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Anivia General Guide by Lohalal

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lohalal

Anivia,The Crystal Eagle(Read the whole guide before voting)

Lohalal Last updated on August 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first "real" guide,i mean,i take this seriously,and i tried my best,still not ready yet.Anivia was my first "main" champion.I played with her about 200 games,she is a very usefull early/mid/late game AP carry.Has a lot of CC and high burst damage.I hope i can help you to play this champion better,and i can give you some good ideas.Maybe the best known Anivia player during these 3 seaosons is the Evil Geniuses mid player, Froggen.He used/tried a lot of build to anivia,maybe i will show you some(he builded warmorg,sunfire).This shows how flexible is this champion,she can be built a lot of way.

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-High burst damage
-Good late game
-Her passive is really usefull in early game
-Good CC spells
-You can farm easily after level 6
- Crystallize can change a fight or a game
-Useful passive lategame

-Lowest HP Level 1
-Slow Q speed
-Hard to master
-Need to practice Crystallize
-Hard to play against champions who has gap closers such as Zed
-Low basic movement speed

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Summoner spells

I will write about what summoner spells i usually use on Anivia

Flash:I really like this because it can be used a lot of way,you can flash out from dangerous situations and you can also use it agressivly.

Ignite:Just a great tool for some extra damage,you have bug burst,but some additional true damage is always good.

Teleport:I dont really use it on anivia,just maybe when the enemy mid player is Twisted Fate,so i can follow him when he uses Destiny.It is also a great tool to get back to lane faster,or to gank other lanes.

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Anivia can be built in a lot of way,so there are a lot of options for masteries aswell.I try to collect all of them,but if i left some,leave a comment and i will put it in.

The first is the "original" agressive AP carry 21/0/9


In offense i go to the magic pen,i take a point to Summoner's Wrath ,and then the Mental Force ,the Archmage ,and two points Havoc .In utility,i go Meditation ,some extra movement speed Wanderer ,mana per level Expanded Mind and increased buff duration Runic Affinity .This mastery is a really agressive one,with all AP stuff and manaregen.Be carefully because you are really squishy so dont go crazy agressive.
NOTE:In offense i also took a point in Spellsword ,because i like that little amount of damage with basic attacks,also helps you harrassig with autoattack,farm,and take down objectives easier.I know its not a big help,but i used to use this.If i want to go very agressive i just take the third point into Havoc .
The next one is 21/9/0.Its nearly the same as the first one,its just has nine points in Defense instead of Utility.Lets see.


These are nearly the same as the first.It has the same points in offense,I will write the difference between the two.Its more deffensive masteries, Durability and Veteran's Scars give her extra HP,cause she has really low HP,thats why i took points in those.Three points into Resistance because you go mid,and most of mid champions do magic damage(expect some for example Zed or Kha'Zix).Also one point in Hardiness against the autoattack damages.
NOTE:If you go mid against Zed, Kha'Zix or any other AD mid you can take three points in Hardiness and one point in Resistance .
The third is a 9/0/21 masteries,more utility based.


In offense go on Arcane Knowledge ,in utility use Meditation for manaregen,two points on Wanderer for some movement speed, Summoner's Insight for deacreasing the cooldown on Flash, Mastermind also to reduce the cooldown on Flash and Ignite, Runic Affinity for increase buff duration, Awareness for more experience, Intelligence for cooldown reduction on basic spells, Nimble for extra movement speed.
The Fourth is Froggen's masteries,he used it on stream,its utility based,i cant really say about it anything,i never used this mastery,maybe later i will try it then i can say some word about it.


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I tried a lot of runes for Anivia,it depends on your play style.Lets see some of them,i will try to show you every useful runes and any options you can go.For those who started the game now,i will speak about Tier 3 runes,you can buy it after level 20.


- Greater Mark of Magic Penetration:I find these runes the best for Anivia,as an AP carry,magic pen is really nice all on AP carries.

- Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power:I saw some of my friends taking these runes,its not so bad,the AP/level is good for late game,but i would still reccommend the magic pen runes.


- Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration:I use these runes for many AP carries,and i think they are useful on Anivia too.I like going agressive early,because her early damage is really nice,so i need manaregen,until i get Tear of the Goddess and Catalyst the protector

- Greater Seal of Armor:If you go against a champ who can harrass you with physical damage spell such as Zed or Pantheon you can go these runes.You can go deffensive with these runes during lane phase,it helps to your squishy early game.

- Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power:I can say just the same as i said at Marks.AP/level runes give you a nice late game damage,i dont usually use these AP/level runes much,but i wanted to wrote it,because its another option.


- Greater Glyph of Ability Power:Flat ap helps a lot in your early game,your burst will be even bigger.But these AP runes also mean that you wont have too much bonus magic resist,so you need to be carefully,not getting poked hard.

- Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction:These runes can be used almost on every AP Carry,because you do damage with your spells,and the less cooldown you have on your spells,the more damage you can do.

- Greater Glyph of Magic Resist:These are deffensive runes,i use these almost every time.Helps you sustain in lane with your low HP.If you dont want to go agressive early,i really reccommend these runes.

- Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power:Yes,again i wont say again.Its not a must runes,just an option.


- Greater Quintessence of Ability Power:Good early game AP boost,gives you a nice burst.

- Greater Quintessence of Health:I reccommend these runes for deffensive early game,and gives you more HP,because you really have low HP early stages of the game.

- Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration:With Greater Mark of Magic Penetration you will have a huge magic pen early game,what gives you morde damage early game,because early game your enemy has low magic resist,it means the magic pen will help you more than later,when you enemies have more magic resist.

- Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed:They are pretty good,because Anivia has low basic movement speed,and also she doesnt have skills what gives her extra mobility such as Fizz's Playful / Trickster.And movement speed always a good choice on every champion.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence maximize your burst damage,max first Frostbite then Flash Frost and last Crystallize.Of course level up Glacial Storm when you can,so at level 6,11,16:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is a more utility based skill sequence,max Frostbite first,then Crystallize second because the spell has a bigger level,the more big the wall is.And last Flash Frost.Here also level up Glacial Storm when you can.Some times Froggen use this skill sequence,because its the difference between playing Anivia good and master her.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Upon dying, Anivia will transform into an egg, restoring her to full health and giving her an armor and magic resistance modifier of −40 / −25 / −10 / +5 / +20. While Anivia is in egg form, she is unable to take any actions. If the egg survives for 6 seconds, she is reborn with the same percentage of health that her egg had left. Rebirth has a static cooldown and is unaffected by cooldown reduction.Cooldown:240 sec.

Its a really good and useful passive in early and mid game,lot of people forget it.In 1v1 not a lot of AP carry has that damage to kill you twice.In late game in my opinion its not that good,because in teamfights,that you have "2 life" dont count as much.

Flash Frost

Anivia fires an orb of ice that travels in a line. All enemies it hits take magic damage and are "chilled" for 3 seconds, slowing their movement speed by 20%. The shard will detonate when reaching its maximum range or if the ability is activated again. When the shard explodes, it deals the same damage all enemies within 75 range. Enemies hit by the explosion are stunned for 1 second and "chilled" for 3 seconds.

Long range AOE stun and slow.Just great,despite of its really slow and not easy to land but Crystallize and Glacial Storm can help you to land it more easier.It has really good burst damage,and it can help to junglers to gank your lane,or in teamfight you can save yourself or your teammates with a good stun.
NOTE:If you reactive Flash Frost right after it went throught the enemy champion it will deal double damage than if you just reactivate when it "on" the enemy champion.


Anivia creates an impassible wall of ice centered on target point, perpendicular to Anivia's facing, lasting 5 seconds.

Maybe this is Anivia's most known and most irritating ability.This wall(you cant walk through it)can really make plays.If you can put down wall perfectly,then you are one big step closer to master Anivia.You can save teammates,start fights,separate enemies and help to land Flash Frost easier.I will have a chapter later about Crystallize,and how to put down right.


Anivia fires a shard of ice to deal magic damage to a target enemy. Frostbite deals double damage to enemies "chilled" by Anivia's other spells.

This is anivia main damage dealer ability.It has a good basic damage,not bad AP ratio(0.5),but the biggest damage is when the enemy is "chilled". Flash Frost and Glacial Storm causes "chill" effect,what makes Frostbite to do double damage,what is just insane.This skill is just awsome,its not skillshot,has a fairly big range and low cooldown.

Glacial Storm

Anivia creates a blizzard in a target 400-radius area. Enemies inside this area take magic damage over time and are "chilled", slowing their movement speed and attack speed by 20%.

