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Singed Build Guide by Pathetic Singed

Top platinum

[10.4] Pathetic's Guide to Singed: NERFS MEAN NOTHING!

By Pathetic Singed | Updated on February 20, 2020
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Runes: TOMMY 3 0 9/Proxying For Season 10

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
The Classic
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #19 in
Top Lane
Win 54%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.4] Pathetic's Guide to Singed: NERFS MEAN NOTHING!

By Pathetic Singed
Season 10 and Preseason Changes
Season 10 is here, I hope you've got your climbing shoes on! To climb as efficiently as possible I'd suggest playing Conqueror, it's easily the strongest keystone at the moment with the changes, although in certain match-ups Aftershock is better (Such as with Quinn). You really want to be picking up Conqueror almost every game so you have the 1 v 9 potential in teamfights once you full-stack Conqueror. Having Conqueror from Iron to Platinum allows you to be an AP carry as opposed to a fling-bot tank, which in turn gets you more ranked wins. Once you hit diamond+, Aftershock and predator become more appealing, however I will be dedicating an entire section of the guide to high-elo gameplay once I've finished climbing for this season.

Conqueror changes

The true damage on conqueror has been removed, but the healing has been doubled. This is absolutely brilliant for Singed! Instead of healing for 8% of your Q's damage after procing Conq, you heal for 15%. I think it's better to have double the healing and less of the damage because Conq was primarily used as a tank-buster, but considering Singed's E does % health damage, he's still got that tank-buster capability (Although a little handicapped). People have been absolutely destroying games with the new Conq Singed. What I will say is get protobelt over gunblade if you're thinking of building gunblade, the cost is far too high to be a reliable first item and you still get the same functionality of added stacks from protobelt.

Aftershock changes

WHOA MUMMA THIS IS GOOD! The changes are that you do more damage with Aftershock based on your bonus health (They doubled the bonus health damage % from 4 to 8!), this means items like Rylais, Liandrys, and almost every item you build on Singed adds double the damage they would have in season 9.

Furthermore, the resistances are based more on your bonus resistances(50% to 80%) which, as far as I know, makes the resistances from your ultimate even better. Singed can be the tankiest champion at level 6 now with Aftershock. You pop your ultimate for the added resistances, you use your fling to proc Aftershock, and then you have your ultimate resistances, plus 35 of each, PLUS 80% of your ultimate's added resistances. I'm pretty sure this makes you the tankiest champ at level 6 now.

New keystone

I'm pretty sure this is going to be a troll keystone, however I have seen some people on the Singed Mains Subreddit doing really really well with it. Having the ability to get Conq, Aftershock, Predator, and Dark Harvest without having to commit too much to building around those keystones is really useful in a lot of situations, however I personally haven't been able to make it work at all. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Proxying viability

Singed420 is back! With the jungle changes, the meta (Should) be moving towards favouring power-farming junglers rather than gank heavy ones (As you get more EXP from jungle camps now, and there are timing changes for camp respawns, as well as an early Herald and dragons becoming much more important, meaning you want junglers who can farm monsters easier), this is amazing for proxy Singed because it takes a lot of the pressure off proxying, if a jungler has to spend more time in the jungle, it's less time spent trying to stop your proxy, and if they're farming junglers they're not going to have the kill potential compared to that of a Kha Zix or Lee Sin.(Which are still popular picks, however if they can't kill you/waste a lot of resources on you they're put further behind than they were previously due to the jungle changes).

With the dragons being more important, the enemy jungler will be torn between stopping you from proxying and securing/contesting dragons, I had a game recently where I played proxy from level 1, I wasn't disturbed what-so-ever, amassed 5k gold, then recalled and 1 v 9'd the game. Enemy junglers that focus too much on dragons will let that happen by ignoring the proxy, and enemy junglers that focus too much on stopping the proxy will lose the game because Singed is extremely over-powered with any of the dragon souls.

The new brush on the entrance to the enemy jungle (The one above blue buff) is brilliant for proxy players, you get in quick and hide there, then go and do your proxy. It's brilliant. Cloud drake helps you escape the enemy jungle (As you normally get second tier boots before everyone else so you get a higher speed boost), the mountain drake helps you fling people over terrain/confuse their pathing so you can run away, the infernal drake helps you clear minions, the ocean drake creates more places to hide and gives you honeyfruit in the enemy jungle to keep you super sustained.

