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Master Yi Build Guide by Cooljayjay

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cooljayjay

Hunt Them Heads A Jungle Master Yi Guide

Cooljayjay Last updated on July 28, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Master Yi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gragas He is just a fat slob
Graves Invade Him Early And Your Good To Go.
Jhin Invade Early = Good Game.
Nasus I Dont Think I have Seen Yi Fail Against A Nasus. Bring Me His Head.
Bard Easy. Just Invade Early.
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Hello everyone that may be reading this guide, My name is Jayden and I'll be talking about why I love to play Master Yi in the jungle role. In this guide I'll go over the basics of Master Yi and also explain the choices of Master Yi's items and why I chose them. Ill also go over the Runes, Masteries, Jungle Route, Pros and Cons, and normal tips of Master Yi.

I hope you all enjoy my guide and learn something new about Master Yi and i hope my work hasn't been all for nothing don't forget to press that like button if you enjoyed this guide and feel free to ask any questions about this guide.

Don't forget to use the Headhunter Master Yi skin if you don't have it GET IT! otherwise you blade isn't sharp enough to hunt heads!

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Master Yi's Strengths and Weaknesses.

Why Play Master Yi

Here i will give you a few reasons on how master yi has his perks and how he is a and why you should choose Master yi instead of all other champions.

1. Master Yi has a lot of ways to dodge abilities such as Vi's Ult assault and battery size, Karthus's Ult or Caitlyn's Ult . These are just examples. Master Yi can dodge heaps more than just that which is what makes him such an overpowered champion.

2. Master Yi not only can he dodge abilities but he is also highly strong mid - late game, due to high attack speed and AD. He also can be OP early game with Full AS runes, ( 41% Attack Speed ), but ill talk about that later in this guide.

3. Master Yi can reduce damage taken by 70% which is the same amount as Alistars ult the only thing is that cc is the such a counter to Master Yi when casting that so try to use that after everyone has popped their cc keep in mind that a

The Downfall To Master Yi

Master Yi is a very strong champion although, he does a bad side to him

1. He has 0 CC whenever it comes to stopping someone from escaping, Changing a team fight, Doing a perfect gank or just having that little extra bonus to escape. He does get cc'd easy to whenever you get cc'ed you rly might want to have a to escape from the game changing fights.

2. Master Yi isn't a very good ganker below level 6 he really needs his to Escape, Chase or Even Gank. Master Yi is a really anti armor champion if enemies begin to build armor try to get a Lord Dominik's lord Dominik's as soon as possible. Also hard to Master the dodging part of Master Yi.

Overall result.

I think Master Yi is a very op strong champion that is very capable to carry teams in any scenario. He can have fun in any game. Master Yi is very fun to play and i strongly agree that you guys should try out Master Yi so that you can see for yourself that he is very strong.

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In This Chapter I'm going to show you the masteries I chose and explain why i chose them over the other Decision.

Why And Not Fury For Extra Attack Speed.

Why And Not Double Edged Sword For Extra Damage.

Why And Not Lifesteal Helps Clear Jungle.

Why And Not Master Yi Has 0 CC So Opressor Useless.

Why And Not Need Armor Penetration.

Why And Not Can Stack Fervor Fast.

Why And Not Helps Clear Jungle. ( Don't Need Move Speed )

Why And Not Red Lasts 15% longer.

Why And Not Extra Damage Is Nice And Don't Need Mana

Why And Not Don't Need Gold.

I Hope You Learnt Something In This Chapter About Why I Choose The Masteries I Do.

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In This Tab I'm Gonna Explain Why I Choose The Runes I Do And The Benefits Of Choosing Them Runes.

Choosing Attack Speed Mark Is Amazing It Provides A Ton Of Attack Speed. ( AD Marks Are Optional If Wanted. )

I Choose Attack Speed Seals Because Attack Speed Is Useful When Clearing Early Or Invading ( Even Ganking ). ( No Optional For Seals )

Attack Speed Glyphs Are A Must You Need That Attack Speed To Clear Early And Invade ( No Optional For This Glyphs )

Attck Speed Quintessences Are Super Powerful To Change The Attack Speed It Can Be The Difference Between Killing Blue Or Not, Which Can Be A Super Game Changer ( In Early Game At Least ) Because You Are Missing Out On All This Experience and Gold And Letting All Other Lanes Get Way Ahead Of You. ( No Optional For Quintessences - Too Important ).

I Choose Full Attack Speed Runes Just Because It Can Make Master Yi And Alright Clearer In The Early Game. It Also Makes Him A Much Stronger Champion And Can Invade Earlier Than Usual. Running Full Attack Speed Runes Makes Master Yi A Strong Champion Whole Game.

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Summoner Spells

Now I Will Explain And Show You Guys What Are Good Summoner Spells, Alright Summoner Spells And Bad Summoner Spells. I Believe Running Ghost And Smite Just Because I Don't Really Get Boots And Having That Extra 27% ( At Level 1 ) Is Really Overpowered. IT Also Helps When Rushing In To Gank. But If You Want Flash Or Any other Summoner Spell By All Means Go For It!


