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Singed Build Guide by Waruyi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Waruyi


Waruyi Last updated on July 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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What's up fellow singed players i am Waruyi Aka Cedric decent singed player. My highest winning spree has been 10 further i am inspired by the NA singed player InvertedComposer. I started playing singed around mid season 2 until now season 4. For me singed is one of the most fun champions in league of legends his kit is really good and his playstyle really suites me. I am making this guide cause i am inspired by InvertedComposer i do not owe any of this information. I am just revamping it since there are a couple outdated topics on his guide. Hopefully this will be useful for all of you.


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Marks - Hybrid Penetration
•Carries 71% of the attributes that each Mark of Armor Pen. and Mark of Magic Pen. has
•Mark of Magic Pen. offers 7.83 M.pen and Mark of Hybrid Pen. offers 5.58 M.pen + 8.1 Ar. Pen.
•Sacrificing 2.25 Magic Pen. for 8.1 Ar. Pen. is a reduction of 1.61% in Magic Damage and 6.14% increase in Auto Attack Damage (Calculated with 40 Armor and 40 Magic Resist)
•If your damage is composed of 20% Physical Damage and 80% Magical Damage, then it can be assumed that Mark of Magic Pen. ties with Mark of Hybrid Pen.
•This is currently the best Mark rune on singed.

Seals - Flat Armor
•9.0 Armor
•Offers 5% Physical Damage Reduction (Calculated with 31 starting armor)
•Other HP runes are inferior as Singed tends to build HP items
•This is currently the best Seal rune on singed

Glyphs - Flat AP/ Scaling AP/ Scaling Magic Resist
10.7 AP
•At rank 1, your poison does 14.6% more damage and fling does 10.71% more damage
•Preferred against Melee AD Champions

27.54 AP @ lvl 18
•Ties with Glyph of Flat AP at level 7
•Preferred against Ranged AD Champions

27.0 MR @ lvl 18
•Ties with Glyph of Flat Magic Resist at level 9
•In Early game, most champions rely on their auto attacks to deal damage, making early resist less effective
•Preferred against AP Champions

Quints - Movement Speed
•Provides 15.5 ~20 Movement Speed
•If Singed is only 20 movement speed faster than his opponent, having this rune will allow him to close the gap twice as fast.
•This is a must on Singed since he has to get ahead of his enemies to poison them

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Explanation Utility Tree versus Offense Tree

Assuming that one kills 4.5 minions and drinks a potion every 30s,
The trade-offs between 9/21/0 and 0/21/9 are:
(1.5% Movement Speed = 5AP by swapping one of your MS Quints to AP Quints)
Offense: 6AP + 0.89AP/lvl + Double Edged Sword + 2.5% CDR + Butcher + Feast (Est. 1.5hp5, 0.75mp5)
Utility: 5AP + Improved Recall + 10% Summoner CDR + Alchemist (Est. 2.5hp5) + Culinary (Est.3.33hp5, 1.66mp5)

Butcher = Improved Recall
1AP + 0.89AP/lvl + 2.5% CDR = 10% Summoner CDR

Double Edged Sword(Est 1% stat) < 5.388hp5 + 0.81 mp5

because if Singed and enemy champion kill each other exactly at the same time, then Double Edge Sword is relatively worth 1% extra damage. And this 1% extra damage is equivalent to 1% extra tankiness because the 2 champions killed each other at the same time. Therefore, if Singed had 3500 hp + 500hp (from healing,shielding, or whatever) = 4000hp, then Double Edge Sword is worth 40hp at this late stage of the game. If you use crystalline flask late game, it will heal you for 36hp and 6 mana for Seraph's Embrace Shield. So even at late game Double Edged Sword is still not better than the regen!! Do I even have to mention how bad 1% is early game as opposed to regen?

