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Darius Build Guide by Sandor Clegane98

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sandor Clegane98


Sandor Clegane98 Last updated on March 2, 2018
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Darius Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Last Stand
Last Stand

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Celerity

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Win 51%
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Threats to Darius with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox Free lane,you can even be more of a dick by dodging his slow
Nasus Whoever picks nasus into a Darius is in for a bad time,deny him EVERYTHING and all in whenever u can.
Shen Beat this ninja-wannabe out of lane,literally what is there to say?

Table of contents

Before we jump into the guide,if you're interested in actually viewing and following my ranked stats,heres my profile

Howdy lads, first and foremost, thank you for checking out my first mobafire Darius guide on how to climb out of the shietpile of silver 3 right into diamond+,I'm a proud Darius main with over 900 Darius games throughout season 6/7 and i'll be compiling a list of every single thing I've learned throughout my journey of mastering this manly *** beast of a champ all the while acting as Terence Fletcher from Whiplash.I'll share with you my personal experiences on how to play Darius in appropriate situations and snowball with him right into that juicy *** +20lp.
A little about about me:
I'm a an egoistic toplane main douchebag and my mindset is to give it my all every game regardless of the situation, and then one day I stumbled upon this manly *** chimp called Dariuserino,whom I fell in love with immediately, the entire concept of the champion is really appealing for me and the amount of carry potential is absurd.
I dinged 1 mil points with Darius just recently and I think it's safe to say I have no life,but hey,I decided to make a guide where I go into detail about all the things I've learned playing Darius in hopes of helping you fellow ambitious readers to improve your dunkin' skillz in solo q.

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So let's check out what's really going on for our hairy NBA superstar

Basic analysis

Darius thrives throughout the early to mid levels, his damage output is absurd when you stack the passive which we'll get into detail in the next chapter,and what I literally mean is you only have a black cleaver on you but you're dealing damage equal to that of an adc,kek.You are not however an official tank,rather you're an off-tank,so keep that in mind,basically speaking however,you're still a primary frontliner for your team for the most part,your primary strenght comes from stacking your passive which in return empowers your entire damage output which makes you a massive threat to the enemy team,all the while maintaining a strong sustain in both laning phase and teamfighting.Ever since the rework,Darius has been a top tier pick for the toplane,sporting well over 51% winrate and having most matchups entirely in his favor,the sheer amount of build paths is also avaliable for you meaning you can easily adapt to most situations quite well,essentially speaking you have flexible build paths along with strong ad ratios which makes up for some really decent balanced builds.


Thanx for stopping by, my name is well, I change my summoner name alot, atm I go by the name Gay Fart Wizard,but thats not important, you want elo in this new shiethole of a season right? right.I did some testing with different runepages and i had no success with any of 'em and start worrying, but then I stumbled upon sorcery tree and it mesmerized me with its abilites, its LIT and I beg u to try it.The movement speed you get is way too good to pass down on.

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NEW season,NEW changes, great now I gotta rework this foken section again,fok me,well anyways after some extensive testing of multiple rune pages I think I've gathered enough extensive research notes to draw my own 2 cents on how Darius should work RN,anyways lets dive right in.







So first of all why the SORCERY runepage? Well from my personal experience I find the amount of mobility combined with damage this tree provides is absolutely fine for our big boyyyyyy dyrone and imma tell u why boi.
So checking out the first option Phase Rush is the new stormraiders but even better,it doesnt proc off of how much dmg you deal but instead it procs off the 3 seperate abilites and / or 3 basic attacks which is relatively easy for DORIS.You get a movement speed buff which SCALES with level so np for late game boiii. Nullifying Orb is BRILLIANT vs AP dealers for prolonged longevity.Replace with The Ultimate Hat if you're facing no ap champs. Celerity gives us xtra movement speed which is a must have for DORIS,YA'LL KNOW HOW MUCH THE BIG BOY GETS KITED,NO QUESTIONS ASKED.I personally take Scorch because it gives AWESOME early game damage which outweighs Gathering Storm alot, Gathering Storm becomes useful somewhat after 40 mins but honestly games don't take that long anymore so if u ask me, Scorch is muh new babeh.


This tree is a must pick in every runepage combination as either 1st or 2nd option due to legend:alacrity and Triumph which are insane.

This tree is a must 2nd tier runepage pick if you take sorcery first,BECAUSE ATK SPEED,WE NEED IT TO MAKE COMBOS WORK EFFECTIVELY.I can't stress how much atk speed is importanteee on DORIS,also thanks to the fact we made sorcery runes first, we get bonus ad on the second runes which gives some compensation for Fervor of Battle removal,rip BTW XD.
Last Stand is ideal because you're gonna get focused alot meaning ur hp will go down the drain alot,so getting this boosts ur dmg (another fervor compensation XD).gg.
Legend: Alacrity 2bad the effects take a while to get stacked,but atleast its a somewhat compensation for removal of starting attack speed on any champ.u need this to get stacks and combos running efficiently.yus yus.

However if you opt to take Precision runepage first which is btw my to-go runepage you should take Fleet Footwork, it's absolutey insane for its value, you get the season 7 feast for good lane sustain and the movement speed is insane for sticking to opponents so you dont get kited,along with that the benefit of taking precision runepage first is that you get extra attack speed at the start of the game which is something that I value alot on bruisers,trading is easier,csing is easier,and you stack Hemorrhage much faster and easier,next what you get if you take my build is Triumph this guy is an absolute LIFESAVER in teamfights,1v2's,1v3's etc. Legend: Alacrity helps us get even more attack speed as the game progresses meaning we'll have a good time,and I personally take Last Stand since my playstyle often involves getting myself into situations where I know i'll eat alot of damage so I want to make sure I return the favor tenfold.the secondary runepage should be sorcery for the extra utility such as ms from Celerity and some extra damage Scorch or Gathering Storm or even more utility Manaflow Band you take what you feel like you need.


No really I hate resolve, now I personally am not running with the tanky runes on any of my bruiser champ pool bcuz I feel like they don't compensate for the lack of damage and mobility in contrast to the tankiness it provides which is really miniscule,I feel like this rune is just simply smth that official tanks should run like Maokai Malphite Sejuani etc. but not bruisers like Big **** Darius,however the exception are the new players eager to learn Darius, they're gonna have a better time going for the safer route and picking the tanky version.But if you're experienced, you'll reap the benefits of Phase Rush and use it to unleash havoc.
Grasp of the Undying so the star of the tank runepage would be this spell,same like the old one but with permanent health additions everytime you trade which is quite minimal actually,still bad lol.
Demolish personally i'd take this as a way to boost your map pressure but this tree is subject to change based on your preference.
Conditioning in all honesty this is the best bet as it gives you the best of both worlds,you really don't need 2 much tankiness in the early game, damage is what u need.
Second Wind the World of Warcraft rip-off, I actually really like this rune as it gives you a much better Doran's Shield buff that helps your sustain immersely in early and mid game.So much so it outweighs the other 2 runes so take this.

