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Vayne Build Guide by SaskioLoL

Top [13.7] BEST VAYNE TOP IN DEPTH GUIDE Detailed Match Up Sheet Included

Top [13.7] BEST VAYNE TOP IN DEPTH GUIDE Detailed Match Up Sheet Included

Updated on April 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaskioLoL Build Guide By SaskioLoL 153 19 318,286 Views 9 Comments
153 19 318,286 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SaskioLoL Vayne Build Guide By SaskioLoL Updated on April 9, 2023
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SaskioLoL's Featured Video

Runes: Standard Runes

Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
Flash Ghost
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Champion Build Guide

[13.7] BEST VAYNE TOP IN DEPTH GUIDE Detailed Match Up Sheet Included

By SaskioLoL

Hello my name is Saskio. I am an NA CHALLENGER Vayne top player bringing you my in depth guide on how I play Vayne. My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to find success on Vayne at any rank!


Top Vayne Match Up Document


Please follow my twitch stream at

Refer to my Youtube Vayne Top Guide if you prefer visuals and explanations

Night hunter (Passive): Gain 30 movement speed when moving towards a nearby VISIBLE enemy champion. (Having your ult activated increases this movement speed to 90).

Tumble (Q): Vayne dashes in the target direction and her next basic attack deals bonus physical damage. You will be using this mainly to reposition and trade.
NOTES: You can put extra points in Q randomly if an all in occurs right when you level up to lower the cooldown. If you level up to 11 but your ult is on cooldown and a fight is about to happen, level up your Q instead

Siver Bolts (W): Every 3 stacks, Vayne deals bonus true damage. Auto attacks, Condemn, and Guinsoo's Rageblade on hit applies stacks.
NOTES: Press the Attack does not amplify Silver Bolts damage.

Condemn (E): Fires a bolt and upon arrival knocks back opponents 475 units. If the target collides with terrain, they take bonus damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Notes: You can Condemn then Flash to redirect the direction (Explained later)
Terrain: Anivia Wall, Trundle pillar, Azir Ult, Jarvan IV Ult, Taliyah Ult, Ornn Q, and walls.
You can E people into Veigar E but it won’t Vayne stun.

Final Hour (R): Vayne gains bonus attack damage and triples Night Hunter (passive) until ult runs out. Tumble’s cooldown is reduced and grants Vayne invisibility for 1 second. Scoring a kill or assist within 3 seconds of damaging then extends final hour by 4 seconds up to its original duration.

Ability Maxing Order:

When it comes to leveling order on Vayne there are a lot of variations you can play with during the early game while some specific matchups require certain points in a skill. There are even times where you will level very weirdly like 0 points condemn or skipping and ult point for tumble.

The question everybody always asks is do I max Tumble or Silver Bolts first.

Generally speaking maxing silver bolts first is the highest dps option you can go for, however leveling up tumble or even maxing it sometimes can be very beneficial when you want a lower cooldown. Very commonly into some melee matchups I will place 2-3 extra points for a lower cooldown giving me more flexibility in how I want to kite or chase.

If you were to follow this order it would look like this:



This is another variation where you go only 2 points Q then start maxing W after. This is very common in many matchups top since having a slightly lower cooldown is more beneficial for the early game.

You can also look to level like this if you know you will not proc your W in a specific match up until later on.

The standard leveling order on Vayne is:


This maximizes your true damage and synergizes well with the meta of on hit/attack speed Vayne.

Weird variations you can consider is skip leveling condemn at 3 into a matchup where you would not condemn and level it at 4 instead. You would do this to max your trading pattern slightly stronger with an extra point in Q or W.

There are some times where you will notice I level up my tumble over ultimate at level 11 because of 2 potential factors, I leveled up mid fight and want lower tumble cooldowns or I recently used my ult and it's on cooldown, and I am about to fight so I may as well place an ability point in tumble.

Summoner spells on Vayne show exactly how the player plans to play. It’s important you run the most optimal spells to make the matchup or game go as smoothly as possible.

Starting off we have the most standard spells on Vayne being Flash Ghost. These summoner spells are the most flexible, allowing you to chase, run away, or reposition.

Flash Ignite gives you a ton of kill pressure. This summoner spell variation is mainly used to reduce healing on some heavy healing champions. Alternatively you will notice me take ignite into very tough matchups and try to match their kill pressure like Akali, Quinn, and Jax.

Flash Teleport likely means you are playing safe in a hard matchup and want to be able to reenter lane without losing minions after getting poked out. Teleport will be very helpful in allowing you to split push without worry of not making it to a fight in mid game.

I rarely run Flash Cleanse but these summoner spells will help you escape certain crowd controls while being able to Flash away. You will see me run these summoner spells if I am against a heavy crowd control team while they have a Jarvan IV.

You can try Exhaust into matchups like Pantheon, Jayce, Akshan, and Lucian. The point of Exhaust is to bail you out of tough situations and gives you more time to scale and find better opportunities to win the lane or transition into mid/late game without falling too far behind.

If you ever see me run Cleanse I am likely running it with Ghost since the synergy is really good. The point of these summoner spells is to help you escape crowd control and immediately have the movement speed to chase or kite certain match ups. You will need very specific conditions from the enemy top lane, jungler, and sometimes mid to run this. Listed is every top champion you can potentially run the summoner spell into. However in order to truly unlock the summoner spells you would need not only the top laner but the jungler would have to be one of these champions. There is also nothing wrong with running Ghost Cleanse for a particular match up while the enemy jungler is a weak ganking jungler like Master Yi, and Shyvana. Lastly, some mid matchups can influence this decision like Lissandra, Twisted Fate, Ahri, and Veigar.

I rarely run Ghost Ignite but it can be an option into some specific match up like Dr. Mundo, Vladimir while the enemy jungler is a weak ganking jungler with no gap closes. This summoner spell is only useful when Flash isn’t optimal into the 3 enemy top side but also giving you kill pressure over your opponents.

Exhaust and Ignite is a very rare combo to run on Vayne. These summoner spells are only viable into matchups where you would have gotten zoned and you need every last combat stat you can get. Or you will likely just fight to death when you run into them. Examples of these matchups include Draven, Lucian, Kalista, Pantheon, Tristana, and maybe Rengar.

