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Ezreal General Guide by Kazart

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazart

Dat OP eze

Kazart Last updated on January 9, 2014
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ap eze, ad eze

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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yea my bulid have fun whit it but play care full ap eze is realy hard to play ( in my point of view ^^) i would be glad for some respond

yes now is ad eze also inside he is not that hard to play like ap eze but a good ap eze can kill a moste times the ad eze but this doesnt mean that ad eze is bader i personay play ad eze but you have to choose ^^(whit ad eze you can play at the begining agressiv he is a good eraly game champ because of his mystik shot ^^)

Just did it for a friend so it may not is that big like other guids but the thing how has to be inside, ithink, are inside the items and the skill freqency but i hope you have fun ^^
if u have idears what i could add or change wirte it as comment may i`ll add it. And if you see writing or spelling mistakes wirte it too i can change tham (im not that good in english ^^ )

The Dominion Guid I'll update next but I chose the others are more important

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ap eze Pros / Cons

+much Dmg
+epic ulti
+very good abilities
+perfect to defence tower (whit ulti)
+whit skill realy evil char >:D
+ + +epic dance

# relativ squishy

- beginning hard to farm and kill
-need lot of skill

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Ad eze Pros / Cons

+much dmg
+epic ulti
+much live steal
+easy beginning (also whit out the runes)
+very good abilities
+high range
+much fun playing (i think)
+good to defence tower
+ + +epic dance

#squishy but with the livesteal and the runes+guardian angel relativ good defensive

-need atleast some skill to play eze
-need relativ good team mates because eze cant do any thing alone

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Dominion eze Pros/Cons

+fast (i think beeing fast is esencial for dominion)
+much dmg (who would have thaught that xD)
+ulti very good defence points
+high range
+moste times good for the beginning (my team most times get the 3th tower when im playing like that ^.^)
+very good abilities
+ + +epic dance

-squishy but with entropy its ok (its rare to come that far in a dominion)
-like ad con need good team because only a bit feedet eze is a realy good eze ^^
-need skill to play like that in dominion because Dominion is harder for eze than normal game (thats my personal way of thinking)

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Summoner Spells

I would take ignite and flash but also good is :


OK also is :
clarity (ap eze)
Surge (more for ad eze not that good for ap)
or clare voiance for ulti but = / (more for ap eze than ad)

other dont want to see >;(

every time when im writing ad eze i also ment my dominion guid

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AP Skill Sequence

first mystik shoot for farm
than Arcan shift to get away
than all at essence flux because of dmg
ulti eavry time if its posble thats clear ... OR ?

also i would be possible to make also some Arcan shift betwen the essence flux than you have more skills to make dmg but not that hig you have to dicide ;D

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AD Skill Sequence

first mystik shot for dmg and farm (becaus ad eze dose lot of dmg also at the beginning whit this skill)
than Arcan shift for easy escape
than again mystik shot( because of eaven more dmg xD)
lvl 7 essence flux(1 you have to skill it or? im not 100% sure and to make other ad slower and you faster [looked at the atk speed])
ulti skill if its posible thats clear OR? when not BLAME YOUR FATE ^^

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Items AP eze

Soccer shoes you can also change to ionian, mercurs or swiftness.

Also a good item is void staff if you have enough mana yozu can change the archangel in to void staff

Majai's soulstealer is an very good Item for AP eze because he can easily farm it up to 20 with his ultimate

In a match whit much magican enemy you should change Relays to Banshee's vail.

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Items AD eze

If you have less farm, get your bersek finish and build sheen first instead of BF sword

Instead of maw of malmortius you can choose black clever or last whisper for armor pen

Berserke you cane change to mercur by much magican or much stunner and boots of swiftness if extra speed of trinety isn't enough for you

Also a good item is frozenmalet fore some live and the slow but whit it the dmg does extrimly down also not good (dominion eze dont need he has entropy)

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Team Fights

if a team fight begin you shouldn´t stay in the midel of the fight keep out side there you can help the most you can make your dmg and cant get foced out and just die.

your ulti you should use at the begin of a team fight because there it can makes the most dmg wich is posible to make because you hit 5 champs whit the pure power of eze mightiing or some thing like this xDDDD but not by a 1v1 or 2v2 than its better to have tham if they run away

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general technik

(AP eze) as first you jump whit Arcane Shift to the enemy than use esence flux and at leat mystik shot because of the cooldown reduction and it has an higer rang

(AD eze) jump whit Arcane Shift use if its a ad hero like ashe or tryn esence flux than spam mystik shot and normal attacks if its a mage or a tank dont use esence flux just waisted your mana

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(AP eze)I take great glyph of forst to have more ap at the end.great sel of vitality to life longer or also you can change them into mana and manareg also very helpfull^^.great mark of insight for magic pen against tanks and to make more dmg.also i took great quinces of force to have mor ap in the late game but you can take also 2c great force of quinces two times and one time great quince of poentsy to have in the early game more ap and does so more dmg ^_^

(AD eze)I take dmg +0.95 for the begining whit this your mystik shot got a bit stronger. Armor pen against tanks. 9x glyph of knowlege for mana. and the seals for mana regeneratin per lvl (for late game) and instant for the early game


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