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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Phoenix0000ff

A Jungle Twitch is a Happy Twitch

A Jungle Twitch is a Happy Twitch

Updated on August 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phoenix0000ff Build Guide By Phoenix0000ff 253 36 1,837,521 Views 366 Comments
253 36 1,837,521 Views 366 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Phoenix0000ff Twitch Build Guide By Phoenix0000ff Updated on August 14, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Twitch
  • LoL Champion: Twitch


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Where are my updates?

Yeah I hear ya I'll update soon. Until then I want to make a few things clear from my tests on PBE. Lane Twitch is probably viable in competitive play now. Jungle is going to be a bit harder now but the rework gave a few quality of life changes that should run pretty well.

I will do a full update after riot is done buff nerfing all the things.
I do not want do hours of math only to find that something is going to be changed.

Until then enjoy what you got for now and let's see what the numbers tell us after next few patches.
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I have been Jungling Twitch over 2 years now.
Let me tell you my fellow Twitch brothers and sisters that it has been a struggle.

First off I would like to state that I do not play ranked games but I have a successful history of competitive gaming. Compared to a lot of the games I have played I feel like League of legends is user friendly enough for me to play casually with my friends and I prefer any tomfoolery that may come of that not to reflect on a permanent record. User friendly casual or not I am still a competitive gamer at heart always watching streams and tournaments trying to stay ahead of the game. This will be my first and only guide.

*Edit* I just recently started playing ranked and will update my intro accordingly when I hit over 2k elo.

But let me repeat it has been a struggle.

I have been harassed
I have been told I was a skilless troll player
I have carried people who intentionally fed exclaiming they would rather die than see a me do well
I have been beaten down by harsh words
and yet when rise from the Jungle to carry my team to victory I hardly ever get an apology

However recent events of players, perhaps rumors or legends have opened the eyes of at least some of the community of the potential of a Jungling Twitch. I still do get harassed for picking the rat but it isn't as bad as it used to be.

This guide is my attempt to bring Twitch to the metagame.
I don't want to be the one to say everyone's doing it wrong but, yeah I'm going there.
With that said let me start this by saying this one thing.


If you attempt to face tank blue buff at level one with nothing but a long sword and a dream you are going to hurt my feelings.

If you downvote me simply because you don't like the idea of a Jungle Twitch you are a jerk.
Udyr and Lee Sin are both amazing, wonderful, beautiful Junglers I am not trying to take your jobs I am merely offering what could be considered the best role for Twitch players in competitive games.

If you want to learn to Jungle Twitch I have hundreds of matches and years of competitive gaming experience to share.

And now, On with the show!!!
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Why Jungle Twitch?

A lot of people tend to think Twitch is one of the weakest heroes in the game. Twitch has the highest attack range in the game but only with Spray and Pray and only for 7 hits. Without it he is one of the lowest ranged characters in the game. This makes his laning phase really difficult.

If you lane him with a support then you are at a disadvantage. AD characters generally don't solo because even though they do need farm they usually don't need the experience. Solo characters also need to be able to control the map. If Twitch leaves the lane everyone is going to know and Twitch will lose farm over the other solo if his ganks are not successful.

Lane Twitch has almost no tools to counter Oracle's Elixir and Vision Ward. A vision ward placed in your lane will take away your best early game move. A person ganking with oracle's elixir will know where to find you.

A lot of people tend to think this turns Twitch into a cheese play type character who will always lose games to skilled players. It can be said he is hard to place on a team but when he Jungles a lot of his problems disappear. You can't be found as easily. You are constantly MIA. You can maximize your early game advantages while still being able to farm up to be a late game carry.

I'm going to say this again that Twitch has the longest range in the game for 7 shots. If you do well you should be able to win a game in 5.
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Pros / Cons

PROS >.O!!!

Ganks extremely well
Stressful to play against
Strong at invasions and counter Jungling
Spray and Pray can penta kill if fed
Long range (can attack people in a tower without getting hit)

CONS O.<!!!

Squishy, slow, and difficult to play
Requires strict build knowledge
Usually not well received (seriously check my comments for instance)
Spray and Pray can whiff if done incorrectly
People call you rat a lot
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Summoner Spells


Twitch Every Jungler Need Smite!!!
With a little work other Junglers will fear your smite stealing capability.

Twitch It is hard to explain how useful flash can be. This is definitely the best choice to carry with.


