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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Mundo Jungle

Jungle Go Where You Please - Mundo Jungle Guide (Patch 8.9)

Jungle Go Where You Please - Mundo Jungle Guide (Patch 8.9)

Updated on June 7, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mundo Jungle Build Guide By Mundo Jungle 111 15 1,118,092 Views 43 Comments
111 15 1,118,092 Views 43 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mundo Jungle Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Mundo Jungle Updated on June 7, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
    World Domination
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    World Conqueror


Dark Harvest
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hey my name is Jessie.
IGN: Mundo Jungle on the NA Server. Note: There is a counter AD and AP page with different builds and matchups. Added World Domination build January 16th 2018) and Phantom Dancer Skirmish Mundo Build (As of April 3rd 2017).

I'm a Jungle Main with a somewhat large champ pool ranked however my most frequently played champions in Season 7 are Noct, Dr.Mundo, Shaco, Shyvana, Amumu, Corki, Orianna, Veigar, Kennen, Blitzcrank, Janna, Sona. I basically play whatever champion my team needs therefore I don't believe in OTP'ing.

I've been playing League of Legends since Season 1, I was in grade 9 at this time boy does time go by fast. I enjoy playing competitively however the game started to become dry at a point so I took a long break from LoL. I started playing ranked again this year with my friend so here I am sharing some of my experience with Dr.Mundo.

I spammed him to get to Platinum 5 100LP using this build so I believe it's getting to where I want it, only getting better with your help and feedback I greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and positive ideas. Lemme know in the comment section what you think / anything to add or have any questions!

Most Recent 1v4 Quadrakill in Ranked Solo Queue:
Recent Quadrakill in Ranked Solo Queue:
This is my first guide and as it is 5:26 AM EST I'm probably going to keep it brief for now and update it until I've exhausted my knowledge to offer.
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Patch 8.9

It's here. The day we've all been waiting for:

R healing increased.

Dr Mundo needs a bit more overall durability if he is to successfully go where he pleases.
R - Maximum Dosage
HEALING 40/50/60% maximum health ⇒ 50/75/100% maximum health.

I always found it difficult to really snowball early this season with the cinderhulk nerf, and various other burst champions getting absurd buffs. I've been kinda just playing the game for fun recently not necessarily trying to climb or anything since I don't have as much time to play league / update this guide. I've been meaning to do a whole rewrite of a bunch of it when I have a bunch of free time and in the mood for it. I've been a little busy in my IRL stuff, but I do want more people to pick up Dr. Mundo and learn to play him as he's my favourite purple menace and very underated of a hypercarry champ. Especially after this buff. I hope you see how much of a nightmare Dr. Mundo main's can be. xD Have fun out there
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Patch 8.4

Haunting Guise
It's haunting, guys!
REMOVEDUNIQUE PASSIVE No longer grants Eyes of Pain: +15 flat magic penetration
NEWUNIQUE PASSIVE Madness: Damaging champions increases the damage you deal by 2% per second until exiting combat (up to 10%)

This item just became an even nicer choice than before for Dr. Mundo even though I kind of liked the magic pen personally because I hit a good percentage of Infected Bonesaw's to make the pen + burn damage worth it. However increasing damage by 10% and having 35 ap will increase Heart Zapper's damage quite substantially. However magic penetration is still a very important stat to consider for Dr. Mundo because it works extremely well with Infected Bonesaw's current hp dmg, since it does not have AP scaling. Heart Zapper has 10% AP scaling. It doesn't need it especially against Alistar (sorry buddy ^.^). So I havent tried or tested out a good build with Haunting Guise yet however it will be sort of more tank / presence base rather than dive the squishy tactic. Currently being unkillable happens to be the carrying method in lower elo, and being able to tank / dps is better for high elo. In general, always have at least 1 or 2 DPS items to stay relevant in the game. Tank + 0 dmg isn't always the best choice. But it can carry. For toplane Dr. Mundo always grab Sunfire Aegis since the slight buff to it (but not cinderhulk. rip)
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Patch 8.3

Brb, Lazy. Dear Riot. Zoe is the worst thing to happen to League of Legends in the 9 years of League of Legends. Nerfing her Q cooldown by that insignifigant ammount is almost an insult to everyone's intelligence.