Utility is slightly better due to recent Arcane Mastery nerf (from 8ap to 6ap)

For 'General Singed' Masteries SEASON 4

Offense Tree (9)
•Double Edge Sword gives you 2% extra damage but also makes you take 1% extra damage. The net value of this mastery is 1% if you would fight someone and both of you die. This mastery is a little tricky but it is usually in your favor.
•2.5% Cooldown Reduction is preferred over Attack Speed as it scales throughout the game
•Feast Mastery effectively gives you 3hp5 and 1mp5 if you manage to kill 6 minions every 30 seconds
•0.89AP/lvl slightly increases your damage. There is nothing better to take when you are climbing this tree
•8 AP ncreases your Poison damage by 11% at l evel 1 (22 -> 24.4)

Defense Tree (21)
•"Block" blocks Auto Attack damage by 2 before Armor reduction is taken into account (This means 100 damage is reduced to 98 and having 100 armor will further reduce it down to 49)
•5% Bonus Armor/Magic Resist gives you about 1 armor at level 1 and more bonus resistances throughout the game. When you have 80 base armor and 150 bonus armor, this mastery will give you 7.5 extra armor which makes you take 2.22% less physical damage by the following formula : (100 + 230 / 100 + 237.5 = 0.977)
•Unyielding blocks any damage (except true damage) after Armor/Magic Resist reduction is taken into account (This means 100 damage can be reduced to 50 with 100 armor and down to 48 with 2 points in unyielding)
•36 HP increases your MAX HP by 6.5% at level 1 (assuming 550 HP)
•3% Damage Reduction is like negating 1 attack in every 33 attacks. This is very good for a 1 point mastery. It works very well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter
•3.0% HP is good on Singed since he tends to stack HP items
•Flat Armor/MR reduces your incoming damage by 3.7% (Assuming that you spent 3 points on 5 Armor when you have 30 Base Armor)
•10% slow reduction (Relentless) is not that good of a mastery. Consider yourself having 400 Movement Speed and you've been slowed with 40% slow (400->240). With this mastery, you'll be slowed with 36% slow (400->256). Congratulations, you'll move 6.7% faster when you're slowed with 40% slow. This value gets worse as the slow% is less. If you're slowed by 20% slow, your movement speed will be at 320 or 328with the mastery (Only 2.5% difference).
•10% Crit Block is useful late game as half of the damage that AD carries deal are Critical Strikes. Usually, you receive about half of the total damage from AD Carry so we can assume that this mastery only gives you 2.5% damage reduction late game. Early and Mid game, it does not do anything so it's better to spend that point for extra armor early.
•4 Armor 2 Magic Resist per nearby enemy champion reduces incoming physical damage by 2.3% x Champions and magical damage by 1.4% x Champions (Calculated with 70 Armor and 40 Magic Resist)
•15% Tenacity is a useful mastery which stacks multiplicatively (this means there's no diminishing returns nor increasing returns when tenacity items are stacked)

Extra viable information

•If you ever run out of mana, you recall. You will not get enough mana for fling from 3 mana regen/5.
•Regaining 1% of your missing health every 5s is like recovering 1% of your maxhp every 10 seconds in average. This is way too over-nerfed to be considered viable anymore for 3 points.
•Second Wind regeneration mastery gives you about 1~15 hp5 (15 when you are on ult and drinking potions at level 16) when you are under 25% hp. The condition is very unreliable and early game you want to keep your HP above 50%.
•50 Shield... does not do anything once it's gone! The shield does not recharge unless you die

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Pros / Cons

Some of us know singed as a overpowered warmachine well to bad for you guys unlike every champion they have a weakness.


-The more mana the more HP
-Good splitpusher
-Fast wave clear
-Good AoE slow
-Only champion who can literaly deal over time damage to multiple enemies while running away
-Very strong steroid Ultimate> Insanity Potion
-Best Laugh in the LoL


-No ranged abilities
-Weak early game
-Farm Reliant
-Can be kited
-Vulnerable to high cc
-No natural sustain
- Weak without Insanity Potion

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•Gives 162.5 HP from full stack and 250 HP from

Posion Trail •Max this First
•Learn this at level 1 as Singed cannot harass with Fling alone (Unless you are going for the level one invade than you have to train fling first)

•Too costly early
•Learn this at level 8 when you have some mana to spend.(Max this third if you don't need the extra slow and want more fling damage)

•Unless you are participating in level 1 team fight, learn this at level 2
•Upgrade this ability at level 4 to increase its base damage by 45
• Max this ability second if you think that one point in is gonna be enough.