Elemental dragons

Give Singed any dragon soul and he's be a monster to deal with. The ocean dragon healing from Q and Liandrys keeps you at full health almost all of the time, infernal's blast damage helps add to the AOE hell that Singed creates in teamfights (As well as the extra Q damage), mountain drake helps build up "Chase leverage" where you bait people into chasing you with a slither of health, the shield adds to that bait capacity. Cloud drake gives you great movespeed bonuses, especially with your ultimate where you get 30% extra movespeed on top of everything else!


Alcoves are neither good or bad for Singed, your W can completely cover an entrance so it's useful for trapping people if you W one of the entrances, then you enter through the other entrance. It's also easy to goo fling people in the confined space of the alcove so you can use it pretty effectively to cancel enemy ganks. I have yet to fling someone over the alcove wall but I think it's possible. The issue with the alcoves is that it helps out champs Singed struggles against like Sion and Camille, so I'd rate it neither good or bad.
Acknowledgements Back to Top

This guide is an ongoing work in progress, and won't be finished until I have detailed accounts of how to counteract every top lane and mid lane match-up, as well as giving an in-depth and comprehensive proxy guide which can be referred to at any point in one's proxying career.

Before getting into this guide, I would first like to do two things, firstly I would like to acknowledge and thank the thriving die-hard Singed mains community, I am honoured to have found such a wonderful collective of passionate players who fly the flags of Singed. Thank you for your continued efforts in grinding out solo queue, brainstorming builds and runes, figuring out unique ways of dealing with tricky match-ups, and most of all thank you for accepting me into this fantastic community. Secondly, I feel I should justify why you should take my word for what's written in this guide, I am the leading "researcher" of Singed within the Reddit/Discord Singed community, I frequently watch what the high-elo players are doing and do personal coaching reviews for players who are having trouble on Singed (Free of charge just message me on the Discord). I ended the season platinum 3 as I played about 150 games then stopped to focus on researching for this guide, I will try to find the time for diamond in season 10, which should be easy considering how strong Singed currently is. I'm certain that, through my research, and the plethora of high-elo (d1+) Singed players who are helping to give me data on the champ/meta, I have been able to create the most accurate guide to Singed that has ever existed. This isn't to toot my own horn, as it really is a group effort, but I have a lot of confidence that this guide details everything that there is to know about Singed to help you climb. If you have any criticisms of anything in the guide, please feel free to comment. It's a group effort, and that includes you, if you can justify why I'm wrong on anything written here I'd love to improve it.

Shoutouts to Ankan, Ankan V2, Minishcap1, Tommy309, Singed420, ProxyGinger, Report Singed Ty, Kayi, Rob8, Scruffy, Asbeel, ReQs3, and all the rest of the diligent Singed mains on the Reddit and Discord for entertaining my overanalysis of this champion and how he fits into League of Legends.
Getting Started with Singed Back to Top
Don't play this champ -Singed420

This champ sucks -ReQs3

Singed is one of the most fun, and definitely the most unique, champion in League of Legends. Players in every elo fear and respect Singed mains because we are so seldom seen, and once you've figured out how to play Singed you bring so much pressure to a game that you completely warp the dynamic of it. I am here to bring that chaos into your already chaotic solo queue games.

Learning Singed

At this point you've likely played a few games of Singed, and more than likely you've gone 0/11. You will feed enough in your first 20 or so games as Singed to solve world hunger, and that's perfectly fine and necessary for learning Singed. Why is it necessary? Well, what hurts teaches. You're going to fling people and as soon as you fling them you're going to realise "That was a huge mistake", and so you won't fling those people in the same way again. With each mistaken fling you'll get better at using Singed's fling. The same applies to figuring out how much damage you deal/take and how you can push Singed to his limits.

