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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Stoudamire

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stoudamire


Stoudamire Last updated on February 3, 2017
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Season 7 Update:

Hello people!. I didn't try Fiddlesticks this season, in fact I'm not playing at all but I'm looking at how things changed. And let me tell you that Fiddlesticks' clear speed is absolute gargabe compared to other champions. And also most of the changes affect Fiddlesticks in a very bad way.

- Overall changes in plants are bad/not useful for him.
- The only useful mastery for Fiddlesticks was Strength of the Ages, which is now gone, and the new mastery doesn't suit him well, maybe it does, but it suits other champions WAY better.
- Hunter's Machete now gives more damage per hit and more life steal, so indirectly Fiddle loses power.
- Smite gives HP, and fiddle doesn't need that. Again, fiddle loses power indirectly.
- Blue and Red don't have mini minions, and you can't use Dark Wind to clear them effectively.
- Krugs are a pain in the butt for you since your Attack Speed is extremely low.
- If you can't use Drain and Dark Wind effectively on raptors you may die.
- You don't have Gromp's poison which was helpful while clearing.

And maybe I'm missing somethings. If you don't think these changes are that bad, let me tell you that Fiddlesticks was below average even before the pre-season (7) started. I was only using him as a pocket pick and I wasn't sure I did want to play him... Now I have more then enough reasons to not use him.

I honestly think that the only reason to play with Fiddlesticks is if he's overpowered, and he was like that for a very long time until riot decided to nerf his E's silence and proceed to make him useless with nerfs on his kit and eventually his rework.

So, my honest conclusion is.. don't use Fiddlesticks... there's no excuse to use him, he's just very bad. Maybe you can use him and pop off and carry but if you use him for at least 10-15 matches in ranked games you should have a mediocre win rate compared to others champs you usually use.

Hello world! I'm Stoudamire from LAS server. Originally this guide was updated to 5.15 or something and stayed that way for like 8 months or so. Since I'm back playing again I decided to revive this, It'll take a while and you may find things that are completely outdated but i'll be working to make this nice again ;)

I update this everyday and I also upload Fiddlesticks matches and highlights moments on my youtube channel. If you find those things useful or enjoyable you can subscribe for more :)

I'd really appreciate comments and upvotes so I can make the guide more interactive. Also I'm completely open to non-destructive criticism and to answer any of your doubts.
New match patch 6.21!; Great example on how to try carry unwinnable matches. Click to watch on YT.

Find more on my channel!.

- Can turn games around.
- Best ultimate on the game.
- Can jump into the back line and kill people (ADC/APC).
- Unlimited Sustain.
- High CC.
- No skillshots.
- No need for good mechanics.
- Gets even better if you play him a lot.
- Unique playstlye.

- Squishy
- Horrible at invades.
- Can be burst down with one combo.
- Can't clear minion waves effectively.
- Needs to play passive walking where there's no vision.
- Needs his Flash so bad.
- Needs his 1st blue buff.
- Zhonya's dependent.
- Useless if he doesn't have his ult up closing mid game and lategame.

Dread After standing still or channeling for 1.5 seconds, Fiddlesticks gains Dread, granting him 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% bonus movement speed which lasts for 1.5 seconds once he starts moving. Immobilizing crowd control resets this timer.

Dread: This one gives a amazing speed boost which is pretty useful after you use your Crowstorm, since it lets you get closer to enemies and Terrify them before they Flash away or use any spell/skill to get out of range.

Although this seems extremely good, I think this is counterproductive for Fiddlesticks because you get an speed boost after you stand still or channel Drain or Crowstorm, and you'll be in combat almost everytime Dread is triggered. You can stand still for 1.5s without doing anything and you'll have the speed boost and you'll be out of combat, which may be useful if you stay in a bush waiting for a potential gank, but this happens in rare occasions.

And that isn't good because Fiddlesticks is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the best way to do that is by running fast, which you can do by buying Boots of Mobility. And Dread hardly ever stacks with the bonus speed that Boots of Mobility gives, and this unfortunate combination of things lowers Fiddlesticks power overall because now these boots aren't so good.

Besides what I just said, I think this passive can make a difference on tight situations, like you running away from death on any fight, escaping tower dives, avoiding deaths on invades, catching enemies and CC them, and many more.

