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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Aurelion Sol Build Guide by Kaeze Poulsen

Middle Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger

Middle Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger

Updated on December 9, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaeze Poulsen Build Guide By Kaeze Poulsen 9,868 Views 0 Comments
9,868 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaeze Poulsen Aurelion Sol Build Guide By Kaeze Poulsen Updated on December 9, 2018
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Runes: My personal best

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Time Warp Tonic
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger

By Kaeze Poulsen
Hi, my name is Kevin Poulsen I'm a LAN player with the username "Aurelia Sol", I think it's obvious that I'm an one-trick. At the moment I'm Platinum III on Solo/DĂșo Queue.

I got to Platinum III at the start of this season by playing after I got tired of playing ADC (yes, at first I mained jungle , then top , then adc and then mid, at the moment I'm playing whatever, but trying to learn about ), I didn't know what to play and I saw that f*king sexy *ss Special Dragon and I started to play him. When he got launched, I was really bad, and I mean REALLY bad at him, but I got him to Mastery level 4 and continue playing , but when I got back to play him, I was a GOD (yes, I was on Plat III, but I was on Plat III because of a reason), and literally in a month and a half I got from Plat III wich was my top rank in all my almost 4 years playing, to Platinum IV, then I spent almost two months getting to Platinum III and now I know my Aurelion Sol level is up to Platinum III - Patinum I.
And as an extra fact, so you don't think I'm really bad because I'm Platinum, I got the #3 place on the best Aurelion Sol LAN it (for only 5 hours, but I got there, now I'm not that high because I stopped playing Rankeds and I started to play other champions again, before ASol I was not a OTP).
Here's my actual rank on the best ASol LAN (yes, I don't care about my league rank enymore, I want to see this rank get up):

Center of the Universe

Three stars constantly orbit Aurelion Sol, dealind 20-130 (based on level + 5/10/15/20/25 (based on rank of Celestial Expansion) (+18-35% of ability power based on level) of magic damage executing minions below 25 Health, while applying spell effects to all enemies they strike.

Enemy spells that prevent the casting of spells will also desable these stars.


Aurelion Sol fires the core of a newborn star in a target direction, which explodes upon reactivation or once it travels beyond his stars' maximum orbital range, dealing 70/ 110/150/190/230 (+65% of ability power) magic damage and stunning all nearby enemies for 1.1/1.2/1.3/ 1.4 /1.5 seconds.

Aurelion Sol gains 10% bonus Movement speed while traveling alongside Starsurge, and by keeping it close he'll nurture it, growing it in size so that it damages and stuns a wider area when it explodes.

Celestial Expansion

Passive: The damage dealt by Aurelion Sol's stars is increased by 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25.

Active (Toggle): Aurelion Sol pushes his stars out to his outer ring, increasing the damage dealt by the stars by 50%.

Celestial Expansion costs an initial 40 Mana to cast and drains 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 Mana every second the ability is toggled on. Once he toggles the ability off or runs out of mana, Aurelion Sol pulls his stars back.

Comet of Legend

Passive: Aurelion Sol builds up movement speed as he travels continuously in the same direction and loses speed on sharp turns, granting up to 25/30/35/40/45% bonus Movement Speed.

If Aurelion Sol hasn't taken damage for 5 seconds, he can activate Comet of Legend.

Active: Aurelion Sol pulls in his orbiting stars and takes flight, traversing 3000/4000/5000/6000/7000 units in the chosen direction or until clicking to move. Aurelion Sol can see and be seen over walls while flying.

Taking champion or turret damage will force a landing and restore his orbiting stars.

Voice of Light

Aurelion Sol breathes out a blast of pure starfire, dealing 150/250/350 (+70% of ability power) magic damage and slowing struck enemies by 40/50/60% for 2 seconds. Nearby enemies caught in the blast are also knocked back to Aurelion Sol's outer ring.
The recommended skill order for Aurelion Sol is to max Celestial Expansion first, then Starsurge, Voice of Light and ending with Comet of Legend like this:
You start with Celestial Expansion as your first ability, this is so you can start pushing and harrassing the enemy, also so when trying to last-hit with Center of the Universe when you don't have your Basic Attack avaliable at the moment or just because you get 5 extra damage and you execute minions below 25HP.
Then we level Starsurge, this is because it's a really good zoning ability because of it's high 70 base damage and ~16.25 magic damage with a 1.1 second stunn for you to hit the enemy 2-3 times with your Stars.
Then the recommended is to lvl Comet of Legend, so you can back at that third minion wave to buy Dark Seal and get back to lane with the active and/or passive of you Comet of Legend so you don't miss a single minion if you're quick enough.