Once you've fed to the point of thinking "This champion is garbage" you're ready to get good at Singed. So long as you follow the itemisation I've set out, as well as taking the safe runes, you'll be half-way there, however there is a big portion of being good at Singed which can't be learned from a guide and that is knowing what to do and when. Watching streamers such as Minishcap1, Tommy309, Rob8, and SirhcEz will help you a lot in understanding when to fight and when to back off, when to proxy and when not to, when to type TOMMY 3 0 9 in all chat and when not to, but most importantly, when to emote spam.

Early game

A lot of the less threatening match-ups (Threat 3 and below) can be fought from level 1 whilst you hard shove with your Q, the first minion of the second wave should be your priority when it comes. The ideal scenario is having that first minion of the second wave die to your poison whilst you're fighting the enemy top laner so that you get your level 2 and fling, most players don't respect the damage a flash fling AA ignite can do, and with future's market you can recall at level 2 and pick up your corrupting potion from your Dark seal Refillable start as well as boots if you get first blood. What I just described is the optimal start to a Singed game, but what if you goof and die to your laner? What you want to do when you're behind is 2 things. Ignore your laner exists (Within reason), if they start spanking you just run back to safety, don't try to scrap with them further because you'll likely lose the trades once they're ahead. Secondly, if you're getting really dunked on, build defensively and look to help the jungler with skirmishes/look to gank mid (Just to get yourself back in the game if your laner is too strong/good). If both of these approaches fail, go deep on the first option and start to proxy (Which I will get onto later). Forget about laning and just get your CS from behind their towers, if they chase they lose CS and tower health which helps negate the lead they had originally by generating counter-pressure from you forcing them away from defending their tower. Of course this is extremely risky because if they kill you during your proxy you're adding to the problem, and if their jungler decides to camp you whilst you proxy you're going to have gotten two enemies ahead. Proxying in this scenario is a high risk, high reward tactic.

Mid Game

From roughly 15-25 minutes you're in the mid game. I will be supposing that your build progress is that you've got 1 full item (Rylais(Protobelt if you're running Conqueror)) and upgraded boots with your Dark Seal and Corrupting Potion. At this point in the game you should be constantly looking at the map for skirmishes/teamfights. For the most part you leave top lane in the mid game to go assist your team in fights and securing dragon/mid tower/bot tower. Most top laners opt to stay in lane and take your tower, which gives you a good window of opportunity to take control of the map as 5 v 4, get some picks with flash fling to pressure objectives and try to get your jungle/mid/adc kills so that they can snowball the game (If they're not already). Singed struggles to carry games, he can be extremely disruptive and delay carries from ending the game, but where Singed shines is getting his other laners fed. Initiating fights and getting picks is your main job in the mid game and you essentially become a Fling Bot in the river/jungle area. Singed is pretty awful at pushing towers and so it is a waste to remain in lane permanently, you want to abuse Singed's capacity to hard-shove top lane to roam around the map, much like how a Talon, Zed, Qiyana, Taliyah, etc. hard-shove their lanes so that they can roam to different lanes or jungle skirmishes to get their team ahead. This is the tip of the iceberg of why Singed is extremely weird, as he is an AP tank top laner who has a similar playstyle to AD assassins and mid laners in the mid game. If you're running TP, use it to join team fights rather than to TP back to lane.

Late Game

By the time you reach 30+ minutes Singed goes one of two ways. You either become completely useless other than being an occasional Fling Bot. Or you become an unstoppable, unkillable God. The conditions for this coinflip are mainly created by the team comps and who scales harder and when and so on. It also relies on how you itemise. For example if you go Righteous Glory against an ADC that scales well then you're probably going to be the unstoppable God rather than becoming useless. Additionally your main priority in the late game is peeling for your carries, make sure to use your fling to get enemies away from your team (Unless they're squishies) as the later you get into the game the more likely it is that your ADC/Mid will be targeted by bruisers/assassins and so you should prioritise protecting them with your W and E and potentially the slow from your Q if you have Rylais.
Getting Technical Back to Top