•Do not use this ability to regain your mana
•This Ability has the potential to deal 332.5/475/617.5 (25s x poison/s + 2 x fling) magic damage with just the AP part
• If you are winning your lane hard don't be afraid to spam this ability to keep maximum pressure on the lane.

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells

Bruiser Duelist Style
•Takes away about 15% of Enemy's Max Heatlh
•Effective against fast regenerating enemies (Nidalee, Swain, Irelia, Vladimir, Yorick etc)
•Also effective against squishies (Vayne, Teemo, Twisted Fate, etc)
•Less Effective against Shields (Lee Sin's shield, Rumble's Shield, Janna's Shield, etc)

Invincible Laning Style
•Impairs enemy ganks
•A very good baiting tool
•Very effective against Auto Attack reliant champions (Fiora, Tryndamere, Wukong, Lee Sin, ADC, etc)
•Less effective against Casters especially the ones with heals (Vladimir)

Master Ganking Style
•Sets you up to play more passively
•On the other hand it is a good lane controlling spell
•Constantly push your lane and seek opportunity to gank other lanes with Teleport (after level 6)
•Split pushing as Singed is viable with this spell
•Recommended for experienced Singed players

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Versus AD laning phase

> > > > > > / > >

Spoiler: Click to view

Versus AP laning phase

> > > > > > > > / >

Melee Crusher Build

> > > > / > > >
Spoiler: Click to view

Versus They are both viable but since the recent omen nerf you wont be able to give a movement speed reduction on hit and only when used as active. usually i get a thornmail instead. I would get omen if they only have like 1 AD champion on there team cause the extra health that omen provides is still really good.

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Build Explanation [InvertedComposer Maths GOD)

> >

- Gives all the sustain you need in lane unlike Dorans Ring
- Flask gives you 180 mana and Singed needs it to perform well in lane
- Queing up all 3 flasks give you 56 hp5 for 25mp5 for 36s

Viable Information

Always start with and do not build Dorans items
2. AND can be used interchangeably
3. AND can be used interchangeably. They are almost identical but some would prefer 20% CDR over SpellShield.
4. You can substitute one of the tank items with as 6th item
5. Melee Crusher Build is only viable against Melee AD Champions. You have very limited Mana Pool and you have to make very good use of "Sky Auto Attack". [Experienced Singed Players Only]
6. If both the enemy top and the jungler are AD champions, you should rush (or if they are both AP)
7. AND can be used interchangeably.

Core Items

-The Best Regen Item

•Every time you drink from this flask, you'll save 49g
•This means you have to drink it at least 4.22 times for the item to be worth it
•In team fights, queue up all 3 flasks and the flasks will automatically heal you for 360 hp over 36 seconds
•The new Flask (345g) saves more gold than the old Flask (225g) after 9.3 charges

-The Best Mana Item

(2800g)@ 0minutes= (2995g)
•The difference between and 562.5 HP vs (SE) 40 AP + Active (Usually around 550 Shield) +100g
•Unlike Seraph's Embrace is inconsistent.
•The Recipe Items (Required Items) are expensive = to build early
•In terms of item potential, is slightly better.
•Sometimes people forget to use its Active
•There is a tedious condition that for this item to be worth it, one must fully charge the mana stacks
•Provides unlimited mana in lane
•Good baiting potential with high AP and Shield Active

-The Best Core Item for Singed

•Cost reduced from 3105g to 2900g
•Reduces affected enemies' Movement Speed by 60(Poison) or 140 (Fling) [calculated with 400 MS]
•Has strong synergy with (by doubling the proc damage)
•Permanent slow is necessary as isn't available at all times

-The Best Dueling Item

•Returns 30% of the Auto Attack damage to the dealer as Magic Damage. The returned damage is calculated before armor (This means if enemy deals 1000 damage with auto attacks and you have 100 armor, you will lose 500 HP and you will return 300 magic damage to the dealer)
•In average it deals 45% of the damage that you receive (e.g. in death recap it says you received 1000 damage from basic attack which means enemy's death recap should say Thornmail dealt about 450 damage)
•This item has the highest potential in the game
•Dueling an AD carry with and this item is a devastating combo

-Thornmail Alternative

•Because cannot be acquired before level 15, this is built for HP
•Because is not as good as the new , I tend to avoid it. As a result, the magic damage from is weaker and also is 100g cheaper now. Due to these changes, both and are equally viable. But since the recent omen nerf i tend to pick up thornmail more often since the passive slow on hit has been removed. I only get this item when there is only 1 AD champion on there team since the hp that it provides is still very useful.