The most irresponsible spell in the entire game:

Sleepy Trouble Bubble TARGET RANGE: 800 EFFECT RADIUS: 250 COST: 80 MANA COOLDOWN: 16 / 15.5 / 15 / 14.5 / 14
Sleepy Trouble Bubble
ACTIVE: Zoe kicks a bubble in the target direction that bursts on the first enemy hit, else forming a trap at maximum range for 4 seconds that arms after 0.8 seconds. The bubble can only move through terrain once but may do so indefinitely, can only move up to 650-units once outside terrain, and will fall short if it would enter terrain again.

The bubble deals magic damage on contact with an enemy and renders them Drowsy icon drowsy for 2.2 seconds, which gradually Slow icon slows them, after which they fall Sleep icon asleep for 2 seconds.

10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50%
60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 40% AP)
The next instance of champion damage taken by the Sleep icon sleeping target deals bonus Hybrid penetration icon true damage equal to the post-mitigation dealt, capped at Sleepy Trouble Bubble's damage.

120 / 200 / 280 / 360 / 440 (+ 80% AP)
Putting an enemy champion Sleep icon asleep refunds some of Sleepy Trouble Bubble's cooldown.

10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%

Even if you go full tenacity with runes / mercury treads and Dr. Mundo's Heart Zapper and Elixer of Iron. You are still slowed for 1-1.25 seconds and stunned for 2-2.5 seconds. Using Quicksilver Sash is a little bit of a **** sprinkle because you can't use it on the slow or you get stunned. And you can't wait for the stun to happen because the enemies will likely chain cc you before you can Quicksilver Sash which leave an extremely tiny error window that is uncomfortably unfair for the opponent while the Zoe is skipping around waiting a whole 14 seconds for the next one, as if that's enough she gets CDR if she hit's one. It outranges a Yasuo Q which I thought was rediculous but this bubble comes out nowhere over walls, past vision which seriously? We might as well remove fog of war in League at this point because that's a ****ing joke. It passes through minions, walls, and the most Frustrating one's are DRAGON AND BARON. I'll be soloing dragon. And Sleepy Trouble Bubble Whip's out of the corner of my screen from the fog of war giving me 0.15 seconds to dodge or move out of the giant circle of magnetic ******** zipping toward me just steps away from her mid lane. I tried using the Dragon to block it because the spell say's it shoulds stop after it hits 1 terrain, but it can pass through everything else... How is this spell justified??? Where is the counterplay, Movement speed? Flash? She casts it every 14 seconds at massive ranges where she has 0 danger, and enemies are scrambling like headless chickens. On top of that all of her other cooldown are so stupidly low, and everyone rushes Morellonomicon. Yeah, I sound salty maybe but, I'm going to continue banning Zoe every single game until something is done. I might even just stop playing League of Legends. It was fun while it lasted. But whoever thought Zoe was a good idea, was the person who killed League of Legends and everything fun about it.

I'll write a proper Patch 8.3 when I have some extra time. I'm also making a youtube video showing some of the ENDLESS examples of uncounterable play for the times in the past where I forgot to ban her. Smh Riot...
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Patch 8.2