Q Double tap

Something you can do with Singed's Q is double tapping it, by this I mean pressing your Q and then instantly pressing your Q again. By doing this you let out exactly one unit of poison (13 mana) which still does the exact same damage in the area it is, it's just that it's a smaller area. It's extremely useful in pushing your lane and proxying whilst being mana efficient. When proxying, double tapping in between auto attacks allows you to maximise the gas cloud damage to mana usage ratio. For example, if you were to leave your Q turned on whilst proxying a wave you would use up a substantial amount of mana and you wouldn't necessary be doing extra damage. The way Singed's Q works is that when an enemy stands in the area they take some damage, but this damage is a poison, and so when they walk out of it they are still damaged for a short period. By leaving your Q on you're negating that extra duration of damaging because they are constantly in the gas cloud as opposed to being in the gas cloud for a split second, taking the poison damage, then walking back into another puff of the gas cloud and taking another lot of the poison damage. Double tapping your Q can also be used to quickly get a minion which is on very low health when you're farming in lane as they will die to the instant tick of damage, this is easy to do but you need to be comfortable with the timing of when you press Q and then the damage goes through to efficiently last hit with it. The dreaded 9.14 patch which added a cooldown (0 to 0.5) on Singed's Q removed this mechanic, and that is a large part of why there was such an uproar which eventually pushed Riot to revert the change.

What abilities are affected by W?

Singed's W is a ground (Much like how Cassiopeia's W is a ground or Poppy's W once it hits someone is a ground) this means blink and dash abilities cannot be used whilst standing on Singed's W. Fair warning, although the E Q combo Jarvan IV does looks like a dash, it isn't coded as such, and so Jarvan IV can E Q even whilst on your W. Additionally, Bard's E (The tunnel) cannot be used by enemies if you put your W on the entrance. Bard's E is coded as a dash and so if the enemies are standing on your W when they try to enter they are denied. Something which you won't see much but is worth knowing anyway is that cleanse works to negate the grounding effect of Singed's W.

W Cancel

The W cancel is where you throw your W onto an enemy to cancel one of their mobility moves whilst they're channelling/building it up. Some reliable examples of this can be found in Vi's Q where you can use your W to cancel her Q (Which puts it on cooldown), this is extremely beneficial as it almost certainly negates any threat Vi would pose in a ganking situation or a team fight. Another example of this can be found in Shen's R where if you throw your W onto a Shen as he's channelling R, the ultimate will be cancelled and Shen won't go to the ally he has used his R on. The shield provided for that ally is still rewarded however, regardless of how soon you cancel his R. Shen's ultimate goes on cooldown when it is cancelled.

W Cancel also works on teleports, in exactly the same way as Shen's R is cancelled.
Although it used to, Singed W no longer cancels recalls.

E Cancelling

E Cancelling is where an ally uses a hard CC ability to cancel your E, this is useful when you are stood on top of your W as the E cancel forces the enemy that you have flung to land immediately and so gets goo flung without the E animation going in full effect. An excellent example of this is with Volibear, where you throw your W down, catch up to the enemy you've throw your W onto, and then as you fling them your Volibear uses his Q or E to disrupt and cancel the E fling so that they instantly fall in place and are goo flung.

This mechanic is hard to pull off and is rarely seen (Unless you are duoing with someone who is playing hard CC champions). Any ability that can displace enemy champions will be able to force a goo fling. This works because the requirements for a goo fling are that the enemy is flung and LANDS on top of Singed's W. This means that whatever happens whilst the enemy is in the air, so long as they don't touch the floor outside of the Singed W radius, doesn't negate the goo fling interaction. This enables knock ups and so on to override the fling displacement so that the enemy is guaranteed to be goo flung.

Fling AA

The fling AA is extremely basic, it's simply where you land an auto-attack whilst the enemy is mid-fling. It takes some timing to learn but once you've got a hang of it it's very easy to commit to muscle memory. Singed420 has said before that for people trying to learn to fling AA, bind an AA action to your spacebar (Which can be done in the in-game settings) so that whenever you fling someone you press spacebar and so always fling AA. The niche Glacial Singed build relies on this mechanic in a lot of situations where you fling, glacial proc with the AA, and then the enemy is significantly slowed whilst standing (Supposedly) in your poison trail.
Hard Matchups [WIP] Back to Top
I will endeavour to create videos account for each hard match-up that Singed faces in top lane, and will add them here as well as sharing them in various other Singed forums (Such as in the Discord and Reddit). I would say "Watch this space" but that sounds wet.

