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Ashe Build Guide by Sq_09

Top Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build)

Top Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build)

Updated on June 21, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sq_09 Build Guide By Sq_09 40 6 129,274 Views 6 Comments
40 6 129,274 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sq_09 Ashe Build Guide By Sq_09 Updated on June 21, 2020
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Runes: Grasp of the Undying (preferred)

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build)

By Sq_09
Hey, it's me


I'm Sq_09 and im a casual LoL player.

Through this description alone, you should've noticed, that anything I post here is not serious, viable or ranked-proof. I'm more about having fun and stuff and playing trolly but fun builds like this. With that said ... Ashe top
(This is my first guide, so please give me feedback, so I can improve and make more. Thank you! ^^)
Pros & Cons
- high utility
- very annoying
- good kite, poke and closeup
- decently sustainable
- can peel
- has to rely on team
- loses lane
- very low damage
- only(?) a 2nd support
So your gameplan as Ashe top is:
- annoying the everliving s*** out of your opponents
- kiting your opponents to reduce their armor and get some low but consistent damage in
- close/widen gaps between your enemies and your allies (with slows)
- spot and track the enemy jungler in laning phase
- draw attention (you build tanky but you're not a front-line tank)
- catch people with your Enchanted Crystal Arrow

I'm gonna go over these in detail now:

You are annoying. Thats your only purpose. You draw attention and you can get away. You can kite almost everyone (at least your lane opponents) and keep them permanently slowed. Try, always keeping them at max auto range and use Volleys if they wanna get away. In lane you wanna charge your Grasp of the Undying and poke them with AAs, Volleys and Iceborn Gauntlet procs.

You can keep your opponents almost permanently slowed, which makes you the ultimate kiting machine. Your Boots of Swiftness help you a lot, since if you get chased and they're already close to you, you are gonna take a lot of damage. To get away faster, buy Boots of Swiftness and you are good to go. (Still watch out though. You are still gonna take damage.)

If you are chasing someone, use Volley. If you wanna get away, use Volley. Thats it. You can help your team by getting enemies closer or further away from your carries and making it harder for divers to stick to your carries and afterwords get away.

Use your Hawkshot to track enemy buffs and the jungler. It makes your allie's lanes way more secure and helps your jungler get intel about their jungler's location. Also look for "missing" pings and Hawkshot the dragon-/baronpits accordingly.

Your enemies will want to get rid of your constant slowing debuff and damage so you're gonna be a target. You make your adc hard to dive but it can leave you open to enemy attacks. You survive that. You have slows, more slows, some tankiness, and slow resistance (and a bit tenacity from Unflinching). This can make your team get away easier and piss your opponents off even more.

Defend your carries, catch divers, catch overextended/low health enemies. Enchanted Crystal Arrow is global so you might fire it into another lane to secure a kill or two. But remember. If anyone is REAL close and you HAVE to get away asap, your Enchanted Crystal Arrow is your best bet so don't waste it.
First of all, don't get your hopes up too high. You are gonna lose lane. Period.

You are poking and it can work, but against ranged toplaners, youre probably better off, building adc or just afking.
Tanks are a bit easier but if they have a quick engage and you're not careful, they're suddenly in your face and you're gonna lose the trade.
Bruisers can get in your face and harass you easily but you can at least kinda keep them at AA range except if they have an engage. Same as with tanks but you gotta be even more careful because you are gonna take some damage if they're on you once.
Assassins are similar but if you survived their burst (you build tanky, remember?) and their movement option is down, you can potentially get away.

For all of this goes: You are gonna feed, but make sure your opponents aren't too fed. Minimize feeding and bully them in lane to get a mental and XP advantage.

> Second: Use your Hawkshot.

Your Hawkshot is massive Utility, so if you use it correctly, it can give your team intel on roams, enemy buffs, ganks and invades even.

