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Malzahar Build Guide by Aqua Dragon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aqua Dragon

Diamond Jungle Malzahar - The Void's Legion

Aqua Dragon Last updated on August 25, 2018
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Jungle Utility Malzahar

Malzahar Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Unsealed Spellbook
Unsealed Spellbook
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Biscuit Delivery
Biscuit Delivery
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Transcendence

+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, adaptive

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Middle Lane
Ranked #14 in
Middle Lane
Win 53%
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The Author

Hi! I’m Aqua Dragon. I've been hovering in Diamond / Master with Malzahar Jungle for multiple seasons now! In former seasons, I was an AD Jungle Malzahar main.

I also play:
I also take people's suggested playstyles, optimize them, and then make guides on them!

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Pros and Cons


  • Powerful objective taker; Voidlings tank very well
  • Can solo dragons and rift heralds very early
  • Suppression makes ganking as easy as pressing R
  • Able to go either damage or full utility based on compositions
  • For utility, 2-second AOE silences on a 3.3-second cooldown
  • For damage, eviscerates multi-melee compositions


  • Must become adept at using Unsealed Spellbook
  • Weak ganker until level 6
  • Mana issues can limit jungling speed
  • Susceptible to multiple divers
  • QSS starts limiting ult targets

Guide Top

What is Jungle Malzahar?


Malzahar's voidlings are able to tank a substantial amount of damage due to how many of them can be rapidly spawned. This makes it possible to clear very healthily, including not requiring health potions to finish the first clear!

The voidlings also make it possible to pull off some fun objective tricks including killing Herald at spawn and Level 3 Dragons!

Particularly useful is Malzahar's teamfight impact. Most junglers are melee, and the few that are ranged tend to have suboptimal teamfight impact due to revolving so heavily around assassination. Meanwhile, Malzahar provides silences, skillshot-blocks, a suppress, and AOE ranged damage to every fight.

Even with low money, Malz is able to simply build into the Utility route, guaranteeing that no matter how poorly a game is going, an impact will still be created.

Guide Top

Utility or Damage?


Throughout the guide, and even at the top with the separate item sets, there are references to the two paths that Jungle Malzahar can take. Either full utility or full damage.

It's not worthwhile to try being a hybrid. A hybrid ends up with mediocre strengths of both builds, but the major weaknesses of both as well.

  • 2-second AOE silences on a 3.3-second cooldown is very disruptive
  • Ult will be up for nearly every teamfight
  • Keeps up the same clear speed as the Damage variant with Voidlings
  • Boots of Lucidity summ spell CDR provides utility with unsealed spellbook
  • Sheer number of nonstop voidlings helps tear apart towers and block abilities
  • Use all spells to maximize disruption, not damage.
  • Multiple item choices to maximize pick, peel, and engage potential

    Great against champions who need to cast spells in combat for impact.

    Also against champions who heavily telegraph their entry for their damage

    For champions who use a spell to escape after engaging

    Against champions with many minions, as voidlings keep blocking them

    And for when you have an extremely fed carry to just peel for

    But there are weaknesses.

    Weak to champions who are not very spell-dependent, especially with QSS

    Or burst / impact so fast that a silence is too late

  • Ryliandries Combo allows Call of the Void and Malefic Visions to hit hard
  • Slaughters melee champions who get too close
  • Combos squishy champions in one rotation
  • Lack of item variability increases consistency
  • Great self-peel against singular divers or assassins

    Great against melee champions without dashes.

    Also against less bursty, squishy champions who must get close

    For champions who have telegraphed assassination patterns

    And for when the team offers ample peel or the carries are doing awful

    But there are weaknesses.

    Weak against mid-ranged, bursty squishy champions

    and just terrible against artillery champions

Guide Top



Unsealed Spellbook

Unsealed Spellbook is versatile and impactful for both Damage and Utility Malz. Glacial Augment is too situationally useful and only for Utility Malz.

Magical Footwear

Magical Footwear is difficult to go wrong with for a champ that doesn't buy boots super early. Hexflash is too conditionally useful, and not useful enough even then.

Biscuit Delivery

Biscuits provide more practical gold than Future Market's theoretical gold.

Cosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight synergizes very well with Malzahar's goals


Manaflow Band

Manaflow provides a touch necessary more mana, allowing Malz to forego a faster mana item in exchange for other options in both builds. This versatility bonus trumps the other options.


Transcendence opens up significant item versatility, and is the largest reason for going Sorcery secondary.

There are, of course, a number of other very tempting runes in the other trees. so why have I opted against trying those?

