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Nunu Build Guide by Fart igniter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fart igniter

Don't get the yeti angry, u won't like him when he's tanking

Fart igniter Last updated on September 24, 2011
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Greetings summoners! Welcome to my very 1st guide! You may think that everyhing has been said about this little yeti rider, but let me introduce my nunu playstyle and build, which is rather uncommon and yet, very useful and rewarding :D

I play Nunu as a tank ("omg what a noob ltp ffs") and NO AP ("oh now you've done it! uninstall please")....and yes.... that means no rod of ages. With this guide, we'll build a durable tank that your enemies won't be able to ignore if they don't want to be aced ;)


Before you even think of down voting, please take your time to read the guide and try it, not once but a couple of times.

I'm not saying this is the way Nunu should be played, i'm just offering a new option. If we know that every team needs a tank and yet, there are really few tanks available (riot offers only 8 choices if you apply the "tank filter" on champions page) So i'm proposing a new choice for a MAIN tank, that really works and it's quite overlooked. ENJOY :D

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Pros / Cons


  • Rides a yeti
  • High durability
  • Good CC with Ice Blast
  • Great ganker
  • Nomnom ability
  • Awesome chaser/escaper
  • Devastating ultimate
  • Nice support with Blood Boil

  • Mana hungry early game (depends on how well you use Visionary
  • Not the best farmer
  • Risky all or nothing ultimate
  • Team dependance (because of your tank role with this build)

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Pretty standard tank runes:

Note that I pick FLAT bonus in every set of runes, this is really a personal choice. I do preffer FLAT runes because it buffs more your early game and in my opinion, it's when runes shine the most...Believe me, they DO make a difference ;D

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As a tank you SHOULD and WILL take damage, so in order to buff yourself even more we are adding the defense mastery tree to your defensive runes. This way you'll start with:

  • 671 HP (545 base hp + 126 bonus) (78 from marks + 48 from )
  • 39 armor (20 base armor + 19 bonus) (13 bonus from seals + 6 bonus from )
  • 49 magic resist (30 base magic resist + 19 bonus) (13 bonus from glyphs + 6 bonus from )

Not bad huh? considering you won't be buying a defensive item to start, such as Doran's Shield or Ruby Crystal. Also remember you have Consume and 3x Health Potion, so hp shouldn't be a problem.

In the utility tree, we'll pick Spatial Accuracy since we have teleport; and Good Hands . Why not Perseverence ? Seriously, have you taken a moment to read and THINK of Perseverence ??? Probably not (I mean, if you DO picked it you obviously haven't), so here's some math for you guys:

Perseverence = Increases your total health and mana regen by (2/3/4%). Now, how much is your health and mana regen? (remember it's regen/per 5 secs) 15? 20? I doubt it, but let's make it 30 to make my point clear.

4% out of 30 is 1.2....that means +1.2 health/mana regen per 5

So..... 1.2 / 5 = 0.24 Congrats dude you are regenerating 0.24 extra hp per second (LMAO it's just hilarious).....INSTEAD of reviving 10% faster and go tanking again for your team. Sure 10% seems low, but late game it's around 6 seconds. Have you ever lost a game for not respawning 6 seconds earlier? I think almost everybody has, so now pick Good Hands :)

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Summoner Spells

My choices are Ignite and Teleport. But this is just a matter of preferences. However there are overall good and bad choices.

Good choices

  • Exhaust: Always a good choice. It would be best if your carry takes it, but if no one does, it's a nice pick. Ideal to shut down that fed Xin Zhao or Miss Fortune
  • Ghost: Actually i've never picked it as Nunu, since you can chase quite good already with Blood Boil, but if you like speed, then be my guest.
  • Smite: A MUST if you jungle, not my case though since i'm not jungling
  • Teleport: One of my favorite spells with any champion. It has so many utilities:
    • go to base and quicly return to your lane
    • cover a teammate´s lane while they are dead or shopping
    • ganking
    • join teamfights
    • backdooring
    • some people even use it for escaping
    • it has a long cooldown though, so you should use it only when necessary
  • Cleanse: Good choice for any tank since you will (or at least you should) get crowd controlled, while doing your tank job.
  • Fortify: Nice passive, good for last hitting. A real lifesaver sometimes but has a long cooldown.
  • Ignite: My second choice. As i said before you are a great chaser, but as a tank you may lack some damage output to make that chase worthy. This baby will give you just what you need. Problem getting that First Blood? problem solved. Problem with hp regenerators ( Fiddlesticks, Swain, Dr. Mundo)??, Let 'em burn >:) You may argue that Exhaust is just as good for chasing, but remember that your foe will be already slowed by Ice Blast, so no need for more slows, we need damage!
  • Flash: The most OP summoner spell available, yet it is mainly used for escaping or chasing someone who already flashed through a wall. Since you are quite tanky with this build i really think it's not vital for escaping, yet useful as it always is. The only outstanding use i can think of for Nunu, would be Flash + Absolute Zero, but it's a risky proposition, as will be discussed later.

