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Ahri Build Guide by moumoon

Ahri ~ How to effectively eat souls.

Ahri ~ How to effectively eat souls.

Updated on August 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author moumoon Build Guide By moumoon 29 5 61,212 Views 34 Comments
29 5 61,212 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author moumoon Ahri Build Guide By moumoon Updated on August 13, 2012
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14/08/2012:Added a section on Doran's Ring. Minor changes to guide.

30/07/2012:Small tweaks on the guide.

30/06/2012:Losing internet Connection. No updates will be coming for the next 2-3 patches.

27/06/2012: Added more champs in "Match up and counter", up to Karthus.

26/06/2012: Added more champs in "Match up and counter", up to Graves.
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Hello, I'm moumoon and I will present you my Ahri guide. I am quite used to MOBAFIRE, so I shouldn't have a lot of problems with editing/coding. But still, it's not like one of the pro guides.

Just a quick note in the beginning. This guide is created with the help/advise and review of my friends, of different ELO levels and personality. Since people with different ELO levels and personalities have reviewed it, it can be used from low ELO to high ELO (800-1800).

I have played Ahri a lot, and I haven't bothered publishing a guide until I am very experienced with her. I have played around 800+ games with Ahri, and most of the time we (yes, I ALWAYS consider LoL as a team fight) win. I haven't played Ahri ranked a lot, but after my 5 games, my win rate is 80%. I obviously modify my item build depending on how the game goes and my enemy, but I stick with the item purchase order above (Core build) most of the time, then getting my last 2 items. Since this is a guide and not a build, please try to take your time reading the guide, and don't just blindly follow the cheat sheet.

IMO, Ahri is one of the strongest mid AP carries in the game (with a few exceptions, such as Morgana). She can escape ganks very easily with Spirit Rush, and has great sustain due to Essence Theft. Also, she is one the the first champions I bought a skin (Midnight Ahri), along with Mordekaiser.

Please read my whole guide before rating up or down. It will be nice if you give me a comment if you’re voting, giving me advice on my item build or how the guide looks.

The guide is not very colorful and full of pictures, but those will be coming soon! Keep a eye on my guide :)

Also, because I'm not native English/American, I may have some problem with grammar. I also use UK English, but auto correct sometimes forces me to use US English.
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Champion Spotlight

Watching the champion spotlights are always nice. It gives you basic and advanced gameplay tips on the champions from the pro, and you get a simple idea of the champion you are planning to buy/use.
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Unlike other foxes that roamed the woods of southern Ionia, Ahri had always felt a strange connection to the magical world around her; a connection that was somehow incomplete. Deep inside, she felt the skin she had been born into was an ill fit for her and dreamt of one day becoming human. Her goal seemed forever out of reach, until she happened upon the wake of a human battle. It was a grisly scene, the land obscured by the forms of wounded and dying soldiers. She felt drawn to one: a robed man encircled by a waning field of magic whose life was quickly slipping away. She approached him and something deep inside of her triggered, reaching out to the man in a way she couldn't understand. His life essence poured into her, carried on invisible strands of magic. The sensation was intoxicating and overwhelming. As her reverie faded, she was delighted to discover that she had changed. Her sleek white fur had receded and her body was long and lithe, the shape of the humans who lay scattered about her.
However, though she appeared human, she knew that in truth the transformation was incomplete. A cunning creature, she adapted herself to the customs of human society and used her profound gift of beauty to attract unsuspecting men. She could consume their life essences when they were under the spell of her seductive charms. Feeding on their desires brought her closer to her dream, but as she took more lives, a strange sense of regret began to well within her. She had reservations about actions which never troubled her as a fox. She realized that she could not overcome the pangs of her evolving morality. In search of a solution, Ahri found the Institute of War, home of the most gifted mages on Runeterra. They offered her a chance to attain her humanity without further harm through service in the League of Legends.

