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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Singed Build Guide by MarkFromSingedMains

Top Mark's Guide to Singed: Discontinued

Top Mark's Guide to Singed: Discontinued

Updated on February 23, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MarkFromSingedMains Build Guide By MarkFromSingedMains 883 55 2,247,379 Views 120 Comments
883 55 2,247,379 Views 120 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MarkFromSingedMains Singed Build Guide By MarkFromSingedMains Updated on February 23, 2021
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Runes: New to Singed

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Future's Market
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Full AP
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Mark's Guide to Singed: Discontinued

By MarkFromSingedMains
It's been a great run. When I started this guide just shy of two years ago, I did so out of necessity- I wanted to learn Singed and there simply wasn't any good resources to help with that, there wasn't any in-depth guides, and the popular faces for Singed were obscure at best, and were only there for entertainment. Now we see that popular faces for Singed have come out of the woodwork, though I wish they'd stayed obscure, when you look at their egregious clickbait. This decline in the popular Singed players coincided with the decline in the Singed community, when I started moderating the Singed mains Discord/Reddit there was a lot to work on, and there was a time where things were pretty good. Slowly, however, both have fallen from grace. I salute Rob for his continued effort and his level-headed leadership.

I also salute Socialist Singed, who out of all the Singed content creators currently in the circuit, actually seems to genuinely care about people learning Singed.

My life is moving on from videogames, I've done my time in League and playing videogames significantly past the age of 21 seems like a waste of time, let alone managing the main guide on a champion.

It's sad to end things on such a sombre note, but I feel it should be aired that the Singed community has seriously fallen through on all fronts. I no longer have the drive to put the hours I did previously into the community as it's changed for the worse, and the handful of great people I mention in the Acknowledgement chapter have left, or are on their way out.

Riot games has continually failed to make meaningful changes, the Singed community has fallen apart, and even here on Mobafire there are actors working against me. I take pride in knowing that I fulfilled the function of helping countless people through this guide, as well as my free coaching sessions, I invite anyone who feels they can take up the mantle to steal anything they want from this guide to use in their own. God bless and God speed, may Singed see better days.


This guide is an ongoing work in progress, and won't be finished until I have detailed accounts of how to counteract every top lane and mid lane match-up.

Before getting into this guide, I would like to do two things, firstly I would like to acknowledge and thank the thriving die-hard Singed mains community, I am honoured to have found such a wonderful collective of passionate players who fly the flags of Singed. Thank you for your continued efforts in grinding out solo queue, brainstorming builds and runes, figuring out unique ways of dealing with tricky match-ups, and most of all thank you for accepting me into this fantastic community. Secondly, I feel I should justify why you should take my word for what's written in this guide, I am the leading "researcher" of Singed within the Reddit/Discord Singed community, I frequently watch what the high-elo players are doing and do personal coaching reviews for players who are having trouble on Singed (Free of charge just message me on the Discord). I'm certain that, through my research, and the plethora of high-elo (d1+) Singed players who are helping to give me data on the champ/meta, I have been able to create the most accurate guide to Singed that has ever existed. This isn't to toot my own horn, as it really is a group effort, but I have a lot of confidence that this guide details everything that there is to know about Singed to help you climb. If you have any criticisms of anything in the guide, please feel free to comment. It's a group effort, and that includes you, if you can justify why I'm wrong on anything written here I'd love to improve it.

Shoutouts to Ankan, Socialist Singed, Tommy309, Singed420, ProxyGinger, Report Singed Ty, Kayi, Rob, Scruffy, Asbeel, A Spy From Fizz Mains, and all the rest of the diligent Singed mains on the Reddit and Discord for entertaining my overanalysis of this champion.

My Youtube can be found here:

My Twitter can be found here:

The Singed Mains Discord can be found here:
Getting Started with Singed
Don't play this champ -Singed420

Singed is one of the most fun, and definitely the most unique, champion in League of Legends. Players in every elo fear and respect Singed mains because we are so seldom seen, and once you've figured out how to play Singed you bring so much pressure to a game that you completely warp the dynamic of it. I am here to bring that chaos into your already chaotic solo queue games.