I did experiment with all of these options to some degree, and the results are as follows:



All three keystones were found to be very mediocre. Phase Rush couldn't be activated at useful times readily, while Summon Aery scarcely added any more damage since Malz spent so much time in the jungle. The slightly increased ult burst from Arcane Comet didn't meaningfully impact any kills, and until Rylais it's too difficult to land for improved sustained damage.

Additionally, out of the runes in Sorcery, Malz only really heavily desires Manaflow Band and Transcendence. The rest are just alright. We have a name for a a rune tree that has only two desirable runes and mediocre keystones: Secondary Tree.



Predator seemed tempting because of the speed boost for ganks, but it conflicts with Magical Footwear, so one of them has to be given up. Additionally, Unsealed Spellbook can provide similarly powerful ganking summoners (including Ghost!) such as Teleport and Exhaust.

Electrocute is the next best option, and along with Cheap Shot and Ultimate Hunter, shows promise for much more powerful, frequent all-in combos. However, testing revealed that while this burst was fairly useful in the laning phase, it very rapidly fell off due to lacking raw AP. Additionally, in mid-late teamfights, both runes get spread out across too many targets to do anything meaningful.

The Domination tree is still good, but the Inspiration tree is simply better.



Presence of Mind was just okay. If going down a tree that has awful keystones for Malz and mediocre runes, the desired rune has be way better than just okay.

Guide Top

Skill Order






Malzahar Jungle offers a Utility Path or a Damage Path.

At level 8, you must choose one.



In both cases, Call of the Void is maxed first because it offers the greatest camp clearing speed increase due to its very short cooldown. The silence also scales with its rank.

For the utility path, Void Swarm has fairly pitiful level ups, but the increased duration on Voidlings makes them substantially more useful. They can tank more camps, skillshots, towers, barons, and dragon. They also collectively deal more damage to camps this way compared to Malefic Visions, allowing the Utility path to maintain rapid clear times.

For the damage path, Malefic Visions is the best to max second, as it adds the most raw damage to champions.

Guide Top

Items and Build Order

Null Set

Create Item Set

You don't need any health potions to finish the first clear, though one is a nice contingency. A control ward will help spot early invade attempts.

Your core is complete! Amazing.

At Level 8, choose Damage or Utility and stick with it. Hybrid feels awful.




This is all Malzahar Jungle really needs to stay reasonably topped off on mana while also having a good amount of CDR for both paths. Immediately after Lost Chapter, it's possible to focus on one of the two paths.


With Lost Chapter and Transcendence, you're only a single CDR component from the 45% CDR dream, and probably before the 15 minute mark too! The summoner spell CD reduction synergizes nicely with Unsealed Spellbook. Priority buy as soon as possible.

GLP is a strong item for extra utility, helping set up for ults, peels, and a touch more damage. It's much nicer than Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the Utility path because it provides similar things, but builds out of the earlier Lost Chapter. Build if your team would like a budget Rylais.

Gunblade provides a powerful sustain option for taking down objectives. It's particularly great when facing heavy poke compositions or when your team can set up for the fabled duo baron. Choose if you are grabbing all the objectives and want to keep up the momentum.

Dead Mans only loses the movement speed bonus if the champion autoattacks. Good thing Malz Jungle doesn't autoattack! The pseudo-permanent movement buff helps for kiting around fights, providing many more opportunities for helping teammates while surviving through dangerous damage. Choose if you need more survivability.

Speed for the whole team. Handy for when your team needs help running, engaging, or both!

The number of picks you can set up with this item are insane. The ghost is a premonition of death since it readily allows you the chance to catch up and ult the unfortunate target. Great if your team is pick-focused.

Zeke's is an interesting case. "You can't really use the slow AOE field" you may say, which is very true. But the AOE slow is independent from the damage amplification! This means after you ult, then your carry will automatically get an effective +25% AA DPS boost in damage (albeit now magical). This applies to crits too. Use if you have an ADC to obscenely buff up.

Straightforward. For when you need Grievous Wounds.


For damage. Priority purchase.

Combined before Rylais, it offers the highest damage efficiency for Malzahar.

Combined after Liandrys, it offers the highest damage efficiency for Malzahar.

After Ryliandries, offers the next highest damage efficiency for Malzahar.

After Ryliandries and Void Staff, offers the next highest damage efficiency for Malzahar. Don't upgrade to Morellonomicon unless the Grievous Wounds is needed; the upgrade is horribly damage inefficient.