Bad choices

  • Heal: Noob spell imo, there are far better choices than this. Late game it's no that useful and remember you have Consume
  • Revive: Extremely high cooldown makes it unviable.
  • Clarity: I know Nunu is mana hungry early game, but your passive Visionary exists for a reason you know? Besides, after you get catalyst the protector mana shouldn't be a problem. If it is, then stop throwing Ice Blast for last hitting...newp
  • Rally: I won´t even bother writing why you shouldn't take it.
  • Clairvoyance: good spell, actually really good! but remember you are the tank, not Sona or Soraka

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Skill Explanation

Visionary (passive): Nunu can cast a free spell every 7 attacks. Not the best passive in the game, but very useful if you are aware of it and use it wisely. After 7 normal attacks you will have a white glow around, meaning your next spell is for free. I strongly recommend you use it on Ice Blast as it is your main harrasing tool and most expensive mana skill (besides your ultimate of course). It would be best if you don't rely on Visionary to land Absolute Zero since your ulti is really situational and shouldn't be saved for use only when it's free. But if you have almost no mana at all, it is a nice way to deal some heavy damage unexpectedly.

Tips and Tricks
  • When fighting monsters such as ancient golem, lizard elder or dragon and deal a continuous amount of damage while keeping your hp and mana up, start by using Blood Boil to trigger Visionary faster due to it's attack speed buff, use Consume every time your hp is down, and save Visionary for Ice Blast. This way you shouldn't have too much trouble getting those buffs and gold, and make it out alive and fresh for combat.

Consume (Q): Takes a bite out of target minion/monster dealing true damage and restoring health. This is what makes Nunu a viable jungler and a sustainable lane champ. It has 2 main purposes: healing and last hitting, making your farming a bit easier. Unless you need the gold desperately, don't go eating full health minions if you are full health aswell, you'll just push your lane and become more gankable by the enemy jungler (unless of course you WANT to push, lol). Instead just try to last hit with autoattacks (remember you got a Visionary to charge up) and last hit some minions with Consume to ensure the kill and regain some health, without pushing your lane in the process.

Tips and Tricks
  • You can also eat things like Summon: Tibbers, H-28G Evolution Turret and Jack In The Box! give it a try!
  • Consume is a good way to regain health in the middle of a fight surrounded by minions. I've won countless of 1 on 1 encounters thanks to this.
  • While escaping with low HP remember to bite anything on the way to improve your survival chances.
  • You can afford to take some damage early game from enemy minions and champions in exchange for doing some harassment....then simply use Consume on your way back to regain lost hp. Repeating this process will weaken your opponent while keeping you durable throughout the laning phase.

Blood Boil (W): Increases an ally's unit movement and attack speed for 15 seconds. Nunu also gains the buff if casted on an ally unit. An amazing buff. This skill has so many uses I may actually miss some of them on the guide, lol. Now, seriously, you will chase/escape a LOT better with this, and added to your Ice Blast slow, really few champs will be able to keep up with you. Team fight? pop Blood Boil (make sure you also buff your main carry, please FFS don't buff Ryze or Heimerdinger, you'll just waste it), went shopping and teleport's on cd? pop it, ganking? pop it, tower pushing? pop it, tower defense? pop it, and so on... Actually the buff lasts for 15 seconds.....and guess what, Blood Boil cd IS 15 seconds! so you can be blood boiled permanently if you want :D!

Tips and Tricks
  • You can buff your own minions too! so if no one's around, buff 'em! it's free after all. This is specially useful when pushing a tower on your own with your minions, since a buffed siege minion (the "cannon" minion) will fasten things up a lot.

Ice blast (E): Nunu throws a ball of ice at an enemy unit, dealing magic damage and slowing their attack and movement speed for 4 seconds. Probably my favorite skill in the game, this will be your bread and butter all game long. Deals good damage and applies a really tough debuff on the enemy, i mean...dude! at lvl 5 the slow is 60% for 4 seconds! It's even better than Exhaust for slow purposes. Somebody once said that tanks need to have some CC, well here it is. In addition the CD is really decent: 6 seconds. So when chasing you'll be able to shoot at least 2 or more Ice Blast and almost ensuring the kill, specially early game.

