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Heimerdinger General Guide by KoutaNage

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KoutaNage

50 Shades of Pimp Dinger

KoutaNage Last updated on February 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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ch-1 concussion grenade
Hello everyone, This is maybe my second guide, although all the other ones were very half ***'ed, and made before Season 2. So with that said, Let's pretend this is the first! :D
I main Supports and Mid lane, but the way i play support and mid lane is very different from the meta, and this is because i believe it should just die! (I'm serious.) What i mean by this is, I've done Ashe Support, and even Riven Support. The only thing that's weird about my mid lane, is my build and according to others, my summoner spells. Well there's a little back story about me, (not really) if you have questions about me, go ahead i guess.
Anyways, time to go on into my Awesome 50 Shades of PimpDinger. (His a pimp, have you ever watched the way he walks!)
If there are any errors or if you have an opinion, you're free to share, but be respectful.
Let's show the world that Heimer is more alive then ever!

P.S. True Pimp, is the build that i use at the moment. I'll add details about it as i further work into it.

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Pros / Cons


+ Heavy Pusher
+ Anti-Melee
+ Assist with CC
+ Nuke
+ Great Poke
+ Pressure Lanes

// Pimpdinger, is great at pushing thanks to his , which also pressures all lanes in late game. With you can always poke at the other team when they get to close to try and start a fight. Use ch-1 concussion grenade as an AoE 3 second Blind, or just use it to stun certain targets to keep them in the fight or off you. Pimpdinger's kit allows him to have a large control over the game, lanes and team fights.

- Turrets Die quickly
- Hard to Master
- Most Skills need good Positioning
- Heavy Mana Costs
- Requires Map Awearness when pushing
- Very Unpopular

// Your have around 650 hp by level 13, which is 2 basic attacks to kill. The average cost of all your spells is 116, which in long fights will leave you Out of Mana before it's finished. Pimpdinger is hard to master because you need to get use to the idea of pushing all three lanes with your turrets and still being there for team fights. His also hard to master, because all of his skills require him to position very well, to place turrets in key locations, and hit the right targets with rockets, to aiming your grenade properly. Pimpdinger, has always been very unpopular ever since he was classified as no longer over powered.

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// This is the general build for pimpdinger masteries, however i threw in to add surivability. is taken, because you will be all over the map, and if they are rushing to kill you that one second could save your life. You could try to just run back, but in most cases Heimer is way to slow to out run any of these new champions with 50 different types of distance closer s.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: // Pimpdinger, is one of the slowest champions int he game, movement speed wise. This aids with that a bit. Also he has only two spells that are "Similar" to escape tools, into and ch-1 concussion grenade. I don't suggest others, because these are pretty key on pimpdinger. However if others would suggest, I'll gladly post.
  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: // Gerenal marks, used to try and counter any early game MR your lane could have gotten. I've taken greater mark of armor penetration before, because as heimer I personally farm and harass mainly with auto attacks, i do this because it saves me mana and cds for when i need them, and i don't have to worry about missing.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: // Pimpdinger, can find himself in the middle of people at times, so he needs to be almost as tanky as bruisers. This can be traded for or . These glyphs give extra ability to harass or damage.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: // Once again, to help Pimpdinger last longer in the middle of team fights. Other choices are and , these help with the mana problems you may encounter and a different form of survivability.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: // I never take ignite, other then when on specific champions. However It's a great item to finish people off, or to reduce their effective healing. Grab this if the other team has champions like or . It's all based on play style and the other team.

Ghost: // I've almost always taken ghost over flash, because flash is almost always taken on every champion. So if you flash they can easily flash after you. While as with Ghost, you can cover more ground to get away. Regardless, i don't need ghost to save myself most of the time, and just use it to get to teamfights. After all a good Carry is later for the party.

Exhaust: // This is a spell that i also don't normally take, but this is my general build spells, so you can take it to help with escaping or simply kiting. You shouldn't need to use to for it's slows or damage reduction, because you already have the CC for that, and should be tanky enough.

Teleport: // This spell is really under used, it allows you to provide massive amounts of map presence. You can push a lane then quickly go to the next, or into a teamfight. Can be used to get away, or used to protect lanes. This spell can also be casted on J4's Standard. There are so many uses to this spell, that i strongly suggest getting use to it.

Barrier: // Recently added, this spell is boarder line OP apparently. I've used it on other champions, and it's awesome in helping with absorbing a hit or two. Other then that, I've not much experenice with it, but people say its great. (Share feedback about it!)

Cleanse: // I got ignited, but ate some holy light, and it was K. If you every want to be a gangplank, this is the spell for you. It can get you out of almost every form of danger. The only few spells that it won't remove are and , because they are suppresses and not basic forms of cc.

