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Lee Sin Build Guide by Shizukani

AD Offtank [S3] A Wild Lee Sin Appeared!~ Guide to Lee Sin

AD Offtank [S3] A Wild Lee Sin Appeared!~ Guide to Lee Sin

Updated on May 6, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shizukani Build Guide By Shizukani 510 58 3,242,009 Views 154 Comments
510 58 3,242,009 Views 154 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shizukani Lee Sin Build Guide By Shizukani Updated on May 6, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
    Tanky Jungle
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
    Damage Oriented Jungle

Hey Guys!


Hey guys! This is my Lee Sin guide! Right now, thanks to Riots nerf on Junglers and such, I would rather play Lee Sin in lane than anywhere else. Especially in Mid Lane as he does exceptionally well against squishies. For this reason my guide is now more oriented towards the lane builds. However, I have myself and seen others do very well with jungle Lee Sin (nowhere close to the old jungle Lee though)

All the Item builds are highly viable, just suit your build to the enemy team's composition. For example the Mid lane build is useable for solo-top if you are up against a squishy top ( Teemo and vice versa if you're against a Cho'Gath mid (God Forbid)

To switch item path's click the different Lee Sin icons at the very top of the guide.

Anyways enjoy~ If you have constructive criticism or something you would like to add feel free to message/comment me. Welcome to A WILD LEE SIN APPEARED

I play Lee Sin mostly as an off-tank as it allows you to be not only dangerous but very hard to kill as well. Combined with his mobility you are extremely slipper with very good damage early game and good utility late game.

Lee Sin Champion Spotlight

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

WOW. Thank you everyone for your upvotes <3 Can't believe this guide got so high up. Again BIG Thank You :)

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Short Chapter on Lane-Lee Build #3

If you're serious about playing Lee Sin mid then read this section. This is the build I use after much experimentation and it has produced the best results. Right now I cannot play on NA much as I have moved to Malaysia recently so I am still levelling up my Garena account, but using this build I am constantly being matched with Platinum and Gold League players even though I am level 26 as I have had such a high success rate with this build. In NA, with 250 ping I have a 9-2 win ratio in ranked, so far using just this build.

Ravenous Hydra might seem like a weird choice, but heres why it works. Safeguard gives a whopping 30% Lifesteal, combined with RH you can constantly keep yourself at near full health by farming a wave of minions and if necessary farming Wraiths. RH's active also acts as an auto-attack reset adding a heckload to your damage. Also, most Mid-Laners have a quick good form of Wave-Clear, which Lee Sin lacks, RH adds extreme sustain, very good wave clear and a heckload of damage which is why it is an extremely powerful option on Lee Sin

I am going to continue working on a massive chapter for Mid Lane Lee Sin as I think it is probably the best way to play him.
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Before you read anything else :P


We definitely uuhhh shuddha ban HotShotNidaleeGeeGee. He basically kick my bruddah in duh ***. He was playing Lee'd Sin'gah! LMAO
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Why Lee Sin?

Lee Sin is one of the funnest champions in the League to master. His extreme mobility and utility makes him a great addition to any team. He can not only support a team, he can tank and even carry. This is what makes Lee Sin a great champion to buy and play.

Lee Sin takes a while to get a good grip on but once you understand and synchronise his abilities you can make many great plays.

Lee Sin also has very good damage. If played right and properly he can be a very deadly champion to face. He is one of the best 1 v 1 champions in LoL.

Pros / Cons


+ Super strong early game
+ 7 Abilities
+ Tons of mobility
+ Tons of utility
+ Hard to kill
+ Great duelist

- Hard to master
- Damage drops off late game
- Bad against tanky teams
- Energy issues if you don't utilise Flurry
- CC Prone
- Need to aim skill shots
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Is Mid Lee Sin even Viable you Unranked Scrub?




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Phase Rush


  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Flat Attack Damage so you can clear the jungle faster and have more damage in your ganks. This is a good choice as all your abilities have good AD ratios.
  • Greater mark of desolation: This is also an excellent choice as it will give you almost the same amount of damage in the jungle but much more damage late game. Combined with your masteries you should have at least 20 Armor Pen.




Phase Rush


  • Greater Seal of Armor: You will take reduced damage from Jungle Creeps. Means you can be healthier and have more opportunities to gank and stuff. Wouldn't recommend swapping these out.
  • Greater Seal of Health: If you don't want the armor you can just get flat health runes for 48 extra health while in the jungle. Frankly the armor will be much better.