"Mercy is a human luxury... and responsibility." - Ahri
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Pros and Cons


+ Awesome mobility
+ Built in spell vamp
+ Fast AA animation (easy last hitting)
+ Long range taunt
+ Great burst
+ Strong ganks

- Low mana pool early game
- Weak without her ultimate
- She can't soak. (Duh, she's a AP carry)
- Relies on skillshots
- Weak without kills/farm
- You need to block the enemy team rage chat :)
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I take Ignite for my summoner spell, and therefore I take this. 5 AP may seem a small amount, but is a lot in early game.

Extra AP, nuff said.

My spells are back so quickly, what sorcery is this???? (You need this, just take it)

You won't be buying a lot of magic pen early game, so it's needed if they build a early MR item.

Extra damage, nuff said.

18 extra AP at level 18, nuff said.

Extra 5% AP, is great. Nuff said.

40% below enemies take 6% more damage from you. What are you? A mage? No. An AP assassin, that's what you are.


Flash CD reduced. Important for those sticky situations when you don't have your ult.

Since Ahri uses decent amount of mana, you would take this.

Either this or Scout , but I take this because over Scout because, I have no idea why. Just take either this or Scout , your choice really.

Run out of mana? Not that much of a threat with this.

You should be constantly stealing enemy blue buff and if your jungler is not dumb, taking your blue buff (not the first one though, that's for the jungler)

I wouldn't mind changing the masteries, but IMO, this choice gives Ahri her maximum potential throughout the game.
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greater seal of replenishment


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Why, why would you not ever take this rune? You waste their magic resistance items just by sticking these in your rune page. You probably have these before buying Ahri too, because these are one of the main runes you should buy.


greater seal of replenishment: Ahri is always mana hungry, and I mean it. I take this over Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration because you wouldn't need mana regeneration a lot late game due to your mana pool and blue buff.

Greater Seal of Armor: If you don't have greater seal of replenishment, take these (and only if you have them). It is probably the best seal in game right now, but not for Ahri.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Flat magic resistance. Since we don't get MR until late game, we get flat magic resistance glyphs. This can also be substituted with Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, but these are better since we need early game MR over late game MR.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: These are good, and if you are skilled (as in, you don't die a lot) you should take these over Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. It depends on your play style, but I prefer to play safe. Greater Glyph of Ability Power works too.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: These are just the normal quints you would get for any AP carry, and there is no difference with Ahri.
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Summoner Spells

Moves your champion to cursor location
Escape spell until you get Spirit Rush, or when it's on cooldown. I prefer using this as a escape spell, not as a chase. You don't know when you would need this spell.

Deals true damage and reduce healing for 5 seconds
Great for dealing that last bit of damage. Also, due to Summoner's Wrath , you gain extra 5 AP. Remember, it's great against AP Master Yi and Dr. Mundo, it reduces healing.
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Skill Sequence

> > >

Orb of Deception is your main damaging/farming ability, therefore you take it first. We take a point in Charm at level 2 for the early game CC, for your jungler to gank, or to secure a hit from Orb of Deception. Because Charm is used mainly for the CC, we take it last. Fox-Fire has weak early game damage, but late game, your Fox-Fire > Spirit Rush combo is devastating. We max Fox-Fire second.
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Ability Expalnation

Essence Theft

This is your passive, and it's amazing. This is what makes Ahri very strong early game.

Tips and Tricks

Orb of deception

Your main harass/farming ability. It deals true damage on its way back, so MR is not a problem with Ahri.
Tips and Tricks
  • Both the initial and return hit procs Essence Theft.
  • Spell Shield is popped by Orb of Deception, but if they are hit by the return path, they take damage.
  • Try aiming to hit the enemies with the maximum range of the skillshot, as they will take both initial and return damage instantly.