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Flash is the best spell for playmaking and the best escape artist hands-down,this is something I'd personally never skip on, Flash just opens up way too much flexibility and opportunities you'd normally never get if you took Ghost over it.And as far as I know Ghost is getting gutted next patch which is all the more reason to take flash every single time.Not to mention all the repositioning you can do in and out of teamfights,especially to land those Decimate heals.

Personally,I take this on Darius 98% of times,first off all,it helps coming back into the game if you actually manage to get yourself killed in lane either solo or by gank,using Teleport allows us catch back where we screwed up,especially if the enemy laner was shoving the creeps into your tower,effectively managing to pick up all the cs you would otherwise lost.Not only that,in later stages of the game, Teleport allows us to apply map pressure very easily and if a teamfight breaks out you can instantly join it thanks to this spell,for the long run it's definitely safe to say this is the best 2nd spell to take besides Flash.Other stuff worth mentioning is that you can also apply pressure on objectives easily aswell,without the possibility of getting pressured elsewhere on the map since you can instantly teleport wherever you're getting pressured after you secured an objective.Really flexible and all-around the best option for most toplaners.

Honestly,this is a very inefficient spell on Darius,first of all,your bleeds will do your job just fine,making this spell very inferior to spells like Teleport you have limited pressure on the map and this spell becomes somewhat useless later on as the game progresses.The only department where it would get useful then is for grievous wounds only really.Other than that,it's something I personally don't run,on Darius at the very least.

If I'm taking Ghost I prefer to take it as an alternative to Teleport rather than Flash as I deem Flash way too good to pass down on,so basically you should take Ghost if you want extra movement speed on your kit,it helps alot in every stage of the game really,you'll literally always be sticky with this spell up,unfortunately it's getting nerfed in the upcoming patch making it a bit more inferior to Teleport but it can still be a choice if the enemy team consists of alot of kite-type champions.

The most important items and why

K so,in this section i'll specifically cover all of the most important items that you should run on Darius,those that you should get when you're ahead,those that you should get when you're behind,stuff that's awesome for cheesing (being a douchebag,esentially) and some other important notes worth mentioning.

Starting items

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Depending on whether you're facing off a poke heavy champion like quinn,gp,yasuo,ryze you should take a Doran's shield / cloth armor with 4x pots or if you're facing off a tank that you're gonna be bullying doran's blade is the way to go as it gives you very nice sustain coupled with Vampirism which we take since we know we'll be the one that's usually safe farming while the other is weeping behind his turret,if you're somehow unsure about what to take in a certain situation,another option would be Corrupting Potion,it gives us both sustain in the early levels + mana if we're being aggressive and that combat damage over time which is pretty neat in the early levels,though I myself never go Corrupting Potion since I'm already pretty experienced in what specific starting items to take depending on my situation,anyways in most type scenarios you should always look to finish the notorius BC first item because it's usually where your power spike kicks in.

The Black Cleaver is unarguably the pride of any ad based champion,the #1 item that any1 with even a slight little bit of brain cells should buy,well kinda,recent changes in 7.4 changed the build path to Phage and Kindlegem.While I don't mind this too much the problem is you can't snowball that hard anymore till' you finish this item,reason is the only form of ad you get is from phage while Kindlegem gives you nothing but raw health with cdr,this changes however didn't hurt Darius too much as opposed to the assassin champs that abused this item's build path,anyways lets break this item through:

+400 Health - Recent changes changed the build path of this item,instead of 300 hp we now get 400 health which adds up really nice to your whole off-tank kind of figure,you'll usually be gaining well over 4k hp at the end game coupled with some seriously good raw stats which makes this item very gold-efficient on you in the long run.Hell,you're even tankier than some of the official tanks like Maokai thanks to those obnoxious heals from Decimate.
+40AD - A nice chunk of attack damage to stack on top of our passive makes up for some pretty damn busted damage,well-balanced indeed.Previously it was 50 ad but in 7.4 rito changed it to 40 ad to prevent the assassins from abusing this beauty.Unfortunately,they failed.
+20%CDR - Now this is also something that's pretty damn good on champs like that Darius,the CDR helps massively in helping us spamming our abilities more often meaning more a offensive Darius with more damage output in the long run,huehuehue.
Passive MS (the Phage effect) - This thing is probably the most useful passive on Darius,damaging creeps and enemy champions adds a slight movement speed boost and when you kill an enemy champion or creep you get even more movement speed for a slight duration,this makes you very sticky and mobile when chasing and can also be used as a suprise when you actually kill a creep and then all of a sudden you walk towards an enemy Gangplank with +Movement speed and pull him into his apparent death.Lel.
Passive Armor shred - Damaging abilities and autoattacks apply a stack of armor shred,up to 30%,this coupled with Battering Blows and Apprehend passive can add up to 60%+ armor shred without even building items like Last Whisper how pretty damn neat is that,apart from that armor shred is applied every time your bleed deals damage aswell meaning if you land an aa you might aswell let that DoT (damage over time) do it's magic for u,at every 1.25 seconds it automatically applies the stack,so stacking this item won't be a problem.

So basically your first rush should obviously be the The Black Cleaver,now the situations where you would actually not rush The Black Cleaver would be when you're laning against a poke heavy champion like Quinn, Jayce.In this matchups I usually recommended cheesing with early defensive boots,such as Michael Jordan's Ninja Tabi.These jordans help you negating the aa poke you're sucking up every now and then and it even gives you some movement speed,I used to rush a 1st item deffensive aswell,such as Randuin's Omen and Ninja Tabi and then I'd go for The Black Cleaver,but lately if I'm cheesing,buying boots vs a ad based poke lane would do the trick just fine.
Now if you're laning against an ap based poke lane I would rush Hexdrinker only if the enemy team consists of 3+ magic dealers,if they're not,then I would rush Phage and Boots of Speed,reason to this is because when it comes to magic dealers they're not exactly aa-poke based,instead they're ability based and most of the times they actually do lack any reliant gap closer meaning having early movement speed will make sure we secure our kill when we get into pull range.Bottom line lets break these items through.

