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Anivia Build Guide by ViiCastro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ViiCastro

Anivia (Solo Lane) - I thought everyone had heard...

ViiCastro Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Updates / Changes

9/14/2011 - Added a 3 part gameplay guide. I hope you at least find it humorous.
9/13/2011 - 1963 The Trashmen : Surfin bird. Enjoy
9/13/2011 - Feed back taken. Some new comment suggested changes have been added.
9/13/2011 - New Additions and spelling corrections.
9/13/2011 - Guide Re-posted (More on this above).
9/11/2011 - Path Blocking Map Completed.
9/10/2011 - Original Guide Completed.
9/10/2011 - Original Build Posted.

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Coming Soon

-Dominion Build and Strategy
-3v3 Duo lane Build and Strategy
-3v3 Solo Lane Build and Strategy
-5v5 Duo lane Builds and strategy
-Rebirth Guide
-Crystallize Guide
-Team Compostion guide

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Recent Comments ( I'm also eating ice cream btw... No Im not fat)

Alright so not much new as keeping this guide fresh takes a lot of effort and I've been a bit busy lately. Hoping to get a duo laning (BUILD, NOT A GUIDE) up this weekend. In addition I request you leave a comment if you decide to vote whether the guide was helpful or not. Seeing as the viewer count is going up by at least 300 a day I believe there might be something wrong with comment to vote so it has once again been disabled. I beg of you no trolling. In addition controlling anivia seems to have been archived so the highest point of competition has been put off for some reason. I'm not sure why and originally even I learned a lot from that build and hope it's back up soon. I think this guide can go a lot further than a simple 73% and I encourage you to vote.

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Introduction - Welcome to my Nest

Welcome to Articuno, The champion that makes enemy teams QQ all day long. Anivia in my opinion is the hardest champion in LoL to play properly between ice walls doubling flash frosts and mana management. With that said I will also say that if played properly it's also one of the most rewarding champion to play. This is my first guide and I will update it frequently
This is a baseline like all guides. The only two things that can make you a good Anivia player is you and practice. It took me a long time to master most of the techniques showed in this guide and it will probably take you some time too. If your looking for some guide that will make you a great Anivia player overnight then I suggest leaving this page now.
With that said I do believe anivia is an amazing carry. You have the potential to burn squishies from full to dead in a using a single burst. You have the ability to create walls, when you die you can resurrect, you can kite entire teams. These are just a few things among what expert anivia players are cable of.

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You must fully acknowledge the statements made in this video if you ever hope to truly be successful at Anivia.

Peter = Anivia
Brian = Nasus
Stewie = Teemo

This is a perfect example of a masters gameplay.

Also enjoy!

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Pros / Cons - Yes every champion has cons

Pros -

EXTREMELY High burst damage
Passive makes you like Jesus if used correctly
You can create walls huge walls (Anivias trademark)
Great Kiter
AoE 1 second stun
Great AoE Damage
Long Range

Cons -

Squishy as hell early game
Terrible at last hitting
Walls can easily backfire if used improperly
Egg makes you like Billy Mays if used improperly
Among the slowest champion in the game (300/350/370 MS is not fun)
Even slight lag can really mess you up
Phreak made a champion spotlight on Anivia a long time ago.

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Summoner Spells - Hint Pick Flash

Below I will give a brief explanation of all the summoner skills

In my own words I would say the most useful spell in the game in general. It can help you dodge, escape, kill, and kite. All around good spell on a very short cooldown. Take it.
Personally my own second choice. Ignite is just pure damage however since anivia is a burst mage that extra damage it does can be critical for finishing off a target with low health. It also has a 50% counter heal on it too which can negate the heal spell or other things like Soraka.
If you do take this then you MUST get improved ghost. Utility tier 1 is really ****ty. So basically a movement speed burst increasing your speed by 32%. Movement speed doesn't go great with anivia but with an amount like that it's hard to shoot down.