This is your 'semi targeted' damage ability. It is your strongest damaging ability in a 1 on 1 fight.
Tips and Tricks
  • Fox-Fire damages Black Shield
  • Using Fox-Fire before Spirit Rush increases your burst damage.
  • Fox-Fire prioritizes champions, then the minion you are auto attacking, then the closest enemy to you.
  • Fox-Fire has no casting time, so using it while running can heal you (spell vamp) and you might end up killing them.


The only form of CC Ahri has, but is enough to shut down enemies. Landing this on a enemy champion makes a kill very easy.
Tips and Tricks
  • You must be in enemy sight for them to walk to you. If you are not in enemy sight radius, they would stand still for the duration of the charm.
  • Charm should be used to check bushes.

Spirit rush

Ahri's ultimate, and what makes Ahri an assassin, and what makes her a mobile champion.
Tips and Tricks
  • When using Spirit Rush in a team fight, don't use it into the middle of the fight (where all the champions are), but dash around the fight (I don't think I made it clear, but this is the best I can say, sorry ><)
  • You can Spirit Rush through walls
  • Activate Spirit Rush in the mid-late part of a team fight, to finish off running enemies or dealing the burst.
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Core build

Starting Items

This is when you are facing enemies will skillshots and where you need to dodge their spells. Take this when you are facing enemies such as Morgana, Lux, Ezreal, etc.

This should be your standard build. It allows you to build your Hextech Revolver quicker, and when you kill you enemy, you should be able to afford a Hextech Revolver and some Health Potion. Instead of Mana Potion, you can take Health Potion, but because of Essence Theft, I usually find little need of health.

This should be picked if you prefer it over the Amplifying Tome with pots, or if you are inexperienced with Ahri. Also, I take this when I feel very uncomfortable facing the enemy champion (such as Vladimir, Fizz and Galio). Because this item allows you to stay in lane longer and take some hits, I consider this a very strong item for all AP caster.

Building up the core items

You should be able to afford Hextech Revolver in your first return if you picked the Amplifying Tome route. This item is crazy on Ahri early game due to her passive and early game damage. This will later build into a Will of the Ancients. You should get your boots next. If you find no need of boots, you can skip Sorcerer's Shoes and take Fiendish Codex, which is another item you should buy (builds into either your Athene's Unholy Grail or Morello's Evil Tome). Make sure you have boots before buying your Giant's Belt. This health buckle builds into your Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

If you cannot afford to buy a Hextech Revolver, you can buy a kage's lucky pick which you can build into a Morello's Evil Tome.

The core items

After getting Giant's Belt, you should buy your Will of the Ancients. Build your belt into a Rylai's Crystal Scepter and start building on your Rabadon's Deathcap.
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~ How to effectively stack Doran's rings ~

A small guide on stacking Doran's Rings.

Is a ring a must? Not exactly for Ahri. She has long term survivability through spell vamp, and a Amplifying Tome and some health+mana pots would do the work (gives health, mana and AP).

Soooo. Why bother stacking rings on Ahri (or any other AP carry?)
  • It's incredibly cost efficient.
  • Gives you early game advantage.
  • Extra survivability. Allows you to take hits.
  • One of the few items which takes role of the "I'mgettingownedImustbuythisitemtodominatemylaneanddestroytheenemynexus".

The effect:

One ring: You're married.

It gives you advantage over your lane if you're equally matched. You gain enough health to take some hits, and you will be able to use your spells more often. The AP may seem small, but you'll see the difference after a few spells. If you are behind by 1 death, it will get you back on track.

Two rings: You're married! Now what have you done?

It gives you great advantage, and the enemy AP carry would back off. You literally become a off-tank. You can take the enemy hits with ease, and you'll be able to do significant damage (and you'll notice it). You'll be able to use your spells without any mana problems unless you're not spamming. If you are behind by 2 deaths, this should put you back on track.

Three rings: You become wealthy.

