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Heimerdinger General Guide by ThaHood

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaHood

How To Play Against Each Champion

ThaHood Last updated on September 16, 2011
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This guide is undergoing a major remake! Please don't use this unorganised one and be patient till the new one is fnished. This one is kinda ****

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I felt the urgence of making a guide on how to counter certain champions. After my team fell again because they just didn't know how to counter them or how to react against them in the worste scenario's. I will only cover the champions from A to G till now, the rest will be added little by little.

Almost every champion can be played and dealt with in a couple of ways. Example: Teemo can be played AP/AD/Hybrid, I will only discuss one of his builds. Please remember that. I am only trying to give people an idea on how to basiccaly counter a player who is very strong with a certain champion.

I strongly suggest you to@�����0�<��ple guides for the champion you are trying to learn to counter. Knowing your enemy is half the work!

If you are an above average player you will know most, if not all, the things I explain. If you want a more detailed/advanced counter part for a champion I can write it on request.

It took me a couple weeks to build this guide. During these weeks there were several updates in which case I had to adjust a few things. They will be noted with *UPDATE*

If you have any suggestions/ideas please tell me so and I will add them to the guide and credit you for your help.

Additional champions will be added later on, it takes a lot of time to make this and I hope you can appreciate it.

Note that this is not a guide for Heimerdinger, I just took him as he is by far the smartest champion in the league

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I am kinda overwhelmed by the reactions from everyone. I notice everyone wants to see a complete guide just as bad as I want it. If we want this guide to be complete within a week I'm going to need your help.

If you know how to write in guide style, using the [ and ], I could use your help. For those I ask them to write 1 single counter-guide for 1 champion. I will then look at it and if it's not totally rubbish I will add it in my guide. You will be given all the credits for your part.
Guideline for writing: a small section on how this champion operates/kills, how to counter this and how to fight him 1v1 and in teamfights.

If you want to add something to a counter-guide feel free to do as well.

How do you contact me, send me a message on Mobafire and title it: Counter-guide "champion" (add on). Add on if you want to add anything to an excisting counter-guide.
You can message me by clicking [url=[]=ThaHood]here[/url]

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Special Thanks

Hahano, prodiving me with feedback and adding a few things as well.
slydunan, for writing a requested anti Tryndamere guide.
ReturnOfTheBurials, for writing a anti-shaco guide

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30 june 2011: As requested changed mr --> MR
Khronosh pointed out I still used the old Gangplank's passive in Dr.Mundo's section
1 juli: Added Vladimir earlier as requested
2 juli: Update Vladimir with QSS
14 juli: Updated Eve stun --> slow. Added a couple of things to a few champions that were send to me by Hahano
15 juli: Changed a few minor errors

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How this guide works

I will first tell a very short story on how the champions work and what there good at.
Then I will go tell you how to deal with each of them. In order to do so I need you to understand a couple basic terms. I did not make this list I found it somewhere and added/deleted a few.

AD - Attack Damage

AFK - (acronym) Away From Keyboard, a term used for a summoner who is not paying attention to the game and is leaving their champion in one place on the map (usually in base).

AoE - Area of Effect

AP - Ability Power

AS - Attack Speed

Backdoor - BD for short, a term used for a champion or group of champions who destroy a tower in a lane without their minion waves in the area. Often used incorrectly by summoners who consider a champion pushing a lane with a minion wave "backdooring" because there is a fight going on elsewhere.

Baron Nashor - Referred to as "Baron" for short, a large monster on Summoner's Rift that gives 250 gold and a powerful buff to the entire team if he is slain by a member of said team.

Blind - A skill which applies a debuff to a champion, which causes most or all physical attacks to miss.

Blue - A term used for the blue-colored buffed acquired from the Golem (See "Golem").

Blue Pill - Derived from The Matrix, a term used for the Recall function (the "B" button) that will take you back to base after a short delay.

Bot - 1.) Short for Bottom, the term used for the lane on the lowest point of the map on Twisted Treeline and Summoner's Rift. 2.) The name of the artificial intelligence champion in practice games.

Brush - The grass growing on Twisted Treeline and Summoners Rift that is able to be moved in and out of, used for positioning and to alter vision.

Bushes - See "Brush"

Burst Damage - The classification for a champion that does an incredible amount of damage in a split second.