Teleport - You already have egg giving you extra life and with catalyst mana shouldn't be that big an issue. But still it's there for those who want it.
Cleanse - Can be good if used in the right situation but it's more of a support/tank thing if you ask me
Clairvoyance - One person on your team needs to grab this (Especially if theres a jungler) however ideally that person should be a support or a tank.
Clarity - I disagree with this spell and debated whether or not to throw it below. But this section is called optional.
Heal- Downgraded to optional based on feedback (Didn't Really feel comfortable with recommended on it either). Can situationnally be decent move to lure an enemy in thinking they can kill you and clutch them using this. Only consider this against a enemy mid who can somewhat counters you. Even then it's kind of a beginner option considering any high elo player will anticipate this move.

N'optional (teleport isn't a word but that is. Thank you spell check)
Revive - Are you trolling me?
Fortify - Leave it to the support or maybe just leave it entirely.
Rally - Attack damage sucks. Low amount of attack damage sucks even more.
Exhaust - Some will debate this but my perspective is you should be able to kite well enough to not need this. The attack damage reduction is nice but anivia can avoid AD carries completely (For the most part... Nerf Nocturne *Cough Cough*). Also the magic damage isn't enough to justify taking this.
Smite Last time I saw a jungle anivia it was first blood.

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Runes - No not the ones in Runescape.

Below is a more in depth look at my rune choices and some others that are viable.

My Choices

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration- Basically the only good marks for any champion that deals mostly magic damage.
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration- Anivia has very low base mana regen which these help a great deal in.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power- Both FF and FB get a 100% bonus from your AP if they double. Also your circle ticks also scale great from AP for later in the game.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power- Again anivia scales great with AP. In addition it's not worth it to buy Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power.


Greater Seal of Armor- Anivia has very low base armor. Better for Side lanes where AD is more common. Sidelane section comming soon.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist- Perfectly viable from every perspective.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction- Both Cooldown reduct glyphs are viable I prefer ability power
per lvl but I'm not you.
Greater Quintessence of Health- Helps with Anivias low base health.
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration- Potency is usually more damage but thats only usually
Situationally better.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed- After looking deeper into this I have found out my original thoughts were exactly correct. FAIL! DO NOT GET THESE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES... (Sorry for not being sure when first posted

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Abilities - Frost this frost that...

Below is a list of Anivia's abilities and a general perspective on how you should use them.

Rebirth (Commonly Known as Egg)
This is Anivia's primary trademark. Whenever you die and egg is up you become an egg refreshing your health, stunning you for 6 seconds and giving you a debuff that increase/decreases your armor and magic resist based on level). Positioning is a huge part of what makes this useful. Note that you also want to be the first to leave a team fight if things start going sour. This is because if your the rest of your team has to bail and you get eggd they have to choose between letting you die or staying in a losing team fight longer. PS. If it was my call I'd let you die on the spot even if I could save you. No carry should ever stay in a losing team fight long anyway. For Anivia this rule is tenfolds as important.

Good places to egg
In a empty bush with no wards.
Near a friendly turret
Near someone with an aoe stun...ex: Alistar, Cho'Gath, or Malphite
Near a big pile of friendly minions against melee
Near two or more friendly champions (Situational depending on who's after you).

Bad places to egg
Middle of a losing teamfight (You should leave before this happens)
Near enemy turret (Until late game it can kill you by itself)
Enemy jungle (Most commonly seen one)
Near Urgot...
Near any champion with hard AoE or Cleaves (allies can protect you...

Important note :EGG DOES NOT WORK WELL WITH COCKINESS... DON'T EVER USE IT THINKING OH HE CAN'T KILL ME! When you die egg'd you will look extremely stupid and your team will rage at you.

Flash Frost (Q - FF)
Spell Shot nuke that slows and deals damage and when activated explodes,deals damage,and stuns/slows the target. This spell can and should be used to hit the target with two times with the pass and the explosion. The pass seems a bit smaller than the animation while the explosion seems a bit larger than the animation. This spell does a great amount of damage however it is very slow. Early game this isn't too much of a problem because champions are slow (unless boots is there starter item which is a pain in the ***) making it somewhat hard for them to dodge. Late game however when everyone has boots this spell is easily dodged from
long range and should generally be used at short range only. Both the pass and detonate also apply chilled which will be talked about shortly.
Note: I have heard rumors the path effect can happen twice on a fast moving champion like Master Yi. Personally I've never noticed it happen and it could just be a rumor but if someone knows anything about this please leave a comment below.