Nunu & Willump's buff is interesting and could potentially make him viable again, and a good Nunu & Willump could be hell to play against when it comes to counter-jungling and dragon control, but as I've recently played vs 1 I feel he's still kinda not that great unless there's a great synergized AP carry with him. I think champions like Diana, Kog'Maw or Teemo would be great duo's to enhance attack speed and ability power.
Vayne's slight nerf this patch makes Dr. Mundo a happy lad. I personally have never really had problems with any adc, but Vayne with Fleet Footwork can be a pain in the... yeah.
Evelynn's nerf was also very necessary because before, she would just 1 combo Dr. Mundo regardless of how much MR / stacks of E you had, with 0 counterplay. She was basically a hard counter, and I would just focus ganking lanes and counterjungling her to get ahead and just have more gold and items. That was literally the only way to deal with that stupid burst. That and going Mercury's Treads and Spectre's Cowl skipping Zeal which I've been doing more often. I still get flamed every so often for getting Zeal but that doesn't matter. I still get quadrakills often for taking Zeal and/or Dark Harvest.
Which brings me to my next point. Dark Harvest Out-Performs Grasp of the Undying especially since Dark Harvest works on turrets and carries so hard. It's almost painful not to go Dark Harvest because you're missing out on this giant burst that also works well in teamfights because you can just murder all the squishy carries and get another proc to use on someone else. I'll post my Dark Harvest level 6 Quadrakill as soon as I post it on youtube for an explanation as to why it's such a strong Keystone on Dr. Mundo right now. If you're wondering where that build is. It's the 4th build in this guide. I decided not to guide the new Dr. Mundo players to use Dark Harvest as it tends to create the mindset that Dr. Mundo is the DPS role on the team and that is false. He's meant to be a tanky bruiser who is supposed to take out the weakest targets on the enemy team simultaineously tanking damage and abilities for the team as a whole. Dr. Mundo has no hard cc so he's not meant to peel 24/7. That's not to say you can't peel or shouldn't peel with your tanky presence but it's often better to have a tanky support like Thresh, Nautilus, Blitzcrank do the peeling for your adc/mage/carry. So if you're experienced with Dr. Mundo I HIGHLY reccomend trying the Dark Harvest Keystone / World Domination build in the 4th tab of this guide. :) Have fun out there!
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Patch 8.1

Welcome Summoner, to Season 8!

With the new year came a new season of league. Currently listening to some NaS feeling really good so let me make this quick so I can start a game.
Changes that effect Mundo/ This Build:

RESOLVE + DOMINATION 130 health ⇒ 65 health plus 9 ability power or 5.4 attack
RESOLVE + PRECISION 130 health ⇒ 65 health plus 9% attack speed

There isn't really that much more other than a small graves W buff / change. 0.5 seconds 50% slow can probably feel more like a cc for that short time. I feel the older Smokescreen was more OP but I still never had a problem with graves. I feel like he's one of the easiest junglers to counter early due to his very very slow attack speed. The fact that they gave him 1 second less of a CD on Q can mean he might be able to fit in a 2nd Q if you haven't already destroyed his face by then, which is very very likely.

As for Runes, I'm experimenting a lot of differnt pages soon. More to come! :) Happy new year!
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Patch 7.20 - Sterak's Gage

Been really busy with work at the bakery ( Pantheon would be jealous ), so I'll try to update the guide when I have spare time. Lot of changes coming up in the new season so most of this guide will have to be reworked and reworded. Fun :P

Only relevant change is Sterak's Gage and Evelynn but I'll add stuff about her later.

BUILD PATH Jaurim’s Fist + Long Sword + 1050 gold ⇒ Jaurim’s Fist + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 725 gold
TOTAL COST 2600 gold ⇒ 3200 gold
HEALTH 400 ⇒ 450
REMOVEDI’M ALWAYS ANGRY No longer gives additional % base attack damage for 8 seconds when Lifeline triggers
NEWUP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Can only be purchased by melee champions. Form-swapping champions only benefit from the base attack bonus buff while in melee form. Shield persists through form-swapping from melee to ranged.
NEWWAIT FOR IT Shield waits 0.75 seconds before it begins decaying
NEWI’M THE JUGGERNAUT Now gives 30% tenacity for 8 seconds when Lifeline triggers
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Patch 7.16 - Minor Changes

Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk

COMBINE COST 525 gold (2425 total gold) ⇒ 600 gold (2500 total gold)

So a slight nerf to Cinderhulk making Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor a strong option this patch. 20%+ bonus hp may seem hard to pass on but +50% attack speed
UNIQUE: Basic attacks deal 4% of the target’s maximum health
on top of Zeal or Phantom Dancer will turn Dr. Mundo into Dr.ChopChop, Decimating everyone in your path. The Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk path is still good because Bami's Cinder is relatively cheap and synergizes well with Bramble Vest. Just some food for thought.
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Patch 7.15 Buff! C:

That's right. Even after riot increased Heart Zapper's damage by 5 per second and Dr. Mundo's attack damage growth to 3.5 from 3, they continued to help mundo stay more relevant after the lethality and tank changes. Giving Dr. Mundo another passive on his Blunt Force Trauma allows him to shine with this build since you will have 5 levels into Blunt Force Trauma by level 8. This was already one of mundo's biggest power spikes other than level 11.