Learning Singed

At this point you've likely played a few games of Singed, and more than likely you've gone 0/11. You will feed enough in your first 20 or so games as Singed to solve world hunger, and that's perfectly fine and necessary for learning Singed. Why is it necessary? Well, what hurts teaches. You're going to Fling people and as soon as you Fling them you're going to realise "That was a huge mistake", and so you won't Fling those people in the same way again. With each mistaken Fling you'll get better at using Singed's Fling. The same applies to figuring out how much damage you deal/take and how you can push Singed to his limits.

Once you've fed to the point of thinking "This champion is garbage" you're ready to get good at Singed. So long as you follow the itemisation I've set out, as well as taking the safe runes, you'll be half-way there, however there is a big portion of being good at Singed which can't be learned from a guide and that is knowing what to do and when. Watching streamers such as Minishcap1, Tommy309, Rob8, and SirhcEz will help you a lot in understanding when to fight and when to back off, when to proxy and when not to, when to type TOMMY 3 0 9 in all chat and when not to, but most importantly, when to emote spam.

Early game

A lot of the less threatening match-ups (Threat 3 and below) can be fought from level 1 whilst you hard shove with your Poison Trail, the first minion of the second wave should be your priority when it comes. The ideal scenario is having that first minion of the second wave die to your Poison Trail whilst you're fighting the enemy top laner so that you get your level 2 and Fling, most players don't respect the damage a Flash Fling AA Ignite can do, with first blood you can get a recall in after shoving the third wave, and buy Boots and maybe another Doran's Ring/ Refillable Potion. An alternative way to start the lane is to stand in the furthest brush in top lane (The closest to the enemy tower), when the enemy minions run up you walk out of the brush and keep pulling their aggro in and out of the brush to get them clumped up in that part of the lane, when you run out and in the brush don't use your Poison Trail, last hit minions with your AA's and try and keep a slow push going till the third wave (Cannon wave), when that wave arrives you hard shove with your Poison Trail and Fling on the cannon minion, this shoves 2-3 waves of your minions into your enemies tower, which gives you a free recall to go buy items and get back to lane before minions get to your tower.

What I just described is the optimal start to a Singed game, but what if you goof and die to your laner? What you want to do when you're behind is 2 things. Ignore your laner exists (Within reason), if they start spanking you just run back to safety, don't try to scrap with them further because you'll likely lose the trades once they're ahead. Secondly, if you're getting really dunked on, build defensively and look to help the jungler with skirmishes/look to gank mid (Just to get yourself back in the game if your laner is too strong/good). If both of these approaches fail, go deep on the first option and start to proxy (Which I will get onto later). Forget about laning and just get your CS from behind their towers, if they chase they lose CS and tower health which helps negate the lead they had originally by generating counter-pressure from you forcing them away from defending their tower. Of course this is extremely risky because if they kill you during your proxy you're adding to the problem, and if their jungler decides to camp you whilst you proxy you're going to have gotten two enemies ahead. Proxying in this scenario is a high risk, high reward tactic.

Mid Game

From roughly 15-25 minutes you're in the mid game. I will be supposing that your build progress is that you've got your Mythic item and you've potentially upgraded boots. At this point in the game you should be constantly looking at the map for skirmishes/teamfights. For the most part you leave top lane in the mid game to go assist your team in fights and securing dragon/mid tower/bot tower. Most top laners opt to stay in lane and take your tower, which gives you a good window of opportunity to take control of the map as 5 v 4, get some picks with Flash Fling to pressure objectives and try to get your jungle/mid/adc kills so that they can snowball the game (If they're not already). Singed struggles to carry games, he can be extremely disruptive and delay carries from ending the game, but where Singed shines is getting his other laners fed. Initiating fights and getting picks is your main job in the mid game and you essentially become a Fling Bot in the river/jungle area unless you're ahead. Singed is pretty awful at pushing towers and so it is a waste to remain in lane permanently, you want to abuse Singed's capacity to hard-shove top lane to roam around the map, much like how a Talon, Zed, Qiyana, Taliyah, etc. hard-shove their lanes so that they can roam to different lanes or jungle skirmishes to get their team ahead. This is the tip of the iceberg of why Singed is extremely weird, as he is an AP tank top laner who has a similar playstyle to AD assassins and mid laners in the mid game. If you're running Teleport, use it to join team fights rather than to Teleport back to lane.