Crystallize (W -Commonly known as Ice Wall)
Very useful utility spell that creates an impassable wall (For both teams) for 5 seconds. This is the hardest thing to master about anivia because there are many different uses for it. It's the sole reason I believe Anivia is the hardest champion in the game to play. A good Anivia can use this to ace an entire team. A bad one can use it to get your own team aced. Use this as you are comfortable with it. This takes time to get the hang of. I'm not saying to use it if you know your going to kill your entire team with it but I'd start low with simple vision walls, then path blocking, then dividing (This section still hasn't been added yet for I need screenshots), and after then master the wall snare.
Also note there are no morals in league of legends only knowledge and skill. If you use wall and it kills one player but the four other players get away because of it then guess what. That one person who got screwed over had to die. Sacrifices are important in this game. People who re enter team fights at low because their teammates are getting chased are morons. The exact same concept works on this ability.

Frostbite (E - FB)
A spell click and your primary source of damage. This ability deals flat damage, however the target takes twice as much damage from it if the target is chilled. Chilled is applied from FF and GS. Keep this on cooldown as much as possible when enemy champion are nearby. Only use it if the target is chilled (99% if the time for mana can be an issue). Note that this ability doesn't double before it hits its target so you can fire this before casting GS and cast GS while it is travelling and still get the double effect.

Glacial Storm (Ult - R - GS - Also called Blizzard sometimes)
AoE passive channelled circle that deals damage, slows, and applies the chilled effect for a short duration. This spell costs a ton of mana to keep going so without the blue buff you should use it to chill targets or clean them. The damage it deals is not high enough to compensate for the mana cost early game unless it contains at least 3 people. This spell makes it so even with blue buff Anivia can still go oom from spamming (Which is pretty scary if you ask me).

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Items - Those things you buy with money

Above is the general build for Anivia in an evenly played game. Below is my own understanding of how to build Anivia solo mid in a more advanced perspective.

Starter items -
+ x2- Helps build into earlier catalyst

- Strongest starting item for Anivia use if they have a strong mid like vlad or leblanc so you can compete with them.

Core -
- 20 MP gets you capped and nice movement speed increase

- Best boots in the game switch to these if someone gets Abyssal scepter and the enemy team does not have a lot of magic resist.

- Anivia has low Base health so this helps with that also gives mana to make blue buff much better and a nice amount of ap to make this ideal for anivia.
- Massive amount of AP plus increases AP by 30%. Anivia scales incredibly with ap nuff said.

Optional Items -
- Great for dealing with that Yi, that nocturne, gangplank or any other ad carry thats raping your team. 20% cooldown red is nice aswell. I much prefer this over thornmail or omen.
- Health, Mana, Magic resist, and blocks a spell every 40 sec. Great item for dealing with other mage carries.

- Massive AP + 50 Arm + you can go invulnerable? Awesome item.

- Nice Ability power, good amount of magic resist and the passive means you and your team can switch to merc threads. Don't switch if they have high amount of magic resist.
- Decent amount of AP and massive magic penetration. Use if they have a huge amount of magic resist. Usually if the average is higher than 100 between the 5 players on their team.
- This item is up for debate personally I pick it up after I finish my catalyst and sorc threads. This item is amazing and ****ty at the same time. If you tend to die a lot later in the game I would avoid this. That said it's also a great item for anivia because your ult ends up cleaning up a lot of kills and tabbing a lot of assists. Also note that a good anivia player will very rarely die because your passive if used properly means you rez at high health every 4 minutes. However if you find you let your egg die often because of bad positioning then it makes little differance.
- Decent item. I get it if I don't really have anything to worry about in the lines of defense. Nice and cheap while mana regen late game when you get this is usually a waste due to being less active. Anivia pretty much requires a blue buff to farm and this item pales in comparison to that. I prefer this item over Deathfire Grasp. More on this in items to avoid.