This makes you very strong, but now you can't back off. You do become strong, but you need money for building your items and getting back on track. Unless you're dominating (by about 5+ kills), you should stop buying rings. Be aware of jungle ganks by now, the enemy AP carry is probably raging that their jungler is not ganking mid. (please don't be like this. rage=lose. I don't like losing, don't rage)

Four rings: They said buy four rings. They said it would be fun.

Yes. It is fun. I mean it. But then by now you should seriously be feeling that the rings are not doing enough, and you're getting weaker as the enemies are building up their core items.

Five/Six rings: They said I could become anything. So I became a troll.

You'll be behind, and that's because you're the only one without your build started properly. People will start considering you as a troll, and you'll ruin the game for not only yourself, but for everyone else in the game.
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Situational Items

So, what was the Fiendish Codex for?

If you have read the items section, you should know why I bought the Fiendish Codex. It would either build into a Morello's Evil Tome, or a Athene's Unholy Grail. I often build into a Athene's Unholy Grail because of it's magic resistance and mana regen. Morello's Evil Tome should be bought if they have high healing/lifesteal champions.

Situational items

Most of the time, I buy a Void Staff, because everyone would have magic resistance now. But if you (very unlikely) end up fighting a enemy team without any magic resist, you can buy a Zhonya's Hourglass. Also, the passive effect of Banshee's Veil is quite nice. Rod of Ages can be built if you prefer it, but because Ahri has quite a bit of sustain due to Essence Theft and decent mana regeneration thanks to Fiendish Codex. Also, Ahri would have enough health (unless you don't act stupid and try to tank all the damage) due to Rylai's Crystal Scepter, I don't find the need of Rod of Ages.

To make things simple, I made a diagram.
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Gameplay and farming

As in Ahri, she is supposed to deal consistent, sustained damage.

I will outline how a game should go, and what to do when you mess up.

In the beginning:

You should simply be farming with last hitting, and because Ahri has fast animations, last hitting would not be as hard. Taking 3 points in Brute Force instead can make last hitting easier if you are not too good at it. Play passively until you reach level 3 (where you should get your Charm and level 2 Orb of Deception). You can either Charm then Orb of Deception (DO NOT OVER COMMIT DOING THIS, YOU MAY END UP IN A BAD POSITION), or constantly attack and deny the enemy farm with Orb of Deception - you should be able to use your abilities quite freely (unless you don't spam) with your Mana Potion/mana regeneration. Once you are sure you would get a kill (calculate the damage you can do, probably including Ignite DoT and check their escape mechanism) go for it. You can also ask your jungler to help you gank, but always initiate with your Charm first, or a jungler stun followed with your Charm. You should be aiming to take a kill at levels 2-6. If you do reach level 6 before killing your enemy, Spirit Rush in with Fox-Fire, and you should be able to kill your enemy. If you still don't end up killing, you can just recall after pushing your lane quite hard. The reason why I try to recall early is due to the need of Hextech Revolver.

Quick note: Don't push your lane too hard, it always ends up in getting ganked. One of the reasons why I try not to use my Orb of Deception to farm a lot is because it pushes waves quickly.

If all goes wrong:

If by any chance everything goes wrong, you can always get back on track, expecially with Ahri. If you don't have enough for Hextech Revolver, you can buy a kage's lucky pick and if you already have Spirit Rush, you can gank other lanes. Tell your team you would be ganking, and let them push.You can either land a Charm and secure a kill, or either Spirit Rush and Fox-Fire in, land a charm with smartcast (as it is faster) and secure the kill or just finish them off with your Spirit Rush. You should probably get a kill or assist. If this goes wrong, you should be constantly farming and asking your jungle to gank mid.

Early game note: You should constantly be playing Ahri passively, and securing kills.

