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Tryndamere Build Guide by FunkySoul

Top [9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg)

Top [9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg)

Updated on June 2, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FunkySoul Build Guide By FunkySoul 28 3 63,351 Views 2 Comments
28 3 63,351 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FunkySoul Tryndamere Build Guide By FunkySoul Updated on June 2, 2019
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  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
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Runes: Lethal Tempo Tryndamere

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg)

By FunkySoul
About the Guide
This guide is designed for the sole purpose of bringing future Tryndamere mains accessibility to the current meta and ease of access. This guide also assumes you have basic knowledge of Tryndamere's move set, so they are not included in the guide.

Below are the patch notes for the guide. This will have any of my personal touches to the guide or major changes to the meta.

Patches to the Guide

Update 1: Added more information regarding Team Fighting, Split Pushing, and the Laning Phase.

Update 2: Added Runes, Spells, and Items page. Added more information about Tryndamere, and the Laning phase.

Update 3: Added more Rune information, added a Set Group for items and moved Sylas to a lower threat level. Also changed the picture!

Update 4: Added more tips in the Laning phase, put more Pros and Cons in About Tryndamere. Cleaned up some of the guide's looks, and added Fiora to the Threats list.

Update 5: Added a new Item Set, a new Rune Page, and a new explanation about Conqueror. Changed icon sizes for the Runes, Spells, and Item pages.

Update 6: We've hit 9.9! This guide update is big. Added every keystone and a description of its usage with Tryndamere in About Runes, Spells, and Items. Added more Spells and Items as well. Changed Kennen's notes under Threats for 9.9. Added a new Skill Order for Level 3 Ganks. Added a new Rune Page for a Teemo matchup. Changed Aatrox's matchup notes to account for 9.9. Added more Situational Items. Changed notes for the Hybrid Tryndamere rune page, mostly talking about Magical Footwear. Added every Situational Item's description in the About Runes, Spells, and Items page.

Update 7: Changed notes for Tahm Kench in Threats. Revamped ALL of About Tryndamere. (Hope it's easier to read.) Added some more colors in the About Runes, Spells, and Items headings. Fixed an error where Ninja Tabi was not showing its icon. Removed Hybrid Tryndamere from the Runes and changed a few names. Deleted a tiny section from The Laning Phase.

Update 8: Added a Jungle Tryndamere guide (Have not updated guide chapters for jungle) (IS BEING CONSTANTLY UPDATED).

Update 9: Been a while! This update expands upon the Jungle Tryndamere build, and also added more guide chapters and changed the Dark Harvest description down in About Runes, Spells, and Items. Added Chilling Smite to the page as well, along with Challenging Smite.

Update 10: Been a while once more. I explain why you should begin to split in the Bot Lane and swap with your ADC at 20 minutes. Guide Chapter headers have changed to be more clean. Added more items in About Runes, Spells, and Items.

Update 11: 9.10 has just rolled out! This update explains what has happened to Tryndamere down in About Tryndamere. Added the 'Guinsoo Melter' item set, and moved Hybrid Tryndamere to the bottom. Changed Guinsoo's Rageblade description in About Runes, Spells, and Items.

Update 12: 9.11 hasn't changed much for Tryndamere. Removed Conqueror from the Runes.
About Me
I'm an aspiring Tryndamere one-trick, and from studying countless hours of Fogged and other Tryndamere videos, I believe I'm well-suited enough to give my opinion on the best Tryndamere builds. I am based in NA and am currently climbing.

If it isn't obvious, this is my first guide. I've poured a lot of work on this guide to give you the most accurate and helpful materials available, but I may be missing a lot of things. If I am, please comment if you need something in the guide.

I am attempting to update this Guide when anything relevant happens or if my opinion on a particular keystone/item/matchup has changed.
About Tryndamere

What is Tryndamere?

- Tryndamere is a Critical Striking, Auto Attacking champion, who excels in Split Pushing.
- Tryndamere is an incredibly strong Hyper Carry and Low Elo Stomper if played correctly.
- Tryndamere is an ultimate beast in the Top Lane, and can also be played in the Jungle and

Why should I Play Tryndamere?