Carry - The classification for a champion that is supposed to get the majority of kills for his team and lead them to victory.

CC - (acronym) Crowd Control, a term used for spells that can stun, slow, or snare one or more champions.

CD - Cooldown

Creep - (n.) A minion in a lane (v.) To "creep" is to destroy minions in order to acquire experience and gold (Also, see "Farm")

Derp - See "Herp."

Dive - Action verb known as "Diving," denotes a champion allowing himself to be hit by a tower in order to kill an enemy champion behind said tower.

DoT - (acronym) Damage over Time, a term used for a spell (and the red buff) that deals an amount of damage every second for a set number of damage every second.

DPS - (acronym) Damage Per Second, the classification for a champion that does heavy amounts of physical damage.

Dragon - A large neutral minion on Twisted Treeline and Summoner's Rift that gives 130 gold to the entire team and experience to the entire team if destroyed.

Facecheck - A term used for a champion wandering into brush without knowing whether or not there are enemies in said bush. Most commonly used against a team with Garen.

Faceroll - 1.) A term used for a champion that uses all of his skills at once and is then rendered useless until his skills come off of cooldown. 2.) An extremely one-sided game.

Farm - The term used for destroying minions to gain more experience and more gold. (Also, see "Creep")

Feed - 1.) To die numerous times, usually to the same champion or pair of champions, without doing anything reasonably useful. 2.) Can be used in past tense "Fed" to describe a champion that has acquired many kills, either on the same person or on the whole enemy team. (A "Fed" champion is a common excuse by the opposing team for their loss).

Gank - A fight in which members of one team take special preparations to make sure that they will have a significant advantage (usually through greater numbers.)

Golem - One of the stronger neutral minions that, when destroyed, provides the destroying champion with a blue buff that reduces cooldowns and increases mana regeneration.

Grez - A nickname for the Lizard on the Twisted Treeline map.

Hahahahahahaha - The text typed to denote American laughing.

Herp - See "Derp."

Hug - A term used when a champion will not leave the range of his/her tower.

Inhibitor - The final building in a lane that, when destroyed, will allow your team to spawn larger and stronger minions into said lane.

Jajajajajajajaja - The text typed to denote Mexican laughing.

Jungle - The areas in between or outside of lanes that contain neutral monsters.

Jungler - A term used for a champion who spends the beginning of the game in the jungle as opposed to in the lane, and obtains experience and gold by killing neutral minions.

Kekekekekeke - The text typed to denote Korean laughing.

Kite - (v.) Active verb of "Kiting," meaning to move around in an evasive way to manipulate the other team into chasing them due to either boredom, impatience, or aggravation.

Lane - One of the narrow pieces of road on Summoner's Rift or Twisted Treeline, that is defended by one or more towers and an inhibitor.

Leaver - A term for a summoner who closes out of the game and does not come back into the game, putting his/her team at great disadvantage.

Lizard - One of the stronger neutral minions that, when destroyed, provides the destroying champion with a buff that slows on physical attack and causes physical attacks to deal damage over time.

LOM - Low Of Mana

Masteries - A type of profile equipment that give various benefits in a game automatically.

MIA - (acronym) Missing In Action, a term used to explain to your teammates that a champion that was near you is now no longer visible on the map and could be anywhere.

Mage - The classification for a champion that is designed to used ability power to add damage to his/her spells and deals primarily magic damage.

Mid - Short for Middle, a term used for the central lane on Summoner's Rift.

MR - Magic Resistance

Noob - A term used for a summoner who has difficulty grasping basic concepts, and as a result will generally feed the other team.

Neutral Monsters - A group of monsters that resides inside of the jungle, and does not move or attack unless provoked by a champion.

Nexus - A term used for the final building that is destroyed to win the game.

OOM - (acronym) Out Of Mana, typed when a summoner's champion has run out of mana and he wants to alert his teammates.

OP - (acronym) 1.) Original Poster, the first poster in a thread on the forums. 2.) Over Powered, usually referring to a champion or champion concept that is far too strong in-game.

Ping - The sound and bright light on the map, indicating that there is something in the vicinity of the light.

Pinball - A lane comprised of an Alistar and a Blitzcrank, where they will bounce the opponents around (hook, knock up, knock up, headbutt) until they are dead.

Re - Short for Return(ed), a term used when a champion has been called MIA (See "MIA") and has returned to the lane.

