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Soviet's Guide shredding services.

Creator: Totallynotn00b June 28, 2012 2:30am
<Guide Critic>
Totallynotn00b's Forum Avatar
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Feb 29th, 2012
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RAGE LEVEL: I need a new keyboard

I don't get what you're trying to play Diana as. Your rune set up seems to be geared towards tankyness, which to me is the opposite to what an Assasin should be - pure power. Read: Doing your job of killing squishies. Being alive is secondary.

Your runes and rune explanation, for example, focus a LOT on her shield.
geared toward improving her durability and her shield.
I don't get the fascination with it. Yes, it makes her harder to kill - but as I've stated. That's not the point as an assassin. Alba, dear, or even Vapora, if you amuse yourselves with this thread... a hand in explaining this please?

And than later on, you go back to what i consider to be normal - Buy a d-cap, need damage, burst, etc. But still this obsession with that bloody shield x_x

Other major gripes i have: (And by god am i being polite today):
all of your situational items go along the lines of:

If they're all so good, why didn't they make it into your core build?

Cardinal sin 2: You're writing ~@!"£

Being up close almost FORCES you to build tanky so you actually deal damage instead of doing zero because you get instantly bursted from full to zero without proper resistances.

Again. You're an assassin. Being alive is freaking inconsequencial. You get bursted down? Position better, or time your attack better.

Best example I can give you is Talon. You try building tanky on him, and you're defeating the whole purpose of his existance - wiping out the carries.

Moonsilver Blade Timing this with Sheen or Lich Bane will allow it to have a 1.6 AP Ratio

Um. Considering how Sheen and Lich Bane are different items, you can see... no wait, you "should have" seen... how this sentence would make no sense. Former item doubles your base AD - no relation to AP. Latter item does as you says. 1:1 ap ratio->AA.

like Riven, Pale Cascade will allow you to built straight resistances and damage and still be extremely tanky.

Um. no. This would be correct if you didn't mention the resistances part. The whole thing with Riven and Bloodthirsteris that she doesn't need tanky items AT ALL to be tanky to begin with, due to the scaling of the shield alone.

Or, conversely, how are you not going to be more tanky if you buy resistances? You want the posh word for it? It's tautology. I.e, you're saying " by doing X, you will be X!"

Zhonya's Hourglass A squishy AP Carry's best friend :D The main purpose of this is to use it when you're cooldowns are up so you don't take extra damage while waiting,

Repeat after me: YOU'RE NOT AN AP CARRY.
Or, if you're suggesting that it is indeed good for AP carry's then ok. I'll put it under "irrelevancies", since YOU'RE NOT AN AP CARRY.

The main purpose of the item is to shield yourself from focus. not when you have cooldowns. It just so happens that the most convenient time is when you have cooldowns. I mean, let's look at this in another way. You've done your rotation. For some reason the team's focused someone who isn't you (Maybe that Jax is awfully fed or something, not too uncommon). Are you really going to waste the active, just because you have CD's? Or wait until stuff starts hitting you?

Yes, Yes, I get you should pre-empt the damage. But that's not what you said .

Athene's Unholy Grail second highest amount of flat AP in an item

D-cap: 140
Zhonyas: 100
Athene's cupofail: 90.
Your inability to check your facts: Obvious.

Banshee's Veil Best counteritem against a LeBlanc.

Oh... did you really write that? REALLY?
You're going mid against an LB, and you buy this first item? I'll be laughing at you.
don't know why? Read my guide.

Or reqieum

No... that would be Zhonya's Hourglass. Your bubble get's popped and you get red lightning'd? you're stuffed. You have an hourglass? You can laugh.

But the Bubble + Health + Mres is really nice.

Technically doesn't belong under this cardinal sin, but anyway. WWWWHHHHYYYYY?!?!?!??!"~@£~"@£!"$£%"£$%

If your laning opponent gets too close to you feel free to use Moonfall > Ability you're leveling first to push them away.

Im about the end of my tether here. But i'll persevere. Because this guide isn't unsalvagable.
moonfall... pulls them in...
you don't have an ability that would push them away....
You're melee... against, most likely, a ranged caster with lower CD's and/or more damage than you do. Dunno about you, but this move seems suicidal. Try it against a competent Cassiopeia. I dare you.

Cardinal sin 3: You're writing opinion

Diana already HAS ridiculous base damages and ratios.

By whose authority are you to declare this? You don't back this up at all - no numbers, no comparisons... all we have is your word for it.

Nashor's ToothIt might be good on Diana, but that doesn't mean it's a good item. Period.


Cardinal sin 4: You're contradicting yourself

so it's completely unnecessary to give her extra damage as she already has enough.