-Revamped Pendant

•They buffed this item huge! But not as much for Singed because they got rid of the Mana stat
•This is currently the best Magic Resist item for Singed
•The tankiness Singed benefits from this item is greater than the damage counterpart of

-The Best Damage Item for Singed

You are likely to be dueling an enemy ADC so you built for mana, for slow, and thornamil for armor. Now you build this mask for damage.
•Deals 2% of enemy's Current HP every 0.5 seconds with for 3s (Continual Exposure to Poison refreshes the tick count back to 6).
•Just the proc damage itself offers 400 AP to Singed's Poison on enemies that currently have 3000 HP (120 damage/s or 60 damage/0.5s), 200 AP vs enemies with 1500 HP, 100 AP vs enemies with 750 HP, and basically 0 AP vs enemies with 1HP.
•Since the proc damage scales with enemy HP and CC, this item should only be built late game

-Tenacity is a form of Disable Reduction

•Very effective against Stun, Taunt, Fear, and Snare
•This is one of the few Magic Resist items that are good on Singed

Situational Items

Man Mode Armor

•A very intimidating item for enemies especially late game. Enemies will struggle to decide whether to stop you or just wipe out your allies. Be aggressive but try not to be isolated with your team
•Once GA is down, the stats it offers are practically useless. Sell it and grab

-The Legacy Item

•Cost reduced from 3035g to 2800g
•Offers 812.5HP 650 Mana and 80 AP for Singed after 10minutes of purchase
•Catalyst the protector got nerfed too hard. You can build first and turn it into instead
•Outclassed by though is more consistent with giving HP

-What is their MR level? It's over 200!!!

•If an enemy has 200 Magic Resist then 35% Magic Penetration alone will increase your Magic Damage dealt by 30.4%
•If your enemy AD Carry has over 150 MR then you might as well get this so you can duel him

-The Legacy Scepter

•The Aura range is only 700
•If your target enemy's net Magic Resist is 20 due to your flat Magic Penetration, the 20 MR Reduction Aura from this item will increase your magic damage dealt by 20% (100+20/100+20-20 = 120/100)
•Only viable if you need damage and need some magic resist (Outclassed by )

-Revamped Visage!

•What is Singed's HP5? Around 70 with Insanity Potion? Then this item's Passive offers around 14HP5
•It is almost identical to but some would prefer 20% CDR over the SpellShield

-Good ol' Broken Item

•Total Cost increased by 100g
•With 50 base armor, this item is equivalent to 44.4 armor against Auto Attacks
•10% AA damage reduction is more effective when you have more Armor
•Recommended against AD top with AD Jungle or full AD or heavy auto attack team.

Inferior Items
Warning: some items are criticized very hard here which means you should never get them!(But of course feel free to experiment with builds or use the items that suite your playstyle)

-Your Passive Scales with Mana, not Mana Regen

•While this is a good item, is cheaper and it scales throughout the game progression
You need HP over Magic Resist early game. Use Runes to increase your Magic Resist.

-Utility much?

•Stats outclassed by
•You pick the fight you want. Disabling a tower for 2.5s is useless away from enemy towers.

-Destroyed Shroud (Updated)

•250 Mana, 20 Armor, and 10% Cooldown Reduction for 950g? •You don't need any extra mana after
•You don't need 10% Cooldown Reduction on Singed
is all you need
• Can be viable against full AD team comp so you are able to use your ult more in the laning phase.

