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Renekton Build Guide by ShortyHUN

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShortyHUN

Renekton the Renegade

ShortyHUN Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Hi, i'm ShortyHUN and this is my second guide on MOBAFIRE, this time for Renekton, one of the really insane solo top champions.

Renekton is a really strong bruiser, but has a relatively long learning curve. His main attributes are his insane sustain, very high mobility and high AOE threat. Renekton can easily snowball out of control and carry a game single handed.

People usually say that he falls off late-game, but actually it's not true, he is pretty insane even late-game, you just have to think when to jump in and lay waste to the battlefield.

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Pros and Cons



+ Insane sustain
+ Very high mobility
+ Can jump trough walls
+ Built in armor reduction
+ High AOE threat
+ Very high burst
+ Hard to counter
+ Sudden HP increase from Dominus
- Needs cooldown reduction
- Hard to learn
- Cannot initiate fight
- Armor reduction is situational
- Needs fury management


As you can see Renekton has more good points than bad, if you learn play him properly even those bad points are ignorable. Takes some time to learn him, but i think it worth it. The only real problem is the initiate, if noone in your team can fill that role, you shouldn't really choose Renekton.


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Renekton can go with 2 mastery types, one defensive or one concentrated on attacking. Both work pretty good, but i just prefer the defensive one, having more succes with that. So try both and decide which suits your playing style.


Going 9-21-0 gives Renekton even more sustain. Spending the least points on offensive masteries, focusing on CDR, and Weapon Expertise . From the defensive tree, i take everything that increases HP, Hardiness and Resistance for a bit of defenses and Honor Guard to decrease incoming damage.

There might be some questionable parts, like not puting points into Relentless , the reason is that Slice and Dice is not effected by slows, we have a Frozen Mallet to slow our chaser, and even Ruthless Predator to stun them. Anyway Relentless just reduce the slowing amount while Tenacious reduces the time you are slowed.

Why not taking Defender , Legendary Armor or Reinforced Armor ? Defender gives 5 armor and magic resist at best, and that needs 5 enemies around you, wouldn't call effective. Legendary Armor adds ignorable amount early game, and even in late game, by the time it starts to give something, you already have high armor and it barely gives further reduction. Reinforced Armor only works on crits, again no early game use, not to mention that you take other damages too not just crits.

Good Hands this mastery is pure rubbish, barely reduces the time spent dead, about 6 sec at most... and anyway you should die the least times, making this a pretty stupid choice.

Unyielding and Block many might question these, but actually they count a lot early game. Reducing auto attacks damage by 5 and skill damage by 2 early game is about as much as +20 armor/magic resist. Yea it falls off late-game, but it's too effective early game to skip, also about same effective late-game as Defender but it doesn't require any enemies around.


21-9-0 masteries grant Renekton more damage, sacrificeing tankiness from the defensive tree, however since Renekton has so high sustain, it shouldn't be too much a problem. This mastery needs more aggressive playing, but it's not always possible, which is why i stick to the defensive one. Still this is totally viable.

Not taking Butcher , early it might help, but since you can later clear whole waves with Slice and Dice + Cull the Meek i think it's not important.

Fury is not really necessary, it's mostly used to reach 20 points with the least points wasted. If you can come up with something instead, go on.

Havoc is questionable here, but since we need that 20 points to get Executioner this is probably the best thing to dump points into. Attack speed is not necessary for Renekton so more points into Fury is wasting. Also since you won't do criticals, Lethality and Frenzy would be wasted. So go Havoc which increases all damage percentage based, even if it's just a little boost, it is a boost.


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Runes are one of the most argueable part of a build, they differ depending on playstyle, champion, and sometimes people can't afford the best runes. Runes are meant to ease early-game, they are not meant to skyrocket your late-game. Usually you should choose runes which help you early to mid game, don't be suprised if they fall of late game.

