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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ahri Build Guide by Gageowago

Middle [10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox

Middle [10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox

Updated on June 20, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gageowago Build Guide By Gageowago 50 4 81,502 Views 1 Comments
50 4 81,502 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gageowago Ahri Build Guide By Gageowago Updated on June 20, 2020
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Runes: Electrocute

1 2 3 4
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox

By Gageowago
Table of Contents
The Guide
-> Intro
-> Closing
-> Change Log

The Champion
-> Pros / Cons
-> Abilities
-> Runes
-> Summoner Spells
-> Alternate Build
-> Items
-> Tips and Tricks
Hello! My name is Gageowago and I'm a Gold midlaner. Season 9 was my very first season of League and Ahri carried me from Iron 1 to Gold 3 almost entirely on her own. I currently have 430k+ mastery points on her and main her.

Hopefully through this guide I will be able to teach you the essentials of playing Ahri, as well as the advanced techniques that distinguish the ok Ahri players from the great ones. My guide is quite lengthy, but I have added a Table of Contents for your convenience.

Read the guide below if you are looking for how to play Ahri, but click here if you want this alternate possible build! Alternate Build?

Please keep in mind that I am a Gold player, and that higher elos might have major differences when it comes to matchups, playstyle, and strategies.

Why play Ahri? Is she good/viable? And most importantly, is she fun?

Ahri is a safe midlane pick who can adjust her playstyle and build to what her team needs. A perfect way to describe Ahri would be: "A jack of all trades, yet master of none." She can be a backline diving assassin, a single target burst mage, a teamfighter that makes enemies easy pickings for your ADC, or a slippery splitpusher. The thing that separates her from other champions with those roles is that she isn't proficient in any one field, but can perform well in all of them. She typically is not a bad pick and can still be useful when behind. While a few people have said Ahri is boring to play, I and many others find her to be a blast.

You should join this Discord if you want quick and easy contact with some of the best Ahri players in the community for advice on playing Ahri. Don't be afraid to come in and talk with everyone, we are friendly and open to newcomers, so join!
Pros and Cons

+ Good 1v1 potential

+ High mobility with ult

+ Good waveclear in mid-game

+ Good roaming

+ Fits most team comps

+ Still useful when behind

+ Many good skins to choose from

- Not too much solo kill potential in early game

- Heavily skillshot reliant

- Falls off

- Immobile when ult is down

- Mana hungry early

- Say goodbye to your money if you get all her skins

Vastayan Grace

Essence Theft is Ahri's passive ability, and it grants her a small burst of movement speed from her abilities when she hits an enemy with an ability twice. It gives a 20% movement speed buff if Ahri lands 2 hits on an enemy with one ability. This means that you cannot proc it with Charm.
This passive only activates on enemy champions and can feel pretty underwhelming but it gives Ahri a slight advantage in some areas. When trading against enemies that have to land skillshots to trade (especially against champions like Syndra), Ahri will be able to quickly do her damage and then back off with the movement speed burst. Its only other real use is using it to escape from ganks. When getting ganked you can throw out Orb of Deception to use the movement speed to easily run away.

Orb of Deception

This is Ahri's Q ability. This spell is your main damaging spell and what you will max first for that reason. It also has a passive effect that heals you when you stack it 9 times. The passive gains stacks when Ahri lands her abilities on any enemy, minions included. The passive will be obvious when it is ready, as Ahri's Orb of Deception will appear green in her hand. The next time Ahri uses Orb of Deception she will heal for a flat amount of health for each enemy hit based on her level.
The active ability of Orb of Deception is for Ahri to throw out an orb as a skillshot in a straight line. After traveling 880 units it will return to her dealing damage on the way back. This skillshot can hit an enemy twice when thrown, and it will do different damage types depending on which way it is going. When going out it does magic damage, and when coming back it does non-negatable true damage. If you might miss one part of the Q, make sure it isn't the return, because that does more damage. If possible try and hit enemies at the very end of the orb's path because it will instantly do both the magic damage and true damage at the same time.
This is Ahri's most important ability because it is her damage, healing, and waveclear. Learn its range and how to play around it. You can use this ability to easily push the wave and depending on your build you can one shot casters at level 7-9 with one Orb of Deception.
Keep in mind that Ahri's Orb of Deception has an inconsistent hitbox. Fortunately this is a good thing when playing Ahri because it is like Lux's ult, and will deal damage when it clearly missed. The hitbox of your Orb of Deception travels roughly the same distance as your Charm even though it definitely appears otherwise.


This is Ahri's W, and is her most underwhelming ability. It doesn't do that much damage and is just sort of an additional bit of damage to her combo and poke. It gives 3 stacks of your passive if you activate it around minions though, and it is quite good for securing cannon since you can target a specific minion with the 3 flames. This ability will automatically target enemies around Ahri, prioritizing enemy champions, and targets that have recently been hit with Charm or Ahri's auto attack.
The flames each have individual targeting based on their position around Ahri, which means she can accidentally just send her Fox-Fire flying in random directions if she does not identify a target. (Unfortunately this typically happens the most while near jungle camps) They also will not target champions who are obscured in any way such as in Akali's shroud or in brush. It is important when using Fox-Fire to target an enemy by either landing your auto attack or Charm before activating.
A unique attribute of Fox-Fire that differs from the rest of Ahri's kit is that it is the only ability she has that doesn't cancel her other abilities. She can use Fox-Fire during Spirit Rush, Charm, and Orb of Deception. This allows Ahri to get a near unavoidable Electrocute proc with a simple AA Q W combo on an enemy.


This is Ahri's E, her only form of cc, and the most crucial to land skillshot. Charm is a skillshot that goes in a straight line for 975 units, stopping when hitting an enemy and charming them for 1.4-2 seconds. When an enemy is charmed, they will walk harmlessly towards Ahri's current position for the duration of the Charm while slowed, and take 20% more damage from her abilities for 3 seconds.
Charm is your combo starter and is usually the only reason you are able to burst someone as hard as you do. Charm's effect is unique in that it forces the enemy to walk towards Ahri. The effect is good because it allows Ahri to land both of her Q hits effortlessly, and that damage is enhanced. Keep in mind that champions like Master Yi will run at you full speed when they cannot be slowed, so you have to be prepared for that.
In a teamfight, use Charm on a high priority target to assassinate or burst them and then get out because you are now unable to do anything for the next 8 or so seconds. Charm is also able to be enhanced with Flash, which you can see here.
Also just something to keep in mind about Ahri's Charm is that it is one of the abilities with a super weird hitbox just like her Orb of Deception (except now you're the one it affects). Try not to get tilted by your Charm missing when it clearly hit because if you do then you will be tilted often. The hitbox of Charm on most skins is just before the Charm model's maximum distance.