-Destroyed + Destroyed = ? You guessed it right. It's a Destroyed Gauntlet

•Slow outclassed by
•You don't want any excess mana
•That means you are paying 2900g for 30 AP, 500/4 HP, 60 Armor, 10% cooldown reduction and the proc damage? No thank you

-Redundant Destroyed Mogs (Updated)

•1000 HP and around 40HP5 (if you have 4000 HP) for 2830g
•The stat it offers are quite overrated (no utility)
•Outclassed by as 1st/2nd item
•Outclassed by (250HP+675 shield+140AP) as 6th item. So basically it's 140 AP vs 50 HP5

-The Cursed Cap (Updated)

•Outclassed by , Let's say you have 150AP and enemy has 80 MR. With Rabandon's Deathcap , your Poison will do 70+(351*0.3) multiplied by 100/100+80MR = 97.4 dmg/s. With , your poison will do 70+(260*0.3) multiplied by 100/100+52 MR = 97.4 dmg/s. Also, will deal even more damage relatively if enemy has more Magic Resist
•Outclassed by . Suppose you have 150 AP.Rabandon's Deathcap makes your final AP to 351. makes your AP for your poison to 200 + (400AP at 3000 enemy's current health/200AP at 1500 enemy's current health/100AP at 750 enemy's current health) assuming that you have . You also gain 15 Magic. Pen and 300 HP with and it's 400g CHEAPER!!!!!!!

-Your Useless History Notebook

•Spell vamp is only 1/3 as effective for AOE spells like Singed's Poison Trail
Outclassed by
•Let's say you did 3000 damage (after Resistance calculations) with Poison Trail. Congratulations, you've regained 200 HP with 20% spell vamp
•About 35~45% of your damage comes from anyway, good luck doing 12k dmg when every enemy champion have over 67 Magic Resist (Yes, 67 alone provides 40% damage reduction)
•So can you do 20,000 raw damage with just AP? Huh? Still worse than
•Some people do prefer it in laning phase for the extra sustain (Not recommended) since you are able to heal from the minions.

-Some prefer this For extra sustain in lane (Not recommended)

•You can build and it's still better
•In order to regain 100 HP, your Singed has to deal 2500 Damage with Poison Trail after Resistances
• The 2500 damage including minions and monsters.

Non Recommended Items

-Master's Sword

•Outclassed by
•Is only efficient against (Gap Closer + Slows)
•You have to be able to perform Sky Auto Attack for this item to be effective
•Why get a Hard-to-use item when an Easy-to-use item does the same job

-Bad Ol' Shield (Nerfed)

•Sells for only 176g
•8 Auto Damage Block applies before resistance calculations (it's like reducing enemy's AD instead of healing you every time you're hit)
•Comparing (150HP) vs (80HP 6hp/5, 8block)
•There is 70 HP difference (150-80)
•If you have 60 armor, the shield's Unique Passive will block 5 Damage/Auto Attack after reduction
•Let's say in average you get hit by 3 auto attacks every 10s (to be honest you should be hit way less frequently). That is 15 damage block every 10s or equivalent to 7.5 HP5
•If you combine the regen values it sums up to 13.5HP5
•To compensate for 70 HP difference, one needs to stay in lane for 27.5s
•Which means if you stay in lane for 2 minutes, you regain 144HP (+80HP) or 310 more HP than in this scenario
•Kinda bad after the recent Nerfes but soon enough you'll realize that you don't have enough item space (e.g. no space for )
•Conclusion: is an unupgradeable item which also makes you lose 264g sooner or later. I don't recommend it (Good against Teemo, Nidalee, and Kennen however...)

-Cheap Ring

•The stats offered are similar to combined
•Unfortunately, this is still outclassed by

-The Incinerator

•Cost efficient item that damages surrounding enemies within 400 radius
•If you can stick onto your enemies (Especially if you build yourself a full tank) then this item is viable
•25 magic damage/s is equivalent to 150 AP for your Poison
•Unlike poison, it does not linger
• Faster split pushing.

