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Ezreal Build Guide by Robin Banks

ADC 8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build

ADC 8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build

Updated on January 3, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robin Banks Build Guide By Robin Banks 28,242 Views 4 Comments
28,242 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Robin Banks Ezreal Build Guide By Robin Banks Updated on January 3, 2019
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Magical Footwear
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Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Champion Build Guide

8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build

By Robin Banks
Hi guys. I'm RobinBanks (IGN: Lone Wolf V or Robin V Banks) a high platinum ADC main on the NA server. I've been playing since S5 and during s8 I played a ton of ranked games. This preseason I've stumbled upon a new ezreal build that I think will become meta if it catches on. I will be updating this guide in the coming weeks by adding synergies, clips of practice tool, and live game clips. I just figured I'd get my build/logic out on here to see what you guys think. Feel free to comment tips as this is my first guide on MobaFire. Disclaimer: I got this build idea when I heard high elo players were building Hextech Gunblade and Sorcerer's Shoes on him. So while not 100% original, this is my tweak on his lategame build path.
Why Play Ezreal?
Ezreal is a safe and versatile adc that has a strong level 1-6. Although his power dips during his Tear of the Goddess stacking, his power after completing Tear of the Goddess and Iceborn Gauntlet is strong. The only other ADCs that rival him at these two items in terms of power are Guinsoo's Rageblade and Blade of the Ruined King users and Lucian with his Blade of the Ruined King and Black Cleaver build.
Core Items Explained
After your Tear of the Goddess purchase, any gold you have left should go towards the following items in this order:

1050 Gold: Get Sheen

875: Pickaxe

<875: Components of Iceborn Gauntlet i.e Cloth Armor & Sapphire Crystal

450: Cull (Debatable)

Enemy team has Excessive healing aka Soraka, Nami, Sona, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo: Executioner's Calling or Long Sword into Executioner's Calling

Always buy a control ward on your backs given that you have the extra 75 gold. If you don't have lane pressure to keep it in your lane, then place the ward in the river or in an entrance to your botside jungle, or just keep it in your inventory until you do have lane pressure. Post lane phase if a key objective is spawning ill typically buy 2. Control wards are OP and should be bought whenever necessary

Explanation on Core Build:

Some players like to grab sheen on their first back if they think they're stomping lane. I've encountered diamond Ezreals that do this and have gotten my butt handed to me a few times. However, no matter how fed I am or how bad the enemy is I do not recommend delaying your tear purchase. You spike later than optimal as is by playing Ezreal, and delaying this spike even more is questionable. If I feel I'm above the enemy laners in terms of skill I'll grab cull and skip the components of gauntlet. Cull heightens ezreals Gold Generation strength and allows you to hit your core items faster.

After you have your Manamune and Iceborn Gauntlet you'll want these items in the following order:

Is your Manamune Stacked? ---> Tear of the Goddess

Is your Tear of the Goddess close to being stacked? --> Components of second tear

Heavy AP team or fed AP Assassin: Hexdrinker

Tear not close to being stacked: Bilgewater Cutlass components OR components of Lost Chapter

Did you not get an early executioners? Then Executioner's Calling

After you have your second tear stacking you will want to save up any gold for your Archangel's Staff as this will grant you a hefty shield for an active, making your Q's hit like a truck, as well as amplifying the damage of all your abilities since Ezreal as AD and AP Scalings.

Your boot choice varies every game. Grab these boots based on the given situation:

Enemy team is Heavy AD or they have a fed AD Assassin: Ninja Tabi

You're the only source of consistent AP Damage on your team OR you need to hard carry: Sorcerer's Shoes

Enemy team is Heavy AP: Mercury's Treads

Are you running Transcendence and don't want Sorcerer's Shoes ? Then Take Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Honorable Mention: Berserker's Greaves While the attack speed feels nice to have, I'd recommend grabbing Sorcerer's Shoes if you don't need the defensive stats from Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
Post Core Items Explained
Before we get into this let's take a look detailed look at Ezreal's abilities:

I will be taking the base damage of his abilities assuming he is level 13 (Q + E Maxed) and assuming he has 150 AD and NO AP yet. I'm not sure his exact AD stat at level 13 with Muramana and Iceborn Gauntlet and Absolute Focus but we're using this to make the numbers easier.

Essence Flux is the core ability that lets the oneshotting begin. If you proc this on a squishy target you'll see absurd amounts of burst. Below is the math containing procs with Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift

On Mystic Shot Thats 115 + 165 + Sheen Proc + 60 + 90 for a total of 430 + your sheen proc. This is of course reduced based on the enemy champions armor.

On Arcane Shift Thats 280 + 75 for a total of 355 Magic Damage
Bonus points if you can land a Mystic Shot afterwards for an additional 280 Physical Damage (115 + 165 + Sheen Proc)

Meaning that if you land your only your W + E + Q combo (no autoattacks) you'll do a total of 355 + 280 + Sheen proc for a total of 635 + Sheen Proc. This is amplified heavily if you were able to build Sorcerer's Shoes

Trueshot Barrage Does 500 + 100% bonus AD. Again, heavily amplified if you were able to build Sorcerer's Shoes

Okay now lets get into the late game item explanations:

Hextech Gunblade Adds to your burst by giving you a strong damage active, as well as amplifying all your abilites.

Morellonomicon Lets add another 15 Magic Pen on all our abilities as well as giving us some HP. This item is our last item and adds survivability via HP and extreme damage via 80 AP and magic pen. Any squishy champion that you can proc your W + E on will delete them. And I mean actually delete them.

Just for the time being so you guys have an idea of the damage you'll do:

Practice Tool test:

A bit glitchy but again, these clips are to just give an example. I'll post some live game content within the coming weeks. Also, take into account that the tear items aren't stacked, and mana flow band isnt completed which all amplify the damage of your abilities.
Closing Remarks
This build is only viable if you don't need the extra survivability from items like Guardian Angel, Quicksilver Sash, and Hexdrinker. In most scenarios you want to prioritize staying alive to doing damage.

I hope this guide helped you learn about Ezreal. We already knew the double tear build was strong but this build provides an AP damage source to full ad team comps as well as an extremely fun build. I mean, who doesn't like oneshotting champions. You can find me on Discord as LoneWolf#6483 or league as Lone Wolf V (main). Feel free to comment on this build or add suggestions to this guide.
Planned updates
1. Add Synergies
2. Add support champs to threats
3. Add Pros and Cons of Ezreal
4. Add Pros and Cons of this build compared to other endgame builds
5. Add Explanations of Rune choices
6. Formatting of sections
7. Live gameplay clips

Updates as of 1/03/2018
League of Legends Build Guide Author Robin Banks
Robin Banks Ezreal Guide
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8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build

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