Red - A term used for the red-colored buff acquired from the Lizard (See "Lizard"'; "Grez").

Runes - A type of profile equipment that give various benefits in a game automatically.

Silence - A skill which applies a debuff on a champion, which prevents the use of skills.

Slow - A skill which applies a debuff on a champion, which reduces movement speed.

Snare - A skill which applies a debuff on a champion, which prevents movement and skills which cause movement.

Solo - A term used for a champion who is the only one on his team in a lane for the beginning phase of the game.

SR - (acronym) Summoner's Rift, the five-man-per-team map currently available on League of Legends.

Stun - A skill that places a debuff on a champion, which prevent all action from the afflicted champion for a determined period of time.

Suppression - A skill which applies a debuff on a champion, which functions the same as a stun, but also locks down summoner spells. Used to prevent Cleanse from removing said debuff.

Tank - The classification for a champion that has a high amount of hit points and is designed to take a lot of punishment for his team.

Top - A term used for the lane on the highest point on the map for Twisted Treeline and Summoner's Rift.

TT - (acronym) Twisted Treeline, the three-man-per-team map currently available on League of Legends.

Ult - (Short for Ultimate) Designed to be the best skill of a champion, able to be learned at level 6 and able to be upgraded at level 11 and level 16.

Wards - An item that allows a team to see a set area of the map, lasting for three minutes.

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Akali is a melee assassin. Her skills use Energy instead of Mana. She will harras you with Mark of the Assassin till your low enough and then jump you with Shadow Dance and burst down on you.

I always find it very hard to counter her. Once she is fed there is little you can do. That's why I strongly advice playing safe against her, tower hug if you need to. Don't even try to take an Akali 1vs1 as it will mostly result in you being dead. In team fights focus her and use all the CC/Silence you can miss or else she will burst your whole team down in matter of a few seconds. All her skills deal magic damage and the best way to counter her threw items is by getting MR although the effect isn't perfect.

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Alistar is a melee tank/support. He will try to knock you up in the air with Pulverize and then knock you into his team/towers with Headbutt. He also has a heal. Alistar is very team dependent.

Don't let Alistar get in your melee range. If you see him charging towards you run as hell or CC/Silence him to prevent him from making you a volleyball. Be very cautious once you see him lane together with a Poppy/Singed/Blitzcrank or anything else that pick you out of the fight. Be carefull around his towers as he will make you pay for coming to close. It's not Alistars damage that you should be scared of but of the damage that everyone else will do once you are a volleyball. Ofcourse you have the occasionnal AP Alistar, these can do some serious damage but still nothing to be scared of in a 1vs1. In team fights a silence works well on him, CC isn't needed as he will rarely deal the most damage in his teams or have anything really scary, he is a support/tank after all .

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Amumu is a melee tank. He can often be found jungling. He has a lot AoE with Despair, Tantrum and often Sunfire Cape. His ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy can quickly turn the tide in a teamfight and with Bandage Toss he can position himself and initiate a gank/teamfight with it.

Playing against a laning Amumu isn't scary. He has no heal, last hit, harras skill or whatever. The only problem you have with him is that he jungles and can just pop up resulting in your early dead. If he jungles try to take away his blue buff. Without this buff he can't jungle. Also try to ward his jungle as he will be very low on life during his complete jungle. This could give you a very easy kill. In teamfights try to spread out as much as possible. If he manages to get your whole team inside his ult range, then your are not spread enough.

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Anivia is a AP ranged Caster. She can zone you out with her Crystallize and deal tons of AoE with Glacial Storm.

Not a scary champion at all. Few players can play her effectively as she is very mana hungry. Be carefull when she has her egg up and don't dive her when she has it. Silencing her is a good idea in teamfight, but remember that once she casts Glacial Storm you will only deny her the opportunity to shut it down (draining her mana effective though).

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Annie is a ranged AP Caster. She will burst you while using stun.

You need to watch Annie's Pyromania. If this is ready, you can see when it's ready when she has a little gray bubble around her (don't mistake it with Gaurdian Angel bubble), she can stun you for 1,75 sec. Her ult, Summon: Tibbers will also stun you when it falls down with her passive on. That's enough for her to lose her burst and run away safely. Don't approach her with her bubble on. If she is going very well consider getting Banshee's Veil to block her initial pyromania stun and some MR to counter the magic damage.