Twitch It is not possible to live from this gank. Send me video of a Jungle Twitch failing honestly I want to see if it's possible.

Twitch Same idea as ignite. I call it pretend Shaco Twitch. You have stronger ganks but weaker late game without flash.

Twitch If there is no heal on your team this can work. You can pull some surprise party Twitch shenanigans with heal + stealth.


Twitch Weak

Twitch Now you face true power!!!
Stun = dead Twitch with useless summoner spell.

Twitch Soraka...
I wuv you

Twitch Flash will outperform this move.
Just buy Quicksilver Sash and have the best of both worlds.

Twitch In lore Twitch want's to create his own army.
So I guess this is best in slot for RP purposes.
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Carry Twitch

greater mark of desolation SPACE Combined with Sunder you will have enough armor pen to deal true damage to all neutral creeps including dragon. This will also increase your midgame damage a bit.

SPACE With dodge now gone these are the best defensive runes for Twitch. You get better Jungle sustainability and allows you to bully AD and Bruiser when you get doran's blades.

SPACE I used to take MR per level glyphs but then I noticed that if an AP character got fed they became ungankable by a Twitch. We now build this way and buy any extra MR if necessary.

SPACE These new quintessences are just amazing for Jungle Twitch. They provide you great sustain and help your early dueling ability significantly.

Assassin Twitch

SPACE At level 1 this does about 2 more damage per hit to Jungle minions. Doesn't seem like much but allows for slightly better sustain than armor pen with this setup.

SPACE Better Jungle sustainability! Better damage! A bit more squishy than without armor but we have Exhaust to back us up in this build.

SPACE Second verse same as the first. Same idea as above.

SPACE Not lying if you do not have these on Jungle Twitch you are playing a different game. If you want to do a little try before you buy then I suggest reading below.

Help I Don't Have These Runes

There are many rune combinations that can work for Jungle Twitch. Some paths might require different item builds to balance things out. Above are the best combinations I could find after hundreds of games.

If you do choose your own rune set please note that building too focused on killing Jungle mobs can hurt your end game and team fighting capabilities. Having at least 1 Greater Quintessence of Life Steal will greatly balance your Twitch for the many situations you can encounter. If you are lower than level 30 it's not even the same ballpark but I'd go cloth 5 and armor runes unless you really got the hang of this.

If you have any questions about a rag-tag rune build I have probably tested it before. If you want my thoughts feel free to email me or leave a comment here or on my YouTube.
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Max Damage

This is my favorite build to my experience.
Vampirism makes season 2 Jungle Twitch easier and more sustainable than ever.
Havoc ends up being about +10 damage for the 3 point investment and that's not so bad.
Summoner's Insight because your late game team fights are much better with flash up.

Executioner does not work with Smite. I tested it. Cuz I love ya.
It does however give you extra damage to neutral monsters if you smite early.

Max Survival

I listed this build as an alternative for the player who likes more defense on his/her Twitch.
Durability and Veteran's Scars comes out to 138hp for a 5 point investment.
That's not as good as Havoc but if it suits your playstyle then I'd take it.
We take this setup on Assassin Twitch for the extra survivability.

Bladed Armor seems like decent option but Twitch kites mobs so it doesn't have it's full benefit.
If you choose to Jungle with a different rune set or start Cloth Armor 5 Health Potion this mastery gets a little better.

Runic Affinity

Last we have the build for the person who can't live without his/her buff duration.
Good Hands is good because you will always be the main focus target in a team fight.
Late game getting back into the fight earlier can spell doom for the enemy team.
Runic Affinity is alright for red buff because it stacks with your poison damage. Blue buff is good for split pushing but it's usually better to feed to your AP carry.

You get some good stuff here but please note the loss of Hardiness . This ability is really good for Jungle sustain and flexibility in gank positioning.

A special note about AP Twitch

Don't ever get anything to help expunge. It is your only spell and it's the AP bonus only applies to one attack. Going AP makes your ultimate pretty much useless. I know a few experienced Twitch players are laughing at reading this but if you were a misguided Twitch player who went Archaic Knowledge in season one your pain ends here. Don't do it.
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This guide is focused on Ambush Jungling. This skill will be needed at level 1 especially if you choose not to start in your own Jungle. A lot of people have it in their heads that expunge is the key to Jungling and it's so not. Clearing mobs with Ambush will be much faster, safer, and more mana efficient.