Terrify Strikes a target unit with fear, preventing it from taking any actions and causing it to run away from Fiddlesticks with impaired movement for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 seconds.

Terrify: This ability is disgustingly powerful, It's an unique CC that doesn't let your target do literally anything for quite a long time, and it isn't even an skillshot. The downside if this skill is that it has a fairly low range, and since you're very squishy you'll get blown up if you walk in into your enemies trying to Terrify their carries. And in most cases it isn't wise to be aggressive and try to walk in just to Terrify targets, you have to use it if you're certain that they won't fight back.

One of the things that I like the most is that enemies usually don't respect the amount of CC you have. Let's say that you gank bot lane on level 4, You Terrify the enemy, and then you calculate when it'd finish and Dark Wind him. So the target will be unable to Flash or Heal for 2.5 seconds only with the use of your skills. Take in count that if you're ganking it should be a 3v2 and your teammates also have CC. When your enemies realise that they should flash before seeing you, they are already dead.

Also, if you combo Flash + Terrify you can surprise your enemy and CC him, and this can guarantee a kill if your team follows up on your ninja initation.

Using Terrify correctly is the key output a good amount of damage on carries whenever you use your Crowstorm.

Drain Fiddlesticks channels and leashes to a target for 5 seconds, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+45% of ability power) magic damage each second and healing himself for 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80% of the damage done. If the target leaves the range of Fiddlesticks' leash, he will stop channeling.

Drain: This is how you make sustainable damage the entire game. There's no point on Autoattacking whenever you're fighting. If your Drain is on cooldown, you should run and try positioning better and wait until any of your skills are back up.

Remember that your Drain can be easily interrupted with most of CC abilities, and enemies are very aware of that. If you wait until your enemy uses their CC and then you start Draining you can outduel many champs unless they're far ahead of you or they use Ignite which counters your healing.

There're situations in which you can be tanking enemies damage when they're trying to focus you on teamfights by using Drain on them and heal yourself up. This is great because your teammates won't be recieving that damage, and thanks to that you can win unfavorable fights. And also remember that in some cases it's better to Drain to survive instead of just running away.

Also... you can easily tank Dragon's and Baron with Drain, and you can be the one who takes turret damage on tower dives. There're lots of things you can do with this ability. You can even Drain a minion in the middle of a fight to survive because it'd give you more HP than Draining an enemy.

Dark Wind Fiddlesticks throws a crow that strikes an enemy target, then continues to bounce from that enemy unit to another nearby enemy unit up to 5 times, dealing 65 / 85 / 105 / 125 / 145 (+45% of ability power) magic damage per bounce and silencing every target it hits for the first time for 1.25 seconds. Dark Wind prioritizes enemies being Drained or ones it has not yet hit. Deals 50% increased damage to minions and monsters.

Dark Wind: This skill is amazing for clearing jungle camps. If you get 5 bounces off on any camp your damage output is quite significant. If you use Dark Wind on the right targets and time it correctly you'll be saving a lot of time, you can watch any of my matches to understand how and why.

Besides clearing, this ability is kind of average to bad on fights. Since you'll be maxing W and Q first this skill does VERY little damage to enemies unless you get a few bounces off on the same target while you're Draining him at the same time, which almost never happens. Although it does AOE silences enemies, it doesn't help too much.

The amount of time you silence enemies doesn't scale as you level up, so this skill doesn't get better if you put levels on it.

It's important to use this as efficiently as you can after you Crowstorm onto enemies. Most people would use Crowstorm, Terrify and immediately after using it they start casting Dark Wind, and that's BAD. You need to calculate when Terrify is going to end and keep your enemy CC'd with Dark Wind's silence for longer. In this case this ability is quite useful since it doesn't let enemies use Flash to escape your Crowstorm's range. Which often results on you killing the enemy.

Crowstorm Fiddlesticks targets a nerby location and then channels for 1.5 seconds. After the channel, he then flashes to the target location with a flock of crows flying wildly around him for 5 seconds, dealing 125 / 225 / 325 (+45% of ability power) magic damage to all enemy units in the area each second.

Crowstorm: This is the only reason why someone should pick Fiddlesticks. I started playing Fiddlesticks back on season 4 because I thought it was hilarious how I could win 1v3 duels just by pressing 3 buttons. I honestly thought I was being unfair by playing Fiddlesticks and win games.