Cheesing vs AD poke lane

So as we said, vs aa based poke ad opponent,ninja tabi's will do the trick,I'm personally rushing ninja tabis alot in ranked games especially if the enemy team has alot of aa based dmg,the damage reduction provided by ninja tabis is way too good to miss out on but if you're feeling like you need more of that tankiness and are overall open for actually delaying your The Black Cleaver powerspike ,start rushing an omen and then BC,the synergy with omen and tabi's is pretty neat especially when coupled with thornmail that will add up nicely to your tankiness in the later stages of the game due to the fact most adc's have swiitched back to crits.
Generallythe same thing goes vs ap based opponents.

Cheesing vs AP

If you seriously dont wanna bother with the early cc, get yourself mercs,you'll get cc reduction that coupled with the tenacity mastery will make sure all of the cc's on you are literally halved,although basically even though I rarely cheese vs ap,the only time I would be taking Hexdrinker and Mercury's Treads over Phage would be if the enemy team consists of an ap based jungler aswell,either way it breaks down into preference.The most defensive option you have can also be rushing Spirit Visage although I stopped doing this because I personally now think taking The Black Cleaver 1st item would be the best choice.

Post-laning phase items

Post-laning phase you should 99% of the time look to get as tanky as possible, now assuming you finished your BC and boots,the next items you should be looking for should be bought specifically for the enemy team,now if its balanced, as in the enemy team is mostly ad with 1-2 ap dealers, than an omen into visage should do just fine,if its more ap than ad then visage into omen should do the trick.Anyways let's break these items through:

+500 HP - The 350 health is so trash now but the item is still good vs adc's,having more health essentially means your Decimate healings scale more,very nais bruh,2bad the tank item changes screwed dat up.
+60 armor - Interestingly enough you'd expect +50 armor like the rest of the tank bruiser items,NOPE you get 60 which is pretty damn awesome,this guy right here is your best friend vs adc's especially, even when they start building arm pen you'll still have a decent amount of armor left over to keep your hairy arse going.ayy lmao.
-20% Crit chance dmg reduction - Absolutely awesome vs any crit-dealing champ.
#1 Passive - You get a passive that slows down 15% attack speed vs anyone who's attacking you for as long as they're attacking you.This is just way too good to pass down on,it's why I'm insisting that you should take this first over Dead Man's Plate,you'll literally stomp attack speed scaling champs with ease and make those adc's weep all over the rift floor.
#2 Passive - Everything is moving in slow motion?Well kinda.An aoe slow with a high cooldown.Great contribution for both teamfights and chasing people down,aswell as trying to escape, also make sure to bm for extra swag.Just be sure to save it for the right time because as mentioned it's CD is 1 min.

+425 HP - 425 chunk of health to keep that 6-pack of yours.
+10% CDR - More spammable dunks,hell yes boi,I'll take it.
+100% base hp regen - An almost garen passive that's up regardless of whether you're in combat or not? Yeah we'll take it,this can help massively in any stage of the game and as a compensation for not taking any lifesteal,real good.
55 MR - I love this,makes you even more tankier against magic dealers,just watch them cry over your tankiness.
PASSIVE - Gains 30% healing from all sources.I don't think I can clarify enough as to how op this thing is on Darius,holy hell like especially if you're fed,chances are you'll be unkillable for as long as you manage to land the decimate heals,just build this item even if the enemy team barely has any magic damage whatsover,yes it's THAT good man,take it fast.

+425 HP - Here it is again...
+50 armor - The usual 60 armor,adds up nicely to your whole image of a frontliner.
#1 Passive - Speedy Gonzales,as you move you gain stacks of momentum which add up extra movement up to 100 stacks,alot of Darius players usually build this item straight after The Black Cleaver for good reasons,your roaming potential increases alot and your overall map pressence is increased if do actually decide to use this item for that sole reason.
#2 Passive - As you moved around,depending on how many stacks of momentum you had,you'll deal extra physical damage to the target and slow them for one second,a very nice addition indeed.

This item should be built after the omen/visage if you ask me, for if you're facing off against more ad's than ap's,you can however rush this before Randuin's Omen if you're feeling like you need extra movement speed,I personally take this item after omen and visage are finished

+400 HP - You'd expect another 425 - 500 health,well actually the truth is it actually had 500 health (what a suprise) but it got toned down to 400 because the item was deemed too bulky for what it offers.Nevertheless it's all still gud.
+25% base AD This is honestly meh and not exactly the primary reason why we adore this item.
Passive - So upon taking 400-1800 damage based on your health within 5 seconds or less,you'll recieve a shield that scales off 30% of your health AND additional bonus 25% base ad,this is just way too good to pass down on literally anyone champion thats bulking himself up with health,and Darius is no exception.

Apparently there was a guy who had a Sterak in his name who was desperate to get his name somehow implemented into an item or w/e in-game,Rito later actually did fulfill his wish,so basically Sterak is actually a irl person.Now for the item itself,I prefer taking this against compositions who can burst people down pretty easily,this item will prevent any type of burst whatsoever,overall a very nice item which I usually switch around with Guardian Angel,or Dead Man's Plate.Heres on important note, Sterak's Gage and Maw of Malmortius do NOT stack anymore,so always build only one of them.

+30 armor - This adds up nicely for a balanced build
+40 AD - As mentioned with armor,you'll be doing just fine baby gurl.
Passive - Upon dying,after a brief delay you get ressurected with 30% health and 30% mana,this effect can trigger once every 5 minutes.

This is Mother Terese's the final verdict,basically we get very nice stats with some lack of health but I mean if this item had health it would be kinda broken anyways,this effect can only trigger once every 5 minutes though so make sure you don't go rambo and suicide just because you have the effect up,anyways you should usually look to finish this item last.

+100 armor - VS full ad comps,even if they build arm pen items such as Last Whisper you'll still be able to suck up quite alot of damage without breaking too much sweat.
Passive - So every standard attack against returns 15% of damage dealt back + 0.25 of your bonus armor in return of magic damage.

The ultimate cheeser,build this vs a full ad comp,and just laugh as you see them choke on their own e-peniz,pretty neat and should be built as 4th+ item.It's pretty cheap for what it offers so it's entirely valid to build on anyone who just wants to be a complete douche really.The passive scales off your bonus armor (0.25) returning 15% of the damage you sucked up so it's usually supposed to be built vs full ad comps to maximize it's effect.

