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General Guide by haAnswiNkor

Middle gold

LIVE Stream: Placements Rumble Mid

By haAnswiNkor | Updated on April 9, 2020
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Runes: Standard

Arcane Comet
Nimbus Cloak

Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #1 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Welcome to haans Rumble Guide!

Currently: STREAMING PLACEMENTS: possibly the most OP rune page?

Please Watch Live-Streams + Videos if you want to truly learn the Champion.

Subscribe to haans's YouTube Channel!

Watch haans on Twitch Live-Stream!

My 1st Unofficial Pentakill (after about a billion games):

Season 9: i am haans Diamond 4 67% Win Rate

Season 8: gosu haans 72% Win Rate

Season 5: Diamond 5 (kimchi haans)

Season 3: Diamond 1 (i am haans)

Season 4: Diamond 1 (i am haans)

Season 4: Diamond 1 (kimchi haans)

Diamond 1 Rumble Montage #3 (Season 4):

Diamond 1 Rumble Montage #2 (Season 4):

Diamond 1 Rumble Montage #1 (Season 4):

Diamond 1 Rumble Montage #1 (Season 3):

Why Rumble?

1. Non-Mana User
2. High Kill Potential in Lane
3. Amazing Teamfight Presence
4. Roaming (Pressure on all lanes)

1. Last Hitting is very difficult
2. Hit or Miss Champion for most players (cannot guarantee that you are born a Rumble player)
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haans Rumble Lessons

haans Rumble Lesson #1: Heat Mechanics

haans Rumble Lesson #2: Starting Items

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As of now Sorcery mastery still the most reliable early game/laning tree
The 2nd Tree is up in the air at the moment but domination is something I have been using for the spell vamp

Arcane Comet - This synergizes super well with your Electro-Harpoons

Nimbus Cloak + Celerity - these work together beautifully and helps with the much needed MS on top of Rumble's W to catch up with enemies to land Electro-Harpoons
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Summoner Spells


is Mandatory. No Exceptions.

- Kill Potential in Lane

- Most OP Summoner Spell still for Top lane.
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Final Standard Build

- Magic Pen, Amazing vs. Tanks (only finish vs high HP enemies)

New: - Incredibly good vs Healing Champs!
- MS and Tons of AP with more AoE damage!

rabadon's death cap - Preferred for Mid dat High AP DMG


- STILL the Best Item on Rumble ( still runs while in Hourglass form). Now it has CD reduction!

- for Magic Penetration = True Damage
- vs Heavy AD (OP Shoes)

OR OR - depending on what other teammates get and if you want to DENY or GET vision.

Rule of Thumb: + + = Shredder

+ = Both Situational
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Build Order

- the new go to 1st item it seems, this gives you enough gold to pair with 2 potions now!

First Item VS ADs:

First Item vs All Others:

- Amazing item now

- tons of damage

- Not Required for Top laners anymore...

- Most OP item vs MR heavy teams

- CD and hourglass flamespitter? THANKS RIOT
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Skill Order

For Level 1: Level up OR

Take Level 1 - Invading OR Safe Laning + Farming.

Take Level 1 - Zoning + Shoving the Lane.

DO NOT attempt to trade IF you took at level 1 as you will lose in trades.
Your main job is to kite the enemy top laner with s if he tries to fight you and farm until you hit level 4.

Skill Order: > >

is Maxed First because of its reliable high AoE damage output.
is Maxed Second because you can dish out 2 Pokes with Slows that increases with levels.

REMEMBER: Level Up your Ultimate whenever possible!
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Rumble's Passive: Junkyard Titan

- At 100 Heat, 's Basic Attacks Deal Bonus Magic Damage

's basic abilties use 20 Heat each.
At 50 Heat, Danger Zone causes 's basic abilities to have Enhanced Effects.

At 100 Heat: becomes OVERHEATED + SILENCED for 6 seconds making his AAs do Additional Magic DMG.

- The bonus damage DOES NOT affect structures.

