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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kled Build Guide by DrMoneybags



Updated on May 26, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrMoneybags Build Guide By DrMoneybags 46 2 71,206 Views 2 Comments
46 2 71,206 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DrMoneybags Kled Build Guide By DrMoneybags Updated on May 26, 2019
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
Lane Domination
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By DrMoneybags

"It's my property! All sixty gazillion acres of it!"

First, I would like to thank Hashinshin ( ) and SoulMario ( ) for streaming and providing great insight into this champ! I've learned a lot from watching them play Kled.

Kled is a very rewarding champion to learn and anyone who is thinking of learning him should do so. If you want to learn how to play a decent lane-bully, Kled is a great teacher. Kled was my first real champion when I started league and he heavily impacted the way I see the game.

I'm by no means a super high-elo player. You'd be better off doing your own research on high-elo play to understand the game at the highest level. But I hope I can provide insight and new styles of gameplay to players learning the game or champion ( Kled ) at a basic level.

Here is my

"Lord Colonel Major Centurion Kled don't run, no he don't!"


+ High mobility & sticks to targets
+ Can survive or turn ganks around w/ passive
+ Can fight tanks w/ Conqueror
+ Strong splitpusher & duelist
+ One of the best engage ultimates in the game
+ Powerful early and mid game
Kled is an incredible toplaner when it comes to laning and dealing loads of single-target damage. You have enough mobility with Jousting to compete with assassins and other bruisers, and you can win most 1v1's with great passive usage. With the addition of Conqueror as a keystone, tanks aren't nearly as bad as they once were. Part of mastering Kled is mastering dismounting and remounting Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard and utilizing your courage bar. Chaaaaaaaarge!!! lets you roam and take control of the early to mid game to snowball you and your team.


- Your passive can sometimes screw you over
- Strong scaling duelists often beat you in lane
- Poor R usage can lose the game
- Executes destroy you
- Vulnerable to CC & Kiting
- Fairly weak as a frontliner
Kled's weaknesses are very obvious and will be exploited by competent lane opponents. Your goal is to play around your strengths and cover your weaknesses as best as you can. Playing around your passive Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard is key and can often be your downfall in certain matchups. Many toplaners like Garen and Urgot have powerful execute Ultimates that work well against your passive. Being dismounted also means you don't have Jousting to stick to targets, making you weak to kiting and CC. Using Chaaaaaaaarge!!! improperly can bait your team into a losing fight and will ruin the game. Try to avoid frontlining unless you are building heavy tank, since kled is very easy to kill once he dismounts.

"My land begins where I walk. It ends where the sun don't shine!"



Press the Attack
This is the keystone I use in most matchups that aren't tanks. It gives great burst with your W and does tons of damage in long trades. It is fairly decent at dealing with health-stacking champs, but isn't that great against armor. Take this against champions like Riven and Renekton who duel well and don't normally build many armor items.


This keystone is mandatory into armor-stacking tanks like Poppy and Malphite. It is also very good against champions who have damage-resist abilities like Garen with his Courage and Gragas with his Drunken Rage. Since it gives bonus AD and true damage, Conqueror does great against all of these things since it bypasses resistances.


I honestly never use this keystone and would only use it in certain games for fun. It does similar damage to Press the Attack but is a little bit harder to proc. Use it sometimes midlane with lethality for some massive burst damage to squishies.


Triumph is amazing for staying alive during 1v2 outplays with your passive or towerdiving. This rune has saved me so many times in various situations. Always take it if you're using the Precision tree.

Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Tenacity are both pretty good options. I rarely take Legend: Bloodline, but you can if you really want the lifesteal. Otherwise, take tenacity if there's a lot of crowd control on the enemy team or take alacrity if you want better splitpushing power.

Last Stand This rune is going to give you the most damage consistently in games compared to Coup de Grace, at least from my experience. It works well in that it gives you extra damage when you dismount, since you lose damage when dismounting from Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard.

Gathering Storm Kled's AD scaling isn't really that amazing, so taking this will ensure you scale pretty well into mid-late game. Plus, extra AD in general doesn't hurt.

Absolute Focus This is just another way to pump damage into your kit. Charging into squishies at full HP with Chaaaaaaaarge!!! will work well with this rune if you want to burst them down ever faster.

Nullifying Orb replace Absolute Focus with this if you're against heavy AP burst mages like Swain or Rumble to stay alive longer and remount. This shield goes past your HP cap when you dismount, so it's very useful against AP.

Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter are decent for sustaining against juggernauts like Darius and Illaoi in extended fights. Ravenous Hunter has great synergy with Conqueror since you will heal for the true damage dealt.


OFFENSE Taking adaptive force (AD) is pretty standard for me, but you can opt for CDR or attack speed based on your build and preference. The damage works better for me early.

FLEX I will usually take adaptive force as well for this for some crazy early damage. You can also take double defense shards if you're in an uncomfortable or difficult matchup.

DEFENSE I always take either armor or magic resist for this, depending on the matchup. The extra resistances just help so much in the early game, especially against tough matchups.

"This world is rough. You gotta' be tough or die."

  • Beartrap on a Rope / Pocket Pistol: This is Kled's main poke ability and will do the most damage when maxed compared to other abilities. This ability counts as a tether that also gives true sight, meaning it can bypass untargetable and invisible characters. An exception to this would be Akali and her Twilight Shroud invisibility because reasons (thanks riot). Otherwise it is a straight forward tether that pulls back opponents who stay in range long enough. It counts as hard crowd control, so it can cancel things like Teleport and Meditate.
  • Violent Tendencies: This is the ability that makes or breaks Kled in most matchups. Anything that can negate this, like Counter Strike, basically make Kled useless. Otherwise, it is a passive ability that activates when off cooldown and grants you increased attack speed with the fourth auto-attack doing heavy %HP damage. This ability has great synergy with Press the Attack.
  • Jousting: This is a powerful gap-closing tool that lets you follow Flashes and dashes, or even abilities like Arcane Shift. This ability gives one aimed dash and a second dash that follows any champion or large monster it hits initially, even over walls. Like Beartrap on a Rope / Pocket Pistol, hitting champions with this ability grants you temporary true sight against them. Use this with your Beartrap on a Rope / Pocket Pistol to stick to opponents relentlessly and beat them down with Violent Tendencies. This ability doesn't do very much damage early on, but can sometimes be just enough to determine a kill. So try to use the 2nd dash for a little extra damage between auto attacks.
  • Chaaaaaaaarge!!!: This ability is a great engage tool that lets your whole team follow you at high speed. Like Sion's Unstoppable Onslaught you are unstoppable for the duration, but cannot re-route the initial destination point. And you gain a pretty decent shield, which is nice. You also give movement speed to allies follow the trail left behind you. Upon locking onto a target in your path, you will follow them even if they Flash or dash away as long as you are locked onto them. This can be useful in initiating teamfights or can be used with Essence Reaver to effectively duel other champions when splitpushing.

"Y'know, a long time ago, being crazy meant something."

FLASH: You're going to take this 99.9% of the time. Ghost isn't very good on kled since he has Jousting and Chaaaaaaaarge!!!. This is his only reliable escape and engage when he's dismounted, as well.
IGNITE: I love taking ignite into any snowball matchup. Any matchup like Riven, Renekton, or Tryndamere is going to be determined by early snowball kills, so ignite is going to make it favorable for you. It will also ensure that if they take ignite, you'll have it as well. Avoid taking this into tank matchups or tougher matchups that you won't be able to fight early.
TELEPORT: This is going to be what you take whenever you aren't taking a combat summoner spell like Ignite. Teleport will ensure that you don't miss too much CS if you die early, and will help you splitpush more reliably. Don't waste this on teleporting to flank other lanes unless it's a 100% guaranteed kill or highly beneficial fight. Otherwise, you'll be giving up too much farm and tower plating for it to be worth it.
BARRIER: This is a pretty troll summoner spell overall, but it works well with your passive Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard. If you want to take a combat summoner spell that isn't Ignite, this can help you win against champs like Riven or Garen that can execute you normally when you're dismounted. The shield goes past your capped dismounted HP to let you remount easier. I take it sometimes to cheese people and catch them off guard, but not very often.

"I might be a deranged lizard-riding bandito, but I whooped you real good!"

Thanks for reading this guide! I hope you enjoyed it and will give me some feedback! Kled is an amazing toplaner to learn and even maybe even main in the longrun. His kit works in many scenarios and allows you to dominate in so many games. If you haven't played him much already, I suggest investing a lot of time into him with the help of this guide or any other guides and Kled players you find.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrMoneybags
DrMoneybags Kled Guide
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