Spirit Rush

This is Ahri's ult, and it is the reason she is so mobile. Ahri's ultimate is THREE FLASHES with damage. Something very important to keep in mind is that Spirit Rush has a tendency to not go over walls as easily as Flash does, but at the same time there is three of them. You can use the ability three times within 10 seconds, with a one second cooldown between dashes.
This is the core part of Ahri's mobility and is her engage and disengage. You can use her ult to reposition, force your Orb of Deception to land on enemies on its way back, escape, or just do a little extra damage to enemies. When this ult is down Ahri loses her only form of mobility and is much easier to take down, so play around its cooldown. Another thing to keep in mind is that Spirit Rush is NOT Flash and WILL give you travel time to your destination. This means that you cannot ult through Veigar's Event Horizon or Irelia's Vanguard's Edge. When using Spirit Rush and Flash together, make sure to only Flash after you finish your dashing animation or else you will cancel some of your movement and will not go as far. If you time it perfectly you can enhance the already powerful Charm Flash combo with Spirit Rush as shown here.
Green = Best|Light Blue = Good for Glacial|Blue = Good/Decent|Red = Highly Situational/Bad|Purple = Updates


Electrocute is the optimal rune for Ahri when you want to do good and consistent damage to enemies. This is the rune you should always take when playing seriously (besides glacial). Electrocute is so easy to activate on Ahri and there's multiple ways to do it. In lane you can obviously get Electrocute off using a Charm combo, but there are ways to do it without landing Charm. If your lane opponent is standing behind minions you can walk up and hit them with an AA followed by your Fox-Fire and Orb of Deception.
This isn't really that good on Ahri unless you're smurfing super hard. It requires her to get a lot of stacks to match Electrocute's power and it isn't really good until late game, which is when Ahri falls off.
This is the fun Ahri rune. This has little practical use in competitive but if you just want to mess around in a game then Predator Ahri with Relentless Hunter and Celerity is really fun and allows Ahri to become insane at kiting.
While this is a decent rune on Ahri for Electrocute, its effect is not as good as Sudden Impact because you can only activate the effect off of your Charm with your standard build. This is the rune you would use with Glacial Augment because you can activate the effect easily by simply auto attacking and using your core items.
This is the best rune to use on Ahri when not going Glacial Augment because it gives a burst of magic penetration which is guaranteed as long as you ult. However, Cheap Shot is not a bad choice for Electrocute if that is what you prefer.
No reason to take this rune since Ahri doesn't need any extra lane sustain when she has her passive Essence Theft.
This is the rune that I personally like to take on Ahri, but if you do not play aggressively for kills and/or roam a lot then other runes might be better for you.

This is the best rune to take if you do not want to play for kills. The rune gives you AP if your wards live long enough to expire so in some situations it is easier to stack than Eyeball Collection. With the returning nerf to Eyeball Collection, this may be a better choice. It takes a while to get to 20 stacks because you only get 1 stack per assist and 2 per kill. The reason why we still took Eyeball Collection when it had 20 stacks before was because the two other runes were worse and you could get stacks from killing wards. Now that you can only get stacks from champion kills (and assists) it is slower to stack Eyeball Collection, but Ghost Poro only requires you to place wards that expire, OR spot enemies with the wards. You only need to place 5 wards to get max stacks if enemies walk over each one. Take this rune now if you don't think you'll get a lot of early kills. Dude when will they make up their mind about Eyeball Collection?...
This one is way too unreliable to take on Ahri because it relies on you finding and destroying enemy wards. This is the worst of the three rune choices for Ahri.
For some reason this is the rune I see recommended the most in Ahri guides but it is the worst for her. She does not need the healing granted by Ravenous Hunter and all the the other hunter runes are better. The above tip still holds true for NA players since the meta here is focused on constant forced teamfights. If you are a much higher elo or in a more strategic region however, this rune is sometimes a better choice for you than Ultimate Hunter is.
This rune isn't very useful for Electrocute builds but it is god tier for Glacial Augment. The rune allows for Ahri to spam her Everfrost and Twin Shadows way more often, which gives her team the advantage in fights.
This is a decent rune for an Ahri who likes to roam a lot, and is the rune you will take if you are running Predator.
This is the best hunter rune for Ahri by far. While in Glacial Augment builds you will want Ingenious Hunter for the teamfight power, Ultimate Hunter is insane on Ahri. It gets her ultimate Spirit Rush down to a 36 second cooldown late game, which is ridiculous. This is the hunter rune I take every game when not running Glacial Augment. Now with the addition of the new Cloud Drake, you can get an additional 40% CDR on your ultimate. If you get all 4 Cloud Drakes, you will get your ultimate cooldown down to 22 SECONDS. This is such a low cooldown that getting Cloud should be a priority for your team now.

Sorcery (Secondary Tree)

A decent rune for Ahri to take in this tree, but severely harms her ability to stay in lane early because of how mana hungry she is. Only take this if against an AP assassin you aren't confident into (like LeBlanc or Fizz).
This is the better option for Ahri's secondary rune page in my opinion because it helps deal with one of her weaknesses, which is how mana hungry she is. I take this rune every time I go Electrocute because it is so good for Ahri.
The Koreans seem to be taking this rune a lot and I guess I can see why. It gives a movement speed buff to what is already a very powerful mobility ability. I do not like this rune (except for on Predator) though because although it can be useful in some situations, Manaflow Band is better. I also have found that for some reason Ahri's ultimate is glitched with Nimbus Cloak, and it will randomly activate the rune at times when her ult is on cooldown.
It's actually so bad now. Don't take this. You do not need the movement speed from summoner spells.
This is the other rune I take for Ahri's secondary tree. Ahri really needs to cut the cooldown of her only cc Charm down and she doesn't build much cdr after Luden's Tempest aside from Zhonya's Hourglass. This rune gives her free cooldown reduction at level 10 which is invaluable to Ahri. If you have more cdr than you're able to use then Transcendence also gives you a little bit of AP to make up for the unused cdr.
The only reason you should take this rune is if you are going Predator Ahri because otherwise this rune is useless to her.
This rune isn't absolutely terrible on Ahri but you aren't a pure assassin so you don't need to get every bit of damage possible on an enemy at every opportunity. You're better off taking one of the other two runes.
These three aren't good on Ahri because she doesn't need extra poke from Scorch, Waterwalking just sucks, and Ahri doesn't scale well so Gathering Storm isn't that good on her (except for in this build.)

