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Rengar Build Guide by Lodart

Jungle Get Diamond with BUFFED Rengar! [IN-DEPTH]

Jungle Get Diamond with BUFFED Rengar! [IN-DEPTH]

Updated on November 11, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodart Build Guide By Lodart 301 15 740,131 Views 12 Comments
301 15 740,131 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodart Rengar Build Guide By Lodart Updated on November 11, 2022
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1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Get Diamond with BUFFED Rengar! [IN-DEPTH]

By Lodart

Hello everyone! Lodart here with another guide. This time I've decided to cooperate with a high elo player and streamer called Agarandom because he knows nearly everything about Rengar. I hope that this guide can help you learn a lot about Rengar. Enjoy the read and please upvote and leave a comment if you liked the guide so more people get to see it!

You can chill and ask all your Rengar related questions in Agarandom's Discord server:
Come follow his stream, he's insane on Rengar!

Guide Topics

+ Pros and cons; and when to pick Rengar.
+ Ability sequence, rune setups and smite choice.
+ How to clear your jungle camps while staying healthy.
+ In-Depth Itemization. Read the notes on the builds too.
+ Threats and synergies of Rengar explained.
+ Lots of different combos, tricks and animation cancels.


+ Great in jungle duels and skirmishes.
+ Rengar is very versatile with runes and item setups.
+ Mechanical, fast-paced and incredibly fun to play.
+ His Battle Roar is among the most broken abilities in the game.
+ One of the most satisfying champions to master.


- Definitely one of the harder junglers in the game.
- Limit-testing is crucial, you will need to play him a lot.
- Your ganks aren't that great till you have Thrill of the Hunt; you'll need to improvise.
- Enemies roughly know where you are when you use Thrill of the Hunt.

Rengar - Absolute Domination
DPS, Assassin, Bruiser, Crit, Melee, Toplaner, Jungler

Rengar can be picked in and versus a lot of team-compositions. Perfect times to pick Rengar are when your team has a lot AP dealing champions, when your laners have enchanters or crowd control and versus champions who are in camouflage like Evelynn and Twitch. Rengar is especially useful when you want to have early-game pressure; this pressure also allows you to take objectives quickly. After level 6, your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt is the perfect tool to exert pressure with since you can be everywhere. When we get to later in the game Rengar allows you to carry games by farming and taking objectives incredibly fast, making picks around the map and by splitpushing. All-in-all, if you want to solo-carry games; Rengar is the champion you need!
Rengar - Abilities
Bonus AD, Mostly AD Damage, Healing, Slows, Armor Penetration

Let's first talk about the order in which you level your abilities. On Rengar you can choose to level your Bola Strike second; it gives you way more damage than Battle Roar. However, with the Trinity Force build you'll have to max Battle Roar second, since your basic attacks already deal a lot of damage!

The leveling sequence will be Bola Strike second max when you are going crit/lethality:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

It will be Battle Roar second max with the Trinity Force build:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Since Rengar can go for multiple trees and thus make diverse rune-pages I'll go over a few basics here:

Lethal Tempo
Lethal Tempo is the most amazing rune on Rengar and he can stack it quickly, it allows you to get a lot of Attack Speed while skirmishing in the jungle. Combined with double adaptive runes this grants you a lot of extra damage. It is useful later in the game, however it's less useful if fights are based on you assassinating a squishy champion. You can take Lethal Tempo if you think you'll be going for extended fights throughout the game or when you go bruiser Rengar with Trinity Force.
First Strike
First Strike is one of the best keystones on Rengar. It allows you to snowball the game out of control with the extra gold it grants; since you'll get your items faster. Going into the Inspiration Tree also allows you to take Magical Footwear (which gives you extra bonus movement speed), Future's Market (for faster item spikes) and Cosmic Insight for lower Smite cooldowns. True damage also helps a lot later in the game when enemies have started building armor.
This rune is amazing for when you gank and later in the game when you want to be one-shotting targets who aren't easy to catch. Electrocute is also a viable strategy when playing against champions who can go into invisibility, you can oneshot them before they go invisible.
Dark Harvest
Dark Harvest is amazing when you fight a lot; it allows you to scale even better than Electrocute if you can get yourself some kills. Combined with the item The Collector, the rune Dark Harvest proves lethal.
Hail of Blades
Hail of Blades will allow you to combo someone to death really fast and is especially good for early fighting. Hail of Blades is especially good when targets aren't that hard to catch (e.g. don't have dashes). It gives you more damage than the enemy and above all of that it allows you to go into the Domination tree.
Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork allows you to kite people more easily than you ever could with other runes; the healing gets stronger the later the game goes. There is no reason to play this rune anymore while the runes listed above are also available; you want damage, not healing.