I, for one, hope you mean it's unncessarry to give her extra damage via runes - (of which is already false as you've given her Mpen reds, strictly speaking). Because if it isn't, your item build doesn't agree with this statement.

Pale Cascade When leveling this ability up first, buy more resistances

Problem is, you later on state that you can put a few more points into it than you might otherwise use, but never mention when you would ever max this first. Like your "early game pickups" section. If you're maxing Q, buy Y, if you're maxing W, buy X.... but you never mention when you max one or the other x_x

However, you shouldn't be playing too aggressively before 6 anyway, and by 6 you have a couple of Doran's Ring/ Chalice of Harmony/Blue Buff to supply mana.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the sentence. But what comes after....
So... why do you take mana-regen masteries? Because you need the mana regen, or not? You've bothered to splash out on swiftness quints, yet neglect to take them in masteries? This doesn't make sense at all.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration These Marks, with Sorcerer's Shoes OR (not both) Abyssal Scepter
Why not?

You don't state why you feel swiftness quints are better than AP ones. They help you get from A to B... and that seems to be about it. I.e, why do you feel you don't need the extra power they bring? Or, conversely, why do you feel you cannot give up on the extra speed?

Taking both 3/3 in Brute Force and 2/2 in Butcher will allow you to last hit at ease,

Apart from the fact you're melee, and as such most AP mids will make sure you won't have a nice time last hitting with AA's... why do you feel you need these masteries, all 5 of them, to last hit with? Since all of your skills scale with AP, why do you feel you're better off without putting points into AP? Yes, that is a rhetorical question - you haven't answered it in your analysis of taken masteries. Ergo, not good enough

In the same vein, why do you take swiftness quints, and then neglect to take additional swiftness

you have a jungle section.... yet you sort of crowbared some stuff about her midgame into her midgame section, as opposed to her jungling section?
If you're going to write a jungling section, imho ideally have it seperate, or fully integrate the two (imo messy), but definitely not a miss-mash of both.

I never thought I would break down to anything else after being mentally assaulted by bionic arm's picture's of baby chogath, but the constant emphasis on shields came pretty damn close.

Result? No vote.
want to know why?
don't push your luck.
Anastasios's Forum Avatar
Dec 19th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 3:32am | Report
Time to write a guide on Lux.

Many thanks to MissMaw, LaCorpse, Xiron, Arcana3 and Joxuu for making me sigs!
<Guide Critic>
Totallynotn00b's Forum Avatar
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Feb 29th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 4:02am | Report
Anastasios wrote:

Time to write a guide on Lux.


<Guide Critic>
Totallynotn00b's Forum Avatar
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Feb 29th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 6:21am | Report
"KSS awake - Skarner trinity tank beast comprehensive jungling guide"

Ladies and gentlemen.
Every once in a while I get in a bit of a tizz.
There are bad guides, and there are good ones.
There are stale guides, not-caring guides, and guides which want to be the best.

Unfortunately, I've had a bit of a case of the following:

This person's guide wants to be the best... yet at the same time wants it handed to him.
For example: the title even goes so far as to state "comprehensive jungling guide", yet within the first few lines, states: I do not want enter in depth about jungling


This guide is going to take a while. Considering how I'm actually going to live up to my reputation and go through the whole thing. (Points for effort)

But, TL:DR:


<Guide Critic>
Totallynotn00b's Forum Avatar
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Feb 29th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 8:08am | Report

Urgh. It's very... pink.

But that's not the main issue with this.
Just from the first few lines I see issues: You're assuming the person reading already has a clue as to what's going on. But that's even further compounded by your statement:
I am planning to make this the #1 Skarner guide on Mobafire and I am always open to discuss with those that consider I should change anything.
You want to be the no1 skarner guide? That means people, possible totally new to the game, will see your guide first if they want to play Skarner.

Ergo, you're going to need to explain everything
For example:
Skarner is a tier 1 jungler

What the heck does tier 1 mean? What's tier 2? Whats the difference?

In addition, you actually ask readers to read other guides .
If you truly wanted to be the no1 guide, that, rather selfishly, should be seen as "you need my guide, and no others". If you *know* that talking in-depth about jungling would help people with Skarner why have you chosen not to do it?

Heck, when i wrote my LB guide, I was tempted not to include basic things like AA'ing and an introduction. But that's the core issue: Imho, if you want to write a good guide, assume you're writing for complete beginners .

So ok, you've dug yourself a hole. You want to be the no1 Skarner guide? I'm going to show you exactly why you're not going to be there at this state. And like a lot of other guides with aspirations, you lack explanations . Seriously. Assume reader is moron, explain everything, and you're on your way.

