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Kog'Maw Build Guide by bane898

ADC gold

Kog'Mawchine Gun (AP build included)

By bane898 | Updated on September 4, 2017
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  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
    ADC Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
    AP Kog


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Quick Read

Sorry it's just the items/runes/masteries for now but i promise i'll get all of it done soon enough. takes time to readjust to old mecanics on kog, not to mention how much items have changed since he's been the way he is now. No crit on tri but more attack speed, botrk is weaker overall, and more expensive. hurricane is a much stronger item and meta on most ADC's. I'll continue to theorycraft and adjust my guide as i go!

Quick note about items:
Dont know how i feel about tri force right now, super annoying to build, no crit, cdr not that useful of a stat on kog imo.
Blade start easier to build, synergizes well with kog (att speed, on hit %hp dmg, lifesteal) so thats why i said botrk start instead of tri
Warlords is kinda meta right now, if kog doesnt get cc'd makes him a lot tougher to kill
Dont include Last Whisper items in a lot of my builds because kog does about 35%-40% magic dmg and about 50% physical, so building Last Whisper on him is about 40% less efficient than on most adc's. Can get another defensive or offensive item (i like another crit item like phantom personally) in place of it.
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Pros / Cons

Incredible damage output after 3 item powerspike
If peeled for, superb teamfight
Shreds tanks faster than anyone else
Long range low cooldown execute for cleaning up fights
Longest auto range in game + Slow + Ult = wins most 1v1's late game

Probably the squishiest ADC in the game
Really weak laning phase
takes a long time to get strong
No escape spells, hard to handle a fed assassin or jungler
Requires a 'protect the kog' comp most of the time
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ADC: Pretty standard masteries for ADC's except for the points in Piercing Thoughts which helps because about 40% of kog's damage is magic. Running Feast instead of Double Edged-Sword is safer for lane, but I play a pretty aggressive Kog.

AP: Thunderlords is my go-to because with kog how he is now, the AP build doesnt work as poke the way it used to with the ultimate. Its more of a long range utility mid with stronger burst damage coming from the Q/E/R combo, and thunderlords helps with single target assassination. Wanderer because Kog doesnt have a lot of single target spells, and mobility is pretty necessary on him. Deathfire is also a good option, fantastic in extended fights where you can apply your spells multiple times through the enemy team
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Item Explanations

Lots of theory crafting going on here as old kog adjusts to new season.
Blade of the Ruined King has been buffed so I like it a lot as a first/second item. Synergies well with Hurricane, as the extra bolts will proc the on hit damage of both Kog's W and the item passive, meaning even a 3 man tank line can be cut down quickly with good peel. Prefer going crit after that, with items like Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer (i like the movement speed buff, Kog needs to be as mobile as he can). That gives you 80% crit chance, lots of %hp on hit dmg, and good mixed damage overall. Follow up with one of the recommended defensive items depending on what the other team has to counter you, or an offensive item if you're feeling lucky. Bloodthirster and Mercurial Scimitar both function as offensive AND defensive, bloodthirster with the shield and scimitar with the QSS active, so those are the 2 i use primarily. Feel free to build those as needed before the IE or phantom dancer if you're falling behind or need the extra defense in fights.

(all of the below was written when i first published the guide, some of it is still useful, some of it is not, im just proud because i was one of the pioneers of the season 6 kog maw, played it with the rageblade before i saw anyone else doing it, thats how i got to plat!)

I'm sure this build seems strange to a lot of you guys, but i promise I've put a lot of thought into it. The old build was into , followed up by , and a damage item (or a or something). I'm here to explain why most of those items are no longer viable on kog. Lets start with . Tri force used to be insanly strong on kog, because he was able to layer his spells in with his autos to do a crazy amount of damage. Now its garbage on kog, plain and simple. His crazy attack speed means that while W is active, spending time to launch a Q or an ult means that youre missing out on 3-5 autos, which means youre halving your damage potential. So the proc is useless. Next, The passive on Botrk does full damage ( autos do 55% of your AD, but fully apply all passive on hit effects, hence the weird items), so it becomes an easy go-to first item (well, easy in the sense that its strong with kog's kit. the updated item is far weaker than last season, with a more annoying build path because costs way more). Then second gives you attack speed, crit (not really what we're looking for, but hey why not), the passive bolts, and a ton of damage in team fights, not to mention wave clear. The extra bolts now apply on hit effects to their full damage extent, making the most of the items in this build. is my favorite. Attack speed, attack damage, ability power (somewhat useful for your W and Ult) and when you get 8 stacks, you gain magic damage on hit. (getting those 8 stacks, 1 per auto, takes less than 2 seconds for you when is active). it also gives 64% attack speed at 8 stacks, more than any other item in the game since the runaan's change. It's when you finish rageblade that you get a HUGE power spike, you'll see your damage potential go through the roof, and you'll melt tanks within seconds. If you see a tank coming in on you, lay down , hit him with , and fire up the mini-gun with and see if he even gets off 2 autos before melting away.
is really not that good for you because of the 55% damage on his autos (so building more damage, only to have it halved, seems pointless), and hes not criting that often either. or are must buy's on any adc. Finish with a defensive item (because honestly, you cant really get any more items that give you a lot more dmg, flat AD is kinda worthless, youre already almost maxed on attack speed, so what else is there?). Enjoy watching all of the garens, trundles, rammus', darius', etc etc... melt, and enjoy even more watching all of the vayne's, MF's, and Lucian's die before they even get into their own attack range
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Synergizes well with