Lethal Tempo
Lethal Tempo fits so well with everything Vayne wants to do. It ramps up over 6 autos and gives Vayne more attack speed which is everything she wants. Upon reaching 6 stacks Vayne will have 50 bonus range which is crazy during duels or teamfights. An important mechanic to understand is how Lethal Tempo depletes when it is reaching the end of its life cycle, the initial deplete will always be 6 seconds long, and can always be refreshed for another 6 seconds with an auto attack on a champion. Upon the 6 seconds running out, regardless of how many stacks the Lethal Tempo is charged it will start depleting by 1 every 0.5 seconds, so hypothetically you can still save a couple stacks if you want to keep poking or trading. With all that being said you will likely see Lethal Tempo being run on Vayne top in 98% of scenarios since this rune is so powerful.

Press The Attack
Press the Attack has very unique matchups where you would ever run it into. The rune is designed more for short trades on Vayne and provides big burst since the damage generally stacks with Vayne's first Silver Bolts proc. An important note to keep in mind is Vayne’s true damage IS NOT amplified when Press the Attack is activated. The only specific matchups I would ever run Press the Attack into top lane are Ryze, Viktor, and Vladimir. The reason being is these matchups tend to take short trades and try to immediately run, by having PTA you can burst your opponents with 3 autos and disengage. However even if these matchups decide for long trades, it is still beneficial since all your damage is still amplified after the initial 3 attacks.

Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork is a rune that has been overshadowed by Lethal Tempo and Press the Attack. Admittedly the rune is not that strong damage wise but has its niches in some matchups top lane. I will run this rune when I know I am not trading often and will look to sustain during the laning phase. You will see me run this rune into champions like Azir, Lucian, and Gangplank. I have been testing it into various other matchups and feel Fleet can be run more often than not, here is a list of champions below I think you can run the rune into. When it comes to fleet, try it and see how you feel about the rune depending on the matchup.

Overheal compliments Vayne by giving her more resources to stay alive before and during teamfights. You generally want Doran's Blade to make use of this rune early on even if the shield is very minimal. From there you want to rush Vampiric Scepter to make use of it more during the laning phase.

I consider Triumph to be the streamer rune because you regen hp and try to make crazy outplays for clips. However, on a serious note Triumph is really good on Vayne during teamfights because you always want to play for that 1 kill reset for your ult and ghost and getting random hp regen is very helpful.

Presence Of Mind
I rarely take Presence of Mind but the rune could be good if you are running into mana issues during the laning phase. The only time I would genuinely take this rune is if the enemy top laner is a champion I can bully underneath the turret like Garen, Dr. Mundo, Ornn, Sett, Shen while the enemy jungler is a farming or weak ganking jungler like Udyr, Shyvana, Master Yi. The general idea is that you won’t get ganked often so you can pressure the match up underneath the turret by auto attacking and tumbling out of turret range.

There's not much to explain when it comes to Legend: Alacrity, this is the best rune in this section on Vayne because it gives her attack speed immediately and scales upwards throughout the game.

Legend: Bloodline is very situational on Vayne, I would run this rune in maybe 1 out of 1000 games. I would only go Legend: Bloodline if you determined before the game that you will not be buying lifesteal. For example if you plan on going Kraken Slayer into Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End, if you did look to buy lifesteal it would be delayed to 5th item which might be way too long so Legend: Bloodline will cover for you. Another example could be building Kraken Slayer into Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge. Essentially if you don’t plan on buying any lifesteal go Legend: Bloodline. Lastly keep in mind that if you do decide to go Legend: Bloodline, you are losing a lot of early attack speed that you would have gotten from Legend: Alacrity and can potentially lose early 1 v 1 duels.

Coup De Grace
Coup de Grace is the default to rune if you cannot run Cut Down or don’t want Last Stand. During random skirmishes Coup de Grace will be useful when targets get low to try and help you get ult reset.

Last Stand
Last Stand is a useful rune when you notice that the enemy team composition will get you low before the fights even start. Examples of these enemy team compositions may include Kayn, Zed, Ekko, and Qiyana. My biggest advice between Coup de Grace and Last Stand is experimenting between both options and seeing which you prefer.

Cut Down
I mainly run Cut Down for the early game rather than what most people run it for which is the late game. I run this rune generally with a longsword into matchups I know it is for sure worth it in. I have a Vayne top document that you can navigate through for each match up which covers if Cut Down is worth it or not depending on what item both top laners start. Any value that is equal to or above 5% will amplify your damage by that much, any value beneath 4.99% will not be amplified. However if you do decide to navigate this document, you should not always run Cut Down just because the values are very high. For example, in the Jax matchup the cut down values with longsword on paper are really high, but in reality you can die very quickly to the point where you can’t output your Cut Down value over time because Jax can jump on you consistently and kill you with ignite. So in this case you would go Doran's Blade with coup or last stand to make the matchup playable instead of running Cut Down.

Conditioning is the best secondary rune on Vayne because it gives her the stats needed to survive through duels and teamfights. The most obvious weakness of this rune is that it’s useless until 12 minutes. However I think it is worth toughing out the laning phase to reach this point since Vayne can avoid most duels with good wave management.

Bone Plating
Bone Plating is very helpful into matchups you know that will be very aggressive early on with multiple ways to trade. Keep in mind Bone Plating does not reduce the damage from the first hit a champion does to you. It only reduces damage once you take the first damage, then up to 3 separate instances of damage after. For example if a Quinn auto attacks you once, her first auto is not reduced in damage, but if she auto attacks you then clicks E > auto > Q while the bone plating is active, then it will reduce those abilities and damage.

Second Wind
Second Wind is only really worth it if you really want to play safe into a particular matchup or you will get poked out. You will often see me run this rune into Azir, and Gangplank with a Doran's Shield. Aside from that I will only run the rune if I'm really playing really safe.

Overgrowth is one of the highest value runes on Vayne simply giving her hp. Every 8 minions you will gain 3 hp after 120 you will have permanent 3.5% maximum health. This means that if you purchase hp after overgrowth has been procced, it will still amplify that new hp you have purchased.

Revitalize is only ever worth it if you will build Immortal Shieldbow while your team has 2-3 shielders like Ivern, Karma, Lulu, or Soraka. Aside from that I would only ever take this rune if I go Fleet Footwork and Doran's Shield to further increase those healing sources.