Avoid the temptation to build this too early! The jungle position is on a budget, and the mana from Luden's is excessive because of Manaflow + Biscuits. The CDR and active are nice, but not enough to justify the cost early on. It's still a good item to get if you've finished the rest of the damage package.

For fighting against mostly physical damage compositions.

For fighting against mostly magical damage compositions, or when a critical ult exists on the enemy team (Zed ult).

Straightforward. For when you need Grievous Wounds. Don't upgrade from Oblivion Orb unless you need the Grievous.

Not Recommended

Several reasons against the Blades. First, neither smite bonus is really good on Malz, with Chilling Smite just being 'okay'. Second, Unsealed Spellbook occupies smite's slot a large portion of the time anyway. Third, while the blade will increase jungling speed for 650g, so will having more mana / AP from Sapphire Crystal and Amplifying Tomes for 350-435g. Without a good smite bonus, the price for the clear-boost is only worthwhile if it's significantly faster, and it's not.

Fourth, the Runic Echoes enchantment is excessive mana; the runes cover Malzahar's mana needs by that point of the game. Fifth, Runic only offers 10% CDR compared to Luden's Echo's and Hextech GLP-800's 20% CDR (for similar AP too!). Sixth, Malz Jungle already clears rapidly with their AOE / Lings and doesn't need more help with it, especially because more CDR from the alternatives will also clear faster. Malz is more interested in objectives / ganks / damage / utility than farming anyway.

Seventh, Hunter's Talisman gives the exact same EXP boost regardless, so it's sufficient to hold onto that and then sell it when inventory space gets cramped or a juicy 245g boost is needed.

After doing some extensive math, Rabadons is less damage efficient than Ryliandries and Void Staff. You could still theoretically get it as a final item, but you'd likely still be better off with one of the survivability + CDR items like Banshees or Zhonyas.

The active is really good, but the rest of the stats are functionally useless for Malzahar, especially the additional shield bonus. More impact can be made with the other Utility choices.

Guide Top

Understanding Voidlings

The Lings of War

Understanding all the nuances about your Voidlings is critical to maximizing their potential, and their damage should not be underestimated.

Here’s the details about their facets.

  • Voidlings deal 50% damage to Epic monsters
  • They also deal 300% damage to minions affected with Malefic Visions
  • Voidlings always die in one hit to tower shots and autoattacks
  • Every two ranks, their duration increases by one second (8/8/9/9/10)
  • Voidlings give Malz experience upon a kill, even if Malzahar is not nearby.
Voidlings will aggro anything close by, regardless of whether the target can see the Voidling or whether the camp has been aggroed (even when you're trying to hide in a bush...). They will chase until the target gets out of range or until another target gets closer. They also have no hard leash range, meaning they will not teleport to Malzahar no matter how far away they chase (in contrast with Leblanc's clone). However, if the Voidlings are not currently chasing or attacking a target, they will attempt to move very close to Malzahar.

But Voidlings don’t just wander aimlessly. You are able to control them by understanding what they decide to target. In order, Voidlings prioritize:
  • Targets hit by Nether Grasp
  • The nearest Malefic Vision on a Champion
  • The nearest Malefic Vision on a minion
  • The nearest enemies next to the Voidlings
Voidlings will not chase targets they cannot see or that they lose vision of, through stealth or bush.

When you are pushing a turret and there are minions nearby, turrets will always prioritize the Voidlings over the minions. This is useful because so long as there is one minion left alive, the turret will not gain back its Reinforced Armor damage reduction; the Voidlings can tank nicely for minions.

Voidlings do not work with everything.

Voidlings proc:

Voidlings do not proc:

Guide Top

First Clear

The Path is Clear

Malzahar has a few unique advantages for the first clear. They don't need any health potions to complete it, and they can do a full clear for every single camp without getting dangerously low on health. Start blue regardless of which side of the jungle you are on.

Scuttle Gromp Wolves Raptors

The biggest takeaway is that Malzahar tanks the large monster at each camp for a little while, then backs to time the monster attacks with the Voidlings' inevitable deaths. Additionally, Call of the Void is positioned to hit every monster at the camp, maximizing the raw damage output.

Remember that Call of the Void also disables the Scuttle's super-armor. If you get a two-person leash, you can swap the order of Gromp and Scuttle, since Blue dies a little too fast for Scuttle's initial spawn time.

Because Malz doesn't need health potions, a control ward is the consumable of choice instead, granting significant anti-invading power. The mere presence of it can often be enough to scare off an opposing jungler.

If they are doing a Level 2 steal at Red Buff, it's often best just to let them. The time it takes for them to steal Red and escape often isn't very worthwhile for them, as you have plenty of other camps to kill anyway. It's not a travesty to lose only the Red Buff.