Secondary rune choices:

In the Precision tree you can combo two of the following: Triumph, Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity or Legend: Bloodline and Coup de Grace. Personally I like to go for a more early game based approach if I take Precision, since I want to try and snowball on Rengar; that is Triumph with Legend: Alacrity.

You could go for Relentless Hunter or Ultimate Hunter, since they are both amazing tools for extra map impact and pressure. For the second rune you can go Sudden Impact for early-game power or Eyeball Collection for scaling.

In the Sorcery tree you can go for Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm if you want to scale even harder. Transcendence can be taken for some free extra ability haste. Waterwalking is another possibility; this rune is good when you want to invade fast (movement speed) or fight in the river. Nimbus Cloak and Nullifying Orb are also options you could go for, however they're way less useful than the other runes.

In the Resolve tree you can take Bone Plating. Revitalize is also an amazing rune on Rengar. This could be an idea in some of the hard early-game matchups.

In the Inspiration Tree taking Magical Footwear for the gold efficiency is the best. Furthermore, you can choose between Future's Market and Cosmic Insight, however keep in mind that Cosmic Insight was nerfed this season.

There are quite a few options for Rengar depending on your playstyle and the enemy team-composition. Take your time in champ-select and decide which runes will work best in that specific game. Take either one Attack Speed rune shard with one Adaptive rune shard or just straight go for two Adaptive rune shards, this choice is based on your preference, just remember that Attack Speed is more useful early-game if you don't go Lethal Tempo. Last rune shard is optional, but remember that Shield helps against monster damage.

All depends on your preferences, but Emberknife is way superior.

Emberknife works really well vs a lot of matchups, including Assassin matchups and dueling matchups, since it reduces the enemy damage with a whopping 20% for 4 whole seconds while you gain an X amount of true damage (depending on your champion level) for 2,5 seconds after you've smited the enemy. The burn works with in-game ticks and resets with every basic attack.

Hailblade is, at most, nice if you want to have that extra utility (slow) on your ganks and invades. It also deals damage instantly instead of overtime allowing you to one-shot people even faster.

Duskblade of Draktharr is an item that grants Rengar the damage and lethality to assassinate squishies. However, this is not the main reason we buy Duskblade of Draktharr since Prowler's claw can do the exact same. Duskblade of Draktharr shines the most when your gameplan is to assassinate someone, get out of the fight through the invisibility and then decide whether you want to jump in again or get out of the fight. The downside of Duskblade of Draktharr is less single-target damage and direct mobility than Prowler's Claw.

Trinity Force is a very versatile item on Rengar. Trinity Force gives Rengar a lot of damage, attack speed and mobility; but it also allows Rengar to survive many more battles. Furthermore, Trinity Force gives you a lot of strength and mobility in sidelanes. Enemies simply won't expect the pushing power you have with Trinity Force. It allows you to clear waves very quickly AND you'll deal more damage on turrets because of your Sheen passive, which will be on a 1 second cooldown when combined with Ingenious Hunter. If you want to carry games, then Trinity Force is the Mythic you should go.

Eclipse shines in extended fights and it also gives you an incredible amount of dueling power. Eclipse is really good against champions that heavily rely on high cooldown abilities to deal damage, like Gragas, since you gain a shield every 8 seconds. Eclipse scales incredibly well with the amount of armor penetration it gives.

Goredrinker gives Rengar an incredible amount of health and sustain, especially when you combine it with your Battle Roar. Since this item gives you so much health and sustain, you take Goredrinker into team-compositions that you won't be able to do much against after you jump in with Thrill of the Hunt, like a lot of tanks and crowd-control. You won't be useful if you just get one-shot without being able to do anything. At the moment Trinity Force build is better.

This might seem like a strange item on Rengar, however Wit's End gives you magic damage on an AD Assassin! Not to mention the splitpushing power and attack damage/speed the item grants. It is also very useful against champions that deal AP damage, since the item grants you magic resist.

This item has a few things going for it. Blade of the Ruined King grants you extra splitpushing power, because it's on-hit damage works on minions. Furthermore it also gives you Attack Damage and Attack Speed which are both very useful stats on Rengar, both in battles and when you are splitpushing. The lifesteal it grants allow you to survive more battles and regain your HP without recalling.