Phase Rush


  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Magic Resist per Level to save your life late game. There is no substitute here is you really badly need the Magic Resist as you already have armor in your Seals.



Fleet Footwork


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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash: Allows for excellent plays whilst either initiating, escaping or just finishing off. Most versatile spell in LoL and can be used in many ways with Lee Sin especially since he already has numerous dashes
Ignite: Great for finishing off opponents on low health, adds that list bit of damage you sometimes need after your combo.

Other Viable Summoner Spells

SPACE FOr top lane, teleport is an extremely useful spell. It allows you to quickly apply pressure to lanes through ganks, protect your own lane from getting pushed and generally makes your presence much more felt. SPACE

SPACE If you jungle you HAVE to take smite. Smite is the best spell for a jungler to have. SPACE

SPACE Fairly useful for ganks, slowing opponents down and reducing damage from quick bursts like Katarina, personally I would prefer Flash and Ignite over this. SPACE

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Ability Explanation

Ability Explanation

Flurry [Passive]

After casting an ability, Lee Sin's next 2 attacks within the next 3 seconds gain 40% attack speed and return 15 energy each. This is what makes Lee Sin a good jungler and a great duelist. Not only do you not need Blue Buff to jungle, you also gain attack speed with every use of an ability.
~Tips and Tricks~
  • Make sure you utilize Flurry, don't spam all your abilities at once as the effect from Flurry doesn't stack. Use an ability, wait the two auto-attacks and then follow up. If you don't do this jungling with Lee Sin will be extremely difficult.
  • You can use abilities to activate Flurry so you can take down turrets/inhibs faster. Though some people will think you're ******ed trying to hit turrets with abilities the 40% attack speed boost will take the turret down in no time.
  • Make sure you utilise Flurry not only in the jungle but even in team-fights and 1 v 1's.

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike [Q]

Lee Sin fires a projectile which deals physical damage to the first enemy it hits (including minions) and reveals them for 3 seconds. If the projectile hits Lee Sin can then cast Resonating Strike making him dash to the enemy and dealing physical damage + 8% of their missing health as physical damage. This ability is Lee Sin's ganking/initiating ability. Once you hit it, it will reveal the target for 3 seconds and allow you to jump to them dealing damage based on how much health they are missing. If placed correctly this ability can initiate, poke and execute.

~Tips and Tricks~
  • It is much easier to hit an enemy with this if they are at close range and have been slowed by Tempest / Cripple
  • Do not ever use this ability to iniate teamfights. Your team will not be ready for you to suddenly jump right into the middle of the enemy.
  • Enemies revealed by Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike will be revealed even through stealth. Try to hit targets such as Akali, Twitch, Evelynn and even Wukong.

Safeguard / Iron Will [W]
Lee Sin dashes to target ally (or himself) shielding them both. After casting Safeguard Lee Sin can then cast Iron Will granting himself extra Life-Steal and Spellvamp. This ability has many different uses. First of all in the Jungle it will provide you with the lifesteal you need to safely jungle. Outside, in lane and while ganking you can use Safeguard / Iron Will to set up a Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike or Tempest / Cripple. Also you can use this to get away. Also, in Lane this will provide you with insane sustain through the lifesteal it gives

~Tips and Tricks~

Tempest / Cripple [E]
Lee Sin smashes the ground dealing AoE damage and revealing enemies hit for 4 seconds. If an enemy is revealed by Tempest Lee Sin may then cast Cripple to slow their Movement and Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Movement and Attack Speed recover gradually over the duration. This ability is more for the utility than the damage. Though the damage is really huge but the utility of the slow and AoE reveal is great as well. This ability is especially great against Akali. Once she shrouds you can instantly tap E and she's gone. The AoE damage is very nice for jungling too.

MAX Tempest LAST
~Tips and Tricks~

Dragon's Rage [R]
Lee Sin roundhouse kicks enemy champion knocking them back and dealing huge physical damage. Any enemies the target collides with take damage and get knockd into the air. Really disruptive and useful ultimate. It deals a LOT of damage as well. You can also use this like Graves's Collateral Damage and kill fleeing targets. The 2.0 AD ratio on this is so OP considering its 60 second cooldown. Don't be afraid to use this to finish people off.