Main Runes


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

greater mark of armor penetration

Armor Penetration Mark

Armor penetration marks seem to be the most effective for the most bruisers. They are the best marks along with magic penetration and attack speed ones. Armor penetration marks are actually so effective that they make a bigger difference than flat AD ones. Hitting low armored targets (minions, carries) they can greatly increase the damage, against higher armors you got your other armor penetration stuff to support these.
greater mark of armor penetration

Flat Armor Seal

Flat armor marks are the only viable seals for bruisers. The viable seals are HP/5, MP/5, HP both scaling and flat and flat armor. Anything else instead of flat armor is just too weak for a solo top bruiser. These are the most effective, just unnecessary to rant about it.

Flat Magic Resist Glyph

Basically you have 2 choices here, scaling or flat. Since you can encounter some AP top champions i would recommend flat magic resist. Scaling ones give you more after level 7 or so, but they give kind of nothing early game. It's up to you, but AP tops can hurt if you choose scaling.

Flat Attack Damage Quint

Unlike marks, the best quints are flat AD, flat AP, Gold/sec and movement speed. AP and gold are a waste to Renekton. Many would say to pick movement speed, which is good for solo top, but since Renekton is so freakin' mobile, we have a Frozen Mallet and even choose Ghost it's not needed. Flat AD is good for auto attacks and skills to.

Alternative Runes

Flat Attack Damage Mark

Although they are not as good as armor penetration ones, they still work for Renekton. They pretty much fall off late-game, but early game they perform a little... very damn little... bit better than the other marks. I recommend using these if you use different quints.

Scaling Magic Resist Glyph

These are basically a better choice for junglers, for solo top flat ones are probably better. If you have these instead of flat ones, you can use them, there won't be a problem if enemy solo top is not AP type, if he is, go defensive and by level 6 or so these should be same as flat ones. However if you like to play safe, you can choose these as they out perform flat ones in mid and late-game.

Movement Speed Quint

Well already mentioned these above. They are good, they perform well, but i just don't like them on Renekton. He has enough mobility from Slice and Dice, has a Frozen Mallet in build, Ghost as summoner spell, stun from Ruthless Predator, i simple don't feel they are needed for chasing/fleeing.

Life Steal Quint

If Renekton didn't have enough sustain already, these even push his sustain towards infinite. Wouldn't say it's the most effective life steal, but makes your auto attacks and Ruthless Predator heal some, not just Cull the Meek. These are more effective if you have a life steal item in your build, also if you have Spirit Visage.

Health Quint

Yes you see it right, these are tier 2, why would anyone waste IP on tier 2 runes. Well i have to tell you that these are the only tier 2 runes that actually worth something. They give only 6 less HP compared to tier 3, but cost 1/4 of the IP, so for the price less than 1 tier 3 quint, you get 3 quints which give you +60 HP. Yes i'm aware they are not the best, but they are cost effective, and if you can't afford other quints, they work like wonder.


Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Well luckily there aren't too many viable spells for Renekton. The spells i don't mention here don't meld with Renekton good enough or at all, some of them suck so much they shouldn't be used anyway...

Recommended Spells


This summoner spell is great, mostly used to grab a kill, but it has some other nice things too. With Summoner's Wrath it gives some extra AD and AP when on cooldown, not much but free AD is always welcome. The other thing is, it halves healing effects, extremely useful when facing that OP Dr. Mundo, and people seem to forget about this. So keep that heal halving in mind and use Ignite according to situation.


While using Ghost you ignore unit collision, making it easier to move around. Good for both chasing and running away, Summoner's Wrath even adds to the movement speed bonus. Since Renekton already has an ability to jump over walls, i think Flash can be skipped, making ghost a really good choice.

Alternative Spells


A very evil summoner spell... Slows down the enemy, making it easier to chase him/her down. Halving his/her attack speed which is actually really devastating to AD carries, and gratis lowering their damage by 30%. This spell again can be used for both offensive and defensive way. Sometimes you can even save an ally by putting Exhaust on his attacker.


Yea i already discussed why no Flash, but afterall it's still OP and it's a good choice anyway. Even more mobility to Renekton. Has so many utility and can be used so many ways... maybe i'll write a Flash guide in the future, when i learn all the uses of it. So no more unnecessary ranting, Flash is OP, nuff said.


Not a typical Renekton spell, not the most effective either. But it can save your *** a few times, also allies ***es, people will be grateful. Also with Summoner's Resolve it gives you some HP/level, good stuff for a bruiser, not too much HP, but every point counts.