- Did some more research after looking at other builds and commentary and turns out my first impression on this was wrong. This is actually a deadly item for Anivia (Especially in the main build) after all your looking at over 4k mana without the passive (Which indeed doesn't sync well with anivia) but hell thats 120 AP + 45. This item still isn't good enough to be considered core as it lacks defensive purposes and suits end game better. This is a strong choice if your not having issues with survivability and/or Magic resist. Makes your abilities PWN the **** outta people.
- If you can't switch to merc treds and are getting cc'd a lot then this is an option. On a side note shouldn't it be spelled moonflare spellblade?
- Most underestimated item in the game. Like cleanse only it takes off ALL debuffs from you. Malzahar ult, Mordekaiser ult, teemo dots, ignite. Think about how many times you could of lived if you didn't have those effects on you. With this those effects are gone.

Items to Avoid-
- I do believe one person on the team should have this however I don't think that person should be anivia. Leave it to katarina, akali, kennen or any support champion before you even think of taking this. If there's no one else then you can consider taking (In this case yell at your team for locking in a stupid team comp).
- I dislike this item in general. For one it's more expensive then Morello's Evil Tome and has takes a stat dive in place of the active. How much extra are you paying for that passive that is only up once every minute and deals about as much damage as ignite to most people. I'd say your investing 1000 into that (roughly). On top of that late game getting into close enough range to use this is another problem. That means the effect could be ooff cooldown for a while. Conclussion: Morello's Evil Tome > Deathfire Grasp.
- Movement speed scales horribly with anivia. 76 Magic resist seems like over investing to me. Ontop of that regen on a AP carry. I'll Pass and you should too. Makes my blood boil to see Anivia's with this.
- The health and AP is nice but dont you already have a slow? Oh wait you have two. Pass.
- I'm betting someone would disagree with me on this but generally speaking the only good thing about this for anivia is the magic resist and the AP. After that your just dumping into the passive which I don't think is that great for anivia just because you don't have the movement speed to chase so your probably only going to get two procs a fight from it. Once again anivia is terrible with movement speed. However this is still the most considerable item in the section so try it out for yourself if you don't believe me.
- A gifted kiter taking thornmail. Sorry but if your hurting for armor that bad Frozen heart much outweighs this. After picking that up your armor value will be really diminished.
- Many anivia players take this thinking oh my god this will help me kite. Those players are very wrong. The cost of this item is really high. It has regen on it making it unattractive to a AP carry like anivia. Also you already have low enough to cooldowns to keep five nearby players slowed 100% of the time. The health and armour are nice, but everything else isn't. Pass.

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Consumables and YOU!

Decent early game, almost useless by mid game.

Not a fan.
sight ward
So many people underestimate these it's not even funny if you have extra money after spawning or recalling invest in some. These are really helpful for dealing with junglers like WW

Same as above except these reveal stealth so helpful against twitch and eve plus you can see wards/shrooms with these. Judge it for yourself.

Got 250g left over? just saying these are pretty decent for all stages of the game.

Usually I spend my money on these after completing my build. Could be semi useful is your really squishy against the other team.

Is there nothing else?

I usually leave these to the tanks unless I have extra money after completing my build but there are other situation which they can be useful in. These do reveal wards/shrooms btw.

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Gameplay Part 1 - FIGHT!!!