Tips and Tricks
  • Always use Ice Blast to intiate....always!!! (I really mean it). Whether it's a team fight(aim for the enemy carry) or 1 on 1. This will allow you to throw your next one ASAP giving you more chance of success.
  • It's a really good tool for escaping too! Be it yourself or an ally, just ice them and that chase is almost over.
  • Beware of it's relatively high mana cost (at least for Nunu's mana pool, specially early game) since it will suck up all of your mana if you just shoot it with no reason. Remember to synergize it with Visionary

Absolute Zero (R):While channeling for 3 seconds, slows nearby enemy unit's attack and movement speed. After channeling, enemies caught in the area are dealt a HUGE amount of magic damage I believe this is by far, the most powerful skill in the game and also has the highest AP ratio (actually in this build I don't care, but it's still pretty cool). Well it does sound fantastic and it really is.....IF and only IF you can actually land it, or should I say "finish" it? Because 3 seconds channeling means giving the enemy enough time to CC you and mess everything.

How to land a succesful Absolute Zero

I will describe the 3 most common situations in which you will use Absolute Zero. But something you must keep in mind at all times is that you MUST get your enemy off-guard.

Team Fight Absolute Zero

Don't solo rush into the entire enemy team and pop your ult, you will fail. Remember it's just a matter of applying a simple stun/silence/taunt/fear or a knockup like Headbutt or Buster Shot to end it. Instead get into the team fight, try to pay attention to enemies CC as they use them (while you target their carry using Ice Blast and autoattacks, acting like your ulti is on CD and trying to position yourself for the Big Show in the meantime), and suddenly after, you know...4-5 seconds of fight, pop it trying to catch as many enemies as possible.

Now what? there are many possibilities:
  • Someone actually saved 1 CC spell for you, and it's over :(
  • They focus you down and kill you. Not likely with this build and considering the debuff applied during the 3 seconds channeling; but still a possibility.
  • They panic, the bomb goes off and you win :D

1 on 1 Absolute Zero

This is the most easy way to land it, since you are fighting only one foe and chances of getting CC's are low. But still we need to get the guy as close to you as possible. That is why I always fight a little bit before using it. You know, throw an Ice Blast, pop my Blood Boil, get some autoattacks..... and when your enemy is defintely fighting you: SURPRISE! (remember you are a melee champ so if you were figthing your enemy must have been close to you) I really love that moment when they don't know whether to run ot try to kill you and then they explode :) Happy ending

BEWARE OF Flash!!! It almost the only way they can save their ***es. So make sure you check previously if your enemy has it or not. Exhaust can pretty much **** the show aswell so keep that in mind too.

The Ninja Absolute Zero

The best one <3!!! There are a few times in which you can pop your ult inside a bush and walk away with a kill almost every time.

During laning phase (according to serious statistics, most ninja zero's happen during laning phase), when you are lvl 5 try to get into the bush and lvl up silently inside it. This will help a lot to get your enemies off-guard. Then make your teammate lure and bait 'em for you as he walks into your soon as you realize the enemy fell for it and are chasing your ally pop Absolute Zero (try to step in the edge of the bush for better results) enjoy as your enemies get slowed without knowing why, yet they keep moving enter the bush only to say "OMFG!" and die.....they actually may die without knowing what killed them if they don't make it to the bush :P

I know i make it sound like it's a 1 hit-KO......well it almost is. But if it wasn't enough remember they are still close enough (if they were hit in the 1st place, thay HAVE to be near) so shoot some ice and get that kill

Tips and Tricks
  • You can press "R" again to detonate it sooner if you see an enemy about to leave the Area. It will deal less damage though, but hey! it's something.
  • I've noticed that when you use Absolute Zero people really panic. They either run away in every direction or they focus you with all their strenght to prevent the explotion. Either of them is actually a really good thing about this skill, even if they end up cancelling the skill or escaping....i mean isn't that some heavy crowd control aswell? making their entire team panic? It's pure psychology man! READ THEIR MINDSZZZ! Make 'em panic while the rest of your team kill them ;D

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
  • Your first pick should be always be Ice Blast since it's the best way to get First Blood if you are lucky enough. Max this one 1st!
  • Then go for Consume. Pick at least two levels before lvl 6, unless your lane is really easy and you don't need much healing. On the contrary, if you happen to be laning solo top 1 vs 2, you may want to get a 3rd point before lvl 6 to help your survival; yet it's NO REASON to max it 1st even on this situation.Max this 2nd!
  • Blood Boil normally should go last, but it is quite arguable if (again) you don't need that much healing from Consume. If that's the case then max this one before. Be aware though that since you are the tank you are likely to receive a lot of damage and this situation is very unlikely to happen at all.
  • Your Absolute Zero has the number 1 priority and should always be given it's corresponding points at lvl 6, 11 and 16.