Anyway, let's talk about this skill. This is basically the reason why you're strong, you can make way too much damage if you ult into a few targets on fights. After you cast Crowstorm, you'll begin channeling for 1.5s which gives time to enemies to react and do something about it. So, what you need to do here is HIDE, you don't want people to see you whenever you're casting Crowstorm, you need to make sure that the enemy team doesn't have vision of you most of the times, because they'll start running away, or Flash away, or even worse: they'll try to interrumpt you and kill you. Crowstorm channeling can be interrumpted with many CC abilities, just like Drain.

This skill lets you jump from one place to another, and that means you can jump over walls, which is awesome and that also lets you be more impredictable to where you'll be appearing.

It's important to not waste this ability. Everytime you use this ability you need to be almost certain that you'll kill someone or make a good amount of damage to enemies and/or zone them in teamfights. Past minute 20-25, if you don't have this skill available for teamfights you're absolute garbage. Your team is basically fighting 4v5 on 5v5 fights if this happens.

Flash - Mandatory, you're too squishy, also it's great combined with your ult.

Smite - You're jungler.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Fiddlesticks is all about damage, having AP is optimal since your only way to deal considerable damage is through abilities, and they all scale wiith AP.

Greater Seal of Armor - Having no armor is extremely risky since Fiddlesticks is very weak against invades. Also you'll need a bunch of armor for every fight you take. You may not need it because you are fine clearing your jungle, but I don't recommend avoiding this. Also, there aren't good alternatives out there.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - Scaling AP better than AP flats for blues, you don't have much AP stats on early levels, by level 6 you'll have almost the same amount of AP from scaling that you get from flat ones.

Unyielding - Only choice, HP regen is uesless.

Explorer - Again, recieving less damage from monsters doesnt matter.

Runic Armor - Good for boosting your Drain.

Insight - Having Flash more often is invaluable.

Swiftness - Having more defenses doesnt make any difference since you're squishy; and this one is not bad.

Strength of the Ages - This is the reason why you go 18 on Resolve, having 300 more hp for free is the really good for every jungler, and Thunderlord's Decree or Deathfire Touch aren't efficient enough on Fiddlesticks.

Savagery - More damage against jmonsters.

Runic Affinity - More time for your blue.

Merciless - Nice to finish off enemies.

Dangerous Game - Surprisingly very useful.

- Both sides: Gromp Smite - Blue - Wolves - Raptors Smite - Red - Krugs

- You'll get 4 and ready to gank, balance between ganks and farm.

Other notes

- Don't waste your Crowstorm.
- Be patient with your Crowstorm.
- Don't use Crowstorm if you don't know if enemies have vision of you.
- Don't full-engage (like 5v5) mid/late game if you don't have Crowstorm up.
- Keep track of timers and write them on chat.
- The blue buff is sacred.
- You're squishy, act like one.
- Think twice about clearing enemy pinks (you have like -10 atk spd, It'll take time)
- Be careful when you walk where there's no vision.
- Try not to use Flash defensively because it's a great tool combined with your Crowstorm if you use it aggressively.
- If your mid needs the blue buff, give it to him.
- Don't do things you know they're wrong just because someone asks you to do them.
- Mute people whenever you think is necessary, I do that.
- Check you enemies MR before ganks, if your enemy's Syndra doesn't have MR runes, it's an easy kill.
- Avoid ganking high mobility or tanky champs like Wukong, Riven, or a Tryndamere (Post 6).

Don't do

Fiddlesticks's most powerful tool is his Crowstorm. The best teammates you can have are the ones that have great AOE CC / Damage.

Best one by far. Unstoppable Force is awesome and it has a lot of range. If you can mix this 2 ultimate's at the same time you'll be destroying any team.

Pyromania is the key to this combo. If annie has her stun ready you both know that between Summon: Tibbers, Incinerate and Crowstorm you can kill an entire team in less than 5 seconds. This isn't that easy if Annie doesn't have Flash up. So try doing it when she does have it.

Death Lotus and Voracity will guarantee kills since you both make a lot of damage.

Command: Shockwave and Command: Protect will give you armor and mr, maybe slow enemies and make you run faster and will knock enemies around. Anyway, Orianna always provide teams with a lot of things. I like her.