Glacial Augment Build

This is the other build for Ahri that is actually viable. The concept of Glacial Augment is that you sacrifice a chunk of your burst in order to be a much stronger teamfighter, as well as more of a team player in general. Your auto attacks slow by a small percentage, and items that slow as part of their passive drop a decently sized field of ice under enemies that slows them a LOT. When you are in a teamfight spray enemies with your Everfrost to do a little damage as well as creating a large area that enemies are slowed down in. This alone makes enemies way easier to kite and pin down, and using Twin Shadows for vision and picking enemies off is a nice bonus. Glacial Augment is best used when your team is already damage heavy (like Pantheon jungle and Akali top), and your team doesn't really need any more AP damage, but needs a way to engage onto enemies.
Don't take this rune. I would only ever take this on Ahri if I was playing support.
The rune choices in this section aren't all that great compared to the others, and for Ahri only two of them are good. Magical Footwear is what you want to go in a majority of matchups because they're free boots. If you feel threatened by an enemy one shotting you and you don't think you can fully build against them (like a Katarina or a Fizz) then going Perfect Timing is also a good option.
Only take this into assassins you aren't sure you can survive against. It is a good rune alternative to Magical Footwear in this specific situation.
It isn't a terrible rune, but Minion Dematerializer and Biscuit Delivery are just better for Ahri. Don't take this.
This rune is actually insane on Ahri but nobody really knows how to use it. Most people I see that take this only take it because of the build on and use it to secure the cannon minion. Take Minion Dematerializer on her and use all three of them on caster minions. At level 7, if you have used all three of the dematerializers on casters, have a Doran's Ring, and two Amplifying Tomes you can one shot the backline minions with one Q.
A good alternative to Minion Dematerializer, but if you can manage your mana in lane properly then this rune isn't as necessary.
The only reason you would ever not take this rune when you're playing Glacial Ahri is if you wanted to take Time Warp Tonic instead (which honestly this rune is much better than). This rune actually gives 5% EXTRA max CDR which is incredible on its own, but it also gives you 5% CDR on items and summoner spells as well. Always take this rune with Glacial.
Yeah no, moving faster towards who you are killing doesn't really help you in most situations.
Decent alternative to Cosmic Insight if you're still unsure about an assassin matchup after taking Perfect Timing. Remember that taking this makes you miss out on the CDR you get from Cosmic Insight
Summoner Spells
Green = Best|Blue = Good/Decent|Red = Highly Situational/Bad|Purple = Updates


What really is there to say about this summoner spell? There is a reason why 142/146 champions in League take Flash consistently. Always take this summoner spell, it is your bread and butter for escaping, chasing, Flash Charming, and dying level 2 because you accidentally flashed in spawn. There is no reason to not take Flash on Ahri.


This is the summoner spell you should take alongside Flash into like 95% of your matchups. Ahri does not have enough damage to kill someone with a single spell rotation, and Ignite is the solution to this problem. It does more true damage the higher level you are, and the Grievous Wounds it applies helps burn through potions your enemy might try to use to survive. I take this spell even in matchups where I do not have kill pressure because it is still usable for the enemy ADC and their Heal.


This spell is fully matchup dependent. It is taken to negate enemy cc, but don't take this just because you're laning against a Twisted Fate. If that Twisted Fate has an Elise or Sejuani jungle however, then it might be time to pick up this spell over Ignite. Basically what I'm saying is that you should only take Cleanse if you're going up against a laner with unavoidable cc that combos into a jungler's cc. It is important to note that you cannot use Cleanse on abilities that Suppress you or knock you Airborne, so do not take this spell into Malzahar or Yasuo.
I also wanted to bring up one last time where you might want this, and that is when you are laning into Cassiopeia. If you aren't confident into that matchup (or because Cassio is so strong right now and annoying to deal with) then Cleanse is a good way to remove her ult stun and hopefully her poison as well.


I don't take this spell personally, and if you are good at Ahri then you are better off with Ignite, but if you are newer to the champion then Barrier can be a nice pick into hard hitting assassins like Talon and Zed. It is very easy to bypass the shield on this spell, and you sacrifice a lot of kill potential in lane without Ignite.


Yeah don't take this summoner spell. It makes no sense to take this over Barrier since most midlaners take Ignite, and you really shouldn't even take barrier in the first place. Avoid this spell.


While being able to teleport anywhere on the map is incredibly powerful in a game like League, Ahri isn't someone who can use Teleport. Again she doesn't have enough damage in her kit without Ignite, she doesn't have a good enough late game for it, and she isn't an amazing split pusher either.


So this spell could be used into assassin matchups like Talon, but Exhaust lasts for such a short duration that any good player will just time their damage to happen after it wears off. The other summoner spells are better options.


Alright so while the other spells in red were coded that way for being "bad" spells. Ghost is a special case in that it is more situational than bad. One thing needs to be made clear though: DO NOT TAKE Ghost IN SERIOUS BUILDS. The only reason for taking this spell is if you are playing with the Predator movement speed build. If you are a fun guy like that then take Ghost alongside Nimbus Cloak to go super fast.

Starting Items

Green = Required/Always Good, Yellow = Optional/Situational, and Red = Highly Situational/Not Recommended.

Doran's Ring

This is the standard starting item for most mages, including Ahri. Doran's Ring gives HP, AP, mana regen, and additional damage to minions to make CSing easier. Take this item and two Health Potions into matchups where you are either evenly matched or you won't need to heal as much in the laning phase.

Corrupting Potion

This is still a good starting item but it doesn't give you the passive mana regen, minion damage, AP, or HP that Doran's Ring does. This is what you should take in matchups where you will either get bursted down early (like against Talon), or against matchups where you will get poked down hard (like Brand or Xerath).

The Dark Seal

Dark Seal isn't nearly as good of a starting item as it used to be. There is not really a matchup where you would take this as your first item because its only benefit in laning phase is outclassed by the Corrupting Potion start. This is only taken when smurfing or an early-mid game item when you are fed and want to take advantage of your lead.

Early Items

Lost Chapter

This is the standard first back item and is best in most situations. Always buy this item on first back if you can afford it unless you are against an AD threat like Talon or Zed. This item gives crucial mana regen for Ahri as well as some decent damage. If you can't afford this item fully then prioritize your builds based on your rune setup. When running Electrocute prioritize Boots and Amplifying Tomes. When running Glacial Augment prioritize the Sapphire Crystal and then your Amplifying Tomes because Ahri has worse mana problems without Manaflow Band.

