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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Anderuimm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anderuimm

Dr Mundo - The (almost) undying

Anderuimm Last updated on July 10, 2014
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 4

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 26


Utility: 0

Threats to Dr. Mundo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri In two games against Ahri player's can't avoid [[Infected Cleaver]] and die trying to run.
Annie I've never died for she, even when Tibber's down.
Caitlyn Easy kill.
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Pros / Cons

- At Mid game (about lvl 10) an good builded Dr. Mundo can carry the team on their back to the victory.
- Very good Champion to kill Casters and ADC's when they solo
- Good to lane-switching and to act like a bait to jungle-ganking
- A party of Dr. Mundo with an ranged friend works pretty well
- A very good lane/jungle cleaner after 3 points set on Burning Agony

- Early Game Solo Lane before level 6 is a challange if you don't know to avoid battles
- Autoattacks are not much effective without Masochism
- He's weak against other Champs until geared
- Real Damage HURTS
- Habilityes need to be used VERY carefully because it HP usage
- Before buy Boots is kind of slow and succetible to "tower ganking techniques"
- People knows that's Dr. Mundo is weak on Def, then he's a mobile target

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Infected Cleaver Is a good "anti-farm" tool to make melee enemy Champions go away from creeps and to slow Ranged enemy Champions on pursuit or when been chased by them. Combined with Oppression is a good tool to avoid damage on fights. SMART CAST to Q is mandatory!

Burning Agony Have a good AOE Damage used to Farm and a nice effect to avoid CC's. It's mandatory to Jungler Mundo has 3 points on it at level 7.

Masochism are a good tool when trying to put towers to the ground. Can be a lethal thing when Dr. Mundo is with less than 30% HP, but is very risky use it on early game.

Sadism Is the BEST saving tool I ever seen.

When Solo in a lane you must use:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

When "with a friend" on a lane you must use:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Top Lane Dr. Mundo

As I put on the beginning of this tutorial, my Dr. Mundo build is focused on Survival. Then almost of the Runes are for Survival Skills. As you will see some of them improve the Damage with Magic Penetration too, because the two most offensive habilityes of this Champion ( Burning Agony and Infected Cleaver) are Magic Damage based. Cooldown reduction is very important too, because the reduction of Sadism and Infected Cleaver cooldown's can improve Dr. Mundo combat sustain, survival and, sometimes, can avoid you to need to return to regen health at basecamp.

Jungler Dr. Mundo

These Runes are for maximize the initial HP for Dr. Mundo. If we apply the math over it we will have:

Initial HP + Runes + Masteries: 672 (+54% HP Bonus)
Initial Defense + Runes + Masteryes: 34 (61% Defense Bonus)

The jungle will cry :)

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Here a fast briefing of hou to play with this build:

Top Lane Dr. Mundo

There are two possibilities to stary a gane playing with Dr. Mundo: Solo or what I call "party". They directly influence the initial items for this Champion.

In both cases you will buy a Warding Totem which has to be placed at the forest edges to avoid enemies coming from there.


From personal experience I can say: Dr. Mundo doesn't work well in a party with other melee AD champions like Garen, because they Summoner's tend to run away from the opponent when things get tough, something that doesn't fits as playing alongside Dr. Mundo. ADC's can do a good job if they know to wait for the right time to attack and finish fast the opponent Champion's, but more than one time I fall in battle because my lane partner run away when I try to tank an enemy Champion, then let your lane partner know what he/she need to do in that kind of situation. Two nice companions are Master Yi and Olaf, both using the strategy I talk here.

The best partnerships I ever had were with ranged champions, like Ahri, Annie, Ashe, Miss Fortune and Caitlyn. All of them I have as good companions.

In this case the best items to start are:

Relic Shield - To improves the farm for both Champions and still guarantee a samll healing, early in the game that are precious.


To Solo Laning Dr. Mundo needs to stay much time he can on that, then we will buy:

Rejuvenation Bead x2 to get +10 HP Regeneration. It can be valuable to you avoid to get back to the basecamp sometimes (using weeds to stay away from combat) and you will use it on the future to make your Warmog's Armor.

During the game...

You should always focus on survival. So you should always evaluate your enemy Champion in Lane to assess what you need.

- If you facing any Magic Damage based Champion you will option to make your Spirit Visage soon as possible, plus Mercury's Treads to get some more Magic Resistance and Speed. You will, then, buy Mercury's Treads - Furor.

- When you think you need some more damage, after you buy Mercury's Treads, Spirit Visage and at least one more armor, you will make a Liandry's Torment. It will improve your damage with Burning Agony and, plus, that's an amazing combo using Infected Cleaver with passive effect Eyes of Pain. Obviously the Infected Cleaver basic damage aren't changed by it, but Burning Agony will hurts at close range.

- If you facing any ADC you will prioryze to make an Thornmail, then the enemy will taste their own damage and after some battles he'll think two times before attack you. You will change Mercury's Treads - Furor for Ninja Tabi - Furor to damage reduction.
-- When facing Melee ADCs you will make an Randuin's Omen instead Liandry's Torment. It will slow down Melee ADC attack speed (very usefull to beat Champions like Master Yi).

- If you facing any Tanker or if you're without any problem with the enemy Champion (because he's noob or something else) then make a Sunfire Cape to farm faster. It combined with Burning Agony kill's troops very fast.

- When you reach lvl 10, if you already have an Spirit Visage and are in Summoner's Rift, buy one Warmog's Armor to get +1k HP and regeneration Bonuses. If you have not enough Gold or helping between lines (and are in Twisted Treelines) the best choice is Overlord's Bloodmail (sell the Rejuvenation Bead's if you need space for it).