If it is a Level 3 steal at Red Buff, you will usually be in the area to contest. The important part is to maintain vision near the Red Buff bush using Call of the Void and to avoid starting Red Buff until you are absolutely certain they've left the jungle. Focus on taking the Raptors or Krugs instead; the longer they wait for Malz to start the red buff, the more time they are wasting.

Guide Top


Ganks For the Memories

Ganking before level 6 is fairly tricky. Without Red Buff, it's often not worth the effort unless the enemy is particularly extended.

The most useful things to keep in mind for the ganks:

  • Call of the Void's silence will disable Flash
  • It also provides vision inside bushes it is cast inside
  • and its range is way longer than you think it is
  • Voidlings will not chase targets they cannot see
  • You will need Malefic Visions to direct Voidlings toward the target
  • If possible, enter with Void Shift ready to go
Keep all this in mind, and it's possible to pull off an early gank. Still, be wary of spending so much time trying to gank that level 6 becomes delayed significantly.

Ganking with the Nether Grasp becomes a lot more interesting. You still follow the above principles, but now you have a few more things to keep in mind.

  • Don't just suppress immediately. Silence first, suppress right after.
  • If an ally CC's during the suppress, let go! Then silence!
  • Voidlings prioritize suppressed targets above all else
  • Both Call of the Void and Nether Grasp will refresh Malefic Visions
  • However, Malefic Visions is only rank 1. Silencing takes priority.
  • Throw in an Unsealed Spellbook summoner to help out, like Ghost.
  • After a successful gank, see if a dragon, tower, or herald can be secured.
  • With the ult, Malzahar is a scary counterganker. Anticipate.
  • You have space to always have a control ward handy. Use them.
It's tempting to just gank nonstop once the ult is available, but that is not Malzahar's win condition. Their main power comes from their powerful objective control. Kills are not the end goal, they are just the method to secure objectives.

Guide Top

Master of Objectives

Staying Objective

Level 3 Dragon

On the top right side of the map, it is possible to solo either the Aqua or Cloud drakes at Level 3. It takes a while though, so it's often best used against junglers who won't steal the rest of your jungle (Amumu) or against unwary foes going for a Level 2 Red Buff steal. A red buff for infinite mana? Worthwhile trade!

The three biggest pointers. First, keep casting Void Swarm even if it's not at max charges yet; the extra damage taken from waiting an extra second hurts much more. Second, the biscuit heals based on missing health. You must use the biscuit when you are as low as possible because its healing is dictated at the time of its usage. Third, tank the initial hit or two so the Voidlings will have their deaths timed with the dragon's attacks.

Gromp Wolves Scuttle Dragon

Rift Herald at Spawn

Rift Herald hits pretty hard when the jungler is alone. Thankfully, Malzahar is never alone.

The instant the Rift Herald spawns, Malzahar is able to take it. It just requires a bit of skilled dancing and proper caution (make sure there isn't a juicy scuttle nearby to tempt the enemy jungler!)

Start off by using Call of the Void a little outside the arena, so the Herald crashes into the wall. From here, keep autoattacking as much as possible (The eye opens more frequently as the Herald is autoattacked). Try to keep it close to the center of the arena to maximize maneuverability.

However, at the ~1800-2000 health mark, stop hitting it! Once it goes below that threshold, it won't open its eye anymore. That would stop it from getting hit by a eye-smite combo to instantly kill it.

Avoid using Malefic Visions. The mana cost is too high for the low amount of damage it adds. Of course if the Herald is below the critical health range, feel free to blast away with full force.

Guide Top

Stage of the Game

The Stage is Set


In the early game, your goals are to
  • Complete your first clear
  • Rush farm for level 6
  • Take a dragon and herald
Objectives are the win condition: Kills are cool and all, but the games where you get all the dragons and the herald are the games you are most likely to win. All thoughts should be focused on how to secure the objectives no matter what, often through securing a lane kill through a gank.

Avoid Using Malefic Vision on Most Camps: Until later in the game, it costs so much mana and deals such little damage that it's often better to just wait. The missing-mana regeneration from Talisman will keep Malz topped off without Malefic. Though, Krugs and Raptors are still worthwhile to Malefic due to all the potential bouncing.

Gank Wisely: Refer back to the Ganking section of the guide up above to get good tips for a successful gank.

Use Call of the Void to scout: Many unscrupulous fellows will try to kill Malz in the jungle. Since Call of the Void provides such strong vision, it can be used regularly to check around bushes or corners in case of a threat.