This is a great farming/wave clearing spell,it slows and deals nice damage in a fairly big area.It also has the "chill" effect,so if they are in your ult your Frostbite deals double damage.Also after you have Tear of the Goddess it helps you to stack more easier and faster.

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So lets start, maybe the longest chapter,i will show you almost all,if not all of items whats are good on Anivia.I usually build these items on Anivia,expect maybe the "Old" Froggen items.

Starting Items

+3X 2X

Boots of Speed and + 3X Health Potion

Doran's Ring

and + 2X Health Potion

I usually start with Doran's Ring when i want to go agressive early against some mid/late game champions such as Ryze or Veigar.Since Doran's Ring price is reduced to 400 gold,you can also buy 2X Health Potion what gives you a nice sustain during early stages of the game. I buy Boots of Speed first when i go against some skillshot champion,to dodge their skills easier,for example against Ahri or Jayce.It costs was also reduced to 325 gold,so you can buy 4X Health Potion,when earlier you only could buy 3X.Its again a nice sustain,so you can stay in lane until you get enough gold for Tear of the Goddess or Catalyst the protector.


Crystalline Flask

and + 3X Health Potion

I usually buy Crystalline Flask at level 1 when i want to stay in lane as much times as i can,with the 3x Health Potion,you will have a really huge sustain,also bacause Crystalline Flask gives you extra mana.Some times i buy it against some champ who has strong harass such as Evelynn or Swain,but with these items,when you first go back to base you will have a lot of gold(if you dont get ganked or any "unusual" situation doesnt happens)


Mercury's Treads

Sorcerer's Shoes

Mercury's Treads is a usual solotop/jungler boots,it gives you magic resist and tenacity.I will show you an example to understand it easier.If you have 35% tenacity(what a Mercury's Treads gives you) the stuns,slow,taunts and any kind of CC-s it will take 35% less time.It is good for offtanks who wants to go for the enemy carries,and AP or AD carries aswell,if the enemy has a lot of CC.

Sorcerer's Shoes maybe is the most used AP carry boots.It gives you extra magic pen,so this reduce the magic resist of the enemy champion when you use your skills on the enemy champion,you deal more damage what is not bad.

Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness was usually built by Froggen on Anivia.It is maybe a bit unusual boots,but not bad.It gives more movement speed than for example Sorcerer's Shoes. Anivia doesnt have any mobility spell,so that extra movement speed is good on her,also,movement speed is good on every champion.

"Core" Items

Catalyst the protector

Catalyst the protector

Tear of the Goddess

Catalyst the protector is a very good item on anivia,because it gives you extra HP and Mana which is really useful early game,and Catalyst the protector's passive gives you extra sustain,so you can stay in lane longer and farm even more

Tear of the Goddess is a good item to have extra manaregen and mana,you can easily stack it with Glacial Storm.You can build Tear of the Goddess into an Archangel's Staff what gives you extra AP depens on what is your maximum mana( Catalyst the protector also boosts this) what is a nice thing,but when you stack Tear of the Goddess max(750) Archangel's Staff will be a Seraph's Embrace.If you activate this item,it drains 20% if your mana and give it as a shield,what is very good on anivia,the extra shields help you to live longer,or for example to "counter" ignite and other stuffs .

Deffensive Items

Rod of Ages

Spirit Visage

Rod of Ages is build from catalyst the protector,its a mid/late game item,because it need to be stacked to be more effective.Because Anivia has a good mid/late game AP carry,its a good item for her. Catalyst the protector's passive available aswell after you build it inot Rod of Ages so the sustain isnt lost.It stacks every minute,you get 18 healt,20 mana and 2 ap and it can stack 20 times,so it need 20 minutes to get fully stacked.