~Tips and Tricks~
  • Flash over an enemy and kick them into your team for a guranteed kill.
  • Kick away chasing enemies.
  • Dragon's Rage will also kick people over small walls.
  • It has a really low cooldown for an ultimate so just like Katarina, don't be afraid to use it casually in lane to force your opponent to Recall

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Starting Items

Starting Items

Cloth Armor and Health Pots

A new item introduced purely to help in the jungle. It is fairly cost effective and with the spare money you can buy 5 healh potions which will pretty much keep you healthy throughout your entire jungle.

Boots of Speed & Health Pots

In Lane this provides you with a little sustain through the health potions and safe farming through movespeed. You will also be able to dodge skillshots and chase better than an enemy who does not buy movespeed
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Item Explanation- Lane

Early Game

Item Sequence

Doran's Blade 450
The Brutalizer 1337
Giant's Belt 900
- 2 of these bad boys and you got yourself some very good damage for only 1000 gold combined with a little health and also some sustain Double Doran's is a necessity for any Lane Lee Sin.

- Another great item to buff your damage. Armour Pen and some AD means this is a great item to completely dominate early game.

- Extremely powerful in S3. Stacking health is ridiculous and this will make you so beefy it hurts.


Item Sequence

Guardian Angel 3200
Last Whisper 1450
Warmog's Armor 3100
Sunfire Aegis 2700
Atma's Impaler 2300
- With Mid Lane Lee Sin (or anti-squishy Lee Sin) you will want a lot of damage to match your opponents most likely big burst. BT gives a ****load of damage and is just one of the best items for Mid Lee considering his ******ed AD Ratios.

- Gives good MR and Armor and makes you that much harder to focus. You're early game damage should have started to fall off by this item so it makes for a good transition into your not so powerful late game

- Just another massive leap in damage against squishies and tankies alike. You don't really need much to add to your damage after this.

- Insane item in S3. Always was insane and now with the Force of Nature passive built in and also a cheaper yet bulkier item this makes you very very very beefy. Moo.

- Armour, health and a passive that is good for farming minions and squishies ^^. Tempest a squishy and walk around them whilst Auto-Attacking for fun damage.

- Really good item giving you a lot of armour and rewarding you for building a lot of health with bonus AD.
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Item Explanation- Jungle

Early Game

Item Sequence

Phage 1100
The Brutalizer 1337
- This item provides extremely powerful stats for your early game, this will also ensure a faster and safer jungle and the ward from the active can be used to protect your buffs or golbal objectives ( Baron Nashor, Dragon) and also ward jump (See Ward Jumping Section)

- Great item as it makes you beefier and also gives you some bonus damage, the passive can also make your ganks that little bit better.

- Provides you with Armour Pen and a lot of bonus damage to rule the early game. It is a really good item for such a low price.


Item Sequence

Black Cleaver 3000
Frozen Mallet 3100
Atma's Impaler 2300
Randuin's Omen 2700
Bloodthirster 3400
- Provides a heckload of damage and utilising Flurry will boost your damage even more with the Passive Proc. Is an overall good item but very expensive.

- A great item which boosts your 1v1 damage by a lot and provides some good armour pen and also a little bit of health. A fairly cost efficient item if you are doing well and need some more damage.

- Excellent utility with permaslow and also possible to kite opponents. Makes you very beefy and gives a little bonus damage.

- A great item to give you armor and basically reward you for building beefy. Even after it's nerfs it is still a very good item on Lee Sin

- Armour, health and a passive to help you against ranged AD Carries. The active goes well with Tempest

- JUst a ****load of damage and life-steal. If you really feel like you're doing most of the damage on your team then go for a BT.
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SPACE I really like this item. 10% damage reduction is quite a bit. If the other team lacks CC this is definitely the way to go. SPACE

SPACE Tenacity is awesome. Means you won't be snared, stunned or cc'ed in general for too long. Get this against heavy CC teams. SPACE

Other than these two Boots I really don't see anything else as being very viable or good choices. Except Mobility Boots. Get them if you're just stomping your enemy anyways.

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Item Choices: Buttered Down Edition



Mercurial Scepter


Magic Resist

mercurial scepter

Other Defensive Items

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Combos- Escaping~

~Combos to Escape~

-> ->

Firstly land Tempest. Quickly Safeguard to a minion and apply Cripple.

-> -> ->

This combo is to get rid of pesky people with damaging auras or chains Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror. It's a lot like the previous combo except you slow them after kicking them away. Also good for saving your team from pursuing enemy.