Idol of Durand will taunt enemies on a 600 range circle which is 2 seconds of you making damage with your Crowstorm to those taunted enemies. This might seem like the best synergy for fiddle, but it isn't. It is extremely difficult to use this combo right, even with Flash, and Galio isn't that good in current meta.

Ice Shard, Ring of Frost and Frozen Tomb slow & root enemies a lot. I didn't put this into practice much so that's why I don't find this the best one yet, because I wouldn't know that. But it should be.

- Remove/Block CC: Banshee's Veil, Quicksilver Sash, Cleanse, Mikael's Crucible.
- Vision: Vision Ward, Sightstone.
- MR: Locket of the Iron Solari.
- Invades: Invade him at Red, or steal his Blue.
- Mobility Champs: Riven, Fizz, LeBlanc, Ezreal, etc.
- High Burst Champs: Veigar, Syndra, Talon, Lissandra, etc.
- Split-Pushing Champs: Shaco, Tryndamere, Shen, Dr. Mundo, etc.
- Heavy on MR Champs: Galio, Dr. Mundo, Kassadin, etc.

Picking Fiddlesticks on pick/lobby phase usually influence both team's picks due to his ability to carry any games and turn around any fights, people may synergy with him, or counter him.

If you're going Fiddlesticks, I think these are the worst threats, you should ban them:

Morgana: Black Shield destroys you.
LeBlanc: Her insane mobility and burst are the best tools against you.
Lissandra: Glacial Path lets him stay behind her teammates before engage, that's makes it harder for you to get to her. Also, if she Frozen Tomb's you, you're done.
Janna: Her entire kit makes you useless, she gives speed, shield, and knocks you up with Monsoon and Howling Gale.

Other champs that upset us:

Kassadin: Extremely mobile and takes 15% less magic damage.
Alistar: Headbutt knocks you away from TF, and you can't do anything against that because his Unbreakable Will will erase any Terrify or Dark Wind you use on him.
Fizz: Playful / Trickster & Urchin Strike = high mobility.

Threats if they're enemies mains

- Remember the you can be easily minimized with mobility champs and with team strategies so avoid first picking Fiddlesticks, If you can trade with someone, do it.

Hunter's Talisman Passive: 150% Mana Regeneration while in the jungle. UNIQUE Passive: Tooth: Damaging a monster steals 25 Health over 5 seconds. Killing large monsters grants 15 bonus experience.

This one empowers your Mana Regeneration, and Fiddlesticks is all about using his abilities to jungle clear, and also for everything else. So having mana is essential for you to do something, if you don't have mana then you're literally nothing, so Hunter's Talisman is what you wanna go.

Abyssal Scepter 60 Ability Power, 10% Cooldown Reduction, 60 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Aura: Reduces the Magic Resist of nearby enemy champions by 10-25. Range: 700.

You want to get this item if there're a few members that deal magic damage. The passive will help your magic damage teammates to deal more damage, and it also will grant you a little bit of MR which is very helpful against high burst AP champs on the enemy team. Stats-wise this is great too, AP MR CDR these three suit you very well. I would say this is a good pick whenever there're 3 out of 10 members on your match.

Zhonya's Hourglass 70 Ability Power, 45 Armor, 10% Cooldown Reduction. UNIQUE Active: Places your champion into Stasis for 2.5 seconds, rendering your champion invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions. 120 second cooldown.

This will be your 2nd item right after Tracker's Knife - Runic Echoes on every game no exceptions. This item is too good to skip it. First, this gives AP, Armor, and CDR which is already good, and then it gives you a golden stasis for 2.5s that makes you untargetable and invulnerable which is very good if you use it when someone is trying to kill you. On top of that, whenever you use Crowstorm you can make yourself gold and still get the ultimate's damage out, and this is the greatest combination between an ability and an item... You're able to use one of the strongest abilities of the game in terms of damage, and no-one can kill you while you do that. Amazing stuff.

Boots of Mobility UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement: +25 Movement Speed. Increases to +115 Movement Speed when out of combat for 5 seconds.