This is where the guide gets fun and you can learn something. Now obviously the first skill you take should always be Flash Frost. Scroll up to items if your confused on what your starter items should be and how you should build. Now This is a solo lane build/guide so you will go mid. As far as matter of importance goes Anivia is easily among the best Mid laners in the game. Now like all champions you do not want to push the lane by only auto attacking creeps for last hits. This is very tricky to do since anivias auto attacks travel EXTREMELY slow. Take some time to get your timing right and since you have low ad its important to check minions health pools before attacking. Not doing so could easily leave a minion at 1-5 hp which newbie players often have a hard time with. Now lets talk Flash Frost. This ability travels slow however so do enemy champion in this stage. IF YOU SEE AN ENEMY RUN TOWARDS YOU USE FLASH FROST IN THERE DIRECTION. This is a great way to ensure a hit because chances are they wont be able to react quick enough to avoid it without some kind of mini flash. This is true for almost all stages of the game on most champions. Usually you can predict this by watching your own minions and waiting for them to walk in to last hit them. Important!!! - Hit as very few minions as possible with flash frost. I see newbie Anivia's all the time launch this through all 6 minions and detonate it on 3. Even rank 1 flash frost can severly push a lane if your not careful. This brings us to your second ability Frostbite. This ability works best when the target is chilled (Of course double damage right). However lets say your opponent is a real glutton for harassment and Flash Frost is on cooldown but Frostbite just came up? This is your call to make because by the time Flash Frost is off cooldown, Frostbite will have 1 second left. So why the big deal? Mana cost. Going oom is extremely frustrating in mid because it means all you can do is farm and harrass with auto attacks that don't do **** for damage. Anivia's spells are quite expensive and that's why boots are not a recommended starter item. Doran's Ring + Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration = You have enough mana regen by lvl 5ish to not need to worry so much in which case sure go ahead FIRE YO ****! However lets say you went with Sapphire Crystal? Well now you got a bit to worry about so think it through can you pull off the kill without going oom? Let's say you have Greater seal of Resilence and Sapphire Crystal? Now it's most likely not worth it unless the frost bite would kill him but if that's the case the games already gg.
Use Ignite as your as {{Tony Montana}} would say "YOU DIE *********A." button. Use it to finish off a enemy who would normally get away from you and likely b because he can't play like you can. Flash can be used in many ways. The possibilities for it are endless but watch your enemy run forth flashing in Flash Frost to the face Frostbite + Ignite is a core killing combo for mid that a skilled anivia can utilize all game.

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Gameplay Part 2 - BANKAI!!!

Now this is my favorite part of the game. You now have Glacial Storm so you never have to use Frostbite without a chill effect. Important note rank 1 and rank 2 Glacial Storm are not to be left on without a blue buff. The damage per mana exchanged her is completely ******ed compared to the damage per mana exchanged on Flash Frost and Frostbite. Only keep it up if your confident you can secure a kill with it otherwise have fun being oom. On a side note you shouldn't use Flash Frost and Glacial Storm together unless a potential kill is involved. Why? This time it's cooldowns you want your Frostbite to always be able to hit a chilled target and be on cooldown as much as possible. Also mana doesn't agree with the idea either at this point in the game. Your opponents are probably faster now because of tier 1 or tier 2 boots. This means Flash Frosts miss ratio just went up a huge amount and I rarely use it at this phase. By this point enemy ganks are typical and you should keep a ward or two up whenever you can. Certain Junglers like WW can be deadly at this point in the game so be careful how far you stick your neck out. You should be able to deal some crazy damage considering your lvl at this stage and should be doing so all day long. Anivia is not the one to gank bottom or top now. Get that idea out of your head. You should at least have a catalyst and tier one boots by now with this your health and mana should be fine providing your not stupid and wasting mana on Flash Frost misses and extended Glacial Storms. At lvl 8+ you can kill golem without it being too tricky. If you want it early wait until your just about to lvl and then go into jungle and lvl off the mini minions on golem to get the catalyst buff. You need to get at least one blue buff before lvl 13 or your doing it wrong. Level 13 declares the end of this phase and get ready because the hardest part of the game is coming up.

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Gameplay Part 3 - Dragovich... Kravchenko... Steiner... ALL MUST DIE!