Unflinching is a solid rune choice if the enemy team has a fair amount of crowd control or you are running it for a specific matchup. Keep in mind that running Unflinching does not give you an excuse to get hit by crowd control but rather a tool to assist you if you do. For specific lane matchups here is a list below I would consider running Unflinching into only for lane.

I rarely go Demolish but you should run this rune if you will go Hullbreaker build OR if you are against a Janna Smite top.

Nullifying Orb
Nullifying Orb is an underrated option if you are going into this tree into a heavy ap match up. You will rarely see me take this rune since I don’t think the value is that high.

Nimbus Cloak
You will see me run Nimbus Cloak with Celerity into specific matchups where I highly value movement speed. If you do decide to take this rune MAKE SURE you have ghost to take advantage of the double movement speed.

Celerity gives a small amount of movement speed, you would only run this rune if the matchup comes down to every unit possible. Personally I rarely take Celerity and Nimbus Cloak but the option is there if you really care about having more Movement speed to space certain matchups

Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus is run at the same time as Gathering Storm to increase your AD as much as possible. I would only ever run this rune into an easy match up while my team lacks damage

Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm generally goes hand in hand with Absolute Focus but it is possible to run Gathering Storm with another rune. This rune scales infinitely and gives a bit of extra ad to scaling into the mid and late game.

Scorch procs on Vayne Q+Auto or Condemn. This rune is viable into very specific matchups where you need all the damage you can get.

Hail of Blades
Hail of Blades as a primary rune is actually strong in itself. However the biggest issue is the rest of the Domination tree is arguably useless compared to the Precision tree. For that reason you will notice I rarely take the rune unless it's into a very specific match up where I am playing for a kill like Gangplank or Lucian. If you do decide to run Hail of Blades the most important mechanic to understand is when you start a proc then Tumble, your tumbled auto attack will not consume a proc on Hail of Blades therefore giving you potentially 4 auto attacks.

Taste of Blood
If you ever go into the Domination tree you will always run Taste of Blood. This rune can help give Vayne extra sustain throughout the laning phase and later stages of the game.

Ghost Poro
If you run into this tree you will most commonly run Ghost Poro with Taste of Blood into matchups you really want to bully underneath turret. The point of the Ghost Poro is to further extend your vision timer specifically against junglers who aren’t heavy ganking.

Ingenious Hunter
Ingenious Hunter is good for reducing the timer a lot of Vayne’s items like Immortal Shieldbow, Blade of the Ruined King, Maw of Malmortius , Guardian Angel, Quicksilver Sash, Galeforce, Gargoyle Stoneplate. You will only ever see me run this rune if I Know I will need to spam Quicksilver Sash against a matchup like Skarner, Malzahar.

Ultimate Hunter
I rarely run Ultimate Hunter but it is really good if you want to continuously fight someone on cooldown. Examples of these matchups are listed below I personally don’t think the rune is ever worth it since Vayne generally benefits more off of slow play through wave manipulation and macro decisions.

Adaptive Tree
Offensive: 10% Attack Speed

Always run attack speed to synergize with Vayne’s entire kit

Flex: Adaptive

Run adaptive damage since Vayne needs as much damage as possible

Defense: Hp Shard, Armor, MR

The only change you will always make is the defense tree.

You will notice me taking hp shard in 3 situations:

When I do not know what solo lane match up I will be in where they have a split of an AD champion and AP champion like Akali and Yasuo.

I am against an ap matchup and the enemy jungler is AD while I am running Conditioning.

I am playing for maximum scaling with Conditioning into any easy matchup where I AM NOT RUNNING Cut Down

This is the most standard rune page you can possibly run on Vayne. You have the best primary rune on Vayne with Lethal Tempo and the highest defensive runes with Conditioning and Overgrowth. You will see me run a rune page similar to this almost 95% of the time since I heavily favor defensive runes.

You will run this page when you are trying to fully pressure somebody underneath the turret. As stated before you will run this page into a champion like Dr. Mundo, Ornn, Garen, Shen, Illaoi while the enemy jungler is a farming jungler or weak jungler like Udyr, Master Yi & Shyvana. The point of this rune page is to have infinite mana with presence of mind to poke the weak matchup under the turret, while having Taste of Blood and an early Vampiric Scepter for infinite health sustain, and extended vision with Ghost Poro. Along with placing 1 Control Ward in a defensive position. Essentially once you set up this exact scenario in game, you have infinite resources all across the board with hp, mana, and vision.

I only ever run this page if I need more damage or if I am yoloing a full crit build since crit benefits heavily from ad. You will often see me run this page into the matchups similar to matchups you would run Taste of Blood and Ghost Poro into since you cannot get punished too hard for not going defensive runes.

You will see me run this rune page when I am going a full defensive build along with Doran's Shield. However feel free to run this page with Doran's Blade or Long Sword and play standard into some different matchups. Examples of these matchups include Azir, Lucian, Akshan, and maybe Gangplank.

I will run this rune page into Gangplank or Lucian when I am playing for kill. You can hypothetically run this rune page into every matchup purely for the laning phase but it is very risky if you lose lane or fall behind since there are very few scaling options

Starting Items

This will be the most common start on Vayne since Doran's Blade gives you the early stats you want. Ranging from hp to omnivamp and attack damage. You will most commonly run this item when you are against a tough matchup or skipping out on Cut Down.

Long Sword Refillable Potion is the most standard start for Vayne top when you are going cutdown. The point of this start is you will reach your spikes faster while not ever having to purchase more potions everytime you base.

Long Sword 3 Health Potion is a very specific start for when you need the extra 3 Health Potion. Most commonly when you are running Absolute Focus and you want to keep maintaining your hp above the 70% threshold. However if you feel like you need the extra sustain throughout the laning phase feel free to start this instead of Refillable Potion.