Rush for level 6: Malzahar doesn't have awesome pre-6 ganks, so the faster Level 6 can be reached, the faster that ganks will be more meaningful

Use Blue Buff to Solo Dragons: With blue buff, the dragon becomes very feasible to take out alone, regardless of which element it is. Particularly useful on the top right corner since it's right across the pit; kill the scuttle, throw down a control ward, and get to work!

Unsealed Spellbook has an overwhelming variety: For early summoners however, you should primarily be using Ghost if a lane gank looks likely, Teleport if a countergank or telegank seems possible, or Clarity if needing to jungle a bit more or to push a turret.

Biscuits regenerate based on missing health / mana: That means they should be used when low on either. Additionally, they restore based at the time of consumption. That means eating a biscuit, followed by spending more mana, will not increase the regeneration.

Keep a control ward handy: Malzahar is not as dependent on gold as many other junglers, so there is no excuse to be lacking a control ward at pretty much any point. They are the ultimate objective securer.


As the laning phase ends, it will be time to choose Utility or Damage
  • Refer to the previous section to help decide on a path
  • Keep control wards handy
  • Stick with teammates
Objectives win games: this is difficult to overstate.

For Utility, focus on picks and peel: Malzahar Utility effectively plays like a second support, and every spell should be focused on maximizing disruption through silences, suppresses, and skillshot-voidling-blocking.

For Damage, focus on pressuring towers: The poke damage from Call of the Void can sting quite heftily and a full combo from a hidden bush is often enough to assassinate a squishy target to set up for an objective.

Silence then Suppress: It's often preferable to start with a silence instead of ulting immediately, because a silence can always be followed into an ult but not the other way around.

Preserve Void Shift Against Monsters: At this point, Voidlings can do almost all the tanking, so long as you do a little kiting. Try to avoid taking a monster hit too quickly before a gank, or you won't have Void Shift up in time for it.

Let Voidlings Finish Off Monsters: Where possible, let the Voidlings just clean up the camp while you move onto more important things. Voidlings are particularly ravenous against Scuttle. There's no need to overkill the monsters. This skill takes practice though, and you'll likely start off accidentally letting Gromp live with one hp at times. Not that I'd know.

Unsealed Spellbook continues its usefulness: Big candidates for swapping are Heal, Exhaust, and Barrier which can largely be used interchangeably. Clarity can be useful if trying to hold a tower alone. Largely avoid swapping to Ignite or Cleanse outside of some very specific situations.

Void Shift stops the Honeyfruit slow: Malz is one speedy fruit eater! Gorge up!

Be careful with Voidlings when giving buffs: The Voidlings are voracious and may often take it by accident if not careful.

Sold biscuits still give the permanent mana: Useful to know if you can't find a time to use them before the inventory starts getting full

Smite has no Unsealed Spellbook swapping cooldown: This means if, for example, you have Smite replaced with Heal, and you use Heal, Smite will immediately be available to use rather than having a 10-second lockout like all the other summoner spells!

Check Regularly for QSS: If you've ulted the same person at least twice, be sure to regularly check for an incoming QSS purchase. It feels awful to ult someone, only to suddenly be punched in the face anyway. However, a QSS is pretty awful against the silence since it's difficult to time, so you still have one disable on hand.

Enemies cannot use Smite while suppressed: However, you still can! This is one of the things that makes Malzahar so good at securing objectives because they are in such a strong position to win the smite duel.


In the late game, it's more of the same, but better.
  • Peel for fed members on your team, and summon Void Swarms to tank skillshots when possible
  • Dance around the outskirts of teamfights and keep casting a nonstop barrage of spells
  • Save your flash-ult when possible for when you absolutely know that it will gain your team an inhibitor, baron, or nexus; Avoid using it just to get kills.
More of the same: However, in the late game, every pick and every death is more impactful. Be on guard and adjust itemization to stay alive.

Don't be afraid to let go of your ult: It's on a relatively short cooldown, and survival is more important than the extra damage.

More control wards: Many teammates will start having trouble fitting control wards into their inventories. However, both paths for Malz Jungle offer ample inventory space to keep purchasing more and more.

Unsealed Spellbook practically replaces Smite: Any of the summoners are good at this point besides Ignite and Cleanse, which tend to be really situational.

Guide Top


Lots of stuff to take in! I've put in a tremendous amount of effort into this guide and hope you feel ready to pull Jungle Malz off!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or write us messages! I'll be happy to answer anything, and likely will include any frequently asked questions into the guide itself.

Thanks for reading!