- Tryndamere is a literal STOMPER in Low Elo.
- Tryndamere has a very low ban rate! (1.3%!)
- Tryndamere is an incredibly safe pick in Lower Elo's, making him a super forgivable pick lower down the ladder.
- Tryndamere is a Hybrid champion, meaning he can use both AP and AD.

What Risks would I run into playing as Tryndamere?

- Tryndamere generally runs into many difficult matchups such as Pantheon or Teemo because of Auto Attacking being his source of damage.
- Tryndamere is a very greedy champion in the Mid or Top lane.
- Tryndamere is not the best at Team Fighting, and is very easily caught on Crowd Control.

Learning how to Split Push with Tryndamere!

Tryndamere melts turrets. If you're not split pushing, you've lost the power of him. Here's my general thought process when Split Pushing:

- Can my team do an objective such as Baron Nashor? If so, I should Split Bot Side.
- Can I do a 4 - 0 - 1? (4 top 1 bot). Would this be successful?
- Can my teammembers defend a 4v5?
- Am I able to Split Safely? Do I have enough Vision Control?
- Am I in a good position to Rotate? Would that rotation impact the map in a beneficial way?

People also say you should Split Push your bot lane at 20 minutes. Here's why:
- Your team can start zoning towards Baron. You've removed all pressure around Baron and if you can take 4 people with you bot, your team should be prepared for a Baron.
- You can solo Drake if needed.
- Your ADC gets free farm Top Lane, and if you've put your top laner far back, they can farm kills too.

I can't Split Push, so lets Team Fight!

Hold your horses, buddy. Tryndamere does not handle Crowd Control well. If you're going to Team Fight, do it right! Here's how:

- Tryndamere can Spin through Roots and Stuns, such as one from Morgana. This is a good tactic to use when she's easily killable.
- Spinning Slash + Flash, one of Tryndamere's flashier moves, is used to connect E damage while spinning at twice the distance. This move is super unexpected, and can win games!
- A good idea when team fighting is to make sure you have Flash up. It'll let you 2-shot that enemy Lucian nobody likes.
- If you have a Frontline Champion such as Braum, you can spin in through the Fog of War after the frontline absorbs the Crowd Control.

What are some easy mistakes I can avoid doing as Tryndamere?

Tryndamere is simple when you're good at him, but in order to be good, you need to make sure you don't do these few mistakes in your lane:

- Overspinning can lead to overcommitment, especially when you're Pre-6. This will lead to your DEATH! Imagine dying as a Tryndamere...
- Using Bloodlust while keeping pressure high in your lane is simply asking for them to kill you. If you have no intention of fighting, you're more than welcome to Q heal.

Patch 9.10

Tryndamere in this patch has become the most mobile he possibly ever has, thanks to his increased CDR to Spinning Slash. Here's what this means.

- Spinning Slash now is incredibly fast and allows Tryndamere to move around faster and be punished less for using his Spinning Slash.
- This also means Spinning Slash is receiving a nerf to AP Ratios, dropping from 100% down to 80%. AP Builds have now become irrelevant.
About Runes, Spells, and Items
Tryndamere is versatile in the sense that he can take many unique things and still output nearly the same amount of pressure and overall usefulness in the team comp. Here are the recommended items for Tryndamere:


- An incredibly powerful, and by far the best rune for Tryndamere in Season 9. Your DPS is immense and you win almost all trades, thanks to your incredible outburst of speed.

- Conqueror is incredibly ineffective now that it has been nerfed. Always take Lethal Tempo or another situational rune in order to succeed in the lane.

- A rune I have almost never seen on Tryndamere, but there's a chance it could work versus certain matchups. Super experimental, don't bring it into Ranked unless you know what you're doing.

- The rune that we used before we discovered the power of Lethal Tempo in early Season 9. It's incredible sustain, but I would rather go with Grasp of the Undying than Fleet Footwork in tough scaling matchups. Still super useful versus a Vayne.

