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Kindred Build Guide by LambWolf

Jungle master

Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.21

By LambWolf | Updated on October 15, 2020
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Runes: Basic runes

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.21

By LambWolf
Hello! I'm LambWolf I've been playing Kindred since season 8. I have achieved 1 Million points on Kindred but, it's across all the accounts. I'm here to give simple guide about Crit Kindred for newer Kindred players.

I bet you have more questions, because I didn't cover everything. You can always come ask the questions in my stream.

My stream
Pros/Cons Back to Top
+ Mobile
+ Ranged
+ High burst potential
+ High damage out put
+ Can jump over walls
+ Can sneak dragons

Kindred's Dance of Arrows gives Kindred her mobility and attack speed. Using your Dance of Arrows within Wolf's Frenzy makes her q lower coldown.
So miss placing Wolf's Frenzy loses a lot of her mobility and makes her more vulnerable.
- Squishy
- Very weak if behind
- Coin Flip Ult
- Hard to learn
- Low AA range pre 4 Marks
- Mark system doesn't feel rewarding

Kindred is very squishy. So you really have to watch out for any burst damage. Kindred's ultimate Lamb's Respite helps you keep yourself alive. If you don't have Black Cleaver you have to play like an adc, instead of champ like Graves.
Abilities Back to Top
Mark of the Kindred
Kindred's passive Mark of the Kindred is one of a kind ability in League of legends. It stacks infinitely and enhances her abilities. There is section about marks, in this guide, because there is so much to tell.
Dance of Arrows
Kindred's Dance of Arrows is her main ability. You max this ability first, because your Dance of Arrows cooldown decreases in your Wolf's Frenzy. You can use this ability to hop over walls to avoid choke points and reset your autoattack.
Wolf's Frenzy
Kindred's Wolf's Frenzy lays down an area where Wolf will engage on targetable units. Wolf deals current health damage. Wolf also gives vision so you can place it over a wall to get vision.
Mounting Dread
Kindred's Mounting Dread is her main damaging ability which deals missing health damage. This ability can critical strike to deal extra damage. Conditions for this ability to deal extra damage is that the target has to be below 15% hp but critical strike can increase it to 65% hp.
Lamb's Respite
Kindred's ultimate Lamb's Respite makes units invulnerable when they are at 10% hp or below. After 4 seconds Lamb's Respite heals both allies and opponents for 250/325/400 depending on ultimate lvl. This ability can turn team fights completely.
Runes Back to Top
Press the Attack
Press the Attack is the best rune for Kindred at the moment. It gives you a lot more damage early on. Extra damage helps a lot in ganks and dueling. It gives you a lot of freedom during early game, because of the huge damage procs it gives.
Triumph is the best option most of the time, unless you are going manamune that I don't personally like. It gives you a lot more survability and most of the time you survive tower dives just beucase of Triumph
Legend: Bloodline
Legend: Bloodline gives you the life steal you need. You really can't afford to buy life steal item as kindred if you are going crit. This is most of your sustain. It slows down your clear a bit in start, but this rune outscales Legend: Alacrity by a ton.
Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace works in almost every situation. It helps you deal more damage if enemies are low. It usually helps with your Mounting Dread, because it's usually procked when enemies are below 40% hp (atleast should be).
Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact is taken most of the time, because it's easy to proc, helps in late and early. Taking few armor off an opponent in the early game helps you deal a bit more damage. Instead of taking Sudden Impact You can consider Eyeball Collection. Figure out which one you like more.
Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter helps you to walk to places where you are needed. That's what junglers do. It helps you to rotate across the maps easier. If you don't feel like using this one. Ravenous Hunter gives you a bit more sustain. But most importantly. if opponents have 2+ assasins don't be afraid to take Ultimate Hunter, if you are squishy you will get focused by assasins constantly so it helps to have ult up more often.
Marks Back to Top
- When you have 0 marks will always come to
- First to third marks will come to
- Fourth to Seventh will come to
- eighth+

- After mark is killed it takes 40 seconds to respawn.
- Placing mark on champion takes 8 seconds.
- You can use your mark on enemy to make them back off from pushing.
- If your teammate kills jungle camp which has stack on. You get the stack if you have done damage within 6 seconds to it.
Pathing Back to Top
1st pathing
To start you should do 4 camp clear and mostly start from red brambleback and head to wolves to blue sentinel and then take gromp which you use your Smite on.
2nd pathing
You can also skip wolves and go for 3 camp clear red brambleback , blue sentinel , gromp and look for gank at mid and side lane.
3rd pathing
There is also cheesy pathing that is your red brambleback and look to steal opponents blue sentinel and maybe, gromp if you know your opponents pathing. Watch out for agressive junglers, who might go from buff to buff, like Lee Sin.

