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Volibear Build Guide by EierUeberraschung

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EierUeberraschung

FIRST BLOOD! Volibear Guide

EierUeberraschung Last updated on November 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and Welcome,

My name is EierÜberraschung, platinum-elo player from EUW.

I like rarely used champions and I've recently started to play Volibear.
He is not only surprisingly strong but also crushing a lot of "meta-champions".

There is one annoying fact about Volibear:
Riot doesn't want to fix s scaling.
The damage done by Frenzy is not increased by any +%health ( runes and masteries ).

pros and cons

- powerful early game
- great skills and passive
- can easily kill in a 2v1 situation
- totally underestimated by the opponents
- bear
- nice skins
- exotic champion

- Riot doesn't want to fix him
- not highly appreciated
- high cooldowns

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Passive: Chosen of the Storm

Heals volibear for 30% of his Maximum Health over 6 seconds when he drops below 30% Health.

120 second cooldown

I love this passive:
Used to reset after having died. Was patched but it's still incredibly strong.
A good and experienced Volibear is able to do some crazy stuff by judging this passive exactly.
Compare this passive to Mundos .
Close to an ultimate and given as a passive, OH YEA.
You shouldn't forget that a well-placed can destroy your calculations.

Q: Rolling Thunder

Volibear gains 45% Movement Speed while moving toward enemy champions. Lasts 4 seconds.

Volibear's next attack deals an additional 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 physical damage and flings the target behind him.

12/11/10/9/8 second Cooldown

Costs 40 Mana

This skill is responsible for Volibears high utility.
Not only an enormous increase in movement speed while flipping opponents but also the damage given additionally to this skill is formidable.
You really recognize the 30+ damage in the beginning and so do you recognize the 150+ damage in late game.
The flip also activates -proc so that trinity force has to be recognized as a viable item on him.

Use it when the enemy is last hitting so that you can flip him into the middle of your minions.

W: Frenzy

Passive: Volibear gains 8% Attack Speed with each attack. Stacks up to 3 times.

Active: When Volibear has (3) stacks of Frenzy, he can bite an enemy to deal (90/140/190/240/290) (+20% of bonus Health) physical damage, increased by (1)% for each (1)% health the target is missing.

Cooldown 18 Seconds

Cost 35 Mana

Your harass-, first blood-, nuke spell.
Dealing more damage on low-health targets.
This skill gets totally deadly in combination with .
However this shouldn't lead into overkills and taking every kill.
Harassing starts with this skill and especially with rank 2
( from 80 to 125 = 56,25% more damage ).
Don't use smartcast here without having a feeling of the -range.
It's too often too important to know if 1 more hit is possible before using frenzy or not.

E: Majestic Roar

Volibear deals (60/95/130/165/200) (+60% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies and slow them by 30% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown 11 Seconds

Cost 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana

The basic question is :
DO I reach my target with or do I really have to use beforehand to reach him.
Don't use this skill without any reason.
You will win more time to attack him if you can use after having flipped him.

R: Thunder Claws

Volibear channels the storm, causing all basic attacks for (12) seconds to deal (75/115/155) (+30% of ability power) magic damage, which chains to 4 nearby enemies.

Cost 100 Mana

Cooldown 100 / 90 / 80 seconds

Undervalued skill, in my opinion one of the greatest ultimates.
The enemies are likely to ignore you as a tanky champion without left.
BUT: This skill makes you a living bomb.
This is why you have to be focused and brought down as fast as possible.
has no charges so that attack speed is going to hurt so much.

Resuming the potential of volibear remarking his skills:
- low mana costs! ( despite of )
- every skill is useful!
- you can make an impact on any teamfights
- high cooldowns

It's not just about being tanky ( supported by his enormous passive ),
he has the skills to engage, to invade and to explode in teamfights.

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As noticed in the introduction:
The damage output done by Frenzy is not increased by anything that offers +%health
( and +%health runes ).
I still stick to deep defense masteries after having tried 21/9/0.

Core Masteries:
for better last-hitting.
sustainability + increased damage output by .
harassing possible without taking too much damage from minions.

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Arpen Marks:
and are dealing magic damage so that both skills don't benefit from arpen runes.
I still choose arpen over flat AD for a better early game.
In addition to that: doesn't benefit from bonus AD but from arpen.

Flat Armor Seals + Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs:
Pretty normal for a tanky toplaner and necessary for having a solid early game.

FLat Health Quints:
Great early game runes for surviving early ganks and increased damage on .