Not really fond of it, but it works for solo top. You can use it to gank other lanes or to get back to yours fast. It can be used to save a turret too, when casted on turret (or minion) it becomes invincible, which can potentially save a turret. Despite it's uses, it has barely any use late game for Renekton.


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Renekton has a relatively unique ability kit. All of his abilities are free, they just have cooldowns... kind of long cooldowns, thus the need of cooldown redduction. Also he has a fury bar, which increases with each auto attack and each target hit with Cull the Meek. When he has 50 or more fury, his next ability will be enhanced, making them potentially stronger. Good fury management and knowing how skills are enhanced can greatly increase your burst and overall gameplay with Renekton.

Reign of Anger

Nothing special about his passive, states how he gets and loses fury. 5 fury every auto attack, if out of combat for 12 sec he starts losing fury, if low hp he gets 50% more fury.

Cull the Meek

Your main damage skill, hits pretty nice, has a nice AOE range and heals you for a percentage of the damage dealt. Also gives you 5 fury for everytarget hit for up to 25 fury. Basically you should always aim to hit the most enemies with this ability. The enhanced version deals more damage and heals even more, use it if you need some health.

Ruthless Predator

This skill is damn strong, it hits twice with 75% AD. Another good thing that this skill applies on hit effects, such as Frozen Mallet's slow, life steal, The Black Cleaver or anything else and stuns for 0.75 sec. Not a too long stun, but sometimes even that much is enough, also becouse it's so short, tenacity won't make too much. When enhanced it hits 3 times and the stun is 1.5 sec, try to use this on champions since this hits pretty hard when enhanced and keeps them stun for a brief time.

Slice and Dice

This makes Renekton so damn mobile. Bit short range, but it's free, has low CD (especially comapred to Flash), and still jumps over walls. The damage is about the same as an auto attack, but for the highest burst you shouldn't skip this skill. The first time you cast it it's called slice, if you hit an enemy wiht it, you can cast it a second time called as dice, before it goes on cooldown. The enhanced version hits more and reduces enemy armor for 4 second, funny to burst trough the enemy line to the carry with that one.


The ult is pretty insane, has multiple ways to use and it generates fury! Kicking it in gives Renekton an instant increase in max HP, which is not healing, thus ignoring Ignite, Morellonomicon, Executioner's Calling or any healing reduction effect. While active you become bigger, which increases attack range and have this sandstorm like aura (with some gratis mosquitos) which damages nearby enemies with magic damage.


Guide Top

Skilling Order

Basically Renekton's skilling order is pretty simple, the only difference would be how you start. Your most important skill is Dominus for many reasons, always upgrade it when you can. Your second priority skill is Cull the Meek, this is your main damage ability. It has the lowest CD from your skill kit, and does pretty nice damage, while keeping you alive.

Which is more important between Slice and Dice and Ruthless Predator? Leveling them mostly just decreases CD, each pont for Slice and Dice gives 30 more damage, while it gives 20 more on Ruthless Predator. Which one comes first is up to you, if you want higher mobility or more stuns.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Focusing on Ruthless Predator stun, starting with Cull the Meek for better farming and sustain. Keep in mind that your Slice and Dice has a relatively long CD.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Stun focused order too, the difference is you start with Ruthless Predator for better harassing. You lose some farming/pushing potency, but you can harass much better.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This skilling order has increased mobility with the lower Slice and Dice CD, and starts with Cull the Meek for better farming and sustain.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Increased mobility with and more harassing power with this order. Has some risks but works perfectly. Many Renekton players (includin voyboy) used to run this, i think not too many use it lately.


Guide Top


Renekton is not astrophysics, gearing him doesn't require too much thinking. Most importantly Renekton needs cooldown reduction and sustain. Luckily we cna build 33% CDR with 2 items that go really well with Renekton. Building sustain is a bit harder, you should build items that give you defenses, HP and damage at the same time.

The core items aim at this, Sunfire Cape giving you a nice chunk of HP, armor and continous AOE magic damage. The AOE damage might not seem too much but it does make a big difference, also can hurt pretty much combined with Dominus. While The Black Cleaver gives you high amount of AD, CDR, a little HP and a very strong passive.

