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Fiora Build Guide by ForgottenProject

Top [14.3] Rank #1 Fiora NA | Challenger Fiora Main Guide - Updated Daily | FIORA BUFFS OP

Top [14.3] Rank #1 Fiora NA | Challenger Fiora Main Guide - Updated Daily | FIORA BUFFS OP

Updated on February 7, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ForgottenProject Build Guide By ForgottenProject 2117 84 2,387,339 Views 119 Comments
2117 84 2,387,339 Views 119 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ForgottenProject Fiora Build Guide By ForgottenProject Updated on February 7, 2024
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Runes: vs Easy Matchups

1 2 3 4
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
Get Those Drakes
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
This is my Current Account for Validation of the information you see.
Rune Choices
Fiora is currently in a weird spot in the Season 11 Meta. Sadly Top-lane is a whole seems to have taken a hit due to Buffs to other roles and Nerfs to Bruiser Items. Even then, you can make enough impact on the game to change its outcome, I assure you.

Fiora currently has 2 different Keystones she can safely pick. It's not crystal clear how much one is stronger than the other but Conqueror Probably takes that cake, especially if you know what you're doing. The Reworked Conqueror has its True Damage part removed for better Healing. It now heals 15% of all damage dealt to champions when at 10 Stacks which is basically another Death's Dance Added into Fiora's Arsenal. Grasp of the Undying is also a viable option but it pales in comparison to the reworked Conqueror. Even then Grasp is not bad and you can carry games regardless of which Keystone you pick.

The New Conqueror is great on Fiora. Since the start Fiora never really oicked Conqueror for the True damage it used to offer. The Healing was what made it good and now that healing has been essentially doubled. Fiora already deals enough True damage thanks to her Passive Duelist's Dance and her Ultimate Grand Challenge. Fiora is one of the champions that benefited the most off of the Conqueror Rework and it's definitely overall the best Keystone to pick.

Conqueror now stacks up to 10 times. Your Lunge gives you 2 stacks of Conqueror meaning that the way Fiora stacks it up has not changed much. You poke your opponent with your Lunge repeatedly until you hit 4 or 6 Stacks. From there you simply All-in and Conqueror will Proc quite early in the Fight. The reason I did not recommend Conqueror before was because it was not that good during the laning phase. You were essentially playing without a keystone in the Early-Game but now that has changed. The healing from Conqueror can throw of your opponents and turn around fights even in lane. Plus The 15% Spell Vamp from Conqueror paired with Death's Dance, Ravenous Hydra, Sanguine Blade and Legend: Bloodline adds up to an absurd amount of Self Healing Late-Game

Grasp is Simpler to Proc and Provides a stronger Laning-Phase for Fiora. Difficult Match-ups like Renekton where you dont have the ability to Stack up Conqueror become a lot easier. Fiora can use Lunge to Proc Grasp and if you get a Vital along with it, it will Chunk Hard. You can pretty much Bully some champions out of the lane if you play it right. Although Conqueror Scales better than Grasp of the Undying, it doesn't mean Grasp doesn't scale at all. Each Grasp Proc increases your Maximum Health by 5. In the Long Run, Grasp will increase your HP Pool by Quite a bit. The Resolve tree makes you slightly more Tanky as well so you'll be looking a Fiora that is strong in Lane and can take more Hits later on.
*Don't bother taking Grasp of the Undying Against Ranged Match-ups since you wont be able to Proc it much.
Rune Choices
All Possible Runes

The main Keystone you can always use is Conqueror other situational Keystones are Press the Attack, Fleet Footwork or Grasp of the Undying that can be used based on lane matchup and or based on the enemy team being majority Melee or Ranged.

: The best pick in the first Row. It fixes Fiora's major mana issue that she has, but if needed you can take vs matchups that have bleeds/poisons that can kill you after the enemy is already dead. Can take if you run Manamune though!

: Definitely the best Pick in the Second row. It gives you 3% Attack speed right off the bat and it's overall a lot easier to stack than its counterparts. If you're new, this will also help you with CS-ing.
: 9% Lifesteal from your runes? Heck Yeah. It takes a longer time to stack but more Lifesteal never hurt anybody and it works really well on Fiora. Pick this over Alacrity if you know what you're doing on Fiora.

: Personal Preference for last row.
: Personal Preference for last row.