Spirit Visage is not a usuall AP carry item,but sometimes i use it on Anivia.It gives you 10% CDR,what is good for an AP carry,gives you magic resist against magic damage dealers in the enemy team,and gives you health so you wont be squishy.Also its a good combination wiht Spirit of the Spectral Wraith because it gives you extra healing effect,so the spellvamp is more effective.Also good with catalyst the protector because it gives extra regeneration effect.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Guardian Angel

Zhonya's Hourglass is a good for almost every AP carry,gives you a nice AP boost,some armor( Seeker's Armguard can be stacked,killing a unit(minion,enemy champion,netural monster) gives you 0.5 AP and 0.5 armor,it can be stacked 30 times,so when it is fully stacked you will have extra 15 AP and 15 armor),and when activated you cannot be damaged,CC-d and killed for 2.5 seconds.Also you cant use spells and cant move.This is a very useful item when the enemy team focus you,you are outpositioned or if you want to "dodge" enemy spells,such as Karthus's Requiem or Ahri's Charm

Guardian Angel also a good deffensive item,mostly with Rebirth.When you "die" Guardian Angel activates and after a short time,you revives with 30% of your champion's health and mana.It also gives fair amount of armor and magic resist,which also helps you to stay alive longer. Guardian Angel combinated with Rebirth is a really ugly thing.It means that the enemy should kill you 3 times,and with Anivia who deals a lot of damage..I think this is called overpower.

Banshee's Veil

Banshee's Veil is not a much used item on AP carries,also built from Catalyst the protector,gives you magic resist,but the most importent is its passive.You have a magic shield what blocks an enemy spell,it is back when you dont get damaged by an enemy champion for 25 seconds,also when you get damaged you have 45 health regen for 10 sec.Blocks one spell,it doesn't sound too much,but it can be used again some engaging spell such as Malphite's Unstoppable Force or against some high damage ability such as Karthus's Requiem.It is not too used because this shield also pops against "small" ablilites such as Ezreal's Mystic Shot

If you get many kills

Mejai's Soulstealer

You can buy Mejai's Soulstealer if you get so many kills,without too much death.This item gives you two stack for a kill and one stack for an assist,one stack means 8 AP and you can have maximum 20 stacks.When you have 20 stacks you get 15% cooldown reduction what is great.You need to be carefull not to die,because when you die you lose the third of the stacks.Also if yo get Mejai's Soulstealer,the enemy will focus you even more,to lose stacks so you will have less AP.I grab this item when i can kill the enemies easily.In high elo this item isnt picked often,but it can be really useful just dont be greedy.

Magic pen items

Void Staff

Abyssal Mask

Void Staff gives you nice amount of AP and the most magic pen in the game,it gives you +35% magic pen which is very huge.It gives percentage magic pen,so it is more effective when the enemy builds a lot of magic resist,the more magic resist the enemies have,the more effective Void Staff is.You get this when enemy build too a lot of magic resist,or their tankline is too strong,too tanky.You should focus their carries,but also you have to kill their tanks too.

Abyssal Mask also gives you magic pen,but it is different than Void Staff.First of all,it has an aura,where the magic pen is "active",so if your skill doesnt damage in the aera,the magic pen wont be active.I dont really like this item on Anivia,just because your Flash Frost's range is bigger then Abyssal Mask's range,but it is still viable.It also gives you AP and magic resist,so it is a good item,i just dont really like it.

Liandry's Torment

Liandry's Torment is a very overpower item on Anivia.It gives you AP,health,magic pen,but maybe the best is the passive,lets see.Dealing spell damage to enemies(champions,minions,netural monsters) will burn them for 6% magic damage of their current health over 3 seconds.It is good,BUT if their movement is impaired you do double damage,so 12% magic damage of their current healt over 3 seconds.It is really huge damage(your ult is AOE slow for every second),and most effective against tanks,who has a lot of healt.It helps you a lot to kill tanky enemies,really good item on Anivia

Other useful items

Athene's Unholy Grail

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

Athene's Unholy Grail is a good mid game item,gives you extra magic resist,manaregen,ability power and cooldown reduction.This item gives you a bit from almost every kind of "boosts"(AP,manaregen etc.)It has two nice passives too,first,if you get a kill or resist,it restores 12% of your full mana.Second is it increases 1% of your manaregen each 1% mana you are missing,so it is a great item,if you have mana problems

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith this item is useful on Anivia in my opinion,you get manaregen,AP,cooldown reduction and spellvamp.You deal nice burst so spellvamp is not a bad decision to go for,it depends on the player.Some of you maybe think that Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is a jungler item.Yes,usually built on AP junglers such as Fiddlesticks,but it is good on AP mid or top aswell.Why?Because it helps you to take netural monsters,blue and redd buff faster,aswell as you take faster baron and dragon,because Spirit of the Spectral Wraith has a passive,what means you deal 30% more damage to monsters what is huge.You also get more AP from Spirit of the Spectral Wraith than Will of the Ancients.If you want you can go Will of the Ancients,if you have a Vladimir or another champion in your team who uses spell vamp.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rabadon's Deathcap is a very good boost if you have a fair amount of AP.It gives you a lot of AP,but the most important its passive.It increases ability power by 30%.For example if you have 180 AP and you buy Rabadon's Deathcap what gives 120 AP,it is 300 AP,but with Rabadon's Deathcap's passive you have 330 AP finally.