Cleaver's little bro
+250 HP - For a fighter,this is just fine.
+250 Mana - Who would've thought?When you actually do build triforce getting that extra 250 mana can help us alot in the long run,especially due to the fact that darius' mana pool ain't all sunshine and rainbows...
+25 AD - Nothing special here,only 25 ad but it does get compensated in the long run from other effects this item offers so it's all good in the long run,but yeah,the lack of armor penetration and extra ad we would normally get from The Black Cleaver could hurt,unless you build both items,but we'll talk about that in just a sec.
20% CDR - This item does share alot of similarities with The Black Cleaver and CDR is no exception,more spammable dunks?HELL YEAH BOIS.
40% Attack Speed - Now this is awesome,you get to stack your passive faster and overall are stronger in prolong fights thanks to this attack speed addition,something The Black Cleaver lacks.
5% Movement speed - More mobility?On darius?OFC,and best of all is the fact that it's permanenent,no stacking or stuff like that,flat movement speed for better flexibility.
The Phage effect - Same thing as The Black Cleaver,you hit minions / champions,you get a slight movement speed boost,you kill a minion / champion and you get a bigger movement speed boost,great for being sticky in any situation for that matter,so be sure to rush Phage most of the times.
Charlie Sheen - Extra damage on your autoattacks.Procs anytime we use an ability,it stacks along with your w so you will literally see a combination of sheen and your regular w dmg,which is pretty neat,numbers can get huge when stacked with passive.

The ultimate fighter item,and for a pretty legit reason,you would see people taking this bad boy specifically for the sheen effect,which procs anytime we use an ability,however it important to note that this item should only be build vs comps that have no tanks,because we lose out on the armor penetration from BC which is really precious to darius,so yea,bottom line vs squishies you'll be decimating their bodies in half with this item,literally.You can also use this item in conjuction with other ad based items if you're feeling for a more offensive type of build at the expense of being squishier.

+55 Armor and +55 Magic resist - This makes up for another well-balanced item.
#1 Passive - Builds up to 20% increased movement speed while near turrets,regardless if ally or enemy,and fallen ones,aswell as void gates,which decays as you move away from them,this is really neat for Darius thanks to increasde mobility which would come off as a big suprise to enemies.
#2 Passive - You spawn a void gate at a target location which spawns critters every 4 seconds xD.They explode upon colliding with a turret and deal damage,oh and they also deal damage to minions,kinda.The new changes that came now made the void gate last only 120 seconds but to compensate gave more damage to structures so that's kewl.

It's great item for splitpusher lovers out there,you can take this is a replacement for Guardian Angel or just rush it right after The Black Cleaver and then continue the normal build path,but as I said the lack of health bothers me personally so I usually don't build this item all that much unless I have to keep pressure alot on the map

+20 AD - A moderate amount of ad for what it's worth.
+35 Magic resist - A very nice addition coupled with the effect that it provides.
Passive - When you take damage that would take you below 30% health,you first gain a shield that absorbs 100 magic damage (+10 x level) for 5 seconds with a 90 second cooldown.This is a pretty neat effect that could save lives.

Now here's the deal,I personally barely ever take this item on Darius for the reason that it's stats lack health that I prefer to stay bulky, but don't get me wrong now,the changes that came a few patches ago replaced arm pen with CDR on Maw of Malmortius which is really good for us,so basically you should take this item when you're facing against 3/4+ magic damage dealers so you could maximize it's potential otherwise if you're facing against a team that doesn't have more than 2 magic dealers,visage and stats you get from Zz'Rot Portal or Guardian Angel provide enough magic resist to help you sustain throughout the game.

Wrapping your build up with a protein shake

Don't forget this,adding another 300 health to bulk you up for late game won't hurt the 500 gold,assuming you're full build and have spare cash.

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Ability analysis in order


One of the most iconic passives,a pretty strong one too,your enemies suffer bleed damage over 5 seconds that you can stack up to 5x times,every autoattack or an ability from ur kit applies one stack,the bleeds scale off your bonus ad,and when you reach max stats the bleeds get so heavy depending on how much ad you have that they can sometimes secure kills with ease,atop of that,when you bang 5 stacks you recieve bonus ad depending on your level,current bonus is:

The most efficient way to stack this passive is to combo your abilities with AA in between them,for example aa and then Decimate,aa and then Crippling Strike,this way you max out your damage output,you can also think of this passive as a second ignite,excluding true damage and being a bit stronger if its on a squishy target,sometimes you might even see people cry in chat cuz they literally bled to death xd.So when you get to the point where you do actually have full stacks,be sure to keep it up as much as possible by continuously autoattacking whatever you see in sight regardless of whether or not if it is your primary target to kill,this way you ensure you'll be dunking the way The Bulls always intended you to.

Your '' bread and butter '' as everyone likes to call it,as you know,this is what you max 1st,its your primary poking,trading,sustain and farming tool,it does quite a decent amount of damage even without a stacked passive,as mentioned,it provides 1 stack if if land the outer axe damage.

The problem with this ability is it's kinda of a two way ability,you can damage people either by the shaft or the outer axe,so basic positioning is important,another iconic effect is the heal you receieve if you land the outer axe,the heal is bigger the less health you have,in other words,12% of missing health per champ hit,up to 36% max.

During teamfights you are very obnoxious to deal with thanks to this healing,since you're a tank,a tank that has self instant sustain that increases with each champion hit,you're just way too good.The Chicago Bulls approve this.

Geek notes:
Decimate is a point-blank area of effect ability.
-Applies spell effects as an area of effect ability.
-Spell vamp is reduced to one-third effectiveness.
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter will apply a 20% Slow icon slow for 1 second.But we don't exactly plan on building this....right?
Banshee's Veil Spell shields will block the ability.

Decimate - Q

Crippling Strike - W

Another starter type ability,you can essentially go lvl 1 Crippling Strike if you're looking for a lvl 1 cheese kill,essentially walk up to the enemy laner and start aa'ing and then as he starts turning around use your Crippling Strike on him to cripple his movement enough to kill him or force Flash,this is basically something you max last,reason is maxing this only reduces the CDR and nothing else useful really that would be more superior than maxing Apprehend or Decimate.

Anyways don't let this deceive you,this ability is your primary aa canceler and shouldn't be underestimated,look at this ability as an autoattack that does additional 40% dmg and applies a 1 second slow,anyways though,max last.