Braum is still my favorite, as he has strong teamfight synergy with kog. Shield for peel, ult to let Kog sit still and auto, W to always be ready to jump in to engage or jump back to provide support, they just work together really well!
Janna is the easy support, let you play aggressive or defensive, she'll just shield you either way. Ult is perfect for getting a kha'zix or rengar off of you, and is basically an instant redemption. one of the best healing peeling shielding supports there is!
Leona is awesome, can stick close to you and Q anyone who tries to jump on you, or can engage from range with Ult/E and her passive is easy to proc with Kog's hurricane or ult.

Lets look at ranged AP supports. Sona is pretty decent right now, good laning phase, with poke, movement speed, and healing. Nami works much the same way, i like the synergy she has with those enhanced slowing autos with Kog's extended range. Morg is a great matchup with the safety she provides with black shield, and making any kind of catch with her Q = a dead champ if you have W up. Bard is all skill, if hes good you win lane by default, and kinda vice versa. Karma i personally like better in the mid (makes an easy double support comp which is fun for kog), but she has a shield that also speeds you up, a root, and great poke. Lulu is kind of in a weird spot right now, she got changed semi recently, so shes still really weak, but only braum rivals her in terms of synergy with kog maw. W/E = shields, attack speed, and more on hit damage! Running ardent censer and unholy grail only makes it even more op. Probably gonna wait on riot to buff her up more tho.
Feel free to suggest more duo lane matchups!
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AP Kog

Niche build, i'll admit, but viable once more in my humble opinion. With the direction of mages the way that it is, flat mana has re-entered the game as a valued strat making champions with stacking mana costs good again. The way that they changed the damage on Kog's ult means that you cant play it the way you did before though. When the enemy is at full hp, your ult does very little damage no matter how much ap you have (trust me, had a 15-1 kog game, fully stacked mejais, deathcap, 3 infernal drakes, sitting around 1200 ap) but when theyre below 50% it starts to show. Enemies between 25-50%hp are dealt double the damage, enemies below 25% are dealt TRIPLE damage. This makes the ult much more of an execute than a poke, hence why i said you need to play the champ differently. The visual effects of kog's Q and E are very subtle, hard to see in lane let alone in teamfights. But when youre building AP, those 2 hit like a truck. In this video you can see how careful positioning is needed, not the way the old kog was simply 'sit as far back as possible and hit them with ult'. Now Kog is an AP burst mage with a long range execute. Fight cleanup, side positioning

Use E to do the majority of your damage. Great utility for your team, a large AOE slow that constantly refreshes when people stay on top of it. Also hard to see on the ground, meaning if you can, you can shoot it through their frontline to hit the backline mages and ADC's. When youre sitting at 3-4 items, you can be sure that this ability alone with often take half their health or more, and with a teamfight going on its almost impossible to predict. Use the Q in conjunction with your E for an easy burst combo, if both abilties land on a squishy they'll be around 20% hp so, easy pickings for a well placed ult (even easier to land considering theyre slowed from the E). Mainly though, you're going to want to use your Q to weaken their frontline. it strips 20-28% of their armor and MR for 4 seconds, so be sure to hit the enemy tank with it to assist in melting them. But remember, your main objective in the teamfight is to harass their backline. Constantly use E through the frontline to hit the enemy carries, then barage them with your ult to keep them out of the fight. mostly ive found that people dont respect the kog damage however, or remain oblivious to where the damage is coming from. In this video you can see how youre able to utilize the Q-E Ult combo to pick off an enemy carry, and in the following teamfight stay close enough in the action to burst the other carry. Combo into execute, positioning in teamfight
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Well that concludes my Kog'Maw guide! Thanks for reading, this is my first and only guide on Mobafire, so please post comments to give me an idea of how to make the guide better! I'm going to keep playing Kog, so expect some minor changes when I find new good support matchups, or new items I like! Working on changing the build whenever I have time, so if you see something weird just assume it was from months ago lul

League of Legends Build Guide Author bane898
bane898 Kog'Maw Guide
Kog'Mawchine Gun (AP build included)
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