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Singed Build Guide by Wheew EUW

AP Offtank Just chase the Singed.

AP Offtank Just chase the Singed.

Updated on May 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wheew EUW Build Guide By Wheew EUW 8 1 39,119 Views 62 Comments
8 1 39,119 Views 62 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wheew EUW Singed Build Guide By Wheew EUW Updated on May 2, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Singed
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// Hello and welcome to my guide.
This is my first guide on mobafire and it is on Singed.
I am a level 30 player on euw, currently sitting in Gold IV but i'm still rising, my most played champion Singed has a winrate of almost 80%!!!.
Singed is one of my favorite champions in the game and most likely the champion I have most knowledge on.
Singed is a very versitile champion with multiple builing paths, Ap-Tank or full Tank, there is even the option of going full Ap, this is fun but not recommended if you want to win.
Have fun playing Singed and I hope you enjoy the guide.
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The builds.

So here it is, as requested by meiyjhe.
I will explain the different builds and go in detail more on my items in the items section.

Build 1: This is the main build you should be using in almost all your games, this build is focussed at AP, Mana, Health and Armour with a bit of magic resist.
Your build should look like this: Mercury's Treads > Rod of Ages > Rylai's Crystal Scepter > Thornmail, Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen (read items section to decide what to pick)
Now choose, if you got full tear stacks get Seraph's Embrace if you don't start building Liandry's Torment, then finish seraph's after liandry.
This build does not have a lot of magic resistance. If you face a heavy AP team, 2+ sources of big AP damage, for example Elise top, Orianna mid you will want to get Abyssal Mask and not get Liandry's Torment.

Build 2: This is the build you should go when the enemy is 100% AD champions. (not counting support)
Your build should look like this: Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads if they got a lot of cc. Then get Rylai's Crystal Scepter. After this pick up more health and armor, good options are: Frozen Heart, Sunfire Aegis, Randuin's Omen, Thornmail, Warmog's Armor, if you want damage too you can get Zhonya's Hourglass.

Build 3: I pretty much talked a bit with strawhatbro (good singed player, stream in conclusion) and he showed me the way, the advanced singed build, you rush rylai, the biggest core item on Singed, this makes your presence a lot stronger early, this build is also less resistances, it focusses more on damage and health.
Timing ult is a lot more important with this build, you also have less sustain, you will become stronger faster, not advised for the less skilled Singed players.
You start with any of the starting builds, farm up till at least 775 gold (try to), get tear and a ward, now get boots 1, get belt first, now decide finish rylai or boots, after finish the other.
Then you get liandry and seraph, get seraph if you need a bit more tankyness and you got FULL TEAR.
Liandry first for more damage, now start getting tanky items, if you started ninja tabi you should get warmogs as you will have a lot of effective health that way, when you start merc get at least some armor first, (you can get just wardens then get warmogs if you want) Now you as a advanced Singed should build according to enemy team.
Tip: Against vayne get frozen heart and randuins. (AS slow to good vs true dmg)
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Great farmer.
+ Strong lategame.
+ Extremely strong ultimate.
+ Large amount of free stats trough Empowered Bulwark and Insanity Potion
+ High damage output which is often unnoticed till its to late.
+ Hard to kill when still building good damage.

// Overall a great champion that fits any team comp, Singed can protect the carry or kill the enemy carry. Singed has a large amount of free stats trough his ability's making him usefull even if he had a rough early game.

- No gap closer.
- Some champions make your teamfight potential very limited Ashe.
- Weak early game.
- No build in sustain.
- Needs his Insanity Potion for every fight.
- Can get mana problems early game.

// Singed is hard to master, inexperienced players may get a lot of trouble early game with there mana, if you don't know how to play certain matchups u can get in large trouble
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safeguard as you will be towerdiving and farming behind turrets and the reduced towerdamage is very good.
I will want Block for reduced damage from basic attacks so we need Unyielding .
Then we take Tenacious and Juggernaut as Singed greatly benefits from the extra health and tenacity.
I end the tree with Reinforced Armor as this reduces the damage you will take from a ad carry by a lot. Then you take Honor Guard as 3% damage reduction from all sources is too good to not use it.