Then, you max your Celestial Expansion with a pint of your Voice of Light at level 6 and a point on your Comet of Legend on level 7, the reason on the secon point on Comet of Legend instead of Starsurge is because you get the huge change of 30% movement speed on your passive and 4000 units of range on your active, instead of 25% movement speed and 3000 units. Then you continue maxing Starsurge and then Voice of Light to finish it with Comet of Legend.

But I prefer this skill order:
You start with Celestial Expansion because of the same reason above. Then you level up your Starsurge, again, the same as above, but the thing changer by using your level 3 on your Celestial Expansion again, instead of Comet of Legend; the reason I do this is because I prefer to only harrass the enemy when they push to me so I'm not onder their tower all the time, with this and with my Doran's Ring I still have half or more to my mana, so I don't need to back at that moment.
I wait untill I get level 4 to level up my Comet of Legend and try to go for a roam or to fight my laner; if I can't, I just push the lane and back for my Corrupting Potion and search for a play on bot-lane or help the jungle.
The resto of the skill order is just to alternate with Starsurge and Celestial Expansion, then do the same thing as above.

One last thing on this topic, when I'm plying jungle, I use this skill order:
Just because I prefer de stunn duration and the burst damage and the insane range than more DPS.


  • Amazin map presence.
  • Really good damage.
  • Low mechanics.
  • Amazing teamfights.
  • Good pick potential


  • Terible against mele champions.
  • Cap-closers are THE counter to
  • Requires a lot of mana.
  • Easy to focus.
  • Pure positioning.

Why these Pros

Aurelion Sol with his Comet of Legend has an amazing map presence, and with that, you need and will learn to have really good map-awerness.
Aurelion Sol deals really good damage if played well. It does depends a lot, I don't deal that much with him because I try to roam as much as I can, but you can duel perfectly fine on lane and be a problem.
Let's be honest, Aurelion Sol's mechanics are really basic, more or less like Warwick's, that are really easy to learn, but to master, that's a whole different story.
Aurelion Sol deals AOE damage with every damage-deling ability he has, so if you're not being insta-focused, you're deffenitely the damace-dealer.
With your Comet of Legend and with the Voice of Light- Starsurge combo, you can appear from nowere to almost insta-kill someone.

Why these Cons

Aurelion Sol is the worst champion against mele champions (main reason why I hate almost every mele champ in the game...) you can't hit them with Starsurge to stunn them and get out, you can't hit your stars of Center of the Universe, and the only two ways to scape is Voice of Light and yout Flash.
You deal a lot of damage, but just like Anivia and Cassiopeia, you need a lot of mana to keep your damage going.
As your only two scapes from a gap-closer are your Voice of Light and your Flash, you're damn easy to focus if you don't have your team peeling you *ss.
The thing you don't know, is that if you search "pisition" on the champ selct, it appears Aurelion Sol (worts joke I've done this month, that's a new achivement), if you don't know how to position yourself, you're having a bad time. Playing Aurelion Sol can help you a lot, because you value that more now, but as is happens to me, i staw way closer to hit enemies with my stars when I'm playing Neeko, Xayah, Gnar.
I normally use a lot of runes pages, almost every rune except Phase Rush, so, I'm explaining why I'm using what rune.


Summon Aery

I prefer this rune above all, because you have a lot of DPS, and Summon Aery helps you a lot because it procks with everything. Even if it's damage got nerfed at the start of the season, it still works really well with a lot of non-support champions (not counting Mordekaiser.

Fleet Footwork

This is my go-to rune as playing the Carry roll, or playuing against Poke such as Lux). The reason, this rune works amazingly well when you stunn them or just hit an AA to an enemy champion, because with also de movement speed you get, you can chase or scape easily. On early game the rune does not heal that much, but on early and late game... you can go to a jungle camp, hit it once and leave with the full healing of it.