After playing a few games with the new Blunt Force Trauma, I have concluded that it is extremely easy to get 15 stacks of 2% MR to a total of 30% Bonus Magic Resist since Heart Zapper gives you a stack every 0.5 seconds. Do NOT change your combo's to gain full stacks, it isn't as important as keeping optimal DPS with E AA Cancels. (as in do not use Blunt Force Trauma unless you AA first and then Cancel) In specific situations when you are running from a caster and your Heart Zapper is on, you can Proc Blunt Force Trauma, Infected Bonesaw them if they're not too close. The 30% Bonus MR could save your life easily. This new passive also energizes extremely well with the Adaptive Helm buffs. Riot is really trying to make Dr.Mundo the Anti-Caster tank who benefits from rushing Spirit Visage *cough cough* Galio *cough. I feel when you rush Zeal and max E, you become an un-duel-able AD Hybrid Tank. With this E buff you become even better against champs who Dr. Mundo used to struggle slightly with. Jax Shyvana Akali Fizz Diana
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Patch 7.14

Randuin's Omen
Build path updated. Grants more health.

BUILD PATH Ruby Crystal + Ruby Crystal + Warden’s Mail + 1100 gold ⇒ Giant's Belt + Warden's Mail + 900 gold (2900 gold total cost unchanged)
HEALTH 350 ⇒ 400

I was annoyed with the original change to 2 Ruby Crystal's + Warden's Mail into Randuin's Omen. Giant's Belt is just so much easier to build from and keeps your inventory cleaner. The 50 hp is also another revert from the nerf earlier. Anyways, I almost always build Zeal, Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage every single game in my core. When riot patched Blade of the Ruined King, I've been seeing a lot less of it and more Statikk Shiv, Infinity Edge builds. Therefore health and resistance's are prioritized and you can now take Warmog's Armor and Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk, possibly Titanic Hydra if you're into that kinda thing :P. I still prefer Zeal or Phantom Dancer as my 1-2 offensive items.

Bramble Vest League Needed More Bramble.
Thornmail +250hp is a nice addition as well as Grevious Wounds passive.
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Patch 7.13

Bami's Cinder
HEALTH 280 ⇒ 200
BUILD PATH Ruby Crystal + 700 gold (1100 total gold) ⇒ Ruby Crystal + 500 gold (900 total gold)

Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk
HEALTH 400 ⇒ 325
BUILD PATH Jungle Item + Bami’s Cinder + 525 gold (2625 total gold) ⇒ Jungle Item + Bami’s Cinder + 525 gold (2425 total gold)

Adaptive Helm
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Patch 7.11 Dr.Mundo Buff

Base damage growth increased to 3.5 from 3
Heart Zapper (W)
Magic damage per half second increased to 20/27.5/35/42.5/50 from 17.5/25/32.5/40/47.5

What does this do for Dr.Mundo:
This will increase his clear speeds slightly and make raptors die 1.5 seconds faster because even at rank 1 it's 5 more damage per second and raptors already die so fast when you start it at level 1. The base damage growth will have a decent affect mid-lategame as Blunt Force Trauma scales with AD, having more will make you do more DPS but also if you get zeal it basically doubles your damage output. I've been taking zeal over tiamat lately because it costs 1200g and the 5% movement speed allows you to get from camp to camp faster than tiamat would as well as making single target camps like red, blue, gromp, large krug even dragon and baron much easier as Blunt Force Trauma can crit and will do more when you are lower hp. Sure your team will flame you but let them. They have no idea how Dr. Mundo works (they assume you just build full HP making you a meat monkey). I've done the math and research and majority of the time zeal will not only out-damage tiamat or bami's cinder (pukes) but will also give u fast clears and extra mobility which is very important on mundo. I'm excited to see where this buff will take Dr. Mundo as he was already a strong pick and a good counter to the new Sejuani viability speaking. He already does stupid strong damage as is with this build, especially the skirmisher mundo build. Also considering switching out Phantom Dancer for Death's Dance or having a combination of the 2. Phantom does roughly 50 DPS more than Deaths Dance full build, however Death's Dance seem to be a situational more defensive pick and can be very useful on Dr. Mundo. CDR is not the greatest stat on Dr. Mundo however since the basic build lack's CDR this could be an option for if they have Tanky Bruisers with large health pools. More CDR = More Infected Bonesaw's, less downtime on Blunt Force Trauma and lower cooldown on Maximum Dosage. The only downside to Death's Dance is that it costs quite a bit and does less overall DPS than Phantom Dancer as you could spend that money on tank items. Its damage reduction is something to consider, that's why I said I may come up with a viable build with both.
Phantom Dancer, Death's Dance, Ninja Tabi, Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk, Randuin's Omen, Spirit Visage would be a very high Dmg Reduction build with high sustain. DD / Gargoyle Stoneplate would be the last item's probably.