Late Game

By the time you reach 30+ minutes Singed goes one of two ways. You either become completely useless other than being an occasional Fling Bot. Or you become an unstoppable, unkillable God. The conditions for this coinflip are mainly created by the team comps and who scales harder and when and so on. It also relies on how you itemise. For example if you go Turbo Chemtank against an ADC that scales well then you're probably going to be the unstoppable God rather than becoming useless because you'll be able to catch them and lock them down in teamfights. Additionally your main priority in the late game is peeling for your carries, make sure to use your Fling to get enemies away from your team (Unless they're squishies) as the later you get into the game the more likely it is that your ADC/Mid will be targeted by bruisers/assassins and so you should prioritise protecting them with your Mega Adhesive and Fling and potentially the slow from your Poison Trail if you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Early Game

Early game is a lot of fun because nobody knows who the feeders are yet. Here are the early game items I recommend so that you don't end up being one of them.

Doran's Ring is definitely the best starting item in Season 11 for Singed, the mana back per minion kill passive is exceptionally strong on Singed as very often you will be killing minions with your Q, and to have roughly 25% of your Q cost refunded is insane (I say 25% as, although you get 6 mana back per minion and your Q is 13 mana, you'll normally need to take 2-3 puffs of Q to kill the minions (If we exclude auto attacks)). You shouldn't be running into mana issues with this item, and the extra damage to minions with auto attacks helps a lot.
Corrupting Potion is one of three routes you might want to take on your first back, you'll be picking this up if you need extra sustain in lane, so for example if you're against a ranged top laner you might opt for Corrupting Potion so you can stay in lane longer and sustain more poke.
Boots are useful if you're trying to play proxy, if you pick up Boots on your first back (After the first three waves of proxy) then you should have roughly 200 gold left, I'd suggest if you're buying boots to pick up Refillable Potion and perhaps a Vision Ward on top of this.


Build Mercury's Treads if you're going against heavy CC/oppressive AP.
Plated Steelcaps if you're against AA abusers/oppressive AD. Simple as that.

If you want to climb I wouldn't recommend any other boots as they're mainly for fun and don't translate well into how this guide plays Singed.


Turbo Chemtank seems like it was designed for Singed, thematically and practically it's a great item for him- you want to build the Bami's Cinder part of the item first. It says on the LoL wiki that the movespeed effect applies to all towers, though this is only the case for enemy towers, Turbo Chemtank works really well when you're proxying because it gives you amazing extra clear (You essentially spend no time clearing the minions now, so you can play around with vision in the enemy jungle a lot more to make your proxying a lot more threatening when they don't know where you are). There is also the added bonus of being able to speed past your laner if the enemy jungler comes to catch you as you'll get a movespeed boost as you're moving towards the enemy tier 1 tower, so in a lot of cases from experience I've been able to escape like that. It's also a great engage tool for when you're not proxying, and I genuinely think it's up there as one of the best Mythics for Singed
Riftmaker If you're not happy with playing tank, Riftmaker is one of the only AP Mythic items that is good on Singed, it's like a mini-Conq insofar as it ramps your damage throughout a fight, which can be really useful as the uptime on your damage output in teamfights is really high with the constantly AOE damage from Poison Trail, this is the go-to for playing AP, though it feels lacklustre as of preseason, so some are opting to take things such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Demonic Embrace as their first item to have more of an impact early on in the game.


Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a fantastic item, in season 10 we would first build this item, and historically it's been one of Singeds favourite items- they made it a tad bit more expensive and gave it an extra 10% slow, which makes it an even better item on Singed. Some people are buying it as their first item and forgoing Mythics altogether. The beauty of Rylai's Crystal Scepter is that it causes your Poison Trail to slow, which helps lock down areas and provides so much utility it's insanely powerful. On Singed you only really care about AP and HP, which this item gives a good amount of in both regards.
Demonic Embrace works well with Singeds Poison Trail as it burns the enemy for a percentage of their max health constantly, this is akin to the old Liandry's, which was paired with Rylai's Crystal Scepter as our core build in season 10. This is exactly the same situation, the two items still work well together and work exceptionally well with Singed.
Randuin's Omen has been turned into an insane item, the passive- Rock Solid -makes you extremely tank, and the AOE slow that comes with it is useful when you're catching people as unlike Turbo Chemtank you can choose when it detonates. The tank stats feel noticeable, though the health is lacking.
Dead Man's Plate is a great tool for catching enemies, the movespeed buff and the empowered AA slow help you flank the enemy squishies and force them into your team. Less armour and more health is something you might want to consider when comparing which armour item to pick up between this and Randuin's Omen. Both can do well in a build if you're playing into full AD, but otherwise you should probably only pick one or the other up as it's overkill to have so many slowing effects.
Force of Nature is essentially just an MR version of Dead Man's Plate, you want to be picking this up as your go-to for MR, it's well stated and the movespeed you get from it is great for both engaging and disengaging fights. Not much else to say other than it's a really solid MR item, you might consider picking up Spirit Visage over this if you're being poked down a lot, Force of Nature is more for going in or getting out.
Spirit Visage helps you survive AP poke matchups (Think Cassiopeia). You get good sustain from Spectre's Cowl as well as, once full built, the extra base health regen. There's a really useful synergy between Spirit Visage and Insanity Potion where the health regen you gain from Insanity Potion is increased by 25% due to Spirit Visages passive.
Zhonya's Hourglass is a great alternative armour item- instead of picking up a full tank item you might want to opt for an AP/armour item instead. Seeker's Armguard is a really amazing armour item on it's own, and is the go-to item for when you're building this. The statis effect of Zhonya's Hourglass can be really useful for preventing certain things (Such as Darius' Noxian Guillotine), and if you've got omnivamp then you'll be healing from your Poison Trail whilst in stasis, which can help with survivability.
Abyssal Mask is a great MR tank item that still allows you to do good damage. The idea with this item is that you use your Fling to apply the increased damage debuff, and your team follows up by nuking them, with the increased damage, to get a free kill. The item is primarily useful when you're making picks for your team to finish off as opposed to 1v1 situations, although the increased damage is useful regardless.
Morellonomicon has nice stats and is the go-to item for Grevious Wounds, as it applies this debuff on anyone that touches your Poison Trail. It's relatively cheap and makes for a good 3rd/4th item if the enemy team has too much healing (For example Vladimir or Soraka).

Other items are suggested as niche picks, but they are self-explanatory (For example, Void Staff if you need magic penetration) so I won't be covering them in detail here.

Singed doesn't have a single Keystone he can run every game, and so the options for viable runepages varies significantly, in this section I will endeavour to elucidate what runepages to take in what situations.


Aftershock is a safe keystone to run on Singed, it makes you really tanky when you Fling someone, so it's a good option for tankiness when engaging a teamfight as well as doing decent damage in the early levels. It's a little bit counter-intuitive to take this keystone however as Fling is your only means of proccing it, which moves the enemy away from your AOE damage from the Aftershock burst effect; this issue can be resolved by remaining close to the enemy, but it's something to note.

Running Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm helps with being a useful tank, though you can swap the secondary tree out for the domination tree, with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter.

New to Singed

This runepage is for players who are new to Singed and are trying to learn him. Aftershock lets you make more mistakes because you'll be less likely to die from bad Flings- Font of Life makes you always uesful to your team by adding healing to your Mega Adhesive. The inspiration tree helps you survive in lane, and shouldn't be swapped out until you're comfortable on Singed, which we will look at next.

Comfortable on Singed

You're comfortable on Singed! You're taking your first steps towards being a Singed pro and I've never been more proud of you. We're taking the training wheels off, instead of Font of Life we're taking Demolish for tower gold that'll help you snowball. Additionally, we're swapping out the inspiration tree for the domination tree so we can drain-tank and play with some more sustain in fights.


The Predator build is interesting as it revolves around a roaming playstyle. Your goal with this runepage is to hard shove your wave, then roam for jungle skirmishes and midlane ganks using your Predator active, rinse and repeat. If you can't find an opportunity to gank mid or fight in a jungle skirmish, simply shoving and running into river and looping back to your tower (Or just remaining out of vision) will create a lot of phantom pressure, where the enemy thinks you're running down the river to Predator gank mid etc. when in reality you're doing nothing. It's free pressure, and it's what Singed relies on.

Dark Harvest

If you're looking to do some good burst damage, Dark Harvest is a good option- it's a nice keystone for scaling (So if your team relies on making it to the late game, you could work alongside that by going Dark Harvest and scaling with them). You do a surprising amount of damage with Dark Harvest, and can catch people off guard, however this comes with the squishiness of the runepage which leaves you as a glass cannon. You can get around this by going off-tank, though this runepage doesn't work very well in higher elos (Above Diamond) as your enemy laner knows how to punish this squishiness too well, and anticipates the Dark Harvest burst damage.