Geek notes:
-Crippling Strike is an on-hit effect.
-The triggering attack will apply other on-hit effects and can critically strike as normal.
-As with most on-hit physical damage, the bonus damage from Crippling Strike will apply life steal.
-Critical strikes will not interact with Crippling Strike's damage.
- Crippling Strike's damage will affect structures.
- Riposte will block the damage, slow, and Hemorrhage.
- Aegis Protection will block the damage but not the bleed slow or Hemorrhage.
- Crippling Strike cannot hit through Counter Strike, blinds, or Spirit's Refuge.
- Banshee's Veil Spell shields will block the slow.

So after a brief cast time,you pull everything (champions / creeps) into your melee range,essentially knocking them up for the duration allowing for some Yasuo synergy which is great,anyways after the pull is over they're slowed by 40% for 1 second,the passive on this ability is also one of the great things on Darius,you gain 5% armor penetration every level,up to a maximum of 25% armor penetration,now couple this with a The Black Cleaver,how fkn neat is that?

You can also use this ability over walls and structures to gain vision for 1 second on the other side lol... It also doesn't have any limit on how much people you can pull meaning you can legitemetely pull an entire enemy team into your melee range allowing your team to crush them all at once,it does however have very high cooldowns in the early levels so you have to be sure to save this ability only for when you need it meaning if someone is in your melee range don't just blatantly pull them for no reason,save that damn ability for when they'll try to escape.Definitely max second.

For geek notes, Banshee's Veil spell shields still block this ability and it's important to note this is a conic ability,sort of like a skillshot really.

Apprehend - E

Da-dunk - R

Heres your most iconic ability in the game, The M.J.'s slam dunk,first of all it acts as gap closer so you can use it outside of melee range,apart from that,the dmg is true damage meaning you can shred tanks / squishies / carries / whatever the fk regardless of their tankiness,at lvl 3,assuming you have The Black Cleaver it can deal up to 1k true dmg and more which is just absurd really.

Now to make sure you use the most of this ability,be sure to use it at 5 stacks of passive,basically this ult's dmg increases by 20% for each stack up to a maximum of 100%,it also does apply a stack of passive meaning you can even use this at 4 stacks and then apply the 5th stack with it if you're unable to melee the enemy laner anymore,chances are they could still potentially die from the bleed,so that's cool,the slam dunk also makes every creep flee in terror at the sight of those hairy armpits of yours,so yea.

Last awesome effect is,it allows resets if the enemy actually dies from this specific ability,the reset can be reactivated up until 20 seconds where it then goes on CD,up to the 3rd rank,this ability unlocks,essentially meaning it allows infinite usage of this ult for as long as the target actually dies from it,so no reset cooldown duration,awesome.

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Darius' strenght lies in his ridiculous damage output while at the same time acting as a frontliner for his team,his sustain is greatly increased from the q heals that you should always couple with a even when the team doesnt really have that much ap dmg,when it comes to splitpushing you're not really that great although your pressure on the map is still always needed,once you gain a big lead you actively start joining team fights and look to stack that passive as fast as possible,it is an absolute neccesity to get the passive up as fast as possible meaning if you get a chance to quickly execute someone with your ultimate,don't hesitate to do so.The important part to mention is that you should usually always look to KS any kill you can see because if you kill some1 with Noxian Guillotine you will instantly get a fully stacked passive which you can use immediately.Mid game is as I said your most powerful time to act,up to late game things start getting tricky,for reasons.

You get slightly outscaled

It's no secret that Darius doesn't scale as good as lets say irelia or jax,but that doesn't mean he loses his tankiness or his damage potential,he is still very strong but you have to become more team reliant,and as always look to stack the passive as fast as possible,this is one of the reasons why teamwork is important later.Let's not forget is a big playmaker as it can be either really good or really bad,one of the tricks are that you can deny a gap closer from an enemy player if you correctly time your E,as in zac prepares to slingshot or is already airborne,if he gets into your pull range you can cancel his gap closer and pull him into your range,stuff like that you should practice in normals.

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Lads, sit down and relax, it's story time,
This section I'll explain to you what to do in every stage of that gold promo of yours.Tighten yo Calvin Klein pants up and take notes.So first things first.


Another day,another typical ranked match.The match has started,your autofilled adc asked for jungle but your jungler refused him,later after some flame in the lobby you get into the game and the adc says ff 20,as they continue to flame each other you pull on your carry pantalones,unbox and strap your new Jordans, put on the noxus sweatshirt and start casually walking towards your tier 1 tower.The things have been heating up,jungler starts wishing your adc cancer,the adc then continues to verbally **** the junglers mom,while the support cries that it's his silver 2 promo and that friendship is magic,all the while your midlane Ahri is afk taking a piss while the minions have already rolled out.Your mindset is simple,piss on your laner to show dominance.Start either Decimate or Crippling Strike and look for lvl 1 cheese kill.Remember,Darius' kill potential is super big in early levels.Most low elo enemy's wont expect you to all in them at lvl 1,try hiding in the 3rd bush and as your enemy starts casually farming,go for an all in.Generally speaking,Darius can get camped pretty easily,so 1st back always snatch a Control Ward,anyways you should generally look to get 1st blood tower as soon as possible,as it wields massive cash for you to snowball off.When you get ganked,the general rule of 1v2'ing to stack the passive as fast as possible meaning that if you already are in an all-in vs some1 who already has 2 stacks,and a wild Lee Sin appears,finish the passive on that person who you already started stacking your passive and then determine who is the squishiet target to quickly rule out,this strategy is especially good post 6.You'll be guarenteed to get atleast 1 kill assuming you managed to land your q heals.Anyways,always be sure to abuse your trading potential and get as much farm as possible.

And heres one golden rule we higher elo toplaners have:

Whoever has the highest level controls the highest carry potential

It's no secret that having a higher level means you're overall stronger compared to any1 else meaning you can effectively carry and help gain your team a lead from that point.In my experiences I literally always manage to have the highest level in any stage of the game,I do that by trying not to roam as much but instead continue to farm post tier 1 enemy tower,this way I effectively snowball my lead even more and apply pressure on the map, Zz'Rot Portal is a preference item that helps keep the pressure on even more,although if you ask me,the lack of health bothers me alot,but yea as I mentioned it's preference.Top lane is an island,you won't exactly be running around with your teammates for the most part in that section of the map,and since Darius' mobility is kinda limited,I barely ever do roaming atleast in my elo since they ward midlane around every corner,roaming in lower elos is fine considering your jungler/midlaner cleared the wards for you,when it does come to a roam,don't Apprehend unless you have to,start q and as you get into range aa into a Crippling Strike and then as they try to run away Apprehend them back.