Mid game, late game

Constantly stick with your team, I have to say this. Securing your blue buff with a help of a team can make you safe, and also faster to clear it. Aim to get blue at 7-10 the first time. Try not to enter the enemy jungle/ally jungle by yourself, or you'll end up blowing your Flash or Spirit Rush, or maybe die if you encounter a enemy.
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Match ups and counters

These are "possible" lane match-ups. If the champion is not there, they are probably no match against Ahri and there is no point putting into my guide. Also, I have included AD ranged carries as they can go mid (rarely, but in some circumstances).

Because this list is very long, I made it easy to find the champion you want to find.
Press Ctrl+F or Command+F, then type in "CHAMPION NAME-" Remember the - in the end of the champion name. This allows you to only search through this section, and not the others. (such as the word Ahri, she constantly appears in this guide)

Difficulty (By color):
Very hard, don't use Ahri against these.
Challenging, but you can still win your lane.
Medium. Anything can happen in this lane.
Not even a challenge, you should easily win your lane.

- Ahri-

Start with Doran's Ring or Boots route.

- Akali-

Start with Amplifying Tome route.
  • Because you outrange her, she would probably farm with her Mark of the Assassin. After she uses it, try going in to deal some damage. (Do not do this after she reaches level 6)
  • Her only escape is Twilight Shroud. Try to Charm in (either as soon as she uses it, or where she is running towards). If you see it hit (there would be a SE), deal damage with Orb of Deception
  • When running from her, always wait for her to use at least one Shadow Dance before using your Spirit Rush, as she would dash to you every time you rush away.
  • Deny her farm by constantly harassing her.

Start with Boots route or Doran's Ring
  • This can be a challenging opponent to get a early kill, due to her Rebirth
  • Always dodge her Flash Frost, she can stun you and deal high damage.
  • When she Rebirth, if you have Charm, keep it until the moment she revives. You can ensure a hit.
  • After dodging her Flash Frost, deal some damage with Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire
  • Don't over-commit to kill her. She has a strong passive, which can lead to your death if you try to kill her with low health.

- Annie-

Start with Doran's Ring
  • She is a very dangerous champion due to her Pyromania.
  • She will try to last hit by using Disintegrate, so try to harass her.
  • You would probably not kill her, so ask for a gank from the jungle or another lane.
  • Do not stay in the lane with low health (1/3 is considered low to a Annie), she can burst you down.
  • Try to shut her down at level 1-2 as she is still squishy, and she does not have her Pyromania charged.
  • Don't die to kill her. If she gets fed, you would probably lose.

- Ashe-

Start with Doran's Ring
  • If your AD ranged carry is kind, ask to switch.
  • If you can't switch, prepare to have a hard time. She can kite you, while her damage is extremely high. Try to play defensive and hide under your turret.
  • Try to set up a gank with the jungler, waiting for a stun and leading in with Charm or if your jungler has no CC, lead in with Charm and then take her out.
  • Try to buy as much Health Potion as you can.

- Brand-

Start with Boots route.
  • Also very dangerous. His burst is very high, and he can constantly harass you with Pillar of Flame if you don't dodge them.
  • Try to keep behind minions, but not right behind them (they can get in your way).
  • Dodge his Pillar of Flame. I can't stress this, it deals so much burst even at level 1.
  • Try to get a early advantage at level 1 by dodging his Pillar of Flame, then damaging with Orb of Deception.
  • When Brand reaches level 3, he would probably pick up all his spells. At this point, you should be playing safely behind minions until he goes OOM. When he does, try harassing him.

Start with Boots route or Doran's Ring
  • Again, switch with your AD range carry.
  • Caitlyn completely out ranges you. Don't go for CS, ask for a early gank in mid from your jungler.
  • Concentrate dodging her Piltover Peacemaker
  • Don't stay around her when she is level 5 or above with low health. She can kill you with Ace in the Hole.