Conqueror has had a terrible fall from grace, I mention this in part as an acknowledgement of our past, and as an acknowledgement of the season 10 playstyle, where you would play Conqueror and try to drain-tank survive and kill everyone with full AP. This is still doable, though it's significantly less effective, however if you are looking for a hit of nostalgia here is the runepage. This is akin to playing Rod of Ages... Rest in Power.

Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork is great for when you're playing against ranged top laners, it gives good sustain and you can catch people off guard by AAing a minion to get the speed boost, setting you up for a Fling. Fleet Footwork remains good throughout the game, but is particularly useful during the early game as it keeps you alive in lane. If you're playing against a Vayne or Kayle I would strongly recommend this keystone as it massively dampens the pain of laning them.

Phase Rush

Phase Rush is great for playing into Nasus and Darius as you can negate their lockdown capacity, which helps you survive the lane. The slow-negation lets you avoid the slow from Crippling Strike and Wither. Additionally the keystone can be used for an engage build where you want to get in and out as fast as possible, note also that your Mega Adhesive gives one of the three stacks required to proc Phase Rush, with this being said it's definitely a niche keystone mainly used to counter Nasus and Darius.
Getting Technical

Q Double tap

Something you can do with Singed's Poison Trail is double tapping it, by this I mean pressing your Q Poison Trail and then instantly pressing your Q Poison Trail again. By doing this you let out exactly one unit of poison (13 mana) which still does the exact same damage in the area it is, it's just that it's a smaller area. It's extremely useful in pushing your lane and proxying whilst being mana efficient. When proxying, double tapping in between auto attacks allows you to maximise the gas cloud damage to mana usage ratio. For example, if you were to leave your Poison Trail turned on whilst proxying a wave you would use up a substantial amount of mana and you wouldn't necessary be doing extra damage (Although it would be resetting the 2 second poison application your Poison Trail gives off). The way Singed's Poison Trail works is that when an enemy stands in the area they take damage from your Poison Trail, with each puff of poison lasting 3.25 seconds, dealing damage every 0.25 seconds. There is also another part of Poison Trail which applies a poison for 2 seconds, if the enemy is standing in your Poison Trail then this 2 seconds of poison is constantly refreshed, so that the moment they leave your Poison Trail they take 2 seconds of poison damage. By leaving your Poison Trail on you're negating that extra duration of damaging because they are constantly in the gas cloud as opposed to being in the gas cloud for a split second, taking the poison damage, then walking back into another puff of the gas cloud and taking another lot of the poison damage. Double tapping your Poison Trail can also be used to quickly get a minion which is on very low health when you're farming in lane as they will die to the instant tick of damage, this is easy to do but you need to be comfortable with the timing of when you press Poison Trail and then the damage goes through to efficiently last hit with it. The dreaded 9.14 patch which added a cooldown (0 to 0.5) on Singed's Poison Trail removed this mechanic, and that is a large part of why there was such an uproar which eventually pushed Riot to revert the change.

What Abilities are affected by W?

Singed's Mega Adhesive is a ground (Much like how Cassiopeia's Miasma is a ground or Poppy's Steadfast Presence once it hits someone is a ground) this means blink and dash abilities cannot be used whilst standing on Singed's Mega Adhesive. Fair warning, although the E Q combo Jarvan IV does looks like a dash, it isn't coded as such, and so Jarvan IV can E Q even whilst on your Mega Adhesive (This is because the way the E Q combo is coded for Jarvan IV is more along the lines of a Blitzcrank Rocket Grab where it pulls an enemy towards a target location, just in this instance it's Jarvan IV pulling himself towards a location) . Additionally, Bard's Magical Journey (The tunnel) cannot be used by enemies if you put your Mega Adhesive on the entrance. Bard's Magical Journey is coded as a dash and so if the enemies are standing on your Mega Adhesive when they try to enter they are denied. Something which you won't see much but is worth knowing anyway is that Cleanse works to negate the grounding effect of Singed's Mega Adhesive.