- When OVERHEATED: Only your skills are silenced NOT YOUR SUMMONER SPELLS OR ITEMS

- Silence Duration CANNOT BE REDUCED by any means
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Rumble's Q: Flamespitter

- Cone-shaped upfront Area of Effect Harrass.


When standing still: it will shoot its flames in the direction of your cursor.
When moving: it will shoot its flames in the direction Rumble is facing towards.

Different Ways of Using

1. Trim your minion wave so that you can last hit them easier with Auto-attacks + s
2. Harrass the Enemy whenever he tries to CS
3. Zone enemies out of XP and CS
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Rumble's W: Scrap Shield

- Movement Speed Boost + Self-Shield for Damage Mitigation

- Spam this to maintain around 40~50 Heat.

- ALWAYS OVERHEAT on to be in the SAFEST State (while silenced).
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Rumble's E: Electro-Harpoon

- Skill-Shot ability that acts as the Main Poking + Kiting + Farming Tool

- You can throw out TWO s in a certain time limit before going on Cool Down

- Practice CSing with this by positioning yourself in certain angles to last hit minions.

- Used for checking un-warded brushes without having to facecheck.

- When landed: it may be followed up by the or to ensure Maximum DMG Output.

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Rumble's Ultimate: The Equalizer

- The Most Difficult Ultimate to master in League of Legends

Be Patient and use this WISELY as it can completely change teamfights around.

1. Take a Step Back and look at the whole Teamfight as a Big Picture.
2. Now, decide what kind of Straight Line I need to draw to maximize my damage output.

There is NO SECRET to landing perfect s in teamfights.
You need to Practice and Practice and Practice.

Smart Cast or No?

I personally smart cast because I want to be able to cast it faster than normal cast.
However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND smart casting at all.
Most players DO NOT smart cast anyways.

Please TURN ON your Smart Cast Range Indicator!

The Rockets Land Over a 1 Second Duration.
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Champion Match-Ups

Season 4 AND Season 5 Videos!

Watch out for his Mark of the Storm + Electrical Surge.
Dodge or Scrap Shield incoming Thundering Shurikens.
Always be aware of his Level 6 All-In with Slicing Maelstrom.

haans playing Rumble vs. Kennen:

Keep distance from his AAs + Hungering Strikes.
He can chase you with Blood Scent when you are low.
Always be aware of his Level 6 Infinite Duress synergy with Enemy Jungler.

haans playing Rumble vs. Warwick:

Dodge or Scrap Shield incoming damage from Razor Shurikens.
Keep distance for his Living Shadow + Shadow Slash combos.
Always be healthy for his Level 6 All-In with Death Mark.

haans playing Rumble vs. Zed:

Scrap Shield or keep distance from Blinding Darts.
Always be aware of Noxious Trap placements.

haans playing Rumble vs. Teemo:

Never be in his AA range when Battle Fury is Full.
Remember he does more damage the lower HP he is due to Bloodlust
Keep some distance for his Spinning Slash.
Face towards him so that his Mocking Shout does not slow you.
Always be aware of his Tower Dive at Level 6 with Undying Rage.

haans playing Rumble vs. Tryndamere:

Always Scrap Shield his Transfusions.
Keep some distance for his Tides of Blood pokes.
Be aware of his Sanguine Pool baits.
Either All-In or just focus on farming as he will slowly wither you down.

haans playing Rumble vs. Vladimir:

Keep distance or Scrap Shield his incoming pokes + turrets.
All-In him or call for jungler help as he will out-push you.

haams playing Rumble vs. Heimerdinger:

Avoid his Cull the Meek pokes.
Keep distance from his Slice and Dice combos.
Never be stunned with empowered Ruthless Predator.
Always be aware of his Bait or Tower Dive at Level 6 with Dominus

haans playing Rumble vs. Renekton:

Always Scrap Shield her Reckoning.
Kite her with Electro-Harpoon when she comes in with Righteous Fury.
Don't dive her due to Intervention unless it has recently been used.

haans playing Rumble vs Kayle:

Use Scrap Shield for Glitterlance.
Only fight when Glitterlance is on CD.
Focus on farming and teamfighting once she hits Level 6.

