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Shaco Build Guide by FacetLOL

Jungle [13.22] ✔️ Facet's Ultimate In-Depth AD Shaco Jungle Guide 🤡 ⚠️Items/Runes Updated⚠️

Jungle [13.22] ✔️ Facet's Ultimate In-Depth AD Shaco Jungle Guide 🤡 ⚠️Items/Runes Updated⚠️

Updated on November 16, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FacetLOL Build Guide By FacetLOL 500 37 961,652 Views 25 Comments
500 37 961,652 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FacetLOL Shaco Build Guide By FacetLOL Updated on November 16, 2023
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Runes: HoB Crit Setup

1 2 3 4 5
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Ignite Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[13.22] ✔️ Facet's Ultimate In-Depth AD Shaco Jungle Guide 🤡 ⚠️Items/Runes Updated⚠️

By FacetLOL
Hello! Im Facet, earlier known as Flygenring in the Shaco community. I've statistically hit rank 1 Shaco on multiple occasions on multiple servers. I started playing shaco back in season 7 on and off, and i have been playing him as the only champ in my champ pool for about 2-3 seasons straight now.

Make sure to join my NEWLY created discord!

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Feel free to contact me on Discord:
Why Shaco?
Why Shaco?
Shaco is a very fun and rewarding champion to play/OTP, playing mindgames with your enemies is very addictive.
Shaco is also very versatile as a champion, and you can play him either AD/AP/Bruiser/Tank/Support.. etc.
Shaco is regarded as one of the best SoloQ junglers as his kit allows him to counterjungle very easily and gank from a trillion different angles to 1v9 snowball games.
• Strong early game
• Cheesy ganks
• Can trap with Boxes
• Best 1v1 Champ in the game with his Clone
• Very fun and rewarding to play
• Easy solo Dragons
• Can Solo Nash
• Very Snowbally
• Strong outplay potential
• Can 1 HIT squishies if fed
• Good Splitpusher
• Insane engage/escape with Q
• High skillcap/hard to master
• Boxes have high CD and are kinda useless if you're AD and set right/leveled correctly.
• Needs Q to engage/escape
• Plated Steelcaps are a hardcounter
• Very Item reliant (No Base Stats/Scalings)
• Useless if behind/very hard to play from behind
• Invades pretty much destroy your early game
• Clone Is Very buggy
Keystones on AD Shaco
When it comes to runes on shaco, you have A LOT of different options, and i'll list the ones I believe are the ones you're gonna need for all games.

First of all, my overall preferred keystone for AD Shaco has to be Electrocute, even though it may seem unconventional at first, hear me out.

As Shaco, in mid to late game you usually only backstab and auto once more before you try to get out to avoid dying, therefore having electro for the added burst and pick potential is really preferable in my opinion.

You can proc Electrocute with Stridebreaker, Auto Attacks, Ignite, Smite, Boxes, Clone Explosion/Auto Attacks.

For example, Q into Backstab, into Stride into more autos (+smite), until out of range, then E/Ignite.

When it comes to Hail of Blades, you have to play in another manner, your goal with using Hail of Blades is to empower each and every one of your auto attacks as much as possible, for this you would want to go crit, to get the most crititical strikes possible as it will outdamage Electrocute if you get more empowered attacks in.

A quick important Hail of Blades tip. When Shaco uses Hallucinate, his clone will copy his current stats, that means that if you use your ultimate while you're under the effects of Hail of Blades your clone will keep the Hail of Blades attack speed until it dies.
Just as you have multiple options for keystones on AD Shaco, you have even more options when it comes to the other runes.

First Rune Slot
If you're running Domination as your primary rune tree, you will want to go for either Cheap Shot/ Sudden Impact, my personal preference here is Cheap Shot as you can proc the true damage on your Two-Shiv Poison and it deals more damage in the early game, however it is 100% personal preference and both have positives and negatives.

Secondary Rune Slot
Here you will want to go for Eyeball Collection almost always, but if you want, above Master you can run Zombie Ward instead, but that is also 100% personal preference.

Third Rune Slot
As for the different Hunter runes, you will want to get Relentless Hunter as it provides the most value out of any of them on shaco, It really ups your map presence with the added out of combat movement speed.
If you know in advance that you will be using a lot of items such as Guardian Angel, Maw of Malmortius, Edge of Night etc. (Items with passive cooldowns). You can go for Ingenious Hunter as it greatly reduces these cooldowns.
Example: Edge of Night Passive Spell Shield - 40 Seconds --> 26 Seconds

Secondary Rune Trees

Precision Tree
In the secondary rune tree, with Electrocute, you NEED to run Legend: Alacrity for the added attack speed with either Triumph/ Coup de Grace, this is once again a personal preference, but overall Triumph gives you way more value than Coup de Grace does.