Now the first thing you need to keep in mind is at this stage is that everything you have been doing so far is now INVALID! At this stage you are THE CARRY. You are a genetically different being. You are #1 most important player. You should at least have your Sorcerer's Shoes and Rod of Ages at this point. Feel free to push if the coast is clear in most cases if they gank they'll send one person from each lane or a jungler and a laner. Why the overkill? That's because it's necessary. I've had the mid come at me with his ganking friend being careless as hell, even making himself an easy stun target just because they thought 1v2 no way he can beat us. Wrong. A good Anivia player can easily win a 1v2 with flying colors providing your not CC'd or stupid. Not saying oh Alistar comes but its ok because Im Anivia. But lets say Gangplank charges in with his ult down and Caitlyn rushes in to help him out. Watch this lure them into a Flash Frost Frostbite and Glacial Storm + Ignite to clean them up. For this phase it's important to either have your own blue buff or the enemy teams whenever possible. By doing so you no longer follow the same laws as Part 1 and Part 2. You now have extremely heavy bag of ammunition. This part your playstyle as long as you have blue buff is SPAM SPAM SPAM. Keep everything on cooldown as much as possible and be as useful as possible. But wouldn't that make things easier? If your thinking that your dead wrong. You now are expected to be performing ice walls which are very critical to winning or losing a game. But let me ask you this who would win in a gunfight a drunk redneck with a gatling gun and a endless supply of ammo, or a Highly trained sniper who never misses his target but only has one bullet in his sniper rifle. Put some distance on that and the obvious winner is the sniper. It takes a lot of skill to be able to spam and still be accurate. Having everything on cooldown doesnt mean **** if you can't hit a damn thing. Back to the guide in this phase your the god in teamfights because even though your a carry and will **** them up they will still hesitate to kill you first because then they have to spend time killing egg aswell. (Reason for the armor and magic resist.) An anivia with a good team is a deadly combo. In this phase your killing potential is extremely high for you can kill people in one well played burst. Even tanks will fall to your might. You will be fear'd and its important to use that fear to help your team by using Glacial Storm on enemy turrets to scare away anyone who thinks they'd have a chance at defending from your team wacking on it. Its important to learn how to use Crystallize properly aswell (This will take the must practice to master as it's skill level extends from Sight ward all the way up to snares).

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Countering those who would make you miserable.

This section of the guide is about what to do when that champion that you hate dealing with comes up.

Mid Carry's
LeBlanc She's first for a reason she does absolutely absurd amounts of damage. To counter this take advantage of your flash frosts huge range early game and followup on her while shes stunned after doing so back off. Do not chase with auto attacks or you'll soon learn why she's always on top in anivia guides.

Vladimir This little bastard is just annoying as leblanc. His starting item is usually boots so you can't even out range him. His only weaknesses is he is very fragile early game and his cooldowns are huge. Take advantage of this by harassing him and then start zone control to keep him off your minions. The absolutely worst thing you can do is push your lane in this case otherwise your in for a fun game.

Brand This guy is basically the most counterable guy in the game. However if you don't counter him then your in for a hell of a ride and just because he's counterable doesn't mean you'll have an easy time against a good one. Pray you don't get him in mid because he can **** you up. The reason behind this is you have very low base movement speed and can't do anything about it until you b the first time. When you do get boots before catalyst because you'll really have to juke to avoid this guy. His circle is a lot smaller than the actual particle effect for some reason but if you get hit it deals a ton of damage. His Spell shot stun is fast but it can also be blocked by minions hint hint. He also needs semi close range for his dot click. His ult is mitigated by keeping your distance and running away from minions/champions when he casts it. Have wards because a good one may use this just to lure you away from minions into a bush for enemy gank.

Annie Buy a doran's ring first for this. You might ask why? Because without it you can die in two bursts at lvl 4 and in one at lvl 6. Ontop of that your stunned for that burst. The only good time to get close to her like leblanc is when shes stunned from your flash frost or you have a friendly gank inc. Otherwise keep your distance. Also note early game she has low base mana and MP5. She'll most likely buy a doran's ring too, so you don't have to worry about her speed so much. Remember tibbers is a nightmare but he has a huge 2 minute cooldown. After picking up a catalyst you out damage her without tibbers and if you can keep your mana up long enough to kill her while tibbers is on cooldown then your good to go. (Her damage is still no push over without tibbers so don't be careless).