Very rarely will you ever start Cull. I personally only ever start the item into Illaoi because it's a matchup you can control while also benefiting from Cut Down value and healing off the tentacles. I will more commonly purchase this item if I ever do a 3 to 4 wave cheater reset. Let's quickly break down the math on Cull and give my personal thoughts. You purchase Cull for 450 gold, and you are rewarded 1 additional gold for every minion you slay. After slaying 100 minions you are given 350 gold. Essentially the item pays for itself however once you sell it, you profit 180 gold. Now the only question is, is it worth it to delay your spike to have a bigger benefit later on. Generally speaking I will buy this item if I am in a matchup where I prefer to farm or have a really good back purchase where I am able to buy the item along with a Refillable Potion and Control Ward.

I will only start Doran's Shield in matchups where I am choosing to play really safe such as Azir, Gangplank, Lucian, Akshan. The important thing when you get poked is to try to let the entire Doran's Shield passive bring your hp up before proceeding to cs or trade. Keep in mind when you go this item, you are pretty much conceding lanes and accepting the fact you will fall behind 20-40 cs during the laning phase.

Early Game Item Purchases

When it comes to early bases you generally want to always get your items along with a Refillable Potion if you didn’t start it and Control Ward. I will always try to spend as much gold as possible when I base. Whenever I talk about Vampiric Scepter vs Berserker's Greaves rush, I am always asked which one should you go first. It is always a mixture of how much money you have and what you are playing for in the early stages of that game. Generally speaking if you are playing to kill your opponents you want Berserker's Greaves to have flexibility in how you kite. You want to build a Vampiric Scepter first if you are mainly playing for sustain or for freezing waves. Very rarely will I purposely opt in for Noonquiver but I will build the item if I really want to shove the wave. Examples of these matchups would be Janna Smite top, or maybe Shen and Ornn.
Core Items

When it comes to mythic items the biggest question I get asked is Kraken Slayer or Immortal Shieldbow. My biggest advice when it comes to these items is looking at the enemy team and deciding what is more beneficial for that game. If the enemy team has very tanky targets then you can opt for Kraken Slayer, if they have assassins or things that can burst you Immortal Shieldbow will be more beneficial. At the end of the day if you are new or in doubt, just buy an Immortal Shieldbow since it gives lifesteal and more survivability.

Galeforce is a unique item that I don't think is very good unless you are against matchups that are really slippery and good at running away. The item does not offer very useful stats to Vayne like immortal or Kraken Slayer. The only reason you would ever buy this item is for the dash for very specific games or matchups. Examples of these matchups include Nasus, Sett, and maybe Garen.

Lastly I will give a shoutout to Blade of the Ruined King rush which is very common in matchups where you heavily benefit from stealing movement speed like Nasus, Sett, and Garen. You can also rush these into matchups where it's less optimal like Fiora, Aatrox, and Jax if you are winning to force the opponents to trade back or be very mindful of their positioning.

Core 3 item Variations

Listed below are the variations of the 4 core items you can go, you can rotate and build different items first in specific matchups. For example you can go Immortal Shieldbow into Wit's End for an ap matchup, then come back and finish Guinsoo's Rageblade. It just really depends on the situation, my biggest advice is to adapt and try different variations based on what you see from the enemy team.

Most standard build can never go wrong with this:

+ + +

Build for a specific 1 v 1 matchup or enemy team has no AP and really tanky:

+ + +

Highest damage possible build. Must either force Vampiric Scepter for 5th item or run bloodline:

+ + +

Faster way to access a 3 item spike with lifesteal to shred tanks:

+ + +

BORK rush variation:

+ + +

Bork rush variation with Immortal:

+ + +

Discuss Crit Build Variations:

+ OR + +

I am personally not a big fan of crit but I will mention the build for those that would like to go down this route. You want to complete your mythic into Phantom Dancer which will get a ton of movement speed and extra attack speed. From there complete infinity edge for that damage spike. Items 5 and 6 are situational but following up with more crit items are generally beneficial like Bloodthirster, Mercurial Scimitar, Rapid Firecannon, the occasional Lord Dominik's Regards or a simple Guardian Angel.

Situational 5 / 6 Items:

+ +

QSS, Mercurial, Silvermere

Quicksilver Sash is a good option when the enemy team has a lot of cc that you want to avoid. Really good examples of champions you would build this item into are Lillia, Fiddlesticks, Twisted Fate, Skarner, Malzahar, and Lissandra. Now the question is which item do we go into. I would go Silvermere Dawn if the enemy team has massive amounts of cc after the first usage or if you prefer to have more hp. Aside from that you want to go Mercurial Scimitar if there is only one crowd control you are really focused on.

Force of Nature

I rarely go force of nature but the item is optional if your opponents have a ton of consistent magic damage like Mordekaiser, Rumble, Gwen, and Swain.

Maw of malmortius

Maw of Malmortius is good if you opted into Kraken Slayer or Galeforce early on. This will especially help with burst but is a very rare situation to build it since you would have likely opted into Immortal Shieldbow and Wit's End earlier on. But the option is here for those 1 in a million games where this item can be built in the 5th and 6th slot.

Spirit Visage

Spirit Visage is an option you can opt in to if the enemy team has a lot of ap damage while you have healers or shielders like Soraka, Lulu, Ivern.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a good option if you think you will get bursted. However I personally think the item isn’t good since you will ult at the start of the fight, if you get bursted your ult timer will run out and you will be in a very weakened stat

Randuin's Omen

Randuin's Omen is strong if the enemy team has multiple ad threats you want to address especially if they have crit champions like Tryndamere.

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is a good option if you need immediate movement speed for a spike because a big fight is coming up.

Anathema's Chains

Anathema's Chains is a good option into the enemy team where they have 1 really big threat you want to take reduced damage from. Examples of these champions include Rengar, Evelynn, Wukong, Akali. Keep in mind this item will make clones very obvious if you tag them with it like Wukong, and Shaco.

Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon is a very rare item to purchase but can be viable into matchups where you value that extra range for 1 attack.

Executioner's Calling

Executioner's Calling is very bad on Vayne but can be purchased when you are really desperate to reduce healing against a specific match up or team. You should always try to ping your teammates to build heal cut first or for your support to get Chemtech Putrifier.


Bloodthirster is an odd item to purchase on Vayne but can be viable when you really want the preemptive shielding or you feel like you will be auto attacking a ton in teamfights.

Death's Dance

Death's Dance will reveal Vayne while she is invisible in her silhouette since she will take passive damage. However if you are willing to give up your ability to use invisibility tactically you can purchase this item if the enemy team has crazy burst.