Seeker's Armguard

Always take this item first against Talon and Zed even if you are ahead. It neuters their damage heavily, especially Talon's. It gives a little bit of AP as well so you don't lose a ton of damage. If you can't afford the full item, prioritize getting two Cloth Armors and then boots.

Boots of Speed

This item is so invaluable to every champion. You should buy this item early on because it allows you to kite better and rotate faster. For only 300 gold you get a lot of utility that lasts the whole game.

Control Wards

When high elo players say wards win games, they are dead serious. If you know where every enemy is on the map, you know what plays you can make and what plays you can't make. If the enemy doesn't know where your team is, then they are forced to play safer and give up objectives. Buy this item every opportunity you have because you can use it to deny your enemy laner vision in the side brushes. This makes them easier to gank and creates paranoia when you are missing in lane. Ahri also is very good at utilizing Control Wards to hide in a brush and ambush enemies.

Core Items (Electrocute)

Rod of Ages

... ? Right here

Luden's Echo

Ahri's core item and the one she will build every game when going Electrocute. It gives her a ton of mana, AP, and a passive that makes your already amazing waveclear even better. Luden's Tempest is a ridiculous item and an amazing start for most mage champions, including Ahri.


This item is a good second item for Ahri because it gives her health and magic penetration. Usually you don't build the full item immediately and instead just buy the Oblivion Orb for the magic pen and health. If the enemy team has champions who heal a lot such as Vladimir or Dr. Mundo then you should fully build this as your second item. Keep in mind that this is just the generic second item for Ahri, and that there are many other items that are better to get since Oblivion Orb and Morellonomicon are relatively weak compared to other items around its price such as Zhonya's Hourglass and Twin Shadows.

Sorcerer's Shoes

This item is usually bought either before your first item or right afterwards. Sorcerer's Shoes give more movement speed and some magic penetration, which Ahri needs both of. This is almost always the boot upgrade you want to go for because it allows Ahri to do her damage more easily.

Twin Shadows

This may seem like a weird item to put in Core Items, and it really is more situational than required, but it is so important that I have to put it here. Be ready, this is a long and information filled description.

Twin Shadows has multiple purposes and uses. Before a fight even happens, you can activate it to hunt down and spot two nearby enemies. If one of these is a priority target you are able to pick them off and possibly stop a teamfight from happening altogether. Its other unique use is vision in dangerous areas. If you believe that the enemy team is doing Baron and none of you are able to safely get vision without fully committing, you can just use Twin Shadows to see if there are enemies on Baron.

This may not sound worth it if you want to be the one shotting assassin wet dream of an Ahri but the specific times to buy it show its true power. Other than what I already went over, it has uses in fighting certain champions that can be annoying to deal with. Champions such as Twitch, Evelynn, Shaco, and Rengar while ulting all are dangerous with their invisibility, but Twin Shadows if popped at the right time will reveal and slow them. This is essential to buy when playing against these champions in competitive. Other champions this is a good buy against include an ult happy Malphite, strong AD assassins like Talon, Zed, and Qiyana (but only after you buy Zhonya's Hourglass), and LeBlanc since when she has the true sight icon only the real LeBlanc has it while her passive clone won't. It may delay a lot of your damage, but it has insane utility at all points in the game.

Rabadon's Deathcap

A mage's best friend for deleting enemy champions from the game. This will most likely be your biggest power spike and is typically bought as a third item when you don't need to build defensive. While it doesn't give any CDR, it gives a flat 120 AP as well as a 40% increase to your already existing AP. Don't build this as your second item because it will not be as effective and is much less cost efficient. Make sure that you only build this item third if the enemy team is not building Magic Resist and you are not in danger of being killed before you can get your damage out.

Zhonya's Hourglass

This is the item you will go if the enemies have an AD threat that is able to one shot you (like Zed or Talon) OR if the enemy has a champion that has an unavoidable ability that will kill you (like Syndra or Veigar). While it may seem strange to build Zhonya's Hourglass against AP champions there is a purpose. Syndra and Veigar have unavoidable ults and building MR isn't guaranteed to stop those ults since Banshee's Veil just makes you a little tankier against them. This item will typically be the second item you build if the enemies are threatening enough, and gives a nice bit of CDR in addition to its amazing active effect.

Ninja Tabi

This item is a VERY situational buy because Sorcerer's Shoes will usually serve you better. If you are against more than one AD threat or if there is one that is killing you easily this might be the item to build. This item should be built before Lost Chapter if at all. Keep in mind that this isn't the only counter to AD, and Seeker's Armguard works better and doesn't sacrifice the magic pen that Sorcerer's Shoes give.

Mercury's Treads

This item is built a little more than Ninja Tabi because there isn't an AP equivalent to Seeker's Armguard in the early game. This will be built if the enemy is something like a fed LeBlanc that can delete you before you can react, or if the enemy's CC is too much to deal with like Morgana. Building this early also will allow you to trade better against champions like Malzahar who won't deal as much damage to you anymore in addition to reducing the duration of his silence.

Core Items (Glacial)

Hextech GLP

This is your bread and butter for Glacial Augment builds. It gives you AP, a ton of mana, CDR, and an insane active effect. Without the active this is just a slightly less powerful version of Luden's Tempest, and is built with similar items. The main reason for choosing this item in your build as the first item is because of how powerful it is when fighting. Everfrost's active effect shoots an arc of ice in a semi-circle where it is aimed. The ice will deal decent magic damage to enemies and slow them by 65% for 2 seconds. This is good on its own but this item stacks with Glacial Augment. When an enemy is hit by the active of Everfrost they will be slowed by 65% for 2 seconds and at the same time will be slowed by 60% for 5 seconds because of a field of ice that drops under all enemies hit by the active. In teamfights you will basically slow enemies to a standstill while your allies easily pick them off. Always build this item first unless you need to buy Zhonya's Hourglass.

Twin Shadows

This is the second or third item you will build when running Glacial Augment. Buy this item third if you need to purchase Zhonya's Hourglass as your second item. This isn't as powerful as Everfrost in fights but it has insane utility at all points in the game. Explained in more detail above.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Same thing as above.

