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Kindred Build Guide by Vex OCE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vex OCE

Kindred: Any and Every Position | Jungle/ADC/Top/Mid/Support

Vex OCE Last updated on November 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Kindred: Any and Every Position (Video)

A video I made as an addition to this guide. Shows me playing each position using the builds I suggest in this guide. If you like it, give it a thumbs-up and subscribe, it all helps!!

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About Me

*This guide will be updated regularly and will include game-play videos and more*

Yo, my name is Vex. I'm a Jungle main, ranked platinum on the OCE server. I have been playing League of Legends since season 3 so I have a fair amount of knowledge on the game.

I plan to make Kindred one of my mains, mainly because I seem to play best in marksman role but I much prefer the feeling of playing solo in the jungle, so this champion is perfect for me.

I also have a YouTube channel and will be posting regular League of Legends content on there. Many of these videos will be of Kindred as I plan to make her one of my mains.


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Why Kindred?

Kindred is an Auto-attack based, marksman-type champion. She is extremely mobile and has great kiting potential.

Kindred is a champion that I believe can be played in any position although I wouldn't suggest playing her support in ranked as it may not go down well with your team, but her slow from her E and her ultimate can be extremely useful, and it's fun to mess around and try her support.

I think that Kindred is best suited to be played in the Jungle because you are able to stack your passive on the jungle creeps that are marked, but after trying her in each position I've found that you're able to get an adequate amount of stacks either off of your lane opponent or just roaming when you get the chance.

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When to play Kindred

I think that Kindred is best to be played when you're up against a tanky team because of her passive, Mark of the Kindred. It grants you scaling damage based on a percentage of your opponent's current health. Her E is also extremely effective against tanks as it deals % Max HP damage when activated.

It is best to take note of what your team needs when deciding on whether to play Kindred or not. Let them know that you're going to need some tanks with hard CC to make up for the lack of her own tankiness and hard CC.

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Pros and Cons

+ Extremely Mobile
+ Great against tanks
+ Great ult for team fights
+ Great DPS
+ Versatile
+ Shadowfire skin looks like a Digimon

- No hard CC
- Lacks any instant escape abilities, instead you are require to try to kite or use your ultimate to use yourself as bait or a distraction.
- One of the harder ults to use; can be extremely hard to use correctly, requires great timing and positioning.
- In order to gain stacks for your passive as fast as possible you may be required to roam to the enemy jungle. Can be hard in some cases.
- Can cause your team to lack tankiness and CC if the team doesn't make up for it. (Can be negated if you decide to build tanky)

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Abilities - When to use them, general info, tips etc.

Mark of the Kindred (Passive) - When jungling there are mind-games you can play when marking people. You can mark their enemy top-laner, for example, making them cautious of a gank - then gank the mid-laner instead. This means you will miss-out on a stack of your passive but it can be an extremely useful way of pulling off a gank in another lane by catching them off-guard.

Dance of Arrows (Q) - This move should be used straight after an auto-attack so that it doesn't interfere with your auto-attack patterns and maximises your damage potential. This can be used offensively to chase after people, or defensively to dodge skill-shots. It is also extremely useful for kiting.

Wolf's Frenzy (W) - The use of this move is reliant on decision-making, you can use this when chasing to gain on the enemy using the resets it gives your Q but beware, if you get caught out with this move on cool-down it makes it much harder to escape.

Mounting Dread (E) - This move has an extremely useful slow for catching up to people and can be used to chase them down. It has great damage and its burst can catch enemies off-guard. When making trades use this at the start, most people will try to avoid the third auto-attack when they're marked with this which will cause them to try to run away, the slow from it is great to stop them from being able to leave the trade.

Lamb's Respite (R - Ultimate Ability) - This move can be hard to use, and I haven't mastered its use yet. It's hard to use because your enemy can enter it and they receive the same buffs as you do.
So far I have found that it's best uses are:
- In a 1v1 situation and they're on a higher amount of health than you are, you can use it when you are below 10% HP to keep yourself alive while you get them to around the same amount of HP - making it a more of an even fight.
- It can be used when you're caught out and about to die, to give your team time to move in and help. 4 seconds of invulnerability is a lot and it can give your team time to position themselves to help you if you are caught out.