Titanic Hydra

Titanic Hydra is a very common item to purchase on Vayne because it synergizes with Guinsoo's Rageblade by double proccing. I will commonly buy this item when I am down an inhibitor or if I want tanky stats while also getting a bit more ad for teamfights.

Blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King is a staple first item in Vayne top into particular matchups where you highly value movement speed. However when it comes to purchasing this item in slot 5 and 6, you generally only want to buy this if you feel the enemy team is really tanky and want to make shredding them a bit easier.

Gargoyle stoneplate

This is a very underrated item on Vayne that gives armor and magic resistance. However the random shield proc will catch many people off guard and keep Vayne long enough to start get kill resets. I highly suggest buying this item in many late game scenarios.

Edge of Night

This is an odd item on Vayne that is used mainly into Teemo. However you can possibly purchase this item randomly if you want to block out an enemy ability where they may have champions like Fizz, Annie, Ashe and Syndra.

Runaan's Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane is only ever viable if you pair it up with Titanic Hydra so the Runaan's Hurricane procs will apply the titanic. You can only ever go this build if you don’t need the defensive stats and notice the enemy team are a ton of melee champions who are often clumping up during fights.


I may get deeper into this build in the future maybe when it's meta again but there is a time to build it. The time would be if you purely just want to split push into multiple tanks. The build is Vampiric Scepter into Berserker's Greaves. From there you rush Hullbreaker, then build Trinity Force, complete Blade of the Ruined King and go Titanic Hydra. From here you just purely play to split push.

Condemn Flash Combo:

Starting off with the E flash combo. The point of this is to wind up your condemn but flash to a new location so the projectile hits them from the new location. This is most commonly used to catch your opponents off guard to get an immediate stun. Here is exactly how to do it: start by clicking condemn on your opponent, from here you have roughly half a second to flash to your new location.

You pull off this combo very similarly to Lee Sin insec combo by using Condemn, while the Condemn is winding up you Flash to a different location to redirect where it goes.


Auto Attack+Q into wall

This isn’t necessarily a combo but an important mechanic to output damage must faster on Vayne. The idea is to auto attack and tumble into a wall that you are standing right beside. Since you are tumbling into the wall, your character will be stopped forcing it to complete the animation therefore allowing you to attack. You will most commonly do this when you are leashing, taking towers, securing objectives like dragon/herald/ and baron. However you will run into very unique situations during fights where you will need to apply this mechanic in order to live so keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities.


Auto Blast plant + E while auto is in midair

This is a very rare combo but the point is to auto attack a blast plant, while the auto is traveling in midair you wind up your condemn on your target then let Jesus take the wheel. It’s hard to explain when or why you would use this combo but it is there when the time is right.


Vayne invisibility

In this section I will be talking about everything you need to know about Vayne’s invisibility past level 6.

This is less of a combo but more of an initiation tool. The point is that you are out of vision and you Ult and Q to keep closing the distance while remaining invisible for 1 second so you can sneak up on your opponents without them ever knowing it. It’s important to understand minion vision and champion range for this to work because if you get spotted the play will not likely work. Another thing to keep in mind is understanding the distance at which you do it and if you will even catch up to hit them.

Another way to utilize this combo is by doing it from a bush and assassinating someone. A glitch that nobody talks about is if you are standing right on the edge of a bush, sometimes your character will bug out and be revealed to the opponents. I don’t know why this happens but a way to combat it is to back up a bit into the bush so there is more time for your Tumble animation to go through before you leave the bush. So judge your distance and see if you are willing to take the risk to make sure you can engage on your opponents with a timely distance.

During teamfights you don’t always have to maximize damage output by constantly tumbling and attacking. Keep in mind that invisibility lasts for 1 second so sometimes it's worth it to stay invisible to get a better position to potentially output more damage later.

Another way to juke opponents in duels or fights is by tumbling straight through them. You can only do this if you are not taking dot damage or getting hit by minion projectiles. The point of this is to completely juke your opponents and show up behind them. Human brains will fill out sequences when their opponents are doing something so you can take advantage of this by doing something that they have not accounted for.

Lastly when it comes to Vayne’s invisibility, you can straight up be compromised and be shown by these abilities. Aside from that when it comes to revealing Vayne’s silhouette any AOE abilities, dot damage, minion projectiles, or Control Ward will show your general location. This is why purchasing Death's Dance isn't great on Vayne since you cut and distribute the damage overtime meaning you will take damage while your invisible revealing your silhouette to opponents.

When it comes to Vayne top gameplay everyone has it in their mind that they must play super aggressive and solo kill and bully their lane. While this is partially true it's important to cover all the basics to make sure you are playing as optimally as possible. During the laning phase for most melee matchups you will want to control brushes and contest every cs you possibly can. You want to generate as much gold for yourself as possible while denying your opponents the ability to get gold and sometimes experience with your ranged advantage. You do this because Vayne heavily outscales and benefits from being really high level with multiple items.

Remember when I said it's partially true to solo kill and bully your lane. You need to make sure you do the basics first like landing minions and controlling waves. From there when you have free time you look to poke your opponents and take small victory trades. I have coached many Vayne players before and notice the Tumble forward and start tanking a ton of minion aggression or bad trades. They put the enemy top laner at 30% hp while leaving themselves at 55% and open to get ganked. As Vayne you don’t need to take someones hp down 100 to 0, you play slow and focus on waves while taking maybe 5% of someone’s hp and taking almost nothing in return. You then repeat the process slowly and slowly until you can potential all in someone once you have taken multiple small good trades. If you can’t kill you then look to take small leads like tower plates, camps and objectives, or take good base timers.

Let's get into how to cs properly and the things you need to keep in mind. Vayne has 550 range and a missile speed of 2000. She has an auto attack cancel with her Tumble and 3 procs for Silver Bolts damage. Lastly she has a Condemn to damage and displace a minion. These will all be really important when it comes to csing and sometimes crashing waves as fast as possible.

During the laning phase you want to position to achieve as many things as possible.