-Full AD Comp Destroyer

•Cost is now 2600g
•Gives 400 Mana, 100 armor and 20% CDR
•You can expect at most 15% Auto Attack Damage Reduction from this
•Redundant Mana and CDR make this item to be considered overpriced and therefore is less preferable
•This should not replace
•Outclassed by which in average returns 45% damage that you receive (e.g. in death recap it says you received 1000 damage from basic attack which means enemy's death recap should say Thornmail dealt about 450 damage)

-Time Stalling Hourglass

•120AP is not going to boost your damage significantly late game
•50 Armor is not big of a deal if you already have
•250 Armor -> 300 Armor = 12.5% reduced damage
•For most cases this should not replace any of my Standard Build items
•Update: the worst team composition that a team can have is a full AD team. In that case, get this item as your 6th item over any of your standard magic resists items.

-Liandry's Friend's Torment

is usually better
•If you really have to kill someone from the enemy team like swain then this is your answer.

-Legendary Fire Scroll

•Useless 10 Mana Regen and 20% Cooldown Reduction ruin this item for Singed
•Only viable If the whole enemy team is healers.
•I can imagine using this against a team like

-What is this???

•Active Cooldown is too long (120s)
•80 AP + 10 CDR + 6% MS are not worth the item slot
•Slow Outclassed by .
•Save up 660 more gold and get instead
•If enemy team's literally all AP, you can replace with this

-Boots of Can't Be Slowed

•Only viable if the enemy team has perma-slow abilities

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Singed hidden Abilities by (InvertedComposer)

Invisible Poison

Combine 2 posion keys to Smartcast and self cast press them both at the exect same time.

•Usage: Very useful during early game for harassing especially because your poison is invisible. Notice how "Invisible Poison" doesn't expend and has smaller radius than a visible poison. Your target has to literally "step on" it rather than just "touching" it.
•Tips: If you barely see the Poison buff on your buff screen and your ability goes on cooldown, then you've done it right. You should absolutely see no poison in the game.
•Difficulty: 10% (VERY EASY NOW RIGHT?)
Spoiler: Click to view

Concealed Posion

•Procedure: Similar to Nunu's ult, just stay out of enemy's sight by going into a brush
•Usage: Makes your enemies "visually" harder to dodge the poison
•Tips: During a fight, when both you and your enemy's HP are low, hide in a brush so that your enemy will eventually give up chasing you. It is possible that your clueless enemy will run over your poison again.
•Difficulty: 10% (Very Easy)

Sky Auto Attack

•Procedure: Cast fling followed by an Auto Attack. The easiest way to achieve this is by pressing A on your keyboard and then click on any vacant space right after you fling. Right Clicking on your target works as well.
•Usage: You can land an additional Auto Attack while the target is unable to perform any actions on air.
•Tips: Make sure you master this technique as this will greatly increase your DPS. Note that the target is unable to retaliate and the distance between Singed and the target is being created after the effect of Sky Auto Attack. This technique is very effective for nuking when you are kiting melee champions. If Singed turns around but still performs Sky Auto Attack, it is not bad but you still idled for about 0.3s (Refer to the pictures above).
•Difficulty: 70% (Hard, but you have to master this!)

Void Toss

•Procedure: Stand very close to a reasonably thin wall (any walls that Caitlyn can jump over) and fling your target perpendicular to the wall
•Usage: Escaping, turning a 1v2 fight to 1v1, kiting, killing squishies, saving allies, relocating enemy tanks away, etc.
•Tips: Make sure your target keeps a distance with a wall so that you can fit in between them. Always fling your target straight, not diagonally.
•Difficulty: 80% (Very Hard, but this can win you games!)
Spoiler: Click to view

Perfect Mega Adhesive

•Procedure: Cast your Mega Adhesive way ahead of your target. The circular spell indicator should not be touching your target
•Usage: Landing a good slow is how I determine a good Singed player. You can slow a person up to 4 seconds (without fling) instead of 1s only, which most Singed players do.
•Tips: If it is impossible to land Perfect Mega Adhesive because you're not quite in range, try chasing your target for a bit as you are usually faster than them.
•Difficulty: 50% (Average. Remember, always lead your mega adhesive 1s ahead)

