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Lux Build Guide by StormVoid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StormVoid

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

StormVoid Last updated on November 9, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 9

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Hello, I am StørmVøid, a 1300/1400 elo player. I decided to make this (first) guide because i really enjoy playing Lux. It has been my main for quite a while during season 3, and I've started playing her again, so i felt obligated to make a guide on her. She's got great a poking ability, some nice crowd control effects, and some serious damage if well fed. Unlike most of players, i am not playing lux as a standard ap carry dealing moderate damage and having moderate defense. For me Lux has some awesome damage ability if built the right way. So I will attempt to show you how to build Lux as a hyper carry.

As this is my first guide, I'd like you to pay more attention to the contain than to the form, and I would also love to have constructive feedbacks.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great range
  • Great AoE damage
  • Great CCs
  • Long long range ultimate
  • With steel legion skin, lazer looks so badass!
  • The most important to learn a champion, fun to play

  • hasn't got any real survivability (sustain/escape/mobility)
  • squishy
  • Skillshot based champion

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9x Greater Quintessence of Ability PowerYou want to get flat quints to have some early damage, also increases damage dealt with AAs thanks to Spellsword

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power This is to have more AP in lategame and to not fall behind in term of damage output.

9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration You want some magic pen to increase even more your damage, and this is the best way to do so since enemies, even the least tanky ones will have some magic resist.

9x Greater Seal of Scaling Health You want to have so damage against all kind of damage (armor/magic res would only protect against one), and also helps a bit against true damage (The percentage of health removed by true damage is lower if you have more health).

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We want a 21 points in offensive tree to increase our offensive power.
Sorcery Mental Force Arcane Mastery Archmage Devastating Strikes Havoc This is too much obvious to need explanation.

Butcher This helps u farm a bit better, and get to the level in the tree.

Feast Sustains you in lane, fits well with dorans ring.

Executioner Additionnal damage under 50% hp.

Spellsword This is awesome, especially in early game when you'll use AAs to trigger


We want 9 points in utility to have sustain (mana) and to be safer ( move speed).

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Summoners spells

Flash You will always want to get it, because it is useful in so much situations.
Ignite You will get it most of times because it helps you get early kills and snowball, prevents healing (can be useful when you want to use ulti right after).

Heal Helps you to hold diffcult lanes. I don't recommand it with this build, since it is a very offensive build.
Barrier helps you against hard opponents who got heal reduction. Not recommanded neither.

Teleport This is generally used to splitpush, to gank/give some help to your mates or to get back in lane quickly. Middle lane is shortest to get at, and althought lux has decent splitpushing capabilities, there are surely champions more adaptated in your team to do this job (if you are running a splitpushing comp)

Ghost fits well with champions already having bonus movespeed or champions that need to stick to their targets, that is not the case of lux. Avoid taking this.

Revive Smite Not sure these need an explanation.

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Skill Sequence/Explanations/combo order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Illumination: Marks enemies with your abilities. Your autoattacks trigger the mark dealing bonus magic damage.
A truly great passive, this can make the difference between a won or a lost lane. In early game, it can double your damage output, you have to trigger anytime you, but remember to not overcommit for it.

Light Binding: Throws a ball of light in a lane, snares the two first enemies it encounters. The second enemy hit receives half the damage and is snared for half the duration.
A good snare that deals decent amount of damage, should be used when enemy is in a bad placement (not behind minions, half out of his lane and trying to get back in it).
Also a great gank counter. Jungler is coming, you run the other side, do not care if enemy midlaner hurts you, pop your Prismatic Barrier if you feel like a 0.2 second stop wont kill you, wait until they be close enough and snare. Fits well with Final Sparkaswell, if you succeed catching someone low enough in hp, ulti right after and the kill is made.

Prismatic Barrier: throws out a "boomerang" of light, shielding every allied champion it passes through on the go and on the back.
This is a great multitarget shield, you need a great positionment to place it correctly, also as this gives twice the shield, try to use it depending on what kind of damage you are taking. If you are taking high burst damage, use it on the side you are moving. If you are taking Damage over Time, use it in your back, to have a greater time between the two shields, allowing you to get shielded for a longer duration.

Lucent Singularity: Throws a ball of light to the targetted area, slowing enemies standing over it, exploding after a few seconds dealing magic damage. Reactivating this spell with instantly explode it.
This is a general purpose ability. It is your main poke ability. It has a great range, good damage, and covers a great area.
Its slow allows you to chase enemies with it (it is also moving alot faster than Light Binding so you want to use it in enemies nearly out of range to slow them, then use your Q. This can also help you getting away from a dangerous situation if your Q is on cooldown. And this also helps you landing your ultimate from greater range than your Q.

Final Spark: After casting for 0.5 seconds, fires a beam of light dealing great damage.
This is one of the most awesome ultimates in the game tome. High damage, high range, high versatility. Ensures kills, snipes fleeing ones, lane clearer, buff stealer, baron/drake stealer. Can do almost everything with it. Just remember that it can actually deal more damage than supposed, since it triggers Illumination, and sets a new mark on the target.

