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Rumble Build Guide by Lychronic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lychronic

Bully - Unkillable

Lychronic Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Hey everyone Lychronc here,

First of all i would like to say thank you for looking at my guide. This guide reflects how my friends and i think rumble should be played: bullyting early game and a tank late game. That measn that he will not be the one getting kills and doing massive amounts of damage in the later stages of the game. This is not the only way to build rumble, i am planning on making a guide later for a mostly AP rumble as well, which also works. HOWEVER these are definitly not the only ways to build rumble and the build needs to be adapted to counter your enemy team and support your own team. For example if your team is made of alot of AD and no AP do not get a Will of the Ancients. Sinjustice has an amazing rumble guide, if you want to learn him to be tanky dps i suggest his. It was his build that i took and eddited and chenged over time with advice of my friends to create my own build, so yeah its a great guide and you can find it at this page. In anycase; Moving on!:

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Pros / Cons


    Very strong early game
    During early game can easily solo top
    Can sbstitute for bot lane if needed
Flamespitter + The Equalizer both slow
Good range on Ultimate
Can use Flamespitter to chase
Overheat adds magic dmg to his melee.
Good at poking
Can zone his opponents
His personallity is quite quirky and his trouble with his warmachine is quite funny.

    Scrap shield is not very powerfull
    Position reliant to some extent
    Skill Shots need Aiming
    Electro harpoons will not hit enemys withminions in front of them
    Needs a bit of "ESP" to play, as in u need to guess where the enemy will go
    No escape move -
Scrap Shield
does not provide enough speed for defence and only lasts 3 seconds
Ap scallings are not the best, and drop off toward the end making his damage rather weak in comparison

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Marks: Greater Mark of Health - Early game rumble is very strong. Magic penetration marks help him become even stronger, the additional damage your enemy takes will help you zone them.

Seals: Greater Seal of Armor - The additional armor will make you harder to kill by AD opponent like Talon during your early game laning phase.

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - The Magic resistance will help defend against the AP champions like Singed

Quints: Greater Quintessence of Health - HP never hurt anyone and since ull be tanking later on, why not get a bit of hp early on as well? It has great synergy with Veteren Scars. Together they up around the amount of HP a Doran's item gives you, allowing u to choose the Amplifying Tome.

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There is not much to say here, but the following are my reasons for the ones i chose:

9 points in Offence - Well thsi is your early and mid game. This will allow you to bully in early game and put up a fight in mid game. The AP and magic Penetration allow for more dmg to the enemy. Sorcery helps with cooldowns, which is good on Rumble because it allows him to get his skills up faster, though not by much at all, and it is rather unnoticable in Flamespitter due to a lower cool down. 21 points in Defence - U will be tanking late game, and the sustain it provides early game isnt bad either.

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Summoner Spells


- It allows u to get out of tough situations by getting pover a wall others will nto be able to. It also allows u to better possition yourself if you are in a bad possition in a team fight. However, when ur tanking remember that it is better for you to die than r carries, so if your death will save the carry, do not flash out.

- Chances are they you will end up soloing top lane, this allows you to get back to bace, grab what you need and then get back to lane before your opponent has a chance to push into yur tower and do any rela damage to it. it also allows you to quickly move to an undefended tower that is being attacked, or to move across the map to a minion if u are too far away, and your team is about to be in a fight.

Other VIables:

- This is great for escaping, and has a good synergy with Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon. It can also be usefull to get places faster to help out, or to chase. Personally i think Flash is better, but it is up to you.

- This allows you to slow the enemy, meaning that instead of it benefiting you, it will benefit the whole team. However, this cannot be used for escapes against the other team because it only slows ONE person on their team.

- since u will eb tanking later, this is viable becuase this is a tank spell. This will allow you to protect your unattended towers for a while until someone arrives. It also helps to kill the minions.

- This spell will allow you to remove alot of CC that ahs been placed on you. It can help you get out of a fight that you can not win, though it will not be very usefull after you start tanking because u WANT ther enemy to focus YOU and hit YOU with their crowd control efectS, NOT YOUR CARRY.

- This skill can help you finish off eney champions early game, but after you become tanky, let the carrys get the kills.

Non Viables:

[icon=Clairvoyance size=320 - You are not support, this is a support skill

- This spell has a cool down that is too long and u will not be able to use it much, plus if your dead, by the time you get over the fight again, it is probably over anyway. Also you are NOT getting a mastery point in Preservation so there is no speed boost either.

- You do not use mana, it's a bit of a waste then isn't it?

- I do not remember Rumble ever jungling, and Electro-Harpoon and Flamespitter can be used for last hitting anyway. why bother with it?

