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Talon Build Guide by N1ngendo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author N1ngendo

N1ngendo's Talon 4 Free Elo / Old Talon - No UPDATE inc

N1ngendo Last updated on November 26, 2016
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Talon Mid 4 Free Elo

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Kassadin He has less dmg than you and no escape pre 6. If you see the opportunity engage him.
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Who Am I ?

My name is N1ngendo and I am currently ranked Diamond V in Dynamic/Solo Queue on the EUW server of League of Legends. I play Talon since Season 4 and usually I would consider myself succesfull playing him.]

As you can see I only played 78 ranked matches with Talon but won 56 out of these 78 giving me a winrate of 71.8% which is not bad. It is important to say that I started playing Talon about 2 years ago in normals but not really often in ranks, which is caused by the fact that I played Adc a lot in season 5. But I allready have a good amount of experience with him in around 350 Talon matches till today.
Since season 6 I am also listed as the 936 best Talon in the world in the LoLSkill-Toplist.

Why do I like Talon and started playing him?

As I said above I started playing Talon about 2 years ago when his E Cutthroat wasn't nerfed and still had the silence on it. After the nerf of Cutthroat I stopped playing him in Rank cause is thought he would be ways weaker now. Now I know i was wrong ! I started playing him again on my second account NIGHT5KY and nearly reached diamond with him. I stopped playing ranks in May so I went down to PLatinum IV there too. Anyways I think Talon is probably the best Assassin in League of Legends or at least the best Ad Midlaner ingame. He has his weaknesses but I think that his strengths outclasses his weaknesses by far if you know how to play him.

Am I talking trash and are not experienced or good with Talon at all ?

No I am not talking bull.... ! On the following image you can see a few of my Talon stats.

You can see that I am probably able to play Talon, even if I would not call myself a good Talonplayer because my Elo is just not high enough and I never realy played against some Highelo main midlaner in rank yet. ^^

Why am I doing this guide ?

I really wanted to do this guide because I know there are players out there who are probably stuck in some kind of elohell and are probably searching for help or just want to try a new strong champion. I would like to help those of you who want to learn Talon and because of this I decided to do this guide.
So those of you who will keep scrolling down, be ready to get Talonized and Talonhyped and to gain some "Free Elo". Please enjoy this guide and learn how to play Talon 4 Free Elo

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Pros / Cons about Talon

What are Talon's strengths and weaknesses ?

Talon is a meele ranged Assassin with a nice kit for bursting solo targets or even an entire team. His basic dmg isn't really good but his scalings are kinda insane probably caused by his Passive mercy and his E cutthroat. With mercy Talon's autoattacks deal 10% more dmg to stunned,slowed,suppresed,sneared or silenced champions. In combination with his Cutthroat which increases the dealt dmg to his target up to 15% for 3 seconds (!!!), this means his AA and Noxian Diplomacy deal both 25% more dmg. This maybe does not seem to be much but in late game we talk about 200-300 bonus dmg per hit. His cutthroat also increases the dmg from his W Rake and his R Shadow Assault by 15%. So his lategame and dmg is pretty strong. Talon has the problem that his early game especially pre lvl 6 is kind of weak. And against many champs you will get poked and you have to stay under your turret and probably lose some farm untill your jungler helps you or you reach lvl 6.


- Very high solo and AOE burst
- Insane Snowball potential
- Very high roaming potential
- Is able to carry a game by hisself
- Easy farm and waveclear with Tiamat


- Weak early game
- Once you are far behind you are probably ready to ff
- You have no escape
- Cc is your worst nightmare
- If you have to engage you will definetely die if you are not overfed

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Talon's Runepages

"Talon 4 Free Elo" Runepage


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

First of all I have to say that the Runepage above is just one out of 3 Runepages I am using for Talon but it's definetly my favourite Runepage and I am always using it if I know I will win my lane kinda easy. With the 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage I have a little more than 6 dmg early which just helps me to lasthit. The Flatpen of the Greater Mark of Armor Penetration it is a musthave in every Runepage you will use for Talon because it is going to increase your early game damage a lot. Together with the new Youmuu's Ghostblade you will have 35 Flatpen and this in earlygame. That means you are nearly dealing true damage to squishy targets and this isOVERPOWERED!!!
In my Seals I use Greater Seal of Health because the early 72 HP boost is able to make you a bit stronger in your weak early. Some people are playing with HP per Level runes but I dont like them that much on Talon. I will explain why below in this Chapter.
As Glyphs I am using 3 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction and 6 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction because the CD reduce on Talon is kinda broken. After 2 or 3 Items you will have 40% less CD causing your Shadow Assault to be ready every 40 seconds.

