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Rengar Build Guide by Polarshift

Jungle platinum


By Polarshift | Updated on January 20, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide


By Polarshift

Hello everyone! Polarshift here with another guide. This time I've decided to cooperate with a high elo player and streamer called Agarandom because he knows nearly everything about Rengar. I hope that this guide can help you learn a lot about Rengar. Enjoy the read and please upvote and leave a comment if you liked the guide so more people get to see it!

You can chill and ask all your Rengar questions in Agarandom's Discord server:
Come follow his stream, he's insane on Rengar!

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+ Pros and cons; and when to pick Rengar.
+ Ability sequence, rune setups and smite choice.
+ How to clear your jungle camps while staying healthy.
+ In-Depth Itemization. Read the notes on the builds too.
+ Lots of different combos, tricks and animation cancels.

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+ Great in jungle duels and skirmishes.
+ Very versatile with runes and item setups.
+ Mechanical, fast-paced and incredibly fun to play.
+ His W is among the most broken abilities in the game.
+ One of the most satisfying champions to master.


- Definitely one of the harder junglers in the game.
- Limit-testing is crucial, you will need to play him a lot.
- Your ganks aren't that great till level 6; you'll need to improvise.
- Enemies know where you are when you use your ultimate.

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Rengar can be picked in and versus a lot of team-compositions. Perfect times to pick Rengar are when your team has a lot AP, when your midlaner has a control-mage or has cc, versus champions who have stealth like Evelynn and Twitch. Rengar is especially useful when you want to have early-game pressure; this pressure also allows you to take objectives quickly. After level 6, your ultimate is the perfect tool to exert pressure with since you can be everywhere. When we get to later in the game this champion allows you to carry games by farming and taking objectives incredibly fast, making picks around the map and by splitpushing. All-in-all, if you want to solo-carry games; Rengar is your champion.

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Let's first talk about the order in which you level your abilities. On Rengar you want to be leveling your E second; it just gives you way more damage than W. The leveling sequence will always be as follows:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I highly suggest that you also read the abilities yourself so you know exactly what they do.

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Since Rengar can go for multiple rune-pages I'll go over a few basics here. Remember to read the notes on top of this page as well (the little pencil) since there is information there too!

This rune is amazing for when you gank and later in the game when you want to be one-shotting targets who aren't easy to catch. You also have to take this rune when playing against champions who can go invisible.
Dark Harvest
This rune is amazing for when you fight a lot; it also allows you to scale even better than Electrocute if you can get yourself some kills. Combined with The Collector this rune is deadly.
Hail of Blades
This rune is especially good when targets aren't that hard to catch. Hail of Blades will allow you to combo someone to death fast and is especially good for early fighting. It gives you more damage than the enemy and above all of that it allows you to go into the domination tree.
Amazing rune on Rengar that he can stack quite fast, it allows you to get a lot of AD while skirmishing in the jungle; it is useful later in the game, however it's way less useful if fights are based on you making a pick. You can take this if you think you'll be going for extended fights throughout the game and when enemies are tanky.
Fleet Footwork
This rune allows you to kite people more easily than you ever could with other runes; the healing gets stronger the later in the game go. There is no reason to play this rune anymore while the runes listed above are also available; you want damage, not healing.

Secondary rune choices:

In the Precision tree you can combo two of the following: Triumph, Legend: Alacrity/Tenacity/Bloodline and Coup de Grace. Personally I like to go for a more early game based approach if I take this tree; that is Triumph with Legend: Alacrity.

Since you are missing some ability haste with this build going Ultimate Hunter is the best choice. This way you can keep using your ultimate often throughout the game, which equals more pressure since you can get around the map quicker. Ravenous Hunter is not really needed and you want to have as much pressure as you can. For the second rune you can go Sudden Impact for early-game impact or Eyeball Collection for scaling.

Again, since you are missing ability haste with this build we go for Transcendence. In this build we go Gathering Storm since we want to scale up nicely; the build we chose is based on late-game but also has really good spikes throughout the game. When playing against multiple AP enemies it's a good idea to take Nullifying Orb instead. Waterwalking (with Conqueror) and Nimbus cloak are also an option, however less useful than the other runes.