Harsh reviews are what you get from me. Doubly so if you want to set yourself up the way you have. So without further ado:

Lack of explanations:

Let's start from the beginning. Jungler, and tank.
What makes Skarner better as a Jungler and tank, than say, top and a bruiser?
I'm sorry? You think I should know this? Well, you see, I might do, but your reader might not.
picky? Yes. But you wanted that no1 spot? This is going to be the theme. Get used to it.

Sustain: Why does it matter?
Extra hp with level: When would it be a bad/ok/good idea to take these then?
Why not anything else?

You chose scaling MR blues - why? Why not flat?
Again you can choose whether to have a better late game or a better jungle clearing speed.
When does one want one over the other then?

quints: Speed vs ganking vs clear vs tanky. Ok... when should i select them for what circumstance?

Or, TL;DR on runes - why have you chosen what you have chosen? .


Why have you not selected the other masteries? Like, Honor Guard ?
Why do you value the gold from Mercenary over it?
You're jungling... harp on about clear time... yet don't take Bladed Armor ?

Frozen Heart Because you need that CDR


Guinsoo's Rageblade if you want to go for more damage Hextech Gunblade and Wit's End are better choices.


Atma's Impaler and Sunfire Aegis I still think they are viable choices but I discovered that there are better items to get than these.

Like what? and WHYYYYYYY

uh oh. I hoped this wouldn't happen... hear that?

It's the


Shurelya's Battlesong the active will make your ganks unstoppable

Because... what? no enemies have CC? Morgana would like a word.

Force of Nature This item is a bit cheaper and you already have enough mana from Frozen Heart and Trinity Force, also a smart enemy will waste the spell shield (e.g.: Maokai will use Sapling Toss on you), 375 health is compensated by the extra 26 MR

1) Cheaper by 100?
2) Waste the spell shield to poke? that's not the item's fault. It's yours for not knowing how to position correctly and dodge poke.
3) 375 health is compensated by the extra 26 Mr? I don't know about you, , but claiming that 26 mr is the equivalent to blocking 375 magic damage is a biiiiit of a stretch. That's not even including the fact that health works against true damage and physical, and the fact that the spell shield will most likely prevent a spell worth far more than 26 mr's worth of protection.

Ergo, your explanation and comparison... is just wrong .

However the current meta requests from the jungler and top laner to be tanky

Define tanky. Because that Kennen and Vladimir don't strike me as being particularly tanky beyond a Zhonya's Hourglass.

Ooooooh no. We hit the jungling section.
Dude, I don't even jungle.
And i already spot mistakes.
1^ Go to Blue and ask for a hard pull.
2^ Kill wolves camp

You kill the wolves first with help from your lanes. Then go to blue.

you MUST secure it with Smite.

BS. If its an uncontested/safe objective, why the heck wouldn't you hold onto this?

The top lane is usually considered the easiest lane to gank

You have got to be kidding me. Pretty much everyone up there has a way of either living, or getting away. If you mean easiest for Skarner... well. That's not what you said

Olaf This guy will mostly be seen in the jungle

I... have no clue what the meta is over in NA. So i can't comment. But EU? He's almost always top.

Gragas He has a double Flash with Body Slam and can throw you far away from him with his Explosive Cask

In what plane of existence does that count as a double flash?

LeBlancShe is considered the counter to all mages

AHAHAHHAAHAH. Who the heck said this?

I F"£$~@-ing wish this was true.

Alistar has crazy level 3 ganks.

What? Apart from the lack of explaining why WHYYYYYYY, what has his Triumphant Roar got to do with it?

Cardinal sin 3: You're writing opinion

I will not put any point in Ixtal's Impact because sadly it is a wasted skill for Skarner's kit

Why? Why is it wasted? How is it wasted?

If you're content to sit in the jungle all game, then ok, perhaps. But when you're going ganking, you want to deal all the damage you can do. 2v1? they should be running, not fighting. Ergo, the additional points in your shield are wasted . By all means max it last. Just, not taking a point in it at all until you have nothing else seems like a big mistake to me.

Stuff which just doesn't make sense:

After getting red, you state: 6^ Gank mid or top if they are extending, if not continue jungling, counter jungle or recall. And what, If bot's overextending you just ignore them? Baring in mind that the map and route you provided (which admittedly is good effort) puts you between mid and bot, I don't have a clue why you're
a) not advocating a bot gank
b) advocating you take the massive trek to the top x_x.

You have a secondary jungle route. And yet it's the build you advocate?

In said secondary jungle route, why is there no text? Yes, there's a video, but not all of your readers may be able to use it. Videos, in my opinion, should be used in aid of, not instead of, text-based explanations.

On ganking:

Jax He is a medium difficulty gank if I had to rate him. .

Wtf does this even mean? You're rating them, or you're not rating them? What's easy? what's hard?

OlafYou might try to dodge his Undertow while ganking as it has a slow animation


LeBlanc if you get fooled by her Mirror Image then you are plain stupid.