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Summoner Spells

Meta summoners:
+ -> Initating a teamfight or guaranteed first blood at invades

Use the full duration of before you use -> more damage from frenzy

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Item Builds

It's pretty much important to choose the right items and the right builds for the current situation.

I reject philosopher's Stone as a viable item on Volibear!!!
Yes, Shurelya's Reverie is having some nice aspects and you are getting gold but EARLY GAME IS THE TIME TO DOMINATE!
( as an exception )
So don't throw your early gold away for health-/mana-regeneration you don't need.
Remember the low mana costs.
( Push and go back after having kept pressure on him )

First back: //

First goal for almost every situation is :
Great item for an "auto-attacker". The proc keeps him in range and slows him.
One phage proc can secure a kill or at least force .
In addition to that it makes ganking your lane even easier.
At the same time phage is a gold-efficent item.
45 health( value: 118,75 gold ) + 8 ad( value: 332 gold) for 425 gold, you are winning 25 gold + that insane proc.

Having t2 boots earlier is improving your pressure.

Lots of physical damage in the other team:
// lots of magic damage and CC :
// you are an experienced Volibear player and you are doing some risky stuff: -> roaming ( get a kill and go for drake )

is increasing the chance of receiving the phage-proc and is increasing vastly your damage dealt by your ultimate. Options: // // Zeke's Herald

Great stuff:
is a must-have when you are facing a toplaner/jungler that deals magic damage. Low price and high utility. Synergizes well with , life steal and potions.

is viable for teams who are having too much physical damage.

More sustain in lane? Rush and upgrade it into Zeke's Herald in mid/late game.

is great on Volibear.

Here are some sample builds:

Fully equipped:

vs physical damage:

vs magic damage:

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1. Watch my videos in HD.
2. I've used the free version of Fraps. ( -> videos limited to 30seconds )
3. The newest patch has damaged all of my old replays.
Thus I will upload the upcoming matches for completing my "Match-Ups" chapter.

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Always try to have a safe lane and place Sight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight WardSight Ward!!!!


The easiest match-up for Volibear players despite of the fact that rumble is having one of the best win ratios.
I used to first pick Volibear but I wasn't sure about my team composition ( Am I going to dodge? ).
Suddenly was picked and I knew that this game is won.
This short video is saying everything that should have been said:

He is no thread at all.
Just a camping jungler and his CC can make you lose your lane.
Do not push this lane and force him to come.
Engage as always with 3 stacks of and outfarm him hard.

Volibear is one great counterpick to Olaf.
You go for which is offering 120 health each ( was nerfed and is just giving 80 health ) and hp-regeneration knowing about his true damage dealt by Recklessness swing.
You are winning every trade.
Olafs Ultimate makes Olaf immune to all disables including the flip of and the slow of .

You are winning 1o1 trades.
is good for keeping her in range since she doesn't have much mobility.
is helping a lot in midgame as usual.
Diana is an one-shot carry killer. She starts to get broken once she reaches .
You are too tanky for dying instantly and naturally, you will destroy her in lane.
Ganks on Diana can completely ruin her early game. Consequently, she won't get any farm to carry.

Karthus had some trouble versus orianna, so we switched the lanes.
The early phase can be annoying.
Her ranged auto-attacks + her passive is dealing a decent amount of damage.
Once you reach level 3/4, start a high pressure on her and try to rush t2 boots for even more pressure.
Orianna is having no escape abilities, ganks on her are welcome.
Don't try to engage directly after having been slowed by her .

"Better nerf Irelia!" can hardly describe the outcome of the lane.
You are always winning trades!
She can't use to farm without getting flipped into your minions,
Irelia has to auto-attack using for dealing a decent amount of true damage. Even though, auto-attack trades against Volibear are not any worthy.
Keep the hard pressure on her and don't let her take any farm so that she will become useless
in teamfights.
for a reduced stun duration + for keeping her in range and Irelia is going to cry.
Notice: The stun performed by along with a gank is the only thing that can make you die.

My AP carry used to pick Galio and got counterpicked by Akali.
As a result, I switched the lane with Galio who just had to face Malphite at top.
Akalis early game is weak compared to yours.
Outzone her as often as possible, consequently she will try to take some last-hits by the use of .
Her doesn't make her invisible if the animation is already set. ( Have a closer look at the video )
Her ultimate is giving her a lot of damage potential and mobility.
Be careful: CC junglers ( , , ) in addition to Akalis damage are always a menace.
+ are recommended.