> Third: Poke

You can go for poke combos or if you're winning (good luck) you can follow them with Volleys and AAs to proc a second Grasp of the Undying

> Also: Roaming

You never have to fully commit to a roam.
You can go into the river and fire an Enchanted Crystal Arrow onto the enemy midlaner and cover their topside-jungle escape. You can just fire it from lane to lane and hopefully hit something. You can actually go into the lane and slow the midlaner so they can't get away. You are pretty useful roaming.

Your general goal is it to get the mantal advantage. Always remamber that. Try to be as obnoxious as possible and tilt the enemy by poking them and slowly widdling their health lower and lower. Make them miss cannons. Make their dives fail. Make them move slowly constantly
So what exactly are you doing for your team?

Sooo ... something at least.

I went over this part in the "Gameplan" section of this guide but here is another conclusion of your job as a toplane Ashe

You are a slowing machine.

Your plan is it to constantly be poking and kiting the enemy team. You wanna annoy them and make it hard for them to get in or out. Get some coinsistent (not very high, but consistent) damage in and make them move slowly the entire time.

Reduce their Armor!

Sice you are constantly AAing them, their tanks' armor will be going down quite a bit. This can help your adc killing their tanks quite a lot.

Protect your carries!

As I said before, you can protect and support your carries pretty well. You draw attention with your slows, you can keep enemies in your adc's AA-range, you can keep them away from your adc if they chase them, you can catch divers, overextenders, their carries, their tanks, and much more. (for more information: Gameplan: Attention:/Gaps:)

Scout objectives!

Just like in earlygame, use your Hawkshot to track enemies, Dragon s, Rift Herald and Baron Nashor .


These are possible options for Keystones and Runes in every focus. (Keystones/Focuses are ordered by how much I like to use them/think they are useful) Generally I prefer Resolve and Inspiration over the other options, since they give you more utility than raw stats. The others rather give you stats or they are pretty situational.

Resolve: The Resolve focus is usually my main focus with this build. Grasp of the Undying gives you valuable poke damage and sustain and the other runes are good utility and sustain.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Resolve-Focus:


Use Grasp of the Undying in lane to get better pokes and more sustain throughout laning phase.


Overgrowth just gives you more sustain overall.

With Ashe your enemies are constantly gonna be marked by Font of Life, and your allies can always heal off of it.

Demolish never hurts to have and is the only alternative to Font of Life

Bone Plating adds extra sustain in case the enemy manages to close up.

Second Wind gives you a bit healthier trades earlier.

Unflinching has been reworked and it's not as effective on Ashe top as it used to be, because it scales off of missing health now, which you don't really want. So RIP Unflinching.

Inspiration: Inspiration is usually my secondary focus. I prefer Resolve's Keystones more but I like the added laning-utlitiy and overally versitality buffs (CDR and MS)

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Inspiration-Tree:

Glacial Augment can help you engage ***hts with the added slow. It's more of a supportey rune.
Approach Velocity is a pretty essential rune, which helps you close up at your opponent after a slow. It can also get you to your carries a bit more quickly, when they're in trouble.

Biscuit Delivery's lane sustain never hurt anyone. Also an occasional Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will will make your Volley more spammable.

You may want the MS from your free Slightly Magical Boots that Magical Footwear gives you.

Cosmic Insight gives you some extra CDR, which you don't necessarily mind.

If you're havong trouble CSing or if you wanna splitpush later on, Minion Dematerializers are a good way to do that more easily.

Sorcery: The Sorcery focus can give you some nice cdr, mana or ms buffs. If you wanna lose the utility of, let's say, the Inspiration focus for that, is up to you.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Sorcery-Tree:

Phase Rush is similar to Glacial Augment in that it makes you able to close up more easily.
Transcendence gives you CDR over the course of the game. This can be very strong later on, when your Volley only has a 2 second cooldown. Also with all the CDR-items you're building, your CDR caps out very quickly, which Transcendence can make up for a bit.

You are gonna have some mana problems early, when you spam your Volley too much. Manaflow Band can compensate for that pretty well.

Scorch is really good for poking, since it adds flat magic damage to your first Volley every 10 seconds.

Gathering Storm just adds some damage to your AAs. Nothing special.