The ability and range to last hit

Out of range to get engaged on or damaged

Near brushes to reset aggression if you decide to trade

In range to harass or zone opponents off to thinking that you will poke them

That's why you will notice me in some games that I will walk forward in an aggressive manner only to scare my opponent while I focus on last hitting

The safest position possible to escape a potential gank if it does come from the worst angle possible

To hover towards a potential jungler play that is happening

Lastly the potential situation where you have to walk as close to a minion as possible to last hit it

You will only do this last one if you recently auto attacked a minion and you don’t have enough attack speed to get another one AND maybe your Q is down or you don’t want to use it.

You will then walk melee range so your missile has less distance to travel beating out other minion auto attacks allowing you to get the cs.

Blue Side
How To Ward On Blue Side: Before I jump into wave management I want to quickly discuss how you should be warding. On blue side you will have your Stealth Ward positions starting with this spot where you will place to cover lane ganks during your hard freezes or when you are holding the wave in the golden wave positioning. You can place a Control Ward in the defensive position if you want to be closer to contest it if the enemy top laner goes for it, otherwise you can place it in the aggressive slot for more vision if you don’t think they will contest it for a while. Lastly you want to place the tribush ward from this location so you don’t have to facecheck that deep giving you the best chances to survive if the enemy jungler is there.

How to ward blue side example: CLICK TO VIEW

Red Side
How To Ward On Red Side: Here are the locations you want to ward on red side. As you can see, you want to place the Control Ward on the edge of the tribush so if the enemy top laner wants to deal with it, they have to walk all the way in just to hit it, giving you time to potentially contest it in some situations.

How to ward red side example: CLICK TO VIEW

Control Wards
Lastly, a quick note on why I place my Control Ward in alcove sometimes. I place my Control Ward here if I never want to purchase Control Ward again for the rest of the game and leave a cheeky ward that might be useful at later stages of the game.

Now while doing all those things you need to focus on the next thing which is wave management.

Wave management is an art on Vayne and may be very confusing at first but will make complete sense the more and more games you play. You will come to realize when watching my more in depths guides on wave management or even in this video that you have been playing very poorly on waves. Wave management is one of the big factors on whether you can avoid ganks and properly crash waves to get base timings.

Let’s start off with the basics and talk about the first 3 to 4 waves. Into melee matchups, when the first wave arrives you want to play to last hit the first 3 melees since they will all generally get low at the exact same time. You want to auto 1 minion to put it on an off timer where you can list hit it first and auto + Tumble auto the 3rd one. From here look to poke your opponent if they are still hanging around and reset aggression with bush 2. Most melee characters will sacrifice the mage minions out of fear of getting poked so hold your positioning and keep last hitting. Once you reach level 2 off of the 1st melee from the second wave you can look to potentially cheese your opponent by playing really aggressively. However if that is not the case keep zoning and purely last hitting. Once the last minion from wave 2 is dead, look to quickly place a ward somewhere in the river to spot an early gank from the enemy jungler. Once you get back to wave 3 make sure you start hard shoving as fast as you can while still poking the enemy top laner off the wave, your goal is to crash the wave before the 4th minion wave reaches this point. Congratulations you have pulled off a simple 3 wave crash as a ranged top laner. But the next question is what now?

Lets review the few options you have:

Cheater Base

Cheater basing can be done by running to bush number 3, 2, or alcove. Base and purchase your items based on how well you last hit. The point of the cheater base is to avoid an enemy jungle gank while getting an item advantage over your opponent and coming back to try to keep them in lane to abuse them. The other advantage is that the wave will bounce back in a 2-3 wave fashion so you will not be in a bad position when you come back. Keep in mind that you will be down experience since you generally lose 3 melee minions from this strategy but will restabilize when your opponent is forced to take their base.

Cheater base example: CLICK TO VIEW

Solo suicide dive

This one is very straight forward, if you were able to poke down your opponent enough, you can simply land a condemn on the wall for bonus damage and fully all in someone while dying in the process. Bonus points if you do live and base. This will always end up being worth it because your opponent will lose a ton of exp and gold ESPECIALLY if they don’t have tp, however if they have tp they are burning an entire summoner spell which is a big advantage. And lastly you get a a fast base and more gold to spend on your items.

Dive with jungler

This one is a lot harder to pull off with random junglers below grandmaster but is a possibility if you can get them on board. If you noticed that you were able to poke your matchup down to the 40-60% marker by wave 2, you can start spam pinging your jungler to dive right as wave 3 will crash. Simply Condemn your target, auto + Tumble auto and Flash out of tower range and your jungler should handle the rest. [/center

Dive with Jungler Example: CLICK TO VIEW

Just continue poking more/hitting the tower

This is a very straight forward option if you know the enemy jungler is pathing bot. Simply stay and prioritize hitting the enemy champion, if the enemy champion is playing safely you can hit the tower for reduced damage or clear minions. If you get lucky and they take a ton of poke you can do a late suicide dive. Just make sure to avoid taking tower damage and burning too much mana for the bounce back and you should be good.

How to poke after 3 wave crashing example(s): CLICK TO VIEW

4 Wave crash

Next up is the 4 wave crash. This is similar to the 3 wave crash except you are crashing on the 4th wave, this can only be made possible with 3 conditions.

The enemy top laner cleared the wave enough to slow down the stacked waves to stall out until the 4th wave appeared.
The enemy jungler is pathing bot so we don’t get full clear ganked
Or both junglers are pathing top and we win the 2 v 2.

You simply crash the 4th wave and can choose any of the options I explained before. A big advantage with the 4 wave crash is if you cheater based and your opponent tries to 2 wave crash back, the 6th wave will be a cannon wave making it possible to poke your opponent off the wave and freeze on them when you come back.

4 Wave Standard Crash example: CLICK TO VIEW

Buying Items

Next up let’s talk about something that is very important for Vayne since tempo and timing is key to succeeding on this champion. Before 20 minutes right when you base you want to click towards the bottom of the fountain and buy all your items before this line. Once you have purchased your items and waiting for hp and mana, you can stand a tiny bit out of the steps until you are close to full hp and mana. A little trick you can do if you have refillable potion, you can step here outside of the core fountain and pop your potion to regain hp faster and buy items, once you think you have timed it perfectly to get the right amount of regeneration on the way out, you want to walk back into the core of the fountain to get your refillable back and walk to lane.