Fling Lock

•Procedure: Order your Singed to Fling a target with Hard CC from a distance. As soon as the target gets in range, Singed will fling the target no matter what kind of Crowd Control Effect has been applied on Singed such as Supression, Stun, Silence, Taunt, etc.
•Usage: Soraka, Taric, Volibear, Sion, Warwick and Urgot Supression (Yes, free supression & dmg negation), Galio's Taunt, not get knocked up after blitz's grab, etc
•Tips: If you have no idea when the target is going to hard CC you, lock Fling on the target whenever you are moving towards the target.
•Difficulty: 90% (Insanely Difficult)
Spoiler: Click to view

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General Hidden Abilities (You might not know yet)

Never Get Juked Son

•Procedure: If an enemy goes into a brush and no minions are near you, press A and click on the brush
•Usage: As soon as your champion encounters an enemy, it'll immediately attack that enemy regardless of your latency and reaction speed. Therefore, if you're a melee champion, you'll end up in a melee range with the enemy champion in the brush, preventing your champion from getting juked.
•Tips: Stay away from minions, or you'll chase a minion instead of your desired target
•Difficulty: 30% (Easy)

Covering Minion HP

•Procedure: Locate yourself below your minion and cover it's HP bar with your own HP bar
•Usage: In lane, this can easily piss off your enemy and it is more likely that he will miss cs.
•Tips: While he's busy left clicking on the minion to manually check its HP, you can attempt to attack him!
•Difficulty: 50% (You need to be quite organised for this)

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Singed Job Early/Mid/Late Game

Early Sustain is very important as each minion death contributes greatly to your level. For this reason, you must be prepared for random ganks and push minions before recalling to gather as much experience as possible. Start with . By using your poison to force an enemy champion away, you can safely last hit minions. Play aggressively if your enemy champion is coming for the minion that is further behind your minion wave. There is no champion that can fight back against your minions, poison, and auto attacks combined.

In my Opinion, Singed is at his Strongest at level 2. Singed can leash a strong nuke combo with Fling and Poison Trail, followed by Sky Auto Attack to severely damage his enemy. After that, Singed can either decide to flee in order to avoid his enemy's retaliation or to continue attacking the target to bring his enemy's life even lower. Manage Mana wisely as Fling costs a lot of Mana.
Level 5 is usually the time I decide to Recall. At this stage, I'm usually out of HP Potions, low on mana, and can afford an item. Because I do not wish to overextend and risk of being ganked, I immediately push my lane with my remaining Mana and go back to the base to purchase . With , you have unlimited sustain in lane.
Now that I have at level 6, I try to play very aggressively in my lane. Because it has 25s duration, I try to use it early to make the most out of it and force some fights while I have the advantage. When the effect wears off, I usually push the lane and return to base so that I don't have to be fighting while my Insanity Potion is on cooldown.
I finally spend 1 point on at level 8. The reason is that now I have greater mana pool to afford another ability without going out of Mana too fast. The slow percentage is still quite low, so I try to not to use it unless if I'm in a desperate situation.
Before the game moves on to Mid Game, when the Laning Phase is over, I try to Counter Jungle as much as possible to deny enemy Jungler's EXP.

Mid Game

Depending on how your team is doing you can join in Dragon and Buff fights, ganks and tower hunting or basically keep pressure on a lane. This stage is where the usage of Void Toss and landing Perfect Mega Adhesive become very important. Purchase to dominate in team fights. Despite your low score, let your carries take the kill. If you ever get the chance to farm, push your lane hard so that you can participate in team fights.

Late Game

You aren't usually the initiator but try throwing some Mega Adhesive around to see if any enemies get out of position.
In team fights, try protecting your carry by flinging an enemy away and throw Mega Adhesive in between them. You can also zone out your enemy carry by charging at them but be ware of getting out of position. This is where and become handy. Your job is to disrupt enemy's positioning, do a decent AOE dmg over a period of time, soak up some damage, and make it out alive while the rest of your teammates finish the job.
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Match Ups and Counters.

Before we get into any individual details, let us discuss about Singed counters.
Singed deals a lot of magic damage over time and needs to be in melee range to be threatening. This means you can counter Singed by having a lot of health regaining abilities, Magic Resist, and kiting tools like / . Therefore, the ideal counter item is / Basically cause they provide alot of health regen hp and magic resist, and banshee provides an extra spell shield while your only single target damage comes from fling.