: ALWAYS BRING When going Ignite otherwise don't bring it.
: Fiora's Mid-game mana costs are high. You'll find yourself constantly running out of mana if you spam your skills on the wave. Although I dont recommend this but if your main problem with Fiora is her mana costs then you can pick this up.

: Best rune in this slot for Season 11. Transcendence isn't good on her anymore Absolute Focus is not going to be active a high majority of the game which is why I don't like it as well.

: The Rune I always wish I had if the game drags on for more than 30 minutes. The AD it provides lets you Ramp up your already strong Late-game power. This is basically your free ticket to victory for a game that drags on for too long. The Extra AD it gives can be used to replace damage items for Defensive items without sacrificing damage.


: Some extra sustain here and there. Not the most reliable source because of its long cooldown but it works.
: Works with Fiora's Lunge, if enemies are squishy then this is can be paired up with Sanguine Blade to gain burst damage.
: The only Rune you need in the last row. It ramps up your healing by a good amount. Spell Vamp from a Rune? Heck Yeah.


: A Great Pick in the Resolve Tree. It will help you whittle down that turret bit by bit for those juicy platings. platings were nerfed in 9.23 but they a great way to snowball. Highly Recommended.

: A situational Pick. If you're up against Poke-Champions like Pantheon, Jayce or Teemo then this rune becomes useful. It lets you sustain in lane along with your Corrupting Potion, so that you dont get Poked out.
: It's pretty good in most cases. It works exceptionally well against champions that try to burst you down like Renekton. If you play around it you can practically save 100-200 of your HP.
: Fiora doesn't build a lot of Armor/MR and in most cases you just inflate your HP. This rune helps if you're going for a more defensive build but that's rarely the case for Fiora.

The Best Pick for the Last Row. It increases your HP pool by roughly 200.
: It's not great but it does work. I feel like it needs a slight buff for it to be picked over Overgrowth.
Item Choices

StrideBreaker BEST POSSIBLE MYTHIC RIGHT NOW, PERFECT FOR FIORA. This item has low AD but its too good otherwise that its still the best item. It gives as 2s 60% slow, the active hits vitals AND is a mini dash to get closer to enemies or dodge abilities! Build EVERY GAME

Tiamat: This item provides a pretty good power spike for fiora and lets you clear waves early in lane so you dont get perma pushed into the turret and lose cs all the time. Wave Control is one of the most important things in lane and it can make your enemy laner look like an idiot. Get this item regardless of who your enemy is because if you dont have this you'll waste Mana by spamming skills on the wave to keep it out of your turret. The Power-Spike it provides lets you go for an early Kill in lane. Some champs like Pantheon Darius Renekton Poppy are too strong for you pre level 6 so dont bother with them just get short trades by using Lunge at Front Vitals and Farm out till Level 6.

Executioner's Calling: This item is situatinal for when you're up against a champ that has a ton of HP-Regen or Lifesteal. Rush against Aatrox Dr. Mundo Vladimir Mordekaiser Nasus Renekton Sylas Illaoi Olaf or against someone rushing Lifesteal(Just like you) for example a Riven with Death's Dance. The item provides a passive that lets you cut their healing by 40% so they dont just life steal all the damage you do to them. Get This after Tiamat if you're up against these types of champs.

Ravenous Hydra: The Core Item for Fiora, it gives you early-game sustain and lets you clear waves because that's one of the things fiora sucks at. Personally I and many other high elo Fiora Mains believe that Titanic Hydra is superior at the moment.

Titanic Hydra: This item is very strong at the moment due to Ravenous Hydra being nerfed so many times. I personally build this over its comparison at the moment but its up to you. It gives good HP so you are not as glass cannon as usual, Mid game it gives around 55-60 AD going up to 65 Late game, AND has good damage on hit.

Trinity Force: The item that's meant for fiora but in some matchups/team comps Stridebreaker is a better option. Fiora is great at Sheen procs thanks to Bladework and Lunge. The Movement Speed from Hearthbound Axe is very nice for kiting around vitals and chasing enemies.

Essence Reaver has been becoming a more popular item on fiora for the past 2 seasons. When Fiora goes Stridebreaker she loses the sheen passive because she doesn't have Trinity Force. This gives her a Sheen proc while also giving her Haste , 45 Attack Damage and also fixing her mana issue COMPLETLEY. This item is Weaker than Manamune.