Lastly an odd trick you can do if you MUST immediately get back to lane is to buy a Health Potion and pop it, then buy your Refillable Potion. This is so you can regen hp while walking back to lane and catch a really big wave instead of stalling in base for hp while also having refillable for the next portion of the laning phase.

Wave States

Next up let's talk about general wave states after the first 5 waves of the laning phase. Since you are playing Vayne, a champion that has no wave clear, you must play wave stacks perfectly in order to maximize this champion's usage, otherwise you will end up in situations that will lead to you overstaying or getting ganked. Let's look at how waves spawn during different parts of the game.

For the first 15 minutes a cannon wave spawns every 3 waves.

After 15 minute a cannon spawns every 2 waves.

After the 25 minute mark a cannon spawns on every wave.

The only important thing to note on Vayne are the waves before 15 minutes. The reason why we are so hyper focused on this is due to the fact that we need to properly crash waves in order to get correct base timings or vision set up to control and harass the lane.

3 wave standard crash base for cannon bounce back

Let's start off with the most common situation, the wave starts stacking on your side and it is a cannon wave, you want to purely last hit to wait for wave 2. While lasting hitting make sure to try to zone your opponent if you can and harass him so they do not clear the wave. Wave 3 should be roughly somewhere in this area, from here hard shove the wave. In most cases you won’t be contested 1 v 1 since you have a gigantic wave. If you get ganked during the 3rd wave, you should either try to outplay by kiting in odd ways where you can still play with the wave or purely away if the situation permits it. Otherwise you should hard sacrifice and run away. An alternative to the 3 wave standard crash is 2 wave crashing if you know it might be risky to be in the area if your jungler is on the opposite side of map.

Once you do the 3 wave crash what should you do? It is literally the exact same thing as the first 3 waves. You may base, solo suicide dive, dive with jungler, or simply continue to poke your opponent and tower if you know the enemy jungler is not on that side of the map. The reason why it is okay to base at this point is if your opponent hard shoves the wave back, you will get back and catch the minions since the cannon will tank the turret for awhile. Just make sure you place vision if you aren’t exactly sure where the enemy jungler is. I suggest staying if you recently purchased items and you know exactly where the enemy jungler is because this will be your chance to get platings and make the enemy top laner have trouble last hitting.

Standard 3 Wave Crash example: CLICK TO VIEW

2 wave first cannon crash

I briefly mentioned this before in the 3 wave standard crash but this is a different variation where the first wave is a cannon, but you start hard shoving it so you can start pushing the 2nd wave. There are different places you may want to put the wave but the further you are from the enemy turret, the longer it will take to escort and base but you will be safer. The closer it is to the enemy turret, the easier it will be to crash and base for tempo but you will be in a dangerous position. The reason why you would ever want to 2 wave crash is if you need to base urgently for an objective, or if you noticed that if you were to do the 3 wave standard crash, you will likely get ganked.

2 wave non cannon crash

You will often see the first build up to be a non cannon wave, and the second wave to be a non cannon wave. Generally speaking you want to build up 2 waves and crash because if you try to 3 wave crash, while the 3rd wave is a cannon wave, you will be standing around for a long time clearing the 3rd wave which can lead to your death. From here you can ward and start playing off a standard cannon wave meeting in the middle of the lane.

Single Wave crashes

This is the biggest no-brainer strategy but if you have your vision set up, you can purely just keep pushing waves in and harassing your opponent while taking plates slowly. This can generally only be done if you are against an easy matchup or you are really ahead.

How to single wave crash example: CLICK TO VIEW


Now that we have discussed how to properly play waves, let's talk about how to use the timers you have to move. The reason why you have a timer is because you created it by crashing waves, while your opponent is dealing with the wave underneath the turret, this is your timer to do something. I have already taught you that you can base, and that you can ward. However other things you can do is break Honeyfruit, Scryer's Bloom, farm camps, do rift herald with your jungler. The options are there but the most important thing that you want to do is to get back to lane before the first minion of the next wave dies if possible. Essentially this boils down to how much exactly can you get done on the map before you have to get back to lane before you miss gold and experience.

Shaving Waves pushing towards us

Next up I will be discussing the concept of shaving waves that are pushing towards us. It’s sometimes hard to do this because many champions will play aggressively with a big wave but if you are able to ever attack minions without getting engaged on, do it and cut down the wave as much as possible. This will slow down your opponents 3 wave crash and potentially force them to stay in lane when they would not have creating opportunities to use item advantages and set up jungle ganks. The ultimate goal with this is to eventually shave down the wave enough that it will hold in front of your tower which will lead right into our next topic.

Golden Wave Positioning/Freezing

The golden wave positioning is a position in the lane where you are in front of your tower with a wave state that is odd for a melee champion to deal with without taking poke. You are holding your wave in this position right here on blue side, and here on red side. This position is very beneficial on Vayne because:

- The enemy melee character will have to walk up to clear the minions which will open them up to poke and potentially get ran down
You are in a position where ganking you will be hard to do unless they dive
The enemy can get ganked by your jungler easily (Assuming there isn't a counter gank)

You ideally want to do this when you have come back fresh from a base since you will be full hp and mana. If you clear the minions perfectly you can actually hold the wave in this position for a long time. Which leads to the freeze, generally speaking when you freeze lanes, you are putting the wave in a state where it will always push towards you forcing the enemy top laner and sometimes jungler to come and break it. It really depends on where the wave meets and fights but generally speaking you want some type of variation below in order to freeze a lane.

4 Mage minions
3 mage minions 1 melee
1 cannon 1 mage minion

Most people view freezing as something you do infinitely but realistically speaking you are doing this for 1 or 2 waves until the enemy top laner comes back and tries to break a freeze.

Freezing is advantageous because you deny potential experience and gold from the enemy team while also forcing them into an uncomfortable decision to break it against a ranged top laner which could lead to them getting harassed and potentially killed.