Remember to Ward
Try to remember to drop a Warding Totem on river before 50 seconds, so you can recall and get your Oracle's Lens.

All of the pathings above are viable. But remember to react to whats going on the map. Full clear is also an option, but I do not recommend, because Kindred's lvl 3 powerspike is huge and with the help of red buff your ganks are deadly.

At your first clear you should mostly Smite gromp , because gromp deals a lot of damage.
Ganking Back to Top
Ganking can be hard for starting junglers as Kindred. You don't have cc and you are squishy, so you have to synchronize with your laners.

Kindred is terrifying with early on with red buff. So try to gank as much as you can with your first red buff. You can use Dance of Arrows as gap closer which helps you to apply slow on your enemies from your red buff earlier. They have to burn Flash most of the time, because of that.

For example if you are ganking top after your 3-4 camps that you have already taken. You will have red buff. You can walk behind them and use Mark of the Kindred just before you gank, so you can get your first stack from first gank. If you ganked top the enemy should probably have Teleport try to stick around and be aware if enemy tries to teleport back to lane. If he uses teleport try to regank the lane again.

You can hop over walls with Dance of Arrows to avoid wards. So you can make gank that enemy laners don't have any idea about. For example hopping over Dragon pits wall to get into better position to walk to lanes.

Try to use your Mounting Dread when opponents are around 50% of hp or you will be missing a lot of damage.

Learning how to dive as Kindred is very important. You can get so many free kills if you know how to use Lamb's Respite during dives. You can for example take the tower aggro attack till you are something like half hp. Walk back to towers max attack range cast your Lamb's Respite. So your teammates can finish of the dive.
I really do not recommend this tactic, because it's hard to do in lower elo and you shouldn't trust your teammates too much.
Invading Back to Top
As Kindred you have to invade to get stacks. You should track enemy jungler to know what camps are up. So you can do process of elimination to find out where your mark will spawn. You are really mobile, because you can jump over walls with your Dance of Arrows. You can be in and out from enemy jungle in an instant.

When you are invading you should always leave one small monster to the camp so it stays on cooldown. For example leave one of the small Murk Wolf to the camp so opposite jungler just finds one and he needs to kill it before jungle camp goes on timer. You need to be very careful about invading champions like Lee Sin, because he is mobile and is very strong early on.

Invading immobile champion like Karthus can get you really easy kills if you catch him by surprise. Remember to dodge Karthuses q's or you don't win against him. If you are able to dodge them make that power farming jungler cry his eyes out. Remember to use Oracle's Lens when invading that you are not standing on a ward. You need to get out of their jungle as soon as possible if you see laners leaving their lanes.
Items Back to Top
Good first item, because it makes you tankier, you reduce their armor, that your adc can deal more dmg. And you get cooldown reduction for your Lamb's Respite.

Is good option for it's shield and movement speed if you need help with kiting.

Gives you attack speed, crit and Wind's fury so you can deal more AOE damage.

Is always an good option, because of life steal, attack speed and current health damage.

Is good for sustain if enemy doesn't have burst so you don't need Guardian Angel.

If they build a lot of armor and just Black Cleaver ain't enough

Is good for example getting out of Mordekaiser's Realm of Death or Malzahar's Nether Grasp

or If you need sustain, and they are heavy Ap.

Gives nice amount of life steal, and tankiness even after the nerf. if you have trouble sustaining against assasins, you will thank this item.

Not viable item unless you are building 2 on hit items, like Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor and Blade of the Ruined King.
Tips and Tricks Back to Top
- You can increase Kindred's Dance of Arrows distance by jumping over some walls.
- You can use your abilities during Dance of Arrows.
- Timing your Mounting Dread while dragon is low on hp and time a smite, you can do super smite.
- You can save Herald from dying with Lamb's Respite.
- You can bait opponents smite by using Lamb's Respite on dragon or baron nashor .
- If Mark of the Kindred spawns on opposite Rift scuttler take another camp and wait till the mark comes to your Scuttle.
- Kindred's Mounting Dread deals missing health damage. So cast it when opponent is around 50% for more damage.
- Kindred's Wolf's Frenzy gives vision, so you can use it over walls to get vision without wards.
League of Legends Build Guide Author LambWolf
LambWolf Kindred Guide
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.21
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