Dark Harvest

The reason, this runes almost always works. It finally got nerfed to a point that not every single champion can use it, but Aurelion Sol can, his Celestial Expansion works amazingly well with Dark Harvest, you burst someone down with your Voice of Light- Starsurge and then you can prock it with your Celestial Expansion if you hadn't procked it yet.


This is my go-to rune when I really want to be agressive and I know I have a better early-mid game than the enemy laner. With Electrocute you can burst almost any squishy champion with your Voice of Light- Starsurge combo, so I would consider a burst build instead of the recommended, baybe something like:

Item Sequence

Luden's Tempest 3200
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Morellonomicon 3000
Sorcerer's Shoes 1100
Zhonya's Hourglass 3000


I use Predator a lot when I'm jungling, but the only problem this has, Center of the Universe can prock Predator into minions by accident on a gank, (Have that in mind, it happens a lot)- But appart from that, the movement speed you get and the damage you can deal with your Starsurge is really good.

I use Aftershock when I'm against a Zed or a Talon, because I can Starsurge them before they use the gap closer and if they go in, I have a lot of resistances, or if they go in, I can Voice of Light them away and have the resistances as well.
I don't care about the damage it does, I care about the tankyness.

Grasp of the Undying
This is one on my favorites, if not my favorite rune. I use this one when I can harras someone in early game but then I need tankyness. Also, the damage and the healing is so damn good, even if you're ranged. (It also deals Magic Damage, so with your Morellonomicon you will deal more.

Glacial Augment
This is a rune I choose when I know I will do nothing almost the entire game, so I focus on utility with Everfrost and Twin Shadows's actives, so the enemies are slowed almost all the time and my team can do everything else. (I love using this with Rylai's Crystal Scepter).

Unsealed Spellbook
I love using this rune when I know I can use Ghost as my main summoner and then change to whatever I want. This rune is usefull because you can change to Smite when you want to do an important objective with your jungler, or Teleport to deffend your or other lanes.

Grater Runes

Perfect Timing

I pick this rune only when I'm playing against Zed, literally, only v.s. Zed, the reason is because you get the Cooldown Reduction on your Zonya's Hourglass

Magical Footwear
This is almost a go-to rune when your first Path is Inspiration, but try to aboide it when it is not. There are two other Normal Runes which are way better than this one.

Cheap Shot

I choose this rune when I'm using Domination as my first Path, if I hit someone with Starsurge or with Voice of Light I will deal true damage, and I think it's obvious that's worth it. But also Taste of Blood works well if I want to be tankier or to have sustain on laning phase.


When I'm playing with Resolve as my primary Path I prefer Demolish so I can take advantage of my health by roaming to other lanes and hit towers really hard.

Manaflow Band

I think this is obvious, you need the mana to keep your damage, so it's my go-to rune on Sorcery, but Nullifying Orb works well against champions like Lux, LeBlanc or even Zed because of it's Contempt for the Weak dealing magic damage.


Legend: Tenacity

Aurelion Sol does not have mobility, and depends on Flash and Voice of Light, so with tenacity you can be more safe by yourself on teamfights or even on ganks.

Coup de Grace

This is obvious,you use this rune to secure kills more easily and to keep going on a teamfight with the extra Ability Power you get on takedowns.

Eyeball Collection

This is the only rune you should take on every champion when playing with Domination, Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro are almost useless compared to Eyeball Collection.

Relentless Hunter

I use this rune almost all the time when I have Domination on my rune page. The movement speed you get helps you a lot to move arround the map without the needs of being on the river (looking at you Waterwalking).

Ultimate Hunter

I don't use this normally, but whe I use it, it's because they have 2+ melee champions on their team. But you can use this rune just to be way more usefull on teamfights.


Yes, Celerity must be the rune for Aurelion Sol, but that's not my favorite for him, the reason is that is only works well if your have Ghost, you're out of combat or you prock Phase Rush.

Absolute Focus

This is the rune I prefer for Aurelion Sol, you shouldn't be tryharding while you hve less than 50% health, so must of the time you should have 70%+ health to deal the damage (specially while roaming).

Gathering Storm

Your late game is not as good as other ones, so, Gathering Storm helps you more and more on late-game.