- This rune is incredibly good if you're running an Assassin build in the Jungle, as you can spin through the Fog of War and apply the stacks in two autos.

- Never seen a Tryndamere go with Electrocute, mostly because of how inefficient it is. Like the problem with Conqueror, it requires you to hit them three times, and matchups like Jax most likely won't let you pull it off.

- A rune I can see as to why someone would use it, but still not practical. I would much rather use Ghost than Predator, only because Tryndamere doesn't use it efficiently.

- This rune can work! It's not as great as Lethal Tempo because you're only able to use it three times in a trade, but it's somewhat doable. I'd always go Lethal Tempo.

- This rune is hilariously useless. The keystone is only used on Healers or Supports, not a champion like Tryndamere who can only self heal.

- You're going to have to damage the enemy to proc Arcane Comet, so W poke doesn't exist. It's not great close combat either because you need to burst damage, not poke damage.

- This requires 3 hits to proc, but can be used decently to chase down opponents. I wouldn't try this unless you really want to, but you'd be lacking a lot of damage.

- Purely situational. Mostly tank matchups such as Sion use Grasp usefully. There are also other champions, such as Nasus or Jax which require you to scale as well with them, making Grasp your best choice. It's definitely one of Tryndamere's best keystone picks.

- Your CC comes from W, only if their back is facing towards you. There is no practical way you would be using this, even if you're building as a tank. If you're for some reason going Tank Tryndamere, go Grasp of the Undying.

- Perhaps as a Support Tryndamere (DO NOT RECOMMEND!) this can work as your rune, but I'd highly advise ever going Support Tryndamere because then you're just trolling. This rune is never used in a 1v1 or 1v2 fight.

- This is actually one of Tryndamere's matchup runes! It's mostly used versus a Teemo, letting you counter his W and deal massive amounts of damage since he won't be running from you anytime soon. I'd highly advise using this keystone versus a Teemo when appropriate.

- Tryndamere is unable to proc this efficiently without taking the risk of a bad trade. This also negates his damage a lot and the playstyle becomes much greedier. I don't recommend using this.

- I have never seen this used on Tryndamere, mostly because you practically do not have a Keystone until 6 minutes. You'll only want to stick with Ignite and Ghost, and maybe even Teleport.


- Used on 90% of champions, as it is the most useful spell IN THE GAME! This spell allows you to jump on to the backline, dodge a skill shot, or teleport across a wall. But, Tryndamere has the ability to E + Flash, connecting E damage while jumping onto the backline.

- The most common and best spell for Tryndamere. He can dive turrets with this rune, and I like to completely destroy opponents at level 1 with Ignite. Take this unless you need Ghost.

- The situational spell for Tryndamere, and it is without a doubt the second-third best spell on Tryndamere. This allows you to chase down opponents, escape from menacing ganks, and overall be a speed demon.

- This rune does not work well on Tryndamere due to the fact that Tryndamere depends on Damage to win lanes. There are barely any matches to bring Teleport with, so I'd just disregard it.

- It's hilarious if you'd take this rune because the whole point of Tryndamere is to get to the lowest amount of health possible to deal the maximum amount of damage. Don't take this!

- If you take this, it's logical. The only problem with this is that you'd be removing damage output, and most Top Laners don't have much On-Hit CC, meaning you'd be lacking a lot of damage and overall having a slower paced laning phase. It makes complete sense to take this at first, but it's recommended you avoid using this.

- I've used this once with Ghost paired with it, and the laning phase mostly consisted of running down the enemy laner and killing them. It's a controversial rune, but I prefer Ignite for the early Level 2 cheese.

- By far the best Smite for Tryndamere. It allows you to catch up to your enemies, letting you completely melt them or make them burn their Flash.

- If you need the extra damage, I would take this. But overall? I enjoy Chilling Smite a lot more over this for Tryndamere.


- An item I sometimes buy. You can definitely mix this into your Early Demolisher build or any other build, really, but in my opinion, it is not cost efficient and I really don't need the accidental splash damage if I can just spin and clear the wave with control.