This is quite simple to use. Throw a Sonic Wave into the jungle. Quickly follow up with Resonating Strike to get away ^^

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Combos- Killing

~Combos to Kill~

-> -> -> ->

This combo is for when the enemy are hiding behind their minions, but there's no hiding from Lee Sin!!! Destroy them. Make sure to Dragon's Rage them backwards unless you are absolutely sure you will land the kill just from the damage itself. THIS COMBO DOES NOT WORK IF YOUR TARGET IS WITH THEIR TEAM.

-> Auto Attack -> -> ->

-> -> ->

This one is for team-fights. You will want to focus the carry so use this combo and Safeguard / Iron Will back to your team after you kick the carry into your team. Do not use this on Amumu or any other tank. They will just get a free initiate.

Above: Something cool you can do to kill someone fleeing to their turret is to place a ward there and quickly Safeguard / Iron Will to there. Then Sonic Wave the opponent and kill them.

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Jungle Route 101


1) Get a leash* at Red Buff. Once the Lizard turns around activate a health potion. Make sure to time out your abilities.

Ability -> Auto Attack -> Auto Attack -> Ability etc.

*Leash is when you get one of your team-mates to hit the monster for you so the monsters don't attack you for a short while

2) Finish off and go gank. If no lanes are suitable for ganks kill wraiths. Activate health potion whenever you feel the need,

3) Keep looking for a gank.

4) No lane suitable for gank? Finish off Wolves and Blue Buff and go counter-jungle until there is a suitable lane to gank

5) Just roam around killing whatever camp is in your way. When you find a good lane to gank follow the steps below
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How to Gank

Pre-6 Ganks

1) Make sure the lane is suitable for ganking. (Over-extended or Low health)
2) Let your team know that you are ganking so they will stun/cc the enemy
3) Wait for your target to step out from behind minions
4) Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike then follow up.
5) Quickly Double Tap Tempest / Cripple for the slow.
6) With Red Buff this combo will usually land you a kill.

Pro Tip

Do not blow Sonic Wave early, instead try and dash in with Safeguard and then slow with Tempest. Throw Sonic Wave at close range to ensure a kill from ganks

Below: A Lane suitable for ganking

Below: A lane CRYING to be ganked

After Level 6 Ganks

1) Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike onto the enemy.
2) Double tap Tempest / Cripple for the slow
3) Walk in front of enemy and kick them back into your team
4) Safeguard / Iron Will to safety
~Tips and Tricks~

I found this video on Youtube and it really shows the power of Lee Sin's ganks
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Late Game Lee Sin

I have received tons of questions about what to do as Lee Sin late game.

Lee Sin's damage falls off comparatively to his early game late game. He is also not a tank. Under no circumstances should Lee Sin be initiating fights or hanging around the "Front Row." This row is strictly reserved for Extremely tanky characters that will have no trouble surviving even if they are focused (e.g Alistar, Singed, Dr. Mundo). However, like all off-tanks he is useless if he cannot get into the action fast enough. This is why you have to play Lee Sin as an anti-carry tank. What does that mean?

You sit around for some guy like Taric or Ashe to inniate. Once this happens immediately shield your ally taking the most focus and Cripple as many people as possible. Once this happens you should try to kick away the enemy dealing the most damage who is NOT taking focus (For example a Miss Fortune sitting at the back hitting away while your team tries to kill the stunned Lux). This should disable them and take them out for a little while giving your team the chance to quickly change focus to the more deadly enemy.
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As a jungler it is really important to keep your buffs safe. This is why warding is so extremely important. Here is a map of where your team should have wards.

As a Jungler you should be warding the Yellow and Red circles. In fact most of the time your support will have the Red ones covered. If your team is awesome and they already warded the Red, Blue and Yellow spots be daring :P. Go ward the enemies jungle. Map awareness is powerful.
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Lane Match-Ups



Do They Have a Lot of CC?
Do they have great sustain?
Are the tanky?

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Important LEESon: Ward Jumping

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Enemy Jungler Blacklist

I hate this champion. I really do. He stops your everything. LOLJKS HE SUCKS STEAL HIS **** AND **** HIM UP. You can't initiate with this guy around coz he'll just Puncturing taunt you into his team.

~Counter Jungling Rammus~

Rammus is best ganked when he is finishing his Red buff as he will be on pretty low health and your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike will deal a heck of a lot of damage. To gank Rammus I usually finish killing Wolves after Blue Buff and then walk over to the bush near Red Buff. If he doesn't check the bush I usually wait until I can Smite steal Red Buff before I move onto him. Quickly finish him off. Remember don't linger around as the enemy will swarm around you instantly.