Situational Items

Void Staff

I put this item in the "Situational Items" section but this is almost always good to build. If an enemy starts building any MR, (and they typically do) then Void Staff will nearly cut the enemy's MR in half while also giving you some extra AP. This item is also only 2650 gold, which is cheaper than every full MR item in the game. Build this item as your third if enemies start to build MR or as your fourth if they are not. It is never a bad idea to get Void Staff in your core build.


This is a damage item that is never really built early on. Ahri has better items to build early and this is used as an extra AP boost at the end of the game when you don't need any more utility items like Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil. This is the best item for stacking AP since it gives the base AP of Rabadon's Deathcap while costing 700 gold less. The tradeoff is that this item only has use as a damage item since it has no other effects (except for a small speed boost but it is pretty insignificant). Build this as your 5th or 6th item.

Mejai's Soulstealer

This is a very situational item that you will only build if you know you can get a lot of kills without dying. It is a relatively cheap item at only 1400 gold, and is built from Dark Seal. Never build this in a serious game unless you are absolutely demolishing the enemies and know you will continue to do so.

Liandry's Torment

This item is also very rarely built on Ahri and looks very out of place in her builds. This item is best used to fight fed tanks since its passive lets you do more damage in extended fights. If the tanks are dangerous because of their high MR stat then buy Void Staff before this item, but if they just have a lot of health you should build Liandry's Anguish first.

Banshee's Veil

This is probably the second most common defensive item in Ahri's build. It allows you to tank much more damage from enemy AP assassins like LeBlanc or burst mages like Syndra while giving some AP and CDR as well. This isn't required against every mage, but if they get fed then this is a good second or third item to build.

Quicksilver Sash

This item is absolutely invaluable against specific enemies because of its active. Being able to instantly cleanse any effect can completely neuter enemies who have their entire kits revolving around that effect. This item should be built against Malzahar, Mordekaiser, Lissandra, and Skarner. When you build the item depends on the champion you are fighting. Typically you will want to built Quicksilver Sash against Malzahar and Lissandra as your second item, and build it as your third/fourth item against Mordekaiser and Skarner depending on how fed they are/if you are a priority target.

Hextech Protobelt

I personally do not like building this item on Ahri but it isn't a terrible item on her. It isn't built for waveclear since you already have decent waveclear in your kit, but it has its uses for skirmishes. Hextech Rocketbelt gives you an additional small dash for catching enemies while dealing some decent poke damage. Build this item early on if you want to have a little more mobility but keep in mind that you won't get any mana or mana regen from this item if you build it as your first.

Hextech Gunblade

This may seem like a weird item for Ahri to build since she has no AD scalings but it is useful to her because of its active effect. When you use it on an enemy they are slowed by 40% for 2 seconds and take a small chunk of magic damage. Other than being useful as a finisher on enemies, you can use Hextech Gunblade to slow an enemy for an easy charm. Despite this you are better off building something like Morellonomicon or Zhonya's Hourglass in a real game, and you should only build Hextech Gunblade for fun.

Archangel's Staff

This is basically never built on Ahri when playing Summoner's Rift. If you know the game will go into the late game then this item is possibly a decent item. This item gives you more AP overall in the late game than other builds but the problem is that it doesn't have synergy with Ahri since she falls off. You are sacrificing a lot of strength in the mid game in return for a better late game, so it's just not worth it. Only build this item when playing ARAM or URF since there isn't a downside to building it in those modes.
Tips and Tricks


(This is assuming you are running Electrocute)

Trading Combo #1

AA > > >
This is the combo you will use in lane when the enemy laner is hiding behind minions and your Electrocute is up. You can use Orb of Deception before your Fox-Fire if you want, but you have to make sure to use your auto attack before pressing W or the Fox-Fire flames will fly in random directions at minions. This combo should chunk out the enemy quite a bit and is hard to react to because it happens so fast.

Trading Combo #2

AA > > AA >
This is only really used level 1, and it is to get Electrocute off and pressure early. There is not much point to this combo though because your level 1 Orb of Deception is garbage and will barely do any damage. Don't take this warning of how bad her level 1 Q is lightly. It does a whopping 89 total damage (math here). You are actually better off just auto attacking the enemy if you don't activate Electrocute.

Trading Combo Against Pure Melee

AA > AA > AA > > > > AA
This is a very tricky combo to pull off but by far is the most powerful without using Charm. I ONLY recommend doing this against melee champions such as Yasuo, Akali, and Katarina who cannot really retaliate back properly. DO NOT do this against a good Talon or Zed who can punish you with their much stronger combos while you are autoing them. The concept is that you auto attack the enemy 3 times and then as soon as your third auto is in progress you immediately use your Fox-Fire since it doesn't cancel auto attacks, and then after your auto finishes throw your Orb of Deception out to finish the combo. You should back up immediately after your Orb of Deception is thrown out to move away from any trading back the enemy tries to do, and to lose minion aggro. Keep in mind that Yasuo can windwall your attacks and Akali can become untargettable to your autos and Fox-Fire. This trade is ridiculously strong in both damage and how effective it is, since Ahri can do this full combo through minions. If you somehow managed to get Charm off right before your third auto and do the combo, immediately pop Ignite and go for the kill because the enemy is as good as dead. Keep in mind though that ranged champions such as Azir and Viktor can just trade back no problem, so this is only good against champions you outrange and who can't retaliate. Example below

Vs Melee Trade Combo

Chunking/All in Combo

> > > > AA
This is the combo everybody thinks about when they think " Ahri Combo." You will absolutely chunk anyone (without MR) that gets hit by this combo to around 40-50% of their health. If the enemy laner is at 60% health or lower and they haven't built MR then this combo will kill if you add Ignite and a lot of auto attacks. For the combo itself, you need to land your Charm and then follow it up with Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire. Since Fox-Fire doesn't have a channeling animation you should activate it right as the Charm lands and your Orb of Deception has been thrown out. Auto attack the enemy as much as possible while they are charmed and if they are low enough you should go for the Ignite and continue auto attacking.

All in Combo + Flash

> > > > > AA
This is the same concept as the above combo except it is absolutely your all in combo and can't be used for a simple trade. The point of using Flash is to give your lane opponent no time to react to it. I have a video with an accompanying tutorial on how to perform a Flash Charm below.

Flash Charming

As you can see in the video, you can use Flash to get a longer range Charm that is hard to react to. The order that you use the abilities matters a lot. If you use your Flash before starting Charm you will not be able to get the full use out of this trick because your Charm won't reach as far and enemies will have much longer to react. When going for a Flash Charm you need to do as it says in the video. Position your cursor over the enemy you want to target, start the channel of Charm, and then use Flash.