Congratulations. Insult your readership, and offer no help whatsoever as to how to rectify their potential shortcomings. Why not just go the whole gamut and say "IF you can't get to 2k elo with Skarner without my help, you're plain stupid"?

Oh. and FYI. Vlad's food for LB.

On your matchups section: You normally stick to your standard "image of X on both sides of text". Then you go to jungle match ups, and suddenly it's "X is in the middle", text follows after.


SheenThis item synergizes extremely well with Skarner no matter what anybody says

Well isn't that a brilliant attitude.

On your dragon section: If your top laner shows up, thereby turning it into a 5v4, you could do something.

Likewise, for Baron: You state for dragon that the killer gets +25 gold. fine. Why is this neglected for the baron?

POOF! Teemo is gone, thank you Camouflage

If only you had bothered to level up Ixtal's Impact and scout the push with it. Then sit on where it gets stopped pre-maturely, and spam Q all day. viola, dead Teemo. HAPPY DAYS!!!

Fizz is a very tricky champion and fun to play.

Fun. FUN?!?! That is SO BLOODY USEFUL for the people TRYING TO KILL HIM.


I don't really what to make of this.
I get the feeling that you're too confident in what you know. It speaks for itself in your items and skill order - you feel you're right... when the truth is, you're not in a lot of the cases.
In addition, if you want that no1 spot, you're going to need to include everything - including stuff like counter jungling.
On the plus side, you're not yet another random scrub writing the guide. The jungling section on ganking suggests a good amount of experience. Yes, I could have nit-picked a fair amount more. (I.e, a lot of your issues with top-lane champions would appear to be curable with a lane gank). But I'm tired.


Result: It's ok . Let down by a severe lack of explanations.
no vote.
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Jul 20th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 9:28am | Report
Woah o_o Didn't realize my guide had so much ****.

Thanks Sov <3 I'll work on it.

And I'm sorry about the constant emphasis on the shield, I don't think I've properly updated it as it recently maxed W first >.>
LaCorpse's Signature Cafe

Thanks to Keondre, JhoiJhoi, Xiron, and Arcana3 for the Sigs~!
Sujing's Forum Avatar
Feb 24th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 9:34am | Report
Your name (Prefered way of addressing you, within reason.): Sujing
Link to your guide : Click here, thanks
Any specific points that I should look at?: Structure, overall points I made, anything else you would like to talk about.
Why should i review your guide?: I want to improve my guide further so that I can help others seeking guide for Maokai and it will also help me better understand Maokai.
Why do you want your guide reviewed?: Well, I would love some extra +1 =].
Are you wasting my time? No, I hope not. It is your opinion on whether or not my guide's a waste of time. But I really don't think so.
Have you read the reviews i give? Yes, I looked some over and I think my guide is at similar levels, if not above.
Are you prepared for the same level of response? Yes, yes I am.
Thanks to koksei for sig!
Check it Out!!!
SkullzX's Forum Avatar
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May 25th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 10:28am | Report
OK I really have liked the last few the challenge does my improved guide pass!

name: SkullzX
link: sigQ_Q...ok ok clam down here!
why? So you can stop gouging your eyes out at bad guides?:P jks, I think you would enjoy this long as hell read which I have been constantly improving and you won't want to murder a kitten afterwards is why you are reviewing my guide!
I want it reviewed? Haven't had any really solid feed back in a while and could really use a review like yours!
time waster? More like having fun time!
review thingy reading:...I think I am most highest commenter here besides maybe yourself...I quite litterally almost piss my self sometimes at the things you say! Also ya im ready to get my *** kicked and chew bubble gum!
KSS Awake
KSS Awake's Forum Avatar
Aug 8th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 11:30am | Report
Skarner is a pink champion therefore you get a pink guide.
The "I don't want to go in depth about jungling" is a phrase I wrote when I started the guide and I never tought I will go so far.
Looks like I lack explantations on alot of parts, I never considered that I have to explain basic things like what is a tier 1 jungler but I guess that if I really want to be the first I have to explain everything.
Will go into more detail about why taking Ixtal's Impact is not optimal and maybe I should check again the ganking sections, trust me it's boring me to write about each top laner, mid laner and jungler and that's why there may be some mistakes.
So looks like I will have to add alot of things, gonna be slow as school is starting but I will end it and then I am gonna get your upvote. You will see the answer to your other questions in the updated version.
Till then thank you for the most complete review I got on my guide.

-thanks to The_Nameless_Bard, effinvices, Joxuu, LaCorpse and arcan3 for the sigs-
crossfire's Forum Avatar
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Apr 6th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 3, 2012 7:12pm | Report
When ever I'm having a bad day I come here. This guy makes me **** my pants laughing.
+Rep for a cookie.

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