One of my favourite match-ups: it's a pretty common "meeting" these days.
Pretty frustrating early lane phase for Vladimir and you are going to exploit his weakness as much as possible.
Escaping with his seems to be an option for Vladimir,
however the pool is taking too much HPs and he can rarely escape from you.
Don't let him take any farm or he may crush your team in late game.

The season 3 soft reset made it possible: a greater diversity at the toplane.
Nunus is dealing a huge amount of damage while reducing your movement- and attack speed.
is offering him a great sustainability.
Try to dominate the early game!
Don't let him take any CS and you will have to ignite him early on
( to make sure that he is not healing himself ) if you go all in.
Don't facecheck any bushes at the toplane when he is having his left.
Check your movement speed!
You will have to leave the area as fast as possible if your movement speed is decreased!

She is just pushing all day and can't keep any pressure on you.
Her -combo is not strong enough to kill you next to the fact that you've already won the lane at the time where Morgana reaches her ultimate.
Trick: Max over for destroying Morganas so that you can flip her.

He can't spam spells early on because of the high mana costs and the low damage at first ranks.
Destroy him in the beginning or he will be strong in mid/late game.

Pretty annoying champion to face.
His and its attackspeed-reduction in combination with the utility of can make you lose your lane.
On the other hand: The usual Malphite rushes Philosopher's stone -> Make him pay for this fault.
Engage instantly when he uses E to farm. is a good deal vs him.
I haven't lost that lane yet but be careful:
it's definitely not a free win since Malphite is having a high utility.

This match-up is easier as thought.
Do what you always do: flip him into your minions and harass.
You are going to win even harder having because lee is more like an AD-caster and not an auto-attacker.
Lee sins can break your -calculations.


Pretty boring match-up.
Impossible to kill him after some minutes and he shouldn't be able to kill you.
Keep farming and get .
Rush for more sustain in lane -> upgrade it into zeke's herald in mid game.

He is going for and despite of his flat ad marks/quints.
This match-up reminds me of an easier .
He is harassing all day and can escape with .
is helping a lot vs his sclicing maelstorm by reducing the duration of its stun.
The stun is triggered at 3 marks due to .

Most annoying match-up:
ranged form for harass and a knock back dealing % damage, high speed and tankiness...
He is vulnerable at his ranged form!
will help you through the early lane phase.

That's what I just did and I almost got punished hard for doing that.
She is having no real escape spells.
( just can use on your minions to get away or on your jungler )
As a result 1 early gank can make you win your lane.
Consider starting with + 5 .

( I'm considering the -Nidalee as the usual Nidalee )
You have to devide the laning phase into 2 parts.

Pre 6: You are dominating the lane!
She doesn't have the ability to free herself from your pressure beside the fact that she doesn't have any CC to keep you in range or to help her jungler to kill you.
Kill her, don't let her take any farm!!

Post 6:
Her ultimate, the new form is a huge thread increasing her physical damage and mobility rapidly.
Going for trades ís just worthy if you have achieved a huge advantage from the pre 6 phase.
Her split pushing ability makes you losing your mind.

My advice: Win hard pre 6 or she will become incredibly annoying.
are reducing the amount of physical damage.

He will win early 1o1 trades.
It's not just about his tankiness, it's more about the damage reduction.
Dont use in the duration of the 50% damage reduction.
This spell takes 120 energy in order to that calculate well and don't go for any trades before 6.
After having received you will start to dominate your lane.
Don't forget about wards and try to cancel his with .
Go full force on 6 and punish him hard for having no 1o1 ultimate.
Rush for a reduced duration of the taunt as well as a reduced duration of the damage reduction.
should settle the lane.

Riven is one of these champions that totally depends on the skillcap of the player.
Consider starting with + 5 .
Be aware of her damage potential at 6.
+ is a nightmare for Volibear players.
and double are going to help you.


This match-up is harder as expected
( Yes, yorick is always hard but I was actually hoping that my early game adventage would be enough for snowballing this lane... )
He just comes back in almost every case.
Get Lee Sin, Maokai as a jungler or somebody with a strong early gank potential.
In order to lane vs Yorick, buy to reduce the damage done by his.
Midgame advice: Just push your lane with your and start roaming.
( You can't face im in a 1o1 situation anymore )
Always come back before he starts to hit your second tower, push and leave again and so on.