- Your Hextech Revolver will give you enoough lane sustain, also in team fihgts, chances are that this will nto give you abck enough hp to survive.

- This isnt going to help much, especially not late game

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Skill Sequence

- This passive allows rumble to be build many ways, as well as allows him to chain together a different combo to allow the most eefficiency according to need. The Daanger Zone bonus cna be sed by any kill to get the most out of it, and when you think you can handel it, drop your ult and then all you skills and go into Overheat for some massive additional Magic damage in auto attacks.

- This is a very strong skill, though many people consider this to be your bread and butter skill, it will be used in combination with Electro-Harpoon in this build. This skill is great for harrassing any melee champions that get too close. When they come to last hit a minion, popping this will either sare them away or do a bit of damage on them. EIther way, it's better for you. Get this first, and lv it along with flame spitter, max it first.

- This skill is not what people think. It gives u a speed boost and a shield but do not let that fool you into thinking it is good for towerdiving or escaping. This skill lasts for 3 seconds, and gives you a moderate - weak shield and a moderate speed boost. It will usually NOT end up saving your life so it is maxed last. However, early game, it is good for helping you to last hit or chase. pop this, walk up to minion, hit, and then get out. If an AD rnage carry hits you, they would only hit you once, possibly tice, and this skill will absorb a low - level AD auto attack without much problem. While in fights, popping this will absob SOME damage, and allow you to cahse with Flamespitter. get a point in this at lv 4, and max it last. If you are being harrassed and unable to get any minion kills, you can swap the extra damage fomr Flamespitter at lv 3 for a point in this at lv 3, and then take a point in Flamespitter at lv 4.

- this skill is AMAZING for poking and for last hitting if u are being zoned. If an enemy is hiding under the tower, u can use this while you run out of tower tange for it to hit without the twer hitting you. I will explain this further on. This skill can also be sued twice, and is a slow. which means you can last hit two minions, or slow 2 people, or major slow 1 person. This will get you kills early game, and will allow your carry to get kills in late game.Therefore it is very usefull utility wise. It is also your only ranged skill other than your ultimate The Equalizer, and you do nto want to waste that. You want to grab this skill at lv 2, and then max is along side flame spitter, but max it second.

this skill is VERY VERY usefull. it can be used to: cut off exits, do a bit of burst dmg and DoT early game to any dps that comes looking for a fight, and for repelling tower dives (possibly even getting you kills). In a jungle, laying this skill down will eman that the enemy would take nost if not all fo the damage it lays out, which can ammount to alot. It can also be use dot get YOU kills when the enemy is udner the tower. The range on this is huge, so you can stand at a safe distance, and drop it under the enemy tower when your enemy has low enough HP to get a kill withut turret agro. it can be used to stop an enemy attempt at Baron (or scare them away temporarily). It has a slow and it synergises well with rylais meaning that in a team fight dropping this along with an Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy for extra cc against the enemy team and with stun will keep them in the damage range for a little while longer.

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ALright here we go, this is where things get complicated. The thing about tanking is that you have to adjust to you opponent team and build according to them and their items. You also need to take into account your own team and their weeknesses as well as strengths and the role you will need to play in that match. A few possible builds are:

1. The normal offtank bully -> tank build

2. Ap Resistant

3. AD resistant

4. Ap carry

5. Full Tank


1. Normal offtank bully -> tank build: In this build, your team is well balanced and the other team isn't leaning in either direction either. In this case you will probably be on soloing on top lane, against someone like Talon, Irelia, Renenkton or Singed. Here, getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter will allow you to not only do more damage and harass, but also gives you a nice slow for chasing and some hp for survivng. next getting a Mercury's Treads will give you mroe speed as well gives you better resistance against croud control like Karthus's Wall of Pain or Singed's Mega Adhesive. Next grabbing a Will of the Ancients will not onyl give you spell vamp to give you life back when u attack, bt it also gives additional AP to your team, which will help you to support your AP carry. Here is where u start to get tanky; grabbing a Force of Nature will give u movement speed boosts as well as health regeneration and most importantly ALOT of magic resist. That should let you take more hits form the other team's AP carry. now to defend against their AD champions, grab a Randuin's Omen. This should let you hold off the other team as well as slow their mvpoement speed and attack speed. This is a VERY good thing for your team. The slow it provides makes the enemy AD DPS become much less efficient and makes them an easier target for your team to burst down. The reason I do not get a Philosopher's stone] early is because dring early game you are going for damage, and lane dominance. You are not supporting so you should get a high Creep Score (and therefore lots of money), and getting a [[Philosopher's Stone will mean sacrificing that early game damage. Later on, Other items like Force of Nature will become more pressing that a few extra gold, so i do not get this until i actualy have to in order to complete Randuin's. Finally a Guardian Angel will let you revive yourself after a death and junp right back into the action.