  • Passive DoT
  • Stacks up to 6 times
  • Can't be removed by Cleanse
  • Does heavy damage when combined with Red buff DoT

  • Makes you invisible
  • Attack speed works well with Wriggle's Lantern
  • Stealth is delayed if taking damage
  • Get at level 1

  • AoE Slow
  • Mana intensive but makes ganks slightly more effective
  • Best for chasing, kiting, and control in mid/late game
  • Level it at level 2, 4, or 8 to make your red buff ganks stronger

  • AoE Nuke
  • Explodes up to 6 stacks of Deadly Venom
  • Hits for about 35-45% hero hp early game
  • Get at level 2 and then max as soon as possible


A few more notes about Spray and Pray
If 1 hit crits then all will crit. This could possibly make spray and pray the most damaging ultimate in the game. The other thing is that the true range of this ability goes further than you can target. A good Twitch will target closer minions/towers/heroes to maximize damage and safety.
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Items and Gameplay

What Do The Pages Mean?


This page takes on the theory that Twitch should be built around his ultimate and team fighting potential. We try to deal all the damage we can from max range with Flash and built in resistances to rough out the hard times. This page does not mean that you farm all game without ganking. You gank just as much as Assassin Twitch! Flash can be a very useful skill for aggressive repositioning and a flash for a single auto attack is often worth it when you are hitting for 500-700.

This page takes on the theory that Twitch should be built around his stealth and damage modifiers. Most of this setup was thought up by Syforce RaT4LIF3 a 2500+ elo exclusive Jungle Twitch player. It has better sustain and clear speed than the Carry build. It relies on Exhaust for ganking and survival. This page does not mean that you can not carry. Items like Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet can be taken to help the team but if you take lane farm when needed you can build big damage items. SPACE .


How Does It Work?

Jungle Twitch is a Carry Jungler who snowballs very hard. Unlike other gank Junglers who become annoying or tanky with kills, Twitch turns into an unstoppable killing machine. When you play vs Jungle Twitch you are no longer playing League of Legends you are playing stop the Twitch. If you learn this game better than your opponents he will carry you to high elo.

You get a fair amount of gold from Jungling but as a Carry Jungler you also get gold from ganks, split pushing, kill trades, and objectives. Twitch is also good at limiting gold the enemy team can get though soul crushing gank pressure and forced Oracle's Elixir and Vision Ward buys. If you find yourself able to push a lane make sure you don't hurt your own team in doing so. It is downright evil to push your allies lanes just to leave them in a vulnerable position.

As far as items go there are many different theories on building Twitch but the 2 that actually matter are laid out in the builds. You either build around team fights or build to Ambush and force people into unfair fights. Damage is your main stat, Lifesteal and on hit effects are your tricks, Attack speed and Defense are mostly useful for 1v1. Attack speed will not grant you more attacks on your ultimate or combo damage.

Even though snowballing happens more than you can possibly imagine there is the chance that you don't free win. You can build cheaper items to help your team like black cleaver, frozen mallet, and even wriggles. Twitch can destroy map objectives if he gets attack speed + Wriggle's Lantern. This is more acceptable on Assassin Twitch than on Carry Twitch since you have flash to protect your teams hard earned gold in the carry build.

If you want more tips and gameplay tricks you can go to the tips and tricks section or look up the videos I made just for you. If you are unaware of the standard Twitch teamfight combo it is

... -> ...
... -> ...
... -> ... expunge
... -> ...

Item Notes

Wriggle's Lantern


Get this item if you plan to do more farming than ganking. If you gank often it is better to stack multiple
Doran's Blade items for the hp, damage, and lifesteal. Wriggle's Lantern is such a good item on Twitch it may be smart to invest in both paths. Sometimes you can steal games with 20 minute baron buff if because of it.



Mobility Boots are now the standard boots for Jungle Twitch. The downtime walking between mobs in the Jungle plays a bigger factor than it used to. They assist very well in stealing buffs from enemy Jungle and with them you can zoom right past a Vision Ward when you gank. If you need the extra dps or survivability then you can opt for the other boot choices.

Black Cleaver


If you have more than one AD Black Cleaver allows you to debuff multiple targets for your team with Spray and Pray while also giving you a little bit of attack speed for dueling. This item could be a good consideration to get before Infinity Edge since we no longer need armor pen quints. Also note that losing armor pen quints makes Last Whisper more attractive as well, especially late game.