In the Resolve tree you can take Boneplating with Revitalize. This could be an idea in some of the hard early-game matchups.

In the Inspiration Tree taking Magical Footwear for the gold efficiency is the best. Furthermore, you should take Future's Market now instead of Cosmic Insight.

There are quite a few options for Rengar depending on your playstyle and the enemy team-composition. Take your time in champselect and decide which runes will work best in that specific game. Attack speed rune shard or double adaptive force rune shards can be changed to your preference, just remember that attack speed is more useful early-game. Don't forget to change the last rune shard to magic resist when absolutely necessary.

Red Smite or Blue Smite?

All depends on your preferences, but Emberknife (red smite) is way superior.

Red Smite
Red Smite (emberknife) works really well vs a lot of matchups, including assassin matchups and dueling since it reduces the enemy damage with a whopping 20% for 4 whole seconds while you gain an X amount of true damage (depending on your level) for 2,5 seconds after you've smited the enemy. The burn works with in-game ticks and resets with every basic attack.

Blue Smite
Blue Smite (hailblade) is nice if you want to have that extra utility (slow) on your ganks and invades. It also deals damage instantly instead of overtime. This item will help you a small bit if your team doesn't have any utility for the gank.

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Under construction...

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With Rengar you have a lot to learn but there also small mechanics and a few tricks you might not know yet:

#1. You have a time-window of 0.25s to jump on a target after you leave a bush; which means that you can do some jumps that you think you couldn't do. Furthermore, because you have a time-window of 0.25s, having more movement speed (e.g. with Fleet Footwork, empowered Q or items like Youmuus) means you can jump further since you have extra time to do the jump and thus can take the jump later; allowing you to close the distance between you and the target. Therefore, movement speed equals jump range.

#2. You can jump to all auto-attackable objects, including objects placed by champions, all wards and jungle plants. This allows you to do cool stuff, for example jumping to a ward and then to an enemy from there. This is very important to keep your ferocity stacks and to move around the map faster.

#3. There is a mechanic that allows you to use your Q thrice; get full ferocity before a fight and wait for all your abilities to go off cooldown (you can see it on the hud from the abilities) and after that just do a normal combo on someone, but now with a Q before it. Remember that you can use your abilities mid-air and that ulting does not remove your ferocity.

#4. You can use Scryer's bloom to get vision of enemies, objectives or camps. Having vision means you'll be able to jump on it, if it is in range. Useful when you want to clear your Red buff or Krugs for example.

#5. Hitting blast cones, scryer's bloom's and honeyfruits allow you to get and keep stacks. Being in combat (also taking damage from camps) will reset your passive. Keeping your stacks, for example, by tanking damage from one small raptor or mini-krug before a gank or fight is also very useful.

#6. Don't immediately jump on a target, especially in low-elo, if they have a dash of some sort. Most of the time if you just show yourself (by walking into their vision-range) they'll use it as a reflex. If you jump after that, they'll have no chance of escaping.

#7. The difference between a decent and a bad Rengar is often which empowered ability they use in different scenarios. Think about what you want to do; sometimes using your bola to root an enemy, to allow your team to kill him, is better than doing just a bit of damage but letting the enemy escape with low-health. Don't use your W too early, this is a mistake a lot of people make; you're a glasscannon with this build; take as much damage as you can before using it to use it for it's fullest potential (given you don't need it to oneshot people).

#8. Don't use your ultimate prematurely; remember that it is also a tool to exert pressure. If you use it too early (way before a fight begins), people can just wait it out and you won't have the same amount of pressure anymore.

#9. If you're playing Teleport, you can use your ultimate ability before the teleport instead of using it after the teleport.

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I hope you liked my guide. I hope I have the motivation to make more extensive guides for other champions too so I can help you guys out. Please leave a thumbs-up if you liked the guide and I'd love it if you could follow me on Twitch!

You can ask all your Rengar related questions in Agarandom's Discord server:
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