Starting Items

I mentioned 4 ways of starting Renekton, all of them work and are viable. They doesnt differ too much, but require different ways of playing. I suggest trying them all out and stick with the one thats most comfortable for you.

sight ward

This start might seem a little odd to some, which is not suprising, it's a little tricky. It doesn't has increased fix stats like HP, movement speed, AD, armor or anything, instead it has a ward and 4 potions for higher sustain and lane safety. The trick is the Elixir of Fortitude, most of the time it's condisdered late game, but early game it does more good than late game actually. First of all since it's a HP burst it's not effected by healing reduction effects, like Ignite for example. Since it's instant it can save you from ganks (which you should be aware of becouse of the ward) can bait people with it or use it to survive abilities like Requiem for example.

This one shouldn't be discussed too much, it's so basic you can't even measure it. The boots give you mobility and faster movement for early game, while the health potions give you some sustain. End of the line, shouldn't blabber about it more.

Another basic start, Cloth Armor helps you stay alive (well against AD, doesnt worth too much vs AP) and more health pots considered to boots start. A bit easier to stay alive, but can't move around that fast. Still it's a pretty safe start.

This one is the least safest start probably, gives AD and health, but still you don't have any HP potions. The HP steal (kind of thing) it has is nice, but restores health too slow, you need to hit too many times to see it's effect. Might require you to go back earlier or more often, however becouse of the increased AD and HP it's really effective at harassing and dueling. This is more of an aggressive choice.

Early Game

I usually stay on lane until i get 1000 Gold so i can buy a Giant's Belt on first back. Early game HP is an insanely strong stat, helps you stay alive more than anything else. And don't worry Renekton has enough burst to stay dangerous without damage for a bit longer. If you do well on your lane, you can stay until 1350 so you can buy your boots on first back too.

If you didn't start with boots calculate it in on your second back, otherwise just rush The Brutalizer. That item is really effective on Renekton it gives you damage and armor penetration, which really increases your damage output. Also it has CDR and since Renekton is skill based it helps you dish out damage much faster. Later it builds into The Black Cleaver making it really important to get early.

Core Items

First of all after you have your early game items, finish your tier 2 boots of choice. After that, time to finish your Sunfire Cape, gives you more HP than a Giant's Belt, still relatively early so it's really effecftive. Gives you armor too, which will make your HP harder to take down, contributing to your sustain by a lot. And the real thing, early game people don't have too much MR and sunfire cape does magic damage, not too much but it's there and it's not wise to stay around Renekton for too long from now on, also helps you clear minions. If necessary you can build other defensive items at this point, but most of the times rushing The Black Cleaver after Sunfire Cape works the best.

Building a The Black Cleaver increases both your HP and damage. It's probably around mid game now, people start having more defenses, so the passive will come in handy. I don't really like stacking items, but since Renekton deals mostly physical damage, and Ruthless Predator hits 2 or 3 times it's kind of easy to stack black cleaver passive. With the nice AD boost it gives this makes Renekton really dangerous, sometimes people think they can take you down easy, than they can hardly run away... if they can... The HP it gives is not too much, but every point in health counts sometimes, thank this item when you survive a duel/battle with less than 200 HP.

From this point on i don't say you should follow a specific order, just find your items that fit your playing style and build them depending on situation or personal favour or anything. Below i will explain why i choose the items on the sheet for Renekton, point their merits and flaws, items not on the list are not as effective as these. However if you have an idea or feel like i missed something feel free to post it in the discussion or PM me.


Guide Top


Sometimes i hear people asking which boots should they buy, yea it's more common question from new players, but sometimes it's not as easy to choose at it seems. First of all choosing your boots depends on the enemy team too and in Renekton's case also on how well you do early game. I mentioned 3 boots as viable on the cheat sheet, the boots not listed are way less usefull or totally useless for Renekton.

