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Fiora Build Guide by Tauricus2017

Middle AP Fiora

Middle AP Fiora

Updated on May 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 29 2 48,697 Views 1 Comments
29 2 48,697 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Fiora Build Guide By Tauricus2017 Updated on May 31, 2021
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Champion Build Guide

AP Fiora

By Tauricus2017
When to go for AP Fiora

AP Fiora has one of the best engage options in the game. A simple hex Flash paired with Lunge and Hextech Rocketbelt can out of nowhere push you from one side of the team-fight to the other. AD Fiora would never be able to engage herself with just a Lunge but when you play AP your engage potential is unlimited

Many matchups are for AD Fiora just absolutely desperate. Champions like Quinn or Vayne could just out DPS you from far distance without you being able to answer back. With AP setup our burst damage is significantly stronger, allowing us to 100-0 them in just a second without attempting to win long and slow fights.

Riposte is super unique ability that provides you a half second of invulnerability from everything in the entire game. AP Fiora is able to frequently deny super strong abilities like Death Mark, Requiem, Paddle Star or super CC heavy abilities like Ethereal Chains, Flash Frost or Parallel Convergence. AP Fiora can deny those abilities much more reliably thanks to full 45% CDR and Zhonya's Hourglass in a pocket
Pros & Cons


+ High burst
+ Unexpectable play pattern
+ Great engage
+ Slippery
+ Can counter CC

AP Fiora has completely different playstyle then the AD one. Thanks to Electrocute you will have really great burst damage output. Thanks to Hextech Flashtraption you should be able to engage really often and from high distances. Lunge makes you really slippery and hard to hit while Riposte protects you from heavy CC.


- Squishy
- Fine Only against squishies
- Allies will flame you
- Requires a lot of skill
- Under-performing early game

AP Fiora lacks a good defense and she can't trade for very long. Against tanks you have very low chance of winning or surviving lanes. Building AP is also really off-meta and basically a report magnet. Fiora requires a lot of skill to execute her combos and counter CC well enough. Her early game is also quite bad as Riposte has very high cooldown pre-20% CDR.
Banning Phase

That is a very complicated topic to talk about. Usually people BAN champions that:
  1. Are stressful to play against
  2. Are very strong in the current meta
  3. Counter a champion they want to play
A typical example of a champion that it is stressful to play against can be Xerath. Xerath has a repeatable and long range poke which can make it really stressful to have peace on your lane. His stun has very long duration and he can recover mana easily just by auto attacking you. You can outplay him with ease. Quick Riposte can turn the fight around, but he is very annoying and thus ban-worthy for some players.

An example of a champion that is very strong at the current meta as for time I was writing this is Annie. She is holding a 53.04% winrate and her playrate is only growing up. She is powerful, popular and very effective at this time.

An example of a champion that counters AP Fiora can be Malphite. His poke is very frequent and hard. His engage is stronger then yours, it is almost impossible to trade into Granite Shield and his ultimate when paired with a jungler is just a GG. BAN him If you don't want to fight your direct counter.

But If you really don't have a champion to BAN, then here are my personal recommendations:

Starting Item?
As a midlaner you have a lot of items you can buy at the start of the game, that will provide you all you need in the early game. Here are ones you should be focusing on, reasons why they are so good and in which situations you should take them.

Doran's Blade is generally a great item in all situations. As Riposte has way too high CD at early levels, there is no point in Doran's Ring or Dark Seal. Doran's Blade is great when you just want to play a game without making it too aggressive or too passive. Great in just regular games.

Corrupting Potion shines in games where you'd like to take early aggressive trades. The bonus damage is very meaningful in the early game and the HP & mana regeneration are great when you are getting bullied out of the lane. Great situational item in aggressive games.

Cull is very underrated item. The gold efficiency it gives you is absolutely insane and the life steal is greater then from Doran's Blade. It is great in passive games when you want to outscale your opponent. Just farm and take your time, the gold value from this item allows you to reach powerspikes a lot quicker eventually.
Items Detailed
Core Item
This item is the king of all available items. It provides you a lot of AP for more damage, reduces the cooldown of your Riposte, increases the range in which you can engage on your enemies and increases your survivability. This item also applies one more Electrocute point on your enemy and the rockets can easily clear waves. When really mastered you can use this item to proc 2 vitals of Grand Challenge at once!!