Flash Can Fix You Of Your Mistakes. ( And Trust Me You Make Them )

Need Smite For Jungle Master Yi ( NO QUESTIONS )


Can Be Useful For Ganking. Or Counter Jungling.

Useful For Ganking And Counter Jungling.

Good Ganking Tool.

Super Movement Speed With Ghost And Ult Which Can Be Used To Escape Or gank.


Barrier Is Useless, It Goes Down In 2 Seconds After Activation And Can Also Be Bursted Down Quickly.

Heal Is Pointless On Master Yi, Same Deal With Barrier It Doesnt Heal Much And Can Be Bursted Down Easy.

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Champion Abilites

In This Section I'll Give You A Few Tips On What Ability Combo's That I Use And The Ability Sequence. So Let's Get Right Into It.

Make Sure You
Max Q With Q You Are Able To Dodge So Many Abilities/Tower Hits
Then W Change The Way Your 1v1 Or Team fight Goes By W Reducing 70% DMG
Then E E Is True Damage So Use This Anytime You Fight A Champion.
Then R Every Fight You Go In Use Ult.

Highlander is the main reason why boots is optional. In Team fights you ult anytime you get a kill or assist you technically ult again which if you get an assist on every enemy. you get a total of 35 seconds of the

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Here I Will Explain More About Items And Why I Choose Them And When To Pick The Situational Items.


You need these items if you are going to achieve your mark to become dealing damage. And Dealing All Of Your Damage.

Use The Situational Items For These Reasons

deadman's plate Need More Tank

- Against High Mobile Champions

- High CC Champions

- If You Seem To Die A lot

- Against Heavy AP

- Against Burst

I'd Say Use Mercurial Scimitar Most Of The Time Just Because It's Really Useful Against CC But Use Any Other Items By Any Means Necessary.

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Creeping And Jungling

Now I'm Gonna Tell You What To Farm And When And If You When Should Gank. Lets get right into it then.
at 1:30: Kill Gromp After That Kill Blue Buff.
Around 3:00 Kill Skuttle ( If Need Health Points. )
If You Don't Need To Kill Skuttle Go Kill Wolves.
After red you should be able to meditate and clear everything else ( Krugs and Raptors ).
Around 5:00: You Should Have Bought Your Skirmishes Sabre After That If You Still Have Red Have A Look About Ganking A Lane If All Lanes Are Fine Then Just Continue Farming The Same Route Unless You Feel Like You Can Beat The Enemy Jungler.

Try To Gank Around Level 6 Unless You Are Certain You Can Make A Good Gank Sometimes You Can Choose This Route:
Start Krugs After Krug's Go Raptors Then Skuttle ( If Still There )
Try To Save Smite For Red. Then Red. Then Maybe Make A Level 3 Gank Or Counter Jungle. It's Entirely Up To You. That Is My Little Help On A Master Yi Jungle Route.

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Now I Will Show You How Master Yi Is In Game. Usually I Would Just Show You A Video But the Video Wasn't Working So I'll Show That Later On. Anyway I'll Tell You A Few Tips On What You Should Do In game To Achieve That Win Or Honour's.

You Can Carry Your Team By Making One Good Move Here I'm Going To Show You How To Make You Achieve That Move. You Can Either Be The Tanky Yi That Rushes In And Aces The Team On His Own OR That Yi That Can 2 Shot Everyone On Their Team.

I Can Assure You Either One Of Them Builds Are Really OP All You Have To Do Is Time Your Spells Right If You Rush In With Q Your Just Gonna Get CC'ed Around By Knock Ups Or Just Getting Multiple Stunned. Your Mercurial Scimitar Is Just Gonna Avoid One Stun Or Snare. Which Is Nothing If Your Getting Their Whole Team Stunning You. So Try And Go In And Predict Who Is Gonna Give You The Longest Snare And Try To Avoid Their's. Example : Morgana's Q Or Malphites Ult . But Is You Time Your Q Correctly You Can Avoid These Game Changing Abilities. Also You Time Your W Correctly ( After They Have All Popped Their CC ) You Can Regain All Your CD'S And Finish Them Off.

You Probably Won't Get To Good At Timing For Your First Try But After A Few Game See Should Be Able To See A Difference. Good Luck Everybody With Timing Your Abilities.

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Now I'm Gonna Wrap It All Up. I Have Told You The Runes And Why I Chose Them Same With The Masteries, Summoner Spells, Items, Creeping And Jungling Tips, Gameplay Tips, A Few Other Tips On What Master Yi Lacks And What He Doesn't Lack.

You Should Have Enough Information To Go Out There And Rock It Off In Your Very First Try Of Master Yi. But If You Don't That's Alright Not Everyone Is Perfect First Go .... ( Me ) ....

I Will Try And Get That Video Into That Gameplay Section And Don't Forget To Hit That Like Button If You Enjoyed Or Learnt Something New In This Build Feel Free To Leave Comments Below About Master Yi Or This Build.

Jayden...Out. :D