"Talon vs AP" Runepage

This Runepage is exactly like the one above with one difference : You will remove the Scaling CD Runes with Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. The reason is kinda simple, these Runes will reduce the Damage AP Champions will deal to you early. You will use this Page for example against LeBlanc, Ahri , Malzahar etc.

"Talon vs AD" Runepage

You will remove the Health with Greater Seal of Armor and the CD Runes with Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. You do this obviously to reduce the Attack Damage of Champions like Zed, Yasuo etc. The MR is also good against them because of the Magic Damage they are dealing. For example Zed Passive Contempt for the Weak or Yasuo E Sweeping Blade.

Other options you have for Talon

Of course you do not have to use my Runepages and there are other options for some Runes I am using.
Instead of my Greater Mark of Armor Penetration you could use the Greater Mark of Attack Damage but I do not recommend it because I think that Talon needs the Flatpen in early and his Damage will be higher with Flatpen as Marks than with Attack Damage. I also tested it by myself and as I said I do not recommend it.

You could also remove my Greater Seal of Health with Greater Seal of Scaling Health. A lot of people do this but I would not, because the 72 HP have a lot more impact in earlygame than the Scaling Health Runes and as Talon you only need to make your earlygame stronger. In lategame you will burst everyone down anyways. If you can not burst them down you will definetly die in Teamfight no matter if u have + 216 HP or + 72 HP. So for me the Flat Health is stronger, but you can test these options as you want. Some feel more comfortable with Scaling Health and some with Flat Health

For the Glyphs there is only one real option you can use and this is the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction instead of the Scaling CD Reduction. You can decide how you like it just like the Health Runes.

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Masteries for Talon

The only correct Masterypage for Talon

The masteries for Talon should always look like the page above. This is the only correct page for him and of course I will tell you why.
NEW !!!: Since Secret Stash got nerfed the Assassin mastery got more viable. Just scroll thru this chapter, I added it below !!!

Talon is an high burst damage AD Midlaner so you wont need Attackspeed or bonus Damage from Fervor of Battle also Warlord's Bloodlust isn't really usefull on Talon because he is not that kind of Champion who's doing a lot of Autoattacks during a fight.
The best Keymastery you can use is Thunderlord's Decree ! It will make your Burst damage significantly higher, especially in earlygame. Maybe some of you would like me to tell you some Damage numbers here but I think this is not necessary, you will see that Thunderlord is the best Option for Talon.

The rest is kinda obvious. Savagery will help you lasthit, Secret Stash gives you the option to buy the OP Cookies for good sustain and a small burstheal if you consume them.
Merciless and Dangerous Game are kinda explaining themselves and Precision will increase your Armorpen during the whole match and with the correct Runepage you have 15 Flatamorpen in earlygame. That's kinda OP. You can also go for Assassin mastery since the "OP" cookies got nerfed a bit. They lowered the instant heal from 20 to 15 HP and also the whole heal in generall. I just can say that most of the time I still go for Secret Stash but I think now its up to you what you want to pick the Assassin is definetly okey now esp for lane 1 v 1 and catches.

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Skill Sequence on Talon

How to skill on Talon

Not that much to tell here. It is pretty easy. You will always Max your W Rake first, because of its Damage. You will need the Damage for better waveclear, save farming and your all in Killcombo I will explain in the Chapters below.
After, you always go for your Q Noxian Diplomacy. It has great scaling and will increase your Damage in midgame a lot.
The E Cutthroat is a super strong lategame spell and will increas your Damage by 15% after you put the 5th point in it. Here I have to add that some Talonplayers max this spell after Rake but in midgame your Damage would not be as high as it would be with Noxian Diplomacy, so I do not recommend it.
And of course always put a point in your R Shadow Assault, if you reach levels 6,11 and 16.