Mercury's Treads

Most of the times people talk about this boots as some godly OP item, yes they are good ones, but not that good. If you go against AP top or the enemy team has more magic based damage dealers it's a really good choice.
But i think the tenacity is overestimated, most of the hard CC have short duration, so decreasing them by 35% is not that much less, and sometimes even a half second of stun can mean your end. Also tenacity has no effect at all on knockup/knockback effects which makes it further less effective. Soft CC have longer duration, which are decreased more effectively by tenacity, but Renekton is mobile enough so it's not really necessary. And we have Tenacious anyway.

Ninja Tabi

These boots are considered weak by many players, which has no actual reason. They give you armor which is really good if you go against AD top, also it's passive reduces damage from auto attacks. In case of bruisers they mostly use skills, but when they auto attack it's still there to further reduce the damage, but in case of an ADC, their main source of damage is auto attacks, reducing it will greatly help you stay alive vs them.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

These boots don't grant you any defense, which is not a good choice in every situation. I recommend buying these boots only if you go DPS Renekton, which is mostly possible if you totally devour the top lane and get an early advantage. If you're not doing too good you shouldn't try to go DPS since it's really item dependant.

Boot enchantments are an intresting addition to the items, some of them have really big impact on the gameplay, while some are just a minor improvement to oyur boots. Despite their price effect ratio i don't buy them many times, simply becouse there are more important things to get, i'm not even sure when is the right time to get them, so i just buy one if i have money to dump into it. I'd say 4 out of the enchantments worth it for Renekton the others barely beneficial.


These are pretty basic, they give you a fixed amount of movement speed. Nothing fancy, just fixed permanent movement speed. They help you roam around the map, chase down champions or even escape. They are cheap, overall very effective.


This one is intresting, it adds a massive amount of movement speed if an enemy is hit, either minion or champion. Really good for chasing, works like wonders on Renekton just make sure you hit. Also in case of Renekton it can be used to escape with good skill use. However they are costy compared to Alacrity.


Another intresting enchant, it gives an insanely huge speed boost when you are near the well, it's good to go back to your lane when recalled, which is useful if you are solo top. Also grants easier movement when you have to defend a turret. Later in the game if you die or simply recall you can get back to the fray really fast with these.


Push in boots... Basically this lets your team push faster, since Renekton is mobile and he's a beast when pushin, these boots benefit him a lot, both when solo and with team. However this doesn't help chasing so i consider them less useful as the first 2 option, but they are still very good enchantment


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Item Explanation


Warmog's Armor

Pretty obvious, it gives the most HP with a pretty insane HP regen. You can build a Giant's Belt and decide what to build from it. This item is pretty cheap for what it gives, but it's only HP, most of the time you need other stats along with it.

Frozen Mallet

A bit expensive, but a really good item. It gives you huge amount of HP and some AD. The passive makes your auto attacks slow enemies, which helps a lot when chasing someone. Probably has more use than the Warmog's Armor but doesn't give you any type of regeneration.


Locket of the Iron Solari

A cheap item with some HP, armor and CDR. Not too big boost but it's cheap and builds from a Kindlegem. If necessary you can build this instead of Spirit Visage. The active can save you from Ignite or damage over time effects, or you can also save an ally in similar situation. I mainly suggest building this if the enemy is mainly AD based.

Atma's Impaler

Lately this item has gone down the drain, everyone thinks it's useless becouse it's rate has been reduced to 1.5% from 2%, well yea it gives less AD now, still nice armor and AD if you have enough HP. Actually that 0.5% nerf didn't really change this item, still very good, just need other sources of crit rate to make it really effective.

Randuin's Omen

One of the most tanky item in the game in my opinion, however it's probably less cost effective compared to Sunfire Cape, but you can't stack Sunfire Capes. Gives you a nice chunk of HP, lots of armor, a passive that slows enemies who hit you with auto attacks and an active, which basically does the same but stronger.

Guardian Angel

Perfect hybrid defense item, also it grants you a revive at place, with a relatively short CD. Pretty nice armor and MR for the price. The passive kind of makes the enemy ignore you, becouse you will revive anyway, which is good in a way, but makes their focus a bit easier. Also there are situation when you will die behind enemy lines and it won't help too much.

Magic Resist

Maw of Malmortius

Great MR item, you can just buy a Hexdrinker early and build it later. It gives you AD while giving a nice MR, also has a passive which shields you from spell damage if you go low on health. One of my favorite MR items, it works pretty much in every situation. Also if upgraded it gives further AD as you lose HP, just keep in mind that auto attacks bypass the spell shield.