Better Trading
Great item that allows for your non-AP scaling abilities like Bladework or Lunge to deal some damage as well. As Lunge applies on-hit effects it also instantly procs Lich Bane damage boost. This item brings you amazing stats and helps you in shorter trades as well as longer fights.

Value Town
A solid item that adds some very needed AP into our kit. The bonus attack speed isn't the best stat but it can help us not do that terribly in extended fights. The on-hit damage is pretty nice, especially since it synergizes with Lunge and Bladework AA resets.

Anti AD/Burst
Great defensive item that can be selected as a counterpick against champions like Zed or Talon, or you can just generally buy it as a great value item with amazing active ability that works really well with Ingenious Hunter.

Anti AP
A nice item that provides great defensive stats against AP threats like Syndra or Fizz. Unlike Zhonya's Hourglass you can't generally buy it because this item would provide very low value. It works great against those one shot abilities that come out of nowhere like Requiem or Chum the Waters

Unleash Destruction
The item with highest AP bonus out of all items. It is extremely impactful but at the same time really expensive. It is recommended to build this item 5th or 6th because at that time you should have enough AP to get the pure value out of this hat. Great item in all situations.

Against Too Many Tanks
This item is super awkward as AP Fiora is never able to take down tanks - only mages, enchanters and attack damage carries. This allows you to deal a bit more damage to tank champions but you still won't be able to kill them - just deal more damage to them. Still, when enemy team has 4+ tanks in their team, actions have to be made...

This item is super good against champions like Soraka or Nami. Grievous wounds greatly reduces their healing output and bonus max health helps you to survive through out the game. Don't forget to buy Oblivion Orb first and then skip the rest of the item for later as finishing the item is not very efficient. Depending on how much do you need Grievous Wounds finish this item immediately or take your time and finish it last.

Already Ahead?
This item is only good If you are really ahead and you just need more energy to keep the deadly boulder rolling. Feel free to just build Dark Seal but never finish this item. Once you enter late game, sell this item and buy something less risky but more valuable like Rabadon's Deathcap.

Runes Detailed


Great rune that allows Fiora trade much more efficiently. It is very easy to proc. All it takes is Lunge + Riposte + whatever. Then simply back off, wait for Electrocute to recharge and strike again. This rune is able to deal a lot of damage throughout all stages of the game. Unlike Dark Harvest or Fleet Footwork - this rune is always good, making it the best possible rune for AP Fiora.


Cheap Shot
Worse version of Sudden Impact. Bonus true damage is worse then bonus magic penetration and applying CC is a lot harder then performing a dash.


Taste of Blood
This rune is super hard to proc because Fiora is melee. Also there is quite a long gap between engages you want to take making this rune almost valueless.


Sudden Impact
Great rune, easily activatable by Hextech Rocketbelt, hexflash, Flash, Lunge or Blast Cone. Great value, easy to proc and just an amazing rune.


Zombie Ward
Clearing wards is very hard for AP Fiora. Of course sometimes you deny a ward or two with Control Ward. But you can't count on that.


Ghost Poro
Probably the most reliable way of collecting AP. As a midlaner - warding is a huge part of your job so this rune should not take very long to stack all the way up.


Eyeball Collection
It takes a LONG time before you will be able to actually assassinate someone. This rune is very snowbally but also super unreliable and most of the games it takes a lot longer to stack up then with Ghost Poro.


Ravenous Hunter
This rune is pretty bad. You don't need bonus spell vamp at any stage of the game. Sure it is nice to heal yourself a tiny bit from successful Riposte but it is very irrelevant for the game itself as that small inch of healing won't really change anything.


Ingenious Hunter
This rune provides an insane value with Hextech Rocketbelt, Zhonya's Hourglass and Stealth Ward. This rune just makes your game so much easier. Lower cooldowns mean more engages and more engages mean more kills.


Relentless Hunter
A viable option against Ingenious Hunter. Probably just as good, only in different situations. Relentless Hunter makes it a lot easier for you to get into lane, find your prey or to siege an objective. While Ingenious Hunter increases your effectiveness during fights, Relentless Hunter increases your effectiveness before fights even happen. What do YOU prefer more?