You are winning in 1o1 situations.
Nevertheless there won't be any chances to get in such a situation.
He is harassing all day and makes farming impossible.
Have a good jungler or this lane is going to be pretty frustrating.
Never forget about and it's blind.

Medium match-up for experienced Volibear players ( How many are there? )
The problem about Jax is that he snowballs hard.
One mistake and you have lost the lane without any opportunity of coming back (in most cases).
Beat him in an equal lane at level 6 with your ultimate.
is offering Jax a lot of mobility -> he will jump on his minions and wards if he gets ganked.

Renekton is having an incredible early game potential and keeps getting dangerous.
In addition to that Renektons stun seduce their jungle to gank your lane often.
Farm under tower and play safe.
Get .
Once you have 6, face him with all CDs and ignite him early on to reduce the heal given by his .

Even stacking armor doesn't help: is dealing magic damage and is dealing true damage.
Try to avoid any trades // sit at the tower to farm // ask your jungler to camp this lane.
Nothing more you can do in here.

AP ( pre-nerf )
Incredibly broken. You just can't do much....
He will punish you hard if you don't win the early lane phase.
No mana costs, healing himself and thrill of the haunt is bringing stealth.
He has to be destroyed during his first levels so tell your jungler to camp top.
on your jungler can ruin Rengars stealth calculations.


??? = I haven't met these champions yet.

I can see this match-up going both ways.
Jarvan is having a huge burst potential and ganks in combination with his + knock-up are deadly.

In my opinion, Warwick is having a weak early game.
early ranks were nerfed and there you go.
Warwick shouldn't be able to kill you with his + + -combo.

is offering him more sustain, more harass and mobility + stun.
You can't go for any trades.
Buy to reduce the magic damage done by .

I guess that you are going to destroy him in the beginning.
He will gain a lot of sustain due to and .
He can use over walls and through wood.
is going to keep him in range.
Once he reaches 6, leave him as soon as possible if is activated.

Farm, Farm and Farm.

He is having a strong mid/late game.
Dangerous: + + for engaging a teamfight from nowhere with an AoE knock-up and crazy damage.
He can make the difference in teamfights, so try to shut him down in lane phase.

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I would generally say that Volibear is a viable jungler.
His gank potential is pretty decent but he still lacks at jungle speed especially in mid- and late game.
That's why my jungle Volibear is based on offense.
is offering a lot of sustainability in the jungle and makes crazy dives possible.
One big strength of having Volibear as a jungler is his "double Smite" containing + for saving drakes and barons.
Use first and then finish immediately with for not getting outsmited.
( The damage done by Smite is in 99% cases bigger than the damage done by Frenzy, even on low health )



( +6 arpen from )


Sample Builds:

Jungle Route:
1. Starting with dorans: -> wolves -> blue buff-> wraiths -> wolves -> red buff-> wraiths -> level 4 gank with double buff.

2. Invade-Gank Style: Starting with boots -> invade // -> wolves -> blue buff -> level 2 ganks.
Skill-Order: Rest of the skill-order is still the same.


How to gank:
1. Always try to close the gap between your target and his tower.
2. Volibear should face to his target during his .
Consequently, you will flip him away from his tower and to your mate.
3. Don't flip the target to your friend if he is close to death.
4. Hit and run for obtaining 2 more stacks for .

Rush :
Oracles is worth it in spite of the price of 400g.

Why would I spend 400g on Oracles?
It's pretty hard to kill Volibear since you're tanky and mobile.
Be careful, don't get trapped and keep your oracles as long as possible.
Clear wards, hold the dragon/baron control and have some unsighted ganks.

for faster jungling?
Be aware! The flip is resetting the health of neutral minions!!!
The health won't resett if you hit the neutral minion instantly after having flipped.

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What is making a good Invade-Composition?

- Good base stats
- CC-potential
- Ranged auto-attacks

Checking Volibear under these aspects:
1. Good base stats:
Yes, Volibear is having some great base stats in combination with a great passive.

Health 440 (+86)
Attack damage 54 (+3.3)
Health regen. 7.0 (+0.65)
Attack speed 0.625 (+2.9%)
Mana 220 (+30)
Armor 16.5 (+3.5)
Mana regen. 7.0 (+0.65)
Magic res. 30 (+1.25)
Range 125
Mov. speed 320

=> great base health, attack damage, armor and movement speed.

2. CC-potential:
The movement speed increase is scary at level 1 and so is the flip who is offering one great first blood guarantee.

3. Ranged auto-attacks:
Well, Volibear is just a melee-champion. =/
In the end it doesn't matter.
Tank damage for your team and die if necessary for a better outcome.