Spirit Visage

Builds from Kindlegem, it's a great item since you have lots of possibilities from it. This possibility adds a lot of MR, some HP and 20% CDR, all these help Renekton. Also it has a nice passive that increases every health restoration effects, life steal, hp regen, healing spells, along with your Cull the Meek. Great item overall.

Runic Bulwark

Another extremely tanky item. Gives you both armor and MR along with some HP and hp regen. Whats even better it gives some armor and MR boost to nearby allies aswell. You can build Aegis of the Legion early and upgrade this later.

Wit's End

Not the best item for Renekton i guess, still it gives MR and increases your damage by a lot. Also gets triggered by Ruthless Predator. Basically i recommend Spirit Visage over this, but in some cases, you should get this to increase your auto attack damages, and it still works.


Last Whisper

This item is cheap, gives you nice AD and it makes you ignore lot of armor. This item can let you loose, simply increases damage by a lot. Together with The Black Cleaver you can easily destroy enemy armor and deal really heavy damage, even with lower AD. Build this if you don't need to be too tanky, but instead you need damage.

The Bloodthirster

This item gives you tons of AD, which increases the base damage of your skills. Also it gives you life steal for those auto attacks. The only problem is it needs lots of stacking and if you die you will loose stacks. Even after it's buff i think loosing stacks is a problem, so if you get this item, try not to die.

Ravenous Hydra

Pretty much same as The Bloodthirster, it gives you lot of AD. The main difference is that this items turns your auto attacks AOE. It's also triggered by Ruthless Predator's hits. There an active too, which you can use to increase your burst. Overall it gives you even more AOE threat.

Blade of the Ruined King

Not too much AD, but still greatly increase your auto attacks and Ruthless Predator. This item can be pretty much game changing, even if attack speed doesn't benefit Renekton that much, the stats of this item all together are just too strong. Still you shouldn't rush this item.

Zeke's Herald

zeke's herald
Again another possibility from Kindlegem. It gives you some AD, lifesteal and HP. Not a too strong item, but it helps your team a lot and it's relatively cheap. Spirit Visage is still probably a better choice.


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Renekton is a bruiser type champion, he can be played solo top, jungle and probably mid. Bruisers are champions who are usually melee, they deal relatively high damage (usually burst damage) while they can take pretty much hits.

As a bruiser you should have enough sustain to withstand the attacks in the frontline, with sacrificing the least damage. First thing, you are not the tank of the team, you're not the one who should run around with 300 armor and 200 magic resist, instead build only the necessary defensive items and focus on your damage.


Armor is necessary to survive AD carries, since they have the highest sustained damage, armor should be higher. We're lucky that armor builds easier than magic resist, however damage reduction from armor is not linear, so going over a specific amount won't be too effective and too many damage will be sacrificed.

100 armor gives us 50% reduction, while 200 armor gives 66%, for 100 more armor the difference is not too big, but just 100 armor is clearly not enough. Bruisers usually have 90ish armor at lvl 18, so building 70-90 more is not too hard. 150 armor gives you 60% reduction which is not bad for little effort.
If we take into consideration that the enemy might build a Last Whisper 170 armor still keeps you over 100 armor after the penetration, atleast halving the damage.

Magic Resist

Magic resist is mainly used against mages, however some other champions have abilities that deal magic damage. Since these are single high damage hits, that 50% reduction (100 mr) is more effective than in case of armor. Going further than 100 wouldn't be necessary, since it doesn't have as much effect as that first 100 MR, also it takes more item slots to build high mr, which is not good for a bruiser.

The only reason to build a bit more is becouse mages usually have magic penetration shoes and runes, which adds up for a total of 22.8 penetration. Considering this 120-130 MR should be enough, even if they have more penetration from another item you should be fine, the real problem is Void Staff, luckily it's not too popular, but even if they buy it, you should still do good enough. You're not the main focus anyway.