Okay now Embracing asked me why i didn't take butcher in offence so i will do some calculations now to see how much this 3% Cooldown reduction gives me and see if butcher would work better.
Singed Cooldowns are:
0 3% Cdr = no diff.
14 3% Cdr = 14/100X3=0.42 = 13.58.
10 3% Cdr = 9.7.
100 3% Cdr = 97 sec.

So this 3% Cdr saves us a entire 3.72 sec.... Changed to 2 in Butcher and only 1 in Sorcery.
Thanks to Embracing for pointing this out :)
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Skill Sequence and Skills Explanation.

Skill Sequence and Skills Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Empowered Bulwark: // This is Singed passive, it will give you a nice amount of health from the mana u will build up over time.
  • Poison Trail (Q): // This is your main farming tool and damage output, we max this first for great waveclear and damage.
  • Mega Adhesive (W): // This is a very strong slow with a high manacost and cooldown, we take a point in this at level 8 as the mana cost is way to high to use it at level 4, we max this second as it is a great skill for peeling for your ad carry or catching a enemy.
  • Fling (E): // This skill flings targeted enemy behind Singed into his poison if you got it up, this is a great displacement with a ridiculous amount of damage early game, this skill makes Singed very dangerous for enemy squishy's as flinging them into your team is certain death. Level this skill at level 2 and 4, then max is the last.
  • Insanity Potion (R): // This is the skill that makes Singed a true monster, I believe this skill is straight OP. Singed gains so many stats from this skill that the impact of NOT having this skill in a teamfight is disasterous!, use this skill for dueling, running away, chasing, extra damage and getting more tanky, we level this skill whenever possible.
    The potential of this skill is insane.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Ghost: // Ghost + Insanity Potion = best combo ever, nobody can chase you, u can catch anybody, ghost is just the best summoner spell for Singed.

Ignite: // You need Ignite so you have killing potential on the enemy laner, it works very well with your Poison Trail aswell.

Exhaust: // Use this vs Tryndamere and maybe Jax so they don't bash your brains out early game.
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Item Sequence

Rod of Ages 2600
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Thornmail 2700
Seraph's Embrace 2900
Liandry's Torment 3000

// Core on Singed, this items gives u mana, health and ability power.

// Health, ability power and your ability's slow the enemy, 100% core on Singed.

// Make enemy adc kill himself when he is trying to duel you, this item is great for charging at the enemy ad carry and dueling him to death, when peeling take Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen.

// Singed scales off mana very well, this item scales off mana very well, tear is easy to stack on Singed. This item is just so perfect, it will give over 100 ability power, all the mana u ever need and 250 health because of your Empowered Bulwark.

// This item is just too good, u got Rylai's Crystal Scepter already so the double damage is already there for you, your Poison Trail makes this item prob like crazy! U will have the double damage from rylai on there entire team for a long time as long as you run around.

// It is not about the boots of speed but what upgrade do you get?
Boots of Swiftness: These boots are fenominal and neccesary vs permaslowers like Ashe and Anivia, these are needed vs that sort of champions.
Mercury's Treads: These boots are the most common buy, they help you against crowd control and should be your go to boots unless u are vs champions that u need the other boots against.
Ninja Tabi: These boots should only be bought if the enemy adc is very fed or you are vs a auto attack reliant team like: Caitlyn, Tryndamere, Jax.
// You can replace thornmail with this in build 1, and this is pretty core in build 2, Frozen Heart gives you good amount of armor, attackspeed debuff, good amount of mana and 100 health because of your passive, this is a expensive more teamplayer version of thornmail. You should get this item over Thornmail when the enemy has attackspeed focussed champions, Irelia and Jax for example as it reduces there damage a LOT. This item is also better than Thornmail if you are peeling and not dueling.
// You can replace thornmail with this in build 1, and this is pretty core in build 2, just like Frozen Heart this item slows enemy attackspeed, but only when they hit you, this item gives more health and a nice passive that slows surrounding enemy's, this item should only be bought when you are peeling for your ad carry in build 1.
// This item can replace Thornmail, this item makes you push even faster (yes that is possible), this is a item I would consider when the enemy ad carry is not focussing you at all as thornmail loses the passive pretty much, this also gives u extra hp if you need that because Cho'Gath is using his ult on you.
// If you need health, buy this. This item cannot replace Thornmail so you will give up the damage from Liandry's Torment for more health, don't get this when the enemy has a lot of % damage like Brand, Vayne and Kog'Maw, this item will not help you against them.
// If you really need magic resistance get this if you also want more damage, if your full team needs magic resist you can get Runic Bulwark which will also make you even more tanky and gives more magic resist than Abyssal Mask.
// Only get this if you get focussed extremely hard and need armor and magic resist, in most cases this item gets outclassed since its nerf.
// When you are ahead and are tanky enough when it is still midgame, get this and they will fear you, your fling will chunk people from half there health and instakilling squishy's will be no problem, ONLY WHEN AHEAD!.
// When there entire team stacks magic resistance (some bruisercomp or something), get this so you can do some damage.
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Lets do some math on some items/item combo's :)