Singed VS Vayne

Singed VS Renekton

Singed VS Urgot

Singed VS Ryze

Items Back to Top

Early Game

Early game is a lot of fun because nobody knows who the feeders are yet. A lot of options here for Singed. The Dark Seal is my personal favourite, it's not as great as it once was and shouldn't be stacked anymore, but it's still a pretty decent item and just gets better the more kills you get. The Dark Seal provides a heck of a lot of sustain and with Time Warp Tonic (We will discuss this further in Runes) you gain roughly 100 hp instantly when using a refillable, which is absolutely nutty. On first back always upgrade your refillable, a first blood back gives you enough gold to buy the upgrade and boots and is something I would highly recommend if you can snag yourself that first blood.
Some people vehemently hate The Dark Seal for reasons I have yet to uncover, but in such cases they normally start Corrupting Potion. This start lacks the damage I feel is necessary for both proxying and for trying to win lane early. I wouldn't recommend it.
Doran's shield is there for lanes such as Tryndamere and most AD ranged top laners such as Quinn (Once in a blue moon) and Kennen (AD for the early game). The Doran's Shield health regen is pretty brilliant for these lanes and makes you less likely to smash your keyboard Trick2G style.
Doran's Ring is for Chads only. If you're confident in your lane and want a whopping 5 extra AP, start this item. In every other case never go Doran's Ring first, you're not powerful enough for it. (But in all seriousness Doran's Ring is an awful starting item in 99% of cases).


Build Mercury's Treads if you're going against heavy CC/oppressive AP.
Ninja Tabi's if you're against AA abusers/oppressive AD. Simple as that.

If you want to climb I wouldn't recommend any other boots as they're mainly for fun and don't translate well into how this guide plays Singed.

The Core Items

There is a lot of debate surrounding what the "Good Stuff" of Singed's itemisation is, and for the most part it depends on the player and how they play Singed. That being said, this is a good foundation for you to use to climb with Singed.
I almost always build Rylai's as my first full item (After upgraded boots) as it's a great item to build towards in the early game (For example with second back you should have roughly around 800 gold (And as we'll see in the Runes section, futures market) so you should be looking to build a Ruby Crystal and Amplifying Tome which is a really strong buy to go back to early laning phase with). From there getting the gold to finish the item should be relatively straight forward and provides arguable the biggest powerspike to Singed (Lots of health, ability power, and your Q now slows which is incredible for quality of life.
We're going to be doing the exact same thing with Liandry's, build Ruby Crystal and Amplifying Tome and then Haunting Guise when you can get it and then normally I wait to buy the whole item rather than getting a Blasting Wand into Liandry's (Purely for inventory space reasons).
For Dead Man's we're going to be building a Giant's Belt first over a Chain Vest, the health at that point in the game is much more useful than the armour from my experience. Dead Man's is excellent because it gives us extra movespeed, a really strong AA slow which we can use when we fling people with E (As you can AA mid-fling) and of course the defensive stats which let us tank more waves when we're shoving side lanes or whatnot.
Spirit Visage: Great item, get spectral first, amazing unique passive synergy with your R and fully stacked conqueror, CDR for more flings.

The Pretty Alright Stuff

A lot to talk about here so I'll get right into the meat of it.
Abyssal Mask: Great item, get catalyst first, buffs your damage, dampens enemy AP, CDR for more flings, AMAZING unique passive (Your Q heals you).
Rightous Glory: Great item, get shround first, buffs your survivability, lets you do some spicy engages, ZOOOOOOOOOOM, CDR for more flings
Thornmail: Good item, cancel Aatrox players like an SJW, get bramble first, perfect item against hard bullies such as Renekton, Aatrox and Darius. If you're getting slapped a lot buy bramble before Rylai's. ADC's tickle, thank me later.
Rod of Ages: The Singed420 special, get catalyst first, makes you super tanky and gives you way more mana than you need, hit like a train with the AP, amazing unique and normal passives, pretty cheap, don't build if you've got Abyssal Mask.
Randuin's Omen: Meh item, hit or miss, some people like it for the unique active to run into team fights, slow everyone in your poison, then dip. In practice never really seen it as a worthy 3k spend, but might work for you.
Hextech Protobelt-01: Fun item, build this item first if you're running Conqueror. WHOOSH FLING OP
Ardent Censer: See the Ardent Build guide I have written:
It is generally sub-par in season 10 however, so play it for fun
Zeke's Convergence: Really good synergy with your ultimate, good stats and helps boost your ADC.
Morellonomicon : Functions the same as Bramble Vest, however is more optimal VS regen champs that don't AA you, such as Vladimir, it's also useful because instead of relying on the enemy to AA you (As is the case with Bramble Vest) you can apply the grievous wounds passive with your Q or E.
Runes Back to Top