Start with Boots route.
  • She can give you a hard time if you don't dodge her spells.
  • Don't get kited, she can deal a scary amount of damage with Twin Fang (0.5 sec cooldown when used on a poisoned target)
  • If you harass with your Orb of Deception at level 1 when she first uses her Noxious Blast, you might gain a advantage (unless you don't dodge the Noxious Blast
  • If you see her use Twin Fang on a non-poisoned unit, you can go into harass her. Don't over-commit, as if her Twin Fang cooldown comes back, you can recieve high damage. (If you have Ignite ready, you can go in for the kill with Spirit Rush if she's low on health.)
  • She would be easy food to your jungler, so ask for a gank from your jungle.

-AD Ezreal-

Start with Boots route.
  • If you can deny his farm early game, you can destroy him late game.
  • Stay behind minions to avoid getting hit by Mystic Shot.
  • Try to avoid getting hit by his abilities or auto attacks.
  • Try to harass him early. When he comes in to last hit/auto attack, try to harass (and deny his farm) by Orb of Deception.

-AP Ezreal-

Start with Boots route.
  • Just like AD, dodge his skillshots.
  • Don't bother staying behind minions. His Essence Flux is a champion targeted skill shot. If you dodge his Essence Flux a lot, you can make him go oom, as it consumes a high amount of mana.
  • Try not to over-commit trying to kill him, as he can kite you as well as Arcane Shift away from you.
  • If you escaped him with low health, try walking into the jungle before recalling. This can allow you to dodge his Trueshot Barrage completely.

Start with Amplifying Tome route if you are comfortable, but take Doran's Ring route if you are scared.

- Fizz-

Start with Doran's Ring
  • One of the hardest mid-lane champions to lane against, this guy has amazing burst due to Seastone Trident.
  • Do not mess with this guy, he can deal TONS of damage.
  • Stay away from him and under your turret at all times. Even yet, he can mess you up. He will Urchin Strike, a few auto attacks to proc Seastone Trident and Playful / Trickster away from turret range. This can deal extreme burst damage, which can kill you if you are low on health.
  • Landing a charm right after Playful / Trickster would likely hit, allowing you to deal damage.
  • If he lands Chum the Waters, he can kill you. Prevent this by using Flash or Spirit Rush, or just dodge it.
  • If you are around half health, he can destroy you EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE UNDER YOUR TURRET.
  • Try to make him go OOM, by baiting him to use his abilities. By this way, you can ask for a gank or either finish him with a combo without him escaping you.

- Galio-

Start with Boots route or Doran's Ring
  • Galio usually starts with Null-Magic Mantle. This means you deal less damage against him with your spells.
  • Try not to harass him early, and concentrate on dodging his abilities. He can go OOM very quickly.
  • When Galio goes OOM, try to play aggressive until he has around 1/3 life, then go for the kill when you have Spirit Rush.
  • Righteous Gust increases Galio's speed. Try to make him use it before going for the kill.
  • Although Galio has high magic resistance, do not be scared to use your Orb of Deception to harass him, as it deals true damage on its way back (although it is not as effective, it is strong enough to make him back off)

Start with Boots route.
  • He has the same amount of sustain as you due to Happy Hour.
  • Dodge his Barrel Roll, it deals a decent amount of damage.
  • Don't go too close to him, as he has quite a lot of mobility due to Body Slam.
  • Gragas is built for sustain. He has a built in heal and mana regeneration, due to Happy Hour and Drunken Rage. Don't try to harass him until you reach level 4, where you should be able to get him low enough when you reach 6, allowing you to burst him down :)

Start with Doran's Ring or Amplifying Tome route.
  • He may not be as hard as the other AD carries due to his short range (shorter then Ahri!)
  • He will probably try to harass you with Buckshot and auto attack. Staying beyond his range and harassing with Orb of Deception can get him low enough.
  • His Smoke Screen can make you unaware of ganks. Try not to push too hard.
  • He can escape with Quickdraw, so keep that in mind when you are about to burst him.

Start with Doran's Ring.

