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Soraka Build Guide by mnemesis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mnemesis


mnemesis Last updated on May 22, 2013
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A counter-intuitive aggressive build guaranteed to raise your elo 150 points or your money back.

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Marks of attack damage because early game your basic attack banana will hurt your opponents: they will run away from you once you get infuse. You just wittle them down and then have your carry come in for the double kill...Simple! Also once you add zekes herald and sprit of the elder lizard you will never be accused of throwing like a girl ever again!

6 glyphs of cooldown reduction = 5% +20% zeke's herald+ 15% bingo 40%

3 Hey i'm writing code!

9 Hey i'm still writing code!

3...Okay, this is different. Why not AD Quints? Because you're not the carry. You do too much damage, you'll be getting kills in no time. You get kills and your adc hates you. You become (a good) troll (you're a troll but you still kick ***). No. You get these life steal quints to synch with your zeke's herald and Vampirism giving you 19% lifesteal.

Why not Quints of gold??? Because...they suck. Look, you get 3 gold per 10 secs = 18 gold per minute = 540 gold in 30 minutes. You want gold? Kill the enemy who's god-like. Your teamates will forgive you. Winning your lane gets you gold. Securing assists get you gold. Killing dragon gets you gold. Staying alive gets you gold. Quints of gold give you chump change.

greater quintessence of hybrid penetration I'm experimenting with these quints and may go 3 quints of hybrid...the reason for this is Soraka needs the magic pen more than the life steal to scale into mid to late game, in which during team fights if both she and mid have Will of the Ancients she will be doing good damage with her q combined with raylais and Lizard elder's impressive 40 true damage done over 3 secs EVERY TWO SECONDS! Oh yeah, and she'll have 43% spell vamp which is really pretty incredible sustain during those team fights.

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I think i remember promising myself i would never write another guide.

I'm starting to think I need more awerenessexperience from the utility tree because with this build when I'm at level 16 everybody else on my team is maxxed out; but i'm testing this...may take four points out of defense and move them to Awareness .

: one point in the offensive tree is standard.

8 points in defense

: helpful!

: hardy!

: resisting!

21 points in utility

: You need mana reg (Though Soraka isn't very mana dependent).

: Improved recall!

: Cooldown reduction is good.

: Every little bit helps.

: Greed is good.

: Ok this is different. Because this build is centered on rushing zeke's herald (an item that doesn't ordinarily make any sense for Soraka--especially to the unimaginative drones who are giving this unfinished build a thumbs down), we justify buying this wonderful piece of equipment by getting as much ad and lifesteal as we can get. Soraka's auto-attack is underestimated, undervalued, and misunderstood.

: A half-measure that you need to use and buy in order to get

: This item, which is very useful at the start, and is explained later.

: Wealth is good, too.

: Ok this is very important. Because you don't have 3 gold quints and their amazing 18 gold per minute(this is also a trap) Season 3 put in this really incredible and useful thing called pickpocket. It gives you 3 gold per champion hit every 5 seconds. Do the math. It behooves you to hit the enemy and hit them hard and often. This build takes advantage of that and this mastery has taken away the need for those ridiculous gold quints. There is a reason why gold quints are so cheap: they suck!

: Since they raised this to 3% it is worth getting, being faster than you opponents is, yeah, important.

What really needs to be explained in this build, is what's missing, because, apparently, drones, if they don't see their build on somebody else's build, they throw a little conniption fit and hit the vote down button.

Why not:

and for cdr??? Because this uses up 7 points that you cannot afford to loose, and most of the items that a support will build contain cdr. I will honestly say that these masteries are a trap for soraka, because they nerfed her a while back. Once you realize you do not need these masteries, it opens up your build.

Why not:

: That is a very good question. I think i need this!

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Okay this area is important but i'm running out of time. Tomorrow.

The build i've put as core is the syncronicity build. Most games will not go in to late game long enough to build this, and if you and your team play well it will certainly not go into overtime. So this build is hypothetical because of both cost and time. That said this is what I always want to shoot for, because, well it's just the best build i've found.

What we're looking for is


. What I mean by this is building a set of items that contribute to bothyour strengths and those of your teamates. Supports and the items meant for them can excel at this. Soraka can be really good at this.

zeke's herald: This is the foundation of my build. It is the first fully realized item I want to build because it gives you everything you and your adc need to completely blow out bottom lane. It gives you 20% cdr, and with ionians you're maxxed out. It gives you and all your teamates 20 ad and ten lifesteal. This means your whole team gets 100 ad and 50 lifesteal combined. Synchronicty

: Somebody has to buy this item. If you watch games you can pretty much tell that the losing team is the one that doesn't have it. Your jungler or tank should buy this, but half the time when you ask, "Who's getting Aegis?" it turns out it's you. it. It gives you 20 armor, 300 health, and 30 magic resist. It gives the rest of your team a combined total of 40 armor, 100 mr, and 40 health reg per second, plus an aura to minions that is really significant but nobody notices. Synchronicity

: I love this item. No I mean, I really, really love this item on Soraka. It gives you 50 ap (ok) it gives you and your teamates 30 ap (better) and it gives you and all your teamates 20 spellvamp (best). But wait: It stacks. This means that if your mid gets this(and if he doesn't then do not buy this item) you get 110 ap and 40 spellvamp . Synchronicity....I want to add to this. Because Soraka is ap, and with her Starcall's magic reduction, and the free mana and silence of her infusion(which is most powerful against mid-lane magic bursters, she actually synchs better with your mid, not your adc. Remember that. Synchronicity