"Old" Forggen items

I never tried these items,i just wanted to show you how flexible Anivia is,Froggen used these items(he chosed one or two from these),and he also won games with these "troll" items.

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I will write some line(not too much,really just 3 or 4 lines),how is Anivia doing against some champ,maybe all of mid laners.I write if you is "good" and your enemy is "good".I just dont want that,while you are reading it you think "Oh,ryze killed me,this guy is soo bad,he wrote i can beat ryze wtf?".So,lets start.

In early game,you have way bigger burst,you have hard CC(stun) and you have a bigger range aswell.Just keep pressure,zone him and you will be fine.

Before level 6 keep harrassing her with auto attacks,she is fast but you can try Flash Frost Frostbite,after level 6 you can harass her with Glacial Storm Frostbite,you have bigger burst,just be carefully because Evelynn is a very fast champion.Always push mid lane after lelel 6,try not to let her roam.


He has a lot of CC but you should be fine,you can cancel Drain with Flash Frost,try not to be harrassed by his Dark Wind.After level 6,care with his Crowstorm,because with it you can kill you.If he dont uses Flash Frost you should be able to kill him.

Twisted Fate:Medium
He can poke you,so dodge his Wild Cards,you can try to kill him when he doesnt have his Pick A Card.If he is ulting,try to stop his Destiny with your Flash Frost.If you cant stop his Destiny you cant do better than pushing his lane to tower.He is really squishy so you can burst him down.

Her lane phase is just awful,try to harass with Flash Frost Frostbite.Be patient,wait until she uses Shunpo,then stun,if you fail you fail your stun and she uses ultimate,she can kill you.

If you can dodge her skillshots,you are fine.Just stun and kill her,she is really squishy,but once she get you with her Light Binding,you are probably dead.


It is kind of the same as Lux.If you can dodge her command:attack you should be good,she is squishy as well,so maybe you can one combo her.Just be carefully,because Orianna can burst a fair amount also.

Dont stay behind your minions,and try not getting poked by his [[siphon of
destruction]],harrass him befora six with Flash Frost Frostbite combo.In mid/late game, Mordekaiser is a very dangerous enemy,he is very tanky,and hard to kill with his Iron Man and Children of the Grave.You need to beat him early,and you are good.

She is a very mobile champion with CC,harrass spell.It is really hard to kill her with Anivia,i would pick Anivia against her.You can maybe beat her before level 6,after it,it will be really hard.Just try to stun her befora she uses Frozen Tomb on you.

He has gap closer aswell,what is maybe Anivia's biggest enemy.You can beat him befora six with Flash Frost Frostbite combo.After that you need to play safe,because he can Riftwalk your Flash Frost.His Null Sphere is a really annoying thing,it silences you and deals a big damage.

He is not a typical mid laner,most played on top,but he can go mid aswell.In early,he is not so strong,he just has a small amount of sustain,but he can still dodge your combo with Sanguine Pool.In mid/late game he is getting stronger and stronger and tankier aswell.Just harass with Glacial Storm Frostbite and if he used Sanguine Pool,you can Frostbite him.

Nowdays he is a many times played AD mid champ.He has a lot of gap closers,his Living Shadow and Death Mark,he does nice damage and has fairly low cooldown on Shadow Slash.It is a bit risky,but you need to wait until he uses Living Shadow and Death Mark,because without Frostbite you cant burst him down.Another option is that,just stay under turret and farm,but that way,he can roam.

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Thank you

Thanks for reading this,if you like it please vote up/like,if you have any problem what i missed from the guide or i wrote something you dont understand or dont agree with me,leave a comment.
I was doing it for about a day,hope you will like it.I tried to show every runes/masteries/skill sequence and items i usually use and some other aswell.I am hungarian so my english isnt perfect,sorry for this,but i hope you can still understand this and i could help you
NOTE:Matchups arent ready yet,doing other champs


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