Precision: The Precision tree is rather situational but has some niece keystones, you can try out. Sadly the 3rd row's runes aren't as appealing but the others can be pretty niece.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Precision-Tree:

Fleet Footwork gives you better lane sustain in hard matchups.
Press the Attack can help some more against tanks.
Legend: Alacrity provides you with some lategame AS, which ... y'know ... we take those.

Legend: Tenacity grants you lategame tenacity. It's a good alternative to Unflinching.

Triumph adds a lot of sustain in teamfights and can help in clutch situations.

Presence of Mind can give you some mana, which makes your Volley more spammable.

Coup de Grace never hurts to have tbh. Also only real good rune in the 3rd row.

Domination: This focus is very situational, but generally allows you to be more active and agressive.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Domination-Tree:

Hail of Blades allows for short trades and quick stacking on your Q.
Nice extra Cheap Shot damage which can help you 1v1 early.

Only take Zombie Ward when you start with Spectral Sickle and have an oracle lense. If you do it can give you some nice extra vision.

Since your Enchanted Crystal Arrow is so valuable, the Ultimate Hunter-CDR may come in handy.


Laning/Early Items:

1st backing a Sheen tiers up your poke and harass damage and also gives you some more CDR and mana so you can spam your Volley more. It really helps kiting enemies, because the damage and CDR on your W are really good and can scare enemies away, so you can get even more damage in.

These are your main boots, since they really help you kite easier. They reduce the effectiveness of slows, which can really save you in certain matchups and they give you more flat MS than other boots do. In some matchups like Nasus or Dr. Mundo I would recommend rushing these since they take a lot of pressure off you, because you don't have to worry too much about being slowed and run down.

If you play a more passive lane without that much poking or if the enemy often counterpokes (with AD) you can 1st back a Glacial Shroud to give yourself some lane- and poke-sustain. It can really help if you don't wanna take lots of AD damage and don't need to rely on your Sheen-damage.

In certain matchups or situations you CAN start with Phage. It makes offensive kiting and skirmishing a bit easier, but it puts you behind on your Iceborn Gauntlet, which can really hurt you vs for example AD-bruisers, since you don't have much armor and the added Gauntlet slow is missing.

This is basically your core item in almost any matchup. After finishing it and your boots, you are basically free to build whatever you want. It adds lots of strengt to your kiting and the armor, mana and CDR are essential base stats for this build, you like starting off with.

Other Items:

Black Cleaver is very good against tanks and bruisers, since it shreds their armor and makes your adc deal more damage to them. The Phage-passive also helps you kite better with the added movement speed. You also don't mind the extra sustain it gives you, as well as the 20% CDR.

If you're having mana problems because of your Volley or Enchanted Crystal Arrow, you can go ahead and buy an Essence Reaver for the added CDR and mana regeneration. It also gives you some extra damage, which can scare enemies away from you so you can kite them more easily.

If you're having trouble with the enemy ADC, you can buy a Frozen Heart to shut them down a bit and get some mana and sustain as well. Also you again get 20% CDR. (What a waste ;D)

If you don't need any of the other utility options or if you think, that your team needs some more support, you can go ahead and buy a Locket of the Iron Solari to help with assassins, engages or just to get more peel for your carries.

If the enemy team is always grouped up and you are always able to hit the frontliner, but you can't stop their whole team from running your's down, you can go for a Runaan's Hurricane to slow multiple targets and get that nice extra MS and AS.

This is a useful Item if you are having problems kiting away. If an enemy comes into your Randuin's Omen-active-range, you can activate it to get the 40% slow off and kite them some more. This can also help kiting offensively.

I don't really like Guardian Angel in most situations, but in certain situations it can definitely be useful ... duh ...