Ultimate Hunter
Horrible rune. Our ultimate is only a small over the top damage booster, nothing else. You really don't need additional CDR on that ability.



Hextech Flashtraption
Amazing rune that allows us to engage from much greater distances. When paired with Lunge and Hextech Rocketbelt you will all of a sudden be able to engage from half of one player's screen. Super interesting and fun to use. I definitely recommend it in most of your games.


Biscuit Delivery
Pretty good rune that makes our early game much less awkward. Biscuit Delivery helps us keep our mana nice and full while resisting enemy poke with ease.


Great rune that allows you to escape from close situations. Greatly counters your opponent's attempts to kill for kill and goes well against Ignite. The bonus old is also pretty sweet and usually provides you like a starting item worth of money.


Coup de Grace
Great rune that really amazingly supports our "destroy the weak" playstyle. The damage output this rune can provide is just amazing and often times you will get kills you otherwise wouldn't...
Bread And Butter
To play AP Fiora well, you don't need thousands of games with her, you don't need to master auto attack canceling or any super situational combos. The bread and butter of AP Fiora is Lunge + Riposte combo. That's it. Just cast your Riposte during Lunge. This way you'll make Riposte a moving skill-shot which is almost impossible to dodge for your enemies. I really dis-recommend using Riposte without Lunge, unless you need to quickly counter some sort of incoming CC for self defense (and even then is Lunge + Riposte a better option). Also note that this combo doesn't cancel the Lunge strike. So go the practise tool and repeat Lunge + Riposte until you get it in your hands.
Hitting Riposte
A very over the top knowledge you can have about AP Fiora is How to increase the chances that you hit Riposte - your strongest and highest damage ability. I have already stated that Lunge + Riposte helps a lot but there are other things (very situational though) you can do as well to increase your hit chances even further...

We all know that Riposte hitbox has a shape of rectangle. Now What you can do is turn the rectangle lil' bit to the side. This way the rectangle gets a tiny bit longer and extends the range of the ability in cost of MUCH thinner Riposte. Do you know Why sewer covers have a shape of circle and not the square? That's because circle has exactly the same size no matter which way you turn it. That doesn't work the same way for rectangles/squares though. Those can extend/shrink around the edges and possibly fall down into the sewer. This method is super tricky and can be fatal when performed wrong. It is very risky but for higher classed players this can be an optional strategy to try out.

Next thing you should understand is that there is a height difference in League of Legends. When you have a highground it is usually better to aim at a champion's head instead of any other part of their body. On the other hand when you are lower then your opponent (you are in the river and he is on the ground) it is usually better to aim at their very feet. For example this image of Riposte on the right, did actually hit. If you don't believe, go into Practise tool and try it out yourself ;)