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Usual build on

Most of times you will want to start Doran's Ring Health Potion Mana Potion, but you can also start Faerie Charm Faerie Charm Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion.

As soon as you go back for first time, you will want to buy Chalice of Harmony most of the times against AP champions that can actually hurt you easily ( Syndra Brand Orianna). Against AD champions, or champions that can you can easily abuse, such as Annie Twisted Fate, you will want to get Tear of the Goddess this will be easier to fill up with blue, but it is still relatively easy to fill anyways. If you got more gold remaining you can either get Amplifying Tome/ Blasting Wand against midlaners that aren't skillshot based Katarina Akali Ryze, if you know jungler wont be able to do much, if you have wards or are playing against champions with weak ganks/no gap closer (allowing your Light Binding to hit anyway, such as Udyr Warwick Shyvana. If your laner has some skillshots Zed Swain, i recommend you taking Boots of Mobility, unless you know what you are doing.

Next step is to finish the item you started. Then you will most of the times start your Rabadon's Deathcap, as it is fairly easily to build (you can make a great use of your minerals either by being fed buying Needlessly Large Rod or unfed Blasting Wand).
After that, If you see you are getting fed without dying much (3 0 or such), go for Mejai's Soulstealer (I personnally get it more than half the time), then finish building your Rabadon's Deathcap.

If at this point you still didn't have the occasion to get Mejai's Soulstealer (because you are dying too much,or got only a few kills), skip it. You can replace it by Morellonomicon, which i consider great since you will usually use Final Spark on low hp enemies, so inflicting them grievous wounds will avoid them getting out of it, Rod of Ages (i wouldn't recommand it, but it still gives you AP,mana fitting with Archangel's Staff, or a defensive item Guardian Angel for example. Some people get Lich Bane on lux, you can get it, it brings some nice AP, some mana which fit well with your Seraph's Embrace, and sheen's passive that goes well with your passive. However I don't recommand if you're not getting Archangel's Staff since it will bring you less ap from its passive, making your spells and the sheen bonus weaker.
Then you get your Zhonya's Hourglass ( by the way I don't like much Seeker's Armguard, but you can get it earlier especially if yyou feel lik you need it) if they have no magic resistance, or get Void Staff first and then grab your zhonia.

Other items to consider (or not)

Gives a nice pack of ap, big big cooldown reduction, mana regen and an awesome situationnal passive. Should be purchased against highly sustained champions such as Swain Dr. Mundo Vladimir Soraka

Brings some AP, some Mana, a movespeed bonus aswell, and Sheen passive. You may get it in early game to trigger Sheen passive more often. And that's the reason why i never get this item. Because if you try to use AAs in lategame, unless you have against you a melee champion with no strong gap closer Shyvana, you will unavoidably get yourself in great troubles.

A nice pack of AP/HP/Mana that increases over time. You may get it along with Athene's Unholy Grail or Tear of the Goddess(better since it will work with Seraph's Embrace passive, but get it only if you need to get tankier because you suffer from ganks/enemy harassment/nuke, or if you know you will have troubles surviving during teamfights. To get early to have the fully evolved Rod of Ages ASAP, and to get the levelup sustain more often. Or if you don't know what to pick and you know you wont be able to stack mejai's alot.

]This is a more assassin oriented item. So i don't recommend buying it. However if you are really ahead (got Rabadon's Deathcapand Mejai's Soulstealer, and if you have a team that can fairly easily prevent enemies from focusing you, with champions like Galio Shen Thresh Amumu, you may make something out of this purchase. To be tried.

Some AP, some CDR, and some spellvamp. As same as above I don't recommend buying it, unless you are heavily fed ( Rabadon's Deathcap Mejai's Soulstealer), and you have a really great map control, preventing you from being backstabbed by champions with great mobility Shaco Master Yi.

Some HP, some AP, a slow applying upon using an ability. I don't recommend it since your Q has a snare, ur E has a slow before detonation, and your ultimate will mainly be used to finish off enemy champions.

Some AP, some HP, some Magic Pen and a passive that deals %hp magic damage (doubled against moveement impaired units)that works well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter as it slows enemies anytime you land a spell. I don't recommend it because, unless you get rylai, it's passive damage will only be doubled when using Light Binding.

a bit of AP, a bit of magic resist, Aura reducing enemy magic resist, all you need in low proportions, awesome aura... If it had a range affecting champions at maximum range of Light Binding and Lucent Singularity, without even mentionning Final Spark. Not to even be thought about.

Some mana, some armor, some AP, some CDR, and sheen's passive coupled with an AoE slow. A tankier and more utility oriented version of Lich Bane. If i had to get it, i would rather get it as a support. Here we want to do damage, without giving them a chance to get focused (in lategame, landing an AA can be fatal).