One of the best item's in the game: Death's Dance makes you incredibly tanky because of the delayed physical AND magic damage you get from how the passive works. Furthermore, it gives you a good amount of Attack Damage and Armor AND on top of that you heal a lot of HP when you get a kill/assist on an enemy!

Another exceptional item: Maw of Malmortius makes you incredibly tanky against enemies that build Ability Power. On top of that, you get a fat shield whenever they try to burst you down or execute you. Keep in mind that you can't stack item's like Immortal Shieldbow and Maw of Malmortius.

At some point in the game, the enemy team will have gained a lot of armor, whether its through levels or through building armor-based items. Lord Dominik's Regards will allow you to shred through, and top of that it grants you extra damage if the enemy has 200-2000 more MAX HEALTH than you do. With the reworked Rengar, critical strike chance also amplifies your basic attack damage.

With Essence Reaver, a damage-oriented build will deal a lot more damage. The passive proc of Essence Reaver works with the amount of AD you have at that moment. If the game drags on for a while or if you are snowballing and you get the chance to build more damage-oriented items, the passive of Essence Reaver will grant you a lot of extra damage. With the reworked Rengar, critical strike chance also amplifies your basic attack damage.

The Mythic Infinity Edge gives you a 35% increase to all damage that comes from critical strikes. That's it honestly, it just amplifies your damage by a LOT. With the reworked Rengar, critical strike chance also amplifies your basic attack damage, furthermore your Savagery always crits.

You take Bloodthirster for extra damage, crit chance and extra healing. However, that's not the only reason why you buy Bloodthirster. The item gives you quite a big shield; which equals to a lot of extra survivability, especially when combined with item's like Death's Dance.


Currently these boots are extremely cost-efficient for the stats (ability haste) it gives. If you don't need the defensive/tenacity stats of the other boots this is a must-go.


These boots are very useful if you need some Tenacity. Tenacity becomes even more useful when you're building a bit more tanky or when the fights are extended.


A valid choice against heavy AD teams or champions that heavily rely on auto attacks. Again, defensive stats work better with more HP.

The standard full-clear route from Red Brambleback to Scuttle crab:

You'll be able to do this clear before the rift scuttler spawns, giving you level 4. This route can help you when you want to gank a certain lane (e.g. Toplane on Blue Side), or vice-versa, avoid a certain lane (e.g. Botlane on Red Side). The route you take depends on your gameplan.

Try to get ferocity stacks by jumping to the blast cone that spawns at 1:20 (left-side of Red Brambleback); doing this will allow you to be done with your clear earlier. You can also decide to place a Control Ward in the bush below Krug if you think two potions aren't necessary to clear the jungle. This Control Ward will allow you to see whether the enemy jungler invades your Krugs after they clear Rift Scuttler. You can also keep your Control Ward for potential jungle fights.

The standard full-clear route from Blue Sentinel to Rift Scuttler:

This is another variant of a full-clear that will give you level 4 before the Rift Scuttle skirmish, but now our starting point is Blue Sentinel. This route can, once again, help you when you want to gank a certain lane (e.g. Botlane on Blue Side), or vice-versa, avoid a certain lane (e.g. Toplane on Blue Side). The route you take depends heavily on your gameplan. For example, an Ornn is really hard to dive, but he can not help you in any meaningful way at Rift Scuttler skirmishes or invades most likely.

The standard invade route from Red to enemy Red:

Season 12 JUNGLE UPDATE: You can now do Red -> Raptors -> Gromp instead!

You can also invade on Rengar, because you are really strong early game. This pathing helps when the enemy has a champion that is doing his full-clear. You will most likely be able to meet the enemy jungler at Red Brambleback, allowing you to burn the enemies' summoner spells or even gain a kill. This can also be done when starting on Red Side.

The standard invade route from Blue Buff to enemy Blue:

Season 12 JUNGLE UPDATE: You can now do Blue -> Gromp -> Red instead!

This pathing helps when the enemy has a champion that is doing his full-clear. You will most likely be able to meet the enemy at their Blue Sentinel if they started with Red Brambleback. This can also be done when starting on Blue Side.

With Rengar you have a lot to learn but there also small mechanics and a few tricks you might not know yet:

#1. You have a time-window to jump on a target after you leave a bush; which means that you can do some jumps that you think you couldn't do. Furthermore, because you have a time-window, having more movement speed (e.g. with Fleet Footwork, empowered Savagery or items like Youmuu's Ghostblade) means you can jump further since you have a bit of extra time to do the jump and thus can take the jump later; allowing you to close the distance between you and the target. TLDR: Movement speed equals bush jump range.