The Black Cleaver: This is a situational core item which I almost never take on fiora. The item is very weak in the current meta of Season 11 so just go other options until they buff it!

Boots: You have the Option of Ninja Tabi and Mercury Treads. what you take obviously depends on the enemy team comp. If the enemy team has a lot of AD and AA reliant champs take tabis if they have a lot of CC and Magic Damage take Mercs. Champs like Fiddlesticks Zac Amumu that can chain CC you till you die, force you to take Mercs. Tabis Work Great against some champions like Tryndamere Quinn Yasuo. Rush Tabis if you're up against a champion that is building Lethality in lane. Serrated Dirk gets almost completely countered by a single Cloth Armor. Sit on Cloth armor and sell it after the laning Phase if the enemy team does not have a lot AD champs and you're gonna need Mercs.

Death's Dance:Death's Dance is never a bad option on Fiora. It is a fantastic 4th/5th item vs majority AD team comps or if your laner is a bursty AD champion (ex. Riven/ Tryndamere)

Sterak's Gage: After the nerf Sterak's became less useful but I still think that it's a much needed item on fiora. As fiora you're usually going to be in the center of the team fight taking a lot of damage and the passive on this item lets you survive that. If your Split-pushing like Fiora should be then this item can save you from burst while towerdiving or 1v1ing a enemy side laner!

Sanguine Blade: no.

Chempunk Chainsword: A very situational item that you complete last if you rushed Executioner's Calling. The only purpose it servers is the healing cut but the item got slighly buffed recently and it's not a bad pick. Make sure you only pick this up if the enemy has some of the champs I've mentioned above.

Guardian Angel: The best defense item in League I'd say. I usually never pick up this item but if my team is feeding their *** off and I'm the only hardcore carry in the game and the enemy has fed AD champs(espcially Assasins) like Kha'Zix Rengar Shaco then this item is definitely worth picking up instead of a Sterak's. If late-game when you have completed your items and you use this item's passive do not sit on the item and wait for the passive to go off Cooldown, just sell the item and get something else. Without the passive this item is heavily under-stat.

Silvermere Dawn: Another very situational item on fiora which you take if the enemy has too much cc. As a Fiora you're always looking to parry incoming cc because a cc'd fiora is a sad fiora. It's good against a Team Comp of Let's Say Amumu, Morgana and Veigar. This item takes skill and practice to use and I dont recommend it for players who are learning Fiora. If you cant make good use of its passive it's a very under-stat item. Quicksilver Sash, the component for this item is also Great if you're getting CC'd Early. If you don't want to build Silvermere Dawn Just sit on Quicksilver Sash and then sell it later for another item.

Randiun's Omen: This item is a Situational Pick. You get this specifically for Crit-Based Champions such as Yasuo & Tryndamere. You can also get it against Fed ADCs that use Crit such as Jhin Tristana Vayne if their damage goes out of control. If the enemy team does not have 3+ Crit-based champions causing you problems then do not pick this, you'll be better off with Guardian Angel or [[Death's Dance]

Spirit Visage: A great item which Indirectly Amps up your Life-steal by 25%. It does not only affect Life-steal but also Healing from Ravenous Hydra & Ravenous Hunter. If you were healing 200 out of the 1000 damage you dealt then Picking this up will increase it to 260. It also Provides you with much Needed HP and Magic Resist.

Maw of Malmortius: It's a very Situational Item you can Pick if you're not building Sterak's Gage. The Passive on Sterak's Gage and Maw of Malmortius / Hexdrinker are the same. Unique Passives Do Not Stack and Building both will result in only one Working. Maw of Malmortius in itself is an Under-Stat Item and you're usually only going to build its Component Hexdrinker.
Hexdrinker is a great item to pick-up if a Mage on the enemy team is Fed e.g LeBlanc Ekko Zoe. Usually your Mercury's Treads are going to be enough to let you survive Mid-Game Burst Damage from Mages but if for some reason you went for Ninja Tabi or AP Damage is getting out of hand, this item will let you survive it. I do not Recommend Finishing your Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortius, Just Sit on It till Late-game and sell it For Sterak's Gage.
Playing Fiora
If you're really trying to learn Fiora, I have a very advanced Guide that includes: What to parry, what to dodge, Specific Runes, Spells, Starting Items, what Mythic etc for every single matchup for my Twitch Subscribers.