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  • : Tenacity is a MUST for every tank, and those 25 MR points will help a lot early game too.

    What about Ninja Tabi? Well, as it may seem a nice choice if the enemy team is AD heavy, IT'S NOT. Not because it's a bad item itself, but think about what you lose if you pick these boots instead. Trust me, you WILL need tenacity, and if you pick these boots you´ll have to build something else for tenacity in compensation, such as Eleisa's Miracle.....A highly expensive detour from our build, don´t you think?. Just grab Mercury's Treads and get 2 birds with 1 stone ;)

  • : Another permanent choice as a Tank nunu. Remember we are not building Rod of Ages so we need to compensate for that HP and mana somehow. Besides it´s the ONLY thing that will prevent your Absolute Zero from being cancelled.

    Always build catalyst the protector first, as it's passive will keep you durable early game. Remember you already have Mercury's Treads so you don't need Negatron Cloak yet.

  • : More HP and decent armor, plus a really nice passive. You are not the best farmer, so this will really boost your gold income. Remember we took Teleport as a spell? Well, I'll guarantee you that in many games you'll find at some point a massive wave of enemy minions going for your tower. Teleport there and with Sunfire Cape you'll probably save the turret...remember you have no AoE abilities, besides Absolute Zero of course. But it wouldn't be nice to waste it to save a turret, right?

    Buy Chain Vest first, unless you don't need too much armor (e.g. AP enemy team)


    At this point of your build your stats should look like:
    • Around 3000 HP
    • More than 100 Armor (depending on your lvl)
    • 124 Magic resist

    A nice start right? And we just bought 3 items! Now there's room for the situational items, the ones that´ll make you look like Demolisher Nunu skin.

    As a tank you can´t build your 6 items always the same, you must adjust your build according to the enemy composition! I will begin by describing items one by one, and then make some build suggestions for the most common cases.


    • : An overall good and cheap item. If the enemy team is balanced between AD and AP it's a good choice. If there are 2 or more melee carries on your team this is a MUST, since they will get into the fray and get focused.

    • : The perfect one for an AP heavy enemy team. It gives the biggest MR bonus in the game plus 2 nice abilities that will help you chase and survive even more. Grab Negatron Cloak 1st.

    • : One of my favorites for most games, but it really shines against an AD heavy team. Awesome armor bonus plus 500 mana which is not bad, but this item's value lies on it's passive. 20% CDR and 20% attack speed reduction for sorrounding enemies is just too good. Synergizes with debuffs from Ice Blast and Absolute Zero and that CDR will let you shoot Ice Blast like 1 second faster....which DOES make a difference on a long chase. Build Glacial Shroud 1st.

    • : Another excellent choice for almost any match. It has so many utilities (all of them useful to Nunu) but it's active is something else: a 2 second AoE attack speed/movement speed slow, that scales 0.5 secs per every 100 armor/magic resist you have. Grabbing this item will get you nearly 200 armor, plus your 124 base magic resist (from core items) should add at least 1.5 seconds. Should I even mention it synergizes with Frozen Heart, Ice Blast and Absolute Zero? If you know you'll be getting this item build a Heart of Gold early game to get some extra gold. If that's not the case, then grab Warden's Mail 1st.

      Note: using Randuin's Omen active will cancel your ultimate's channeling. Make sure you use it just before Absolute Zero for maximum utility

    • : Only good against heavy AD teams, with autoattackers such as Tristana or Master Yi. Anyway I still preffer Frozen Heart for it's other abilities, but some people just love Thornmail so grab it if you are a fan. Try not to get both of them unless the enemy team is really heavy on AD.