- I never will ever buy this item at any point in Season 9 because of one reason: I don't need it. I can make up the life steal through Death's Dance, and can control the wave how I want to with my Auto Attacks. I don't want to CS under tower and accidentally receive aggro, because that'll just lead to my demise. This is your opinion, however. I just don't believe it's a good item anymore!

- It has a passive that won't work on Tryndamere, but that's okay! Being cost efficient and almost as great as Infinity Edge in terms of Crit Chance and Damage, it synergizes very well in the early game. Buy this if you're ahead in your lane!

- The preferred boots for Tryndamere, but sometimes I find myself building towards Mercury's Treads versus a Teemo or Kennen.

- If versus a Teemo or Kennen, you need this item. It allows you to be stunned/blinded for less time, and you get free magic resist!

- When versus a Pantheon or any AD early game champion that can destroy you. It's a safe buy and it'll help versus ADCs as well. Good overall item. Don't be afraid to buy any defensive boots!

- The newfound weapon that synergies with Tryndamere incredibly well. It allows for easy sustain, more Spin Damage, and overall easy early magic damage! Always use this in your hybrid build as your first or second item.

- An incredibly powerful item. It has an incredibly strong passive, and gives a lot more damage, just what Tryndamere needs. On certain builds, you may want to sell Essence Reaver for this item instead, so you can stay dominant in the Mid to Late game if fed out of your mind. But you should hopefully end the game before then.

- A less popular item in Season 9 for Tryndamere, but in my opinion, it works incredibly well. The item allows you to split-push efficiently and allows for an opportunity to leave a fight and to come back with full HP. It's great to use in a Team Fight scenario.

- Don't. Just don't. You're losing a lot by AFK Farming when you can be farming on kills. If behind, just buy Cloth Armor or Null-Magic Mantle.

- A good defensive item that works very well on Tryndamere. The Lifeline passive works well as you receive massive amounts of damage, allowing you to melt your enemies as you go down with them.

- If you ever go against a Rammus, you want to take Black Cleaver. It allows you to do the most amount of damage you can, even with someone as annoying as Rammus.

- This is a good last situational item, letting you efficiently chase down enemies while granting almost every stat Tryndamere requires to become a powerful beast.

- After 9.10, this item has become a tad bit more powerful for Tryndamere. Unfortunately, you need 3 stacks to activate your Ghost, but with Lethal Tempo this shouldn't be an issue in a fight.

- This is a good item to take when you want to Splitpush when behind. It allows for good sustain, but it's a fairly uncommon purchase in my games.

- TAKE AGAINST Darius AND Dr. Mundo! If you never want to build this item, Executioner's Calling works fine too. But versus a Dr. Mundo, this item is core.

- I'd buy this item when ahead in your match. It allows you to stick onto a target and gives good CDR. Overall a very good item for Tryndamere and his playstyle.

- This item can definitely work on Tryndamere. It's strong defense, and it's definitely work buying if you don't want Maw of Malmortius.

- This is a good item versus a Teemo or Kennen! It allows you to heal more with your Q and synergizes well with AP or a Lifesteal build.

- If you need more armor, more survivability, or want to suicide for the enemy Nexus, this item is for you! Overall a strong item and works well on Tryndamere.

- One of the strongest items for Tryndamere in the Jungle. It grants you Chilling Smite, the best version for Tryndamere, as well as its incredibly strong passive that synergizes perfectly with Tryndamere.

- Almost as good as Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor, but I will prefer the latter than this item mostly due to the fact that Challenging Smite isn't as great for me.

- a really good item that I will almost not take on Tryndamere since I highly prefer Essence Reaver over this item. Provides good wave clear and cheap price for early domination.

- An incredibly strong item overall since it grants Lethality, an incredibly strong passive which synergizes with Zombie Ward, and CDR! Works well only if you're an assassin.

- Strong all-in item that can bait out CC and punish the enemy team incredibly well. I would take this if you're running an Assassin Build.