If you're against an AP matchup with some cc, you can swap out your Boots of Swiftness for Mercury's Treads to get some MR and still keep some tenacity. (example-matchups: Sylas, Kennen, Teemo)

If you wanna get the utility of support-items like Redemption, feel free to do so. Health-regen, mana-regen, and the bit of sustain it gives you, can all be useful.
Example application for every item:
Redemption: Team-sustain in crowded teamfights, slower peel
Shurelya's Battlesong: Kiting/close-up, engage-/disengage-MS
Mikael's Blessing: Peel, Sustain


Nasus is a real thread to you lategame. Your best bet in 1vs1-ing him is on lvl 1-2. Early you can bully him pretty well, but if you get camped, your chances of survival are near 0. Later on he can close up to you really well with Wither and your slows don't do much to compensate for that. You can't solokill him under any circumstances so you can't really contest his splitpushes either. Rush Boots of Swiftness and build Black Cleaver to make if easier for your adc to melt him. If you want, you can build a Quicksilver Sash vs Wither and Siphoning Strike.


Garen is stupid-strong currently. He has endless sustain, which makes it impossible for you to kill him. He can close up to you really quickly with Decisive Strike and afterwords, spin-to-win ( Judgment) you for heavy damage. The silence makes you unable to cast your Volley to get away easier. You can interrupt his passive by poking, but you're always at the risk of getting run up to and having a giant sword slammed into your face. Build Black Cleaver to have him die more quickly to your adcs.


You can kite him early but take care of Seismic Shard. If he hits you, you can still get away fairly well. Try denying him CS as much as possible, because you're not at a great risk doing so. Later on, the only thing to watch out for are engage- Unstoppable Forces into your team. Else you're fine. You survive AP- Malphite's oneshots and you can kite Tank- Malphite. Build Black Cleaver against Tank- Malphite and Locket of the Iron Solari against Tank- and AP- Malphite. (Block his oneshots and engage-ult-combos with Locket of the Iron Solari's MR and it's Active, if you're skilled enough.) Also maybe build a Quicksilver Sash if he's too much of a thread.


Earlygame against Renekton is gonna be really rough. He can close up to you easily and the kill you pretty reliably. Stay far away from him in lane but don't let him deny you cs. Get him out of his minions and pre Lvl 11 play near your half of the lane so he can't easily dive you. If his Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice are on cooldown you can try turning on him to get some damage back. You can get away reliably as soon as you have Boots of Swiftness. Later he's not that much of a thread, since you are tankier and have your boots. If you're having trouble dealing with him, build a Quicksilver Sash.


You can't bully him in lane. He's either got his Wind Wall up or he's just gonna Sweeping Blade into your wave and kill you. Late you also can't really do much. Since his main option of movement is Sweeping Blades, which aren't really affected by slows, you can't stop him from wiping your entire team in the lategame. Your best bet is gonna be a Locket of the Iron Solari to nullify most of his Sweeping Blade + Steel Tempest aoe damage. Or a Frozen Heart to nerf his attack speed. (Both also give you nice armor.) You can also build a Quicksilver Sash to cancel his Last Breath-Combos, but that's about it.


Tryndamere can jump onto you with his Spinning Slash easily and close up to you with it too. There isn't much you can do against him. You can't kill him when he has Undying Rage on (which is very stupid btw) and you can't keep him away from your team at nearly any point. Build a Randuin's Omen against his Crits and for the AOE slow. Also maybe build a Locket of the Iron Solari to block some damage.


You completeley demolish Singed. Early he isn't gonna be able to get any CS because of your constant poke. That mentality is gonna carry over to the next levels where he can, but mostly won't get much CS. If he runs up to you, you can keep him away. You can even kinda outrun and outkite his Insanity Potion with Slightly Magical Boots. If he Flings you once you might take some damage but it's still fine. You build tanky so he isn't gonna do much damage to you anyways. Generally he's just kiteable really well and he can't do anything against you.

more Threads coming soon ...


Coming soon ...
So basically ... have fun! This is a stupid idea but it's a ton of fun. You can really tilt your enemies and even be kinda useful in a unique (c:) way.

I hope you liked this Troll-Guide. If you have any feedback or criticism please tell me. I'm glad to get any kind of advice.

Bye, and see you on the rift.

Sq c:
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sq_09
Sq_09 Ashe Guide
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Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build)

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