!Important Note!
An great part of your damage are based on your play style. Then when you building your Hextech Gunblade and you dont have enough money to buy more than one of the previor items you must choice the first item based on your attack style:
* If you like to spam Infected Cleaver you must buy Hextech Revolver first. It will heal 12% of your Infected Cleaver and Burning Agony damage when you hit any target. Very usefull when lanning.
* If you like to engane and use Masochism then you must buy Bilgewater Cutlass to slow the enemy when you burst him and heal yourself when you hit.

Jungler Dr. Mundo

Updated 4.11

When Jungling you will need to pay a lot of attention to how you laners are doing things. In my short experience I'm able to build two main champion itemization: one for defense, other to attack. It are situational, then I'll explain them both.

The Aggressive Core

These Core Items I use when my lanes are going fine and my jungle are protected. In other words, I use it when my team are good and I don't make any mistake. If I see any enemy lane are going to be feeded or my laner are losing the lane, on base or AFK I go to this lane to farm/gank/harass the enemy champion ASAP.

The Defensive Core

This Core is to use when the game is going bad (feeded enemy lane, feeded jungler, AFK teammate, etc) or qhen the team hasn't any tanky initiator. This core is very sustainable and resilient, then is the best choice when the enemy team choose to start the teamfights and your team aren't ready for that.

The Patch 4.11

Someone on RIOT loves Dr. Mundo or tanky junglers... Quill Coat > Spirit of the Ancient Golem are actually the best item choice to improve jungling and late game tanking. Quill Coat is very cheap and brings a lot of benefits, and I hope RIOT don't nerf it!

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Smite I think I don't need to tell nothing about it... if you jungling you take it, if not you don't.

Heal to get their usefull heal and Speed when in fight on early game. When jungling it's heal can be usefull to save teammates during ganks.

Teleport to can reach lanes and allyed troops fastly. It's good to gank/countergank and defend lanes.

Ignite or Exhaust if you want to focus to gank lanes when Jungling or playing aggressively on Top.

Flash it's onle valuable when laning.

Ghost it's very usefull to lane reaching and jungle cleaning.

Advanced Survival Technique

If you already play's with Dr. Mundo and know how anoying he can be when facing an APC/ADC or before buy Warmog's Armor, then you can use Flash or Ghost instead Teleport to avoid from this.

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Playstyles and Combos

NOTE: It's contains my personal playstyle based on my own experience.

Even contradicting what they say many specialized sites and many of the players LOL I do not believe that this definition of a "Champion belongs to a Lane or another". What I believe is that when a team is organized it should make each stay against the enemy that can kill with ease. I might be mistaken, but I do not see any advantage in going Top Lane with Dr. Mundo when the enemies that are in it are too strong to be stopped early in the game. In this case you must know to switch lanes with teammates when things goes bad.

I think with the 4.11 Patch Dr. Mundo probably will up on Top Tier Junglers. Previously they Jungling are little weak, but like I said before he's strongest stat is the health and health regeneration, then an iten that's get +25% Total Health can't be a bad thing.

Based on my own experience the best way to play with Dr. Mundo on Teamfights or Duofights is with an ADC side by side. Even though I miss many of the kills to my ally that, in general, is beneficial to the whole team because it makes enemies Champions evolve more slowly. At the beginning of my "career" as a player in PVP almost my games in that were successful on Normal mode (until today) were due to this kind of combination on TF and playing inside the jungle, and some were even games where my team had Champions disconnected.

Some Summoners see Dr. Mundo and think "Dude, I'll take some yards away from this guy or I'll be smashed!" and "I'll call some friends to zerg this idiot"... and they're partially right.

Dr. Mundo Isn't the best melee Champion, and he's not even the best early-game Champion, because he's damage is focused on Magic Damage, and it's demands HP usage. Burning Agony and Infected Cleaver gives Magic Damage, not Physical, it means people without Magic resistance will take lots of damage, and Life Stealing effects aren't much effective.

By the way Dr. Mundo have a nice combo, but it is very risky. You must watch your HP entire time (using the bottom bar), because when your'e inside a twister of names and HP bars you'll need to watch it very closely:

- Use Infected Cleaver to slow down the target and Oppression will make you get less damage from him.
- When you get close of him, activate Burning Agony.
- Spam Masochism and Infected Cleaver, auto-attacking the enemy Champion between the CDs.
- If you see your HP fall at any time use Sadism or any other Healing sources you have.

Here an not much complicated tip:
- If you are before level 14
-- AND your Max HP is lesser than 3k
-- AND your HP is lesser than 800HP
--- if the enemy is out of melee range disable Burning Agony and stop spamming Masochism, run trough him, using healing CDs and Infected Cleaver
--- if the enemy is on melee range stop spamming Infected Cleaver

Jungling with Dr. Mundo

Some people will hate it, but my jungler Dr. Mundoit's a best "kill stealer" than a "kill assistant". It's because when I gank with Dr. Mundo I combo Sadism- Infected Cleaver- Burning Agony- Masochism and burst a lot of damage on the enemy champion. In that way Dr. Mundo steal some kills only because he's closest, he's faster and AOEing the enemy every time. The only way to stop an successfull gank initiation is an countergank, an high burst, an Ult or, in almost all situations, Flashing away... but Dr. Mundo still can reach the champ and cut off 15% of his Health with Infected Cleaver, then if you can scape with less than this you are a very lucky guy.

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- Jungler Dr. Mundo build is complete.
- Laner Dr. Mundo build changed.
- Vs Champions Experience.

- Jungler Dr. Mundo guide Updated to 4.11 Patch
- Come texts on Top Dr. Mundo guide are updated