Frozen Mallet


This item probably is not that great with other AD carries but it has a lot to offer you. Your range makes this a very good protective tool between Venom Cask and its proc. If in trouble just slow opponent then proceed to go into stealth. The slow might also help you hit more targets with your ultimate. Oh yeah the HP is solid also.

Phantom Dancer


Although you don't need attack speed this item works very well in combination with Infinity Edge. The movement speed is also very good so this could also be considered a defensive item in that respect. If I ever get a full item set I usually sell my boots for one an extra one of these.

Midgame Items


Sometimes you need power and you need it now. That or you don't have the patience to farm an
Infinity Edge. These items are ok for early/mid game but they all tend to fall off late game.

Atmog's Combo


Atma's Impaler is a good alternative to Phantom Dancer crit chance. This item gives you 35.2 damage for 825g if you don't build any hp items. This is always a very farm heavy setup and on top of that if you choose this you need to build it after Infinity Edge. Warmog's Armor as stand alone defense is not that bad but once again it's a lot of farm.

Terrible Items


Tiamat splash range and damage terrible. Ionic spark damage even more terrible. Snowball items only help you if you are winning. AP/Hybrid does less damage than AD. That and its bad. Really bad.

Counter Items


These you pretty much only get if you need to counter build.

Guardian Angel


I used to say that this item wasn't that great on Twitch and for the most part it isn't but it has it's moments. If you build Assassin Twitch with lots of attack speed and 1v1 potential this can be a pretty big hassle for the enemy team. If you build around your ultimate it's probably better to get survival.

Sample Builds

SPACE Standard Carry
SPACE VS Assassin AP

SPACE Durable Carry
SPACE VS Single Strong AP

SPACE Mid Game
SPACE Late Late Game
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Jungling / Juggling

Some of the greatest criticisms I have heard of Jungle Twitch are as follows.
  • Requires a sub par rune set
  • Slow Jungle speeds
  • Needs multiple pulls from his team
  • Requires Blue Buff
After hundreds of games I have devised a way to fix every one of these problems though a process I call Juggling (see below). But then season 2 came along and now all of these problems are fixed without the use exploiting minion AI.

To be an effective Jungle Twitch you will have 2 goals.
    1.) Instill constant fear into the enemy team
    2.) Farm as much as you can
Twitch has a lot of strong points that other Junglers do not have. His Counter Jungling, ganking, and end game abilities are among the best if not the best in the game for a Jungler. Twitch does not need a fast level 6 to be useful. This makes a Jungle route with him hard to map out since getting red buff at level 1 is considered the end of your Jungle Route. However I have made some video examples below to give you ideas on what you can do with your Twitch.

Video Guides

Jungle Twitch Guide - Ahri Patch

In this video I cover
  • Jungle Clear Time (Level 4 Path)
  • Level 1 Invasion Basics
  • 3 Buff Invasion Path (Best Option Path)
  • Gank Emphasis Path (Alternate Level 4 Path)

I Came As A Rat

I Came As A Rat Ep. 16: My Waterloo

I Came As A Rat is my attempt to bring people the best Jungle Twitch video resource in the world. Although many of the matches have low rated players because I personally refuse to play rated games in League of Legends, I often get the occasional Riot Employee or 2.2k+ elo player in my games because of my competitiveness / win ratio in unrated games.

In these games I implement a lot of different tricks and techniques that can be useful to anyone wanting to learn as much as they can about Jungle Twitch. I also play socially with people who contact me or gamers in the MOBAfire community.

YouTube page link here.

Juggle Jungling!

Ok so I'm a league of legends player not a professional namer of things however I think the name is alright.

Let me start by saying Twitch is not Warwick. Since Twitch is a ranged Jungler you can kite mobs and apply
Deadly Venom to lower their health while you gain yours back with Vampirism . Let's take a look at this example of me doing double golems without vampirism.

I purposely lowered my health very low to show this can be done without taking damage.

In this image you can see Twitch starts applying his Deadly Venom to the left golem. He (or she or it) is starting to leash and go back to his spawn point now.

The closer you follow behind this mob the faster it will turn around and the less health it will regenerate.

Feel free to try it for yourself and hit expunge for a nice burst of golem life if you have the mana.

Fail expunge on this golem. Maybe it isn't best to lower your health this low in a real match. However with enough experience you will find this is completely safe and efficient.

A few Notes on Counter Jungling

Twitch is an amazing counter Jungler but always try to have the support of your team or Clairvoyance if you are doing anything risky. Don't be afraid you burn Flash early because flash is not needed to start ganking.