All in/Assassin Combo

> > > > > AA >
Despite how confusing and complex this combo looks, it is actually very simplistic and easy to pull off. The combo starts off with using your ultimate, Spirit Rush to position yourself in an open area with your target, you then follow it up with a Charm (be aware that your ultimate will not let you use your Q or E for a short time after each dash so there is a delay). When Charm lands, you throw out your Orb of Deception and then ult again for some extra damage. At the same time as you are using your second dash you should activate Fox-Fire on the enemy. Auto attack the enemy as much as possible and use the last charge of your ult to put in even more damage. Use this combo if you are SURE you can kill the enemy laner or to pick off the enemy ADC. After your ult goes down you are much easier to pin down and kill because you have lost all mobility.

Alternative All in/Assassin Combo

> > > > > AA >
This is the exact same combo as the last except for one change. You will want to use this combo on enemies who have Banshee's Veil or enemies like Malzahar and Sivir who have spellshields. When a Sivir sees an Ahri dash at her she expects you to throw Charm first and will go for the spellshield. However, since you are a clever fox and read this combo section you will be able to destroy the spellshield and land your Charm and the kill.

All in/Assassin Combo + Flash

> > > > > > AA >
Again the exact same as the Assassin combo but this time you are also utilizing the Flash Charm mechanic. You will need to throw Charm as soon as you can during your Spirit Rush and then use Flash when your Charm starts its channel. There is a visual representation of this below.

Ult Flash Charming

Same concept as the Flash Charm but you ult before you throw Charm. This is rarely going to be used in a game but you can use it to pick off an enemy squishy that is hard for your team to reach. This is very hard to pull off properly but it looks really good when you do.

Helpful Tips

The tips below are some general tips on macro and microplay with Ahri.


Only use auto attacks on the wave level 1 and 2. Use your abilities to poke enemies rather than getting CS. Until level 4 your Orb of Deception literally does less than 70 total damage if both parts hit. Don't push early on in most matchups, it is better to attempt to set up a freeze. Freezing in front of tower will allow you to safely get minions under tower while forcing the enemy laner to push up for cs, which puts them in danger of being ganked or being hit by a Charm directly in front of your tower. Try not to use your abilities on the wave too often, but it is ok to use Fox-Fire to secure cannon minions. When you need to quickly clear a wave to rotate, throw your Q out and use your W to get as much as you can before rotating.
This is specifically a tip vs Anivia: Try your best to get at least a Sapphire Crystal before Anivia hits 6 and try to have stacked either Manaflow Band or Minion Dematerializer as much as possible. Give her room to clear your wave with her ult while keeping out of it, but don't let it crash into tower. After she disperses her ult immediately use your abilities to clear the wave and then back up. You can't outpush Anivia so you're basically her ***** for the rest of the lane if you didn't already get a lead.


This section will not tell you how to get generic kills, that is what the Combo section is for. This section is for specific circumstances you will run into either when getting a kill or immediately afterwards.
Against Anivia: If somehow you manage to land a kill on Anivia but she has passive up, you will have to quickly decide on your next course of action. If you just used your full combo on her and she is near her tower or her jungler is on the way, back away. If you used full combo but you are not in immediate danger, you should auto attack her and use abilities when they come back up. If she goes down under tower but you are getting ganked, you can risk going for the kill still. Either use your range to safely auto the egg as much as possible, or wait until she revives and immediately Charm her towards you.
Against Cleanse: If you somehow pop their Cleanse with just your Charm then don't worry about this section. Just disengage and go in on the next opportunity. If the person keeps it after receiving your full combo there is only one thing that they can be doing. They are waiting for you to Ignite them to Cleanse it. In this situation they will most likely for some reason still play aggressive and won't back up as much as a normal person would. To get around this just get them low enough to kill them with either the first tick of Ignite or just kill them with auto attacks.


Ahri is great at roaming and can easily assist in securing scuttle because of the pressure from her Charm. Always rotate to assist your jungler and look for roams in bot and top to get them ahead. Keep your gank paths cleared of enemy vision so that you cannot be called out by the enemy team. Sometimes you can create pressure by simply hiding behind the wall next to brush to cause your enemy to ping you missing and give your bot or top some breathing room if they are under pressure.


When it comes to teamfighting, Ahri can play four different defined roles depending on her rune setup. She is able to play the teamfight as either a backline diving assassin, frontline burst mage, engage, or as someone who locks down the entire enemy team with cc.

Backline Assassin

When you are running Electrocute you can play the backline assassin the best, but Glacial Augment isn't terrible for it. With Glacial Augment you can use your Twin Shadows to detect and slow an enemy and then ult onto them while using Everfrost to slow and damage them, and then kill them. When you decide to take on this role your job is to get into the backline and kill a priority squishy target, or at least take them out of the fight and then get out. Because of your high mobility ult you can easily access the backline, and then the only difficulty from there is making it through the enemy peel and reaching the target. An example can be seen below.

Burst Mage

You can play this role with either rune setup, when you either don't need to dive the backline or you are unable to (like if your ult is down). The point of this role for Ahri is just to try and deal as much damage as possible to enemies in front of her, prioritizing enemy squishies. Remember that you can't do any damage for a few seconds after you full combo somebody, and so you should get behind your frontline until your abilities are back up. Keep in mind that you don't have as much mana as burst mages who are specialized for the role, so you can't fight for very long before running out.


Ahri can play this role well, but obviously a dedicated engage such as Thresh will always outperform her. You don't have to actively try and be the engage for your team though, since honestly you should always be ready to engage an enemy squishy if the opportunity presents itself. Any time you get the chance, go for a Charm on a priority target and either ping the enemy or (if in a voice chat) yell that you Charmed the target. If done successfully, your team will immediately delete the enemy from existence. Ahri is able to play the role of engage because her Charm makes enemies walk towards her, which is towards her team.

CC Lockdown

This is only really a role you can play if you are running Glacial Augment since your only cc without the Glacial items is your Charm. When you have Everfrost you can slow the enemy team heavily for 5 seconds, making them easy pickings for your team. When a fight is just about to break out you simply need to pop Twin Shadows and Everfrost to cripple the enemies and give your team the advantage. After you use your items you still have the ability to Charm a priority target, but now that target is also slowed immensely and his team can't reach them to peel.