As I explained on skills section, Fiddlesticks is all about being in the right place at the rightt time, and the best way to do that is by funning fast, which you can do by buying Boots of Mobility. The bad thing about getting these boots is that Dread hardly ever stacks with the bonus speed that Boots of Mobility gives.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed. UNIQUE Passive: +10% Cooldown Reduction. UNIQUE Passive: Trucidity: Reduces the cooldowns of Summoner Spells by 10%.

Having more CDR in your build helps you to reduce the time you don't have Crowstorm, which is crucial since fighting without your ultimate makes you very weak. And also having Terrify and Drain back up sooner on extended fights. Having Flash sooner is also awesome for combo-plays with your Crowstorm. I recommend taking this if you're not getting Boots of Mobility. I wouldn't know exactly which one is better, but I'm sure they are both very good.

Rabadon's Deathcap 120 Ability Power. UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 35%.

The only way to build Fiddlesticks efficiently is by going as much damage as you can, even if you're behind. So getting Rabadon's Deathcap as your 5th or 6th is the logical thing to choose, since it would increase all your items' ap that you bought before. One thing to keep in mind is that Fiddlesticks scales with (+45% AP) which is fairly low. So consider taking Void Staff before this one in most cases. Void Staff should increase your damage output in a greater way.

Void Staff 80 Ability Power. UNIQUE Passive: Magic damage ignores 35% of the target's magic resist (applies before magic penetration).

The description I wrote on Rabadon's Deathcap could fit here as well. You need damage, You make magic damage, You need to penetrate your enemies magic resistance, this is what you want. Always make a balance between Rabadon's Deathcap and this one and choose between these two as for which you buy first. Remember that you want to jump onto carries, and they don't usually buy MR. If it's getting harder and harder to do that in your match, maybe you can get Void Staff first because you'll be making more damage as a total to the entire enemy team.

Banshee's Veil 300 Health, 70 Magic Resistance. Passive: +100% Base Health Regeneration. UNIQUE Passive: Grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds.

I get tired of seeing pro players playing champs like Syndra, Orianna, and more getting this item on competitive play. Champs that can be easily killed are in the need of an item like Banshee's Veil because blocking one CC / some damage makes the difference between life and death. Fiddlesticks is exactly like that. And on top of that, Fiddlesticks can really use this passive when he jumps into the enemy team with his Crowstorm, because you don't want to get CC'd instantly so you can pop your Zhonya's Hourglass and prevent them from doing anything to you and still make tons of damage to your surrounding enemies. It's viable to get this one as a 6th item, not before. Because lowering your damage isn't an option before that. You can afford to get a defensive item to finish your full-build because it's extremely helpful and you have enough damage to hurt many people anyways by that point.

Quicksilver Sash 30 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Active: Quicksilver: Removes all crowd control debuffs from your champion. 90 second cooldown.

This item is exceptional only if you really need it and you know that you'll use it the best way you can. I hardly ever get this, because if you do get it, It shouldn't be your last item because there will be probably enough time to upgrade any 6th item, and Quicksilver Sash doesn't upgrade into anything that you can use. And if you buy this as a 4th item, you'll lower your damage output by not buying damage. So there has to be an important reason for you to buy this, but I'm sure that this is viable.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter 100 Ability Power, 400 Health. UNIQUE Passive: Your spell damage will slow the target's movement speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds (20% for 1 second for multi-target spells, damage over time spells and spells with a cooldown time below 3 seconds). Summoned minions also slow targets on-hit by 20% for 1 second.

This is a great pick because you'll slow all the enemies you hit by 20% for 1 second. If you ult onto enemies you'll slow them by 20% for every second they're on your Crowstorm range, and that's huge. Also this is useful when you throw a Dark Wind and it bounces on a few members.

Locket of the Iron Solari 10% Cooldown Reduction, 400 Health, 100% Base Health Regeneration, 20 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Aura: Legion: Nearby allies gain +15 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Active: Shield yourself and nearby allied champions for 2 seconds, absorbing up to 75 (+15 per level) damage. Active's shield amount is calculated using the recipient champion's level if the recipient is a higher level than the item owner. 60 second cooldown.

If you're against 2+ AP champs comp, someone needs to get this, if your support didn't, consider taking this. You need to know that your main objective is to make as much damage as you can, because you don't have the same utility that Jarvan IV or Lee Sin does, neither the things that Nunu provides, so taking this isn't a good choice. On every case it's the support responsibility to take this.