#2. You can jump to all auto-attackable objects, including objects placed by champions, all wards and jungle plants. This allows you to do cool stuff, for example jumping to a ward and then to an enemy from there. This is very important to keep your ferocity stacks and to move around the map faster.

#3. There is a mechanic that allows you to use your Savagery thrice. Get full ferocity before a fight and wait for all your abilities to go off cooldown (you can see it ticking if you look at the abilities while in empowered mode) and after that just do a normal combo on someone, but now with an extra Savagery after it. Remember that you can use your abilities mid-air and that Thrill of the Hunt does not remove your ferocity.

#4. You can use Scryer's bloom to get vision of enemies, objectives or camps. Having vision means you'll be able to jump on it, if it is in range. Useful when you want to clear your Red Brambleback or Krugs for example.

#5. Hitting blast cones, scryer's bloom's and honeyfruits allow you to keep stacks. Being in combat (also taking damage from camps) will reset your passive. Keeping your stacks, for example, by tanking damage from one small raptor or mini-krug before a gank or fight is also very useful.

#6. Don't immediately jump on a target, especially in low-elo, if they have a dash of some sort. Most of the time if you just show yourself (by walking into their vision-range) they'll use the mobility ability as a reflex. If you jump after that, they'll have no chance of escaping.

#7. The difference between a decent and a bad Rengar is often which empowered ability they use in different scenarios. Think about what you want to do; sometimes using your Bola Strike to root an enemy to allow your team to kill him, is better than doing just a bit of damage but letting the enemy escape with low-health. Don't use your Battle Roar too early, this is a mistake a lot of people make; you're a glass-cannon with the assassin build; take as much damage as you can before using it to use it for it's fullest potential (given you don't need to use it to one-shot people).

#8. Don't use your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt prematurely; remember that it is also a tool to exert pressure. If you use it too early (way before a fight begins), people can just wait it out and you won't have the same amount of pressure anymore.

#9. If you're playing Teleport, you can use your ultimate ability before the Teleport instead of using it after the channel.

In this section we will talk about some champions that synergize good and work well with Rengar. We will also talk about some champions that do not synergize at all with Rengar, but can still be a good asset to the team. Think about something like Brand in an AD heavy team, since there is the chance that your midlaner takes an AD champion.

Ivern spawns bushes and thus allows you to close gaps with enemies. Also has the correct tools to support you with. Throughout the game he can spawn bushes in every spot that you're fighting, giving you an extra stap and gap-closure. Remember that Rengar is still a melee champion! Conqueror has an advantage when playing with an Ivern, since you want to solo-carry this game!

She's like an incredible power-up in a Mario game. She gives you a lot of AD power, an incredible amount of movement AND attack speed and her heals go through the roof later in the game. Next to Ivern, this is your second-best synergy.

If the player is good, this champion is amazing; he can move around the map really fast and support you everywhere in the jungle. His ultimate Tempered Fate creates opportunities to kill people who aren't caught in it. Remember that your ultimate Thrill of the Hunt does not deactivate while going through his portal Magical Journey.

Rengar likes to play around CC mages because it enables him to deal more damage while avoid damage himself. Skirmishing with a Galio works best with Conqueror.

Janna has a lot of movement speed; so a good Janna player will pressure the map EXTREMELY well; she can join you in every fight you take. She's great at peeling teammates and gives you extra AD for the duration of the Eye of the Storm. Works with both playstyles, since she can also shield you before you go in with Assassin Rengar.

Because Leona has a ton of CC, enemies won't be able to get close to you or run away from you. She has a really low cooldown stun which is incredibly useful when she's peeling you or engaging with a chain-cc.

Lulu has shields, peel and gives attack speed. She can polymorph enemies so they can't use items or spells, allowing you to kill them. She can use her ultimate on you mid-air so the enemies get knocked-up allowing you to deal more damage.

Heals you and empowers your basic attack with damage and a slow. Nami has never been "bad" and has always found her place in the meta. She synergizes very well with Rengar when you have a lot of attack speed.

The ball, combined with Command: Protect and Command: Dissonance gives you speed and a shield. Her ultimate ability Command: Shockwave is good for when Rengar engages, since she can keep her ball on you while you jump on people.

You can turret-dive enemies with him, make picks together around the map and Pantheon allows you to have control over objectives with the insane pressure Pantheon has.