So lets assume you're the one who got 1st tower,at this point as mentioned,you have to snowball and get bulky as fast as possible,doing this,you'll be an unstoppable force in teamfights that'll break out during this stage.

Generally speaking you should look to get that juicy rift herald buff with your jungler to help you get even tankier when solo pushing / 1v3'ing.After that buff I generally apply pressure on the 2nd tier tower,assuming I've got wards backing me up at blue side and hoping your mid has the decency to call the enemy mid MIA,although since it's soloq I try to be on the safe side on watch map every 5 seconds.This way you can help your team secure objectives,meaning you'll force 2 or more people including your toplane enemy to try to stop you from applying extra pressure,and yes most of the times if you're really big 3 or even more people will try to take you down,that's the beauty of Darius,you're a friggin' monster in the mid game,this way 2 or more people are forced to be at top which means more breathing room for your team,and that means OBJECTIVES.If enemy jng / mid is MIA then obviously we'll GTFO from top and generally look to get some camps and / or go straight for a drake.Remember,always save your Teleport for objectives,don't waste it to come back to lane unless you've been camped (this also applies for early game).Remember that most of the outcome of the game will derive from the mid game,specifically because of objectives.

If you get **** on in the early game,the same strategy should still be used,apply pressure,UNLESS your team has the lead,then always look to group assuming the enemy toplane hasn't pressured you post tier 1 tower too much.Do not waste your time wandering like a headless fly around the map,if you do have a lead,including level,don't waste it away,either keep pressuring or help your team secure objectives / get kills for them or you.


Assuming almost everybody is post 16 and got 4+ items,we're kinda leaping into late game at this point.Stuff to keep in mind is,Darius is not a late game monster the way he is in mid game,his scaling is still pretty okay but he's just not as good...At this point you just have to start grouping and effectively start looking to take down the carries in teamfights,as always,stacking your passive is the 1# golden rule of Darius.
A good Darius can look to get the passive up by ksing some1 on low hp,as Noxian Guillotine gains fully stacked passive if it kills someone,during the teamfight another thing worth noting is making sure you keep that passive up by either using abilites on w.e you can find (champs that is) or just aa'ing them.You can make plays such as a Flash > q w r combo on a squishy target,this way you can insta delete an adc and secure the upper hand in the TF.Baron has to be warded at all times,elder same,their buffs are way to good to pass down,generally you should look to do baron when 1 or more members of the enemy team are dead or if your minions have alot of pressure on the map forcing people to clear them out otherwise they'll destroy towers/inhibs.Another reason would be if your jungler has a higher level than the enemy jungler,this way if hes not fkn trash he'll secure that kill on baron ez.During the Baron / Elder , you should generally look to try zoning out as much as possible,as your dmg on creeps ain't all sunshine and rainbows the way adc's / midlaners' dmg is.You're a tank so it's common sense that it should be your job to zone out anyways,and the beauty of that is,you're a tank that deals big numbers and still does the tank job anyways,one of the many pros of the NBA superstar.Other things are,you still gotta be sure to apply pressure rotating top / bot,just be sure to have vision otherwise you could single-handedly lose the game by dying like a dumbass.
Other things to note are: your Apprehend synerges with other abilites such as Yasuo's Last Breath meaning that you have to value it and not waste it unless you have to,since it has a longer cd duration than q-e and is your only form of hard cc, especially if you're running with Courage of the Colossus .

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The basic combos

Darius does have some pretty nice good to know combos for starters,lets dive right in.

The lvl 1 cheeser

So start W and hide in the 3rd bush,wait for the enemy laner to walk in and start cs,walk up to him from behind and land 2-3 aa's,as he's starting to approach his turret,use your w and then just attempt to land any AA's you can,you'll surely make him flash at the very least

The pull combo

It is important to note that you have a small time period when you pull the enemy player to land an auto right before going w - q:
> AA > >

aa'ing combo

This combo revolves around bigger trades,its always important to aa as much as you can while animation canceling with w

AA > > > AA

The ult combo

this combo revolves around apprehend followed by an all in

> AA> > AA > > AA>

Important notes: at sticky situations dont hesitate to ult before finishing your passive,remember your ult also give one stack meaning if you ult while your target has 4 stacks you'll ding 5 stacks and watch your target bleed to death.

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I'll cover the most popular matchups Darius gets in da toplanerino

Starting items are and a pot,so essentially what you wanna do in this matchup is not be afraid of all in's as you have the upper edge,however basically if you're starting to have trouble don't hesitate for early cheese with as it will greatly help negate her dmg in trades whilst also giving your some of that juicy gonzales mobility,during trades most riven's will try to go in for q w combo and then immediately E out, so what u wanna do is after she tries to E is to quickly start moving towards her as she's about to E to pull her with your E and then try to kill her,as riven is a cooldown champ meaning in the early stages her trades are exclusively based on her abilities while the NBA superstar has his passive backing him up,so yeah generally look to do that stuff as it will surely grant you a potential kill,post 6 all-ins are still in your favor for as long as you're not behind in terms of level and items.

Starting items are and pot,okay so in this matchup the enemy gp will prolly be a **** and save his q's just to poke your hairy arse down,generally doran's shield gets pretty handy here negating some of that parrley dmg,all ins are obviously in your favor however GP can be quite an escape artist with his built in QSS,oranges,generally what you wanna do is save your E unless you absolutely have to use it for when he uses his oranges to outrun you so you can immediately pull him right back in and dunk his ***.If the lane gets hard get some early armor and look for all-ins when possible.Post 6 killing him gets harder if he saves his ult just for you as it slows you down whilst dealing some slight dmg.Another thing worth noting is making sure you either outmanevour or destroy his barrels as they can be quite stingy,as they ignore some armor too.

Starting items are and pot,the bearded viking can pack quite a punch,and for a real good reason,a smart olaf will generally always start q and to try poking you as much as possible,although luckily for you, you still win all ins IF you land your otherwise you might get dumpstered,and believe me olaf can snowball real good.When trading in early levels make sure you correctly take time to reposition for the q heal because hes probably gonna keep you slowed will all the q poke,do that and you'll be fine in the long run.If you do get behind, will greatly help reducing the mental aa distress olaf is causing you,however don't hesitate to take it even when ahead to keep the lead.Post 6 don't bother wasting your E as his ult is cc immune,so save it for when you really need it,especially if you're running

Starting items are and pot or Okay so Ronda Rousey-wannabe here can be a real pain in the arse for 2 reasons,if you get hit by her tentacle pull chances are you'll lose the trade and potentially an all in as she heals off hitting your pulled image thingy so generally you have to avoid getting hit by that,the 2nd reason is you can get ape**** dumpstered in a post 6 all in if you don't bother dodging her ult tentacles.Pre 6 assuming her tentacle pull is on CD you can dumpster the mma wannabe pretty easy,so don't be afraid for trades/pokes and potential all ins,as for the post 6 all ins generally just try to bother dodging literally any tentacle you can and you'll be fine in the long run.