Minion Dematerializer

This is the rune for pushing, and Aurelion Sol specializes on it, so, I think it's pretty obvious that Minion Dematerializer is fo him. I recommend having this setup:
    Caster minions - 4%
    Melee minions - 5%
    Cannon minions - 6%

Time Warp Tonic

This rune is only usefull when you're playing with Corrupting Potion but if you are, you will be a problem to the enemy.
Here I'm going to explain why the items on certain parts of the game (on the ammount of items I won't count boots because you should always finish them first or second).

Starting Items

Corrupting Potion

As the active restores both health and mana it's amazing for Aurelion Sol, but it's even better because when you have the active and you deal damage to an enemy you'll get an extra burn to the enemy. Try to be really agressive when you activate Corrupting Potion.

Doran's Ring

I use Doran's Ring when I prefer to be farming and I don't want to be too agressive to the enemy laner. The extra damage on Basic Atacks and the Mana Regeneration every 5 seconds, it will help.

Early-Game Items

Rod of Ages

You get a lot of mana, health points and Ability Power from a single item that scales up to 10 minutes, that's amazing from Aurelion Sol, people normally start with Catalyst of Aeons, but sometimes (when you start with Doran's Ring and play passive) I recommend starting with Blasting Wand for the extra damage on short trades and easy way to farm with Center of the Universe.

Archangel's Staff

I recommend this as the second item because of the Tear of the Goddess as the very fert item, so noe you'll have a shield when you complete this as well as 3% of your maximum mana as extra Ability Power (and we need to focus a lot on mana because of Celestial Expansion).

Zhonya's Hourglass

This is best vs AD champions or Assasins. You sould only buy Seeker's Armguard as the first item for de armor and de AP, and then go for the Rod of Ages but against assasins, rush Zhonya's Hourglass for the Status effect.

Banshee's Veil

This is amazing against champions like Veigar, so you can eat Croud Controll and keep harrassing, but also for the MR. You will rush Rod of Ages and the buy Banshee's Veil as second item.

Boots of Swiftness

These ar the recommended boots for Aurelion Sol, the reason is that you get more constant movement speed and you resist more to slows, this helps you roam and reposition yourself.

Mid-Game Items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

You get a lot of Ability Power from this single item alone, as well as Health Points with an amazing passive that synergize really well with Center of the Universe and Celestial Expansion.


You use Morellonomicon almost always a a third item, you get the Maci Penn of the Oblivion Orb and the Grievous Wounds for every type of healing (yes, if you dodn't know, also de health regen an Potions, this is such a change in normal duels).

Liandry's Tormen

You buy Liandry's Anguish when playing against two+ tank champions or if you have a really good teamfight on your team.

Hextech GLP-800

This can be a really good items, yes it got changed and now it is not the core item for Aurelion Sol like Rod of Ages, but acainst mele champions or champions with high mobility, that's an other story, you should defenetily consider this against something like Ekko or Wukong.

Luden's Echo

You buy Luden's Tempest when you preer to have that burst and that CDR and you aren't considering Everfrost. I normally rush Luden's Tempest instead of Rod of Ages.

Shurelya's Reverie

I love buying this item, you get an active that gives you and your team movement speed, while getting CDR and AP. Consider this when you need a little bit of CDR or just want to help your inmobile allies like Ashe scape.

Elixir of Sorcery

THIS IS MANDATORY. I swear to god I hate when people don't buy Elixir of Sorcery on mages, it's extremely overpowered, you get mana regeneration, you get extra Ability Power, true damage on every type of magic damage and extra damage to towers. Only for 500g.

Late-Game Items

Rabadon's Deathcap

You souldn't be so deep into late-game while playing Aurelion Sol, but if you are, Rabadon's Deathcap helps you with Gathering Storm to be usefull on late-game.

Void Staff

It's really simple, against tanks. (What? What can I say about an items that only gives you 35% magic pen. Would you use it to heal allies?).
Welp. First of all, soryr if I have errors on my english on how does the guide is structured, It's my first guide and english is not my main lenguage.
Segond, thank you for reading my guide, I really love Aurelion Sol and I have a crush on that bastard Dragon...
Third, I will be updating this same guide with moreinformation and some changes I've noticed, so, keep on touch.

Thank you! <3

League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaeze Poulsen
Kaeze Poulsen Aurelion Sol Guide
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Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger

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