimbus Strike and a Decoy puts out a lot of AoE damage for a physical DPS character.

Can't believe I got through that whole thing without referencing Garen.

Dazing and Confusing using Decoy

By now most everyone who's read anything about Wukong has probably heard about 'stop juking' and either made a snide remark about how no one would be fooled or acknowledged that it was viable.

Well! For those who are using this guide as their source for all things monkey king, 'stop juking' refers to the fact that Decoy resembles the animation Wukong goes through when the 's' key is hit, meaning he stops all action and stands still. The idea behind this is to, instead of actually using Decoy, tap the 's' key so that your opponents THINK you've used it. At that point you pop it and run in the opposite direction, assuming you were trying to escape. It's possible, but not easy and not a guarantee, to escape this way.

The BETTER stop juking, in my opinion, is during the laning phase, to try to zone your opponents. After a few Nimbus Strikes from Decoy's Stealth, hopefully followed with an autoattack and a Crushing Blow, your opponent will ideally not want to get caught by it anymore. (That's your standard harass combo, by the by-- Use that to do damage early game, unless your opponent's not running from you yet. In that case, Decoy after you've whacked them to get out without counter-harassment) The key is to keep moving behind your creeps and last hit constantly, but every once in a while, stop with the 's' key. This will often force your opponent to back off, lest they suffer another harass combo. At that point, you can move back to their caster minions and threaten them with that combo from behind their own line. This even works 2v2 if your ally pulls their weight. If they catch on and start ignoring your 's' jukes, just resume the normal combo until they get the point.

Another tactic on top or bottom lane is to bush hop to save your ***. Jump into one bush, Decoy, run to the other. Once your opponent catches up to the decoy, they'll figure you ran to the other bush, and pursue. Flash back to the original bush while they're completely out of either, and you should be able to escape. ((Needs testing; Flash may be visible from outside bushes. Anyone confirm/deny?))

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Team Work

The most important part! Everyone loves a team player. Wukong brings a handful of tricks to the table, not the least of which is a great initiation. (See Advanced Tactics above!)

First off, he makes a tremendous laning partner to anyone with CC, thanks to his ability to close on a stunned/snared opponent very swiftly. He can often afford to save his ally from a gank via attacking the enemy to cover their escape, then using Decoy to secure his own. With a few defensive items earlier than usual, he can provide an anvil to an AP character's hammer, especially after he gets Phage/ Frozen Mallet and his ultimate for the knockup. He offtanks well, and can even be the primary tank in a pinch if the other is occupied elsewhere or dead, depending on how defensively you build him.

While he's a fantastic farmer, he does well with gp/5 items, so he can afford to either be a roamer or to let his lane partner get fed via last hits versus minions or enemy champions, so long as he doesn't abstain from farming entirely. Alternatively, he can farm normally and use the extra 75 gold every minute and fifteen seconds from a gp/5 item to purchase wards, which can turn the tide of any game.

Finally, he's fantastic at downing towers, especially with Sheen procs early on. Remember that Crushing Blow does extra damage to towers as well.

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