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The Speels and why you will love Talon after you played him once


Talon's Passive Mercy lets him deal 10% more autoattack Damage to Champions who are CC'ed. That means stunned, sneared, slowed, silenced or suppresed targets receive 10% more AA Damage from you. Maybe that does not seem to be much but together with your Cutthroat and Noxian Diplomacy you will deal a lot extra Damage

Noxian Diplomacy

Noxian Diplomacy is an bonus AD dealing autoattack/spell with good basic ratio's and great scaling into lategame. It also includes a strong Debuff which deals Damage over time and has a great synergie with Ignite. It counts as Autoattackreset and is part of every Combo you will try to get on your targets. I will explain all of Talon's Combos in an extra Chapter later on.


Rake is the first spell in Talon's kit you will max. You will use this spell for poke and farm during laningphase. On its first levels it is not a really good spell due to its high manacosts and low damage, but it has a nice scaling and will help you a lot during the whole game and that is why you will max your W first. After you put a few points in it you can easy clear a whole minionwave with W, AA and the active of Tiamat. As soon as you reach level 6 you will be able to oneshot your laningopponent with one complete combo + Ignite, if u maxed Rake.

Cutthroat Cutthroat

Cutthroat is probably the reason why Talon has this insane scaling into lategame. If this spell is maxed and Talon uses it, his target receives 15% more Damage for the next 3 seconds and is also slowed by 99% for 0,25 seconds causing Mercy to get triggered. This means a hell of extra Damage you will deal with AA and Q Noxian Diplomacy and will lead to you oneshoting squishy targets just with E, AA and Q in less then 0,5 seconds. For me this seems to be kind of Overpowered.
Anyways, Cutthroat will be the last skill you max. The reason is simple. This spell will increase your Damage in lategame a lot but before, you will need the Damage from your Rake and Noxian Diplomacy to be as high as possible. If you maxed E before Q you would lose a lot of Damage during early and midgame.

Shadow Assault

There is not much to explain about Shadow Assault. It is your ultimate and of course you will skill this spell whenever you are able to. The spell itselfs is an AOE spell with the same range as your Rake, good scaling and a nice Burstdamage. It is part of every combo you will try to get off if you want to kill someone. If you activate this spell your blades will come off and deal AD damage to everyone in its range. If you reactivate it, your blades will come back to you and deal the same damage again. It synergizes well with the Tiamat because of its active. If you press R and then the active of Tiamat, your blades will return immediatly allowing you to deal super fast burstdamage without letting time for your oppnonent to react.

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Which items are strong on Talon and which items are not?

In this chapter I'll tell you what items you can use while playing Talon and which items are optional or not worth a buy at all.

The Boots

For Talon you have 3 options of boots and you will decide what pair you will buy, by looking at your matchup and how good/bad you are ingame.

This is your regular buy if you play Talon. You will need their speed for roaming and fast engages.

You will go for these boots if you are playing against an high burst AP Carry and you need to survive their skillrotation. Examples are LeBlanc, Brand and Malzahar.

Buy these boots if you play against an AD Midlaner and you are behind or if you play against an complete AD Team. Examples are Zed, Yasuo or Xin Zhao

The Coreitems

Since Tiamat got nerfed due to its Dmg, I am not building it anymore. I would even say it is definetly not worth to go Tiamat anymore. I always go for Pickaxe and Long Sword as my first items after the first recall, since they will give you a lot of required early dmg which the Tiamat wont give you anymore. Also, since a lot of Midlaners, esp the AP Midlaner are going for Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Zhonya's Hourglass which is going to give them a lot of HP and Amor, you can use the Pickaxe and the Long Sword for an early Lord Dominik's Regards. At least this is what I am doing right now and I can tell you it feels good this way and I am pretty succesfull building this way right now.

These boots are important for your roaming and will help you and your team with gaining kills. If you roam and get 1 or 2 kills, you will start snowballing, giving you the chance to destroy all of your opponents 1 v 1 later on. Buy them as soon as possible AFTER your Pickaxeand Longsowrd.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is the item that will lead to you oneshotting everyone, really everyone. You will buy this right after Tiamat and your boots. As soon as you got it you can pretty much say whatever your target is, it will die if you do not missplay. This is caused by its insane stats. Youmuu's gives you 60 Damage, 10% CD reduction and 20 Flatamorpen !!! These stats are stupid, really. As soon as you got this item you'll have around 35 - 40 Flatamorpen with runes and masteries, leading you to nearly deal Truedamage to squishy champions. Get this Item and go to the All you can eat Championbuffet.

The Items you will get after your Core!