2. AP resistance build: This will focus on becoming more AP resistant without loosing too much damage early game. This should be used when the enemy team is more Ap baced and might have an extra caster or two. Against a team like this, after Doran's Shield grab a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for some extra survivability and damage to an already squishy team. The slow should also help counter and catch up with champions who have Blink skills like Ezreal and his Arcane Shift or LeBlanc and her Distortion. Casters usually have alot of Crowd Control as well, so getting a Mercury's Treads should help protect against those pesky crowd control effects like: Light Binding or Dark Binding or Rune Prison. A caster heavy team will mean that there is going to be alot of magic damage coming your way. A Force of Nature will lower that damage by quite a bit and also give you additional movement speed to help help cath up with Blinking Casrers and a huge HP regen for more Lane sustain if you are still in lane. Picking up an Abyssal Mask next will give you some mroe delicious magic resist as well as give you a little more AP allow you to help your team do a little more damage. Taking a Banshee's Veil next will stop the first spell coming your way. This can be very helpfull especially against spells like: LeBlanc's Sigil of Silence. It can also help stop combo's like Veigar's Event Horizon -> Dark Matter combo or Lux's Light Binding to Finales Funkeln combo. Finally a Guardian Angel will give u more mag resist as well as some armor for their AD champs and it will revive u if u die.

3. AD resistance build: This is a build where that will focus on keeping your AP while getting Armor for AD reisstance. This build should be used when the enemy team composition consists of mainly AD champions like Xin Zhao or Garen and very little Ap champs. Rylai's Crystal Scepter will help you early game, and it gives you a bit of HP for tanking later one. It also ahs a slwo which is a great DPS counter and it will provide you with enoough damage to dominate early game. Since the enmy is mostly AD, there will be very little Crowd control, therefore an item like Mercury's Treads will not be as effective. Getting a Ninja Tabi on the other hand will be very help full because it allows you to get a chance at avoiding a few of the enemy's attacks. Grabbing a Zhonya's Hourglass size can be quite beneficial. It allows you to deal out some massive damage early and mid game while it provides armro to better defend against AD. Also it provides a 2 second period of invincibility, which means that you can get into a fight and when you r being focused, can take all the htis and receive absolutely no damage. It can also be used for early tower dives for your team: go under the tower with Flamespitter hitting the enemy, pop zhonyas, allow your team mate to kill, and get out (flash if u need to), with your carry taking no damage. A Sunfire Cape will give you some mroe health and armor, which will let you last longer as well as punish the enemy for just being around you because of the aoe effect it has. Taking a Randuin's Omen will really hurt the enemy team. The DPS will be slowed alot, making them extremely inefficent and unable to do the damage they need to. During the time Randuin's Omen slows, your team can burst down the enemy DPSS champs. It also provides 75 armor for extra damage reduction and to help with increasing the duration of the slow, AND provides a chance of passively slowing the enemy. Lastly grab that legendary Guardian Angel for some extra armor, some Magic Resist for that one AP user,and lets you come back to life after death, and help out your team mates. You may opt to swap your gaurdians for a Banshee's Veil in the case that your enemy keeps pulling off stun combos like Warwick's [[Infinite Duressll. The Banshee's Veil will allow you to block that initial stun and causing them to waste on of the skills that can make them strong. Remember though, it is all strictly situational.

4. AP carry build: This is a build you will hardly use, it will focus on building mostly pure AP. It should be used in the case that your team is unbalanced and desperatly needs an Ap carry. Start this build with a Doran's Ring or Amplifying Tome instead of a shield. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is of course your first item. This will give u a bit more HP, and alot more AP and the slow procs that will keep your enemy within your Flamespitter]'s range. Note however, that i would advice getting a [[Hextech Revolver in the middle of building your Rylai's to let you keep sustained in lane so that you can get as much Exp and gold as possible. Since you will be Ap carrying, you will not be initiating, so let the tank get the Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, instead you get to go for a bit more damage early game with a pair of Sorcerer's Shoes. The magic pen should let you get through the magic resist of most un-tanky champions at low levels. Now you will need more pwoer behind your attacks, so go ahead and grab a Rabadon's Deathcap. The Deathcap should give you enough AP to start terrorising the opponents as wellas more armor pen to help you do some damage to opponent tanks. Hextech Gunblade is usually not seen on an AP carry, unless they are assasin types like Akali. Like Mordekaiser, Rumble can also go for a bit of AD. Rumble has the ability to do some massive damage when he is silenced by Overheat, and Hextech Gunblade not only gives you AP and Spell Vamp, it also gives you AD and Lifesteal for when those peky DPS-types get in your face. I personally think that if you are AP carrying as Rumble Hextetch Gunblade is a better choice than Will of the Ancients because while Will of the Ancients allows you to support your team, YOU are NOT support. Let another AP tank - bruiser type like Mordekaiser, or a support type champ like Sona or Janna or Kayle who has a bit of extra money on their hands grab this item. If there is no one to get this item, chances are the others do not need it anyway, so why waste gold on it? Hextech Gunblade on the other hand will allow you to get more AP as well as some AD, and it also provides some extra damage and slow when you activate it. Next buy a Void Staff for some extra Magic Penetration and Ability power, This will help you to punch through the Maagic reist of tanks and to punish the already squishy champions on the enemy team. Together with Rabadons, you should have approximately 70% Magic Penetration, plus the extra Magic Pen from your boots should allow you to shatter even tanks that saty in Flamespitter for too long. To complete your arsenel, a Guardian Angel seems fitting. This is because the enemy will try to focus you down, and unlike an Annie who is all but hidden by her bear Tibbers, you are a 6 foot mass of walking metal, derpis, explosive rockets, electrically charged harpoons, fire, and of course insults, making you very hard to miss. Gaurdian Angel will give you a bit of magic reisst and armor, as well as a chance to get back up from being dead and torch people to the ground all over again!.