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Offensive Items

Blade of the Ruined King - A core item on Kindred as it adds further % health damage. The active makes it much easier to kite and chase people down and the attack speed is useful for activating your E proc. Also gives you life-steal for further sustain and attack damage for obvious reasons.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Crit chance, attack damage and cool-down reduction; all great stats to have on an ADC, or any auto-attack based champ. I recommend this item when playing Jungle Kindred as it makes it easier to pull-off ganks and chase enemies down.

Statikk Shiv - A great item on most ADCs for obvious reasons: Crit chance, Attack speed, Movement Speed. This item works really well with Kindred in my opinion because you're required to constantly move around to build up your heal passive on your (W) so at the same time you'll be able to stack the Shiv proc.

Phantom Dancer - Another great item for most ADCs for the same reasons as the Statikk Shiv. However I think that Phantom Dancer has slightly more offensive stats than the Statikk Shiv. Phantom Dancer has higher Crit Chance and Attack speed, but slightly less movement speed. Personally I would opt to go with the Phantom Dancer on most ADC due to the higher battle stats. It also gives you the passive of being able to move through minions, which I think can be extremely useful for kiting and fighting.

Infinity Edge - Building this item as your 3rd gives you the Attack Damage you lack from the first two items, and works hand-in-hand with the crit chance you build on the second item.

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Youmuu's Ghostblade, Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer: ADC Kindred

Choosing between Youmuu's, Statikk, or PD can be a difficult choice. Most people seem to choose based on personal preference or what they're used to using. I suggest testing each of them out a few times in normal games to see what you prefer.

My reasoning for each:
I would choose Youmuu's when I'm against a team that is mobile, and perhaps I need to escape, kite or even catch up to them. The active from this item helps greatly with that and you get extra attack speed as an added bonus.

Statikk Shiv is a great item and some people prefer this over the Phantom Dancer. I would personally choose it when I'm hoping to get a little extra damage via poke, (the extra magic damage added by Shiv proc).

I would choose the Phantom Dancer in most scenarios as I prefer its increased battle stats and its passive is extremely useful in laning-phase so that you can use the minions to your advantage (blocking skill-shots etc.)

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Smite Options in the Jungle

I can see any of these smite options working on Kindred. It's mainly down to personal preference but here is my reasoning for/against each one:

Ranger's Trailblazer the best/safest smite on Kindred, in my opinion, as she does struggle somewhat with early jungle clears. Kindred is also somewhat easy to counter-jungle so the HP given from it's smite can be useful to save yourself from a counter-jungle.

Poacher's knife does sound appealing as you may be required to enter the enemy jungle if their camps are marked for your passive, however I don't think it's worth getting this item as she isn't really that great at counter-jungling and it's quite risky to go in the enemy jungle, even to gather passive stacks.

Stalker's Blade - This can be useful to catch-up to mobile enemies and should be used against teams that require the extra slow to catch up to, or maybe even to avoid. I would consider this item if I had gotten an early kill or an early lead.

Skirmisher's Sabre - This smite can be useful against a team which has enemies with high burst-potential. Its 20% damage reduction can be useful against champions like Malzahar, Warwick, Lee Sin etc. because of their burst/speedy damage. It's also a really strong items for auto-attack based junglers and I'd also recommend this item only if you're ahead.

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Jungle Enchantments

Devourer : Although the devourer has been nerfed on ranged-champions, I still think it's an extremely useful item on Kindred. It works extremely well with activating your E and it's just a great addition to your damage. I'd recommend this item if you're having an easy time farming your jungle and you don't find yourself having to gank often.

Warrior : I would recommend picking this item up if you find yourself falling behind or not having much time to farm the jungle, it's not as good as the Devourer, in my opinion, but I can still see it being useful on Kindred.

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This section is still being worked on and will be updated whenever possible.
I will list each of Kindred's counters and who she is good against in this section.