Never fight when hit by her Flame Breath.
Always Electro-Harpoon her and keep distance from her.
Once she has Dragon's Descent, just harrass, do not try and kill.
Burning her Ultimate OR Teleport is KEY.

Use your Scrap Shield Mechanics for his poke: Blades of Torment
Always keep some distance for Dark Flight.
Always be aware of his Blood Well Passive.

Always buy Vision Wards for Twilight Shroud.
Scrap Shield her Mark of the Assassin Pokes.
Never be in range for her Crescent Slash + Auto-Attacks Pre-6.
Watch out for her Level 6 as she can all-in you very easily.

Be careful of his Feral Scream as Silence is a hard counter to Rumble.
Always try your best to dodge Rupture.
Do not let him farm up freely as he will become a huge tank.
You should be able to beat him before he buys Spirit Visage.

Try your best not get to Full Range Decimateed for the Additional Damage.
Please keep some distance for Apprehend by using Electro-Harpoons.
At Level 6, he can All-in you with Noxian Guillotine and out-trade you.

Please dodge or Scrap Shield incoming damage from Infected Cleavers.
Always remember his Summoner Spells: Ignite or Teleport.
This will tell you if you have a kill potential early on OR if you need to force Teleports.
Always tell yourself that Sadism is on a low cool down and you should NOT tower dive him.
Always Ignite early on when he uses Sadism for the healing reduction.
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Rules of Magic Penetration

Magic Penetration is CRUCIAL for who has HIGH BASE damage.
Therefore, you need to understand how Magic Penetration and Reduction work.

The New Order of Calculations

1. % magic reduction
2. Flat magic reduction
3. % magic penetration
4. Flat magic penetration


In Seasons 1~3, % Magic Penetration WAS CALCULATED AFTER Flat Magic Penetration.

This is a Big Buff to AP Champions as you can penetrate more Magic Resist than before.

Enemy has 100 MR. You have 50% Magic Penetration + 20 Flat Magic Penetration.

Enemy with New Rules of Magic Penetration: 30 MR
Enemy with Old Rules of Magic Penetration: 40 MR

Important Rules of Magic Penetration:

- BOTH % OR FLAT Magic Penetration ARE IGNORED IF the enemy has ZERO OR LESS MR.

- ONLY Magic Resist REDUCTION can bring it down to a NEGATIVE value.
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Early Game

Ideal Level 1 for Mid and Top

Mid Lane: Take at Level 1 and Shove Lane + Level Up ASAP.

Top lane: Shove or Wait for Wave depending on Enemy Jungler's Starting Location + Match-ups.

haAnswiNkor's 10 Commandments

1. Have the Correct Starting Items

2. Take the Correct Skill at Level 1 (Please refer back to the Skill Order Chapter)

3. DO NOT attempt to trade at Level 1 (If you are unsure of your match-up)

4. Stay in Experience Range

5. Focus on Leveling Up

6. Don't go for the CS if you are going to get punished heavily for each one

7. Enemy is going to get Level 2 Earlier? Back off + Wait for minion wave to push towards you.

8. Always keep some distance between you and the enemy

9. Always be aware of the Enemy Jungler's location

10. Don't Die. Recall if you have to.
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Mid Game

At Level 6, is a HUGE threat and has pressure on ALL lanes.
This is because of the Massive Long Range High DPS Ultimate: The Equalizers.

Mid Lane

Please buy some s on both sides.
By doing this you can: Follow Up on the Enemy Mid Laner's Roam OR be the First to Roam.
Always watch out for s + Enemy's Placements.
Being able to make smart decisions here is key. (This comes from Experience)

Top Lane

If you are still laning, then it means you have a Kill Potential on the enemy laner.
This completely depends on the type of champion that the enemy chose for Top Lane.
If it's a tanky champion like or then you might have a very low kill potential.
In this case, your job is to shove lane + keep them under tower + force them to use s to get back into lane in fear of losing a lot of farm.
This is to prevent the Enemy from Roaming to other lanes (with or without ).