Items/Item combo's

// Yes our lovely Rod of Ages, it has some very nice stats, in my build these stats become even higher!
Lets look at this, Seraph's Embrace, This gives you ability power equal to 3% of your max mana, RoA gives mana so lets check this out Rod of Ages gives you:
60 + 20 AP = 80.
450 + 180 HP = 630.
450 + 200 Mana = 650.
Now, 3% of 650 = 19.5 extra AP.
= 60 + 30 + 19.5 = 99.5 AP.
Empowered Bulwark, Singed passive gives his 25% of his mana in health.
Now, 25% of 650 = 162,5 extra HP.
= 450 + 180 + 162.5 = 792.5 HP. + Juggernaut = 4% on top of that = 824,2.
Final stats of RoA after buying AA staff:
HP: 824,2.
Mana: 650.
AP: 99.5.
For anybody still wondering, yes that is about as much AP as zhonya but with 824,2 health and 650 mana. Very high stats :)

// Okay there is a reason you do not get this when going AP tank, the reason is called Seraph's Embrace, Lets compare the stats, Warmogs:
1k HP.
Soon to be nerfed 1.5% of max hp per 5 sec. (will be 1% as far as I know)
3% of max mana as bonus AP, 1k mana, 250 HP from passive, 60 AP, 10 mp5, Being able to use 25% of your current mana to get a shield of the same amount.
Pretty much seraph's gives you about 140 AP in total (with the 60 from item), a 700+ health shield! and 250 health. As you probably see already, equal or more survivablilty if used correctly and a lot more damage.
In the full tank build Warmog's Armor is better as we got less mana and need the regen more.

Hope you liked it :)
(Correct me if i made any mistakes pleaseeee :D)
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// I will go over some things about using Fling right here, who to Fling, who not to Fling and some funny things that you can do with it.
// Targets that you should try to Fling into your team are generally the enemy ad carry or a ap carry that has no huge initiation like Galio has.
// Targets you should NEVER Fling into your team, as you see these champion got some sort of AoE cc or a AoE ult that has a huge impact when it land on YOUR FULL TEAM, when you Fling a Amumu for example you just made his life easy, he didn't even need to land his Bandage Toss to use his Curse of the Sad Mummy to lock up your full team and make your team extremely vulnerable to any AoE damage and assasinations, same go's for Galio with his Idol of Durand. Now you might wonder, why is Karthus in there. What does a Karthus do in a teamfight? Yes he flashes into your team activates Defile and just kills everybody, You do not want Karthus to be in the middle of your team, dead or alive, when he dies his Death Defied will just make him destroy your team even longer and he will still get to cast Requiem.
Vladimir will just use Hemoplague and if that spell hits your entire backline...... You just lost your team a fight... Olaf is also not a good option as he will activate Ragnarok and delete your carry.
// Fling also has some fun bonus added to it, when the enemy uses Flash during your Fling channel there Flash will go on cooldown but you will still Fling them, this is not something you got in hand but when the enemy uses there flash during your Fling you will think. TO BAD.
Fling can be used to toss enemy champions over thin walls, you need to stand next to a wall and Fling the enemy directly at the wall and they will go over it. This is great for escaping. (Credit to inverted composer for that trick, there is many more on his youtube channel)
I suggest you check out inverted composer's youtube channel (He is Diamond NA and arguably the best Singed in NA soloQ), as to be fair he is the reason I know a lot of my things about Singed.
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Farming/Early Laning