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Ashe is a ranged AD Carry. She will use her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, in every teamfight (even if she isn't there as it has a very long range). She will catch you by surprise with it. She is very item dependent.

The problem with ashe is that she is a ranged carry with lots of slows. She will kite you and slowly kill you if you are melee without any skill to quickly reach her. She is very squishy, even with the 2 defensive items she "might" get. In teamfights try to focus her down as she will deal the most and most consistent damage. I strongly recommomend Thornmail against her. If you have enough health this item will be enough to kill her half (Rammus can kill her completely without attacking her).

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Blitzcrank is a support/tank. He will try to pull you away with Rocket Grab, Knock you up with Power Fist and Silence you with Static Field unableing you to flee with a spell. This combo deals a nice amount of damage as well. He also has Mana Barrier which can save his ***.

Problems with a combo like this is that they need to be set up with a certain spell, rocket grab in this case. Don't let him pull you! Know what the range is and stay out of it or keep a minion in front of it. 1vs1 he is only scary against squishy champions who can't survive his combo well enough, everyone with 2000+ health and some minor MR and armor will survive it pretty easily. In teamfights try to spread out, his AoE silence is the thing you must be worried about, not the damage it deals. Don't focus him as he is a tank.

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Brand is a AP ranged Caster. He deals AoE magic damage with his spells. His spells have an extra effect when you are effected by Blaze, giving his Q ability 2 sec stun for example.

Playing against Brand can be pretty chaotic. His AoE spells will cause a heck of a mess and when not carefull can kill you very quickly. 1vs1 you have to be carefull that his stun does not hit you, it's a skillshot which means you can dodge it by moving away, KEEP ON THE MOVE!
In teamfights spread out so his spells don't hit everyone. MR is always a good idea against magic damage. If he becomes powerfull enough to burst your team down focus him.

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Caithlyn is an AD ranged Carry. She has good harrasment skills and along with the longest auto-attack range (650) she will kill you from distance. She scouts surrounding bushes and prevent ganks with Yordle Snap Trap.

She only deals physical damage and can easily be countered with a Thornmail. Remember that she is squishy and will mostly run away in a 1vs1 fight, but be carefull with her traps or you might get stunned followed by a quick dead. In teamfights try to focus her down as she will deal the most and most consistent damage.

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Cassiopeia is a AP ranged Caster. She will try to get you poisoned followed by a spam of Twin Fang.

Cassiopeia's main damage comes from the spammable Twin Fang. This only works when you are poisened and thus you must be extra carefull when she teams up with champions who can inflict poison as well. Examples are Teemo's Toxic Shot and Twitch's Deadly Venom. 1vs1 she will try to slow you, get you poisoned and spam Twin Fang on you. Her poisoning skills can be evaded and I strongly suggest you do this. In teamfights be carefull with her ult, Petrifying Gaze as it can turn the tide when everyone is stunned. Try not to face her.

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Cho'Gath is a AP tank. Early game he knocks you up with Rupture, silencing you with Feral Scream to prevent you from using a defensive skill followed by Feast if your low enough. Late game he will be tanky enough to survive almost everything!

Cho'Gath's Rupture can be evaded pretty easily. You see the ground shake a bit where it lands and you hear a sort of BOOM. Use this at your advantage. Be very cautious when approaching him. Early game he deals a fair amount of damage for a tank and when your low don't even get in his melee range or he will feast on you. Late game he can easily be countered with Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Corki is a ranged AD Carry. At level 6 he can harras you with his Missile Barrage and when your low enough he will close in and try to kill you while shredding your armor with Gatling Gun. Corki is very item dependent.

Corki is one of those carries that are very easy to counter. Keep moving to avoid an easy hit on you with Missile Barrage and waste his precious mana. Stay out of his Gatling Gun range to reduce his effectiveness. Getting a Thornmail is always a good idea.


“Corki has one of the highest sustained DPS of the game. Remember that he has relatively low life and survivability until the later game and can be focused down quickly. He also has a built in escape mechanism and AoE chance to blind, which makes him really tricky to pin down. When ganking Corki, always have CC to secure a kill and in a teamfight don’t stay huddled together in order for Rocket and Machine Gun splash to cause havoc.”

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Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is a melee tank. He will try and lure you to attack him and waste your precious time on him. After the initial round of bursts he will full recover himself with Sadism.