I'm also excited because he hasn't had a buff since 6.19. It was very overdue.
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Jungling / Clear Path

Best clear right now in Patch 7.11 is still starting Raptors as they nerfed their DPS and raised their early health by 50 at level 1 which is like 1 second (2 ticks) of your W. W just got buffed by 5 DPS and you have .5 more ad LUL. 9 at level 18 however (from 3 to 3.5 per level) Redbuff also got it's MR reduced in 7.6 so the Raptor > Red Clear is even safer / faster.

Example of Raptor Clear / Counter-Jungling a Graves:
Raptor Start:
If you're not invading or deep warding, this clear will allow you to get level 4 in 5 camps the fastest. Ask for Mid and Top / Bot based on Redside or Blueside for a leash on raptors. If they don't it's not a big deal it only saves you a few seconds anyways. Start W and AA the Large Raptor, take Q immediately and Q Redbuff over the wall and walk to the corner opposite to the blast cone (closest to base, as seen in video) and wait for him to walk to you. Potion and turn on W, Q and walk toward the bush.

Make sure u have your jungle entrance warded as some jungler's may want to gank you here as you are almost always low at Red. If they do show up, Smite red, Q enemy, then fight or flight. Always kite with Q and toggle W off when you're not in range, toggling it on when you stop to change directions. Do this for any buff as it may slow your clear a little bit it's often much safer and leaves you with more HP to spare. Also note that Talisman heals you after you Q so if you're ever low in the jungle just Q the largest HP creep available and run away healing, repeating for more hp. Save Smite for blue.

Walk to launch plant Q over wall then turn on W kiting blue as best as possible. From here I usually take Skuttle unless a lane has good gank potential. Decide whether to finish Gromp and Wolf for level 4 or gank then do them. A sucessful gank and these 2-3 camps can result in level 5. Back and get a Tiamat or Zeal. If you can afford it get Boots and/or Cloth Armor, 2 Health Potion's and a Control Ward so you can easily solo dragon or de-ward a tri-bush or a lane that you want to gank.

All Game Long:
Since the highest XP camp is Raptors this season focus on constantly clearing your Raptors and your enemy jungler's Raptors through Mid "S" shape will keep you ahead of the enemy jungler in CS and XP. They re-spawn every 1:40 after you clear them.

Invading Either Side:

Start Q and clear a few bushes and deep ward an enemy buff to get information where they are starting / being able to smite their buff, therefore try to get it in the bush beside either buff if possible as a good jungler will kite the buff into the bush to be extra safe (you will still be able to Q or smite steal it) Since you have Q get a leash on Blue or Red.