Ahri is a decent objective taker, but not really anything special. When it comes to splitpushing she has the pushing power and escape potential to safely do it, and she can help her jungler take scuttle and rift herald easily. This is about where it ends though, because Ahri is awful at taking dragons and Baron. She can clear the vision for them and protect them from enemies, but she does very little damage to the objectives themselves. (As of patch 9.23) In Season 10 the dragons are going to be insanely important now, and you should always help your team secure them. Ahri is better for teamfighting so unless your team is ahead enough to not need you in fights, you should stick with them. Only splitpush when your team doesn't need you and you are strong enough to get away. Always roam to help your jungler when they need it and put vision in areas where you are going to contest.
Adding to the point about dragon importance, they are also much easier to secure now. If you see the enemy jungler topside and your jungler is near the botside, immediately hard push your lane. After the wave is about to push, ping your jungler and run to the dragon. It is hard for enemies to contest the first two dragons if they get there after you since their health has been slashed to a much lower value. Also keep constant vision in the dragon pit when dragon is about to spawn.

And that's all I really have to teach! I put an insane amount of time and effort into this guide so please do upvote it or give me advice on how to improve it. Thank you for reading this Ahri Guide. I'll respond to any questions or comments you might have, so please don't be afraid to ask. Good luck with playing our favorite Fox, and have fun!

Don't stop reading here, there is a new build below!

Rough Estimate of hours spent on this guide: 86!
An Alternate Build?

The Game Changer

No I am not joking, and no this isn't a build for messing around. The entire Ahri main community has been sleeping on this item because of how the item works. We basically thought "Well you lose out on early waveclear and damage and Ahri doesn't scale." What we didn't consider however, is the fact that what you lose in early waveclear you get back in more power overall, more mana, and TANKINESS.
I went against a Plat 1 player who rushed Rod of Ages first against my Talon. I was thinking that this Ahri was dumb and would now be less of a threat to me, but I was wrong. She still did significant damage, and now she also wasn't able to be one shot by me. I was speechless after we lost, and hopped into a new game to test out this build. Over the next five games played, I went 56/29/43 in total.

How do you do it?

The most powerful thing about this build is that you can actually do it into (nearly) ANY matchup and you don't have to change your rush item. You will ALWAYS rush Catalyst of Aeons into your full Rod of Ages (which by the way, is literally only 2600 gold making it only 100 gold more than Hextech Rocketbelt). After you get your ROA at probably around 8-10 minutes, it will passively stack while you get your other items. You are now tanky and have no more mana problems in lane. After ROA you get either Luden's Tempest or Zhonya's Hourglass depending on the matchup. You then build as you normally would on Ahri. With fully stacked ROA and Morellonomicon you get +800 HP, making you a tanky assassin.


Take the runes above if you are confident in your Ahri ability. Gathering Storm is the only change made here to your standard rune page, or maybe you also will change Ghost Poro from Eyeball Collection. You will not have as much kill pressure early as normal, so Ghost Poro is advised. Gathering Storm allows you to scale even harder in the late game and with this new build you actually can survive and thrive in that part of the game.
If you are not confident in your Ahri however, take Manaflow Band instead of Gathering Storm. This will make your late game weaker, but you'll get more mana early.

I need to make an important note about a few situations where you DO NOT want to get ROA. If you are against someone who will constantly hard shove the lane relatively early, hard scaling champs with weak early games, or you are taking Glacial Augment do not take ROA. Do not rush Rod of Ages against these champions: Anivia, Kassadin, Viktor, Vladimir, Swain, Veigar, or Vayne. All of these champions are either able to hard outpush you, need to be abused early to delay their power spike, or in Vayne's case she just doesn't care about your extra health since she does true damage based on your max health.

I've never seen anyone big doing this build or even suggesting it before, so I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention. Please do not sleep on this itemization, it will win you many more games, and Riot might nerf Rod of Ages back in the future. Now climb!

Credit to the inspiration of this build goes to fryguyfern
Change Log
Green + means Addition|Yellow * means Update/Adjustment|Red - means Removal
Purple colored Patch is the current one!

Patch 10.12

June 20th, 2020

! Ahri has still yet to receive any changes or anything that indirectly affects her (even though she really needs them now.) I will no longer be updating the change log until some major change comes that affects her.

Patch 10.10

May 19th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.10
*Updated mastery points in "Introduction" section to 430k
!No major changes in 10.10 that affect Ahri so not many changes to the guide going out (Most changes in mid were small numbers adjustments that barely affect her at all)

Patch 10.9

May 4th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.9
!No major changes in 10.9 that affect Ahri so not many changes to the guide going out (yeah, again)

Patch 10.8

April 15th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.8
!No major changes in 10.8 that affect Ahri so not many changes to the guide going out today

Patch 10.7

April 14th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.7
*Updated Talon matchup with 10.7 information

Patch 10.6

March 27th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.6
*Increased Wukong matchup difficulty to 4 (from 1)
*Changed Wukong matchup description because of rework

Patch 10.5

March 7th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.5
*Updated mastery points in "Introduction" section to 420k

Patch 10.4

February 21st, 2020

*Updated title to 10.4

Patch 10.3

February 14th, 2020

*Updated mastery points in "Introduction" section to 410k

February 6th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.3
*Lowered Akali matchup difficulty to 3 (from 4)
*Updated Akali matchup with 10.3 information

Patch 10.2

January 25th, 2020

*Updated title to 10.2
*Updated mastery points to 400k in "Introduction" section

Patch 10.1

January 20th, 2020

*Updated mastery points to 390k in "Introduction" section

January 10th, 2020

+Added note about Flash to Syndra matchup
+Added information about Ahri's Jack of All Trades status to the "Introduction" section

January 8th, 2020

+Added note about Aurelion Sol's roaming potential in his matchup
-Removed "New Build Discovered!" from title since it isn't new anymore
*Completely changed Sylas matchup description to adjust for new 10.1 changes
*Updated title to 10.1
*Fixed color issue with Ghost Poro description in "Runes" section
*Fixed spacing issue in Ghost Poro description in "Runes" section

Patch 9.24b

January 7th, 2020

*Lowered Heimerdinger matchup difficulty to 3 (from 4)
*Updated Heimerdinger matchup with 9.24b information

December 23rd, 2019

*Changed Ghost Poro description in "Runes" section because Riot changed Eyeball Collection again...