I've already Established that Fiora is a a great Split Pusher. Your Job is to take Objectives and Create Pressure in the Side-Lanes so that your team can take Drake and Baron Nashor. Fiora's team fighting ability is Lacklustre since she cannot provide any sort of CC and Cannot Serve as a Tank due to her Fighting style which forces her to move around in the enemy team. Although Grand Challenge helps your team Immensely once you're able to Pull it off, Usually whenever you Ult on someone they will just Flash Away. Even if You Pull off Grand Challenge, many times it will only Benefit you since your team is too far Back.

I will Keep my Explanations as Comprehensive as needed and also Provide External Links to Videos you can watch to help you understand what I'm talking about. No matter how much I explain some things, you wont understand until you play the champion yourself.

Laning Phase[0-15 Minutes]

During the Laning Phase You're looking to Solo Kill your Enemy Laner depending on the Match-up. Since you took Ignite, you wanna get a few Kills in lane before the Laning Phase ends. You need to be aware of the Enemy Jungler's pathing at all times and make sure you're first to help if your Jungler gets invaded. If The Enemy Top-Laner Leashed for his Jungler make sure you put down a ward in the River Bush to avoid Dying to an early Gank. If you're able to Solo Kill your enemy Laner, it will create pressure in Top-Lane forcing their Jungler to come help his teammate. Your team can use this opportunity to Pick up a Free Drake.

How to get a Favorable Trade in Lane?
There are two things that will win you trades in the Early-Game. The First is Minions which deal a surprising amount of damage. You can use the to your advantage by building up a Large Minion wave of your own and Trading in the safety of your minions. Additionally, you can use the Bushes to reset Minion Aggro after Trading as it will considerably reduce the damage you take from Minions.

The Second way to win Trades is to learn the Cooldowns of your enemy laner. You can abuse this quite easily especially in Low-Elo. If a Jax uses his Q to kill a minion you can walk up and trade since he has lost considerable Kill Pressure until he gets his cooldown back. You also need to Learn to trade Quickly(Check out some Combos you can do with Fiora at the bottom}so that you can do the Maximum amount of damage in the shortest amount of time and then back away.

Wave Management
This is going to be your main way to Rack up a CS Lead, Set up successful ganks and create pressure in the Lane. Here's a video explaining Wave Management.

Freezing is a great Strategy you can use to Rack-up a CS advantage or Set up a Gank for your Jungler. Here's a Video explaining All About Freezing. The Magic Number for a Perma Freeze is 4. If you get 4 Ranged Minions right infront of your turret, you can Freeze the lane Indefinitely provided that you do not have Tiamat.
Advantages of Freezing:
  • Denies EXP and CS if You have Kill-Pressure on the Enemy Laner.
  • Forces Enemy to Over-extend in Lane making Ganks Easier for your Jungler.
  • Creates Pressure which may attract the Enemy Jungler to your lane just to break your Freeze
  • Safety from Ganks.

Slow Pushing is another wave Management Technique. Once you get Tiamat you will generally be unable to Freeze the wave for much time. In this Scenario you want to Slow Push. Slow Pushing is basically Racking up a huge wave of your own to Crash into the enemy Turret. This Strat is great to stop Nasus from Free-Stacking off the wave as it will die to turret shots. You can achieve Slow-Pushing by killing the enemy Ranged Minions and Only Last Hitting the Melee ones.
Advantages of Slow-Pushing:
  • Denies CS.
  • Your Large Minion wave Forces Enemy to avoid taking Trades.
  • Minions do a ton of damage to the Enemy Laner if they try to Trade.
  • Provides time to Roam or put Deep wards in the Enemy Side.

Mid-Game[15-30 Minutes]

Split-Pushing Starts during the Mid-game. Before you Run to a Side-Lane and start pushing, remember that your job is Not just taking Turrets. Turrets are important but taking "Objectives" is what you're actually supposed to do. Slow-Push a Wave into the Enemy Turret and Ping your Jungler to Help take the Rift Herald. Usually at around 15-20 Minutes no one is going to walk near the Rift Herald unless they want to take it. Your Lunge allows you to easily Pop the Eye and your Ravenous Hydra will allow you to sustain through its Damage. The Best Place to use the Herald is the Mid-lane as it cuts off a great deal of Path the enemy can take without being Seen. Using Rift Herald in a lane in which the Enemy Snow-balled hard is a great way to Shut them down.