When attempting to hit a Riposte, your enemy always have 3 options how to react. It can either Move left, Move right or Stay at the same position. So you have 33% chance to hit it, right? Well, What If I'd tell you that you can have 50%. By positioning your ability in between the middle point & left or in between the middle point & right you can actually hit both of those angels. This technique gets better and better as you get to mid ELO because most of the Bronze or Silver players don't have "stay idle" in their dodge maneuver vocabulary but it starts falling again as very experienced players can react to this very easily.
Tips & Tricks
  • You can use Riposte during Lunge to make it less expectable and harder to dodge or to counter static stuns like Event Horizon
  • You can use Hextech Rocketbelt to proc vitals.
  • If you position yourself well enough, you can even proc 2 vitals of Grand Challenge at the same time.
  • You can cast Zhonya's Hourglass during Lunge and still deal the damage from Lunge. This method can reset turret aggro.
  • Sudden Impact can be proced by Blast cone or Hextech Flashtraption
  • If you target the Blast Cone with your right click from a distance and then use Lunge on it while using Zhonya's Hourglass in the middle of the Lunge, you can actually force your Lunge to hit the blast cone even though that should not be possible. The Zhonya's Hourglass then allows you to not get knocked back by the Blast Cone while knocking away enemies instead. If you don't have Zhonya's Hourglass, you can also use your Lunge in the middle of the flower so you won't get knocked back but just knocked up.
  • When you successfully counter a CC with Riposte, note that the color of the ability changes to bright yellow. This way you can tell If you countered a CC even in hectic teamfights.
  • Note that to apply Grievous Wounds from Morellonomicon, you don't have to use just Riposte. Any auto attack (or Lunge) empowered by Lich Bane, successfully hit Hextech Rocketbelt or even Electrocute proc, can all easily apply Grievous Wounds as well.
  • While using Hextech Rocketbelt try to position yourself so more rockets hit your target and deal more damage. THIS DOESN'T MEAN GET AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE! Being too close can lead to over jumping your opponent and very low damage output. Get close, but not too much!
  • Note that Hextech Rocketbelt doesn't reset your movement command. If you cast it you will still go to place you right clicked last. Meaning that If you overreach the place you focused on with your movement command with Hextech Rocketbelt, you can all of a sudden turn around and head the wrong direction. When this happens with Flash, your character just stops moving but Hextech Rocketbelt can make you go in unfortunate ways.
  • You can cast Ignite during Riposte
  • Not just spells apply Electrocute points. Summoner spells and active items apply them too.
  • Note that Hextech Rocketbelt fires the front rockets AFTER the dash. The rocket in the back is fired IMMEDIATELY after the item activation.
  • You can run from your enemy away and then come back just to quickly reset Duelist's Dance and create a much easier to proc vital.
Keep Chat Serious
Do not waste your time by typing into chat useless stuff. Do not type that you are just extremely unlucky, you were in alpha, your Exhaust didn't cast, your allies are monkeys, jg diff, supp diff, top diff, ez, 1v1 me bro, nice babysit, your champion is not balanced, nice feed Yasuo, WTF Zed 0/2/1??, WTF is your hitbox, your mom gay, etc. By the time you were writing this you could notice Shaco quickly passing through your Stealth Ward and you could ping your midlaner that enemy jungler is prepared to ambush him/her. By the time you were typing this you could last hit a caster minion that just got low on health. You could ward a dragon or analyse the best itemization for this game, but you didn't because you just had to type some random nonsense no one else cares about at all. Keep your chat serious & don't complain and watch your winrate growing like a beautiful orchid :)
Take Care of Yourself
Guys, I know that this might be a topic you hate hearing about, but hear me out - I will do my best to make it as appealing for you as possible. You should follow some rules to not end up with glasses/rehabilitation or any other physical handicap. Usually you should make a pause from PC/Phone screen every 2 hours for at least 15 minutes to not mess up your eyes. However I know for sure that nobody will follow this rule so I came up with a bit less efficient but still very good solution to this. LISTEN. TO. MUSIC. I know almost for sure that you love music. So every here and now it would be great If you would just stand from your screen and listen to a music for a while. Just one song you love the most and then back to game. Trust me that this trick alone helps a lot. It might not be the 100% safe 10/10 doctors approved method but it does the trick pretty well and gives your eyes a bit more energy.

When it comes to sitting, it would be great If there would be a 90 degree angle between you and your mouse/keyboard hands. This trick can save you so much time. Just spend 3 minutes by setting your chair height and you will experience a lot less painful moments for your wrist If you had them before. For me, I can't play at all when my wrists start to hurt. My hands need approximately 2 hours before they can start working again. Now that my chair is well set up, I have more time for my high school crush, Fiora <3

Last thing I should mention is that having a laptop placed on your Long Sword and 2 Oblivion Orbs can reduce the chance you will have Zoes, in your life. That is because Oblivion Orbs prefer Glacial Augment temperatures and your laptop is probably pretty Ignited already. So use a table and a chair If you want your Summon Aerys to work correctly. ;)

- God I had a blast writing this :DDD
Thanks for reading my guide. I hope you learned something new and interesting. If you like my guide consider an upvote, it helps me a lot. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the discussion or just PM me directly (I don't mind). If you would have any ideas how to make this guide better, express them in the discussion of this guide, I am doing my best to keep the guide to your likes. Also I am updating my guides pretty frequently now, If you feel like you don't like my guide, consider revisiting in near future, maybe I'll be able to change your mind ;) Good luck in future games and have a ravishing day <3

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