Inspiration Tree
In the inspiration tree you will want to go for Approach Velocity no matter what. Approach Velocity is what i would argue is the most broken rune on Shaco at all.
Shaco's E, Two-Shiv Poison, Passive: Shaco's basic attacks Slow enemies for 2 seconds while Two-Shiv Poison is off cooldown
Approach Velocity:
Passive: Gain 7.5% bonus total movement speed toward visible and targetable enemy champions that are Immobilized, Grounded, or Slowed within 1000 range. This bonus is doubled to 15% and does not have a range cap nor require vision toward enemy champions whose movement you impaired when they were visible.
As you might have figured out, auto attacking as Shaco with your E off cooldown, you will slow down enemies ranging from 20-30% depending on ability level, and grant you 15% movement speed for towards the target for the duration, allowing you to stick to your enemies as long as you have your E Two-Shiv Poison off cooldown.

When it comes to the other rune options in the Inspiration tree, you can go for Future's Market/ Magical Footwear, however here i would always go for Future's Market, as early boots are huge on shaco, hence why delaying your boots by roughly 8~ minutes is usually bad. This, again is personal preference.

Sorcery Tree
The Sorcery tree is also decent on shaco, however it's kind of counter intuitive as you want to get as ahead as you can in the early game on shaco. Therefore you don't have time to wait for either Absolute Focus or Gathering Storm to scale as you will be irrelevant in the game, when these runes are relevant.
If you absolutely want to go for the Sorcery tree, you have a few viable options, these being:
Gathering Storm - Scales really well, but is very counter intuitive.
Absolute Focus - Decent rune, but you have better options
Transcendence - Decent rune, but kind of irrelevant compared to other options.
Waterwalking - Really good rune, but just go for Approach Velocity instead.

Resolve Tree
Don't go this tree, you have way better options in the other trees.
(But if you absolutely insist, go for Overgrowth along with Conditioning/ Bone Plating)

If you for some reason have Domination as your Secondary Rune tree, go for Relentless Hunter along with either Cheap Shot/ Sudden Impact/ Eyeball Collection.
Summoner Spells
For shaco, you have a few options, however Ignite will be superior for most players in almost all games, the reason I do run Ignite almost all games, is that i very much prefer Electrocute, and i use it as another proc for Electrocute. (Read Keystones)

Ghost instead of Ignite has a lot of potential, but it is recommended that you run the Hail of Blades with Precision tree secondary along with this. The reason Ghost is viable is that you extend its duration upon a champion takedown, allowing you to weave in and out of fights and get ontop of targets.

Don't go Flash lol
Shacos Skill path has a few different options as well, for starters, you want to max R>E>Q>W

But there is some things you can do differently, which i recommend, when you get to lvl 4/5, get another point in W Jack In The Box. you can either go for 2 or 3 points in W Jack In The Box for clearing. After, just go for E max, into Q max.

A tip is to hold onto your points at level 4/5 and upgrade either W or E Two-Shiv Poison according to your situation. (If you're about to gank, put 1 in E Two-Shiv Poison, if youre about to clear camps, put a point in W Jack In The Box)

If you just want to spam gank, just max E. However it is highly recommended to atleast get 2 points in W Jack In The Box.
Item Builds
Items on Shaco are always subject to change depending on the game and patch, but if you're going for the Electrocute setup (My Preferred Setup), you should always try to get Ironspike Whip, Serrated Dirk and Ionian Boots of Lucidityor Boots of Swiftness as your early items, i personally really like Ironspike Whip Ionian Boots of Lucidity rush.

After these items, go straight into Stridebreaker and then look at the enemy team and decide what you need, if they have Lulu/ Janna for example, you can get Serpent's Fang, even before Stridebreaker. after you have Stridebreaker and Serpent's Fang, get another Serrated Dirk and move into another item, for example Dead Man's Plate, Wit's End Essence Reaver etc.

In general, just buy what makes sense, Guardian Angel earlier if you have a big bounty, Maw of Malmortius if you're against a really fed ap burst champ and you need to survive, Essence Reaver for added burst, Lord Dominik's Regards into armor/high hp enemies


If you're looking for a more "Cookie Cutter" build that works great in every single game, try going Stridebreaker, Boots of Swiftness, Blade of the Ruined King, Wit's End, Guardian Angel, Titanic Hydra.

The entire Electrocute playstyle is built and based around taking fights without dying, its more of an "In and out" sort of playstyle rather than mindlessly going for 1 kill on an enemy carry by brute force by flipping crits w ith 20-60% critical strike chance and Deceive backstab.

Electrocute is super strong for short trades and burst, especially with Stridebreaker since you can proc it really easily by auto attacking once or twice, using Stridebreaker and then using your E Two-Shiv Poison
Boots of Swiftness is super strong along with Stridebreaker because of he 2% extra movement speed per mythic item as it amplifies Boots of Swiftness movement speed, the 15 extra movement speed is also really nice for sticking to enemies or running away/dodging quickly.