Mundo is extremely hard to kill because he can regenerate his health at an absurd rate. The only way to counter this is with Ignite, Executioner's Calling and a few skills such as Tristana's Explosive Shot. Before he has his ultimate he is very squishy and easy to deal with, but be aware of his Infected Cleaver as this is a very effective way for him to harras you early on. After he has his usuall Warmog's Armor you should ignore him untill he has no teammates left. 1vs1 against him is only viable for a few champion's like Jax. Get a Madred's Bloodrazor to counter his huge amount of health.

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Evelynn is an AP melee assassin. She uses stealth to reach you, stun you and then spam you to dead with Hate Spike. *UPDATE* Eve no longer stuns, she slows instead and is much easier to counter now.

Eve is easily countered with Vision Ward and Oracle's Elixer. Without these you, obviously, can't see her and these items pay themself back if you get a few easy kills on her as she is very squishy. She deals most of her damage as magic damage and getting some MR is always a good idea.

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Ezreal is a ranged carry who benefits from magic and physical dmg. Mostly he is run with AD items and can be pretty deadly as he has a lot of ranged skills. He can get a fb at lvl 2 if he has exhaust + ignite. His Trueshot Barrage is a perfect way for him to secure the kill.

He is extremely deadly and approach with care. If you see he has ignite + exhaust be carefull as he can teleport next to you with Arcane Shift. All his skill are skill shots, which mean you can evade them if you keep moving in a non-predictable pattern. Don't try him out solo if your a melee champion, he will just kite you and spam his Mystic Shot all over you and if you get near he just shifts away out of harm. In teamfights he can wreck your team if you are heavy on AD champs with his Essence Flux, decreasing your attack speed and thus dmg you deal as a team. Try to focus him down or zone him out.

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Fiddlesticks is a ranged AP caster. He has quiet some CC and isn't shy taking a few hits as he can get his life back easily with Drain Life. He is one of the few good gankers among AP casters with his Crowstorm.

Fiddle has the power of making you useless for 4,2 sec with his Terrify and Dark Wind. Don't go at him alone, you need the help to overcome his infinite loop of Drain Life. In teamfights try to stay spread as his Dark Wind will make your team useless a **** for 1,2 sec. Also be carefull when he jumps with his Crowstorm, it has a channeling time which gives you enough time to react. Be sure to ward a lot, if you ward bushes there is a bigger chance you see him channeling and have more time to run away. Once he closes in you with his ultimate he will fear you for 3 sec and that's all he needs. Tenacity items are a very good way to counter some of his CC.

Comment update: Using Exhaust on fiddle's ultimate will reduce his dmg output greatly. Props to "Locshe" for pointing this out

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Galio is a ap tank. He can slow you down, speed his team up and heal himself. His ultimate Idol of Durand is a perfect way to cause chaos to your entire team. He has 80% ap ratio (85% on ulti) on his skills and combined with his Runic Skin he can be a very powerfull tank.

Galio can be a disaster if your team deals mostly magic damage. Magic penetration is the key if you can't kill him. He will depend on his team to actually kill you, but 1 on 1 he has the power to outlast you easily. When he is near a low tower don't go after the tower. He will use his ultimate to taunt your team, which the tower 3 seconds to attack you as you are taunted, deal quiet some AoE with his skills and probably take 2 or 3 members of your team down together with the tower. MR is never a bad idea against him.

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Gangplank is a melee AD carry. He will use his Parrrley to harras you and outrun you by slowing you with his passive and ultimate and when stunned he just keeps running because of Remove Scurvy (removes suppressions as well). His parrrley can easily deal 500 dmg and combined with a low cd very annoying for your squishies.

Gangplank can easily be countered with some armor and health. His parrrley is the only thing you should be worried about. It can easily kill you if you aren't cautious early game. Deny him creepkills so he can't get his items, he needs crit chance items/sheen to effectively deal continues dmg. Get some armor, preferable Thornmail, to counter him.


Gangplank: There is a jungle GP style that doesn’t rely on Parrrley and instead gives the whole team the buff from E and they just trash things. You should add in “Keep in mind when you are fighting someone that an ultimate from him can land anywhere and it will do a good amount of damage if you stand in it. If positioned correctly, it will punish you for overextending or recalling at a tower with low hp. Play against this like you would Karthus in that if your HP is low just go heal instead of trying to regen it back.”