Special thanks to H4xDefender and PsiGuard for great information on the Raptor start.
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This take's a little bit of getting a niche of your own Dr. Mundo style as different players use his strengths to different focuses. Some players focus on peeling their carries with presence and some players rather be front line starting fights causing problems everywhere/diving into squishies tanking everything with Maximum Dosage. Now as for my style I like to start fights with Ghost and Maximum Dosage and start wacking on the adc / mage / most fed enemy. Positioning is everything on Dr. Mundo as he is walking damage. Try to stay in the middle of multiple targets as best as possible, but don't rely on the damage only from Heart Zapper make sure you're in range when your Infected Bonesaw, Blunt Force Trauma and Titanic Hydra combo is off cooldown and ready. I like to initiate when the 3 are up as well as Ghost. Ghost helps you stick on targets easier and catch up to anyone who flash away in terror. It also helps you position greatly. Don't forget to help your team as sometime's dealing your maximum damage output is not worth 3 allies dying so make sure you don't tunnel on to running enemy's as sometimes it's just bait for other players to snipe out your allies. Run and peel allies whenever needed. Be sure to tank tower shots for your team. IMPORTANT: Tanking turret shot's is your job. You have ton's of armor mid/late game as well as a large hp pool and Maximum Dosage is just incredible at tanking many shots as well as enemy abilities simultaneously.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost: has always been my personal preference on Dr.Mundo as it has a 180 second cooldown (compared to Flash which has a 300 second cooldown) and allows you to position better for ganks, chase better/land an initial cleaver, position better in team fights and stick on targets better with E as it's the highest base attack damage steriod in the game (220 AD). Also since your Ult cooldown is 100 at level 6 you'll be able to use it every other time you use it. It also allows you to chase and secure kills after an enemy flashes as you'll be able to catch up.

Smite: allows you to build a jungle item and secure buffs, dragon and baron as well as smite large lane minions for your team.

Flash: You can take Flash on Mundo as it can help dodge skillshots, ults, flash over walls to get away or steal dragon or baron without launch plant as well as flash over a minion wave so you can cleaver an enemy closing distance slightly faster than ghost. I feel that Ghost is still a better choice on Mundo because it synergizes with his kit much better and has a 2 minute shorter cooldown.

Exhaust: after the nerf is not worth taking over ghost in this patch. If you want the best trade-ability get a Phantom Dancer and Skirmisher's Sabre, however I prefer Skirmisher's Sabre with Titanic Hydra personally as my 1 damage item.

Ignite: can be good on Mundo it's definitely a more agressive option on him giving him an extra little burst to his kit. I wouldn't take it over ghost but it's not bad.

Teleport: is great if you want to split push a lot or backdoor lategame (I'd suggest a Phantom Dancer as your offensive item for this as attack speed increases your effectiveness with E on minions, towers and champions alike. Also Zz'Rot Portal)
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This item was made for you. Increases effectiveness of all sources of health restoration by 25% (including health regeneration, life steal and spell vamp). This increase's the effectiveness of your passive Goes Where He Pleases, the spellvamp on your Infected Bonesaw and Heart Zapper and most importantly increases the total amount healed by your ultimate Maximum Dosage. It's also extremely gold efficient as it has a total cost of 2800g. Regardless of whether the enemy is full AD you should still build Kindlegem and a Ruby Crystal for +350 health and 10% cooldown reduction.

I prefer this item over Randuin's Omen recently because it just carries games so damn hard. There are infinite ways to use this item. Splitpushing is a nobrainer,
since they nerfed the distance the minions travel you have to plant them closer to the towers you are seiging, preferably between 2 towers so it can reach the 2nd one after the 1st one is down. Try to place in a bush as you can bait or lure enemies into it as well.
Another application is using it as a ward or to block enemy movement. It's especially useful for warding dragon / baron as the minions will spawn and move into the enemy jungle.
Free vision, if you have nothing else to push. The movement speed is also killer for diving.

I prefer this item over Dead Man's Plate although I sometimes get them both if the enemy has a lot of AD and burst damage. It gives 10 more armor and 10% crit damage reduction. Easy to build 1000g Warden's Mail + 1000g Giant's Belt + 900g = 2900g Randuin's Omen.

I build this item when I have 1-2 Health item's complete for the best damage spike / tankiness combination; however I also rush this item if I get fed in a short amount of time because it's such an extreme damage spike on Mundo with Blunt Force Trauma Active. I always build a Tiamat every game for faster clear and aoe splash, so a quick Jaurim's Fist + 1100g and it's done. I don't always get to finish this item as sometimes it's better to spend gold elsewhere and leave the Tiamat in your inventory. All depends on the game's specific's.