Kassadin Same as Vlad he's weak early game. Ontop of that his mana pool isn't great either. Just last hit and keep zone control to keep him from auto attacking mana back and you should be fine. Remember you can't detonate your flash frost if your silenced. An important detail to keep in mind.

Malzahar Another annoying mage with a silence. He'll likely rankup his dot at first so its important to stay away from dying minions. When his passive creep is up you want to avoid him entirely. In addition you can juke his silence and pool pretty easily. Once hes lvl 6 watch out for face lazor and consider buying Quicksilver Sash to deal with this ult.

Katarina Shouldn't be too much trouble but it's important to keep her speed in mind. She's likely to buy boots early and has a mini flash on a low cooldown. At level 6 save ur stun for her ult.

Junglers (Wards always help)
Warwick He doesn't do a lot of damage early game but his ult stun is annoying if you get their mid carry on you. Try not to over extend in this case. He can kill your egg pretty easily ontop of that.

Shaco He doesn't do much damage if he's not fed but the slow he provides is enough to kill you if given the chance. 3.5 Second stealth duration is also enough to completely avoid your vision long enough to reach you. Try to let the other mid champion push in this case even if it means losing a little bit of farm yourself.

Nunu His ult can take half your health in one burst on top of that he supports the mid carry with movement speed/attack speed/ and a slow. Be ready to stun if he ults.

Xin Zhao Hes fast and busrty. He can kill your egg with ease if hes nearby so try not to get egg'd out of turret if he's in your game.

Twitch and Evelynn Oracles and Vision ward until laning phase is over. Also don't harrass with low health because they are very quick but don't deal much damage early game.

Master Yi A pain in the *** he counters you because the only thing you have to kite him is wall and stun. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jax If he gets fed your in one word F***ed

I'll be adding more to this section at a later date.

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Path Blocking. 5v5 becomes 5v2 in one spell.

Sorry the legend came up smaller than I had hope. This is a homemade path blocking map I made last night. Obviously it doesn't have every possible path block in the game (which is pretty much limitless) but it should give you a good understanding of what ranks you need to block which paths and even show you a couple things you might not of thought of like snaring lizard buff. I spent a lot of work on this and if you want to re post it I have no problem with that as long as the signature remains. You can even edit it if you want but if you do make sure you note that its no longer the original by ViiCastro. Also an important thing to note about path blocking is knowledge is useless if you don't have timing to go with it. Path blocking and enemy that's not even close to the path is the perfect way to put your wall on cooldown without any benefits. Keep in mind flash and mini flash can easily counter a path block and even turn it back on you. It helps to remember which champions have these and if they are on cooldown before using Ice wall.

Rank 1 Required - Light Blue
Rank 2 Required - Greyish Blue
Rank 3 Required - Aquatic blue
Rank 4 Required - Navy Blue
Rank 5 Required - Purple (I ran outta blue paint)

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Ice wall Snare.... WARNING RAGE INC!

Now I'm not the one to add bugs into my guides but this one has been around in multiple ways since the dawn of Anivia. Ice Wall Snare has been around in more ways than one and has been fixed to some degree. However it can still be done in different ways. Ice wall snare refers to anivia ice walling a target to pin them into a dead zone so that they literally have little to no movement. Since your ice wall lasts 5 seconds I guess many of you should realize why its frowned upon. However, if riot hasn't completely come up to a solution to the problem then I just see it as a way to snare a target for 5 seconds. This can be EXTREMELY effective against junglers who your spying on from bush. Simply flash in drop an ice wall to block any openings so that they can't escape. After being caught it's basically a death sentence if no one else comes to help seeing as you will get 2 FBs and have glacial storm ticking on the target. There are other ways of doing this such as dropping a wall on an enemy near a wall. With a little luck the enemy will be pushed into a space between the wall. One last thing to remember is that like all walls it can be countered by a flash or a mini flash so USE YOUR BRAIN!

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Ending notes.

Guide is still in progress and will be in progress for some time in the meantime. However i hope that this guide did help you to become something like this guy