Sweeping Lens Active: Summons a drone at the target location for 6 seconds, warning against hostile units while revealing and disabling invisible traps and wards (90 - 60 second cooldown depending on level).

You can take this if you want to clear wards instead of more vision for your team. It's a matter of preferences. It is a better choice to get this after level 9 so you get the upgraded version, and you have Tracker's Knife for vision.

Elixir of Sorcery Click: Grants +50 Ability Power, +15 Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds, and the Sorcery buff for 3 minutes. Sorcery: Damaging a champion or turret deals 25 bonus true damage. This effect has a 5 second cooldown versus champions but no cooldown versus turrets.

You can buy this when there’s nothing else to buy to get an extra damage.

This is also viable but I prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity since you need CDR in your build.
The stats are good, but you won't be Draining that much on fights to make the passive worth.

The stats are not good, and you shouldn't be auto-attacking enemies that much.
Waste of gold.
NO. As Fiddlesticks I guarantee you that you will die.
Not a great choice, and you'll be wasting stats & gold. (You have planty of mana sustain).
After you Crowstorm onto people and Terrify, Dark Wind , Drain and Zhonya's Hourglass, you're nothing. It's the same if you live or you don't.
You'll be wasting stats & gold.
You'll be wasting stats & gold. Also the passive isn't good.

Patch 6.21:

- A lot of bug fixes and some changes to champions, nothing meaningful here. Fiddlesticks stays the same for now.

Riot said they'll make changes on the jungle, like insert plants and remove Smite buffs you get out of using it on jungle monsters. This should be good for Fiddlesticks, since he doesn't benefit from Krugs' buff, and the Gromp buff is a little bit inferior on him also since he has low base HP.

It's not big though, but should help to make him better overall.

Also, there're a bunch of reworks on Assassins coming in, and Fiddlesticks is pretty weak against instant burst damage like LeBlanc and Talon, so we'll have to pay attention to this as well.

casper727: Can you crowstorm then flash or does the flash cancel your crowstorm? Maybe you can explain how you use the two because I cant figure it out. lol.

My answer

Glorfindelas: My only complaint (with the game and not this guide) is that when I play PvP, 50% of the time I get targeted by all players in the Opposite team. It's ridiculous...I can't even get to the middle of the map when they all jump me and sadly flash is not enough. What do you recommend?..obviously my having 3-4 kills by lvl 4 pisses them off. What would you do? Im too squishy.

My Answer

Glorfindelas: I think I'm using my Zhonyas the wrong way then or not using it at all. I feel like such a noob. I always rush to get it but always considered it as a passive. How do you activate it? Sorry for the noob question but I really want to improve.

My answer

Hypervenom: One question though, the 1 cdr quint, is the 5% at level 18 worth it? Is it really noticable during early and mid game?

My answer

thanhxy: does this work even if your not plat, diamond, or gold


I watched your videos and rly got some value out of them. Also your updates and the way you explain the item choices are great.

3 important bits of feedback (I hope):
1) You do not explain why to usually max W before Q. I saw how you play and I now understand why that is so good, but as a noob I was like "pffft what this?? Q for the win, like all the other guides say" which cost me sooo many bad ganks. Also would love to see some more details and explainations about the kit, and maybe combos. (for example - Until I saw your videos, I didn't know you can crowstorm into a fat wall to get to the other side! :O so cool)
2) You say that fiddles is useless without his R, which is so weird! Because I saw how you play in your videos, and u use fiddlesticks' entire kit without being dependent on R. What happend for me after reading that line was this: I spent entire mid-games to late-games just walking around positioning for ult, ganking, and than disengaging completely duringg the cooldown and basically just waiting for my next ult.
3) The most amazing thing I saw in your videos is the way you take responsiblity over the objectives (drag/baron) which is so amazing to see! I think you should write about it in the guide. So many people think that being a jungler means csing jungle monsters, and ganking and that's it. You do so much more.

My answer

mkySuperNoOdles: U go from warding Totem to Sweeper to go back to an upgraded Double Ward? Can you explain the idea behind this or is this an error? :p My main is Fiddl and I personally like this guide. Lots and good explanation.

My answer