- Good item to stick on your enemy or to get to a location faster. It's entirely situational, and it's up to the game's circumstances to choose this over Trinity Force.
The Laning Phase
Tryndamere crushes all lane opponents if played correctly. I use these strategies to get my top towers usually under 16 minutes.


-At level 1-2, you can build fury off of the minions (around 40% of the bar) and begin spinning and harassing the opponent. You must make sure, however, that the jungler will not run into the lane and destroy you, cause you are horrid at 1v2 without ulti.

-You fight better with less health, so it's better to take minion aggro while fighting early on so you can get more damage. Don't die or get too cocky with this, though.

-After pushing your second wave in, you can go ward the entrance of the enemy jungle. If ballsy, you can ward the blue/red buff!

-If you buy a Control Ward, you can create a safe path for your jungler so he can gank your lane easily and without vision.

-Ward the Top Pixel brush or the Blue/Red buff. Ask your jungler if he needs something specific from you.

-You should make sure you're counter building the enemy laner. For example, if going against a Darius, you need to rush Executioner's Calling.

-If you've pushed in your lane, you can help leash the Scuttle for your jungler or take it yourself if he's camping bot-side.

-Make sure to take Kruggs/Gromp when your lane is slow pushing towards you or waiting for map pressure.

-Don't be afraid to tower dive at Level 6 with Undying Rage and Ignite.
The Jungle
Tryndamere can Jungle! Here is how you do it with Tryndamere.

The Pathing

Here is my first clear with Tryndamere:
Red Buff > Raptors > Blue Buff > Scuttle Beetle > Gank or Gromp > Gank or Wolves > Back.

Let's talk about it, camp by camp.
- Red Buff is the best starting buff for Tryndamere because it helps him have a healthy clear and melt raptors incredibly fast.
- Raptors is good because you can do it fast and efficiently thanks to your Red Buff.
- Blue Buff is dependent on whether or not you can clear both Wolves and Blue Buff fast enough for the Scuttle Beetle. I usually do Blue Buff and head right towards Scuttle and get a ward in the area.
- Scuttle Beetle is a highly important camp you need to take so your Top Lane can get vision and you can dominate the Top Side of the map.
- Gank or Gromp is dependent on whether or not the enemy laner is gankable or not. If they're not, just do Gromp.
- Gank or Wolves is dependent if the enemy Top Laner/Bot Laner specifically is overextending, because you won't be able to rotate fast enough to the midlane before they reset.

When you're done with this clear, back. You can probably afford a [Tiamat] or something else useful. I would take Kruggs.

A Guide to Ganking

The following sections teach you how to gank with Tryndamere.

A Guide to Ganking Top Lane

As a Tryndamere in the Jungle, I tend to snowball the Top Laner the most in order to secure a Rift Herald and easily towerdive and get free plates. Here are my tips:

- Secure the Rift Herald. Highly important if you camp top lane, cause you can snag a lot of free gold and first tower. Gank the lane!
- Tower Dive with Ult. They don't expect it, and if they're low, this is an easy kill. You can burn their flash or their ultimate making the next gank 10x easier.
- Invade the Enemy Jungle. Highly important as you're denying resources and getting tons of vision, allowing a swift escape if in trouble.

A Guide to Ganking Mid Lane

Ganking Mid Lane with Tryndamere is difficult but easily doable thanks to how close nearby brush is to spin onto the enemy. Here are my tips:

- Ward the area. Buy Control Wards and ward the river bushes so you can camp it.
- Make sure the enemy laner has their CC on CDR. Tryndamere does not like CC!

A Guide to Ganking Bot Lane

Ganking botlane for Tryndamere is difficult, mostly because this lane has some of the most accessible CC depending on the Support.

- It's recommended you gank this lane when you get Chilling Smite so you can stick onto the ADC.
-If you're feeling ballsy, you can invade the enemy jungle and spin towards the lane, making the River the only escape path.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FunkySoul
FunkySoul Tryndamere Guide
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[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg)

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