New on Singed

Singed runes are based on the player, not the champion. There is a LOT of variety out there for Singed Runes. This is primarily because he doesn't /really/ have a keystone which works for him. I do however think that this Aftershock page is the best option for climbing and is the most reliable.
Aftershock: Procs on your E, high damage early on for getting easy first bloods (Fling them and then run at them with Q on to get the Aftershock damage).
Font of Life: Procs on your W , whenever an enemy is standing in your W they heal your team when attacked. This is great for teamfights where you run in and throw your sticky load on the enemy team and in doing so you essentially give your entire team lifesteal.
Unflinching: Tenacity=Godly (Especially for when you're proxying)
Future's Market: This and Time Warp Tonic are the best runes on Singed hands down. Future's Market gives you the ability to hit so many item spikes earlier, for example a 3 wave proxy start with first back giving you Corrupting Potion AND Boots rather than just Corrupting Potion is wonderful. You get Rylai's earlier too which can be a snowballing moment in itself. The quality of life boost from this rune is immeasurable. Once you try it out you will understand what I mean.
Time Warp Tonic: Popping a Corrupting Potion or Refillable with The Dark Seal and Time Warp Tonic gives you about 100 hp in the very early game, this is insane. I always try to get into fights in the early lane because of this rune. Imagine fighting a Singed at level 2 after he's ran up to you and flung you into his minion wave, you're fighting back and then when you're both pretty low he presses one button and doubles his health. Flash away or die like a dog. If Riot acknowledged the existence of Singed they would probably patch this synergy because it is ridiculous. I have had so many instances of catching people off guard by suddenly gaining 100 or so hp in early fights that I refuse to play any rune page without it.
Double purples for the Q damage on early waves, the red for the armour against the early waves.

Comfortable on Singed

This is much like the New to Singed runepage, with some changes:
Now that we're more comfortable with Singed, we don't need to rely on Font of Life to be useful, it's time we swapped out Font of Life for Demolish, this is to help with tower plate breaking for the snowball gold.
Additionally, we're removing the training wheels of the secondary inspiration tree, if you enjoy the benefits of this feel free to stick with it, but for the most part the double healing in the domination tree work really well with your Q to help you sustain much more in lane without the reliance on consumables.

TOMMY 3 0 9


This is a really popular rune page on Singed, build him exactly as I would in the Items section, but this time build Protobelt as first item (Unless you're comfortable enough with conqueror that you don't mind stacking slower). You do this to get the conqueror stack sooner. Conqueror seems silly on Singed because he doesn't have any spammable abilities to get reliable Conqueror procs on, however with AA's added into your protobelt E Q combo you can proc it. What's the point? Lots of healing from your Q. It feels absolutely incredible to get multiple Conqueror procs in a teamfight with your Q and then for that Q to heal you throughout the fight. High risk high reward gameplay because other Conqueror abusers get theirs before you and always beat you. Watch Tommy309 on Twitch to see how this gameplay is done to get a better idea of the strategy.

Proxying in Season 10

So you want to proxy eh? You're going to need the patience of a saint and a titanium mental. In season 10 you want to take CONQUEROR. I had, at the start of the season, taken Fleet Footwork under the assumption that Conqueror would be gutted relatively early in the season, however it hasn't been. Conqueror is far too good to pass up, and with ghost+ignite it gives you a lot of kill pressure which means people are less likely to attack you whilst you proxy.
Jungling as Singed Back to Top
If you find yourself auto-filled to jungle but want to play Singed, check out this brief guide I've written with an explanation on how to itemise, how to path, and how to gank.
Proxying. Everything you need to know. [WIP] Back to Top

What is Proxying? [WIP]