If it's a squishy champion like or , then you have a high kill potential.

In this scenario, look for mistakes and punish them, and kill them eventually

So...When is the BEST time to Roam?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definitive answer as SO MANY factors come into play.

1. Minion Waves
2. Choice of Top lane Champion
3. Enemy Summoner Spells
4. Tower HP

and so on...

One question I always ask before Roaming is: Is it worth to lose CS and help other lanes?

All I can say is that it is Very Situational and YOU have to decide yourself from experience.

Dragon Control

If your team is contesting for Dragon and the Enemy Top laner's is Up?
Then it is time to leave Top lane for a Teamfight in the Dragon Area.
Normally, this is a very bad idea for the enemy team to Teamfight this early vs .
So, If the enemy team fully commits to Dragon, you should welcome them with .
A well-placed can Ace Teamfights or Snowball the Game.
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Late Game

By this time, you should have completed AT LEAST 4 Items: + + +

It is highly recommended that you finish OR AT LEAST 1 Defensive Item.

You should always be with the team and grouped for upcoming teamfights:

1. You should NOT be Farming in the Jungle
2. You should NOT be Alone Anywhere on the Map
3. You should Focus on Grouping Up and Teamfighting

Baron Nashor Control

Both teams will be fighting 24/7 for vision around this area.
Some teams might try to sneak it OR rush it OR even force it.
Baron Nashor is an amazing place to fight if you are an AP Champion.

One of Baron Nashor's Ability is called: Wrath of the Ancients

It deals 70 magic damage and applies a DEBUFF which increases Magic Damage taken by 25% per stack, stacking every 0.5 seconds up to 10 times (which is a whopping 250% damage increase!).

This renders teams EXTREMELY vulnerable to Area of Effect Magic Damage Casters since the increase in Magic Damage devastates the Enemy Team from ANY SOURCE of Magic Damage (including most global ultimates)

Therefore, 's Ultimate: can melt teams + win the game at Baron Nashor.
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The whole point of playing is to win Teamfights.
You MUST practice until you can memorize the range and not whiff any single one.
Make sure you use it wisely and ALWAYS notify your team when is Up OR Not.

Usages of :

1. Peel for the Carries
2. Initiation (Unreliable)
3. Zoning + Dividing Enemy Team Members
4. Sniping + Aiming to Land on the Priority Targets (Risky)

Number 1

Use as a Utility Skill to Peel off Tanks + Assassins off of your fed AD OR AP Carries.

Number 2

I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend this as is NOT a Hard Crowd Control Ability.
However, IF you know that the enemies' Summoner Spells are on Cool Down, then it is safe to initiate with it.
Otherwise, wait for teammates' Crowd Control first then use for Maximum Damage Output.

Number 3

You can completely Zone off OR Divide the Enemy Team in Half, disorientating their formation.
Acts like 's Crystallize + Glacial Storm.
This is very effective VS Team Comps that need to stick together (Ex. Wombo Combo Teams).

Number 4

ONLY do this IF the Targets' Summoner Spells are on Cool Down OR if they are INCREDIBLY LOW.
If you chose to Snipe, this will leave YOU and your Carries Vulnerable to Assassins and Tanks.
You have to be 100% SURE that you have enough damage to Snipe those Priority Targets.
Otherwise, you might have just lost the Teamfight for your team.

Be Wise. Be Patient. Be Rumble.
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Final Note

Thank you for Reading haans's Rumble Guide!

Subscribe to haAnswiNkor's Youtube Channel!

Watch haAnswiNkor on Twitch LiveStream!

Like haAnswiNkor's Facebook Page!
Follow haAnswiNkor on Twitter!

Here is a brief review or TL/DR:

1. Weak Early game, wait for Level 4 to trade
2. Roam to support team by ganking other lanes
3. Teamfights are 's Forte
4. Practice your
5. Understand the Heat Mechanics

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