Stacking lots of armor helps you stay alive, but with out HP it's way less effective. Also HP is the only thing that can save you from true damage. Armor and MR give you effective HP, which means that you don't see it on your HP bar but since they reduce incoming damage % base, your HP takes longer to take down % base. So building high HP is really helpful even with lower armor or MR.

Since there are multiple damage items with health in them, i consider this one of the main stats for a bruiesr. Since it's easy to build simultaneously with damage, you can easily reach 3.5-4k HP while maintaining high damage.


Guide Top

Laning and Farming

Laning with Renekton shouldn't be too hard. He's really hard to counter and he can escape ganks relatively easy. Cull the Meek pretty much hp troughout the whole game, especially if it hits champions.

Farming is also not a big deal, with these runes and mastery you should be last hitting without a problem. You can also use Cull the Meek to restore some HP and hit more minions, since it's free you can use it as much as you want, just mind the cooldown. Also Cull the Meek is not related to hit timer in any way making farming even easier. Later on you can clear entire waves with Slice and Dice, Cull the Meek combo.

You jump in with Slice and Dice, aim for hitting the whole wave, hit Cull the Meek then jump back trough the minions that survived.


Renekton can push like a beast, he is literally capable of eating a lane. So you should be always aware of the enemy's position

Stay out of the danger zone if you can't see the enemy jungler or someone is missing, despite you have high chance of escaping, you would take unnecessary damage, lots of it. Try farming in the green and yellow zones, you shouldn't have too much problem there. Keep in mind that to use Slice and Dice twice you have to hit an enemy, aim it so you either jump trough a champion or nearby minion, but never jump to disadvantageous position. Never forget you can also jump trough walls and small patches of the jungle.

sight ward


Warding is not the job of the solo top champion, however warding the river bush on top lane helps a lot, might even say it's vital. It gives you lots of vision on the river and keeps you aware of ganks. Just 75 gold wouldn't hurt, and it can save you countless times.
sight ward


Dominus can be used multiple ways in the laning phase. It can be used as a simple heal (though it's a little bit of a waste becouse of CD), it can be used to lure enemies under your turret, to get an advantage while dueling or simply for chasing.
Sometimes when you are low on HP enemies tend to turret dive you, but Dominus can give you just enough HP to fight him under the turret and get out with a kill by high chance.

When dueling with someone Dominus can have a big impact with the instant extra HP and its AOE magic damage, however you shouldn't always use it as soon as a fight starts, your enemy would simply run and you just wasted that ult. Try to time it to make a suprise comeback or just when you're sure he won't run away.

While chasing someone the ult's magic damage ticking along with a possible Ignite is sometimes enough to finish someone, or deals enough damage to kill them with a Slice and Dice in a few seconds. If still not enough you got some other skills, but i doubt anyone running from you has enough HP to survive that much.


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As bruiser you should focus on the damage dealers, look for the biggest threat and eat him alive. With Renekton you should always use Dominus in a teamfight, it increases your range for everything and constantly deals damage around you. Also it gives you a great chunk of HP which makes you harder to kill.

So seek out the biggest threat in the enemy team, kick in your ult and immediately jump to him with Slice and Dice (try to avoid double Slice and Dice when closing someone), stun him with Ruthless Predator, hit everyone close with Cull the Meek ( Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek can be switched).


Use your second Slice and Dice wise, if your main target can get away (which is very rare) don't waste your Dominus duration on him, jump back into the fray and look for another high threat or squishy enemy. Always focus the highest threat but try to hit the most possible enemy with your Cull the Meek, also keep close to them so your Dominus keeps ticking on them.

When your Slice and Dice is off CD always check how much HP you have, decide whether you have to use it to get out of battle as fast as possible, to chase someone down or simply to deal AOE damage. Only use it to plainly deal damage if your team is winning a fight and you won't need to chase or escape soon.


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I would like to thank:

  • voyboy, generally started playing Renekton becouse of him
  • DrakeRaynolds for the countless hours he spent to improve my individual gameplay
  • My former team (R├ępapucol├│, AlexiStukov, FcknRainbow, Nom dinvocatoer) for improving my gameplay, mostly teamplay
  • The makers of the Armor reduction graph and Lane safety graph
  • Everyone from MOBAFIRE community who helped improve both game and guide writing wise

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