: Drones really seem to hate this item! It's not really kosher, is it. No, it is not, my love. It's pretty radical, really. Not for everyone. If you didn't catch it in the notes, Phalanxdef invented this. Why is it good on Soraka? Synchronicity The ad damage it gives is good, it's pretty cheap, and the unique passive synchs especially well with Morellonomicon, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and most especially her q Starcall. If you're feeling really aggressive and completely dominating your lane you can build this directly after zeke's heraldand Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and bypass philosopher's stone completely because of the mana reg you get from it. You'll be squishy as hell, though, and poor. What does work is buying philosopher's stone first so you won't be completely impoverished into mid game, and building lizard later.

shurelya's reverie: This is pretty much a standard issue item for supports. It's active gives a 40% speed boost which works effectively as a chase/escape for your team in conjunction with shard of true ice's active and twin shadow's unique active hunt. If I decide I'm going to build this then I know I will eventually trade in my ionians for a faster boot later. You have to know if your build is going to be passive (in which you build this), or aggressive(and you decide not to).

: If I'm going aggressive I will buy a Giant's Belt once the laning phase is coming to a close. Honestly this is a dangerous item both for your enemies, and for you. Most games you never reach this level, but Rylai's Crystal Scepter + zeke's herald's ad + Will of the Ancients's ap and spellvamp + Spirit of the Elder Lizard's unique passive and ad boost,--give you so much damage, sustain, lifesteal, spellvamp, and SYNCHRONICITY with your team that the other team will wish they'd surrendered from the start.

Gotta go...this guide is starting to fill out well!

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Exhaust is Standard Issue for supports with one point in the offensive tree for Summoner's Wrath , which should secure a kill every time you use it if you use and time it right.

Flash is best if you're not an expert, like me(note the comma gives syntax). It does everything they say it does. It is the only thing in the game that bots react to better than humans: you flash into a group of bots and they immediately attack you. You flash into a group of human summoners and they've lost you for a moment, and if you know what you're doing you can just evicerate them. Offensively when you flash toward a target you right-clicked to attack, your character will immediately attack that target. Defensively if you flash away or toward an enemy they completely loose tracking. Its a great spell.

I think this spell is better than Flash in to mid and late game. Combined with your Wish ultimate in team fights it just makes your team almost unkillable. You'll die more if you get Heal over Flash, but it scales in to late game better, and if you are good and know how to ward, Exhaust and Heal is a good combination.

If you're really good get this with Exhaust But a really good player...probably wouldn't be reading this! So, just keep it in mind. I'm not at a level of play to get this, but I do know I wish I had it about 10 times every game.

Nothing else makes sense.

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Okay, finally. I'll be putting in videos, charts

and more
later(probably after Season 5).

First of all, play only draft or ranked games. Stop playing blind.

When you first get in to the battle field you should buy 1st items and run to guard your side of the river. On my way i do one thing: 1) I hit escape, go in to the menu and select self-cast spell two Astral Blessing and change it to 't'. You can use any key but t works for me. Self casting will save you especially when you get hit by cc.

Actually you need to do this also while you're running up there. This is very important and deals with sychronicity on your team so i'm going to say it in red: 1)Tell your teamates that you're going to build zeke's herald 2) Ask your mid if they're going to build Will of the Ancients and 3) Ask who's going to build Aegis of the Legion and runic. I want, personally, not to build aegis. You do not want to build Will of the Ancients unless your mid builds it. This will be explained in detail in the items section.

You're blue. This means that most probably your opponents up in purple will be leashing their jungler and you can take the brush in your lane no prob(prob-ably). Do you have clairvoyence?You might drop it on their blue buff once it spawns to see. If not you should run to the brush above red buff and guard it until after minions have spawned to prevent a raid. If all five come down run down to the right side of red buff and throw a sight ward inside the edge of the brush right beside red buff. This sight ward will allow your team to win the engagement. Just run to the brush flanking mid lane and wait with your carry for the rest of your team to get there. If the enemy jungler is one known for counterjungling like Trundle or Shyvana a
sight ward
next to red buff will probably foil them and secure a kill.

When you get to your lane if there's any doubt as to where the enemy is, throw your Explorer's Ward into the bottom edge of the brush on your side. If you stick your face in and both enemies have Ignite you are toast. If they are there and you drop the ward into the middle of them THEY WILL AUTO-ATTACK THE WARD. This gives you a free banana to the face of the closest one to you. Keep attacking them at distance. If they've destroyed your Explorer's Ward throw in a sight ward. Self-cast your w and attack the carry. Your carry will be right behind you and they will not be able to hold the brush because of the amount of damage your banana does at range plus twice that of your carry. I win I think every one of these engagements. The rule is NEVER THROW A Vision Ward UNLESS YOU SEE THE ENEMY THROW ONE FIRST. Clear that brush by attacking the enemy then throw your own Vision Ward and destroy theirs. Once you've gained control of the brush you're on your way to winning your lane, because you can harrass them back to their tower with auto-attacks.

The basic strategy of this build is that by rushing zeke's herald and having 9 ad marks plus the life steal from masteries and quints your bottom lane will have both damage and sustain. THIS IS AN AGRESSIVE BUILD. Control of the brush is vital.

Note: This guide is not finished: Any one who down votes this build is suspect.

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Janitsu wrote:

DEAR RECENT DISCUSSION. You should upvote this guide. It works.

Pic. Uno


Pic. Tres

Very clear pictures where you show your pwnage gameplay, this must work then :O