Starting items are and pot or While we all know how Irelia can scale up pretty good and dumpster people in the later stages of the game,you'd be suprised to know how prone to bullying this little whimp is to the NBA superstar,literally get as much offensive as you can in the early stages to shut her down and snowball the lead into a juicy victory,post six be sure to land the heals to make sure you don't get potentially outplayed somehow,pre 6 every stage of the laning phase including all ins is in your favor,if you do manage to have troubles with her,early will help ALOT,as she can pack a punch with those true damage autos.

Starting items are and pot.Okay so the HASAGI samurai wannabe here can either be a really bad yasuo and get dumpstered like a bronze 4 or he can actually be good and make good and then out trades / pokes effectively cheesing you into your ultimate death.So for those reasons it is generally better to be on the safer side and take a doran's shield,laning pre 6 is in your favor for as long as you dont get yourself MEGA harassed with his tornados so be sure to dodge them,all ins are in your favor,and since yasuo has quite a pushing nature don't hesitate to cheese him with jungler early for the extra tilt on his part,post 6 is also in your favor assuming you didn't horribly screw up,if you do, always consider that cheesy and maybe even a potential if you're feeling like you can't handle the samurai,some more smarter yasuo's will try to play you by denying you your passive by E thru minions while it runs out,so for extra kill potential on your part try not to stand near minions unless you know you're gonna kill him,same thing goes for late game if you feel like he can kill you.

Starting items are and pot.This lane is usually mean't to go into your favor for most of the times assuming you somehow don't get cheesed by the jungler in the early stages,all ins and trades all go into your favor,the key here is to make sure you save your for after hes dismounted as let's say you don't save it and use it while hes mounted with low Skaarl hp,you won't pull off any more damage than the health he has up to his dismount meaning the ult damage will go to waste and potentially deny you a free kill,so yes do keep this in mind fellow aspiring reader.Pre six the trading is as mentioned in your favor,for extra cheese be sure to keep your for when hes done gapclosing so you can pull him right back and finish him off.

Starting items are and pot.Always.Especially if he takes ignite.Why?Well hes pretty much the top toplane bully,even I admit it,hell hes my second main.This champion is another cooldown-reliant champion,much like riven,small time windows where hes done trading you with his is generally where you pull your pants up and strike back,because his abilities have high early cooldowns thus meaning that after hes done with his combo hes left with nothing but his auto's for the next solid 10 seconds,this is your time to beat him up and potentially even all in if you managed to stick to him while his E is on CD,his general strategy is bullying as much as possible from his passive,the red bar thingy.You'll see this bar being either full or half full,half of the bar gives him extra dmg on any ability including boosted effects,a full bar means 2 enhanced abilites,first off we have his ,the regular q deals normal dmg and normal healing while the empowered one deals bigger dmg and increased heal,his heals are bigger the more creeps he hits them with it,his is a basic stun ability that adds damage in forms of 2 auto's,the empowered stun gives him a 1 and a half second stun while the regular one is 0.75 and he deals dmg equal to 3 autos instead of 2.This ability can easily be countered with or tabis deny 30% of his w dmg because as I explained the dmg that derives from his w are considered aa's instead of an actual ability dmg.Mercs are less popular but also a choice if you're looking to decrease the stun duration assuming the rest of the enemy team has alot of cc otherwise its kinda gold inefficient if built only for renekton.Next up his ability is a form of a gap closer,2 gap closers actually that deal minor dmg that the rest of his abilities,he can get another gap closer off the first one if hes hit something (you or the creeps)which is pretty nasty,the empowered version gives his second E an armor shred and extra dmg.Theoretically speaking pre 6 you can cheese him pretty easy when hes done with his combo trade,be sure not to stick around if hes winning trades cuz he can potentially all in you in moments you wouldn't expect it,his ult is pretty nasty as it has a type of and HP boost which is pretty busted,all ins are however always in your favor assuming you manage your heals well.

Starting items are and pot.Kinda poke heavy lane depending on the ryze himself,his root is the problem,a small trick you can do is try getting as close as possible when you apprehend him into yourself so that you can simoultaneously crippling stirkehim as hes casted the root to keep up with him and finish off your trade,maybe even potentially killing him if you get lucky, helps alot vs his root so if you're really having troubles don't hesitate to snatch the mercs.All ins are obviously in your favor.During trades try saving the pull by just running into him,if hes dumb enough he might even let you aa him where u then u can start w and go for a kill,as he roots you wait for the root to end and immediately Apprehend him and finish him off.

Start french bread and watch her violently trying to gouge your eyes out as you wave it infront of her ''oh im a badass french duelist'' face.JK,we going for and a pot.This is a pretty skillful lane I must say, you have to deny her the vitals by either manevouring during trades or trying to get out of her vision so you can reset the vital into a harder-to-hit one,trading though shouldn't be too hard,just make sure not to apprehend her into her cuz you'll get stunned and it might get ugly,real ugly.Post 6 a cool cheesing tactic every fiora player hates is to just hug a wall to deny the last vital hit and she'll end up not proccing the heal and you'll surely win the all-in.If you get into trouble,early is always an option to reduce the damage,honestly though,always look to shut her down early because she can snowball pretty damn hard if she goes for a glasscannon type of build.Can singlehandedly carry games if fed enough.

We're going for and a pot.Jax is another heavy aa based champion so at times even a damn does wonders vs him.If you're finding yourself in trouble,rush those even if you're not in trouble they still help MASSIVELY.Trading can go easily in his favor if he cheeses you with his Be sure to try juking his stun out either by fake-walking in then out or use your apprehend as he starts to cast and just walk away,as apprehend denies using any ability while the enemy is in the pull animation,so that's nice for us.All in's pre and post 6 are in your favor.Kill is always secured for as long as you use the apprehend tactic vs his e in every all in.Be sure to shut him down early,even with a jungler if you really need one because his scaling is pretty big later.