W Cancel

The Mega Adhesive cancel is where you throw your Mega Adhesive onto an enemy to cancel one of their mobility moves whilst they're channelling/building it up. Some reliable examples of this can be found in Vi's Vault Breaker where you can use your Mega Adhesive to cancel her Vault Breaker wind-up (Which puts it on cooldown), this is extremely beneficial as it almost certainly negates any threat Vi would pose in a ganking situation or a team fight. Another example of this can be found in Shen's Stand United where if you throw your Mega Adhesive onto a Shen as he's channelling Stand United, the ultimate will be cancelled and Shen won't go to the ally he has used his [Stand United]] on. The shield provided for that ally is still rewarded however, regardless of how soon you cancel his Stand United. Shen's ultimate goes on cooldown when it is cancelled.

Mega Adhesive Cancel also works on Teleports, in exactly the same way as Shen's Stand United is cancelled.
Although it used to, Singed Mega Adhesive no longer cancels recalls.

E Cancelling

Fling Cancelling is where an ally uses a hard CC ability to cancel your Fling, this is useful when you are stood on top of your Mega Adhesive as the Fling cancel forces the enemy that you have flung to land immediately and so gets goo flung without the Fling animation going in full effect. An excellent example of this is with Urgot, where you throw your Mega Adhesive down, catch up to the enemy you've throw your Mega Adhesive onto, and then as you Fling them your Urgot uses his Disdain to disrupt and cancel the Fling so that they instantly fall in place and are goo flung.

This mechanic is hard to pull off and is rarely seen (Unless you are duoing with someone who is playing hard CC champions). Any ability that can displace enemy champions will be able to force a goo fling. This works because the requirements for a goo fling are that the enemy is flung and LANDS on top of Singed's Mega Adhesive (After it has been fully deployed). This means that whatever happens whilst the enemy is in the air, so long as they don't touch the floor outside of the Singed Mega Adhesive radius, doesn't negate the goo fling interaction. This enables knock ups and so on to override the Fling displacement so that the enemy is guaranteed to be goo flung.

Fling AA

The Fling AA is extremely basic, it's simply where you land an auto-attack whilst the enemy is mid- Fling. It takes some timing to learn but once you've got a hang of it it's very easy to commit to muscle memory. Singed420 has said before that for people trying to learn to Fling AA, bind an AA action to your spacebar (Which can be done in the in-game settings) so that whenever you Fling someone you press spacebar and so always Fling AA. The niche Glacial Singed build relies on this mechanic in a lot of situations where you Fling, glacial proc with the AA, and then the enemy is significantly slowed whilst standing (Supposedly) in your Poison Trail.
Jungling as Singed

Special thanks to Blasterus and Consolo from the Singed Mains Discord for their help in developing this section of the guide!

Jungle Singed is surprisingly good, and if you find yourself auto-filled into Jungle you can still do pretty well on Singed. Flash Smite or Ghost Smite are both good here, it's up to your personal preference.

Jungle Route

The route you want to be going on Singed is Red Buff , into Raptors , into Wolves , into Blue Buff , into Scuttle /Ganks.
Once you have the gold, build Seeker's Armguard and Boots,then pick up Bami's Cinder if you're going for Turbo Chemtank, at this point your clear on Singed jungle is on-par with the top meta picks in jungle. Go for Krugs , into Raptors , into Wolves , into Gromp , and back into ganking.
Picking up Turbo Chemtank early helps with ganking too, though it's not necessary to finish this item first. Beyond Turbo Chemtank you build pretty much exactly the same as if you were playing Singed in lane. If you want to play AP, pick Hextech Rocketbelt instead of Turbo Chemtank.

Advanced Clearing

Singed's Q paired with the blue smite omnivamp can be really strong, and can be abused to get some amazing better-than-meta clears. Here's a video from 2017 that showcases how to abuse the then Hunter's Talisman passive (Though this still translates to the omnivamp of jungle items) to get level 3 in the first jungle clear without using health pots, and without getting a leash, and still ending up on full health. With the new items this isn't necessarily as powerful, but it's definitely worth watching! Thanks to Oplieed for bringing this to my attention.

Here is a clear example of how strong Singed's jungle clear currently is, courtesy of Consolo:

Proxying. Everything you need to know.