The Infinity Edge is an super strong Item on Talon because of its good amount of AD and Critchance. But I have to say that this Item isnt as strong as it was before, when the critchance from Youmuu's Ghostblade was not removed. Anyways, it is still very strong and as soon as you have it, you gain the chance to Oneshot Squishy targets just with E, AA and Q.
It also has a great synergie with Essence Reaver, the item you will build right after IE.

You build the Essence Reaver right after IE. It has a lot of AD, CD reduction and nice passive. You will reach the 40% CD Reduction after you finished this item and it has a great synergie with Infinity Edge, giving you 40% chance for critical strikes. This is a lot and will lead to you oneshotting everyone who is not tanky.

Since its release, the Duskblade is an overall good item for AD Assassins in general. You can go for this item right after your Youmuus, or if you have to build Maw of Malmortius, you will go for it after you finished Youmuus and Maw. The Passive of the Duskblade is not as OP as many think, but it can seriously help you killing ppl who somehow survived your burst. It also has 10 Amourpen which is nice for Talon too, so go for it. You can build this Item before IE and Essence Reaver but I usually go for Duskblade as last Item after IE and Essence Reaver

The last Item and your different Itemoptions

Your last item can be different from game to game. You will decide what kind of Item you need by how your game is going or the teamcomp.
If you are faceing some high CC team and getting focused you should probably go for Mercurial Scimitar or Banshee's Veil. If you need more Amorpen you will go for The Black Cleaver and if it does not really matter, because you are so fed that you can oneshot everyone who is in your range, you can go for Trinity Force or The Bloodthirster. I will list up all optional Items and when to buy them below.

Usually I do build The Black Cleaver, because I think the Armorpen and the HP you gain after you finished this Item are pretty strong and will increase your lategame damage

As I said above, go for this Item if you face a lot of CC but still need some more Damage or MR.

Trinity is kind of a trolly Item on Talon, but if you are super ahead it is really fun to get this Item. You'll receive 20% Chance for Critical stikes, 25 AD, 10% CD Reduction (even if you maybe do not need it anymore), 250 HP, 250 Mana and 5 Movespeed. Overall not to strong on Talon, but its Passive is op for you. The extradamage from the Sheen proc you will receive, can lead to you pressing Q, hitting someone and instant kill him/her.
If you hit a critical strike with Infinity Edge, Trinity Force and your Noxian Diplomacy you will probably deal around 1500 Damage with one hit!!!

You can go for this Item if you do not need more HP or resistances. It has very good Damage, a Passive that makes you kind of tanky and good sustain. Overall a good Item.
But please never build this Item instead of Ravenous Hydra. As I said you can get it as last Item for more Damage and double sustain, but DO NOT replace Hydra with it.

This Item can be bought earlier, for example as 3rd Item after your Tiamat and Youmuu's Ghostblade if you need the MR and Burstshield vs AP Champions. If you do not need it earlier you can get this as last Item against AP Burst if necessary.

This Item seems to be pretty good with 65 AD, 10% CD Reduce and its Passive, but in the end I can just say, please do not buy this Item!!! It seems strong but it really is not worth a buy. Getting healed by 12% of your dealt Damage sounds good, but the heal you will receive is so tiny, you wont even recognize you got healed ( Talon deals a lot of AOE Damage so your heal only is 33% as effective). The Bloodthirster is about 100 times better than Death's Dance with its lifesteal and shield.

7. &
These two Items are situational. You will go for Lord Dominik's Regards if you are faceing a Tankteam with lots of amor, while you go for Mortal Reminder if you have to reduce selfhealing Champions like Swain or Dr. Mundo. Of course, if needed, you wont wait with buying them untill lategame. If it is necessary you will buy them as 3rd Item.

8. & & &
These 4 are your tanky Itemoptions. It is pretty clear when to buy what.
Go for Randuin's Omen if you need HP and Armor vs against high AD Comps. You can also go for Dead Man's Plate, it will grant you some more initial burst, movement speed, HP and Amor.
Buy Banshee's Veil if you need to deny engages or CC in generall and if you face a lot of AP.
The Guardian Angel is the Item you can buy, if you need to survive the fight but always get hard focused or if you have to engage the fights. Here I have to add, that I nearly never buy GA. Usually I go Banshee's Veil instead.