How to golden wave positioning/Freeze example: CLICK TO VIEW

Basing after kill while setting up positioning for wave to push to you

You will often run into situations where you will solo kill your opponents but the wave is too big to wave clear without being in an awkward situation when the enemy top laner comes back. This is where you will shave down the wave and leave the wave in a state where it's pushing towards you. Somethings to keep in mind here are:

1. How many minions will be pushing towards you
2. Will the enemy top laner tp or walk back to lane
3. If the enemy jungler is around the corner

Starting with the minions, you ideally want to shave the wave as much as possible, however you don’t want to shave it too much that it will start pushing back to your opponent. It depends where the wave is being left at while you're basing but generally you want the enemy minions to have 2-4 more so it will stay pushing towards you. You don’t want to leave too many minions up because if you do, the wave will crash too quickly and you will end up losing a lot of gold and experience. My biggest advice is to test the waters depending on the wave whether it may be a cannon wave or not and see what works best for you.

Next up the enemy top laners tp status will play a big role in how long you have before you base, if the enemy has no Teleport you will have a ton of time before they come back to lane so you can take your time clearing the amount of minions you want. If the enemy top laner has Teleport, you have to gauge how long it will take for them to Teleport in and start shoving the wave. This means that you will likely have to clear 1 or 2 minions and immediately base and try to get back as fast as possible.

Lastly you have to be wary of where the enemy jungler is right after you solo kill, sometimes it's better to just immediately base under tower and lose waves instead of trying to shave the wave and dying.

A couple quick tips I have for you to get back to lane faster is to:

Purchase Boots or Berserker's Greaves
Do the Refillable Potion trick to gain hp faster
If you don’t have refillable, you can buy a Health Potion and pop it then buy a Refillable Potion and run to lane while the potion heals you.

How to Base After Solo Kill & Wave is Pushing Towards Us: CLICK TO VIEW

Spacing game/Tethering

Next up is the spacing game. The spacing game is simply your ability to hold perfect range relative to your opponent. I will explain this concept from a theoretical perspective then apply it to how Vayne can use it.

The spacing and tethering game boils down to:

- Auto attack range

+ Which is the range of a characters abilities or auto attack

- Movement speed

+ Which is how fast a character moves

- Attack speed

+ Which is how fast a character can fire an auto

- Space Available

+ How much area you have to work with

- Ping

+ How fast your game responds to your commands

- Ability to read what your opponent will do

+ This is the most important concept, if you are able to read what your opponent will do, you can predict it and perfectly hold range.

So with all these things in combination, hypothetically if you were scripting you can perfectly hold spacing on your opponents to a point where you can always be in range to auto attack your opponents but never get hit by them if you have long enough range.

Spacing Gaming and Tethering Explanation: CLICK TO VIEW

Zone Of Influence

This concept is very straight forward, it is understanding enemy champion abilities and auto range then drawing them out in your head.

This is broken down into:

- Ability Windup

- Ability Range

- Time needed to complete travel from current location

- Ping

It’s taboo to talk about but the best way to really learn this concept is to watch scripting videos on youtube. You essentially want to play the game but be viewing it how a script would. This will make you actively think about enemies abilities and make you ready to deal with certain abilities in skirmishes. During the laning phase you may be drawing more of these out for every ability but during teamfights, you only need to focus on the big things from the enemy team that will be lethal to get hit by like Lux Light Binding, Sejuani Glacial Prison, Ahri Charm.

Zone Of Influence Explanation: CLICK TO VIEW


When it comes to mid and late game on Vayne, you want to group and make use of your summoner spells and items to win teamfights. I will make a more in depth guide in the future but I will quickly touch on each topic to give you an idea of what you should do.

During the mid game and late game you generally want to push out waves IF IT IS SAFE then rotate towards your teammates and fight around objectives. This will guarantee you more gold and levels before you go for a risky plays.

If it is not safe it is better to collect waves then rotate late towards teamfights. Otherwise you can simply just force group and try to fight immediately.

If you believe playing around your teammates is not the play, you can infinitely split push by going to the opposite side of the main objective being played for. Push out the waves and set up a couple wards and keep trying to pressure turrets. If you are holding an enemy laner in lane, you can potentially move and force a numbers advantage fight near your teammates in mid lane.

During teamfights your biggest friend will be the zone of influence concept. Understanding the range and staying outside of enemy areas of initial danger will make teamfighting easier. After all the big cooldowns are used you come in and easily sweep the fights. The biggest thing you need to identify before fights is all the biggest cooldowns that will immediately kill you. Try to wait these out before entering a fight or be ready to flash or tumble if you start fighting.

During teamfights you have 2 ways you can play fights. The first and most standard way to play fights is called front to backing. Front to backing is defined as it is, simply fighting the enemy team by hitting their front line and staying away from their back line. This will make it easier for your team to peel you since you are holding an angle with your teammates.

The second way is assassinating by diving the backline and finding an angle where you can hit their most important threats while avoiding their frontline. You only do this when the enemy backline would destroy your front line faster than you would kill theirs.

A concept that I do during teamfights is isolating separate 1 v 1s. Most people view teamfights as 5 v 5 but as Vayne you want to only put yourself in range of 1 person at a time. This minimizes the damage you take and allows you to focus on 1 person which naturally also translates into the front to back fighting style.

This next section will be a couple random facts about Vayne that did not fit anywhere into the guide so there will be no structure.

Bans and worst matchups in the game:

I always ban Malphite in solo queue because the matchup is very rough in high elo. Alternatively another character you can ban is Teemo. Both these champions are very hard to deal with so choose wisely.

What skin is to pay to win and pay to lose:

I won’t get too in depth into it but if you want to be a super tryhard, the best possible skin to run is spirit blossom Vayne with the black chroma. This is because the auto attacks bolts are the exact same thing as the condemn projectile.

Why sentinel/project is terrible into specific matchups

The reason why you will always see me switch off of sentinel or project Vayne against certain matchups like Yasuo, Fiora, and Vladimir is because the condemn animations are so painfully obvious that you will be at a disadvantage in the matchup.

My weird Tumble animation

You may see me do a weird Tumble animation in my games. This is me simply pressing Tumble and laughing to make the animation look weird. It doesn’t cancel anything and is a very bad habit to get into since you are now pressing extra buttons with no advantageous gain.

This concludes my Vayne guide. If you guys have any further questions please join my Discord and ask me there! Otherwise please follow my stream for live gameplay and join my Discord to be a part of a community of like minded Vayne players. I had a blast creating this guide and would like to thank you for reading until the end. Please subscribe for more future guides and best of luck on the rift!
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