What is Proxying? [WIP]

Proxying is an incredibly interesting mechanism in League of Legends, in a game overpopulated by the exact same gameplay, proxying has stood defiantly as the most consistent and unique playstyle in the game. For those who aren't aware of what proxying is, it is the act of (As Singed) starting level 1 inbetween the enemies towers so that it is only you and the enemy minion wave. You kite the minion waves whilst inbetween the first and second (Or second and third) enemy top towers. This process allows you to get perfect farm, as well as avoiding the enemy top laner on top of forcing them to either face-tank your minion wave (Which will chunk them in most cases) or letting the minion waves crash into their tower without any push back from their minion wave (As those minions are occupied with being killed by you). A lot of players try to proxy the first 3 waves, then they execute to a tower, then they buy items and run back to lane so at level 3 they have an item advantage without losing out on anything so they can have an advantage in lane. There are a LOT of different things that can impact this however, and that's what makes this section so difficult to do justice to.

What's Good About Proxying?

Proxying can be a game winning tactic, but more often than not it's seen as troll and can fail pretty miserably. So what's good about it? The main benefit of proxying is the amount of pressure you bring to the map, when you're in-between the top towers you're effectively saying "Hey, you have to stop farming and come stop me or I'll get super fed on minions", this pressure that comes from the way you choose to farm means the enemy top laner has to either 1. Stop you and lose farm or 2. Leave you to free farm, and tank minions under tower which chunks them and the tower. As you can see, there's no winning for the enemy top laner. In addition to causing a headache for the enemy top laner, the enemy jungler will likely want to try and pick up some free kills on you (As you'll be low health away from your allies/towers) and so will dedicate a lot of time to preventing your proxy, which is actually a really good thing. Getting camped by the jungler is normally awful, but when you're playing proxy you're looking to attract the attention of the top laner, mid laner, and jungler so that your mid laner and jungler are free to gank bot lane and secure dragons and first towers etc. in turn getting your carries fed. If the enemy jungler is constantly top then your mid laner and ADC have the jungler priority so that they can (hopefully) use that advantage to push a lead and snowball the game into carrying you. If you find the enemy jungler is hard-camping you and they're not committing much, try to waste as much of their time as possible, get them to chase you around and bait with your low health when ganked ( Ghost comes in handy here), your main goal is to create a lot of pressure and to divert pressure from your other laners so that they can take control of the map.

What's Bad About Proxying?

This beautiful image of a world where Singed can pretty much solo carry through proxying has faded a LOT in recent seasons. With the advent of bounties and changes to respawn timers as well as it being easier for a lot of popular champions to snowball AS WELL as Rift Herald being added to bring some objectives attention to the top side of the map, proxy Singed is nowhere near what it used to be. You'll find a lot of gank heavy junglers which don't need to commit much to kill you (Such as Kha'Zix, Nidalee, Xin Zhao, etc.)will snowball off your attempts at proxying, and often if a jungler starts top side for their buff they'll come and pick you off before finishing their clear. If you don't get the first three waves then the level 1 proxy wasn't necessarily worth it because you won't have enough money for Corrupting Potion and Boots (Unless you have Future's Market). The higher elo you get the harder to proxy it is because it's so popular a notion now due to Singed420 that everyone semi-expects Singed players to try the level 1 proxy, so very often their entry into the enemy jungle is blocked off by the top laner. Changes in runes means it's difficult to find a keystone that works well (Other than simply going Aftershock for the beefiness). Most people opt to play Singed as a laner and only proxy a couple of waves when they can get away with it. There are so many risks that come with proxying that it's generally considered to NOT be a viable method of climbing.

Blue Side Start

Red Side Start

Double Proxying

First of all, a disclaimer. Double proxying will likely get you reported and is extremely high risk high reward and so I wouldn't recommend it in ranked.

The general idea of this strategy is to go into the enemy base and use the close proximity of the top and mid lane waves spawning (Both from the enemy nexus) to draw aggro from both waves and proxy them both, this allows your mid laner to push for tower in the mid lane and allows you to get double to gold from farming you normally would. I discuss this further in my Playing Proxy series, but you generally want to see the enemy bot laners in their lane, enemy mid in their lane, and enemy top in their lane, before you go into the enemy base (Otherwise your double proxy might be stopped by people coming from base).
Hard Matchup Videos
Here is a matchups spreadsheet created by Socialist Singed, a contributor to the guide and a Challenger Singed player on EUW.

Singed VS Vayne

Singed VS Renekton

Singed VS Urgot

Singed VS Ryze

Singed VS Gangplank

Singed VS Lucian

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