Invading Red Route

Invading Blue Route

Guide Top

Mid Game

The mid game starts different from game to game.
( You shouldn't say that mid game starts from WX:00 and is ending at YZ:00, while W < Y )
I personally think that mid game has to be recognized as the time you're leaving your lane for achieving some objectives with your team.
Two sitations may appear when you're leaving your lane:
1. the opposing top laner is following you for stopping anything or
2. he will stay at the lane and farm, then push and kick your tower
( depending on his push-abilities and damage on tower )

Generally, you don't want him to follow you.
For this reason, I would recommend to leave your lane after having pushed your lane and after having based.
Bring 1 to drake and look out for some kills.
One kill can create a 5v3 situation which can cause a safe tower + drake.
Kicking a mid tower is worthier than kicking a bot-/top tower!
( -> higher loss of vision )

Return to your lane, push back and leave your lane if anything can be achieved with your team
( never ending circle since Volibear is having such a great roam ability )
or just farm if there is nothing you can do for other lanes.

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Your Jobs In Teamfights

Here is an example of an ideal team fight.

Resuming the information given by the video:

1. Engaging team fights:
-> sight ward -> -> ->
Engaging out of nowhere due to a vision adventage is first-class!
Always start with and don't flash first.
Situations can change and then you've suddenly wasted a flash for nothing.

2. Protecting your carries:
Opponents shouldn't be able to touch your carries, flip the bruisers/tanks, slow them and kill them.

3. Outzoning hostile carries:
You are blocking hostile carries by standing between them and your carries.

4. Take as much damage as possible for your team:
Make them waste ultimates, summoner spells and items on you.

5. Supporting your team mates:
Don't flame and go for teamwork.
sight ward + are everlasting useful.
// zeke's herald Choose one of them depending on the situation.
(Aegis for usual, Zeke's in case of fed AD-carry or 3 auto-attack champions ( including yourself ) in your team)

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Elise Patch Notes

Volibear is not named in the Patch. However, he is affected by the following changes:

Essence Flux no longer reduces enemy champion Attack Speed

=> You won't meet him at the toplane ( for usual ) but I'm still mentioning him:
The attack speed reduction done by was decreasing your damage output rapidly in team fights. Nice change :)

Thundering Blow
No longer deals any flat base damage
(still deals % Max Health damage and has a bonus Attack Damage ratio)
Fixed: Stun no longer sometimes lasts beyond the knockback duration
Acceleration Gate mana cost increased to 50 from 30

=> I am considering Jayce as one of the biggest counterpicks to Volibear. Nerfs on him are welcome. ;)

Base Health Regeneration reduced to 4 from 8
Health Regeneration per level reduced to 0.4 from 0.8
Bonetooth Necklace no longer grants a base +10 Attack Damage
Savagery Empowered Attack Damage ratio reduced to 2.0 from 2.5
Thrill of the Hunt
Stealth duration reduced to 5 seconds from 7
Cooldown increased to 140/105/70 seconds from 120/85/50

=> I used to ban Rengar every single ranked game.
He was incredibly broken and I was tired of facing him.
These huge nerfs should lead into a more balanced match-up.
The reduced stealth duration may give you the possibility to catch him without any oracles.
I'm now ready to encounter him once more, wish me luck! :D


Slow duration reduced to 2 seconds from 2.5
Slow for ranged attacks reduced to 20% from 30%

Fixed: Slow duration now correctly lasts for 2.5 seconds instead of 2

=> I like these changes despite of the reduced slow duration of the Phage proc.
1. It's harder for ranged champions to kite you with a 20% slow.
2. The activation of the Phage proc is in the end just luck and unreliable.
3. Frozen Mallet is core on Volibear.
You will hardly benefit from the increased slow duration. ( reliable slow )

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"Ultimate Flip"

What are Volibear and Maokai having in common?
Maokai is following and binding his target with despite of any es.

Volibear can flip his target despite of any etc. if used too late.

Guide Top

All In All

Players like su4k, Syforce RaT4LIF3, InvertedComposer are my idols.
Each player represents 1 champion.
It's fun to play Volibear and I just can't belive that this fun is going to disappear suddenly, tomorrow or next week.
On the other hand there is still a lot of stuff to test.
I will try to keep this guide updated and will add some new videos.
Thanks for spending your time on reading my guide.
I will continue playing Volibear at my elo wherever he is going to take me.