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Garen is a tanky dps. He can deal tons of dmg with Judgment and Decisive Strike and negate most of the dmg with Courage. When your low enough you can expect to be hit by one of the best finishing/ks skills: Demacian Justice

Garen often is my pain in the ***. Spin to win huh. Madred's Bloodrazor is the answer most of the times. Some armor is a must against him as he will just run through your team, straight into the carries and kill them. Harrasing him is useless as he will just heal himself with his passive. Ignoring him in teamfights can be a wrong decision, instead try to use slows on him during teamfights but remember to use your dmg on his team.


Garen: Add in “Garen is one of the strongest level 1 characters, so always be wary of his potential to silence, spin and kill you very early in the lane.”

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Gragas is a melee AP caster. Gragas can be played in many different ways from tank to dps to AP carry. He will barrel roll you the entire game with Barrel Roll, run away/initiate with Body Slam and knock you away with Explosive Cask. He also has a build in mana heal, Drunken Rage and a heal in his passive, Happy Hour.

Gragas does not excell in his dmg, but in his long range skills. He can harras very effectively due to this. His barrels can be easily evaded if you move around with many unexpected moves. Counter him with health regen items to survive his harras and by getting some mr. Don't move to close if he is near a tower or his team as you will be knocked right into them.

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Irelia: In order to counter Irelia you have to find what items she currently has and what the game state is. In the very early game, she will have a regrowth pendant and possibly a philosopher’s stone. This makes her very hard to harass because she just regenerates the difference in anything. Once she gets a Sheen you have to really watch out and when she has the Triforce, things are starting to get bad for you. She has a great burst damage and decent sustainability in her ultimate, which makes ignite almost necessary in fighting her. In the lane early on, try to deny her getting last hits and farm as much as possible and remember she is a burst hero. Once she has that sheen, her burst increases and you should be more wary. In a teamfight you can’t focus her and can’t ignore her, so try to have your tank and off-tanks out of her warpath or get her away from them as fast as possible. Remember that when she is lower life than you, she will stun you, and that she can dash up and close the gap.

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Shaco is an assasin, which means that he's not the type of player who would simply appear from one of the lanes in order to farm/push. When not seeing Shaco in the minimap and you already have enemies in your lane, it is strongly advised to be extremely cautious, turret hugging too if necessary.

Shaco may be a very complicated and fearsome champion but there are many things that can get him down easily. In the early game, Shaco is mana-hungry which means that he will run out of mana in no time. Especially if he chooses "Jack in the box" as his first abbility. Once his mana has ran out you can decide on how to gank him with your teammate, it wouldn't be hard enough since he will probably lack the mana he requires to "Deceive".

Another thing about Shaco that you should know is his passive, "Backstab", Shaco will deal 25%+ of his total damage IF your back is turned on him, which means : if you try to run, he will actually kill you faster [if he has items that give him speed] that's why you should either fight him in that instant without turning your back, or cast something that will definetly slow him down before running, example : Stun or slow.

Chasing Shaco is useless, since he has flash every 7 seconds [Deceive] but once he has appeared stealthed, it is your best chance to strike him down before the cooldown.

Another thing you should know about Shaco when going 1vs1 with him is his Jack in the box, he will probably spam jack in the box infront of you while fighting, the jack in the box will cast fear and you and it will also give him the chance to deal a backstab or too. It's not really smart to fight Shaco with Jack in the box all over the place.

Lastly and most important of all, Shaco is a jungler, so having the place warded will definetly reward you. Even if he "deceives" you'll be able to spot where he is when he becomes unstealthed.


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Laning Vs Tryndamere
Trynd is a weak laner who is easily countered by many champions but is dangerous to the ill-informed.

* He needs Bloodlust stacks to deal considerable damage as well as heal, and he can only obtain these if he crits or kills minions. Therefore, harass him so that he is unable to reach the minions without losing chunks of his hp.
* If you see him crit/last hit minions several times and not heal, it means that he has Bloodlust stacks. The actual animation is hard to see, so be watchful. If he has those stacks, make sure you are at a safe distance, because his crits will hurt if he gets his hands on you.
* Be aware that he can slow you when your back is turned on him with his Mocking Shout. He can then follow up with Spinning Slash to essentially flash up to you.
* If you pick a ranged champion, you will need boots and 3 health pots. This will allow you to KITE him to harass and run.
* If you pick a melee champ, you will probably find yourself fighting him. Bring the fight to him if he doesn't have many bloodlust stacks. Get ignite and/or exhaust and use it on him when he has low hp. Trynd deals the most damage when he is at low hp and relies on healing to fight at low hp without dying. Ignite cuts off this healing, leading to his death.
* In a 2v2 lane, it should be easy to harass him.