Scariest clown in the world. He will mess up your jungle big time. Biggest terrorist ever. The only thing with Shaco is that he is squishy. If you can dodge around his boxes and delay your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike for when he is escaping it really can shut him down. Make sure you're always on the lookout for poofs of orange. If you see one ping like a madman and run for your nearest team member.

~Counter Jungling Shaco~

Shaco is gankable but only at his Red Buff at the very start. When ganking him START AT BLUE as he will assume you're going to start at red. Finish off quickly drink a potion and make your way to the Red Buff bush. Sit and wait and at one point or another you should see a puff of orange near Wraiths and thats when hes coming around. He's squishy just make sure you save Resonating Strike for when he tries to Deceive away.

This guy is also a really potent and dangerous rival in the jungle. He can counter jungle you pretty well with Umbra Blades and Duskbringer. Always remember if you do get into a 1 v 1 with him, dodge around his Duskbringer. If he hits you with it and gains the buff it will probably turn the tide in his favor. Also keep in mind his Spell Shield. If he starts running away don't chase him too much as you will get ganked and killed.

~Counter Jungling Nocturne~

Gank Nocturne when he is at his Red Buff. Wait for him to throw out his second Duskbringer and then Smite steal Red Buff if you can. if not just kill Nocturne to get it anyways. Just dodge his Duskbringer, that is the important thing. Also remember most Nocturnes build pure damage leaving them really squishy. Clever use of your abilities will land you kills against him continuously.

Don't mess with this guy in the Jungle. Just ward your jungle and hope he doesn't invade. Yes he is just that powerful in the jungle. He has massive AoE damage to quickly clear your jungle and heaps of DPS in Wilding Claw and also a pretty good shield. Just don't try anything against this guy.

~Counter Jungling Udyr~

Don't even think about trying to gank him. Too scary. What you can do to slow his progress is to get your team mates and yourself to quickly kill the Big Wraith and the Big Golem. This will hinder his progress in the jungle and maybe stop him from getting an early gank.

A lot like Udyr in the jungle. Scary. But her ganks absolutely SUCK. Take advantage of this by ganking lanes and winning the game there. If you come face to face with her in the Jungle make sure you kite around her abilities. Keep your distance from her with Tempest / Cripple while she uses Burnout. Dodge around her Flame Breath, and then engage her with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

~Counter Jungling Shyvana~

Do what you did with Udyr. Clear small stuff to hinder her. Just make sure you win lanes by ganking as Shyvana's ganks are absolutely terrible. Also always keep an eye on your buffs as she can take them exceptionally fast.

Although you rarely see him in the jungle compared to before he is still a good jungler. When facing him One on One, Sonic Wave him in the face + 2 autoattacks. At this point he will try and Fear + Drain you so walk out of range. As soon as his Drain stops Resonating Strike back in and finish him off. Just keep in mind he can keep draining you forever if he has Blue Buff so it is best not to engage him then.

~Counter Jungling Fiddlesticks~

Steal his Blue. He can literally do nothing after this. After all he is a mage. Keep on stealing his Blue and there is NOTHING he can do but go back to lane.

This guy is really prone to being counter-jungled! Dodge his Axe and he is pretty useless. Also remember to kite around him when he is low as he gets more dangerous. His ganks aren't the best so you can take advantage of that as well.

~Counter Jungling Olaf~

Olaf is REALLY low when he goes to Red Buff. A simple Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and Tempest / Cripple combo is usually enough to kill him. Continuously steal his buffs and stuff as he has a really hard time recovering. Stealing Red Buff will muck up his ganks.

Becoming a more common face in the jungle now. This guy is pretty weak early game. Ganking him is kind of pointless as neither of you will kill each other until the rest of your team show up. His Pre-6 ganks are terrible and you can use this to your advantage yet again. Magic Resist and Quicksilver Sash will counter him really hard.

~Counter Jungling Warwick~

You can attempt to invade his jungle at Level 1. You can also give him the Udyr treatment and kill some of the smaller camps to make him angry.

A real pain if you don't have a stun, snare or exhaust. His ganks are OK but not top tier like yours. Fighting him 1 v 1 isn't that hard pre-6 so it is relatively safe to invade his jungle. Just remember to Tempest / Cripple him and kite him when he has activated Wuju Style and then engage him again after its effects wear off. He is pretty squishy so you can land a few kills that way. Good ward placement can demolish his ganks.