Rakan can reach and heal/shield you from far-away with his Battle Dance or Guardian. After that Rakan can just chain cc multiple people with Grand Entrance and The Quickness, allowing you to kill them.

Seraphine has quite a lot of damage and she also has AOE shielding/healing. Nice engage/CC with her ultimate ability Encore. This champion is just plain overpowered.

Cosmic Radiance allows you to take no damage for a whole 2 seconds. This fella deals a lot of damage and heals you for a ton if he can get close to enemies. Skirmishing with your team works best with the Conqueror playstyle.

Thresh's Dark Passage works great with Rengar. Going into a few enemies to assassinate someone? Lantern out. Stealing drake? Lantern out. Want to get into a bush while doing a lane-gank? Lantern in.

Pyke a lot of map pressure with his Ghostwater Dive. Furthermore you don't have to worry a lot about doing enough damage to oneshot people, for example if you want to build bruiser Rengar, since his ultimate Death from Below is a true damage execute.

Morgana is only really useful for her low cooldown Dark Binding and Black Shield since it allows you to jump into enemies without getting cc'd to death immediately.

Because Nautilus has a ton of CC (and decent damage), he's great at catching enemies and setting them up for a kill. Skirmishing with your team works best with the Conqueror playstyle.

Soraka has a lot of healing with her Astral Infusion and she becomes even more of a monster in the late-game. I'd alternatively call it: Budget Yuumi.

Yellow cards are really good to set up kills for you. Twisted Fate's ultimate Destiny allows him to have pressure around the map to support your plays/invades.

Zilean's incredible movement speed buff allows you to get around the map quicker and allows you to make bigger leaps. Zileanalso has a resurrection ability Chronoshift, for if you want to trade a kill with the enemy.

A good Alistar player will pressure the map a lot, going around warding the whole jungle and going aggressive on any enemy he sees. This creates scenarios where you're able to kill enemies in spots where you have the advantage. Because of Alistar's inherit tankiness he is also excellent at turret-diving and tanking turrets and objectives for your team.

Everyone who has CC is atleast a bit useful for Rengar; but Blitzcrank is mostly about his hook, it allows Rengar to kill enemies without jumping into multiple people and putting himself in danger. Moreover, one good hook can win the game!

Braum has a slow with Winter's Bite and a stun with Concussive Blows, which are actually pretty nice, and a projectile shield with Unbreakable; however unless he hits a perfect ultimate Glacial Fissure or can stay in melee-range he's not that useful. Braum shines in level 1 invades because of his passive, try to go for one. Remember that skirmishing with your team works best with the Conqueror playstyle.

Some nice shields and movement speed for you and your team, however there are way better options than Karma currently.

Senna has nice healing, but she normally takes way long to scale and be useful for you since you want to exert pressure on the map as early as it is possible. Across the map shielding with her ultimate Dawning Shadow is what Senna is known for the most.

Sona provides some nice healing and movement speed for you, however there are way better options right now. Sona scales really well, but sadly, she is still identified as budget Seraphine.

Tahm Kench can save you from some critical/dangerous positions with Devour and protect you from burst damage, but after that Tahm Kench is pretty useless unless he can keep being in melee-range of the enemy. If Tahm Kench can stick close to enemies, he will deal a lot of dmg.

Brand has a lot of %HP and AP damage, which can be crucial for the team. This is incredibly useful since the enemies will be stacking MR. However, other than his stun with Sear, nothiing really synergizes well with you.

Lux has damage and a shield. Her shielding power with Prismatic Barrier is minimal and she's kind of an useless support out of laning phase unless she can catch people off-guard and walking into you.

Shaco (support) has AP damage and some CC. I wouldn't really say this champion synergizes well with Rengar, other than that he can place some nice boxes which can fear enemies long enough for you to kill them. Most of the time the people playing Shaco are just a walking ward.

Vel'Koz has damage and one knock-up. Just like Shaco, most Vel'Koz players (and Xerath players, but Xerath is more useful since he has a long-range ultimate) are just walking wards.

Zyra has damage, a root with Grasping Roots and a knock-up with Stranglethorns. Really nice for kiting and peeling, but you rather have supports that can engage fights as a Rengar player.

I hope you liked my guide. I hope I have the motivation to make more extensive guides for other champions too so I can help you guys out. Please leave a thumbs-up if you liked the guide and I'd love it if you could follow me on Twitch!

You can ask all your Rengar related questions in Agarandom's Discord server:
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