- Janna-

Start with Amplifying Tome route
  • She's a support, she's useless mid :P
  • Her Howling Gale is weak, allowing you to harass her really easily.
  • Don't get kited by her, she's quick and has strong slows/knockup
  • Monsoon can be really strong if she's AP, as it can heal a decent amount of health.
  • Deny her farm really early with Orb of Deception and there would be no problem fighting her.

- Karma-

Start with Amplifying Tome route.
  • Sorry, just joking about the difficulty. Karma is really easy to harass during lane phase. Give her a really hard time in mid to deny her late game godlikeness (Yes, you heard me right)
  • Karma is really strong late game, and can burst you down easily. You MUST give her a very harsh early game or else you might end up losing
  • Don't stay close to her, you can end up taking a decent amount of damage from her abilities/
  • Always remember her passive, Inner Flame. You can take unneeded damage if you keep her low, so you should try to burst her down with your Spirit Rush, but you should still be harassing her.

Start with Amplifying Tome or Boots route.
  • Funny, because there are so many trolls with this champion.
  • He can harass you with Lay Waste, and it may seem weak, the damage can build up, ending in a dead Ahri after his Requiem.
  • He's very weak early game, so deny his farm and give him a hard game.
  • If you do end up in a situation where Karthus is chanelling his Requiem, use you Orb of Deception at the closest enemy creep/champion to heal some health from your spell vamp. I have done this and survived more then enough times to make about 50 Karthus players rage.

Start with Doran's Ring.
  • He is built an anti AP carry. So just because you can't kill him, don't rage (in fact, never rage in any circumstances. It does change the game outcome)
  • Although there is a very low chance of you taking control of the lane, you can stay defensive to prevent him from taking control of the lane.
  • The point above is very important. Don't get too cocky with Kassadin, because it makes a very cocky Kassadin and a dead fox.
  • If you are very confident, try to take advantage of Ahri's range. Since Orb of Deception (880 range) has a larger range then any of his abilities, try to harass him from far. Only do this before he reaches level 6.
  • When he reaches level 6, try to stay under your turret. Unlike Fizz or Talon, Kassadin cannot burst you down if you have full health.
  • Stacking Doran's Ring will allow you to take some hits.
  • Prevent using Fox-Fire to harass, as it can proc his Void Stone while Orb of Deception has less effect since it deals true damage.

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Contribution in teamfights

Teamfights. Ahri, is a very strong 'pick off' champion. This is a list of what you should do in a team fight:
  • Pick off big threats
  • Deal consistent damage through the fight
  • Sweep up the mess.

Pick off big threats

This was probably quite obvious. Landing a Charm in a teamfight on the right target can probably secure your team a win. They would lose their control (they can't attack/deal damage) and can be focused easily due to their position. By big threats, I mean:
  • Strong carries, especially their AD/AP carry.
  • Fed champions (that was obvious), which can be the enemy AP carry, AD ranged, Jungler or solo top.
  • If all of the above are N/A (meaning they are not a threat/they are dead) then focus the one with the most CC (can be a Anivia, Alistar, Annie etc.)

Dealing consistent damage through the fight

I think this is obvious. Using your Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire+ Spirit Rush combo.

Sweep up the mess

Probably the most important yet fun role as Ahri. When your team does get the enemy low enough, you can deal enough damage with Spirit Rush to kill them. But more importantly, Ahri is supposed to use her Spirit Rush to 'Clean up' enemies, especially the fleeing ones. Use your Spirit Rush after them, and kill them. Don't over commit though - your team might end up getting destroyed without you, because you're Ahri and you can't abandon your team XD
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Summary and Credits

Ahri is a very fun and strong champion to play with (end her extreme cuteness...). I wish you enjoyed my guide, and I wish you all to have a great time in the fields of justice playing Ahri :)

good luck summoners!

Also, thanks to jhoijhoi for her making a guide, and thanks to everyone who supported me for making this build a great one!

Btw, good job for reading through my wall of text :)

~By moumoon~

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