Proxying is an incredibly interesting mechanism in League of Legends, in a game overpopulated by the exact same gameplay, proxying has stood defiantly as the most consistent and unique playstyle in the game. For those who aren't aware of what proxying is, it is the act of (As Singed) starting level 1 inbetween the enemies towers so that it is only you and the enemy minion wave. You kite the minion waves whilst inbetween the first and second (Or second and third) enemy top towers. This process allows you to get perfect farm, as well as avoiding the enemy top laner on top of forcing them to either face-tank your minion wave (Which will chunk them in most cases) or letting the minion waves crash into their tower without any push back from their minion wave (As those minions are occupied with being killed by you). A lot of players try to proxy the first 3 waves, then they execute to a tower, then they buy items and run back to lane so at level 3 they have an item advantage without losing out on anything so they can have an advantage in lane. There are a LOT of different things that can impact this however, and that's what makes this section so difficult to do justice to.

What's Good About Proxying?

Proxying can be a game winning tactic, but more often than not it's seen as troll and can fail pretty miserably. So what's good about it? The main benefit of proxying is the amount of pressure you bring to the map, when you're in-between the top towers you're effectively saying "Hey, you have to stop farming and come stop me or I'll get super fed on minions", this pressure that comes from the way you choose to farm means the enemy top laner has to either 1. Stop you and lose farm or 2. Leave you to free farm, and tank minions under tower which chunks them and the tower. As you can see, there's no winning for the enemy top laner. In addition to causing a headache for the enemy top laner, the enemy jungler will likely want to try and pick up some free kills on you (As you'll be low health away from your allies/towers) and so will dedicate a lot of time to preventing your proxy, which is actually a really good thing. Getting camped by the jungler is normally awful, but when you're playing proxy you're looking to attract the attention of the top laner, mid laner, and jungler so that your mid laner and jungler are free to gank bot lane and secure dragons and first towers etc. in turn getting your carries fed. If the enemy jungler is constantly top then your mid laner and ADC have the jungler priority so that they can (hopefully) use that advantage to push a lead and snowball the game into carrying you. If you find the enemy jungler is hard-camping you and they're not committing much, try to waste as much of their time as possible, get them to chase you around and bait with your low health when ganked (Ghost comes in handy here), your main goal is to create a lot of pressure and to divert pressure from your other laners so that they can take control of the map.

What's Bad About Proxying?

This beautiful image of a world where Singed can pretty much solo carry through proxying has faded a LOT in recent seasons. With the advent of bounties and changes to respawn timers as well as it being easier for a lot of popular champions to snowball AS WELL as Herald being added to bring some objectives attention to the top side of the map, proxy Singed is nowhere near what it used to be. You'll find a lot of gank heavy junglers which don't need to commit much to kill you (Such as Kha'Zix, Nidalee, Xin Zhao, etc.)will snowball off your attempts at proxying, and often if a jungler starts top side for their buff they'll come and pick you off before finishing their clear. If you don't get the first three waves then the level 1 proxy wasn't necessarily worth it because you won't have enough money for corrupting potion and boots (Unless you have future's market). The higher elo you get the harder to proxy it is because it's so popular a notion now due to Singed420 that everyone semi-expects Singed players to try the level 1 proxy, so very often their entry into the enemy jungle is blocked off by the top laner. Changes in runes means it's difficult to find a keystone that works well (Other than simply going Aftershock for the beefiness). Most people opt to play Singed as a laner and only proxy a couple of waves when they can get away with it. There are so many risks that come with proxying that it's generally considered to NOT be a viable method of climbing.

Blue Side Start

Red Side Start

I will be updating Singed420's famous proxy guide soon, until then there is a lot of valuable information to be found in that series. Just go on Youtube and search "Singed420 proxy guide". It's outdated but the key ideas are still the same.

UPDATE: I HAVE started updating Singed420's famous proxy guide 10/12/19

Lane Management [WIP] Back to Top
One of the looming topics of playing Singed which is often done wrong is lane management, in this section I will run through the basics of lane management as they apply to Singed, however if you're trying to climb as a top lane main it's imperative that you learn general lane management, for that I would recommend watching Youtube videos such as ProGuide's Wave Control guide (