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Ability Expanation

ch-1 concussion grenade

  • techmaturgical repair bots: // Passive that heals everything around you, even Turrets! Don't need to call in the Tech Support, when you got Pimpdinger. Provides you with great sustain in lane and allows team mates to stay longer before B'ing.
  • h-28G evolution turret (Q): // Your bread and butter spell. Summons a Turret that has three stages, Basic (Yellow), Armor and Magic Penetration (Green), Slash damage (red). You can have Two Turrets at any given time, once it's level 3.
    This can be used to push, take hits for you (Spell Shots) or tank monsters, even ward. When using this spell ti push, kill the melee minions, but leave the ranged ones alone. Place it behind your ranged minions, and go on to the next lane. This will cause the minions to start pushing for you, they will group, and Push to a turret (tower). Putting you turret behind your ranged casters, is to prevent the other teams minions from pushing past it, because once their minions get to it, it's have the power to kill the melee by the time your minions get there, restarting the phase.
    During laning phase, you should place this in between your ranged and melee minions, to prevent it from getting killed to a point, and it will still be able to hit the minions for you. Don't push to hard, you don't want to get ganked as heimer, it's not always that easy to get away.
  • hextech micro-rockets (W): // Your main poking tool, Shoots out three homing rockets at the nears three targets. Use before and during team fights, but position yourself so that you at least hit two of the other teams members. Do pay mind to you use of it, it's your most expensive spell at 145 mana.
  • ch-1 concussion grenade ch-1 concussion grenade (E): // First maxed spell, used for stunning and blind. It's an AoE spell, travels very slowly till you upgrade. Can stun if you hit them on the dot, so practice. Don't abuse it for damage, you want to keep it encase they try to kill you. When it is on CD, pay more mind to where you are and who's around you ( Though that should always be the case).
  • upgrade (R): // Passively Grants 15% CD, and improved the effects of all your other spells. It will heal your Turrets to max hp, and make them shoot bolts that slow targets hit. It will make your rockets hit five targets rather then 3. And lastly it will make your grenade move faster. These are all great for team fight situations. However the only down side to this spell, is that you will need to get use to the faster moving grenade a bit. It effects your turrets regardless of their location on map. Simple Ultimate, meant to make Heimer very effective in team fights.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> Ch-1 concussion grenade > >
Max Grenade first, because it has better early damage, and lower cds and mana costs. However if you find that you feel safer to be pressing W and walking away rather then aiming, then swap it up. Heimer doesn't have a real set build for skills, you can build to your own Comfort.
---Grenade for better mana to damage ratios, or if vs a melee or auto attacker.
---Rokets for safe poking and farm.
---Turrets for Pushing Pressure, and anti gank damage. (These guys hurt early game, but have short range.)
*I say Turrets are anti ganks, because of two main reasons. One being they can be used to ward. Second being that i always finding myself killing people with just these when they gank before level 9~.

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Item Sequence

Rod of Ages

Mercury's Treads

Abyssal Mask

Seraph's Embrace

Zhonya's Hourglass

Rabadon's Deathcap

// CORE, Very importent! You want the AP, HP and MP. No objections. this item is way worht the cost, and just so good. Gives you a good amount of everything you would want on heimer.

// Strongly suggested, makes laning easier, and helps a ton vs CC. You can always replace with or , for more damage, or if the other team is AD heavy.

// Provides MR, Ap, and AoE Magical Penetration. Very effective, in all cases. If the other team has more magical damage then physical, don't be scared to invest in a second one.

// Very useful, gives you the ability to spam spells, and a neat shield based on 25% of your current mana. BEWARE, it consumes the mana. You only get this item once you have maxed out your tear of the goddess.

// Provides Armor and AP. Gives the ability to become untargetable, which is useful, to give your turrets time to damage them before they hit you, and 2.5 seconds to wait for a spell on CD. There are Few other items that provide the same Utility as this one, so i suggest sticking to it, usless you really don't require the armor or "invis".

// Core Item on all AP type champions. Not much to say. Increase over all AP by 25%.

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Team Fights

// You have three roles in team fights, one of which is not considered a role in team fights. First and most impoertent, Pusher. You want to make sure that all other lanes are pushing in your favor, before you enter a fight. This is importent for two reasons. One, If you win the fight, your minions should be ready to take down towers. Second, If you lose the fight, the other team has to push, and will take longer to get to a tower, giving the rest of your team time to regroup. Your tema will complain about this, but its very importent, that you use heimer's lane control power to the max. The Second role, Peeler. That's right, you gotta keep them off yourself, and adc. This would be your job, because Heimer is an Anti-Melee, otherwise the people that rush the ADC. You can easily CC them, and burst them with your ADC. Doing this role right, will almost always win you the team fight, unless both teams are VERY good (:D). Third and Final Role, Ap Carry. You are also the teams nuke, don't forget that. You will be able to easily do the other two roles and still fill this slot. That's thanks to your Rockets, and well placed Turrets. Just throw down your turrets and slow the guys on you and your adc. Then a grenade at their adc, and some sharp Rockets should do the trick.
If your team is doing well, push with pressure, but don't be careless and be a game thrower. If you are not doing well, Keep key locations warded, and lanes under control, then hunt down a careless mistake on their part. Even if its killing an out of place Support, it can change a game.
In most cases, you want to force your grenade's blind on the ADC, or either Champions like; , , , or just to prevent some one from getting picked off.
I won't go into more details about team fights, (unless there are questions), because games can vary greatly, and if i say something about one champion, there can be others that change the whole concept, or maybe items. Even how well the rest of your team is doing can vary and change the flow.

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Frequently Asked


Q: Why are there no FAQ? // Because no one has asked many questions yet. If you believe there are certain questions that i should answer in here please notify me. :D

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// Pimpdinger, is a very well rounded champion, but does take a few levels of skill. Most of this guide is just suggestions to give a general idea of how he is played and built. Everyone has their own personal play style, so you can change as much as you want in the build. If you haven't noticed, i don't mention a lane. That is because heimer is able to lane in all three lanes. That being Top, Mid, and Bottom as support. That's right, he can support. I'll be posting more builds, and ideas based on both your feed back, and my progress with him. So leave a comment, and let's once again show the world, Heimer is a god among Yordles.

P.S. Lots of Thanks to jhoijhoi for the help in making this guide look awesome!

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.


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