5. Full tank build: Okay, so first things first, this build focuses on building to be very tanky and resistant to both magic and attack damage. This build should be used if no one else on your team is able to tank efficiently and you are stuck with the role. So since you are a tanky support, grab a few wards, hp pots if u think u need them and a Faerie Charm that you can build into a philosophers stone later on. In this role, you want to go bot as support, and to poke the enemy if they get too close, grabbing a Aegis of the Legion will let you do just that. Not only does this item give you armor and magi resist, it also gives a partial amount of it to your team mates, making them harder to kill. Also this item gives you team makes some extra AD, and since you are in bot lane, this will seriously help your carry to harrass like mad and maybe even get a few kills. Remember that a Nomad's Medallion can help alot for a tanky support, and because you are not getting any Creep kills, you need money, so getting it before finishing your Aegis or right after it (recomended to get it before, but it depends on how the game goes) can help out alot. Next up, you want either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on your enemy team. If the enemy team either balanced or is more AP heavy, go for the Mercury's Treads, if they are more AD reliant, go for the Tabi. This is becasue if the enemy is balances, they should still have a moderate ammount of CC, and grabbing the Mercury's Treads will lower the duration of the crowd control. The same Goes for a more AP heavy enemy team, the amount of CC will be massive so the Mercury's Treads will help. If the enemy team is AD, their CC are not going to be too strong, or will be short or hit related, therefore Tabi will help you not get hit at all! saving you health as well as cc issues. Our friend Rylai's Crystal Scepter is back to help with HP, and also to allow you to support your team more with the slow! It also allows you to not be completely useless damage wise in team fights, gving you some AP to help with your Scrap Shield (which you will be maxing first in this case) and your offensive abilities. Usually mages start to do high levels of damage before a DPS does, so a Force of Nature will help you to take a couple more hits from these guys. Just because Mages get to high damage first doesnt mean they are the only ones capab le of dishing it out, a DPS by now will have an Infinity Edge and some other items like Phantom Dancer or Blood Thirster with them, so pick up a Randuin's Omen to counter their damage as well as the speed at which they lay it down. Now of course grab a Guardian Angel for that all around protection as well as the revive to let you get back into a team fight.

Remember that these are only some of the possible builds, there are many, and the Rumble has to be built according to the situation, so build smart.

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There is not much to say here, really all you will need to do is make sure you dont over extent and last hit.

First things first, for those who dont know, farming is to kill a alot of minnions in order to gain gold and experiance (though u can get a reduced value of exp even if you don't kill minions your self). What you want to do is make sure that you DO NOT STAND THERE AND AUTO ATTACK!. This makes you an easy target for enemy spells and also it makes it harder for you to get last hits on minions. Therefore try instead to walk around in random directions while staying close to the minions (by walk around i do not mean walk out of your lane and wander off into enemy jungles or anywhere else for that matter unless required), and when you see their HP come low enugh for you to finish them with your own attack, go for it. If you think the minions will get them first Flamespitter or Electro-Harpoon can help you. However try to save Electro-Harpoon to help harass ranged enemies and use the flamethrower you so lovingly carry around to keep the melee champs away from you.

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Change Log

V. 1.0 - Oct 12 2011

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Well i do not think it really needs ot be explained what this section is about, but the people who initially helped make the guide (might change later on) do not have a Mobafire account as far as i know, and therefore i will give them credit according to their summoner names in the game its self;

1. Mj12 H2WK - item ideas and reasons