Starting items are and a pot.This guy can be a real pain,obnoxiously annoying to deal with as most jayce players will look to poke you down out of lane pretty early,I personally always rush vs him to help negate the poke,it's neccessary since it's also coupled with early movement speed to help chase him down,all in's you'll get knocked away immediately after you pull him so the strategy is to try positioning yourself behind him facing the enemy turret as that way he won't be able to escape anywhere safe,or you can positon yourself near a wall to decrease his knockback range,you'll find yourself using apprehend 90% of times but as always try to save it so when you do actually get into melee range you can secure an ez kill.

Starting stuff should be and pot, or a ,generally speaking Chief Beifong from Avatar LoK is pretty busted right now,her ult offers no counterplay,her q gives her an aoe poke that heals her,much like renekton,a gap closer that can be used to reposition against walls,and true dmg,seriously though you're much better than her in any department for that manner.If you do find yourself in trouble early defensives including tabi will help as usual, should definitely be rushed here to help stay sticky in an all in,when she ults you're not the one stuck inside with her,shes the one stuck inside with you. Pre 6 you outtrade and outtpoke better so don't be afraid for that.

Start and a pot or .Too bad the troll king himself doesn't troll games and goes afk like the most of the other '' trolls '' do.This lane can get really nasty,my personal most hated matchup,pre 6 you can win trade and all in's but don't get outplayed by his glaciar thingy,you can get zoned and mauled on.Post 6 I generally just try to juke his ult and just wait it out,it just has no counterplay,generally speaking though you should always go for first since his ultimate steals your stats for the duration meaning early defensives are pretty dumb to take vs him,excluding ,trundle is quite aa heavy so tabis will do wonders,anyways post 6 after you wait out his ult try regening and csing until u get some hp back and stomp him.You can 1v1 post 6 if you really want assuming you made enough pokes to burst him down with some kind of a flash q w ult combo if you're feeling like you know you'll secure the kill.

Starting stuff will always be and a pot,generally I always rush vs her,it just helps so much negating her pokes.All in's are generally in your favor,as you pull her try being as sticky as possible cuz most of the times it can be a kill.Post 6 you could potentially get killed if you somehow manage to miss your E,basically she'll just slow you with her q and aa your hairy arse down.So value that apprehend of yours and don't use until you know you'll land it.Try correctly timing your ult immediately after her ult expires other wise if you're looking to just burst her down as fast as possible use ur ult immediately after you bang the 5 stacks regardless of her health.

and pot is what we'll be taking here.This guy can poke pretty hard so generally when it comes to all ins pre 6 be sure to keep up with his blood pool so you can continue stacking the passive,meaning that you should probably save your E for that, and help tremendously against him,post 6 all ins are still yours considering you land your healings during trades regularly.Hes extremely vulnerable without his pool so definitely look for all ins when it's on cd.

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Heres just some random stuff I made in paint for your personal enjoyment lol


So the big guy got nerfed a while back

Yeah I know what ya'll are thinking,riot actually listened to silver / bronzies kiddos crying on the boards how they get stomped by darius because they don't have a single clue on counterplaying immobile champs like Darius,sad thing.

Truth is Darius' dominance has been mostly credited towards the pre-nerfs Courage of the Colossus so just keep that in mind for now,Darius' winrate hasn't exactly spiked that much just to mention it,51.9% is not exactly anything someone should be worrying about,and that's with the colossus pre nerfs so essentially the most logical thing to do would've been to wait for the courage and ghost nerfs to roll out and see in what spot the NBA superstar would be at,and then after 7.2 they would've see that Darius would end up in the same spot as he was before courage was even introduced,atleast that's what I personally think since courage is not the to-go keystone on any tank / offtank for that matter anymore now...except maybe fully official frontliners like Maokai I guess.However riot actually succumbed to the outcries of the low elo kindergarteners who claim Darius being '' op af plis nerf i cant 1v1 him cuz im **** xdd ''who also have no idea what a lane freeze even means,just an example really.Over here at Darius mains the community is literally outraged and I believe we have a right to be so,now lets just check back on Darius before Courage of the Colossus was introduced. Throughout season 5 / 6 when the rework came out Darius was at a solid just below 51% winrate for the most part and nobody touched him in over a season,if you go the darius patch notes you would see that for yourself, .

And as you can see,any normal person would conclude the fact that Darius is nothing more than a balanced champ that can get outplayed and punished really easily,dia+ players would agree with me on this one,when colossus came to the scene it was pretty op on pretty much any champ that offers hard CC and now it got apeshiet nerfed to the point where someone would start wondering if this **** is even viable on any champ at all for that matter.

So rito nerfed the keystone,even Ghost got nerfed,so whats the point of targetting Darius now? Does the balancing team over at riot even take these types of things into consideration before they start blindly toning stuff they feel like they should, simply because an outburst of low elo children with comments like '' dud i lost 1v1 to darius lvl 1 why is this happening to my life nerf this ok?ty '', Apparently not from what we're seeing here,anyways these are just my 2 cents on how I feel about this whole stupidity, honestly though I feel like this shouldn't hurt the hairy boy too much up to lvl 14 but it's still kinda unjustifiable considering matchups like Jayce where Darius could get roflstomped easily with little to no counterplay.

Hell,In this video,the well-known na jungler main Pants are dragon clearly states that even he feels the nerfs on the passive are literally unjustifiable.

UPDATE: I think it's safe to say the nerfs were really minimal and almost unnoticable,played well over 20 darius games over the past 3 days and as far as I'm concerned the changes won't impact Darius almost at all,also as a side note I'm mostly running with Fervor of Battle as of these changes as I feel that the extra ad we get before we even stack the passive will not only tone up our early / mid game but also well-over compensate for the -10 ad on the passive and it's synergy is really good,almost like a 2nd darius passive,basically you gradually build ad from both the keystone and the passive for some nice DAHMEGE.

All in all, thank you for being here,this is my first bbcode guide so it's not all sunshine and rainbows,hope you learned new things about darius and how he works,and how to build him.

I'll keep updating this guide as the season progresses so be sure to check back regularly.

I have another guide based on renekton which I made a couple of weeks after this guide,you can check it out here:


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Jan-2-2017 --- Added the '' lead thrown cuz bronze '' picture
Jan-2-2017 --- CHAPTER ADDED: Detailed matchups
Jan-2-2017 --- Guide chapters have been redesigned with custom photoshop made chapters to make the guide more dynamic
Jan-5-2017 --- CHAPTER ADDED: Stages of the game
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