+45% Attack Speed, +30% Critical Strike Chance, +5% Movement Speed, +UNIQUE – SPECTRAL WALTZ: Grants ghosting and +7% movement speed while within 550 units of a visible enemy champion. +UNIQUE – LAMENT: Grants 12% damage reduction against the last enemy champion hit (ends after 10 seconds out-of-combat). Cost 2550g.
The Legend of the Phantom Dancer.
There once was a purple madman who rushed Phantom Dancer. Long story short, everybody dies end of the story. This is a viable item to rush vs. skirmish champions like Jax, Master Yi, Olaf to name a few. With a Zeal alone you can surprise nearly any champion who disregards you building it / knowing your damage. The reason it's so good on Dr.Mundo is simple. His Blunt Force Trauma is great with attack speed and crit, and as you get lower hp, your AD increases 1% per 1% of missing hp. This means at 1% HP you will have 99% increased AD on top of the Flat ammount it gives you. A lot of players forget this is a thing and continue to fight you not realizing you can crit them for around 300 early game per AA. If you combine this item with Skirmisher's Sabre you gain 32% damage reduction. It's also good to grab Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor enchant as you will increase your single target DPS more than Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk would. It's good to take Zz'Rot Portal and Split-Push for your team as you can literally place one, walk up to towers activating Blunt Force Trauma letting it take u down in HP then Maximum Dosage. If you have a mountain drake you can solo the tower easily and waddle away. It's better to use minions but there are times when you just gotta do #MundoThings. This item is some-what situational, but also a lot of fun to use. If your team has enough damage build tanky as per usual.

Take this if you need more movement speed or late-game to replace boots as a 6th item. Generally this is a good item for initiation and to be able to hit an initial Infected Bonesawand the 50% slow is pretty nice to help you hit your Blunt Force Trauma + Titanic Hydra combo. Great vs Vayne since the slow proc will hit her regardless if she tries to tumble last second. Randuin's Omen is better in a sense that she can't Final Hour + Tumble away like she can if you're too far to AA her with Dead Man's Plate

Great item when you want a bit more damage and a gigantic shield for 30% of your massive HP pool late-game. Take it if you want to counter burst damage/grievous wounds. Sometime's it's better to get 1 more tank item than this one but use your gut feeling and use situationally. The item speaks for itself.
On Dr. Mundo 121 Base Ad level 18 = 36.3 passively + 36.3 when shield procs. 121 + 72.6 = 193.6 Base Ad for 5 seconds. Make sure to use Masochism (E) while this shield is up as you will increase 193.6 to potentially 412.6 AD total.

This item like Spirit Visage is extremely cost efficient and awesome on Mundo. It's great with Titanic Hydra as it grant's you the most health out of any item. It's not a must buy as Armor and Magic Resist are often better than Flat Health but it's great if the enemy team comp has a lot of burst damage. Take this if you need to tank more damage generally. Note: Don't take this item if the enemy team has a lot of Blade of the Ruined King's, Liandry's Anguish or many HP% dealing abilities.

Survivability against AP carries.
This is good against ability reliant mages, I usually only build it if they have 3-5 AP champions. Or a Veigar. Cough cough broken Lux patch 7.7.

Great item vs burst / AP but more specifically this item is the best bet you have against Grievous Wounds. It also shield's your ally's so make sure you're in the middle of everyone when you activate it, as you can often change the outcome of a fight with this item alone. A must buy if you're constantly getting Ignite'd and such. You can also ask your support nicely if they can get this item for you.

Great against champion's who stack HP ex: Cho'Gath Alistar Amumu Nautilus Poppy Maokai to name a few. This item has synergy with items with crowd control effects, Randuin's Omen Dead Man's Plate as these items apply a slow debuff which will cause Liandry's Anguish to deal double damage; additionally, the health and/or armor from those items will stack well with the health from the item. Your Infected Bonesaw Also proc's Liandry's Anguish.

Get when their team composition is heavily AD / more than one ranged champion.

One of the best last item's you can get to negate a butt load of damage. Use it when all 5 of the enemies are focusing you when running away or when your Maximum Dosage runs out. Basically dive the squishiest targets, activate it and run away tanking as much damage as you can. It's also good to save this for when you get ignited. Great item. High resistances. Try to use it when you are 25% of your hp so Perseverance kicks in.

Get when they have a Ryze / Cassiopeia / Kassadin or other spammy mage's as the passive is great for repetitive spells. The HP, CDR and Health Regen are great stats as well. 55 MR is nb either.

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