~Counter Jungling Master Yi~

Stealing Master Yi's Blue can make him pretty useless. His jungling speed will go down significantly if you manage to do this. As I said before Pre-6 you can own him pretty hard and he is pretty squishy as well. Stealing things like his Wraiths and Double Golem can slow him down a lot too.

This guy has ridiculously good ganks. So much CC. His only downside is he is an extremely slow jungler. He is also extremely vulnerable to counter-jungling. Make sure you ward properly and tell your team to stay away from the bushes as he will surprise grab them and kill them. He is extremely tanky making it hard to fight him in the jungle. It is best to keep your distance from him and hurt him by terrorizing his jungle with wards and stealing his everything.

~Counter Jungling Nautilus~

What you can do with Nautilus is you finish off Blue and Wolves and then walk over to his Wraiths, kill everything but one small Wraith and go to his Double Golems and kill the big Golem. now continue your own route. Nautilus, being the slow jungler he is, will take a while longer to gank now and during this time you can gank lanes and win them. Afterwards continuously invade his jungle stealing buffs when you can and other wise clearing all his small camps.

Maokai's ganks are scary as. He will snare you to the floor and you are gone. He is a relatively fast jungler but he always follow a strict path. He is also very blue dependant so stealing it will slow him down considerably. Excuse my language but he gets shat on by aggressive junglers. As Lee Sin, always invade his jungle and steal everything. Make sure you ward the rivers properly as that will stuff up his ganks big time. That is all.

~Counter Jungling Maokai~

Maokai starts at Wraiths but finishes them quickly and moves onto wolves. Take this opportunity to get your team to leash his blue for you. Make sure your entire team help you out here or it won't be worth it. Also you can get your team to leash his red for you. Remember to constantly invade his jungle as their is little he can do against aggressive junglers.

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General Counter Jungling Tips

Above: You can sit in that bush to gank or steal someone's Red Buff

When counter jungling do not kill all the minions! Camps don't start respawning until all the minions in them have been cleared.

Lee Sin does not need Blue Buff to jungle. This means sometimes when you know that an enemy starts at Blue Buff you can ask for a leash at enemy's Red and then continue your route.

It isn't recommended not to Counter-Jungle without Flash or a ward to jump to.

Always ask for your teams' protection during leashes and counter-jungles.
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So hey thanks guys for reading my Lee Sin guide. Before you downvote it please try it :) Also any suggestions or errors you find in my guide message me please and I will add it in.

Thanks for Reading!

The gif's are from LolWiki. Also I would like to Credit JakofAllSpaydes as I used his Lee Sin guide for when I first started off with Lee Sin.

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Results With This Build

Send your results in! Thanks!





Delrake The Zerg





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LOL I just saw this video. Laughed so hard xD

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Turn Yourself into Chuck Norris- Completely Irrelephant Chapter

This is just a random chapter that has nothing to do with this guide!

Read on if you want to enhance your Lee Sin experience :P

For those of you out there who don't spend money on LoL and desperately want new skins NO PROBLEMO. I present to you... CUSTOM SKINS. I used to use this before I got a job ^^ (Yeh I'm sad, I use my job money on LoL)

Download it here

NOTE: THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL. Custom Skins cannot be seen by other players but just you.


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I learnt BBCoding and stuff from her guide on how to make a guide.

Also big thanks to her for the cool line dividers ^^. (I made the Lee Sin one myself)


Thanks to IceCreamy for a free and helpful review. His review shop can be found here.


Massive and extremely helpful review in my commments (check page 3).

CombatJack1, BlackIceT, Anastasios, A Chubby Baby

Frequent helpers. Really big thank you to you guys.




Massive and extremely helpful review.




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Change Log


  • Added a lot of pictures
  • Edited the change log :P

  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes. There are probably still some out there. If you come across any spelling mistakes or failcodes like [Lee Sin]] then please let me know! Thnx

  • Fixed a lot of things, re-uploaded the pictures. (Some of the pictures are smaller than they are meant to be I'm working on fixing it.) Big thanks to JPikachu1999 for his really helpful review.
  • Edited Mastery Tree
  • Fixed mistake with Skill Sequence

  • Tried out a new build. It worked. Changing my current one.
  • Deleted Pre Damage build. Not really very viable in Ranked.
  • Changed explanations on Items
  • Added more explanations to Masteries
  • Editing Runes, expect more detailed and more options by tomorrow

  • Figured out jhoijhoi's rune template ^^
  • Changed rune explanation.
  • Adding Summoner Spells

  • Changed item build, masteries, runes and explanations. Changed jungle route.

  • Added pictures to Masteries :)

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