7 out of 10 of my games the entire enemy team will mass around their blue to protect their Jungler so be advised unless you are in very low elo this is probably not the best place to start.

If an enemy Jungler see's you ganking it is very possible they will try to steal your jungle (especially if you already cleared theirs). So try to maximize your farm. After all cheesy gameplay loses to sophisticated gameplay so try to find a balance.

A few teams might think they can keep you down with a heavy counter Jungle strategy but Twitch is not very easy to counter Jungle. Remember you do not need a fast level 6 to be effective and you don't need your flash to start ganking.
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First thing I like to do when I gank personally as Twitch is pretend I'm a supervillian.
Early level Twitch ganks can make you feel all powerful. This is the strong point of Jungle Twitch so there isn't much to say here but here is some tips.

People will never know how much stealth timer you have left. Even worse you might get noobs in solo que who don't know Ambush only lasts 10 seconds at level one. If you communicate your target things will go better. If a plan falls though you can always harass.

It is ok to initiate ganks this way. I wouldn't make it a full time job but if things go right you will always win a fight between 2 heroes vs 1 hero + minions.

Twitch can do a lot without his flash, like farm. Don't be afraid to burn flash early. Often I will flash just to dodge skill shots or for a single attack.

To my knowledge Twitch has the second highest base damage for a ranged hero. Right behind Sivir and just ahead of Xerath and Graves. Riot really loves them new heroes. 150/240/330 max magic damage for the first 3 levels on top of your auto attacks. At level 3 your full expunge combo with auto attacks hits for about 600 damage.

Don't open up on someone point blank just to be exhausted during your ultimate. If you open with your ult do it from far range. Be aware that without attack speed it is harder to hit a moving target.

Use your tab often to see if enemy heroes have a Vision Ward in their inventory.
Use Ambush to run though an enemy creep wave when no one is around to see if there are any wards planted in lane.

But never overestimate it. Gank from the brush and always make sure to have an escape plan. You can always flash -> Ambush -> run like hell if things go wrong. Flash does not break stealth.

You can pretend you are going back to Jungling and gank again in a few seconds.
It may seem like something out of a cartoon but you will not believe how many good players fall for this.
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A special note about Vision Wards and Oracle Elixir

It is your job to force the enemy into buying these items. If they do not buy them you may want to consider split pushing a wave down to a tower and invisible running away until they do.

Sometimes I like to buy my own Vision Ward to counter their wards if ganking is very effective. It is not necessary though.

Get in the habit of asking for a clairvoyance or planting a sight ward ward into brush instead of face checking as the game goes on.

Warding does not break stealth.
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Tips and Tricks


Press Q to enter Ambush stealth and then press B to blue pill after and you have an invisible teleport.


A turkey shoot is an opportunity for an individual or a party to very easily take advantage of a situation.

To use this technique approach someone in stealth when they are recalling. Wait until the very last second of the recall to attack, even if they are low. Very often people will open the menu to buy and be unable to fight back. It is also common for people to just give up and allow you to kill them.


So maybe not the best name but this is a very cheesy trick nonetheless.

If an enemy is at a tower with a minion wave and thinks they are alone position yourself in such a way that you are either behind or to the side of them. When the time is right hit Spray and Pray on him and all of his minions. After 2 or 3 bolts the tower will be attacking him and your life steal from your should make you immune to most damage they can dish out in such a short timeframe.

Here is an instance where I use the life gain ability of this trick to bait out Shaco's Deceive.
This prevents him from running away from my incoming team mates and grants some assist gold.
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Jungle Twitch games April 16, 2012
Screenshot I took when I first started playing ranked after very much harassment.
At the time my Win:Loss Ratio was 16:1

I Came As A Rat Ep. 12: Tons Of Damage
An episode of my series I'm kind of fond of and didn't want to remove from this guide. At this point I been getting better at recording and have a pretty funny opening sequence.

I Came As A Rat Ep. 1: Gaming With Riot
Game played with a member/members from Riot. Part of a series I am doing since a few people wanted to see how I play. I was testing the new heal in this video. I didn't get to play many games in season 2 at this time because I was working on this guide.

Thanks for reading
Join me in creating a world of ranged Junglers!

Comments or Suggestions?
Email me at
Add me in game on NA server
Vincent Legend = Main

Seriously don't let the guide stop here if you have anything you'd like to talk to me about I will get to you
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