But why not just run Approach Velocity then? Well shaco need's the attack speed, especially in the early game since he's an "onhitter" champ per say, and you wanna get auto attacks off to damage, rather than using abilities like other champions. (like Kayn for example) So if you're not getting attackspeed from Hail of Blades then you need it from somewhere else, hence Legend: Alacrity along with Stridebreaker. (Going Triumph is a lot better than Coup de Grace as it provides way more value and utility than Coup de Grace

The Collector or Lord Dominik's Regards?
The Collector is really good into squishies such as nami zoe, etc. If the enemy is buying armor such as plated steelcaps, go for a Lord Dominik's Regards.
Crit Build

For the crit build, just get a combination of the items provided in the item set, either with Electrocute, or Hail of Blades(Recommended). Usually you want to get Lord Dominik's Regards as 3rd to 4th item on Crit Shaco as it provides more dmg than Infinity Edge in the majority of games.
Jungle Clear/Box Placement
For your pathing, there is pretty much only two pathings you really need these days.
Red Buff Clear on Blue Side
Place 2 boxes at your Raptors as shown, and then 1 in front of your raptor pit towards Red Brambleback , As shown on the picture below
Blue Buff Clear on Red Side
Blue start 4-6 camp clear.
For this pathing, you will need to place 2 boxes on your blue buff, placement doesn't matter too much, then your last box at the specific spot shown on the picture below.

What this path is useful for, is for killing rengar/yi or any other full clearing jungler that starts on red Buff and goes red Buff > ancient krug > Raptors > Wolf > Blue Buff > Gromp

Flipped Sides

Red Buff Clear on Red Side
Blue Buff Clear on Blue Side
wip As Shaco you teamfight a little differently, usually when people ask me this question, i ask them back what Shaco is an anagram for.. Yep that's right, Chaos.

Usually as an AD Assassin you wanna focus on killing the enemy carries, however this is much easier said than done as you have a very limited amount of Damage while playing Shaco. Therefore it is IMPERATIVE(Important) that you know your damage limits down to the single digits, this confidence can only be achieved by consistently playing shaco and limit testing, even though it might lose you some games/fights at first, TRUST me, it WILL be worthwhile.

As for the actual gameplay part, what you essentially want to do is Ambush the enemy carries, enter, Oracle's Lens. Sweeper is your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time, you want to keep enemy vision cleared from your ambush paths, luckily Shaco is allowed to gank with his Q Deceive from a trillion different angles that other junglers can't or wont expect.

An example of an ambush path could look like the picture below, keep in mind that in the higher elo that you go, the more unconventional gank paths you'll have to take because of deeper vision in the jungle.

In essence, you want to be as unpredictable as possible.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can't ambush from out of vision and you'll have to stay closer to your team, arm yourself with patience, you need some Chaos to break out in order for you engage while the enemy is busy doing something else.

These situations could look something like this

Tips & Tricks
    Utilize your boxes
Jack In The Box to block skillshots
Don't throw you E Two-Shiv Poison at the start of combat, as its an execute and deals more damage if hit from behind, and if the enemy is below 30% max HP
You can use your ultimate Hallucinate to jump over small walls by hovering your cursor on the other side of the wall.
You will spawn your clone on the opposite side of where your mouse cursor is when using Hallucinate

These are the different spots you can jump over with your ultimate Hallucinate
These are some of the important Q Deceive Jumps:
Take everything for yourself, Shaco barely scales off experience, so you will have to take all the gold that you can get, unless you can't play into the enemy team comp, or you're really far behind, then play for the winning lane.

Think twice about ganking a lane with Plated Steelcaps(armor boots), as they will tremendously reduce your damage.

Just gank easily gankable lanes, lanes with setup, Nautilus, Leona, Sylas, Leblanc etc.

Don't bother ganking losing lanes, mute the laner, and focus on the winning lanes, if there are any.

Abuse counterjungling on Shaco, as he excels in doing it. Hold on to your Q Deceive while counterjungling as that is your only escape from rotating laners and the enemy jungler.
Shaco Skins

These are my personal opinions on shaco's different skins, my favorites being Asylum, along with nutcracko and the default/royal skin.

Some special notes about some skins with special properties:
    Masked Shaco has one of the most visible
Hallucinate/ Deceive animations.
Asylum Shaco has a very slim character model, which i really like.
Arcanist Shaco's q animation is very hard to see compared to the other skins, as its a poof of blue smoke instead of the typical orange smoke.
Nutcracko and Masked Shaco along with the default skin/royal shaco has really nice basic attack animations.
Thanks for reading my guide hope it helps you get started on Shaco. Catch me on my twitch channel, or add me on discord if you have any questions:

Also make sure to follow me on twitch as i stream quite often!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FacetLOL
FacetLOL Shaco Guide
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[13.22] ✔️ Facet's Ultimate In-Depth AD Shaco Jungle Guide 🤡 ⚠️Items/Runes Updated⚠️

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