Defensive item providing HP, magic resist, hp regen while being in combat, and a spellshield. Get it if you are against a heavy AP team, or if you are often getting engaged by Rocket Grab Infinite Duress Enchanted Crystal Arrow

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During the first and half minute of the game, you will try to poke enemies that are trying to cover buff (usually midlaner for blue, jungler,bot,mid for red), but make sure you are full mana when the lanephase beings. You can also choose to wait till game laning phase starts to pick your E (incase theres an invade and you want to pick Q first).

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Early game (matchups section for more infos)

During early game, you will want to poke the enemy midlaner down as much as possible, meaning that you also got to farm well to trigger Doran's Ring passive, and Feast. You must trigger Illumination as much as possible, its damage are not negligeable. If done properly, you will most likely get a kill at lv6 or before everytime, or be in a good shape for middle game. You may not need your blue if your Tear of the Goddess has already some nice stacks, but this still helps you spamming more and more often your E's and Q's. Q can be used to poke only if enemy jungler has weak ganks, if you know that if u don't use it you're gonna take some damage (overexteding for example), or if you know that you can Q>R for a kill. When you see your enemy laner casting a spell/getting closer to you, use W to minimize the damage taken.

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Mid game

During midgame you'll have to take over your lane opponent if it is not done already. To do so you will either have to outfarm him (if you didn't do it before it will likely not happen now without getting him killed) or to get eliminations (that will also help your mates) by roaming. In my opinion, bottom lane is generally easier to gank as supports usually have CCs, and you may have more chances to land you Q or E.
You also want to ward or ask your jungler to ward enemy blue so you can steal enemy blue.
At this point you may get interested in going for drake. If not you can still check if enemies went for it with your ult as it has a short cooldown. If you go for drake, you be your team scout: as blue team you want to E the brush at top of drake, as purple team you want to E either the same brush, bottom tribrush, or the path behind drake's den.

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Late game

At this point you will have, most of the times, to stick with at least one of your mate that can tank damage for you, while you bring heavenly fire upon your enemies. You can also look for 1v1 if everyones busy pushing lanes, you have your Seraph's Embrace, providing you about 500 shield points, plus your Prismatic Barrier (that you should always use before using seraphs embrace). If not you'll be either pushing, sieging a turret/defending a turret, or teamfighting.

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In teamfights you are the pokelord.
If teamfights going well for you (you did a great engage or they failed theirs), you want to use E to deal a mass of damage, your Q to catch up with fleeing enemies or prevent divers like Akali Rengar Maokai from getting on you or your ADC. If you hit one squishy diver (not stealthed) like Zed Talon, they are most likely dead.
If teamfight isn't in your favor, and they more than one diver, use E to slow champions like Tryndamere Master Yi(make sure he's got no ulti) and Q to make sure there's no diver left to pose a threat to your squishies. If they got one diver, just make sure your land your Q on him, and keep you E to hit as many enemies as you can.

You want to use your shield either to defend the ones getting injured (not the tanks if they still have 30-50% of their hp, it depends like most of the times on team compositions though), or preventively on an allied diver to make sure he makes his way to enemy squishies.

Your ultimate has different uses. Either you want to use it to snipe 1-2 low hp enemy, making sure they go in peace. If you are really behind, You want to get in the right angle to hit as many enemies as you can (preferably after have used E, as Final Spark triggers your passive).

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tower siege

Lux is great at defending/sieging turrets because in these moments, champions will often get closer to try to engage/stand back together. Anyway they are easy targets for your E as they don't want to move too far away from their primary objective which is the turret.
Your Q must be used to prevent their engage/engage them undertower.
Your W will probably be at its best there. Because poke is doing great during tower siege, and your W is a decent multitarget shield (it will absorb a great part of the incoming damage, if not all).
You should keep you R for when it turns into a teamfight. Although, if you got a really hard pressure, you may use it to scare off your enemies (use it only when you are defending).

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to be completed soon.

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Some matchups

To be completed soon.

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Some synergies

some CCs to help you landing Light Binding, and ultimate allowing you to blindly unleash your whole combo.

AoE spells, fitting well with yours, shield stack, and Command: Shockwave clumping enemies together, here again allowing you to set up your combo.

Global ultimates fitting well with yours. Ez and Jinx got poke, fitting well with lux's kit. And Jinx and Ashe got CC's helping Lux landing her spells.

Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy presenting your enemies on a golden plate.

As lux got no escape, Divine Blessing Helps you surviving/kiting by bringing you both hp and movespeed. Also Intervention Will prevent enemies from nuking you down, as lux's Prismatic Barrier is more effective against poke.

To be finished.

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Ready to play!

Aight guys, it's time for you to go for it! I would like to thank jhoijhoi, without who i would have got no clue on how to make a guide. Here's the link if you suddenly get the lust to make a guide:

Don't forget to give me feedbacks, that i'll be looking forward to look at. Thanks for reading.

See you in the Fields of Justice!