Farming/Early Laning

//Farming is important on Singed, a farmed Singed is a terror to deal with.
Farming as Singed is not that easy as it seems, if you just use Poison Trail on all the minions you will not get all of them!
Early game when you don't have mana to spare try to lasthit with your basic attacks and don't take to much harras, a great technique is to run toward the enemy like you are going to attack him and then turn around taking some farm.
When Singed has hit level 6 and has Rod of Ages the matchup allows it you can start to farm behind the enemy tower, only do this when the game has these requirements: The enemy jungler is not Dr. Mundo or Lee Sin, they will eat you alive behind that turret, Infected Bonesaw will slow you so long that any laner can kill you. The enemy laner must not be somebody with incredible burst like Darius, You should always have your Insanity Potion ready when farming behind enemy turret. You also need to have at least Rod of Ages otherwise minions will kill you :)
It is best to know where the enemy jungler is, if you see Lee Sin bot lane you can take a wave behind enemy turret. Do care that the enemy laner might try to kill you.
The benefits of farming behind enemy turret: You lose 0 farm, the enemy also has to tank your wave or farm under his turret, you draw attention making the other lanes safer (less jungle pressure).
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// Your role in a teamfight as Singed can be one of 2 things:
1: You charge at the enemy ad carry and kill him.
2: You peel for your ad carry, this can be done thanks to Singeds skillset, Fling can be used to get the enemy divers off your carries, your Mega Adhesive can be used to give your carry a better kiting.

Make sure to think of what you will do before the fight begins, also look at the team comps and scores. If there is a 10-1 Kog'Maw on your team DEFEND HIM, if you protect your fed ad carry you will win a fight. If the enemy has a fed Tristana for example, you need to kill her or she will kill everyone.
When choosing a role that are some factors you should keep in mind.
Also never try to dive into the ad carry if they got Ashe, Lulu for example, you will never reach the Ashe! and even if you did Lulu will not allow you to kill the Ashe.
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// If you still have a champion that I didn't do a matchup on leave in the comments and I will do it, I will not rate matchups as hard or easy as everybody has problems dealing with different champions.
// Just as Teemo, Jayce is seen as a good counter to Singed, playing against Jayce is not hard, stand a bit behind minions to not get hit by Shock Blast, when he uses Shock Blast or just changed stance with his ult you can fight him, his ult has 6 second cd.
To resist the annoying pokes from his auto attacks you should pick up Ninja Tabi and Doran's Shield, after you get catalyst the protector this lane should be no problem.
// Often is Teemo seen as a great counter to Singed, to me the key to this matchup is very early, you need to ask your jungler to come top when you are level 2.
Then you need to go a bit closer to Teemo, pop Ghost activate Poison Trail and Fling him into your jungler, together you should be able to blow up little Teemo, use Ignite if nessecary, get catalyst the protector before your Tear of the Goddess for sustain and get a Null-Magic Mantle early to deal with his poke, if you for some reason get crushed you should pick up a Negatron Cloak and build it into Abyssal Mask lategame instead of liandry.
// This matchup is in my opinion skill/jungler based, if Riven can get ahead you will lose your lane very hard, if you ask your jungler in a nice way to gank top early you should have no problem as Singed scales way better into lategame than Riven, you should start Cloth Armor and 5 hp pots. This is pretty nessecary as Riven does a lot of damage early game.
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Removed Zhonya as people made some good points.
Removed the fun build, build 3 is now reserved for a advanced Singed build.
Added build 3.
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You can ADD me on EUW, name = Wheew, you can spectate if you want when I play Singed and I will be playing with you guys when I go normals. (Say ty to Sienikiisseli for adding me and bring me this idea).

I hope you enjoyed the guide, please leave a comment below and upvote the guide if it helped you, also comment if you got any advice :)

SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the templates i used, you can find them here.
Credits to inverted composer for some Singed tricks.
Credits to Embracing for pointing out Butcher does a lot more than 3 points in Sorcery for Singed. Check out his guides :)
Rampant Renekton:
Reverent Riven:
Internet Explorer Ezreal:
Credits to Siensikiisseli for think of adding me to spectate/play with me. (stupid me didn't think of that :D)
Credits to strawhatbro, also known as samgoeslol here on mobafire for helping a lot with advanced build. His site with his stream etc:
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