December 19th, 2019

+Added small blurb to Doran's Ring start about the AP it gives
+Added small blurb to Corrupting Potion start about the lack of AP it gives
*Updated mastery points in "Introduction" section
*Updated title to current patch
!No major changes in 9.24b that affect Ahri so not many changes to the guide going out today

Patch 9.24

December 16th, 2019

+Added times when not to rush Rod of Ages to the "A New Build?" section
+Credited the person who inspired the ROA build in the "A New Build?" section
+Added cooldown information and Charm interaction to Diana matchup
*Increased Diana matchup difficulty to 5 (from 4)
*Updated Gathering Storm with new ROA build in "Runes" section

December 11th, 2019

+Added new 9.24 Diana matchup information
-Removed 9.23 Diana matchup information
*Updated title to [9.24]

Patch 9.23

December 11th, 2019

+Added the New Build to the Items section in the build segment of the guide
+Preemptively added Patch 9.24 Title to "Change Log" section in preparation for the new changes
*Fixed color code for "Change Log" section
!Not many changes going in today in preparation for the new patch and its changes. Won't make any major changes until I can see the effects of patch 9.24

December 10th, 2019

Major Update

+Added an insane new build section below the "Conclusion" section
+Added redirect to new build in "Table of Contents" section
+Added redirect to new build in "Introduction" section
+Added redirect to new build in "Conclusion" section
+Added Rod of Ages redirect to new build in "Items" section
+Added Rod of Ages to first build section
+Added (Newly Discovered Build!) to title
*Updated mastery points in "Introduction" section because of massive Ahri session

December 9th, 2019

+Added note about new possible Eyeball Collection replacement in first Rune section
+Added more information to Fizz matchup to try and show how hard of a matchup he actually is
+Added large 9.23 note to Ghost Poro description in "Runes" section
*Changed Ghost Poro recommendation to Best from Good/Decent

December 6th, 2019

+Added Electrocute icon to Combo #1 in Combos segment of "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added Electrocute icon to Combo #2 in Combos segment of "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added Electrocute icon to Combo vs Melee in Combos segment of "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added Electrocute icon to All in Combo in Combos segment of "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added Electrocute icon to Flash Combo in Combos segment of "Tips and Tricks" section
?These combos had Electrocute added to them to portray the importance of its damage in the combos
+Added extra information to Control Ward in "Items" section
*Moved Discord invite to "Introduction" section from "Conclusion" section
*Changed text color of Discord invite to look more friendly and easy on the eyes

December 5th, 2019

+Added what is basically a thesis statement to the "Introduction" section on what my goal is for the guide
+Added link to Ahri in Your Area to reach wider Ahri main audience (Yeah I ripped it straight from Rockito's Guide) :P
+Added another tip regarding dragons to the Objectives part of the "Tips and Tricks" section
*Spaced out the vs Anivia tip in "Tips and Tricks" CSing section
*Grammar fixes in vs Anivia tip in "Tips and Tricks" CSing section
*Spaced out tip for Cleanse description in "Summoner Spells" section
*Fixed name of "Summoner Spells" title (Previously named "Spells")

December 4th, 2019

+Added "Summoner Spells" section (Wow seriously? Took me that long to add?!?)
+Added Flash to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Ignite to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Cleanse to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Barrier to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Heal to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Teleport to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Exhaust to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added Ghost to "Summoner Spells" section
+Added beg for upvotes to "Conclusion" section
*Grammar fixes in Predator recommendation

December 3rd, 2019

+Gave specific damage numbers for Orb of Deception to make a point in "Abilities" section
+Added math to prove lvl 1 Orb of Deception damage in "Abilities" section
+Filled in space below "Helpful Tips" in "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added "Kills" advice to "Tips and Tricks" section
*Fixed color of color code in "Runes" section
*Slight visual change in the Orb of Deception part of the "Abilities" section
*Changed wording of skin related con in "Pros and Cons" section

December 2nd, 2019

+Increased Akali difficulty to 4 (from 2) and added new Conqueror details
+Increased Heimerdinger difficulty to 4 (from 2) and added new Conqueror details
+Increased Cassiopeia difficulty to 5 (from 4) and added new Conqueror details
+Added new Conqueror details to Katarina matchup
+Added new Conqueror details to Ryze matchup
+Added Predator Rune page to the list of Rune pages
+Added Prototype: Omnistone Rune page to the list of Rune pages
+Added example of common error with Fox-Fire in "Abilities" section
+Added more information to Syndra matchup
+Added more information to CSing in "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added Anivia specific tip to CSing in "Tips and Tricks" section
+Added Patch version to "Change Log" section
*Lowered Sylas difficulty to 4 (from 5)
*Made small grammar changes in "Abilities" section
*Updated mastery points in "Introduction" section
*Fixed explanation of defense rune vs Akali in Runes section at top (Previously had wrong information about mixed damage matchups)

November 27th, 2019

+Added more info to Corrupting Potion start in the item recommendations segment

November 26th, 2019

+Added high elo tip to Ravenous Hunter in the "Runes" section (courtesy of the amazing Rockito) Thanks!
-Removed Nimbus Cloak in Predator description in "Runes" section
*Editted Ghost Poro description in "Runes" section.
*Gave slight visual update to "Runes" section to make it a little easier to read
*Slightly improved look of "Change Log"

November 25th, 2019

*Reworded Con about kill potential in "Pros/Cons" section
*Reworded CSing tips in "Tips and Tricks" section

November 22nd, 2019

+Added Lucian to matchups
+Added Ezreal to matchups
+Added Tristana to matchups
+Added Vayne to matchups
+Added Wukong to matchups
+Color coded the "Runes" section
+Added Hextech Flashtraption to "Runes" section
+Added Perfect Timing to "Runes" section
+Added Future's Market to "Runes" section
+Added Biscuit Delivery to "Runes" section
+Added Approach Velocity to "Runes" section
+Added Time Warp Tonic to "Runes" section
+Added Time Spent section to "Conclusion" section
*Updated Nimbus Cloak description to 9.23
*Updated Ultimate Hunter description with new 9.23 dragon mechanics
*Made "Change Log" color coded
*Updated color of note in "Objectives" to be more consistent with the rest of the guide

November 21st, 2019

+Added more details to Vladimir matchup
+Added video to "Pure Melee" combo
*Modified Viktor matchup information

November 20th, 2019

+Added "Change Log"
+Added "Table of Contents"
+Added more info on Viktor matchup
+Added Twin Shadows to "Core Items"
+Added hitbox warnings to "Abilities" section
+Added new melee abuse combo to "Tips and Tricks"
*Increased Veigar difficulty to 2 from 1
*Updated "Intro" to 9.23 information and added disclaimer
*Gave massive visual improvement to look of "Pros/Cons" section
*Updated "Tips/Tricks" with 9.23 information

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