    • : Nice defense buffs, moderate price and a literally "lifesaver" passive. High cooldown though, so don't die on purpose just because you have it. Some players may argue that tanks shouldn't buy this item, since you won't be focused...but trust me, you'll be such a pain in the *** for the enemy that you won't be ignored, and if you still are, LOL!! pop Absolute Zero :troll:

    • : I rarely get this item, yet if your early game happens to go unexpectedly well it's a nice choice. With 8 stacks this item provides 430 hp just as Giant's Belt, but with a huge potential of achieving those dreamed 20 stacks. If you can actually get to this point you almost won, because added to the Tenacity mastery you'll be blocking 19% of all incoming damage. People will hit you and you'll be like:

      As this is a snowball item, you may not tank as you should in order to protect your stacks. If that's the case then get a Guardian Angel or don't buy Leviathan at all. Grab it only if it looks like an easy game, where stacks won't stop you from doing your job.

    • : Not an item you would expect in a so called "tank build", but hear me out first before you complain :P! First of all, 700 HP does sound quite tanky to me, and second, the passive is just too awesome for Nunu. I mean, if someone actually had a chance escaping from you it's definitely GG. Seriously, you will slow them permanently and turning them into an easy prey for anyone on your team. Build Phage 1st.

      Note: get this only when you are confident enough with your actual defense. It's an expensive item you should only get when you know you can have fun chasing people and winning the game soon. Frozen Mallet has no room in your build in close games

    • : I think i bought this item only once. However if the game is going badly it's a nice pick for early game, and can be replaced afterwards if you are actually able to make that losing game last that long (lol)


    Shurelya's reverie

    • : Huge HP/HP regen bonus, but it's too expensive. Besides you have to build it quite early to stack it completely and this is heavy negative impact for your build. Apart from that, do you really need THAT much HP? I mean almost every item I listed before gives HP aswell. Also considering that Nunu has one of the highest hp gain/per lvl, I see no reason at all why I should get an item that gives ONLY hp, and no extra benefits.

      Then why Leviathan is above? Well, look at the price. Besides I did not encourage to get it often. The point is, there are some situations suitable for Leviathan, but there are none for Warmog's Armor

    • shurelya's reverie: Simply because it's not as good as the "situational items". You can Blood Boil a teammate for a speed buff and you already have plenty of slows to throw at the enemy, so i see no need shurelya's reverie active either.

    • : This is where my build will be different from almost every other Nunu build out there. RoA is just too expensive and YOU DON'T NEED THE AP FOR THE TANK JOB! so i'm not paying 3k to get just hp and mana. You will get much more benefits from the passive and extra abilities that the items provided above give you. ***** please.... with 3k i'm getting Randuin's Omen and start owning.

    • : Again with the AP bs??? ffs dude.....You want MR? get Force of Nature. Leave this to casters.

    • : Another recurrent choice on Nunu. Well if you read carefully my guide you noticed that Absolute Zero is something you can't rely on 100% (if you ask me I would say that only 50%, maybe 60% of the times I land it correctly) so don't even count this skill for the item's passive.....what´s my point you ask? Well if you are paying another 3k to add a slow to only ONE of your abilities ( Ice Blast, which btw already slows good enough) you are damn wrong. 500 hp is no good deal for 3k, and don't even mention AP, I think i was clear about it.

      Do not get me wrong though...I really love this item, but it's just not suitable on the tank we are this one for Kennen, Akali, Vladimir, Brand, etc.

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Build Suggestions





As I said, these are just suggestions. It's up to you in which order you are buying those items. You may preffer to get Thornmail over Frozen Heart, or maybe you always forget Randuin's Omen active and don't find it useful at all.....Just make sure you build first the core items and then it's your call.

Please keep in mind that during most games you'll get at most 4-5 items in total making it almost impossible to complete the build. Considering this fact, it is really important you DO get the Core Items 1st and in THAT order --> --> . With them you are sure to adapt to most situations during the game. After that, always analyze the enemy team and buy something to counter the biggest threat on it. Repeat the process for next items.

If i were to change one of core items....I would get Randuin's Omen instead of Sunfire Cape (since both are HP/armor items), but then I would end up building both anyway. I DO NOT reccomend it though, but as i said before everything is a matter of preferences...

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Early game (laning)

Start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. During the laning phase try not pushing your lane, because it will leave you vulnerable to ganks. Instead just last hit to charge Visionary. Harrasing your enemy with Ice Blast followed by a few autoattacks is a good idea specially after you have Consume since you can eat a minion on your way back to regain any health lost in the process. Try to let your enemy push your lane at least a little bit, like this:

My advice here is learn to spend your mana. I've seen lot of people doing an overextended harrasment with Ice Blast just to end up with no mana and without a good result either (nunu's mana pool is not high, and using a mana regen item won't speed things up enough to sustain that rate of pushing). Instead, use Visionary as much as you can (autoattacking enemies and last hitting). If it's impossible due to hard enemy harrasment, then just retreat and turret hug. It will make easier to last hit in a safe position. If you play like this it is likely some enemies take a turret shot eventually, be sure to keep an eye for it and throw an Ice Blast ASAP and follow with autoattacks. If your partner is quick you may end up getting the kill.