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How to play as Talon


Talon's earlygame is kind of weak, at least untill he reaches level 6. Especially the first 3 levels can be hard. Against many match ups you have to stay defensive and only farm. If you can't reach the caster minions you can try to lasthit with your Rake, so you wont get poked to hard, but Rake's early damage is very low so be warned. Maybe you will only waste mana without even getting a minion. You should also try not to push because of your immobility, even if you lose a few minions in turret. As soon as you reach level 3 - 4 you get your first little powerspike, because you have all of your skills now. Still, you should try not to trade untill you get ganked or your laneopponent has all of his spells on cooldown.
As soon as you reach level 6 you can start to be more aggressive, because you will be able to kill your laneopponent very fast now. Try to poke him 1 or 2 times with your Rake before going all in to kill him with E, AA, Q, W, R, R and AA. Now you can try to snowball and start roaming in Midgame.


As soon as you got your boots and level 6, you can start roaming. Talon is one of the Champions that want to roam and take kills on every lane. This will maybe win your Bot or Toplane and you can start your insane snowball. Buy Vision Wards and place them while you are roaming to build up vision for your team. Try to focus on Bot for getting kills and probably free drakes.
Important is, even if you are behind you should start roaming. Talon can have a hard time on lane if he is behind, but your kill potential with your all in Combo is still very high and good for raoming. So always, always try to roam!!! Clear minionwaves with Rake, AA and the active of Tiamat and go roam.


The lategame is kind of simple. You should try to stay with your team and never go alone if you have no vision around. If you have vision and can see someone of the enemyteam out of position, you should try to catch him or her. Your lategameburst should be high enough to kill everyone with your combo. So as long as you dont try to kill a tank you should be fine. But be carefull, never try to catch someone if you do not have vision around or if you cant see the rest of the enemyteam, otherwise you will maybe die and lose your game. If you arent confident or just not well ingame, try to stay with your team. Wait for engages and try to kill the carrys of the enemyteam. Maybe you will die, but there is a very high chance you kill 1 or 2 Champions and if not, they used lots of skills and summonerspells to stop you and this should open the chance for your teammates to kill the whole enemyteam.

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Skillcombos and how to use them

Talon is one of those Champions, who have a little problem with their mana especially in earlygame. The damage of Talon is not very good in early too, so you should try not to use Rake as poke before you hit lvl 4 and put your second skillpoint into it.
As soon as you hit lvl 4 or 5 you start poking, but be carefull! You will easy run out of mana.
Best thing is to wait for a gank early and destroy your laneopponent as soon as you hit lvl 6.
Anyways I will list up all important Skillrotations of Talon you will need and use below.

The Poke

You will usually use these Pokerotations/combos during laningphase. Later when both teams group up you should not try to poke because of your short range.
If you want to poke your laneopponent always wait for his/her spells to be on cooldown. You can engage them now without getting punished. This is a rule you should always think of. If your enemy has everything on CD, he/her is automatically unable to deal damage to you when you engage them. Pretty simple and pretty effective.
Here are the pokecombs you can use with Talon:

1."Pre 6 All In"
Cutthroat > AA > Noxian Diplomacy > Rake > AA

Damage: Around 250 - 400 HP

2."Just a little Damage"
Cutthroat > Noxian Diplomacy > Rake

Damage: Around 150 - 250 HP

3."Rake them down"

Damage: Around 60 - 150 HP (You can use your Rake pre 6, to prepare your level 6 all in)

4."Change the Order"
Rake > Cutthroat > AA > Noxian Diplomacy

Damage: Around 200 - 300 HP

All of these rotations and their averrage damage is only before you hit level 6!!! Of course the damage of these rotations will increase during the game

The All In

You will use the following skillrotations if you want to take a kill. As soon as you hit your level 6 you can go all in. But remember, its easier for you if you wait for your laneopponent to use his/her spells, so they cant do anything against you when you go for them.
By the way, if one of these rotations does hit without missing a single spell, you will oneshot your enemy. And it comes of really, really fast. ^^

1.The "Oh lol I am dead ?"
Cutthroat > AA > Noxian Diplomacy > Rake > Shadow Assault > Tiamat > AA

Damage: Around 600 - 2500 HP
(The damage you will deal depends on how much AD, Armorpen, Critchance you have and how much Armor and HP your target has.)