What about champion abilities? Shields and Heals are generally a good way of negating Singed's Damage. Haste, slow, and ranged attacks also limit Singed from being useful. Next time you play against Singed, make sure you pick a champion with these abilities.

I will NEVER say "Sit at Tower and Pray for Ganks". Now read on and be ready to dominate your lane!

I will explain you guys how to play against most top lane match ups, how to counter these champions and how to play in the early laning phase against them.

Farm Lane

Shen is a natural tank with high sustain and decent poke damage. If you are playing against a shen it is recommended to pick up 30 teleport so that you are able to follow him whenever he uses . Early game shen can be a pain in the @ss cause of his , Thats why you want to get your first and second rush to counter his arrase and farm freely after you got that item just follow the regular build order. There is not much action in this lane cause it's basically farming but if you see an opening to kill him don't hesitate. (Always stack up alot of potions and wards, shen taunt picks up easy kills)

Note* Shen is only able to harrase with vorpal blade and Ki-strike, abd Minions when affected by taunt. so when he is out of energy or are his skills are on cd you are able to harrase him freely. Shen wont outdamage you in melee range unless he has all his abilities available and tons of minions by his side.

Farm Lane

Malphite is naturally really tanky cause of his passive Provides a shield for 10% of his max hp. This lane is mostly a farm lane stack up alot of potions. If malphite is maxing Q first and is building mana regen items. Then should get after immediatly to not get poked out of lane. Malphites early game is kinda weak if you want to go for a kill lane use that in your advantage and try to harrase him and deny his farm early so he wont be much of a thread later on.

Note* Malphite is really ability Reliant to deal damage after all his skills are used and they are on cd you are able to harrase him freely without taking to much damage. Always recall if you are below 40% hp so you wont be bursted by his devastating combo.

Farm Lane

Mundo has natural high sustain and can be really annoying with his cleavers, if you want to be able to kill mundo then is a must. You are able to kill mundo he finishes his spirit visage after that mundo has become unkillable for you. if you really want to kill mundo then try to harrase him early and dodge all cleavers. If you are not good at dodging cleavers and not sure how to play aggresive against him then just make it a farm lane. And rush after you have finished And stack up alot of potions too.

Note* Mundo does outdamage you in melee range so don't try to fight him in melee range unless he just missed his cleaver and it's on cd and masochism is on cd too otherwise you wont be able to trade with him in melee range.

Farm Lane

Olaf has natural sustain and deals quiet a bit of damage. You should Always try to dodge the . if you want to be able to trade with olaf you should fling follewed by a sky auto attack into your minions when he wants to do the . Olaf isn't that in his early levels if you are able to avoid the undertows and keep harrasing him with minions. you are able to kill him early. If you let him farm to much eventually he will become unkillable.

Note* Olaf does outdamages you in melee range try to avoid and Always fling him when he does so you can trade damage with him.

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How to carry as singed.

Singed Carries.

1. Beg your Jungler to gank other lanes; In all chat, taunt your enemy Jungler to camp your lane
2. Win your Lane
3. Invade Enemy Jungle and steal their head monsters such as Big Wraith, Big golem, and Lizard
4. In all chat, remind your enemy Jungler how you took all his Jungle. Also tell him that his top lane is losing really hard to you so that he should camp your lane.
5. Waste your enemy Jungler's time. Kill both of them in 1v2 fights.
6. Tell your support to put a ward in bottom lane brush. Give your Bot Lane a good gank with (if you are using it)
7. Take Dragon
8. Push your lane and constantly Counter Jungle/Gank Mid Lane
9. Carry your team by taking out Towers with them. Ask your other lanes to camp a losing lane with you

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Well thank you for reading my guide as i said before i do not owe any of this information this guide was mainly made by InvertedComposer but since some of his parts were outdated i wanted to make a revamp updating all the outdated stuff. Hopefully this was useful for all the players out there i am going to keep this guide up to date so stay tuned.


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