Team fights against Trynd.
Trynd is a high priority target, as he can deal massive amounts of damage.

* Try to burst him down early to force him to activate his ult, undying rage which makes him UNKILLABLE for 5 seconds. When his ult is active, don't use any spells on him except for CCs, because even though you can't kill him, you can still stop him from killing you.
* After his ult is about to end, then finish him off.
* I strongly suggest saving exhausts for trynd during a fight.

Item Counters
You will want to build armour and health to counter Trynd.

* Number one counter item is Thornmail.
* Thornmail is priority, but if it is not enough also get a randuin's omen or a warmog's.
* For casters, take a Zhonya's Hourglass and use its active when he ults.

Counter Picks
Bad counter picks are any heroes that are squishy, because if he can kill you in those 5 seconds, it doesn't matter how much dmg you do to him.
On the other hand, particularly good picks are, in descending order...
Note that it doesn't always mean they are good 1v1 counter picks.

* Rammus-High high armour with thornmail and a taunt. Mid/late game counter.
* Mordekaiser-Mostly his ult is notable. His ult deals damage over time, which means that even if you ult during it, you will still die if you don't heal. Even worse, if he gets your ghost, your team is screwed.
* Jax- Hard counter to any auto-attackers. dodge dodge stun dodge dodge stun dodge doge...
* Singed- You are tanky and hard to chase while annoying at the same time. You can fling him off carries and leave behind a nice poison trail to take away his hp. He will be virtually unable to chase you without severe consequences.
* Warwick- he can CC trynd as well as survive his attacks.
* Kayle/Zilean- Save your allies from Trynd with your ult.
* Akali- go invisible when he uses endless rage.
* Ashe/Vayne/Janna/Kassadin/Vlad/etc.- Trynd can't kill what he can't touch.
* Karthus/Gangplank/Twisted Fate- HAHA, YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET AWAY? *r*
* Le-blanc- You can pop up and kill him before he even has a chance to react.
* I am sure there are many I have missed, but you get the idea.

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Vladimir is a ranged AP caster. His Transfusion is his moneytree, it will deal quiet some dmg, low cd (4sec @ lvl 5) and it heals him. This makes him a perfect harrasser as he will just heal back all the dmg you dealt him. He can run away with his pool. Sanguine Pool, which makes him untargetable for 2 sec. He becomes more and more beefy as the game progresses because of his passive, Crimson Pact.

Vladimir is a hard champion to counter. He will become dangerous when his transfusion hits the lower cooldowns. If your mid 1vs1 against him, you should grab a couple health pots and play very aggressive against him. You need to send him back to his base, denying him experience. If you happen to have a jungler in your team, ask him to gank at least once every 90 sec. Once he hits lvl 7/9 he will outheal you. If you try to kill him before this you need to get as many DoT skills on him as possible, with Ignite being very helpfull as it reduces his healing. DoT skills work through his pool and still dmg him during these 2 sec. Once he hits lvl 9 I suggest that at least 2 people in your team get some "reduce healing" ability, Executioner's Calling (highly recommended for your AD carry) or with an ability like Katarina's Bouncing Blades. In teamfights try to spread out at much as possible, his ultimate makes everyone being hit get 17% extra dmg from everything. Silencing him is always a good idea as is getting some MR. I recommend Force of Nature> Banshee's Veil because BV passive will be wasted on his Transfusion and the health regen of FoN is much needed against his spammable Transfusion (also gives more MR). Getting a Quicksilver Sash is also a good idea, it gives you cheap MR and an ability to get rid of his ultimate debuff, saving you from a lot dmg. Almost forgot to mention, Don't Dive Vladimir When He Is Low, He Is Never Low!
In short: very hard to counter without teamwork, use heavy CC on him, DoT skills work through his pool and reducing his healing capacity is a must.


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