Another common situation, mostly when going solo top against 2 enemies, is when i'm turret hugging and they are attacking my turret with a big minion wave. If you are lvl 6 it is the perfect moment to pop Absolute Zero (remmember to Ice Blast one of your foes 1st). If they focus you to stop the ultimate they'll get turret aggro, and take damage anyway...and if they don't they'll take serious damage from you, which can be easily followed by a chase with Blood Boil, Ice Blast, Ignite and autoattacks for a double kill ;D

Remember you have health potions so save your mana mainly for Ice Blast, and don't go eating minions needlessly.

Buy Mercury's Treads followed by catalyst the protector (build Ruby Crystal 1st if yuo don't have enough gold). Also get at least 1 sight ward with your remaining gold to prevent a gank from mid or their jungler. The best place to put a ward is on the edge of the river bush (image below), this way you get the most vision to the river and to the side entrance nearby:

Mid game

By this point you should have at least your Banshee's Veil and be on your way for Sunfire Cape. Team fights are just around the corner and your team needs a tank. Do your best to be on every important fight, even if you have to Teleport or stop pushing a lane or getting a buff.

After completing the core items, look for the enemy team biggest threat and get the corresponding counter item for him (check situational items section).

About the buffs

They really help Nunu, but as a tank you0ll hardly be N°1 priority for them. Make sure nobody else needs/want them before taking one. Instead I almost find myself saying "hey brand! let's go get you a blue buff :D"

Late game

Having at least 4 items now, working on the 5th, and causing some serious mess around, people will definitely fear you. You can easily chase people, giving them the death mark as soon as you Ice Blast them, letting your carries take 'em down (ALWAYS let the carry get the kill, during the whole game....i mean whenever possible, obviously)

If there are 2 or more teammates with you, and an enemy turret standing alone then there's no need to wait for minions. I simply tower dive, taking all turret aggro while my team destroys it.....BE MANLY! TAKE DAMAGE, WIN THE GAME. Sometimes the enemy is tower hugging with their turret having 200hp left! If you know you can own them on team fights then initiate, take that turret and let your team follow with devastation. Who cares if you die? Acing the enemy is much more important. Please commit suicide for 5 assists.

With time you'll learn to judge situations better. I may sound like I'm tower diving the entire game, but it's not like that. You are the tank but are quite team dependant too. You need them to follow you up. So it's up to you whether your team enganges or not. Just keep in mind that you should be the 1st in line, the one that checks bushes, the one that intercepts Ace in the Hole, the one that tanks turrets, baron, and the enemy of course. You SHALL NOT RETREAT and leave your teammates alone, unless your team is CLEARLY going to win without more of your help. Please do not initiate, take damage and run without even considering how's the fight developing. The time it takes for the enemy to focus and kill you will always improve your team chances of winning....Of course nobody wants to die, but if someone has to die it has to be you, not Xin Zhao, Teemo, Annie or Miss Fortune, get it?

Guide Top


If i had to summarize my guide, these would be the key points:

  • Spend mana wisely during early game
  • Make a good use of Visionary
  • Don't push the lane just because
  • Ward your lane
  • Build the core items
  • Adapt the rest of your build to the enemy composition
  • Don´t miss team fights
  • Let the carries get the kills, whenever possible
  • Tank turrets if necesary
  • Die if it you must to win a team fight

Here's my last game with Nunu, as you can see i took the most damage, proving that i really tanked :P

Here there are some scores from previous games. Usually my K:D:A ratio is 2:1:3

I will try to keep this guide updated as much as i can. I'll be recording my games with Nunu to provide more videos and images aswell ;)

Finally, i want to thank my readers and those who use it. I tried to make it as detailed as possible, with a lot of effort so i hope you appreciate it.

Greetings to my clan "Feed No Moar", for being so awesome and having so much feeding sprees. I love you guys <3

My last words are for jhoijhoi for creating a guide about how to make a guide :D Most of the templates i used come from it, so credits to jhoijhoi. Here's the link for anyone who wants to do their own guide.

How to make a guide, by jhoijhoi