At 20 Minutes the Baron Nashor Spawns. Your Job now is to create Pressure in a Side-lane so that your team can take the Baron. The Side-Lane you want to push is going to be the Bot-Lane. Why? Because if Multiple people from the Enemy team come to deal with you in the Bot-lane they will be a LOT further from the Baron Nashor and your team can easily take it without much Hinderance. Make sure you have Vision around the Important parts of the Enemy Bot-Side Jungle using your Farsight Alteration and Control Ward so that you do not get Killed. Split-pushing is just Intentional Feeding if you keep on Dying to the Enemy while doing it. If you're somehow able to take the Bottom Inhibitor of the Enemy team then your team will have a much easier time doing Baron Nashor since the Enemy now has to deal with Super Minions in their base.

When to try and take turrets during a Split-Push?
If you Mindlessly push waves into turrets and try to take them down you're only asking to be killed. Here the game will test your prowess of looking at the Mini-map. If you see 4 people on the map who are not in your vicinity, then you're free to push-up to the turret since there's only one person who can come to stop you. The Number of people you can simultaneously take on in a side-lane depends on your items/match-ups. The more people you can force to come to you, the better it is for your team.
Here's a video on Split-Pushing. It focuses largely on Pro-Play but you should still get something useful out of it.

Where to ward during a split-push?
When Splitting you should have both a Control Ward and your Farsight Alteration. Farsight will be your primary barrier against incoming Flanks. You should Place your Farsight deeper into the enemy Jungle as it has more range which you can utilize to run away if needed. The Control ward should cover any other path you are vulnerable from. If you see people disappear from your mini-map then you should probably back away to a spot you from where you can easily escape until you can see the person again. Ofcourse if you're splitting in bot-lane, you dont have to be wary of someone in Top-lane disappearing from your mini-map unless it's a Pantheon or a similar champion that can basically Teleport to you. Champions like that Make Splitting very hard since you can be outnumbered within seconds.
"Just because the enemy hasn’t found Control Ward, doesn’t mean it should stay there forever. In fact, it probably means that it’s not in a good spot if no enemy has managed to see and kill it." -FNC Hylissang

Late-Game[30+ Minutes]

Fiora Scales Quite Well into the Late-game. After the 40 Minute Mark everyone One-Shots everyone so even if your Champion scales well, you dont want to let the game drag on for too long. Mistakes can be fatal and turrets gets destroyed within seconds.
Once you hit the 40 Minute-Mark, your Gathering Storm should be giving you 48 AD. This is enough AD to Switch One of your Damage item to Defensive Item and Suffer almost No Damage-Loss. If you've gone the "Suggested Build" Route, The Damage item you will Replace is going to be Spear of Shojin. You can Replace it with Spirit Visage if the Enemy has a lot of AP Champions OR with Guardian Angel if they have too much AD. Iceborn Gauntlet is also an Option if you have taken Black Cleaver as your Core item. The Passive on Iceborn Gauntlet and Trinity Force is same and they will not Stack so Never Pick Both.

Split-Pushing Should be done before the 40 Minute Mark because it is not as Effective from Now. By this time you should have taken Atleast The Tier 1 & 2 Turrets of All Lanes and you're gonna need your team to take those inhibitor turrets. Splitting during the Late-game is not a good idea unless you have Teleport. You're better off Sticking with your team and Peeling for your ADC. Your job is to make sure no one can walk up to Melee Range of your ADC without losing all their health. ADCs like Jhin Varus Ashe that do not have Escape Skills will Definitely Need your Help. Again, this may seem like Baby-sitting but There's not much that can be done. If you don't want to be doing this, Either take Teleport OR End the Game before the 40 Minute Mark. If your teammates are Playing Badly and you refuse to Team-up to protect them they will die and you'll lose the game trying to Split-Push.

Thank You for Reading. Please Vote so I'm motivated to keep you updated. Leave your Feedback or Questions in the Discussion Section, I will be sure to answer.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ForgottenProject
ForgottenProject Fiora Guide
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[14.3] Rank #1 Fiora NA | Challenger Fiora Main Guide - Updated Daily | FIORA BUFFS OP

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