2.The "AOE Damage Bomb"
Cutthroat > AA > Noxian Diplomacy > Shadow Assault > Rake > Tiamat > AA

Damage: Around 600 - 2500 HP
(The damage you will deal depends on how much AD, Armorpen, Critchance you have and how much Armor and HP your target's have.)

3.The "AOE Damage Bomb V2"
Cutthroat > AA > Shadow Assault > Rake > Tiamat > AA > Noxian Diplomacy

Damage: Same as above

4."The Lategame Oneshot"
Cutthroat > AA > Noxian Diplomacy
Cutthroat > Noxian Diplomacy

Damage: Enough for every Carry !!! You only need to hit a critical strike

F.e Jhin(enemy team): "Talon is rly a fun Champ and completely balanced. Thy Riot wp ...."
Riven(enemy team): "balanced ...."

Here is a short video, where you can see how much fun Talon can be and how to use the skillcombos and how it looks like if you get used to them

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When to pick Talon ?

Can you pick Talon in every match up?

No and yes! It really depends on how experienced and comfortable you are with Talon and how your team and the enemy team are build up.
In Season 5 you could pick Talon whenever you wanted to, but now you really have to think about if the Talonpick will be worth or if it's probably suicide to pick Talon.
For example :
Last Season you could pick him in every match up because of the insane armorpen you could reach with the old Last Whisper, Black Cleaver, Youmus Ghostblade, Masteries and Runes. You were able to Reduce someones armor by nearly 70%. This was amazing and you had not to worry about Tanks like Sejuani, Dr. Mundo or Maokai.

Now, if you have to face Dr. Mundo, Maokai or Malphite you are pretty damn ****ed, because the new Last Whisper is kind of weak. I mean okey, you still have true damage against squishy targets caused by the insane flatpen you can have, but against fulltanks and a lot of CC you are pretty ****ed.

So lets summarize up when you can/should pick Talon and when you should not pick him.

If your team is full ad, meaning toplane is AD and jngl is AD, you need to decide if you can pick Talon by the enemys teamcomposition. If they have 0 Tanks, it is no problem, you can pick Talon and carry the whole game alone if you get fed.
If they have 1 Tank you should decide by the fact how comfortable you are on Talon.
Do you know that you will win your lane ? Is your own teamcomp strong, even if it is full AD ?
If you are going to face 2 or more tanks you should not pick Talon if your team is full AD. Even if you snowball hard, you probably wont be able to win because you wont deal any damage if the match reaches Lategame and the Tanks will destroy you.
NEW !!!: Right Now we have some kind of unkillable tank meta! In nearly every game you will see at least 1 Fulltank. The problem right now is that these Tanks ( Maokai, Trundle, Ekko ) deal some crazy dmg while you as Talon wont be able to kill them. They also got a lot of CC. I just can say right now is one of the worst meta situations for Champions like Talon, so be very carefull if you go for him.

Pick Talon when...

- Your Team has 1 or two AP champs
- You have no or low CC against you (Could be Free Elo)
- You have a strong frontline and good engage (F.e Malphite)
- You know you will win your lane and you can roam and snowball hard
- You are one of these "Talongods", like Vapora Dark, LessQQ or N1ngendo

Dont Pick Talon when...

- You know you will lose your lane
- You are facing a lot of CC
- You are going to face many fulltanks
- Your teamcomp needs some AP, because it would be useless otherwise

You have to decide if you can pick Talon when...

- You face an unknown or hard match up
- You will face 1 or more tanks but the enemy team has nearly no CC
- You face 1 Fulltank like Rammus or Malphite but you think you will be able to snowball hard
- You face a lot of CC but you have a strong engage and frontline

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The End

So this is it, this was my "Talon 4 Free Elo" guide I made for you and I hope you guys enjoyed it and learnt something about the good old Talon.
This was my very first guide so please feel free to comment and like or dislike it, I am always open for some critic.
But please dont judge my english I am from Germany and not a native english speaker. Anyways I hope my english was not to bad and that you were able to understand everything I wrote down.

If you guys have questions or something, write it down in the commentarysection and feel free to add my LoL Account : N1ngendo if you have questions about Talon.

You can also find me on Youtube (Name : N1ngendo), where you can find some video about Talonplays and League of Legends generally. But be warned every video has german commentary except the best of videos, or the video I made for this guide. It has the same name by the way, "N1ngendo's Talon 4 Free Elo"

Machts gut und viel spaß beim Rank !
C ya soon, have fun playing ranks !